Ohhhhhh Johnson County, what the HECK?????

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Wednesday, August 8th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. Yeah. Everybody knows this and when nobody told you get concluded tyrant. You can spend enough time this from the mind your dad had an exam. The only man in this. Now you've bed and was taken you know. Ethanol. Only daddy. Easily. Greatest. Waylon Jennings has your arms are today known. Time is in our home it's soon. Use humor to catch simmered down to excellence. And when it doesn't understand where in this terrible hour. Face BA SE. Base. DA SE. Texan in the 72 rated one year in the running for a thousand dollars of secured cash or cured this hour. They set up the challenge against Atlanta for the love it and shad. I gave a brand Latin. I think I've made I think that's about I made it to about midnight. And ports and an beyond its channel nine. And in the reporter was there at the election office. And some guy just kind of mentions and we think Mike in two hours and I hear my husband go way. Ike and did you just say to two hours and I think it was. Longer than it ended up being longer than that almost 8 o'clock this morning so it's okay. Well let's go over this real quick and Johnson County have some real problems as well. Is that fair market Johnson County. Had real problems with their collection actions. Not so much of the machines themselves. Would be getting a bad data. To the county parks am. It was because it's not that it's that out of the voting. Right over there. Let's move over. And loads here's a look at. Ronnie Metzger is the Johnson County election commissioner took over after. I knew being laughed. Under a cloud. Ryan Metzger what are Ronnie Metzger was appointed by. Crisco balk is that correct. Believed that. That has nothing to do with that. We know this Kevin Yoder won his race last night. Sure Reese Davis. Won hers is that right that's OK. And we still have American. Lesbian yes. We still have no idea who the Republican nominee is for governor is that correct. 191. Votes. Separate collier and co bark about and top. What's amazing about that's got is there or three donate hundreds or thousands of votes cast. Out of 300000. That's and it and as well you might think I am as my vote really count I asked Al Gore if you vote really counts. Everyone's well if you think that just remember out of 300000. Votes in the Republican primary. 191. Of Yale. Have persuade it to this point in one direction. So what's interesting to me and I know they had Steve fox brought on from the star earlier. On an additional love him. Is I wanna know how many. Ballots are still out there and one would assume it's more than 191 by a wide margin. And of those how many are legitimate. And could it swing the other way does it look if if this man was up by a thousand votes. You start wondering okay is it worth isn't war you know about a 191. You era you're awfully close and so. Kara explain to us how many votes or ballots are still. Out there that haven't been count took so we don't know the exact numbers but as of yesterday morning in Johnson County. They said they'd mail that some ballots and they still had 5000 of those ballots that had not yet in return. Rule there's 5000 that have not been returning and it has to be postmarked if they haven't ever turn the screw you now and asked to be postmarked by yesterday yesterday icing which gives them through snail mail until like Friday. Correct so as long as you postmarked and mailed it in yesterday. Your vote counts okay now I don't know that all 5000 that are out there are going to come back are going to be placed in the mailbox. But would you not assume Scott is a you have if you had a ballot and your mailing it and and you gotta get around adjoining yesterday. And there's 5000 of those people out there wouldn't you guess at least 2500. Of those 5000 got the men about half. Girl people on Nina that are there and do not necessarily ill people think he could be eaten at country you can military military. So. We're not gonna know who the next Republican nominee for governors until Monday like Monday like Monday. I'm sorry. Did you say Monday Monday so they're going to work although through the weekend. And Friday to sewed. I have got to wait for it you know being mail in ballots right. I think they're not going to necessarily. Be working through the weekend because all of these Q you were more intently on hours and one job. And I know you work Saturday and Sunday. You can turn to running that no you don't talk to its Chris box who was the secretary of state yet. Now let me tell you love to come on the program and oh that no matter was it like. If Chris crowbar doesn't win isn't he the first person you assumes gonna scream voter fraud. Well listen rod there's the story has been his whole life been based on that's correct. And the provisional ballots I do have to tell you the provisional ballots are as those guys out there Scott. Why who had an. And our ballot. License well by the way so if if provisional ballots have not been counted correct Jeff collier is now trailing by one. So