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Friday, June 16th

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As of Friday glad to have you going to be hot load them. As you just heard over the weekend and we'll see heat index is well over 100 sitting in Virginia by a silly today. A guy who is that makes the heat index rise. Rob Babcock is here rides going somebody not just kick back and join in life and a happy to be here and see here you've got four on the air with me right and then four on the year with the idea marks and then three with we're Johnson where so you have eleven hours of K rod today let's ride all the rod that got fans today is your days KM BZ news traffic and high. I. We are waiting for some big news to break in the Michelle Carter trial. And if you're unaware of love that trial we've talked about a lot actually on the show she is now twenty years old and at seventeen. She was dating a boy named. Conrad. Who is so it was eighteen. He suffered from depression and she sent. Law alt text message after text message telling him. If you're depressed you might as well kill yourself well what he won't have until we get that right lovely gal. It's so nice he took a generator. Which are attached opposed to it stuck it inside his car window. And took his own life in a Kmart parking lot in Massachusetts. The question is and has been as this is a verdict expected to come down. As opposed them down to ten and obviously the court system we're gonna wait and see. But. We're gonna find out if it's involuntary manslaughter or wherever this charge can go because the question rod is can you be charged with. You know killing someone if you're not even there. Right and that was the whole question before this is what she did was awful. And we all hate her for it. But. Where was the crime what does she actually do wrong other than you know just sit in tax say you should do this. But you know if you see somebody text after tax day and you should toll route 7-Eleven. You should totally robbed a seminal you still have to rob a 7-Eleven right if they robbed seven are these are really your fault you know so it's. It's one of those things I think she's awful. I think she deserves. You know. Beatty or something you know I mean smack some some kind of but on this page that is a crime and that's what I'm dying to hear what the courts decide. And this is one of those words not a jury case she chose to have her case told you know fought for the judge said the judge heard both sides idol arguments were acting. Wednesday afternoon. The aged judge has been deliberating for a couple of days now and if you wanna watch it by the way. The announcement will be made on our FaceBook page check out these were back com slash 91 KM BZ we are waiting for that. A while we're waiting for that there's also of course the Bill Cosby trial going on which has been deliberating now for our at a grinding five. Of deliberations and I think there are important cops I. I I waiting to decide I don't believe that is what they're doing I can be wrong but I I do not believe that's what they're doing I heard. Bill Cosby made the made the jury some polyps OK and then and where they went man and then we'll have been heard from since they are all napping can expect after app. Here's ABC's Linda Davis it and she was asked on ABC today what happens if there is another deadlocked jury. Another day where they can't come up with the verdict today in the Cosby case. If they jury comes back again and tells the judge that they are deadlocked and that's what it really is that the judge's discretion to determine if he's gonna say that this is a mistrial. If he does at that point they'll come to a walk out of this courthouse a free man. And then it would be up to the district attorney's office to determine if they're gonna try him. Again so basically we have to wait and see what the judge decides it because mistrial vending Cosby can go be Cosby again for the rest of his life that you 79 years old so that's lucky if they say you know on the juror in this trial mistrial he's Donnie can't be retry it can be retried and can -- DA global pick will decide if they want to retry him but this case rate here after all of this'll just basically go back to square one. Of the five new jurors the jury selection process actually took a lot longer than the actual trial in front of the jury cell it'll be tough to find. I can't believe we can find twelve people. In this country. Maybe there it's the younger jury didn't grow up watching the Cosby Show we didn't know Bill Cosby Dan. But accurately can find it it is arguably we can find twelve people are looking at that I'd say in. It was America's day. I and that's always bugged me about the you know. Will you get tried a jury of your peers well no there and I peers are where twelve people that couldn't get out of jury duty. And wrecked it in a case like us. They're twelve people that were. Living under a rock that don't know about this case that don't already have an opinion yeah I mean I couldn't be on the Niger you've been in the OJ jury everybody knew what allegedly happened how are you supposed to be sitting that jury and nine. And not know would have an opinion. I honors him