Original teen heartthrob David Cassidy, dead at the age of 67

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, November 22nd

Do you remember TigerBeat?   TeenBeat?   16?   17?   His stories and photos graced them ALL.


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy I'm staff meteorologist Chad for narrow more Katie MDC weather forty KC I'm 41 and 42 at our official weather station. I'm great. I mean how. All right well thank god I'm here as well I'm getting here I've been singing all things. I think I knew. Hi for a moment I was gonna have to play a season grandfather of the show. Because I do still remember David Cassidy on the cover of tiger but he acts. And now ride can't Al rod here and arrived in remembrance. I remembered it Caspian tiger. Team beat it was tiger team beat. Odd number six team magazine. These are I don't speaking a foreign language Ali so seventeen to Israel and the percent. Make. Tiger beater team beat here's what they don't make except they don't make circus or hit it fat. Although those were kind tiger BC dot com still exists. Look up his operator dot com secrets to it hit a greater. Love never eyeball urgency circus atmosphere and cool City Council have wrapped up in 2008. It's. We were crushed so his heart what I circuit splits it's live. Now. I've trimmed some consider what did you dive from a treat himself like all. So okay its final issue was in May 2006000. Acts tiger beat edit her. Is quoted as saying I watched fame take its tall I'm young David Cassidy. It says for certain segment pre teen and young teen girls David Cassie was bigger than Elvis bigger than The Beatles. He was white we called a number one Fave at tiger beats. Nearly as demand for they're talking afford DMZ we have tiger being. The overnight success of David Cassidy was created by the same machine at work wonders for the monkeys. Etc. et setter. I hit showbiz in his blood and and then he got the partridge gig. David was apparently twenty had very little life experience. He also had little or no support system. When he became an overnight sensation I watched it all happened and later saw it all unravel as I spent several days a week on the partridge sets. At first David appeared to be giddy he was cheerful and why operatives. Doesn't want to it was good things good look at it wouldn't totally out angst for and we make it personal. When he gave up cigarettes that's right. And live good afternoon. Once I woke up. Actually. Go insane absolutely not and yeah it. Mean how. I think he was on the a large box before yes. Mood back in the sept did you have. Keith partridge. I did not have the David Cassidy lunch box or saying he has eaten them to. The original seventies and Alia. He was other from the Monkees he was like the regional. Like teen idol of the 60s70s. Elvis Presley of course and The Beatles but like for our generation. Old people. David Cassidy was like the teen idols guys. This morning. I won't go. Steve you're my age here you would have loved. Us exhibit feathered Aaron. Whose Q and singer. Hall. This stuff now. Or he did he. And quote Gary Allan I live like hell but I did it well. The X tiger beat editor on CNN's fame and watched fame he gets told one young David Cassidy from. Cassidy was she is off with the whole thing by as early as 1972. Hour and he never came back I mean he's one of those actors to. Huge flash in the pan for any snapshot in time. And then it was over. One member he is on. Dr. Phil. I think it was earlier this year or late last. And said he had he was suffering from dementia. Yes which I'm sure was the result of living like hell but doing it well. You know all the drugs and booze and everything I mean that guy was lucky bastard. It's. Scam rod if the Oscar. Here's a look at tiger beat. You're kidding. Go to like I mean it just everywhere tiger beat covers 1971. To seven victory. And irreverent he's on the cover of every single one. And then not to some gay or not them but he got year. And by the mid seventies late seventies he was on the cover all the place because it was. A little. So I. Talk without. And did not cool and shouted when you walk. Annie Leibovitz famously. Famously. Photographed and naked from the cover of Rolling Stone magazine he was trying to shed. His teen. Well you couldn't see his junk but it was like he was photograph from like your up and he's on the copper is down I think if I. He's laying down and he's got his arms up like this is right there kind of a barber had already OK yeah. The fallout from the issue was as Cassidy himself put it seismic. Coca-Cola pulled its sponsorship of a television special. The networks it's went ballistic Cassidy who fled to Hawaii. He did this thing that he really shouldn't have done and got in deep trouble for it says Leibovitz in retrospect I feel sad. But since the shoot. I've seen him on a couple of occasions and at the time he thanked me because it's he said it. Moved in line. So funny how come away it's accusing it seated in one of me. We liked. You see some of the syndicated shows on like K as some more one of those other channels TV land whatever bill put on the monsters. You don't see that you never see the partridge Sam. Brady Bunch it's there now I'd love Lucy is on still. Honors