update your newscast here I I. We'll tell you this because I can tell you what one provisional ballots so it's 19 if the provisional ballots. Who were mostly people who had some type of issue with identification. If those battle mean idea expired. Slice it those ballots that's the only art that the measure under which. He loses this election. I will laugh so hard I will throw. Am not saying that's what's gonna swing. It could be those ballots covenant on Friday. If it comes down to the provisional I'm not sure there is a. Larger more. Fantastic. Bit of irony in the world the fact that I had expired driver's license does not mean registered voter. Now which is buying votes don't count are really not an observe and peppers and so you need to change your newscast to all your. Down by one. Because I voted for Colin. We don't know that your votes necessarily an accountant who actually certify it so they had to certify that you. Live. Were you say you live I. Is. That you are an American citizen I'm him. It. There's an interesting we had a little issue with my driver's license Aston there's an interesting article on the star Rodney that. You know there's kind of a debate should the secretary of state this can't be the first time it has happened but I don't think it's probably. Routine. You know it's not unusual for secretary of state to jump to a governor's race locked recuse himself or should any. Secretary of state running for governor. Accuse him or herself since their office is in charge of that now not necessarily running for governor running for office correct including secretary of Citic I would say they should virtues and there is absolutely no law requiring a secretary of state. To recuse him or herself. With a narrow vote error margin or not mr. crowbar assessment that this morning MR this afternoon actions and he said. My office doesn't have anything to do with the actual recount. We're just kind of I am. Yeah. It has there's a movie as well but she has certified that was right but he's not the one who's actually counting the votes that's what he says. We're kind of be. The secretary of State's office is more like the did bring your together of all of the information I'll bring her to. You know rod why they don't wanna count my vote I registered. Good because you didn't vote for over. That. Because I'm black Republicans. And I go against the grain. I'm not who they think I'm supposed to be I'm Scott yes rod stop. Up bop AD as of political scientist at Boston University says the situation is unprecedented. Quote he may not like business. But call your needs to be like Al Gore and immediately appoint or ask representatives to be there for every stage of this process I would root. He had representatives watching everything back then. Given historically close margin of the current tabulation. Collier said last night it it's too close to call. I don't know that he has commented about whether or not someone's going to be appointed to watch it I think the issue of transparency. There should be someone. An independent person. Safe from Missouri I don't care. There watching over the recount. Perception is reality. And if this man won't recuse himself from the process I think someone should be appointed to at least oversee it. I'll take this. And full disclosure I am a friend of Kevin Yoder. He could not have gotten a worse. Shall Reese Davids is legit and here's why. She has no. No legislative history so you can't make fun of her votes around so she's able and she did this map should of this map. She is lesbian. She is a native American Columbia law grad correct she's very intelligent. She's an amendment fighter should as a White House fellow she hasn't she had an act and she can out debate you and knock you out right answer is. If you beat her in the debate. Children's case cure. It's beat the crap that is she the first native American woman electric elected I cannot give you and you know you know Yoder was begging for Brent welder win. I think it would have been more difficult for Brent welder to. When yes in the general this was the worst. Perfect storm for camp I'm not saying Kevin your camp went and I think. Alternately you probably will pardon me its Cornell law Cornell life. But her personal biography is so interesting. And so hard to attack without looking like a jerk. This was the last person Kevin you want it's. Still think you win. I still think the third district it is sol solid lead Republicans. But her story's so unique. So different. She military background ma am spam does and actually took some issue with the way that then. It was almost hard to tell. When you watched her commercials who's running for office or on. Well I read it I believe she was raised by a single mother yes was in the military and few expect. How you attack that person well I understand the game that you say can you imagine if I was running for congress and my dad's red sun. From army. Airborne ranger shot six times that Vietnam he could do a damn. What does dad do law it can't hurt you mean came from the military and I should probably go on well it doesn't help me that I came from a military family and