so honest and in Cortland the guy's dad that's Jack Childers and just there. You know jury we'd like you strike that strike that from the record I can't strike that from the record and its. Think when they take down banners for college football teams basketball teams like to tell the banner well they did with the championship did bet if they must not everyone gets the banner is now go ahead. As gone don't worry the banner is gone. I I really in the 'cause we think I was I was a serious hold on I'm and I didn't want to believe this man caused me. Loved that man and are still his old you know Bill Cosby himself is when the greatest. Comedy albums of all time yeah so good. And and he was you know it was B was he slipped he could possible. I've wanted this you know this guy was my hero is back out or is to be crap you know. And and as people were coming out of my dollar scrapped and that's that's not and then after like the 27 person I'm like Eric and made me. My resumes and who you ask and and then when I heard him say eighty. On tape. We have me in those she was unconscious I gave her pills and fondle little Jews need to be relaxed so relaxed or yeah knowing you. Rule. Old Claire constable say about this he class. What I know I don't Rooney's buyer's side what would clear signal would with a question is where is Malcolm-Jamal Warner that's the real question where's Theo. It's Smart enough to keep his house and yet since I have a question mark this yeah Travis. And kind of amazes me. So dukes of perhaps it was taken off because people kind of fined by the flag on the car why is the conference host. Still airing on TV is this a long yes I came home yesterday it's on TV wonderland that's one in Iwo Lanny. And in the America on going on and is going on again today. Interesting. And I bet that's what are what it'll be a little while she's taken all that Smart to get people watch. That is true. An easy if they come back and say you know what we've we've agreed now he's totally guilty. Will. Will we still see reruns of the Cosby Show hours are gone now. Or after that obviously is gone now. I would assume it's still good of beyond nick Wright like or whatever channel Travis just mention I would think. McKinnon met I don't know. I mean would you pull. If you're if you were network and exact. I think that network exact I would definitely be it would be Smart to be avenue and on right now like he said America on on. Because you know people are gonna watch it by. He's guilty I don't know that I still show it is there anything as such a thing as bad publicity. Is asserted adding I say it's going to be. There's a ton of cases where you could say look obviously there's causes is bad publicity. But at the same time talking about great. Exactly. What. Is rape bad publicity. Was busted on film having sex with a underage girl yeah and he's. In fact. I. Is decapitated the president for pictures that good publicity is that bad publicity for Kathy Griffin. Seemed to be but we'll see we'll find out next honored to it happens or her career and what happened the dude from from sight and so he's. All. Of freight. Kramer Kramer I don't think he's man's real name. All what is Kramer's real name. Michael. Michael I was there are huge Kramer on Seinfeld and sign as either I. Everybody in their cars to detect it we know 22 nannies or the tax line I'm sure you'll get it. But Michael Richards Michael Richards the first name that it's mine. So I should get that one might fix. Also were waiting on him more as we're waiting on the Cosby trial Michelle Carter trolleys or been stories that been going on for a week or two now we're just. Finally gonna get some answers people in London want some answers because now we find out that. The death hole is now risen to third people probably get even higher ABC's Molly hunter. So are has turned to anger over that tower block fire here in London. That investigation ongoing about what caused that rapid blaze just two days ago. Police have said that death told will significantly rise and dozens still remain in hospital. Politicians are visiting the scene getting heckled because residents there just one answer. Molly hunter ABC news London. And that's the scariest story of two or one of the scary stories of the week I guess I mean this delegates that are really heavy week. He got to shoot downs that well you've got to cause beach rally got Michelle Carter try you got this story the horrendous fire in London I mean. This heavy data week boy. That thing in DC there was. Workplace shooting in California. Some of the UPS shoot yeah forgot about. It's been. It's been a great film. That's. Up I'm sure Mittal June 2070. Michael they have I don't. Coming to a theater near you. And by the way or another headline to get to before we start talking about Jeremy Maclin and oh at. Or some other anti Jeremy Maclin and movie office space just stick with us on that okay I admit. Russia claims to have killed the leader of crisis this is act this actually came out earlier today. And to set this up for you this is ABC's Brian Ross. Abu bumper of Baghdad he's brutal reign only began three years ago but in that time as the founder of vices he became the face of evil to the civilized world. Thank