is on Hogan's Heroes Leave It to Beaver. Com. The Jeannie thing am I Dream of Jeannie. Have you ever seen a partnership which now now public audiences and but it bureaucracy and lead it to beaver Caremark. At the viewers in the monsters out OK have you ever seen the Brady Bunch Leo. You've never seen the partridge they don't run syndication. And I mean in the 1970s that was like the biggest TV show. Well. Speaking Arabic TV shadows. Talking Sarah it's. And she made reference to drop in the transmission in my mom's Mercedes is about. I don't even care about what I have failed as a parent. Because she said something about dropping them the transmission out of my mom's Mercedes when I was a kid. I'm on the crazy about Howard if I said yup I'm Bernard ice Dukes of Hazzard. And here's a guy I don't know out yeah it'd. Might might sixteen year old daughter looks me news. No Dukes of Hazzard note and pass. I looked at her like a crack are obviously got Rodham looks at cern ago. Which it's. It's duke which means she goes hacker that dukes of hazard. And rod did you apologize for failing her eyes turn here's what it is when I looked at her and I said. I am so sorry I am not and I turned around and walked into my room and closed the door. And current little I did when in the early. Us. Missed. The chance to succeed. How about bill that passed the word of the day goes this North Korean soldier. Just saw this on CNN clos across it and walk he ran and got she wanted to live to times and but maybe I now. You must wanna bad now you when you get shot five times and you keep running. You get to doing batters of the day. If you hit over is that like what QB used to be with the US or you make it however there are sending back eat your OK yes. OK so why don't people come up with some mechanism. A follow me here. 280 launch people over like in it cannonball or something. Is that why and where did you not see in the old films of the Berlin Wall as they tried they tried to use hot air balloon. I tried every day do it would try to with the with the thing where you run up in pulse state. Stop talking the matter. Well known these are about a can opt in the high jump at the height jumping in the Olympics horrible poll thank. It would hole used to hold all the Berlin Wall. But keep in mind when she got over it's a thirteen foot drop to. Survivable had a pool every on went at the same time they couldn't shoot the ball. I'm telling. Everyone I knew and I would say here's what we're gonna do should be supported can't stick machine guns. But that can't shoot. Just asked helpless people. Rod what happens when you come up with the idea to the fact. And in in this group of thousands of people that you talk to you up and it's all the wrong want. What that well that's a problem well no leader for and before you give it to. Start your plan of this gave. You were not alive that's. Look at him run I mean he is just crazy like a running their decision making and he has sagging. All hail all of North Korea. Look at many realize and I'm going the wrong way around us so we don't. That. I'd get shot but don't go out. And let's look at him run he is like I am going to be free tonight. And there are these guys run in next from the shooting. Started. Gosh. He's awesome. Aren't outward to reduce tested this Wednesday today at 5 o'clock. But with a twist. We're gonna allow you to either call in with they greed I thought about the spa and Colin with a grievance or you can call limb with what you're thankful for. But we will accept either. 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That's just makes me feel good rotten night worked crown winner wins aren't these duke. We implement you write to my right islands. But rod was to my left and I looked at him and we were both are. Iced over I reached out and I touched his arm and rod looks and goes on ties. The gas pretty awesome. Listen to this story from the Associated Press. It's the day before Thanksgiving were going to sprinkle this show was stories that make us feel that. Effect kit McClure didn't expect to run out of gas on her drive to Philadelphia last month and she definitely didn't expect that her misfortune. Would give her the opportunity to change someone's life. She was pulled over on I 9527 years old and was approached by a homeless man named Johnny. She was apprehensive at first but Johnny told her get back in your car lock the doors I'm going to go get help. Johnny who is homeless went to a nearby gas station. And used his last twenty dollars. To Philip can't. Brought it back torque are. Grateful though without a dollar to repay him the clerk promise I will come back with something. In the weeks since she returned to the spot along I 35 to find him and each time she stopped I was her boyfriend and they've learned a bit more about Johnny story okay. I would say I keep thinking about this gap. So they launched a go funding campaign put an ambitious 101000 dollar goal. And hope to rein in a few hundred dollars to book in the motel for a few nights where he could cleanup and start to get back on his feet. As of today. That campaign has raised more than 34000. Dollars in donations expert. It just blew up authors said noting the donors have come forward with five dollars