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Thursday, June 14th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KM BZ. Holed up in jail break. So when you didn't now. He beat the bond we don't like it. So we'll get the blue yeah that's right but it is your birthday or happy Halloween so. Let's give me didn't see as an artist today. I've. Satan from an elaborate at the moment pretty good tomorrow whereas actual work and Iron Maiden. Good afternoon fans brand. Tear the World Cup started today. Congressional and then you know I don't think it. Ever so I've been so busy avenues of evidence outlook or earlier another cheat to win. Out there shouldn't. Well word yep 50. Russia beat Saudi Arabia am. That's what Achilles the cat predicted to kill is the best Hughes this year is of world mask a World Cup mascot. Predictor thing and who does he predict when the whole thing. Actually. Just Germany it would be Portugal. He just picked brush I knew Argentina Italy we say England. Also SARS like the Saudi Arabia is in the Nigeria's of the World Cup is they have no chance. It's almost a mirror it's like the number sixteen seed in the NCAA tournament. They don't have it change it's there's no way that every now and then those teams surprise everyone they never win him. Yeah but they go far. Lane this year we saw the first number sixteen seed beat number one Virginia lost a rumor mill was. But there's one point tell me who beat Virginia. You can't. 'cause or nobody knows the school that had four letters. You know in all that's right I University of Maryland Baltimore yes that's right with the help that. Sir that's right University of Maryland Baltimore County that's right I remember it was just a lot of letters. I thought it. I had so if I could something I care about less than soccer to match your story for you it would be golf you know that don't. Really quick. Because this is my enemies on the evening on a legal it is critical Scott Crist called me last night he's in Moline. And Illinois for the week. And says to me you're not going to believe what happened at the golf course here. Today he said it's going to be sports and ice. Two women. Who were playing in the same group that was a foursome. First woman to ease up the ball on a par three. Hole in one. There are all cheering their excited whatever. Second woman tees up the ball. Hits it 116. Yard par three. The ball goes in the hole now Scott I looked it up in Iraq. And I'm gonna call BS on you know the Or whoever was. They're saying the odds of that happening are one. In 17 1000000 I am calling them leaks BS on that that's like one in hates war yet. It's never happening. My dad thinks it happened once during the parts refund brown at the masters before the masters starts he thinks it happened one year like Rickie Fowler and somebody that's a pros. These are two women. And one of the women it was a 116 yard par three used a driver. Which tends to suggest she's gonna be an older golfer it tends to suggest that these answers are just out having. What. Are the odds and do not tell me it's seventeen million to one because it's not rod you'll love this lieutenant soared. It. Two women in the same group playing in a foursome. Go. I'm does. Seventy. They only. I was just assumed he was really high odds because most courses don't let women play. I'm just sick and I learned a long time the first two rules of golf no women no minorities mr. black's. Not if your black woman get out I'll tell you this I was playing with my girlfriend on Wednesday morning on seventeen I would bet my is that titles. I would have bet my house she had a hole in one and it did not drop became close the ball to drop. It is so astronomically. Impossible to have that happen and haven't happened back to back with two temperatures just wanna play. Is un believable. And a story. Which it. I did it just put act I'm just telling that it's not it's not you can't even quantify. The impossibility. Of that happening back to back. There's a story over. Mean I'd rather sit here and explain all sides soccer. The rest of us would oh please please don't. Please don't rod you'll understand all sides and soccer pride. And that they. Tell you about it here lastly I'll tell you how you got all sizes and stronger let's talk about the story and minister I mean my god which scooter boring and. 72 years. To women. Later find out. They were switched to birth arms are sky at 72 hours old. Two women in Minnesota bound that they were switched at birth Denise mayor was aborted 2:17 AM on December 19 1945. Linda Jean Nielsen. Followed a half hour later at 2:48 in the morning. Also in December 19 1945 and they went home with the wrong am eight problem. Oh yes I guess I'll give you one guess how they figured it out keep in mind or 72 years well they've been seven years and no one figured it out until this year. Others did one of those damned sending all we know there's one angry and wanna area. 23 main she submitted DNA and the results didn't match any fun and family. So she thought what are on the upper atmosphere like she's like I don't recognize all she's seeing is a list of strangers. Of the 1940s or like what they had a baby just cinematic and it doesn't know which one does wonders why I wonder if Harris why. They're both white female the Sonoma home with the babies they don't care. Other lady. Her niece did the same thing and got this