Ok. Sigh. What the hell is net neutrality? A NON boring conversation here:

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, December 14th

What is it???  WHY do we care????   A GREAT explanation with our Dan Weinbaum and I promise you it won't put you to sleep.... 


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy light northwesterly wind and by the latter half of today and into the early half of tonight. We have the potential of seeing a few sprinkles or flurries flying around. Otherwise cloudy the overnight low into the effort one days. Plenty of sunshine for Friday the high back to the upper forties milder upper fifties on Saturday with abundant sunshine. System drawing in a few showers on Sunday. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more Katie MDC whether. Ninety CI it's forty in LAF forty ran out your official weather station. The bottom. Late. Slaying. Not that Jeff. Think people. Yes that's bank. No and I think we need a break from one another you. Can't print what the deal. I should call him on and apologized right now but let's do it I think we should do it and here's why. I little agitated lately just so little okay. And because you end up spending more time with your you know work people people men really anyone. He tends to get the brunt of mine please to talking to because kind of attitude. So he's off today. And I am. Bowling this morning because I'm a bowler rights and I suffered an injury DC nice idea right ripped my fingernail off. I was in pain. And I looked down and he is calling me you know I don't like it when he calls me it's always it's always sadness. And I things ID anyway I'm like what do you want now I had texted him because we know that sweet Stella. Went in to surgery this morning it's a little worried when he called that things had somehow gone south or something. He wants immigrants he was Yemen on about the stuff I'm bowling I can't hear and he's cutting out Mike please just go into your dad called me instills a hazard. So I didn't work long story short and I just sit down and a thousand things to do today because he's not here. And I looked down at all be damned if he's calling me again. And I pick up the phone and I go. Stop. Polling the race horse supposed to be off. And it goes. Funny. You wanna know who is still doing now of course I well of course I wanna know how Stella is doing at 115 I have it's I just. Why you keep in just texting has had a nasty at this morning at 8 AM so you heard the exchange Cara I was a little. Brought up right let's call them rotten at Cuba's like. He's brought you. Just you and every time did it upon where whites. And I just now let's call sort of silently urged. OK let's do that Travis your armor. Let's let because I know people do wanna know about the dog. You know I don't need to know about everything else going on is life on his staff coming out of the dog is. Let's get to the point and he always calls us whenever Wear off so it's a big I that we all him I wish I honestly I would like more of an update other than she's spot. Because by then he was mad at me right and that's fine I'm like OK I am so glad she's fine. And I texted him and I said hey I am really really happy that she's okay. And he didn't apply to his eyes. So this levee before it's time that I've talked to him now if he picks up the thought. And I'm guessing he's not gonna pick the thing that's it's a public company which is fun ain't but well. Once you just need a break. You're it you're kid McCoy UH yeah you right I do the exact same thing to my children I only answer the phone at. The house better be on fire why do you keep calling me. So. Hour or so for the fourth time today hello Scott parts. Oh. I'm calling and I don't do this very often. To apologize. For my abrupt sadness when you called me an hour ago. Aren't sure what. It feels like an hour. You sport I was well that was this morning the first time you call the second time he called it was knee deep here. Here are so I want to apologize for my Bratton as we did not want you to think we did not care about Stella and a lot of people. Are asking about Stella so please give us an update and I promise only deal. Actually earlier colonel I got a call from look I appreciate the completely. I got a call the doctor about half an hour ago and achieved his little surgery he shattered she will me or perspiration. She's doing well and she's resting heart heated added that. Well. We like your offer let you can spend time with her and we're glad she's okay and I you know I mean with all of my art. Or reverse. It give her extra copies of okay you go into your to do. I. If by. Even wrote in baby talk. I'm glad to everybody do babies arbiter animals when they're sick or hurt him. It's got to be talked to the going to be well and you know I I make fun because he let them. And he has said and he's been very worried about the surgery. It is surgery he has said you know I do not what I would do some app that and that's why he's not so it's a great she's she's great I've actually sent Canada. Like she is it rates. So damn I'm mom's tennis in just a little bit because I. Would rather stab myself in the Bible with this ball point and then talk about net neutrality and again explain it. And it be honest we are talk about it. But I'm going to be completely honest even as a news person. For some reason when I see the words net neutrality. On FaceBook and Twitter on my news website is I les over. So