Opiod epidemic versus the Crack epidemic ....

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, February 21st

America's handling of each epidemic says something about us... Doesn't it?   Scott disagrees.


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on K and easy. I'm staff meteorologist panera Mauritanian easy whether. It's cold what is that right now a case CIA it is Tony nine downtown 27 your official weather station. By the way you want in this room whoever saw Freddie Mercury in its. He was out burritos he was house. Her parents and recruit or get started. We hear it have to be force those days are candidates. I love my family I do they're great my yellow lights teacher. Romans Reynolds did it best there they're not leaving. There's just a fair well no you don't understand no this is. It was summertime she would have plans there was pigs to Britain's. It's unscheduled days so there's nothing and others eyes that she can't leave. And they are it's. Hard to. You do it. Almost known and been so you're into an inning dad's five or more free time. To be just around a month. And it was cumin that's good news and work with them and. Don't remind him out of the one tomorrow. We have a number one tomorrow. Or tomorrow and rod here's the deal. I understand you are suffering because your kids have been your kid has been awful week. An island for my shall. They didn't have school last Thursday Friday or Monday. And there are documents school tomorrow. I asked me. How shore or are you guessed we. Are pretty sure and not as well not 100% sure I'm pretty sure. So it they have school tomorrow yeah my kids are now on their eight day in a row while without G. We get the map that's more. They are not gonna happen on Friday either because the reason they canceled today which is so stupid. Was not because the right now because the kids couldn't walk us. It and and I know so claimed that the road conditions on the deal the road conditions are. There. It's the side looks okay. My kids they don't do this probably one and then maybe not on Friday because of the canceled today. Kids run the risk of not going to school. For eleven days straight and cracked then. Kelly and Raton the children. Be very careful about how excited you're getting this time off from the winner and because after a certain amount of time they start having those days into the school year. At the end of the year. And you're supposed to Turks and caicos on genes. Here's the two things you threatened with leaving them behind. Figures. There's things I expect. A number one I think the reason. Especially blue valley is out today yes it was cold yes they know we're going to be out tomorrow. I think the reason they say now let's just make it a string of however many days. Is because they know what they have in the bank okay they know company's notice they have in the bank. Those are already banked two years. I talked to a teacher friend of mine at the gym this morning they have four if they're out tomorrow. That's when you start adding a mark are you sure. I know I just talked to a teacher because I set to hit this morning I have a feeling they just know they have this banked and so there are. They're rolling the dice that after march 1 or not gonna have another sending human need not go you idiot are you would be an anomaly to have a starting after march it happens that would be. So I think they're just think in you know while we've got this in the bag. Let's just let's just not go back. We act as Roman was out Friday tablet that was not the Roman was they have like the teacher workday and then Monday it was a holiday. And there are Tuesday they are out today Roman forgot math. Because Mike entirely like all of it. Yet you can't you can expect the child to retain math after five days I mean necessarily. My brother is a teacher so I can come of this with a with its like saying you know you're dad has. Alzheimer's is something you can you're allowed to criticize teachers will rod your wife's a teacher. I hate this idea of teacher worked. At teachers work to teach. Well. In blue valley they got rid of the early release Tuesday is which drove everybody wringing easy. And so I think we have one or two more full in service stays in lieu of those kids getting out at noon. Every other Tuesday or whenever it was that one of the things and he said mammoth on this morning which was so true. She said at the tip the race that we have been out this last string of snow days you could have actually planned and pulled off. An amazing vacation. Yeah I know what kind of looked into that crystal ball and know that she's like can you imagine if we really looked and known that and weather's not looking so great. Forgot six. Without burning. Dates. Some are just wrote in. I'm a teacher in Minnesota district starting tomorrow we start adding Monday. Yeah not all school districts do that the same I guess it's depend on the superintendent. And his illness their yearbook signing and of the last school. The teacher I guess there's like a day off in April teachers that are in service started. Which I would argue your conservatives ought to be teaching my kids. But. I'd agree aspect of so they're gonna start with that day may. Actually like and Thursday. Or they just stuck in meetings and don't really wanna be there and they like a breakthrough is a little column in the column yet you're unpaid but you have to go to work you don't teach other people's brats. So they kind of like that they don't must suck with a gives you chance sometimes catch up on. Billy Graham. 