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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. Prior car club tickets yet nods yeah what is it that it's being. 440. Million dollars for power ball and the Mega Millions of 418. Million. All as you Caremark. We can and I'm with you. And you're not in. Restraining. It. It wouldn't be wiest if you wanted to you know I mean you're not gonna win on the playing you're not gonna wind and I ticket and waste the chance to win the IE. 00. 1% chance and we I'm here is a vague. This is the very first time that the Mega Millions. And Paramount have been over 400 million dollars this same time it's by vote right now. At W chances. And still continued to show that work and tell me that I don't play at camp you know what you are part about it is though it's time like why do we. Only doable and it's like over 400 million dollars for fifty million I would sure seven with my era it would be no problem. But I was way would you guys give me anything that's half the Savannah Guthrie I Richard that was yeah I'm right. So I. 87. Working on the bird I'll sell it to a. Happened that all week. Lost the ban on the case humans who asked where I game and I owed her a blue bird bird FiOS. And I remember the discussion you couldn't gonna paint rock and how are hated yellow and block it and and put a big tiger runs at home and scare all the deliberately for whatever reason I haven't gotten around doing it I'd need to do it we'll do it I promise you. I know you're right texture a road game you're never gonna get on the price is right or told to ask your rights. To carry even said yes Scott that's got. Article. Here you have this unbelievable ability to suppress. And on the price is right and Robby yeah I'm happy for accurately has been juniors. I had no idea rotting Carrington and that at the beginning of this year's something new happened in Oregon and New Jersey. For the first time ever. The story kills me and people are losing their mines he used digging in their minds naturally music and we knew anything in organ in particular. They are having to pump their own gas for the first time. I just now finding out. Hume they are new law went into effect that allows people that allows you owls. So they are prohibited yes it's what you're saying before. We just had to sit in your car. Organ in New Jersey have long been the only two states in the United States that all our customers from pumping their own gaps. Eric gas pump are you. A job that was to be performed by gas station attendants only. Okay. I think 1950. I lets apple why. Why prohibit people from pumping around you don't think the gas pumping attendance at a union India and I was joking no I don't think the gas pumping in and I don't think that I can be wrong. I here's a sample of some of the responses since there's an art Z everything as a union. That's true now don't think. Here's one from somebody who lives in Oregon and I don't even know how to pump gas. And I am 62 years old. I am a native oregonians eyes say. No thanks I don't wanna smell like gasoline also how would you know I gasoline it'll herself. Well do you know who knows how to pump gas my my. From another Oregon. I have lived in this state all of my life and I refuse all camps I. Fuse to pump my own cast you better start like that and this is a service only qualified people should. It will literally market the pomp and wait until someone comes out and pumps my gas. Are you even kidding me right now. People are worried about messiah transients. They're worried about showering themselves and gasoline what do you mean transients and honors homeless people hanging out of gas pump today attacking them I'd. Go to work at 5 in the morning not a lot of people at the gas pumps at that time in the morning and yes I will. Feel safe pumping my own gas not to mention it's freezing and rainy. So thank you to all who voted to change it. You have now taken away and nice luxury that most of us in Jolie enjoyed and hate for. I mean it's not cheap to have somebody else stand out there for what they've. Any gas servers are any there used to be one on Johnson drive it was. Was that dinosaur were declared there where there was an old sink clear on Johnson drive but it closed about two years ago. That's it it was a I have not seen a full service station in Kansas City. Price in ten years if I'd guess ten years you know I'm stressed gas prices in Portland organ or not that. That much higher than an hour here picked average price is 283 people outside of Oregon are responding newsroom. Making fun of the Oregonian. Apparently most people an organ assume that in order to pump gave us. You must first remove all people from the vehicle that. And stamp in the open while the attack from. All while being sprayed with gasoline. Not sound plants. Here's another one. Oh my god this post is hilarious I am in Wisconsin and with the wind shall it is currently seventeen below. You know what I did this morning had the pole and camps it's not that hard or again. Ask them these people refused to get out of there caught leaking out around three I just like it when we had a full service by my parents house years ago and I mean years ago. That if you needed windshield washer fluid or something that would be in attendance at the that in has got doesn't that stuff goes so that was nice but. Can I live without that for an extra twenty cents at the pump yeah. Yes I can't from another or don't him many people are not capable of knowing how to pump gas. The rest of the country has no idea what they're doing a and the hazards of not doing it correctly besides I don't wanna go to work smelling like gas. When I get it on my hands in my clothes I agree this is a very bad idea. Can you imagine how long it's gonna take it's going to be like when we first said. We're gonna have self check out. You know the owners in stores other organs are viewed or not it's going to take for him and for for the he's able to pump their -- the lines are going to stretch around the block. The first time they get some sweet. 