quickly I just and I don't like the term I don't really understand it. I don't care I don't care. Well and I you know in favor of repealing it they're glad you know I know that I should care. But it's one of those listening hours things that like a school board meeting where you'd just. You know it's important but I don't want to sit through it you know I mean so. I do recognize. The importance of Jesus. Awful boring topic. As a topic that affects us all but I need you to explain to me why I should care will. If you believe in the year of freedom. Of sharing information. And not having it restricted to having your access restricted to. As a member of our free society yup that's why you should care. And the thing is about net neutrality is that this has nothing to do with politics it doesn't matter if you're conservative. Or liberal don't ever found restive. Or or what ever political stripe you wall art that has nothing to do within its not about choosing sides of the political spectrum. Despite the fact the road to there was on party lines well yes of course of course but for us the people. What's important is our access. To information and being able to access it freely. The idea of net neutrality is that the Internet is open and free. To all correct yes in the beginning you've you've got to pay dates it to have the technology in order to get onto the Internet. But there's no one thing that is more important or pushed in front of you more than the other correct. That's the quality of the Internet if you wanna go to this place than go to this place if you go to this place you go to this place. What's happening here is basically greed. On the part of mega technology companies act ISP providers. The people that allow all RR RR get you the access to get on the Internet. And what they wanted to do was basically make some more money. So it's about greed and they wanna be able to the the the the fear is that they're gonna search a part and parcel. Off parts of the Internet you know all you want some you wanna access YouTube well that's Colombia six dollar extra premiere got it you know all you wanna watch Netflix well hey we've got RO and streaming thing now bright you know you pay this and then that kills Netflix which. Also shots out or people. Essentially if you're pork lets you go to the library. For your. Browsing right as you cannot afford a computer on what people do that. And you wanna go to say Google can someone decide. That they are going to charge you to get on Google or restricts or throttle the speed at which you can access it yes. That's the concern because the wheat wheat we all get distracted by. This entertainment stuff right of our screens we get to watch Netflix and this and Amazon price we get distracted by the by the fund in the entertainment part. But let's think about accessing. Actual real information. And having that for Ronald now or having a company decide you know we don't want our people to see. That we want our people to see deaths. And if you wanna see this a failure gonna have to pay a premium let me ask that is that doesn't have doesn't the Internet. In some way all ready Jews that takes FaceBook for example. You do not see. And if you don't know this is interesting. You do not see everything all of your friends are coming up welding on your failed because some differences someone decided yet how government of which people. Are going to pop up rut stories are gonna pop up the or they're going to from our FaceBook is not the Internet it's not just shining example war and state can decide how they won their company. To run okay fine yeah go for two W one you have to go to FaceBook Facebook's not the Internet via. You know but what if and I SP has an issue with FaceBook. Then they circle full throttle down you're trying to go to FaceBook. And you can't get to it or running slow shore or you have to now pay us. Money in or so you can get on your social media so is this beneficial to any. Company that is not a company in the business of providing in his Internet service. If I am. Google or New York Times dot com or I am now the way bigger the bigger ones yeah immediately whether some kind of up charges think about. And at sea or or these small little sore boutiques that have a web presence and that's how they sell their winners. You know. You mean up to get to them because maybe other content being pushed in front of the OK so it's not. And see that's why it goes across and has nothing do with politics. Because you can be conservative you can be progressive. You as an American in our system need to be able to have access to whatever you want that access to on an equal footing. And getting rid of the net neutrality. Rules that were put in place two years ago. Kills that I am so excited you're here as I have a hundred questions now. Two other countries do this. Well do I actually the only Hillary the only ones doing this I actually did a story. For the morning news this morning interviewed a guy tech expert. And he said here's a good analogy. About what would happen if we get rid of net neutrality. Look at the way countries like China and other Communist country yes control their interface blocking your access to me as well sites Google they are citizens. Access to information. Absolutely on at that and I'll say that's horrible. Look at what they're doing over there who would want to live over there now in my opinion idol thing that'll aside and you come Monday it is okay now you're restricted. But it could be a death of a thousand cuts because they're going after the money. They're there others they're letting. Pure capitalism. Leads the way I act. And going after the money. Trying to make more money and now whales are paying in and all the sudden or more of us like your cable bill more so yeah now were like the fraud in the water. Yeah you know. 57677985767798. Scott parts will be back tomorrow data right Dan wind bomb you can text us at twenty to 980 join our discussion about net neutrality. Do you care and why we'll take your calls your text straight ahead. United ride around in my little sporty T one from. Volkswagen of Lee's summit for that and went on for five weeks now I tester of the atlas I've test driven the team on. 