did not serve I think it gives her a better understanding of military veterans issues from. Absolutely fair or unfair it was really hard to tell in her commercials who was really running for office saying my mother has not been able to access. You know appropriate health care or she struggles with with medication cost all that stuff coming from horror. I. Believe. Because he's black and she was raised by this single. She's. But that your ride had you a ten K is candidate she was raised by a single mom she's a lesbian she's a native American. And an MMA fighter. You gotta be real careful what you laughter. All you can do is say here's what do you compare hurts and Nancy problems should vote for an antsy to. Sure restated its its cash and. By 76779. Simply the best for last hate it Scott parks for when the world am I mean it when I say it simply the best for last with win the world. They are ranked number one in the number of windows sold in the country by qualified remodeling magazine winners and went wrong bounces look amazing. 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Race for all of the reasons you have mentioned Scott and someone just heard an armored uterine Gary's and I hate to see it go this route. But somebody wrote in and said if you have a candidate. With no history. And it is so likable. No now now now wedeman. You say so likable. You're you're looking at three you were rose colored Democratic Party lines. People were easily going to fight her arm like. Maybe for her policies. Exactly okay. As a person I'm saying I think she's a likable person well so why you would have to admit in the same breath you voter is a likable absolutely. Love the suburban guys. Lovely wife Brooke two youngest daughter said Joseph Biden should run for president he can't hate show you can. Really dislike his policies. But you gotta love him he's just great I like Joseph Biden I will never vote for your right so my point is with series statements is. I think when you have someone with no voting record that you can attack. And you have someone that is likable as a person even if you disagree with policy. Someone on the tax fine said the only thing you have left. Is darts. And they are Portland lawyer now is they are look at today. What can we find that isn't a candidate's background and I just don't mean this candidate under any circumstance like this. They are. Ferociously. Looking right now for something. Something she wrote in law schools are so well you know he's. This is gonna be that I did not inhale. Ya ha ha ha kind of. We got sick has look at what you did twenty years ago what did the George Bush did you lie. You know where you're going okay is that really relevant. She is and I and I want it or not saying there's anything in her past that would be bad at all but it on the text find someone broke in and I tend to agree. That's all they got right now is to hope they find something. So what they'll do is go link Kurtz and Nancy Pelosi. To hear the that's what they're going to do. Because that's all it can't. Now conversely. If we're going to be fear you wanting me to really do with water because he is a likable guy he's funny he's affable he has. Wonderful family. Wife two kids lives and Overland Park comes back every weekend on a flight with Emanuel Cleaver. And they mix and make sure they sit down together. So this is not a guy who likes to fight he's not a partisan so to speak economy. Every voter is a likable guy. So what do you know attacked and you're gonna try to compare him to trump saying he's in bed with trump. They'll try to station restated his bad will Nancy Pelosi. New Yorker resign the senate get my point. It's literally gonna become a referendum on Nancy Pelosi. And Donald Trump in the third congressional district. That's ultimately. Because you can't really attack her she's native American lesbian. Raised by its. Worry and anger. You know unless you can find out that you know she beat down kids on the fifty yard line in high school so we can't Henderson's MM national blocked shot yeah that's right. But up up up. Important reference. Into the newsroom here is Caremark. The company that supplies Johnson county's voting machines has released a statement about last night's election result belay is more next. If you like me are like taxes right all of us right. Get a Volkswagen a Lee's summit right now let me tell you why this month and this month only they are. Taxing your tax and that can be huge when you're buying in new or used car. By any new or used part Volkswagen Lee's summit. And pays zero sales tax that's right folks like Italy's summit will pay your sales tax. All month long. When you buy any new or used car they have a huge selection of used cars all makes and models. Up to 7000 dollars off an SRP on new VW's. 