you daddy had been a prime target of US forces and he has been reported dead many times before only to reappear the Russians claim one of their air strikes last month near the city of rock. Target of the meeting of top prices leaders and that some 300 of them were killed. Now nobody can confirm anything like ABC's Brian Ross just said there this guy's been people of claimed the kill this guy a bunch of times and keeps popping back up. I bet you as its hat if this is true in the Russians did get him and as happy as we should be that the leaders of vices are off this planet. You think there's some people out there that early and I wish we could go not those Russians dehydrated but I don't just like this of people. There is I'm gonna. I'm making note in my phones and who think Q yeah or exactly. Take care of that guy I'm sure there's that are upset that a miracle in the Adam. It's like Russia has lied before. You know I've asked. Tons of the stuff about that rush it's always there like negative. Win when you think the most on his country's Russia doesn't top the list and now. You can read blocking a little bit all the stories are FaceBook page right now Michelle Carter they'll cut in Russia on all that stuff going on right now. Are we can update you that Steve's at least the house majority whip is improving but he critical condition it cut it up next Jeremy Maclin. Was released by the Kansas City Chiefs how do you find out. In one of the most. It opportune ways what do the I noticed ways to fight that you've got fired. You'll hear about it coming up next mid day with Jamie wicket rod Babcock in Virginia money selling right here on 91 KN BC anyone KM BZ me David Jamie and wicket Jamie money selling is outsold making four Kamal Harris all weekend. And Herbie towards the White House in 20/20 I'll get rob Babcock in studio today. Iraq coming up later on amiga you a year early thoughts on. On the new nickel. Album that's coming up next alignments I asked him to pre order or already. Yeah definitely nickel backs playing starlight. That is all of you well yeah. And I'm not fan. But they have to pay they've got out of an added it is huge. You know on six tonight in. That I we'll talk about it once and while it will get flooded with text column and go back what's the problem you just know every song. Everybody knows every nickel it's just. I used to just every time by the way it was severe commercial and that is just through I use it all the democratic US and good at it. Drive and efforts are signs that long to hear rumors that strolled over our. Coach. Note there is no. Noted that socks on. Also later on board to play is fun game next hour at 1135. You me and Travis gonna play game. Call two truths and a lot gas has seen it on Fallon show before seen and read it adding he said he found it. Us out there on on the child witches is like ready for people that don't like to read. Like if you just like this it's a pretty pictures you go to the Jai it's fantastic. We're gonna do that coming up 1135 and today in honor of rod bad copying here. It's like rod that got appreciation day. We're like you that's a good day ask rod anything percent of ask us anything to those are my ways to find you we do every week to let you ask rod anything. I'm pretty sure. You won't have any limitation. There's no other ethnic and I'm not gay twenty bucks to bucks pulled to the twelfth in third at bat on it. Well we do have breaking news this just came down. In the story of Michelle Carter she was the twenty year old who's accused of urging her then boyfriend to commit suicide three years ago. This just came down from ABC she has been found guilty. Of involuntary manslaughter by a Massachusetts judge Carter broke down crying in court putting her head in her hands. Before judge Lawrence motives to and a artists they should yeah. Gut and I don't think cell. I do not believe so that shows of course Conrad Roy it was eighteen he died of carbon monoxide poisoning after locking himself in his truck the prosecution claimed that. Odd ms. Carter then seventeen was reckless and caused his death by telling Roy. To get back in the car even though they say he didn't want to died during the trial court to maintain Curtis and Scott red Roy it was on the path. Take his old life for years or Europe lawyers argue. Involuntary manslaughter joke. Is that right deal. And I don't know it just because someone you know. Well he was. The pool twenty minutes I just pushed him and seen that that defends man you'd do that you pushed him in you pushed him he's all and let the I was. May have been depressed may have been honest. Did you continually say to him. Huge you know Achilles she cares so. When he called you you give accurate are over and over again it's this it's a morals. No. So I'm not surprised I mean I don't know I was very torn by this like I said an exit terrible person as she deserves some sort of punishment. But did she really break the law yes involuntary manslaughter is all you could get it it's like somebody driving home drunk and cause an accident. It's it's involuntary manslaughter in that pretty much the same yeah. Yeah I would think. I don't know okay now Massachusetts sentencing and I don't know whatever. Her