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Monday, August 7th

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If you are just now tuning. I don't know if you heard the news. That we have a neat the we have today. To me it. Kera mark's surge joins us now on the hotline hi mom. You're paying. Yeah well a little while ago. And he is you don't follow. Tell me about that suites. 320 pound baby. What little there. We don't know where. 6 o'clock on Friday morning. Add and edit the item that we have action and just before midnight literally kept the port and yeah report from pound. Point four. Or like the camp might. We're. All like. It don't you feel lighter Sears are. It in the water that like I have flooded bill. River district. Well I know and you know what Kara I know how much lighter and how much better you feel and just the fact that he's here and he's healthy. I must have had twenty people reach out to me. Who urges listeners on FaceBook and Twitter wanting to know Jeep did she have the baby how does the baby so we're just aren't thrilled that he securities healthy and he's happy and and how are you feeling you feel okay. Orchid you know that happened. And mostly tired at that point cute. And not create am eating their corrupt. Well you. Labor. A long. Time like girl. Props Tia because dad to collapse. It was Wednesday McIntyre. We have. It there. I gathered and all parents where it counted. And my mom was here and it may have a pretty much it would order. It was a like that that particular week or whomever I. Think about it you know that the. That's okay come out. And so Charles Flynn is Flynn a family name my parents want me to ask you that. How why it like that. It had a cute child though that that might like and other. Okay my mom wanted me to pass on to use that we have eight Charles plan in our family I think it's my great grandma's. Brother or husband or something I need to get it so she says were practically related. I completely. You out and got a packaging. Napping not. Once. I do not so good. And. Well we are thrilled for you and I know you're exhausted and I'm not coming died for at least a week I'm gonna give you a week okay. I know Jamie's coming guided data meet him but that's for stay home. Yea I know how tired you are so just get settled in rest and I'll concede that little baby in a week. All right you tellem lives were me. I mean none. Okay. Mac yeah. Mean. Closer. Nan N. Maybe if ma. When you paying. Game. What are they saying. And they. It's. Mean. Medium term we are just so thrilled for that family and I'm telling you there's something about Kara having the baby because since we've been here. Jonathan's had a. Maybe you don't carry is just the one of us that is she's the good part of sees the go out of the day and in parts. Program and I am telling you I just about cried when I heard that that sweet little baby was here and was healthy. And we are just thrilled for Kara and her family and little Charlie Flint. Who was born over the weekend as you heard. Ten pounds eight point four ounces there is an official new member of the band here at KM BZ. And so we just wanted to run chat with care for a little bit. Welcome the baby to the family and I cannot wait to get over there and meet that baby. I am data right Scott parts is on vacation one more day he will be back tomorrow. Once again your keyword to cash slow SL OW text that to 72881. For your chance at a thousand dollars. Back quiz. What I consider to be the most horrifying idea. For an app. In the history of the Internet and if you have not heard. About this new app and parents if you're like me you hadn't. I guarantee you you're children have and if they're using it you're gonna wanna stop it. I'll hold it. All world. Yeah yeah. The person sitting next. Tomorrow night. Bringing new life into the world. Brought that knocks out Chris miners. Helping us out today thanks Eric Travis gonna join us for the 3 o'clock hour for a story coming up about hugely controversial ad. And quite frankly when I shot I was like why is that controversial bit. He's gonna help explain that are right parents listen. To. Me and here's what. I am the last one. Who ever hears. About. New technology. I'm not hip Scott's not hip would never know what's going. But a good friend of mine posted this story on FaceBook today and said. Have you heard about this that he's not even apparent. And he posted this is a horrible. Idea. Try to pull of his actual post because it was very strongly worded so I look up I've never heard of that of course. And the first thing I did when I read about this story was I texted my daughters and I said have you heard about this. If you have you're not to go anywhere. Near it and let me tell you why. Title this story is house of rock ha. Became one of the most popular iPhone apps in the world and it happened literally overnight. The app store's most popular free app isn't quite what you think it is called sort rock ha. And in the past week it has surged to the top of the apps store. In Australia. Ireland the United States and the UK. It's essentially a social network that lets you send and receive. Wait for its. Anonymous. Messages. So sick at the Tex lines that I am pulling up right now. And we know based on the messages that we see from you from time to time. That when you think you are anonymous. It gives you this power to may be