99. I don't that is adamantly grand you can't ever owned sugar now he's got don't take him for the editing. And he now the tsunami happened because of gay marriage that can. Who's that guy. Oh Zeum Maine. Is that pat. Robert rock and certain notes rob yes that's senate artery again. Hello mr. I think this. Iran and so has ministered to almost every president. Who is for instance with. World leaders and you know he's I've never heard anyone say a bad thing about him so what eight. Long wonderful life he had may he rest in payment. Pat Robertson is the guy though if your husband is. An adulterer yours most welcome back home for them and there's reason he walked out on human as you saw. Me. Well and then there is this. Their forgiveness I. I spent. Got a purple week in prayer and just saying gun show me something and I'll share with you. Some things I'll share with you have to think he showed me about doing. The most presidents who have not supposed to talk about that so we view in the dark. Probably just as well probably exists is well I think I don't know who is going to be. OK. God told you that next president of the United States is going to be because god picks. Him the break. God told you through the next president of the United States is going to be. Okay. Once you go put your diaper back to beat summit next lottery numbers would be in action to not make fun of incontinence. Total tax multiples interred there was between dog man shot and I don't look at powerball numbers are but it's younger and I can't million. I think what like that Irish Bolger who the next president is going to be because don't think they don't do book he's a map in Las Vegas. You better get your happy little 7700 club or whatever it is to Las Vegas and start put money down on whomever god told who's gonna win them. I guarantee god didn't tell me it was going to be trump can you know really cute at all that bag yes they do bets on everything. Freezing. Bets on whether it's gonna be heads or tails of the course. I knew about. The prop bets but I didn't realize you didn't presidential politics. Like I think there's a lot you can't bet on in Venice fantastic. This Santana so Pat Robertson have told you groups and vice president operating god. You went to Vegas and some put. No underground. Hong Kong because you know tormented Donald Trump's going to be the next president of these united. True that back when the royals first. Was it four years ago made their initial march toward the World Series the Alex Gordon ninety feet year. Is it true had you put down what was a hundred dollars on the royals on the playoffs that year there was some crazy payout for the because that was the year they were not expected to anything. And and they did. You don't know anything in various. You better weather is good because tomorrow lab at. Winged. Little. I didn't America cheers Caremark so we're gonna be official for street grill and bar in Saint Joseph, Missouri. 48 hours right now on Friday afternoon the honor and a privilege reviewed spend your Friday afternoon with us. 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Dana's plumber dot com the plumbing pro is standing by to help her tools away. Go to Dana's plumber dot com. Haven't changed. Yeah. This mode so does keep you in June and I. You can. Can't explain it. We're going to be. Everything with. And I mean every. Avoid talking about guns that kids. It's going to be hard to it's going to be hard. We do everything our power did you. Or try today and and you know what their marching and we know it and their passion and it's their age are walking out of schools across I'll order of their speeches were amazing this morning so my hats dropped those kids. But this is a local talk show we will keep things a local today. On god forbid we don't have to talk about another national incident for awhile so I can and local news story out of Seattle. How do we not want to talk about guns if I or 1000 Alex. They're willing to talk about anything other than done so they're enormous amount of Seattle correct. A Washington restaurant is defending himself after being criticized on social media. For having needle billions in its bathrooms. Chock oak canyon organic cafe in Seattle. Has placed needle disposal bins in each of its bathrooms as a response to heroin epidemic affecting the Seattle area. The restaurant claims the billions have been up for awhile but are just now becoming a point of contention because of a FaceBook post. That was shared by a group called safe Seattle. Lamb basting the idea and accusing the restaurant of promoting drug use. One man who needs of the rest for regularly said. To Cairo radio quote the logic we won't serve you meat eggs Guerrier honey because they're bad for you pleased. Sure apparel and in our bathrooms it's like Levy. We shouldn't pretend this is a normal safe healthy or good. For our date two Brothers and sisters. Linda Lowe responded winner of these social acceptance of addiction is not really helpful to addicts or anyone else for that matter. The center there. Are days facilitating. The use of illicit drugs in