a penalty is going to be but in Massachusetts there are nine levels. Of Massachusetts sentencing when it comes to this thing. Trying to fight involuntary manslaughter is 67 levels of I have never been to Massachusetts. Forty to sixty months it's look at somewhere around here this how all labeled find out what her. Her time in jail will be. And urban amassing either. You know really not a man of the cloth and hope now differ that it's ever been there. Some strange too by the way. After the game against the kid to a killed himself. The Boston Globe reports that she sent out. Eighty text messages to him after he died. After he died. Including. I read this thing online about trying to agree with the person and that would make them change their mind because they see how stupid their being. But it didn't work for you and I did for too long she read. That would CIA. Backed up up up oh. Absurd is I wonder if I don't know. If if see you know the realization. She basically helped heal this guys is probably getting in trouble. Came to her and she started send an all these. Uh oh sorry that's what with new explain herself this what was. Eight days after he killed himself 88 days after he killed himself. She also wrote you probably thought I was OK with that he talked about being in heaven and being Mike Angell and at the time I went along with a because I knew you were gonna do anything. But you bleeping did it and I'm so sorry. I didn't save. That was my days after. Gas that that sounds taxiway that mean she needs some serious mental help yeah I think she does I think she definitely eases psychiatric. Reasons for sure you can read all about the story and her FaceBook page and on Twitter wanted to lighten some things up here on a Friday it would go like this it'll be two truths and lie can ask write anything we have personal Friday's WA at 1 o'clock. But aren't your chiefs fan right with lunch she's fans listen to us are absolutely lot of fans Jeremy Maclin and they have back kind of a down year me and elevate their big contract with. People like Jeremy Maclin right. Yeah wide receiver caught some touchdowns. Or Jeremy Maclin was released earlier this week he was cut by the Kansas City Chiefs and the way it went down. Maybe make some people uncomfortable. He was a pro football talks for Mike Florio and they were this interview was awkward for two reasons one there's a delay because they're on Skype gas so it's two guys on Skype. And then the other reason this is kind of weird is is Jeremy Maclin is not much of a talker. I too easy he's not he's got to look wage is kinda guy. So listen how he got released in this really awkward 452 moment. Of this three minute interview between Mike Florio pro football clock and the chiefs former wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. Order take you back to two Fridays ago. I know exactly where I was sitting when I got the notice that the chiefs had made the move it shocked me scale of one to ten how big of a surprise was it for you. Let. It did you find out. It. Doing voicemail. Toronto. I endorse. And what was your reaction when you found out via voice ma'am. Well I was upset now as I was shocked. No apparently date they had been trying to trade me for two or three months late until via voicemail. This is the guy who makes his living catching the foot. All for an NFL franchises and eight or nine year vet and he was released. Via voicemail like I wanna know that voicemail said. Hey Jeremy. Just so you know your cut comedy at this John. It's sad fact is that the voice mail. That I'll let. Hey again these plans to commander for work now. Don't don't is good to protect fact that we tried to trade you but we couldn't oh by the way is John. And hang up. So that's enough so the question is what is the worst thing you've ever done via voicemail or text. And what is the worst thing it's ever happened to you. Via voicemail or text 57677985767798. We'll get to your calls your tax your FaceBook it's in tweets as well order take you back to two Fridays ago. I know exactly where I was sitting when I got the notice that the chiefs had made a move it shocked me scale of one to ten how big of a surprise was that for you. Let. It did you find out. Doing voicemail. From new. I endorsement coup awkward 81 KM BZ TD with Jamie and wicket Jamie's off rob Babcock is here today he'll also repeated on it that he found out through voice writes is that. Poison the voice from rule the general manager that was Jeremy Maclin formerly of the issues. Now I believe with the Baltimore Ravens is that right Travis is that right Matt and sign on with the ravens is Aaron yep for the ravens so he was. Alerted of his. Firing basically via text what is our via voicemail what is the best thing that you've ever had done to you via voicemail or text the worst thing. Might as well our problem is I don't. Tech there was no good at that and that's. That's a problem is that. The masses there. I was fired Allen won immediate tied at analysts now. And plus one need to tell you check your voice mail and check you just keeps coming into work and we don't know why it matters. I know. I have never had anything like that I mean I personally. You know it needed to summon some ugly. You