back and sad. Don't know why year in June here and my list. So listen to this. Both women say they stood out as odd ball's in their family. Sometimes I had the sense that it didn't quite eating. It. That wants to talk about it. Listen to this. Gymnast he says she was the only member of her family who wasn't an athlete. Her father was a professional baseball player. And she said sometimes it just had the sense I did not fit in Georgina says she was only athletic member of her family. Now here's where it's sad that this is the topic I wanna talk about this hour. George teens that when she was seventeen your result in the wrong family and in answer her her mother died of cancer. So. She'd take yet ethnic mom she thought was her real mom died of cancer so she went her entire life. Living that burden and sorrow. That really should never have longed. To chip that that Bertans search or borders so the other woman ended up having a relationship with her mom for you know. Hundred. Early on which was her for she's at 99 the Mott the surviving mother. Is 99. Years old and they reunited. The switched at birth child who lost her mom at seventeen. With this 99 year old woman who is her birth mother. The 99 year old and memory span and memory war. Scott. Stock. Sources say she has no idea who her daughter. Correct. But she's at least gotten to meet her birth 99. Year old. Mother and she doesn't I don't know who should ask you says she's glad she found out about the switch even if it's exact timing and mechanics remain in districts. About it. Anyone at that hospital back in 1945 odds are are long gone okay long dead no longer there excuse me this what does it personally blame for that. What are seventies hit your not to get closer and that at first they were switched on purpose it was a must that we can all agree that right there's there's there's there's no way to. Mean nobody did that he would help you would hope no one did that on purpose what triggers in the corner wringing her hands gig and. Papa Papa and. I'll never figure out guys switched and Bert I just don't you don't. Glad you think this is so. They runs it's heartwarming that here's my here's my question this hour. Would. You want to end the war. I said he needs you don't know what you want and Lola. Oh. Now. If if saint Margaret was not really my my tank. And there are times I wonder. If he. I am and he's got a moment at which your mind soon. Think I'd won enough. Oh what purpose my mother you know my mother did not know. That she was not my own goals full sister until she was in her forties. He called her Monday and said Margaret. I have something to talk. Now my uncle Steve god rest him he just died a couple weeks ago. God bless. My uncle Steve was fourteen years older than my mother. And my grandmother had an affair and my mother is the product of that affair. It was not until she did not know. Her last name was Dunston all of her lie to you americorps does she know the identity of that and yes okay. And that he's died as Ancestry.Com. And wanna guess what I don't. Alcoholism. And where does he can't. So anyway in my local calls her when she's in her forties I remember wonder what it. And the phone earrings and my uncle Steve's on the oval and he says Margaret this has been waiting on me for years I have to tell you the truth. All they knew. But she did I don't like Steve but everybody but my mother knew all right I'll get out because backing the day that would be scandalous little secret. Her coat the. Last name would have them. Old doubt. And and he died somewhere in Missouri even though all this happened in New York he ended up dying in Missouri she has several. Half Brothers and sisters that live like in Springfield cape to order some albums. They moved to Missouri years later so did she want to know is she glad seen him yes for health reasons I think. But I think she's made contact and ought to talk to about the west and us relatives out there. And there's plot. So look at the speeches I don't know this is ever met this is the family that one little girls grow up men and those parents are not her biological parent. It's OK here's the thing especially a seventy to meet today. To players but the point is if you. Grown up in a family. Day biologically or not that Jamar Fletcher Jackson yeah. That's your Fam apps that your sister that you bro I mean that. Like I understand that you always wonder what it has been I know. And I understand the DNA and the and the biological part of it but. There comes a point where. This man in this woman cared for me my whole life yet I don't give a crap what you say this is my mother and father right. And to their them except that their child. Two by Alex oh is that they're not what it comes to biology and here's where it comes into play Rodney not necessarily with these two women. What if you grew up in a horrible household and there's nothing to suggest these women did it. You always wonder what would have been like my dad was a raging abusive alcoholic I got back and she got. The picket fence. I've 767798576779. 