their facility or. Are they trying to do their best. To protect other. Diners. And certainly employees. Who might I don't. Toss something in the trash or reach in and get stuck with some kind of heroin needle because they think if you look at this from a safety perspective. This isn't the encouragement. Of illicit drug use it's the encouragement of safe practices. If you have a needle in their restaurant. Only that but. Let's not pretend that this the first places ever. Put a needle dispensary in the bathroom but it all the time for diabetic let me ask you this where in Kansas City. And text me twenty to 980 where have you seen Dennis. Where. One place happens to be an advertiser so I'm not going to save a name but is at a restaurant so. Because I certainly see Neman. Physicians' offices hospitals that have a thing. I have seen them in casinos I don't know if I'd seen them in casinos here that's not for heroin addicts it's for diabetics. That is correct but if you have a dirty needle. Quite frankly I don't care what you used it for. I cared that you properly dispose of it. If you're diabetic partnership between your toes it doesn't make a difference to me if I stick myself with that needle. I just don't wanna stick myself with your dirty needle. I have no problems. I mean there. I don't think we're making it easier I think it's sad. That we live in a world you have to have these adults it is the first time I ever saw this was at a casino in Biloxi. And I came out of the restroom. And I said to my mother on. Get to hang in there she said why and my uncle was there from Los Angeles to Wear their celebrate my grandfather's birthday. Mania here is based and might. Uncle said what are you talking I said. To eagle receptacle on the current and my uncle it to be and he goes Dana. They put gravy on their pizza here that's not for heroin that's for diabetes and everyone's diabetic when you're in Mississippi. And it was like. Well. And in the minute I started. To see it I sought everywhere in every Waffle House every Waffle House across the street from a Waffle House. Which they have down there Arctic sea human quick trips. Yeah and so why listen this week America I don't wanna tell you this and and maybe I'm breaking some news here we got a problem. But just because some people have a problem with addiction. Doesn't mean other people have to suffer from now you may say well who sticks their hand into a trash fair point. Most people probably. Unless they drop their wedding ring in the or something on accident but you don't know. Most people are not going to go digging through trash him however. I know your work for example if we have. When I go to the restroom and I'm thrown some in the trash it it's piled up with paper towels I've. Push them down before. So that whatever I'm throwing in there doesn't end up on the floor. Any employee he. Might go into the bathroom to clean it up and into the trash and if it's actually hide that employ might push now on to the trash. To make it fit. So he or she can tie the bag and get rid of it. Here is the scenarios. Through which you will be digging in the trash and I don't think you thought about this because it has happened to me. IA wash my hands OK I've got my purse on one arm and it's pretty heavy I've got my phone in my left hand because I don't ever set I found out. I pulled it how pulled to tell pull the towel. And kind of you know doing this with my person might. Juggling the phone and the towels the phone drops into that open trash receptacle and that of course and that's when you go grab for the found. In the trash and it's no I'm not digging through the trash but I think that's the most common scenario. By which someone six or hand and a trashed and you don't wipe. So what. If a restaurant puts a needle dispensary in the bathroom people are gonna get high no matter what. You can encourage him not to please don't get high Euro restaurant. Please. Or there are problems. And the minute ago on the stalled doha. That's life. They're making it easier for them. They're making it easier for you. Putting a needle receptacle. In a bathroom is not saying you know. The view. We're thinking about getting high on heroin today but it's our we encourage it and here's where you put your dirty meat is heroin Tuesday at Bob's diner. Re going tonight. That the employees their fifth. Because they get higher in the bath. Have you ever seen one of those receptacle surround sound here now why not not in a restaurant especially I think you're thinking about it you'll start to notice and that's what have earning down south down south they're everywhere but I don't know here. 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For our right to live the Florida house on Tuesday's start down motion to consider a bill to ban assault rifles. The ice storm yesterday it was responsible for all whole lot of crashes Kansas city police say they responded to 199. Wrecks on Tuesday and that's more than three times a normal day. And we're looking at another round of icy weather tonight. Traffic and weather together neck. Another round of wintry weather heading toward Kansas City now I think for the afternoon timer can dry weather conditions a lot of clouds around a cold Gallup says her highest thirty. We slid down solo tonight at 25 degrees a winter weather advisory cakes and this evening around until noon on Thursday. Issued by the National Weather Service circus front on an a wintry mix of snow sleet and freezing rain by late evening us eventually switching covered all freezing rain mixed with sleet. The the early morning time. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more KE NBC weather. It is Tony siren arcane CI 29 in liberty. 29 or official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com car. Text file. Kryptonite six. It is really a blessing to be a white person in America. Everyone caters to yield and even your addiction. Well. If you think only white people are addicted to our. Equipment he has one point analyst at Texas like black. There is an argument to be made and I agree with it. That their crack epidemic in the eighties. Has been handled com new and different. Then the appeal made a public health crisis as our president calls it a modern day times are broke and we. Look back at how we handled the crack epidemic. And called that a black problem. That was an inner city problem we certainly weren't putting the eagle receptive thousand restaurants. For those affected by the crack epidemic because yeah smoltz though as people were on their own. And today because the OP Lloyd epidemic. Is is largely affecting people who look like use got it has been handled. In a manner that could not be more different than how we handle crack in the eighties personable. You smoke cranky and injected I don't know I'm sorry I don't know. But what hence the term are you smoking crack. Number two I think it's a misnomer Dana quite frankly to say that the open to it epidemic in America affects people that look like me which is to save middle aged. Middle class Jeff white Johnson County yes divorced dad yes the the old Buick and problem in America is. Thought herb bigger. Then middle aged white man. It's everywhere. Well it is everyone but the difference is and I think this is what this techsters alluding to how nice it is to be why. Because we are doing everything we can. To. Talked about this crisis look at Dover we're starting to talk about the doctors who were over prescribing we talked at that case. Yesterday in Avalon park we're putting needle receptive to couples in bathrooms. It it's a point that is worth. Discussing. That this is not how we handled this in the eighties with quote that other epidemic. 767798. Chris in Shawnee. I lament thank you. First 52 point. And I have the bench orchard and knowing people who abuse illicit illegal drugs injury. Those people don't throw later. They years of news or in Asia and re use. And that fact however those are skeptical. Most of the people that I know they do it that would be a coach replaced them to get down and reuse and recycle them. Do readers amenities averaging just. Burnham and water for a week. And any kind of drug or any candidate sees it may be on is no longer. So that's the only problem might be without them in a restaurant at such like that they have met while march and other other place. But I always seem needles in them when I when I walk by them Chris or do you think those are diabetic needles. They're all kind of news but it is a dose or a bit people who have a future just walked out to go to. We used to order. Are replaced just and a intravenous needle. Get them someplace so he is placing them in there receptacle that we used an. Alcoholic and mop water. If you needed a needle let's say Europe. Heroin okay. And presumably you've got that way because you had your own needle. Your out of attic before you ever use. And so why wouldn't you just keep your own needle and not throw it away. Exactly but I don't understand again you know there in your pocket whatever they cases. Illusory he should able to all over. And they automatically get a fair value chart because they have the drug legal they own industry you don't want to go on a lie don't get. I know that you know that you're using or use. Hey Chris thanks for the call and I'm gonna take exception to what you just said Scott. I looked at an absurd Iran need not look like the brother never want. I looked up the appeal it overdose. Deaths. By race and ethnicity and these are numbers from 2016. So relatively recent. In the United States' debts. White people 3300450. 33000. Black forced thousands. Hispanic 3000. For a total of 42000 deaths. Whites. By far. More than eight times the number of black addicts. And more than. Ten times the number of Hispanic addicts listen to the numbers from Missouri. White deaths by a few aids in 2016698. White deaths. Black deaths 194. Hispanic deaths thirteen. So it 621 in Missouri. No words it's a it's a rate of about censor. A packed. But in that regard. If we're going to be fair here when you break down the demographic nationally and I'd have to look up what took. Demographics are in the state of Missouri. But you mentioned in 2016. I believe you said. Nationally. About 33000. White people died of OP two and overdoses. Were 4000 blacks did. That is in keeping with the black demographic numbers in America. 'cause 4000. In just 33000 would be roughly. 