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For its original base MS European only deduct for mileage manufacturer incidents and any damage to your cart let them turn upside down and right side up. Volkswagen of Lee's summit I just love those guys off 470 and Colbert road till you wanna see Dana's car. And. I call Lincoln Center. Apparently you don't get. It was a game saves back in the. Video of this really quick authorities have just released these surveillance. Video. From inside the Costco where that brightens up bag was shot I've got the video allegedly on her right I don't work cannot pass out. Yeah but they just released it and use seat. The gunman walked in and he's yelling he's weight in this gone around right after by the way a father has this. Shopping cart and then starts to push is it looks like about a one year old a two year old toddler. Starts running out of this guy's way and guys just wait in the gun at him. The case gave police captain being held a a hero because. He stopped would what could have been something really bad so he has been released we will have up on our FaceBook page I'm Kia dot com. Quickly. But I had apple banned in here because I just. Is it about net neutrality I will sound so technical bounce technical like given by Mary coach says and what I see that why I said I but it is not a delay it's yeah I'd get it some about that and look I don't wanna be some kind of Cassandra or running Rangel in the skies phones sky's falling because all of us of the net neutrality rules. Had to have been killed but. We got to be very very careful here. Because we live in what we want to be a free society. Free information guest you know think about if an ISP. Has may be a board that has a a certain. Political and leaning and they don't want and is made right on the sudden yet exactly may be they start pushing Huff post or stuff like that on you. You like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. If you're just joining us. The. Z votes and I wanna say this the wrong way because it's one of those negative double negatives. They voted. To remove the restrictions that were in place. So the vote passed but not a good way well you would say yeah the FCC voted to get rid of the net neutrality. Guidelines. And the net neutrality guidelines say they said basically that the Internet is free and open to all. This came in on the text line and I am this question to ask and then we will get to your calls. Now. Owns. The Internet I understand the SEC's. Role. But someone asked on the text line. How could someone just do this the Internet is its global exactly it is available to. Every one and someone setup role that said it should remain available to everyone Andy's the reasons why right and then these ice ages today vote. And say no we're going to allow these companies to possibly. Start jacking with the way you receive information or. Adding cost to the way exactly so how can someone in the United States do wells in the thing is the Internet exists and you can't really get rid of the Internet you know you'll get rid of electricity is OK it just is correct however. York access to it you have to have some type of interface that allows you to get bought into this Iraq nations superhighway. OK it's like a highway exists that you have to have a car to get on it right. Now all and so you buy your car to jump onto this the superhighway. And then now you can go anywhere you want you can drive any lane you want to you couldn't go off. Yeah any on ramp you can go visit any town in east or whatever and everyone tea. You know all you had to do was get the car to get on the on the road. Well now old. There's a possibility. And fear and I think legitimate. That's they're gonna start making you drive and only certain lanes or you have to pay to get into different you like this exit you've got to pay rights. Rights and a lot of that has to do with the entertainment of at all you know we love our entertainment right you know our Netflix are Amazon video or our our you know and. But every parent an individual companies can still say it like FaceBook it's for middle of the individual companies can say we are never going to charge you to get on FaceBook. Right its own FaceBook and say sure that's that's an individual company yes and and they don't run the inner wealth. But they they are individual company. They can have what ever rules that they will lines that you have to abide by if you want to visit their website if you want. It's at the origin point the idea Iraqi where you actually get on to the freeway if you will. You know and and where you gonna go from 5767798. Let's go to Chris and independents hikers thanks for