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Lifetime original machine to campers the only way to get twenty dollars off and free shipping is to use the promo code KM easier Brooklyn dot com. BER oh okay ally Indian dot com promo code KM BZ. Clinton these are the best sheets. You don't show. Stop talking. And start. We have talked for a year maybe more. About the three of us going get that 23 me. I'll pay for rod you have papers. OEM. Don't know. Why you wanted to you're the only time we talked about is something crazy happens like accurately my old serial killer so many other tech science it's wanting three means change in their slogan to screw it families since 2006. It. You wanna know. I am sure I mean I don't I mean bat talk. It sounds pretty englishman Brian it is. What would you do Tommy there's that to work on TV goes. Our tree and Mike wrote whatever Bryant ranks in German now has seen that letter it at a and M and I've never been that into. Your culture my heritage and all that I have a friend of mine who's you know very Irish and he's you know hire them on the newsrooms I'd really big into being iris is greedy yes and that's fine but I just I don't. And I don't care that much I don't need that I was considered the family of a bit of Heinz 57 and and so what. Guerrero what's funny is these web sites have said after these high profile cases have started making headlines. Like that it's very rare to find out. You have a biological father somewhere else you should know about that these things do happen but it's rare okay I'm calling complete BS on that. This is not rare this is happening every day. Were people find out they have siblings they didn't know about. They have a dad they didn't know want to ask you of course I don't know they haven't murderer in their family they didn't know about it this is not rare this is life let me ask you questions card carrier. What would you do. If you found out that you really worked three sixteenths India. And it. It would stun me because of the government's. Research and the cards that were issues in all of those hoops you had to jump through. To get that car I mean my mom on this trip there we went on was. Talking everybody about maybe she's she's planning a trip now she wants her cruised to Barbados. Which is where her grandmother came up what if I find out that I got a little bit of African American. Okay I'm and we are melting pot I just you know it is. Here's the deal we have an adopt. Who that we found out about my mother's sister's daughter that I did not find out about the times they are nineteen or twenty you can cousin shorten that cousin. And she gave her up for adoption when she was seventeen. I think somewhere and that you know years ago aunt Jennifer for adoption when she was seventeen at. Yes back in today when girls just went away for a semester knowing who is 17 hitter Yuri I am OK I've figured while. I've had enough you know lol yeah I am. And so. No ever told me about this until it. I was in my late teens early twenties and sure enough a few years ago. They've reunited and they reunited through traditional. Adoption website like I'm looking for you you're looking for me. She is now as much a part of our family as anybody she looks exactly. Like my pants are I'm about to find out that we're just sort of don't order diverted order for. Happy Father's Day. And maybe. Congratulations it's a girl thing. I just. You don't. Joan oops well what is on the other side of that to war. Collins. Well looks like I'm about to walk through. And if it comes back that you have a daughter somewhere in Utah that you did not just height that. I got doesn't have a daughter there's more just and different my I lost my virginity when I was 21 and perhaps in 2000. Yet all four women that he's had sex with he still talks with. It. I I told stories that this guy did this thing data as I had sex with. I can count on one hand company when I've had sex in this guy the 23 mean and it hits 100 stats are. Demonized slapped with an analyst impressed under our country Utah sent matched in North Carolina. He writes and says I don't. I'm not related to anyone in North Carolina. And Ancestry.Com. Says yes you bar. He calls her Dana she's 23 years old picks up the phone and says congratulations. It's a girl in unlike most men who would brag about their sexual conquests I cannot because there have not been. Or are. All odds are guys that Michael is on grounds. I apologize I just say for everyone is necessarily use one hand if you're going sort of it's spelled. If you're gonna walk through that door sometimes the other one of them hubris you have to prepare what I wanna meet a stranger for what is on the other side of the door on. And sky and it's it's not just you it's anyone in your family who has masks with anyone out there so your brother okay. You know. Well. It. 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During between sixteen campaign. Kenneth mode and ABC's the capital. Check traffic and weather together next very hot and very hazy and Nike weather in the forecast here in Kansas City straight to the weekend. Abundant sunshine for the rest of today are gonna live on us a high right around 95 degrees. And we are keeping a clear for tonight till mid seventies. Plenty of sunshine for Friday and into the weekend see you actual highs near 95. 100. No rain in the forecast until maybe Monday night's. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more Katie NBC weather. 