say and act in a manner that you normally otherwise would not. So the creators. Of this Iraq hot at decided. That this will be a great way because it's anonymous. To really say. What you think about someone. And it's my understanding that the apps started outs. As a workplace. Tools so think about it think all of the problems or issues you have when you go to work. Apparently. Where this app was created in one of the Arab countries. It's easier for them it's actually easier for everybody but it's easier for them. To not have direct conversations about its. Issues of conflict. It's easier to be anonymous if you will if you wanna say something to your boss. That would otherwise be difficult to tell him or her in person. So. I don't know how it is where you work for me if I have a problem at work I would probably first talked to Scott about it. And then. Based on my conversation with Scott I would probably go in and talk to newer boss about it this app allowed you to basically complain. Without any face to face. At all with your boss your company. Whoever. So they start out saying okay we're gonna make this app work. In the workplace and that very quickly you know what's gonna happen someone decided. Let's make it an app and we'll hook it up with snap chat. Shortly after it hit the App Store people all around the world began to notice Iran ha the apps started gaining traction here in Canada. They think it was bolstered by Arab expatriates living in Canada. And soon that helped garner the attention of other users in western countries the app started to spread like wildfire. Not in the workplace. But among social media addicted teenagers. They started posting links to their so rock pop profiles. Two is the grand story is requesting anonymous. Feedback. Now think about this for a moment teenagers. And anonymous. Feedback I am telling you this app. Is zed double. Himself. And I don't even have to tell you why. Snapshot rolled out a major update and change everything while teens were already swapping so Rahal messages on ins to Graham. Snapped chat rolled out an update that let users post links to web sites instead of snaps it only took a few days. Before seraw hot reached a new level of popularity. Following the snapped chat update. And it what icy days snapped chat wants its update and look at this on July 5. And within three dates. So rock pop broke into the app store's top 15100 apps for the first time. Four days later it jumped to 1042. Days later number seventeen. Within three days. It reached number one. So Rahal has beat snapped chat FaceBook. Instead Graham and every other major social network. In a matter of days 57677. At 98. I need someone. To tell me. Why this could possibly. Be a good idea. I NN if you have an idea that makes this. Something that is useful. Please call in and let me know because the only thing I see what I look at seraw ha. Is it is a way. For teenagers. To complain. To bully. To receive messages about their weight about how they look. About their loathing about their hair and no one has stepped on it. And what's interesting about the text line. Is that wind you write in two KM BZ on the text line. It feels anonymous. It's really not we see your phone number and so to the man who two weeks ago. Road and we were talking about inner city violence. And called meet the Siewert. Would he have done that to my face in an elevator in a restaurant at the mall at Deanna rose farm stead. I highly doubt. But detects wind gives people this feeling of anonymity and I'm telling you. We have seen some of the best of our listeners. Mostly the best. But we have also seen the absolute. Worst. And I don't obscure member actually picked up the phone. Today that that man called me that word. And I hold him because when your techs come and it comes in with a phone number he didn't call me back shocking and I said I wanna have a conversation with you. About why you would feel it's appropriate under any circumstance. To call any woman that worked let alone a woman you've never met. And of course he didn't. Call back he didn't wanna talk about. His use of that final word. And what I think about the worst of the text line. I think about seraw ha because Iraq Hogg it is my understanding. Is anonymous. This from CBS New York. The messaging service lets anyone with a link send or receive. Anonymous. Text messages. To those registered there is no way of knowing. Who posted the comments. There is no way of knowing how to respond. To the messages so why is everyone. Talking about it. This again from CBS New York basically because people are afraid to go up to people and say how they really feel about each other. This from teen Melanie passer rebel ports New York. It was initially created by Saudi developer who was worried about workplace discrimination. It's started out with a good purpose so people can exposed. Miss treating bosses certain employees that are being bullied in the workplace but then it gets into the wrong hands and it goes from something positive. To something negative like cyber bullying. The app has now been integrated into snap Chad and has become a serious. Lure fourteenth. It's important for parents talk to their kids all the time about new apps new ways of communications and they don't abuse it. Alain Fagan of a child abuse protection services on Long Island sense. She says cyber bullying is only part