win and while I didn't parts I. Our argument that occurred in our cable cable television and thought that it regulated you know. And at companies running at forty feel I'm you'll be at the ticker come by say that they can't agree contract. Local stations so you know I squirrel you know. We're old we're all you want it you ought to battle lines are in my chair at the same way. And whatever the name and I can't stand the guy you are currently in an interview yesterday he said. Eat that first call eight Nicole that because they can't do that doesn't mean that they argue that the touch crack. Crowd is speaking and they will and we'd all like here and there. That we don't know what effect could be that but it doesn't sound good. And you you accuse anybody music games are against that regulation. Building. Only and in its not true that the EE it's a bowl fate life everything about this is bad. This. Guy the guy that's now in charge of the FCC and that was appointed through that from an abstraction. Is that he like a former Verizon executive or something like heat comes from that world Telecom were so let's follow and it's wonderful and there's a lot of people that Jews say we will let the market. You don't take care access. The thing is the problem is dealing with not just marketable things not just things we buyer wanna watch right we're talking about in gamer for Asian. Really clicked from the text line it's going to be a double edged sword for the Internet service providers that they Jack the price up. You'll just go somewhere else that's what they're saying why oh yeah has little box store I think that's part of it. It's the part that they are controlling. What you might end up seeing. Brett that everyone should have a problem with an elegant brick and is a but we will continue this conversation 5767798. Text me at 2298 here's Karen marks or the president says he's peeling back the red tape more next week at the break. X. 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Did thirty series Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our president trump is pledging to get rid of all of the bureaucratic red tape he says is holding back the country's economic growth and the White House today the president discussed his administration's efforts to peel back multiple federal regulations. Which he calls stealth taxation. Many decades an ever growing maze of regulations. Rules restrictions has caused our country. Trillions and trillions of dollars millions of jobs. Countless American factories and devastated. Many industry. You specifically appointee to keystone XL and Dakota access pipelines. Kansas city police have released surveillance pictures of a north land ports pirate a woman who is suspected of selling packages off of front porch as several homes she's quite likely heir thirties driving a white Toyota events so with no front license plate. Check out the pictures on KM BZ dot com and on our FaceBook page and call police if you know her. 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Putting via video at Costco shooting him editing error on our FaceBook page I've watched it twice broad human behaviors of funny thing. So is this not that walks in with them musket or whatever the hell he was used and it was a black powder pistol whenever he blocks he's crazy and you see him clearly with a gun. And at first you know this is this herd mentality I think your initial reaction is slick oozes its at like what's this guy doing. Then you'd just see people running and and the one that sticks out to me is his dad with a cart. He just starts running away with his toddler in his car but the guy is right their point is gonna. Then camera switches over to a large. Overview. Toward the back of the store so think where they keep the clothing. There will suit and apprentice K that meat department. You can see the whole store and then all of a sudden you just see people running I mean probably. Let's say sixty people just running toward the back freezer section. Then in the middle of all these people running from praising the gun nut. There's one. Just rolling through the clothing Niles still shop. Her backpack app and a little guy good deals you don't like Hugh behavior is just so. If you saw sixty people take off running. Duke mr. in a forest fire aria. You Ron. Isn't. Just look at this what's on sale. There's a comedian named David Howe who said if you see a naked man running down the street. Run with that man. Because whatever he's running from is terrifying. So there and get the Vanilla and then you see the officer finally. Kind of crouching down in between there you'll see him kind of stalking and he's he's very slow little subtle guy. Around the suspect atop moving you know how it ends I'm in here like in eighty points. Just get time he's gonna shoot junior Justin and all George tells us a topic that it is the most fascinating thing to watch and we're just. Not would never make light of what happened outside of that the next Costco but we are thrilled that everybody is okay because I think the guy could've done. Some serious arm he is moving toward the back of that store where all of those people around. He's had riot act toward him like it or they six wandering around from everything that I conceive. Yeah it's they say yesterday ops has been cleared of any rock of course he's it was ruled it justified I think yeah saved all those people. Anyway 5767798. Is the number 22980. If you wanna