know man and a disease due to their pace or at least call on the phone cry like if you live in Seattle living lost you know. Are. Think I've had. Anything horrendous. That I can think of other than like. You know blood test results like you have something that's load nothing bad yeah you know an enemy on there and doctor ones need to call us right on line. It's never like because we're refund your money you want a million don't know it's never that windows here's speaking of blood test yes awesome text. A girl Lucy gave me a text or Sydney attacks say and she gave me an ST. Does. She wouldn't answer a call back although it's strange that that's so we've heard. The year it's eat correctly government. What's at lot. This so this is obviously with the wind phones you can hear the voice not out loud. So I'm at home and I'm waking up my birthday. And I get a call from my gulf at the time oh. I'm sleep she leaves a voice on this is on the house phone and voice actual recording machine exactly. What's got to say hey Travis warranty happy birthday but things are working now. And yes I am breaking with the hot ansari. Autumn. They still asleep at this time but remind pencils sleep okay well we know happy birthday. Oh you got its leasing phone call by the way most delegate answering machine yes hull and so my mom heard the whole. Oh and then wakes up and says. Yeah. You might wanna call Brittany back called like gosh she didn't answer the phone and I had a terror Wilbert. What corporate the number was I just turned. Sixteen in just a license bogus that was like last week that it happened. 5767798. Yet the story. Jeremy Maclin got released via voicemail some idea of sex and if another dad was dead ViaVoice that's never good. Harsh man text into T united easier let's go to Susan in Overland Park Susan your 91 KM BZ Susan what happened to you via voicemail. I me me me. Yeah. Is that the worst is is text message worse than voicemail. Yeah. We. Get hit like say during a hack that me. Oh it's okay so he shoots you the taxed and then. Disease ditch counters that when the papers start getting for like how what is a step or is that stepped twenties in the in the break. But what I was actually. It ain't come back. And Bradley at the same time. And now he wet. So. Well with the documents and computer everything and that act. Don't know. Fool while. You deserve better than that Susan you deserve better than that thank you over the phone call priests guys' hearts so I. If you could be more cold and voice mail its attacks to the because you can't. This is a joke there is though you know there is no sarcasm from. Ago that's something that by the way is missing from text messaging and Twitter and FaceBook is a sarcasm font color should be because it. Mean you know it is we'll get tax battle lines open for you what's the worst thing you've ever done. Admitted that you've done over tax or identity by 767798. Seed in top citizens. But I'd be will attacks on the the tax lighted 22980. And I'll read them as as fact ride right. And syllables say something mean or something about you know caller or one of the topics are. And it like really feel that way in the text back and we'll say that was sarcasm. Well we can't see that right when you get a text message that says I hate you just kidding. But you don't how ahead. You don't know it Elisa put that. No that is that is so that's always like I do the same thing are read stuff at night and also is that you know that this exit has. And our product and I think kid and you'd like. Think about it embargo which I don't know I guess so maybe. Just never know because I mean. There's no face further note sarcasm text or phone tell what his argument. Detects my girlfriend telling me she was pregnant. And it wasn't mine coal mine gun shot. That. Is off poll. That's harder he was broken up was boyfriend or girlfriend through taxes during what is now it seems heartless. This stuff. All the time I actually texted my boss instead of my wife and told him to have the kids sleep and I got to OK so we could get nasty that's funny the misguided tax. We hit those years time they're great when they come from like the rock. It. Or somebody's. It last week. You all be a donkey. A okay or you adult says go by a goat is what it says we did as all the tech said. And that and I had to bite I was like why did we get a tax that told me and Jamie to go by go to. And apparently somebody's brother had driven over one of their goats and they owed them a goat or something. I don't know I'm a city boy Iran I have no idea what that needs. And I. I think if you get married in the south you have to give the father. And these are the rules the ritual at a us. 5767798. Years it weaknesses from adult Hanna on Twitter. He writes at KM BZ radio the first woman I wanted to propose to broke up with the via email. She found herself a girlfriend. Well but now okay all our needs it was. Like are you. Ray you rank these for me it was this is curious about it sure if someone. That you make them go okay. Yeah that's something to brag. Or should be ashamed of like we're used so. I can't have another man I'm just gonna go to Whitman is it'll never be this good or is like on. Oh my god awful. You room