ten dollars. Johnny is 34. Has been homeless about a year was previously a certified paramedic. And also served in the Marine Corps. After moving around it came to Philadelphia a year ago with the job lined up soon after that fell through leaving Johnny. Homeless. Last week I surprised him with a campaign. It has changed mine life Johnny said I've honestly meant more good people than bad. How present. He gonna do it got to get himself back on track well he has enough money now and to. Get off the streets oh no I don't know. You. Get. Johnny has started the process of getting his paperwork replaced. He's currently without identifications are veterans affairs papers. He hopes to get a job at the Amazon warehouse. And hopes to take the test to become re certify this as vocal as a paramedic in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. And I hope that he does and I think you know what she's given him a big hand up big help. And I hope that I absolutely. Amen I love that story. Is just twenty dollars. K to ask for a woman with a car who's. At 27 should know better you know I mean most people bought I earned a really really. I love it I bureaus or on your last one dollars. Can Wendy's drive through. Shut up. Skids user computers Kara marks things are moving definitely Casey is apps and Angela Moore next. 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You're thirty in Kansas say from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are only a handful of flight delays Casey and I just after and lots of travelers pleasantly surprised there haven't a lot of problems with the crowds today. But it is very full the terminal B parking lot already 92%. Fall about a half million people expected to cross through the airport this holiday weekend. A 102 year old holocaust survivor has been reunited with and newly discovered nephew in an emotional first meeting. Alley Yahoo! Detroit's past fled Poland in 1939 during World War II went on his entire family had died. He recently learned that the younger brother survived and that his son was coming to CM. Patricia is grandson helps make that connection thanks for the comprehensive database of survivor names at Israel's official memorial to the Holocaust on the sand. Debbie Berman I got vision and play president a reunion today says events like this are extremely rare now I've. Feel as sun and play again descend. That this is one of the last opportunities that that will have to witness something like this affect what kind of touching piece of history. There were it's hugs and tears after pitchers is 66 year old nephew Alexander flew in from remote part of Russia to central Israel for the reunion. While traffic and weather together next. Make nuts and bolts hardware he must visit on Black Friday all stores open at 7 AM. With 25% off all regular priced items and the great deals. Are not limited to just Friday nuts and bolts as three days of deals Friday through Sunday save up to 50%. Throughout the sort of mixture that you make nuts and bolts your Christmas to core headquarters they've got a huge selection of fresh cut trees lights. All your Christmas needs and check this out nuts and bolts was introducing their five weeks. A giveaway sweepstakes for the entire month of November stay tuned for new giveaway each week. This week and her at any nuts and bolts store by this Sunday for a chance to win a Weber grill. Visit shop nuts and bolts dot com for all the deals and the location near you and remember a nuts and bolts they are your hometown hardware store. A very quiet Taliban across Kansas City metro for the entire holiday weekend we have absolutely no precipitation in the forecast. Now for the rest today lots of sunshine that chilly in the low forties. Tonight or partly cloudy low with thirty CU and a mostly sunny for Thanksgiving Day the high back to the upper fifties. City cannot add to the upper sixties on Friday with dry weather and then back to highs into the mid to upper fifties to Saturday and Sunday were plenty of sun. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more KE NDC whether. Our 48 TCI 42 downtown 42 at your official weather station. And Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ KM BZ dot com. Unbelievable. Break your. I asked to report tell you get a whole lot of drunk for 34000. Dollars top. Scott Dana 34 Graham buys a lot of blow and close this is a gift and I am sure he will use it responsibly and replaced at that jumped back room. Maybe Wilson most. Senator. You're quite good. I think you do wonder. Arm where is stores orders. Not about the president this is about via felt a note in an era. President tweeting out today. If you're not where the NFL is now considering. Consider. Leaving the athletes in the locker room. During the National Anthem and can you remind me who said that should be what they do about four weeks ago I was may now. Yes no. Who well who set burst. You might hide mentioned it but I think as parts in between trump expresses belief. That remaining in the locker room would not be much of an improvement and took a shot at him told commissioner Roger Goodell. Let's outlet to trump NFL dispute get away here trump subset. In what he wanted to be an NFL cornerback in the eighties it