tech Stan. As we continue our conversation. About what normally blazes my eyes over like nothing else net neutrality. I will say is that an interest in our with everyone weighing in about wife mrs. A bad thing a few people are saying it might be at that thing it is interesting and a lot of people of raise some very good points. This didn't exist net neutrality as a thing didn't exist until 2015. So what about before. White queen I think it's a really really good question that's a valid question a valid point. You know and assorted ONG these regulations have only been restricting us for less than two years. What the hell happened for double a.s they were years ago they were restricting restricted part unrestricted right that's a wondering what the heck was going on before. We still trying to figure this all out before then. Well it is evolving and I think the idea of net neutrality. Is a good thing it's like oh yes this is a good thing let us now follow these rules and and and say. Yes the Internet is free and open to all no matter who you bar. You get access whatever you wish so it's a good idea. And I think that for a lot of people is why there upsets because it's a good idea it's a good policy. And now for some reason greed. They want to get rid of that policy. So much. Heard in two things can still be done contact your state representatives York. Lawmakers that protect net neutrality in their state the same way Washington State has done. Remind both Democrats and Republicans there is an election around the corner. Right and stuff can be done in in an anonymous this is eight come over sky on the SEC. You would have to have another employee it appointees when the other way. But you're saying just because this was they trump appointee the in the in the in the trump political party. Doesn't mean that every Republican is going to agree on with the trump political parties are. This affects Republicans as well card carrying Republicans conservatives what if you affects the people what if you have a company that wants to restrict your access. Really crazy conspiracy Republican web sites via the I mean they exist well attendance they re easy Republican report are right. Aren't yet there are plenty of tin foil I mean heck if you wanna go watch Alex Jones go for it but now and I SP can actually restrict you. And that has nothing to do with politics exactly just decide you don't get to see. Not their own popped up today their own politics could come into play sure that's the thing but overall. We're all in this together the people. That's the thing 5767798. Let's go to dale in outgrow welcomed in and Barksdale high. Dale go ahead. To jail I can hear you. Can hear him. Taylor you there is having net neutrality problems. I disagree with the last text or I don't think there's anything in Canada I think today. Unless. We end up with a new administration and a new appointee and we revisited. Well and even then what does Scott always say about government. Agency's regulations well there's hair yes exactly it is impossible to roll it. Back writes that in that it that is true and you know it was quite a quite the fight to get net neutrality to begin with us. Shortage IST does that and use it if I speak that we have someone write in from a small town right who says we have one. To choose from yeah. That's it. We have monopoly is underway in this country you know edit any of you. Don't live in a city where you know you may have to up options. You may only have one option on the middle of nowhere and that's one of the issues with the Internet you want everybody to be allowed access to it. That of course is of a different kind of argument or discussion rather. About how to gets high speed Internet out to the more rural areas that they too can have access the way that we do in the cities. So yeah out. I here's one reason I would care if true. Major ISPs were slowing down sites like Netflix before net neutrality came into play. That's why they voted it in. Comcast Time Warner and all of the others with cable saw their cable subscriptions drop. So they wanted to punish Netflix and its consumers. Someone for that was speed tests at work he says. Plan. Allah so the other some of the stuff has gone on before. And now why are they doing it well there there trying to get an edge of the company and make more money but okay fine. But the bigger picture is. Their guns are throttling. Our access to our information let's go to David's honey I gave welcome. Year ago so think about this you work for Google's right. Correct we actually just. Are no real big body spoke about it this morning caught the ball well. Some of the things that like that are the fact that they came. Now say OK well you wanna go well I don't think it will look search something. You know we can chart picture like at an early ticket you bet YouTube. They can you. You know pretty good deal with anybody because essentially PO. RP Ager who they can tell you what. Day out here even though Google is a company on its com. ZIP. Owner over Google can come in and say as a business Morgan and make somebody pay to get on there anyway. Yet the bill is kind of a gray area though even though. Google a company and you know they actually being oh. You know our own record like that we're gonna hurt or people don't get there are certain. We don't call. Anything that says. Like oh here would be excited we can't don't they equity. You can't charge people. We're going to Google