demands for me I would never look at another mandate in the end. Lee had before me Lee had several boyfriends three of them that are now getting. So I I don't know how she feels about that. Yeah see I. Under a it's a it. I spoke. Old I drilled crazy yeah never gonna wanna put up with another woman ever again act. Break he's gonna hurt what's worse voicemail text or email. So that's a good what's the worst of the worst on that would be nowadays would be an email. Right is at the OK to find out let's say that you were fired your from came easy. What's the one way you wouldn't want to do it like now. Regret you got your back and check voicemail anyway ride I wouldn't get the voicemail. So I guess an email. Would be the best way. Of those three probably disease could be official added I probably wouldn't get the email till I sat down in front of a computer guided the email notification on my phone but generally I don't wanna delve. What's going on our beat. The average work you work. So I would probably year we'll work ago and I get this part I can't login. I don't I don't I don't know I looked into it more deeply and I found that apparently what happened is that he was. Laid off five years ago and no one ever tell him about it. But through some kind of glitch in the payroll department he still gets paycheck. So we just went ahead and fix the glitch and accurate. So Milton has been let go wolves a second there professor we. We fixed the college. So he won't be receiving a paycheck anymore so it'll just work itself out naturally that's what's gonna happen to you run you're gonna keep cup indoor victory getting a job. And they're just not gonna pay you because of the glitch I think that already happened let's talk to Mike in Casey came like you're 91 came easy. Good morning guys up. What does that tell you evidently back in 1978. Way back yeah. It left an indelible mark on my body mind spirit everything else out of the bank and I was a work at bank. And when I went into used my ATM card in eight my ATM card. What act up money in the bank so I walked over. The bank and they don't act ultimately turn around and that we need to go down down. Why can't get you know card you need it and now. Went downtown. Stockton the guy he is yeah we're let you go. What about my age you don't card like 8918 am cart that but we do when we get rid of people. Well you'd but the cart full of horse right now. No the Mike thanks for the phone call man. 57677. Enabled it to Joseph and adults eat the GT. Eight he's got a depressing depressing story to get tale. Also he can jump in 5767798. Rob Babcock in Virginia not a silly here around. Midday and 81 KM BZ. Anyone came easy to date with Jamie wicked hey tomorrow. You're out about early on in your day will be good stuff out to the west lake ace hardware store 93 Owen Santa Fe drive in Overland Park. Between ten and new it'll be out there with your chance to win a ghetto in Los Angeles to watch the boys Campbell would action by the way have been playing really good baseball. Before they finally two out of three in San Diego to both from a San Francisco won again last night. I know by any Westlake ace store in the Kansas City metro St. Joe Lawrence or words bird registered. No purchase necessary you can win a trip to the Los Angeles including airfare hotel and it thousand dollars in cash. I'll be out there tomorrow from ten to noon again at west lake ace hardware in Overland Park in the loose berg square shopping center come on out and say hello. Right now we're talking about what is the worst thing that's ever happened to you via voicemail. The attacks to throw email and there why not shirt or fax carrier it is packs anything that wasn't our conversation or face to face. As they go fractures 576779. Nader text into 2980 and so. It is upsetting it is. On Valentine's Day I don't know way home from irked. I've got a text from the wives and don't bother coming home I've filed for divorce. To should eat there words like that's not. Right surely there were warnings kind of had to me you knew that things were going well maybe we're gonna work it out at all like. Please tell me these things don't just go yeah like you're. I love the live look. Men got some talk that what is. And poof divorce. 5767798. Let's go to the phones Joann is in Lee would. Joseph later on 91 KMB easy Joseph man what a joy and what's happening you. Well first I want it Italian Mike and I sort been Grafton for twelve. Are you in a suburb of Milwaukee did you like Grafton. I loved it out there we have great friend that still live there. That was. When you go to Lambeau that like the last suburb of humanity before you can have another two hours to Lambeau. Don't Latin forty carried right yeah yeah. And rob I wanted to tell you you are great personality on the radio while clicking view. We thank you so much we love you rob. Bill and we don't know that yet Joseph went full of and had a long toss heavy week the smiles you bring in our great today JoAnne. Well I'm glad he did at beacon about to bring it down. Something that I did. Via email at diary acting permit jab from a spot and I couldn't care less about. I had another job and I didn't even one column in cattle and I didn't want a patient. I