95 TCI 97 downtown 95 at your official weather station the radio dot com Abby is the official new home of KM BZ downloaded today listen to us any time anywhere. Caremark certain news 981 KM BZ. So Deep Purple. I imagine when. There's a man. Wanted to come somewhere. He's purple UV. Brent and Kelly my brother. Our reserves the top of the senate. I'm just so fascinating and I just posted it on my Dana I came to see page these lenders 72 and they. Just found out they were switched at birth on the same day back in 1945. It. The two women say they had good lives. They always felt like they didn't fit and kind of the black sheep one that anybody can and not athletic family one was on athletic and a math at 1 am having red hair and nobody else did all of the things that you think are literally on. Air and a little on an unaudited. And they found out through 23 and me that in fact they matched. No one in their own family's from there. They went to the people they didn't match and figured out in a Minnesota hospital all those years ago. They were switched at birth aren't asking you would you wanna know yes I do wanna know what not that I wouldn't care that I am done with. All of us talking good game I want. You just sign up for 23 meet today. Rots I would give you my credit card rot. I give you my credit card I want you to do 23 meats and a it was don't be surprised if there's some weird chart okay. See I can't trust. I'm just saying government. Hey Adam and eve kind of I don't know but I agent summit globe and HIV aids. Misha. Who. I am the younger at eight. Man. Six the other and that that there. And I wondered my entire life YE. A I'm were dark here around. All my Brothers and went through. It in that category and I came along and I am white on. There and blue eyes and very fair I do not call my brother sister and me and term debt not got its common. My whole life I've. I don't feel like. I'm related to these people. And then my mother constantly hear that. And I won't mean I got pictures never. I'd heard great school that your. And her fourth grade picture. Just like there. Oh. I wonder mine but my highlight in the morning why device currently. Why the light on why won't why won't he. Why. Venture. And on the other. A partner in the picture at all my mom and yeah. Like me. Did you ever think about him one of these 2.3 in the UK is to be sure. Weren't we weren't on there. It's constantly are you are you doing. All the other day week yet that secret. I mean you know Porter and I mean mind. They get thirty dollars I'm gonna be. So pay you ever call back this is so pride and obviously if you find out something that is unsettling to you would never have to share that but. We would be curious. So check back in with us if you're comfortable doing so regardless of what you find out what I'm cancerous 639 and you can afford them eat sign up today. And rod I'll pay for yours and then we'll Scherer will get all of results and that will share all the results together. Go. Surrounds current. And we're gonna find out the data is not three sixteenths. Our that'd be great. I'm did you vote as you can do health and ancestry like I wanna know this'll tell you what you're Jeanne I don't know to help me. Committed. I go to salmon retail wholesale pricing am. And we deserved thank you my friend. Show. And I don't adopted back in the late. And Mike are now they momma battle on my my adoptive mother and Catholic. I adopt buyout that was so bad till village board took out. If that's weird. You know like a joke or Bartlett and archery or. It is an outgoing public life might have. Followed with a truck driver. And lied my outcome of it was a piano player. Go figure oh what she cracked me up and it's all a little bit about him are. And they were gone you're just like you're out there. I would look at it like Hadi. You don't. So. Similar and we'll meet at this a different direction because. I know where you're going but I want to ask you something different or did you ever find your biological parents. Never did it might might might records are still is projected chaotic court. Okay fine. Do you ever more refined your biological pair. I. Want. I am curiosity. In other than. There. There. Missing just no group or that want to know why I'm grown adult what. I. And I'm assuming. Sam sword and were up Imus during the people that adopted you were great people and loved you and Andy and provided you with a great life. You know Obama isn't that. At that spot but Ernie. Sam. The quickest ways to it to figure all this out is just to do the cheeks why do the 23 in me you'll you'll find your siblings and then from there work back and fine. Don't you find. Out what do I. It would earn your program industry. And arbitrary Antoine that you're somewhat my wife. And change what you mimic integrate. And so at an acute or. You know. Well I'm good to go. Down. Well. Now. Along I don't actually know not try to. It. Now let us now I wanna know how these turnout rob from the text and I was extremely surprised to find out that I was 26%. African American because I am a white guy. My wife on the other hand was not. To the front. RK Ian Smith film a look at it. I. Might might I don't bother you that are in the three month old what I get up. Anyway they hit yeah I don't either but I didn't so I was able to cut tract album that. You're only as. A couple are simply. Not doing here for a child. Not nights and the content. And and I had. And then with the same old aunt. From the point that we are like and that is at a knowing that I have out there that. The crowd and the door open. To adapt your heritage. And the odds that. There