otherwise we're not gonna would be out of pocket and people that you liquidity that you Google. Right then everybody does or go on back and forth. Correct and that's our Ben. It is what went a big worry. It worrisome problem to begin where before they even came up now before. Net neutrality you know 'cause. A lot of people here and were saying and what about Ford and they're like back and you got the big about how how. Ball the Internet companies in the cable companies that have gotten over the last couple years were everything. That outcome like streaming services. Eight. There's more money. They get there may well you know an uncle or companies do it like he mobile. Where you can do Netflix bar you know you get Caleb electric boat which I would bet. Lower. Like they met at I think they're looking to start doing. Is leaking more money. And stopping people from doing. Dave thank you for the call it's it would let me ask you is this a fair analogy okay scan button. I alone. A clothing store it is mine I own net and the proprietor of that clothing store to look my mom will hop and LaMont Aponte and yes. I do not on the strip mall where I. But we are going to charge people five dollars to walk in the war. That yeah Emmys seems like eight general analogy. For what he just set yeah mine of Iran you're paying rent to the strip mobile my product. But there's an umbrella. Something over me. That and then come in Wednesday. Could yes yeah we are not good to detain people. To go into your place of business and as a business owner. Should take all these people actually able often. Because they're charging a premium I charged my customers to condom mice might seem that you because they won the customer at the strip mall to go over to this story instead correct you see that scene on network Dave's phone call right is the closest now. You can think of in a free marketplace right by 767798. More of your calls or text and activists. If you are looking for a luxurious last minute holiday gift for someone in your family your mom I think about all of those girls gone off to college that would. Brooklyn and sheets Brooklyn and dot com that's all you gotta do go to brook Lynn and dot com for high quality luxury sheets and bedding. With out the luxury. Prices it is such an easy way to a greater nightly retain the right sheets can make or break your good night's sleep you spent nearly a third of your life in your sheets. Are they as luxurious as they could be I love this company Brooklyn and not compound it by a husband wife team that thought. 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The rules just highlighted what it means for you. Dan why bouncing in this hour for Scott parts Michael Mac you'll be and that 4 o'clock as well. Michael Mackie are yet just will let you folks know we've got the video the surveillance video from inside the Costco. Up on came disease FaceBook page right now. You watch both videos are all right there you can see everything right and easy FaceBook page or came easy dot com for that. 5767798. Is the phone number 2980. If you wanna text in. Let's go to Susan in Overland Park prices and. I. Am I'm comment about net neutrality. And local artists. They're all as one expert and net neutrality. Or is that 200 dollar amount I spent have a shopping cart on my web site. Well under an. And I and I think about why I really like I I needed. To pay extra for all the turn our Internet and all our altogether and like AT&T. God. And you weren't really need income by new. Dell HP. Affect all the businesses why are they not fighting for up. And I think it'll affect smaller businesses correct me if I'm wrong it could affect small blemishes and the giants like Google or FaceBook. Whereas they might have the clout and the money behind their name. To somehow re route this the other way small boutique X that sells this thing. Is that you can have access to it equally now with a Amazon. But it's may be. The eyes peas may throttle your access to the small boutique Jack says I question how do customers find you now how did they find. And at this point they pretty much find me because they know me car only on finding me at a shallow it better I don't they made Google. Dion are urged. Young. Might specific types of art that I did. Susan thank you for the offer much I wish you luck again. Yeah best Storey replica of plastic does this change the way you search for things it king and it could. Bright and that's fine ear herb blown. Are blacks and is it possible that someone could reroute me away from Susan's story and to another store under is this yes rule that was. Decimated today yes the answer is yes yes. Hopefully it doesn't happen but it's you know as companies go money talks and they wanna make more money so they'll do what they can under the laws. And two you know when we get back what you want cameras. In your child's high school. Filming everything that happens in the hallways. And I think I know the answer for a lot of you. One area school. Has allowed it and we are not talking about surveillance cameras and and I don't know how I feel about this we're gonna talk but the Astrid had time now to get the news. Here's Caremark stamping on Camby Zealand aqsa police talking about the officer involved shooting Costello will have more next. It's got parts for movement watch as we all know getting a perfect gift can be tough especially this time here. 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