of the reason why the suicide rate among girls has reached a forty year high. Someone just rode in on detects light I have mixed feelings about seraw hot I just discovered my fourteen year old was on its. I guess we are lucky that he and his friends bills each other up all of the comments I saw were positive. I know that is not the case for everyone. I want a net have you heard. About the sapped. Have you found it on your child's phone and if so are you going to let them keep it. For me as a mother of teens. The answer is not only know. But hey Al said that no we're not letting them use the anonymous text app seraw. And I hope for those of you listening if your kids are honest. That like the mom who just wrote and they're using this to lift each other. I loved the way you look today I really liked your book reports. On Abraham Lincoln. I really think you're nice human being. Come on. Do we really think. That's what this app is going to do. Let's be honest. Do we really think that's how the kids are gonna useless. 5767798. Is the phone number if you'd like to weigh in twenty to 980 is the sex line. Pray he. And it won't hate. Oh then yeah. Okay. Welcome back to date and parks data writer Scott parks is back tomorrow. We're talking about the apps so raw Hoss a month that can you spell for me absolutely Sarah. Followed by a HS. AAR AH. AA it's so Ra ha. In Arabic seraw hobby means frankness. Or honesty. In the United States. It means jerks. And this app. Started out as a work place app where you could anonymously complain about a bad boss. It very quickly morphed into the number one downloaded app in the world. Four teenagers. Who want to text. Anonymously. To their France. I had to stop myself because the first words out of my mouth for going to be who want to text awful. Horrible things anonymously. To their friends. But not everyone agrees with that part of adamant read a couple text cumin and then we'll get to the phones 57677. At nine dates. You can text me at twenty to 980 someone just wrote in my daughter had to seraw hot app for two. Hours. And then someone wrote you are fake and ugly. A app. I want interpret that part she says but we don't know what that means. She then decided it was stupid and she deleted it thank goodness. Let's go to sue in Kansas City welcome today in and parks Aysu. There aren't going. I appreciate the opportunity to talk about this. I had to provide that had been here for ten straight years. Every night I am all. I got but not. She never once followed through on any request that I later in the concerned that I had regarding my job. Made my job very very difficult. And so I carry it Reggie in turf for another seven years. Am I district may first she does let you know why I was wanting to forgive her. We get that work was there any more but anyway. I finally gave birth date heartbeat at the line. My Christian about you. Am so up front mindset what you should write a letter and say. You know that you have forgiven her. Anyway the point my story is flatly I would look at something like this for like that. Then at my feelings anonymous fully she'd probably would have known for me anyway spectrum. But anyway that app or were two years ago I got another job and it's just. Perfect and wonderful my best supervisor of the world so. It's totally done you know at turnaround and so I would like to not let fleet is is the opposite. So say you're you're wonderful great and yet near perfect option. And all that well anyway that's what I would. An opportunity to have something like that to vent my feeling sure that we're out the threat of being fired or or retaliation. From her toward the. A couple of things NN I think this Iraq hot app yet again is a victim of the law of unintended. Consequences. Because as someone brought in on the test flight and this is so true that when this app started out. It was the equivalent of the old suggestion box even when I worked on the street at channel five they had a comment box in the break for him. And you could anonymously slip in a comment in the comment box now as you can imagine I think people put funny stuff and there I don't think there was ever anything really constructive. Placed in the comment box but. You remember back in the day businesses would have the suggestion box. And I think this is a good idea. If you are in a situation like Q mentioned where you just have a tyrant in that office. And you need someone to understand how miserable she's making everyone's lives when you come to work. Bright and MM over the not a situation several years ago where and sexual harassment against me from a male worker. And also I wish they would look at something. In that respect you know two to blow the whistle on I'm Emma anonymously. Told. Well I'm sorry went through both of those things sue the problem is. And tell me I'm wrong here it can be an app for very good reasons if you don't have an outlet. And you're in a bad situation at work. But I only see this as a horrible idea now that the teenagers have gotten their hands on at let's go to Carlin Belton. I Carl welcome to date and parts. Arrogant and it. That our point of view about that part of yet over a book. Maybe it's one or or your old technology out of oral bow sir. I felt like your friend they downloaded it actually street shot in order on eight that and there and I think that Iraq when in I think but awful