Peggy Breit, KMBC-TV 9 reporter, retires after 36 years

Dana & Parks
Friday, June 29th

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So I am so thrilled to have you with us today because it has been 36. Amazing years. Peggy you're a TrailBlazer in Kansas City girl. To my concert. Really thumping the quick outlet you know it's really just feel like I'm going accountable trying to get it done every day he announced fact. When you hit in the back on things she do you realize how much. You know the landscape has. Almost. At this the other day people generally in any industry do not tend to stick around 36 years and I don't think that's necessarily exclusive. Two television news what about Kansas City made you stay. Well. My first full time about college so. I'm not been walking through their doors to the channel my studio from 36 and a half years it's kind of cool thing about it. But I really hope what I actually can I came to realize it can't city. Is the trend is Larry you want to say a lot of people come here and think it's going to be a stepping down with something else by. And that's all because it's such great constantly. And that's certainly me. You know that you won't. How has the industry for you think he changed for women over those 36 years which you say. Now back. And learn it progressed it industry where people can't try to be on the front edge saying that you rather than you know gold. Jalen but the price. But even when I started they're very few women covering. You know crime stories work. He picked up considered pardoning. Went out our and then get overtime that started the ball well can you use a tight ship marchers or other people. You know. Want to grounder while on vacation and I volunteered to certain fact that you not just kind of got to the point where I was struggling aren't awful thing and I and while covering the trial. I you know who gluttony and family to keep I shouldn't say a lot of I love eating hair because. Come on me somebody who kind of here's their story if they want to get out there I want to help. So looking back I know many people have asked you this I think it's one of the toughest questions to answer in our business but is there anything over the years or what for use stands out. With respect to the thousands and thousands of stories you have to. You know it's always. The people. All of conform to the people who need and the people that you work let. And so. Like most recently the LaMont Matt Harris story we'll and I huge story he was exonerated last October under. Point three years in prison for a while Ballmer that he didn't. And sought gotten him this story. Or. The story that I'm really happy to be able to tell you aren't going to be doing my final two story and I LaMont to his case. Something extra capital and a personal life problem right. Lol yeah so so story in Portland behind. Well story. Going to be doing my final two story I one on to his case. Something mister Chapman and his personal life. Well he app so so story in Portland behind. So while stories and challenge right. William miss about that newsroom in just 36 years is a long time to be one place that Asif family over there. Well sure and that's kind of back on what we've been talking about yesterday. You know I couldn't get any majority of their. And Obama back to work. From my. So we're going out I thought I might add. And them it's very emotional that's what it could I be stopped by. What the photographers we spent several hours the ball locked in chocolate that we have actually I get out she got it in my back. Well chocolate I'm hopeful story together. What it really hard to say goodbye to that. But won't say brands and those awful lot of well it's different from every day. Seen them all the time kind of round saying that he bought some Allen walker appreciable about each console you. We'll conduct. So will you watch the news I have talked to other people who've who've retired and they say don't you want to more than some of them say I I still watch and now I critique other people's work. What is next for you. If you know act now I will all be watching and I think my favorite day getting up. Not yet on what it's going to be the first big now we met people out there and I kept saying all about Apple's at all. All empathize with them out. For sure ticket. I don't they'll say don't go out in the whether it's dangerous and you'll say I want. I got one. I want it's hurtful and you know what everybody else that they've proper go work because of the weather will be after content and the world record. Final thoughts for your viewers Peggy. I'll phone you won't get it fallible people didn't formal. Wanted to tell this story it won't come foreground and some people just eat and envelopes sealed along alone so grateful as orders. Ala. Well it is is just an amazing career Peggy and we just wanna say congratulations. Enjoy your retirement don't Eastern Europe and I don't problem take care congratulations.