wouldn't let him he ended up buying USFL team the New Jersey generals US of oil crumbled. Trump has always had a thorn in his side via fail at this has nothing to do with that. But he is kind of leading the charge that I think a lot of people have taken on. A bow. The athletes amp amp for a reason to maybe it's in part because the president. Maybe it's a part because of the athletes in. GQ didn't help when Miami can't carry permit them man of the year. Up. This is the controversy for whatever reason won't go away. Is brawl. With leaving. The athletes in Malacca. Not like. I asked at the beginning of this controversy. Do we have to play the anthem at the beginning of a sports. Activity when did that start we looked up it was factoring. The war and believe is back during from. The first Persian gulf war back in the early corrects. When this country was consumed I think impart. Because we had one were wild. And also impart. Because of collective guilt. Over Vietnam fifteen years sixteen years prior shark that this country became extremely patriotic. I can remember. That night that the war ended I was in layups and there were people riding up and down the streets the neighborhood streets. Honking their horn. Waving American flags out there and go oh my god Lee Greenwood have the number one hit in America that week it was incredible it was an incredible show. All of patriotism. Sony says it is not about the flag but it is and it is. I am I assume you're signs. I understand so why not just vote just as the owners is the owners the right. Yes although I would argue the commissioner. Could just. Acquire. Paine were not going to have them be athletes out on the field during the National Anthem. Use that time to go over your game plan some more right we don't need this congress that we don't want it it's hurting us. Let's move past it. I don't have prominent. And missile hall. Why don't have to make it startled no one's not coming no one thought it was going to morph into this large. National conversation. That is why this is Scott would you leave your kids at home because they act out in public or would you discipline your kids and make them mind you better. These are much for a these are employees. How well. And I I pointed this out. Name one other business all of that may be being in the military police or fire. Where they played the National Anthem or do the pledge of allegiance and you are ex pact. To stand up and if you don't you could get fired from your job. Other than sports. He can't the military police and fire notwithstanding you could even say Scott education did you do it usually is their morning moment. Have a teacher decided not to stand up when bad teacher before I would argue. This is not a tradition. Tim mean Scott. This is only been around since the first Persian gulf war and I say you either get rid of the pomp and circumstance which in some cases the NFL. Is accepting money for. Or you tell the players wait a locker room to get arts. It's says once again. It's moved to solve all the protests and on the issue causing it racists now I think we should we do need we absolutely do need to continue. The conversation. About oppression and racism in America. But if the owners wanna move on from this truly one of the law you shut it down and you tablet players are saying and locker. This is a taxer and by the way it takes a little bit more of your racist. Carrick simmered. Davis. But this isn't about solving the issue that some of these players think underlies. Their protests. This is about the NFL as a business that is suffering impart not exclusively. Because it is considered to be an unpatriotic. Week. For whatever reason. I still watch the I love. I don't care if everybody on the sidelines said I don't care I'm still gonna watch a bunch of grown men in tights try to attack. I love football. 576779. Native you guys wanna wait and 5767798. The president is being Smart. Cedars the government saying nice he's being Smart he recognizes. That this is an issue that his base to have for hours. They love. This. Debate. And so he keeps bringing up which keeps whenever the president mentions anything whether it's Lamar ball war. This. His base eats it up and the president because of who he is can keep certain things in the news. Probably a lot longer. Than they need to be. And that's why we have a talking about it and is because the president keeps it in the news he had not tweeted about this morning I probably would be talking about it's back. But the NFL is considering telling the players stay in the locker. Let's just forget about this controversy this is dull and it is by the way. It's almost laughable how dumb this controversy it's. It's really. Summers is I love football to grow in my country more. OK so you you're not watching football so did we not love our country before the Persian gulf war when regions. Sing the National Anthem before football and let me ask you this is is not even something it has been around for hundreds of years that is somehow. You know woven into the fabric of America this is a relatively needed to believe it or not tradition. Ask you this text her if you don't stand up for the National Anthem you're arguing I think that that means you don't like your country. Can you be a Christian and our go to church. I would argue current. Absolutely can so you have to stand for the National Anthem to be patriotic but George go to church to be a Christian. Dot. And let me remind you when we were less patriotic. Before the federal government paid NFL teams to make it look like they were patriotic. Keep in mind your government spent your money. 