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Military scientists say it will likely take months to process end identify the remains of what are believed to be 55 American service members missing since the Korean War. Doctor John Bird chief scientist of the defense POW MIA accounting agency. Says just because there are 55 boxes doesn't mean they'll ID 55 people. When we got 208 boxes over a five year period in the early nineties. It turned out after many years of testing there were approximately 400 individuals. Represented across those boxes. The containers were sent back to the rest last week as a result of ongoing negotiations with North Korea we'll check traffic and weather together next. We both start actually been battered the moment that Brooklyn and dot com box came to our door Brooklyn and you know you spend a third of your life in your sheets. They make a difference with how you sleep go to Brooklyn and dot com. Have them deliver those fantastic seats to your door. 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Brooklyn these of the bed sheets. We have plenty of sunshine and building on and for the afternoon time high temperature hitting ninety degrees. It's a very weak disturbance trying to rush the region here folks of their maybe if you stray showers or thunderstorms here or there. Not everyone getting wet clear as the night goes on a low near seventy mostly sunny and low ninety's in the forecast for tomorrow. Another disturbance another low when chance for showers and thunderstorms popping up Friday afternoon but are high fidelity mid nineties. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more KE NBC weather. 89 XEC 990 downtown 89 at your official weather station KM BZ is now on radio dot com Della the happened tickers everywhere you go. Caremark cern is 981 KM BZ. We saw. And did. News man Great Britain record have. Rescue cash coming your way that 3 o'clock. Chance of thousand dollars and a good give him sex line number now it is 72881. Rick Rick I just saw the 6 o'clock word. You have a little connection backdoor in. I. Think they're prepared you'd look at George. And the dork. I we will do them at skewered cash coming up at 3 o'clock. Our car in Lee's summit Michael. Later on Lieberman. Got a question. I don't feel sorry for mister Yoder right now hi I'm wondering. If this week you could you come up with a tactful way. Ascap and call bull or not to campaign for you or not between any thing. About sure native American lesbian Apollo because you know given the chance. He's got a read for her is probably soccer Julia and I'm sure hope they come up with a comment about her. LBJ yeah. You know what would you do each equally ask this guy to shut his mouth and keep this I'm in the. People are asking Carl last night if that. Endorsement. Helped or hurt any of the candidates and you know it in a very very very close race I think it is a valid question. If he would brother just go it alone and not have. The endorsement or. Or if you think that is helpful to you I wouldn't want it but I am not a fan so I don't. I'm not a fan but I like politics if I was in a rural district. Rural congressional district. Op I I would more than welcome Donald Trump endorsement. Absolutely 100% I would be begging for. If I am Kevin you notre. Where my district is entirely suburban. Hang on let me finish up like Karl. Because I can hear you chomping at the bit to give them your welcome and just sex. This district is not world this district is purely suburban. If I'm Kevin Yoder I am begging god. That Donald Trump does not get involved in this race apple. Well you know what I'm gladiator you say that I don't kind of like the way the hoping planned out because. Ditch inch. It's going to be an arrest in the a lot of these red state she could see how close. Some of the races are from yesterday. But you know. Carl not to erupt and not be contradictory and I as do not and maybe it isn't due. You don't I think actually would really benefit. Potentially from a Donald Trump endorsement. Is the perennial anti Emanuel Cleaver candidate. Jacob Turk. I don't Assad. Beat he has Jacob Turk and may god bless him he's like Don key Audi always you know going after the windmill. Any never wins that he runs every two years. Eat you might as well just go nuclear and bring in Donald. Well I think I'd banquet Turkish problem that I think the first time he ran he'd maybe order like a twenty year supply of science actually got to do some book. I didn't think it's going to be an arrest and it'll be interesting to say if cabin Cuomo over him keep his mouth should his arms and rocket. Well you've got to remember there are 435. Different races in America this is probably not one. All I allow. It into your Yoder you're begging trump to stay away problem. Go to the middle. I mean it's it's just politics. But Jacob Turk I think it actually use. So he's as I didn't you know what your busy now you're busy I got this. You go ahead of you take care. I hear there's some people in Omaha or your help. Those people could really do. It's not that I don't want your help sir. Richard is the I'm not asking you to go out your way I will say this I have never pleased the hell out of it and and Kevin's different. But I have to approach this professionally and I am from and. A position as objective ways camp. I've never thought Kevin Yoder was vulnerable until. Shall restatements adds real chance of beating him. And it's because of her personal biography which I find