13%. But it still shows that the face of this epidemic is largely. Based on percentages is largely white but if you look at the demographics of America the face of America would be largely wiped. The only. The final thing I find it shocking about this Dane is the low percentage of Hispanic overdoses because that's not in keeping. With their percentage of the population in fact Hispanics. Make up roughly fifteen to 20% of the American population their numbers are incredibly well. Incredibly low when you compare to the demographics of the United States but the black death. To hope the audience compared to the white death. In American open woods is in keeping with their numbers on a national scale. Issue saying but you're still missing my point which is the face of this epidemic is largely why because look the the population of America is largely won the face of the crack cocaine epidemic in the eighties was black bird that that is correct. And I guess I'm missing your point they're. Your point was you were disagreeing with mean that the face does look like use that soccer I vehemently disagree with that. The face of this epidemic is exactly. You. This is a suburban epidemic problem in America then Dana that is keeping with the demographics. You could argue is a white problem. Are their white racists in America yes are there black racists in America yes are there more white racists in America. There are blocked I would imagine so because whites far outnumber blacks. You could also make the point. In regards to just about anything take welfare for example. Or food stamps are more white people on food stamp yes then black. Based on their total numbers than whites who were on food stamps and the answer is yes but. Is food stamps a white problem or block from where is it just an American problem. I argue that the open it epidemic in America. Is a an American problem because the number evens out and I was in the crack epidemic in America rob because it was largely. Relegated. Not exclusively but largely relegated. Too low income primarily urban black neighborhoods in Los Angeles and they understand the argument and I think it's fair to say. America is responding differently to this crisis. The president even said this is a public crisis sure no one was saying that about the crack at it as public health crisis because quite frankly. It was easier to say in your mind. This is a problem with those people over the years here's what happens people start paying attention. When they start seeing the problem in their own line. During the 1980s. If you call an you do. During the crack epidemic in America this was largely. Isolated. To low income black neighborhoods. OK so the black guy in independence. Or Paris say the black guy in we would. C problem it didn't affect him. It didn't affect the white woman in Shawnee. It affected Los Angeles and new York and Chicago. And these were primarily low income neighborhoods if you tell me that the crack cocaine epidemic in America in the 1980s. Was largely ignored by the average American. No argument. Because it didn't affect the average I'm just trying to explain attacks that Kaman and this is why this conversation started. Isn't it nice to be wide were panicking present Eagles in Athens. That text is born out of the conversation we just as yours donors amateur sang that's what they're saying what I'm saying is. The the crack epidemic problem was largely a inner city black problem so it was easily ignored. By most people other than rap artists. Ice-T and NWA public enemy. The joint problem knows no demographic. Knows no geographical boundary. The OP it epidemic is affecting every one except apparently largely Hispanics to their credit. On the other big difference between. The crack thing in this thing is where this things arts. Now cracks started with doing drugs the stars with pharmaceuticals. Absolutely right. Trent you go in for back pain or you do your knee blown now. And you make a 100000 dollars a year isn't he went to potentially two Rodney no point. Even the way the media handled this and it's so interesting and oppose the stocks or. The media reflected Dennis there was not a day that the nightly news back in the eighties didn't tell a new horrifying story of gang shootings related to crack. The New York Times ran headlines like new violence seen in users of cocaine. Stories of crack babies dominated much of the news warning that Iraqis bicycle black moms in particular would lead to this new wave of addicted gets. They wrote stories about polls called super predators. Warnings that later research found to be severely exaggerated to rob us point because that epidemic was born of illicit drug use and and this epidemic Morse in two. Illicit drug use doesn't start that way it morphs into it the crack epidemic was tied to what. Crime well and we and we viewed it through the lens of criminality. We don't do that with GOP oil prices we don't say that the soccer mom. Who is now switching to heroin is a criminal. We say how do we live in a society. Where pharmaceutical companies and doctors let this happen because she had back pain. True in in many ways but I think you're leaving something out what you included but I think you're ignoring. With crack cocaine. It as I mentioned it was largely an inner city problem. But he was. Encompassed. In violence drive by shootings people being gunned down in their front yard because of a debt unpaid because somebody needed crack and they knew that person had. You don't see people driving by the doctor's office and lightly and up. With