24 hours NFL teams and NASCAR and others to appear more patriotic than they truly world. It took money for. The chiefs were among them. They took money from the federal government didn't tell you about it. Then they had military people unfurl. Huge American flags over the field. The cheeks loved. When they're paid 50000 dollars to. Them with the chiefs have unfurled a gigantic Denny's flag. Over the field if they weren't being paid 50000 dollars. If you should be mad at anybody should be that team. Not the players. They took the teams took your money. You're taxpayer money to appear more patriotic than they work that didn't bother you that didn't insult your sensibility. Weeks. I 76779. Right here from my favorite Volkswagen dealership and all of Kansas City the number one Volkswagen dealership and all of Kansas City. Volkswagen of Lee's summit. I love that spore TT one I loved shall around town in the larger seven seat. 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In Kansas City hello Vic. And we go out. It is going well didn't they give you went to dumb partner. How did you should. Do about. It but. Israel. This discussion whenever it comes out is truly truly annoying because. I always appears to the brawl. And rocks that she met which is already out. Comedy analogy is there. Leverage. Outlets that. It certainly Carson he's comedy. I know. Wouldn't you know I don't actress and which is the exit and a part want it and it covered up. People acknowledge that actual content. Is do something about it. Equality your community. Attract police brutality. In the community. That all possible. Populate the victory in the country. But it didn't feel a little bit. I. Wells may Dick Cavett Thanksgiving while some different. Out there I think. The National Anthem has been played for years. Of football players started coming out for it. After the first Persian gulf war. Stephen Lee summit host Steve. I ST. Yeah out. I I call and let you read about political war. International amp I don't know that it measured out. It's what the players started coming out during the gulf. I'm now they they've been doing it I would chip. And I'm. So. Does not the last time we talked about. I don't always find every. Internet. All city. Yeah sure I think. About to build a seven. Let me tell you today. That. I am a veteran. My son just got back at sports to work. Totally quit what sort fall into and I like a slap in the late yeah. So. There are other ways we can take Europe. Equality. It. I nordic I mean I was working in Ferguson during. All Michael Brown. Street I was working on just in street. Was aware of what was going on much order. GQ or. And you know I region at least or are out at least I'll get. Call. Two and a veteran of about the crash happened if you really happen. But not everybody is doing a lot of players are in fact here's the funny thing. Com and a lot of people don't know this. Before the president and not to make does that trump thing but I wanna take home minimal this Tripoli was. More. Do you view the the week and before the president tweeted out about this to use that as a wag the dog distraction. From other issues that he was facing the Russian investigation primarily being at the weekend before. Donald Trump. Tweeted out for the first time. His opposition to players kneeling. During the National Anthem Steve how many players Neil that weekend prior. Are there were three. I mean don't don't get me wrong I'm on trial ban but I do wish somebody argues the. A he created this controversy. That was already died it was the controversy was almost nonexistent. When Donald Trump tweeted about it to take attention away from the problems he was having with the Russian investigation. Hope that there at the time that he did that they keep he thought maybe he could stop it. Instead of just using it. But Steve people would stop talking about it with the the the players who were doing it were. Bench warmer is primarily college cabinet was already out of the league and black balled by all the teams. Trump created this controversy when it was already dead. He resurrected the controversy. To take attention away from his own problems. I'm not I'm not gonna argue point. You know I I don't know that he'd get it to take attention away a little problem. But I do know whether or. He threw gasoline dying fire technical Steve according to the widely circulated image that said did you know before 2009 NFL players did not stand in the locker room. Slopes looked into. And found. While it is true NFL players were not required to be on the field for the National Anthem before 2009. They have always had the option to stand on the sidelines during the playing of the star spangled banner. So it's. Semi true. If that makes sense that they could stand that they were required to stand prior to a nine. 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