remarkable. Kevin Yoder is ever to be beat him I once told my said you know your congressman to. It's your seat for as long as you're. You can even jump in the Sea of Galilee and make it I'll come on let's not push it. No he get that once right now that you plan today in this day and age and political environment if anyone has a seat at perpetuity I thought I thought you ordered it. Until shall restated show. If threatened welder had won the nomination last night Kevin you voters shoo in for reelection. Shall restatements. I guarantee you I've not talked to Kevin about this. I've talked Kevin probably three weeks. I care a damn tee you shall restatements was the last person he wanted to map against him. This is the one chance Democrats have to get her congressional district. Because she is so unique of a character and she has no history. She has no history. This is your chance. And it's the year of the woman. It's a suburb. Suburban district trump is not popular right now in the suburbs. Now if I'm Sam graves. Donald Trump can com. Can you update from us every day of the week at twice homicide police hey let's head on. And up to the north east. I hate us were here but someone just wrote an on the text finance that are you following what the heck is going on in New Mexico I didn't believe it. And then I just looked it up and it is a thing. A man has just been arrested at a compound. Where they were training kids to commit school. Shootings. And I just saw detects when I I I brought back block X man arrested. At New Mexico compound. Was training kids to commit school shootings. It was a makeshift compound were eleven children and the remains of a boy. Were found there were they're looking for missing toddler when authorities stumbled upon it. They came across the guy the father of the missing boy plus four other adults and eleven hungry children ranging in age from one to fifteen. The adults have been arrested and charged with child abuse. His name. Is a rise. While Hodge. Cut. Adds she missed. 576779. It rob Babcock direct I'm Scott parks carrier music. Hey it's Gephardt you know AT&T it's more for your thing and that is our. 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Get instant credit to promote card activation fee and other charges and restrictions apply see the store for details. Am. I read you all know little. Maybe. So I. Of this song. Wings really popular guys come to resign. Such a good song it disintegrates and so beautifully just cracks the other person there answer hey. Go away. Sale on down the road about a half mile or so I don't care where Ugoh. And he's so I can't remember what he said. Now it's been here. But he he he's so. That's when when I Solomon concert senate so sweet. And then it just looks of the audits and use kill me and I was like. That's the great thing about that's and dozens of articles are song and it sounds pretty but all wanted to save her was. 080. Now. He's still here. But dad's is cracks me up the first lyrics or sale on down the road about a half mile or so don't care where Ugoh. Just yet route is a I've store here and this. Opinion. From Dana right shocked me and it shell shock all of as the anniversary of last year's deadly. White supremacist rally approaches. States of emergency have already did declare. The city of Charlottesville parts of Northern Virginia and the state of Virginia from August 10 to August 12. The announcement was made on Wednesday. As state officials detailed their preparations at 3 o'clock press conference. According to the Virginia State Police colonel Gary settled. Roughly 700 law enforcement officers will be in the area this weekend. And that's when they're gonna have a rally it's another white supremacist rally. It was also said the 300 members of the Virginia National Guard will be on standby. The city said in the statement that there will be two entry points for pedestrians to access the security area. Law enforcement personnel will be positioned at the entry points at first street S and water street and its second street S eat and water street. They have declared. A state of emergency. Both for these idiots show up to march again. I will remind you last year. A young woman was killed and two Virginia State Police. Troopers. Were killed in that rally. Shut it down. Our shot it down shot wiped out the rally. You can't do if a group is coming in to rally. And you know they have in for Ernie they're coming in there to mark she you know that they have information if they are declaring a state of emergency. Ahead of these bozos coming to town. You'd know that they have information to suggest this could or has the potential to be violence. Have the right to violently protest. Any thing well for America first of all let me tell you this there is this sticky sick thing called the US constitution credit. And you cannot shut down a protest. On the potential. That it's going to get violent I can't believe is they. People are making me defend neo Nazi yes they have information. To suggest. If there in investigative information. Suggests this once again will be a violent gathering. I think they have every right in the interest