thing. And what the full case that this battle over. This girl that got fifteen months. Or whatever. Both text messages are there out on on the cover that yes not a yeah I'm sure that server and saying you could find let. You're have a situation like that again. No what I mean honestly can't really note that the entire. Carl let me ask you this and your 24 what percentage of the messages would you say were positive. Verses. Port just horrible. It was like night and 90% being in a pretty Weller he'd wait. About 10% or so. Toward the negative side. A helmet up pretty. You know over all that that person but they're put out there and you're currently picture. By in that situation it. It you know someone also set on the text line that what they are seeing with young girls is they are horribly sexually inappropriate messages. Horribly sexually inappropriate anonymous messages. Right in the at what that means and operations note I think the thing and aidid is a not human you know. But there were some and not met that it you know sexual I think the girl they are in the. Yeah well Carl thank you for the input he's 44 he prior heard about via the for any of us did it I had no idea until offered by posted it today as a warning. At this thing even existed some deserted since my girlfriend and I added the gap we have received only positive messages and kindness. We take great joy in sharing anonymous compliments. And sharing good vibes with other people. I know this experience may not be true for everyone but that has been our experience. I'm curious text terror. How old you guys are. Because I think. If you're 35 or forty you're more likely to use the senate appropriate manner and my guesses if you were in your early twenties or teens. It is more likely to be abuse tell me I'm wrong 5767798. You can text me at twenty to 980. The other question I will leave you with business. When did it start becoming so difficult. Just to have a conversation. With someone. About. Feelings. When did we morphed into. This will hurled where you have to have technology. To hide behind your phone. And tell someone how you feel. Well that that's positive or negative if you think someone is doing a wonderful job and there are a great human being and they're juggling. I don't know a baby and a career and family and you think it's great. Why can't you just go up and tell. Send him an email may be sentiment greeting card remember those. Why do we need an app. To be anonymous to talk about our feelings and what does that say about us that this has become. The number one net downloaded app in a matter of days. 5767798. Listening today and in parts back with more after this. Train. I was concerned. Thought an extension Hart Scott Harris will be back tomorrow. We continue talking about this apps Iran ha which is the double reincarnated. Because it's one of those things that started out as a good thing. It started out in an area of the world where confrontation is bad and it's difficult. To. Tells someone who maybe runs a company or. Your boss it's difficult to tell someone in this day and age how you really feel. About how things are going to work so they created this app as anonymous way. To. That's one word or maybe just give suggestive criticism. Constructive. Criticism. And suggestions about how you could make work better sounds great. Then the act took off because they linked it was that chat. And teenagers are using this anonymously. To say horrible. Things to one another. So much a sort of on the text line twenty to 980. My fifteen year old cousin use this link on her snapped chat. And started to screen shot what people were saying 50%. Of the comments were kind. And 50%. Or hateful. And disgusting. People are ruthless. She writes by the keyboard. And I asked her to she still have the app it's horrible to leave it. She says she will not get rid of it. All of her friends are doing it to use social media at that age scares me to death I am 27 years old we had nothing like office when I was separates. 5767798. If you went away and 221980s. The text line I'd say I'm getting a lot of people writing and who are. Older listeners and by older I mean older than the teenage group that we're talking about. And they say. It's positive. That they use it anonymously. To say nice things about people. Why not just. Saying nice things about people to their face why do we need an aptitude and get pummeled. The younger people are saying. It's being used. To bully people it's being used to tell a girl she's fat she's ugly she's awful. Sexually. Suggestive and inappropriate messages. For these kids. And so I don't know I mean you can't he here's the problem with these things you can't release at an aids for an app and even if you do their ways around it. It ends up being us up to us as parents. To police what our kids are doing on line. And who can keep up with that might not who can keep up with it it's a full time job to keep up with is that not. 5767798. Let's go to Jason in Kansas City hi Jason welcome. Jason go ahead. Jason once. Elegant. Night. We got to realize that this is about seventeen a lot to need to realize what. And it would within the next four months they might not be. And ever want is going on in CB. That because several people are a backcourt and wanna be all right now. And right now this is what an oracle oddities that you are current or whatever and that