bullets. There's not I'm not saying there is a crime associated with the open an epidemic in America. But it it doesn't every night you don't see. Them drive by Hartford for the America at a doctor's office because somebody needed. It's there's not that he hears the face of the open if there is the face of the crack cocaine epidemic in the 1980s it was the drive by shooting. The outlook crack mom yes boys in the hood rid of that movie was with Cuba Gooding junior. The the the face of the open it epidemic whether it's white or black is the apparent passed out in the front seat of a car with a kid in the back. That's where the face of the open and as long as you agree that the parent in every single case in every case. That the police have released with the mom the dad passed out in the back in every case that them that we know of yes that has been released. I'm confused as to what has to do with anything the numbers you even read don't bear out that this is an exclusively white problem. I didn't say it was exclusively as it was predominantly because America is predominantly white. It just. Asked me to explain them at all we will in the words of Ron Burgundy agreed to disagree. 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So progressed. Love the way you let. It's it's it's yeah. In eleven Philippine. We'll that are kind. I got a couple think Korea the sport in the receptacle I brought the first color palate upper solemn look what they're recycling opportunity for addicts. I'm I have seen them like the large movie theaters and more often than what it can't capsule you haven't seen him maybe that's why. I'm surprised also pepper album like four and that Greenberg strange. And then they try to wield it for diabetic support from like well. Anybody could pull out of there and I get that exceed them that you break get lost that should get dirty and that would be placed at war. Some of those mines about that. And as far as the stats and you'll be who. Epidemic camera with you got on that one it is bright along with demographics of the guys state where you can compare like to prison population. And gravity album black. Blacks being way over represented in genteel and that. Indicate the problem were OP OOP always seemed pretty much be non discriminatory. A different thing to be in for calling from a taller than I told her try to get old Ian Mason in Belton elevates them. Yes just on. Agri. You know about 12%. Lack whom make up America and thirteen or sixteen to America Latina. Sixty folks that white people course. More like people. Do Angel against every one has some things so called black rappers and ours are out. Trot out though whatever leans in huge problem americorps. Quite ridiculous you know make all that money that I got to get the money. Although I find it interesting. And I don't know the answer why are we talk about the the OP weight addiction or am I guess it's hard to say who's addicted to. And in the numbers would be potentially very hard to come by but we do know of the deaths. Yeah which we would again I guess he was reflective of the addiction. Problem in America. Why are Hispanic so far down on the list they'd do their percentage is not. Representative. Of their percentage that inning is that in the the American population. Where as the whites and the blacks seem to be right on par. With where they are as far as what percentage of the peoples okay let me when I'm gonna say that it is I is there core relation between health care. And access to health care I don't know. Laments. I don't. Very good thanks technical. And so we obviously that we have problems in America. I think all of them can be six politicians and that goes for Democrats and Republicans and I think they choose not to. Typical company viewed the lobbying. PayPal on the money probably politicians their two other campaign. And therefore they did that politicians do not think about the European crisis even they speak quarter. About against the there are shooting. Up that goes on major contributor. The and anxiety. The other drug and people. All know that come off and all that relate back to the pharmaceutical companies. Number two the family structure. I think the big dog apparently structure and the and I can be. Early 1960s. And number theory it would be. The lack of god. Lack. Any sort of more goals our society board since the 1960 I can pick and. Do it I hate argument look like because we have got in schools we told black people where they could eat where they can drink I I don't think hate that argument. Religion has anything to do with as evident as some of the most religious people probably around UPS are addicted right now listen notice. A 2016 study found significant racial ethnic disparities. In OP elated. Prescriptions. For patients discharged from a doctor's care. And if you guys wanna talk about this will will continue on I'm right Scott. This is the rates of risk riding. Two whites verses blacks or Hispanics. And this study showed doctors are more likely to prescribes you an appealing when you leave the office. Then Travis and and that is just a fat oh let's attack that went back. So it's newsroom Caremark. Happening now in JMB easy mode not scrapping to bad weather on the roads we'll have more next. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online anytime at KM BZ dot com.