of public safety. To shut it down. While. Your crown you don't have the right to show. With fewer. Hateful beliefs and cause guess arm no you don't other people but you now do have the Renault went way right right just lord and be an idiot let let's stop and in New York comments right there. We have no indication. That the neo Nazi jerk ones who were planning to march in Charlottesville this weekend. Are planning to be violent we don't have needed kids. Not in fact if no one shows up to counter protest it's hard to get final with people that are there. Leave them alone ignore them. Amber what we in the news media ignore them when cities yes HRR it's partly the states and cities are calling. A state of emergency don't show up to counter protests. Do you remember what we in the news media used to say about the west Borough Baptist Church ignore them. It. I I understand what you're saying Scott. But three people died and this one program has actually won and pursue. Police officers I don't believe that's I'm I am reading this from the local WC YBE. I do now believed dot com website or last quarter there was one woman that was run over whether mayor and two Virginia State Police troopers were killed in the rally. I'm unfamiliar with that but what can so what happens win. These people show up on weekends apparently they have jobs that's news to me they show up and this happens again. People will be school reading that you should not have allowed. A permit for this to happen and citi's results Scott here's what they do they'll say you can march. But we are going to Kansas City, Missouri is and is were going to shut down Broadway from you know at this point to this point. What would the city can do is say if they're not gonna shut it down. We will not issue a permit for you to be in this spot that you have to go somewhere else and of open deal or something that's fine. You cannot. Not let people protest because they hate. You cannot do that. You you of all people Dave Wright who have argued over the years. About west Borough Baptist church and even though you despise them they have a right they should have the right. Listen to the list of what about the potential for violence at a west Borough back. I mean you stand outside of a marine's funeral with a sign this is god hates fags you're asking to get punched in the front that is true and that's exactly what they're asking for listen to the list of banned items and. They have banned. BB guns pellet guns air rifles pistols paintball guns pellet guns none shocks. Taser is most already illegal stun guns lengths of lumber or will. Polls bricks rock sheet metal beverage or food containers. Glass bottles axes catch it solid and I tell my sticks. No I'm I'm very there was already a league acidic or cause material. It's not allowed to bring those things to. Parade anyways tell me this had there been. In all seriousness had there been a pride parade. And LG BT parade Q and some. You know crazy group showed and started trouble and then there was a big riot and two people died. Next year LB GT wants to have another freight do you tell them no you can't they're two who have died last year no because the marchers under your scenario were not causing the problem. A lot of people will argue. That in this scenario. The marchers were causing the problem. It was when people showed up and threw things at the marchers. I am not for the marchers at all I would love to say you shot him down you can't. They have a right to spew hate crying. Understand what you're saying I can't believe and I agree up to the point that it becomes an overwhelming issue of public safety it's not there yet. But but that's just it the in in if the tables were turned. And it was the same thing a group wants to come out and and protest last. And right shows up and throws things at them and there's a riot the next year you can't say no you can't protest left for you it's the exact same thing through. Right but you do understand Scott when this happens again and it will I believe that it well there's a reason they're caught they're declaring an urgent I don't. Let's carry this on after the 3576779. That you're kubert caches destiny. Destiny 72881. News from Kara marks. Happening now on KM BZ to Kansas governor expected to speak within the hour we'll have more and axed. Right here for kriegel message diamonds if you are looking to buy a diamond if you're looking to sell a diamond of Scott and Steve a call for any of your fine jewelry knees. Between the two of them may have some seventy years experience. Buying and selling hundreds of millions of dollars. In fine jewelry all over the world cannot tell you how many of our listeners have gone in their sat down by private appointment only. And had Scott and Steve design something specifically. For them. And then you pay Scott Steve there's no middleman they will design it for you they sell it directly to you in those cases the price is about half or better. Have for better. Give Scott ST the call right now by private appoint only 913. 66096. Of 99136609609. Or critical mass diamonds dot com. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.