email them that I agreed to and I didn't even get noticed. Well my goodness you just build your new you email your resignation. Do you regret that today JoAnne. A have a great weekend Joann thank you so much appreciate that it would be easier at times especially equity and job or them or break you know it was once a Disco. Taxed ESCO. Do that anymore when I was fourteen I think I actually 14 am item in sixteen I I didn't know how to quit the job was to my first job I was quitting. Being a a drivable car launched right I've done in Michigan by the way is really hold up its socks and went. But I didn't know how to quit a job because it is my first job and ever done that before and I was getting a new job working at little Caesars moving. Coming up and the longer work your dirty car it's. Side at least sixteen if things work a little Caesars cousin had to be able to cut meat or something I don't remember. So I didn't I didn't know if I should go in say something I felt bad about doing it I wrote a note. And left it on my boss's desk editor yeah and I gave two weeks in the note to. But I it was a Nelson wrote did you fall you do that notes your growth through. Want to create her how I'd just it was it was. A color well I guess that's. There's your two year veteran dried monkey all right I'm leaving our athletic and tossed pizza dough. I but I but then I've growing up you learn how to quit jobs properly you know how to say hey boys and eat eat you do learn how to deal. Ike when I was left my first radio job locked in at a time on. My lap like I was gonna give it should we accept did you think you think your boss is gonna get mad at you but if it's a promotion you know if you're going into a bigger radio market liquid left. Milwaukee to come to Kansas sit do you think they're gonna be happy and pretty much boastful or are happy for you they don't wanna lose you your valuable piece. But then again if your piece of crap nobody wants your Anglican given to recently outlined dad was. It's necessary your good buddy we we can we can replace you just go in you shift over today. OPEC opposed JT in grand view your I'd KM BZ body. Well good afternoon gentlemen. Oh this that this is probably about a year or so ago. My ex and I were separated. And I and a and that they would like I didn't beluga. Had an apartment. And it like a month or two after it broke out we get started or perceive yet. I got a extra burden there was paperwork that she needed after he signed. I didn't say who it was so likable good routes that evening is league that you would work and I was working. And what the paperwork and hours as we were still married. I think you're a provision to get an abortion. Why out of this story going to okay are right. Which IBM I got a figure well. What it might gonna do a better note that my childhood. OK okay yeah I bet that. We're at war started or for treating turtles are. Yet that would do it all by law don't wow. Whole. That's gotta hurt. Each ADT think you for the called. I don't know we can top that. That JT if we get a prize for you today fifth set. For the for the worst story. That might have been it right there. Oh my goodness. Sean Lee's summit you're an 81 KM BZ can you top that when shown. Pooled trust. I. And basically. I was in the army for twenty years and that's the last time I was over in Iraq. Flew home on leave. And called my wife earlier Puerto urban Alaska and political Arctic air. It you're cab or relive my Portland. Oh. My gosh. May be shown top the last call. Up but also a heartless people in this world my lord he's all right. This is me maybe industry nice I just could not. See doing that to someone. In the anyway shape or form known not as an adult not not as an adult like I'm sure this happens with your kids even your son but did with with kids like teenagers. These days or text each other break in upper. FaceBook mess that we were kids it was notes right you actually wrote. Let's be able to pack the kids pass notes anymore I think it's all tax do now why would you why would bother right and I don't think it's right. They just started learning curse of gas is yours and on right person name. And Lou how losing 99 okay that's about right to I'm starting my wife teaches. She's a drama teachers in high school. And every now and then she will papers turned it and in tax fees. That you know while with el Al that CW's. There ul La. AK yap and and she said when she gets she showed him before I was like no way so it looked like. That horrible. And now abbreviated and and the letter U for you in the latter are instead of an artery. And she just she says this gives it right back so it was like you I'll give you one day or rewrite this properly if not you get a zero. Kids are writing in texts yes I'll read that somewhere at some hippie college. Text speech is a class officer on insurers to teach kids how to properly right would be TW in Jake I'll catch. Number two is that a T yeah all benefited 240 characters that's record write an entire term paper and a hundred for a carry out. I adult conversation I do wanna throw your way coming up after we get to the news here also next hour. Two truths and a lie and we'll get into an emergency ordinance. Banning topless women.