kind of car. What sort of torture for their age in order order and and then yet that's dot I think it's the whole acting at their. Told you Jason. Our report you haven't urge you care about it. Now I don't care now now I don't care that chat about it but I don't that the NT ER. You knew I had in this hole out everything. I only have apps as snaps at that and Aziz said that Jason thanks for the call I only have to monitor my kid's accounts I don't use it. And some discredit on the text line the problem with this app. Lies more in the middle school high school arena albeit junior in college the majority of my friend group has heard of it. We could not care less about it someone downloaded it for a couple days got bored with that very quickly which goes to what you said Jason. This hopefully will be old in three months I worry with the younger kids it'll have staying power. I think that's all that that that the whole thing it's what and. Served our ages and thank you the gold appreciate it. Good to Ellie in only a highly welcome. I. I haven't seen in your. Younger user China weigh in at least and I. Chat. I don't use that are app or whatever. Current duke and clear from what I have seen is that. The people that are mapped the ones that want this kind of negative attention like bill. And say hey I can. Near whatever so. It weird. The people that wrote and said that people are taking screen shots of what people are saying and then posting that saying look at all the mean things people said to me able. Delete idioms that. You don't have to look at it if you delete it that's what I don't understand why anyone would want to open the portal. Of horrible negative. Attention. I can't sort of downward spiral like some people. No they get more attention period and let their negative are odd. On either way. Some. When you say mean things are being said is it about the way girls look about the way they act what or the whole gamut. Yeah. The way they act how they and they treat people in general. Like if someone is more popular it will say something about how. Them. She did gap at the popular group or because they're ruining her or something like you know. Right and we've also become a world I think we're we avoid conflict some aboard an earlier and said it's because we don't know how to handle conflict. And it's easier to write these things anonymously that it would be LE to come up to you and say I'm having this problem with you can be talked about it. I. It's easier it's easier quite frankly it thank you for the call early it's easier to beat Howard it's easier to not own your thoughts to not own your words. Let's go to Brian and KCK hi Brian go ahead. They did in their anchor jobs at all. Are you yeah just talk to go out and daughter and cheat. Doesn't Apogee at several others you name social media wars cheer and our own shoot twelve years old. There and in the cart and taken away because of all that stuff that. A girl sort of the negative attention. There seems to be just running rampant I mean it's like. These scenes and preaching and below the negative attention any attention really truly want but. But they seem to thrive on giving. Dishing out and the tension in Greece unions well it's almost like they need markets and kind of the phone itself hung for a team that preaching what they can't get these social media apps. Well to make an accent. I agree and I will tell you Brian I'm usually so behind the curve with the stuff and I've texted it to all of our parents friend we we have group chats. With our kids parents. And so we kind of know. We think we know how to stay ahead of the eight ball if you and I texted my friend group and said hey. This is out there of course none of the parents have heard about it. You know we're kind of in this alone and you're kind of left as a mom or dad. Up to your ups your own detective work to figure out what's going on on these damn phones. And what's unfortunate is we can talk about seraw hot today. And all of the damage that I believe it's doing and I I will mention again the girl teen suicide rate just hit a forty year guy that story came out Friday. I see nothing positive coming from this whatsoever. Nothing not. I don't like it I don't want about my kids' phones. The problem is we can shut this down and say we don't want you using this reception out or we don't want you using snapped Chet. And in something else pops up. Next week it's like whack them all. From the Tex signs of rights and everybody wants to be the victim everyone wants sympathy. Complements. So now everyone has depression and anxiety without ever talking to a position. That's true president don't we all have that one for and that's like. Strong feeling. Today feeling ugly and awful and and they do that they throw that boomerang out there so that they'll get a whole slew of comments about how great that. I hit it drives. Me crazy too good text in a good point Travis Walker's gonna join us in the 3 o'clock hour. There is a big eagle controversy brewing over a very simple. Advertisements. That dropped over the weekend. About the talk. Have you heard about the talk. The talk when I was a kid when you were a kid means something very very different. That it does today especially if you are black. I asked Travis about it as our other top we'll talk about it coming back. By some 677 and it is the phone number 22988 when a Texan.