will be my third important that. I know we don't mean that. We may. And nobody lab named Mike. It takes a lot of legwork a lot of leg work once you get those names to work backwards and figure out okay who who is with him here. You kinda I mean I I'm not we have bears. Family you did not know about so I'm actually concerned. Not concerned. Bored by the fact that I'm probably not learning. I know I'm mostly English and Irish with little bit of French. But I know. And I know that my mom was the product of an affair. My family recently did DNA testing from the text line a couple weeks ago we got matched with someone who turned out to be a child my cousin never knew he had. Fortunately. This was a joyful discovery he has been welcomed into our family with open arms he's known adult who has never known his father. He had the DNA testing done as well in an attempt to find him it worked and this one is a happy story go to cristina's. In Kansas City Christina hello. I like playing. For the pre Q my grandpa I am departure is that why. They never hold my grandmother she. Actually yours and we got it all right Ali. The only number wise how bad. That I. They don't just look at all of that spending. And we're currently. And I don't think I like it seven people and I can't get I get very. We got there is yet another air airports your older and are very. Like he was living a lie and had three families. Lambert stepped down out to 40. And share in we're still urgent. Any track. All a lot. I. Act. As well at night. Or early I got. Can we all. Grew up on the reservation. And the game. Get. Your related. Hey thanks for the caucus in that report from the tax line. I'm adopted I have zero interest in doing is zero I do not want to know what is behind that closed door. That door for me is one that will for ever remain closed. And we. I don't have a problem with it from its more than help side. And I just emailed my momma when essential to it with me. Why does she need to do with it now aren't you afraid. And would you wanna note you have an alzheimer's gene or the BR EC breast cancer gene well. Here's where cigarette my old soldiers died of dementia. My grandmother died of dementia my other grandma died at 96 of dementia. I trigger I'm probably going down that track. Don't you. Possibly by mother still calls me story. I figure I'm probably gonna get dementia. What are you what are you afraid I'm afraid of anything I just you know you really have to think. Is something like that something I would wanna know. I'm a little you bet you all people I would think would say I wanna know. It lets take the alzheimer's gene OK there's some predisposition can tell you. Wouldn't use then from that day when you know anyway if your family has alzheimer's you're gonna get alzheimer's if your family doesn't have alzheimer's it doesn't mean you won't call it fair. It does not mean you won't and so would I just rather be happy go lucky and not know. Or would you rather know there's nothing you can but let out a date if I told I could predict with a certain level of of certainty but you're gonna and it would breast cancer god forbid knock on wood yeah don't. You would wanna know I would want it now because of early detection of alzheimer's is nothing you can dale SharePoint you're gonna know that someday you're just not gonna now. There. 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And above it Apple's say something like you have two copies of this. Studies estimate that the average man of European descent with this result. Has a 28% chance of developing late onset alzheimer's by 75. And a 51%. Chance by 85. And that goes into like what do you do with that information dammit killers as I bought the ancestry and the help option I want it and now you wanna know Scott you do. You do it. I don't know what did you do this one norm problem. MacKenzie I don't cares much about geography as I do about the breast cancer genes I don't care if I'm gonna die not knowing. I don't care you know why why 'cause I won't know. Rock you whether there Rudd left. Kara do you wanna know if you're the rivals members. We are ready now I wouldn't know my relatives. But that doesn't necessarily mean anything you can have relatives who have alzheimer's and not get it you can have relatives who don't and get stuck with it. But I'm saying they didn't none of my relatives I alzheimer's. So as ranks chance that I hope. To. Oh I know I'm going down. Everybody in my. By the time 63. Solid stroke mr. Wow number one. And number two I don't foresee being liked by aides that. I'm not working now. Some legal issue so that's. There's a story. I'm seventy. Out I'm sitting here. It appears care marks Kansas city police swat team out this afternoon hopefully that's going on next. And it summer. Man it is here. Called my good folks at sealed once Casey have a them out. Seal your deck your driveway your garage floor they do that gorgeous. Decorative polymer coating on your garage or love that thing. Still wants will permanently protect and beautify all of those areas in your home. And their experienced signal cannot give an estimate and clean and seal any of your wood surfaces are concrete surfaces. And they offer a 25. Year warranty. Against deterioration of all of those things. Then you think about cracked and stained. Garage or basement floor. 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