73 year old slipped in Horry in his entire life. I missed the exit to have a rewards card. Isn't going. They asked to sixth saying yes it's. Was pumping gas that the case is a Johnson driving my put on the other day. I. I. I turned here is what I said to this older woman who was pumping gas behind me Casey's. I turned her and Ron I know you agree with me in fact rod. This is another thing that we're going to add to our platform. When you and I ran for president wanna I wanna yes when you hire elected president and vice president of these United States. If the temperature dips below four. They are not allowed into endless date yet all you. Have to do is swipe your card and all your gassed they cannot ask if you want a car wash they cannot ask if you wanna pay inside they cannot ask for your zip code do you have it and you know if it's below forty. No questions asked swipe your card. That is one of our platforms were ought and I ran for president. In 22 I will vote for you if that is the sole thing platform. That should be you adopt me anything else because it was zero degrees outside and I was on my way to the gym. Wearing this kind of announcement and not just appropriately and it wanted to know if I wanted to car wash. Can ceased isn't even. Well she. They want and where do you keep your current crunch I didn't I said no interest. Credit or debit well I just slight Mike credit. What are if campaign and win. What's my zip code pencil. Interment. Extent when she wouldn't. In her answer anyway when rod not rob. Our first agenda item I can't remember first one into Edmonton that's all you need a okay we're all for you just on that little running on the no questions asked under forty degrees at the gasp of one of it's over 95. Suck it up yeah that's okay because you're under shared. It's okay what if it's pouring down rain and they don't have a canopy who. Name one gas station that does that account I don't know if there's 1 out there I am pumping my guess what if it's raining sideways agree which it does do. Here we can't control the weather OK even hazard. Deliberately changing gas pumping rules based on the platform. Just on this cold weather desk so I thought I think you know you're right. This is why you don't put checks on your your gas secretary no. Gas secretary what would you do you. Made. After gas. Richard Democrat. He's at home all varied joy and I tell you that like department and I love NN and you. I'm serves homeowner gets its chance to see elected to do. Call this past hour. I'm I would. What would you do as my plus Porter what would you do is my guess secretary will do first thing you don't firstly to the first thing we're already gonna do is you can't ask me questions pomp. If this blows forty did okay at all your dumb ass tax as yours the gas that's right Donna secretary. I ain't my first order of business. Moon. I don't know. I don't know what I would do you wanna be in the gas secretary and you don't know what you got and like that's it Abbas I have no idea what I'm doing would you would you make it cheaper. It's expensive. I would okay first ordered all you're out to crash your ship. Jerks. Of rock and oil falls out until the seeks. That's when I'm there to kind of learn not out. I would agree not to do. And it just happened I think the political. It's at least from the bottom pretty sure. Unify. East some people and don't you do little talking to. This is going to dad are at record that's my first orders you know what would your com. Out in the middle goals little plateau and things not be allowed to explode yes I've seen deep water horizon I think that's already a week. Such that. You're going to be great I guess I am so excited that the only cabinet. Stay right here for doctor taken the center for teachers suddenly let it 135 and run. On and do this with me and got a girlfriend. Doing this with me every step of the way right now we are actually swapping recipes coupled his delicious meal replacements top of the line vitamins. And yes doctor Tate who is a real medical doctor. Who will get to the root cause the Rory is. You are having such a weight loss struggle if your Yo-Yo Dieter if you've tried every other guy out there my girlfriend is down twenty pounds that included Christmas. And a vacation to canned canned she's still down twenty pounds in just a handful of weeks. I'm down fifteen pounds and hoping to lose another five the fright attic and and in several weeks and I know like and it it's you know we got what seven weeks before spring break. Do this with me Kansas City 9138148222. 9138148222. Or take nutrition dot com you tellem Dane ascension. Yeah. Cannot comment and it's. I. I mean really. Well there's an hour. Always checking us a check out podcast. And KM BZ dot com on iTunes on the podcast out. If you were wondering for those of you about the Matt Stewart. Report on fox for this morning where he was. I continually. In erupted buys sirens and horns from the Kansas City, Kansas fire department for no other reason than they wanted to just Jack asses. You can find video on FaceBook page KM easy. On FaceBook. It is very funny it is her juvenile it is very stupid it is a waste of taxpayer money it is old news but it's worth a watch because it's. And allowed Matt Stewart after us department Stewart. And we've all been there are those of us in the reporting field to some extent where Summers for an Scrooge you why you're doing a live report. It's funny and Matt Stewart kept his composure has. A story here from CBS news. Them. I'm telling you man this is the beginning of the end for the mom and pop stores companies that recycle cardboard boxes are overwhelmed. After record holiday shopping on line. The US Postal Service estimated it would deliver 10% more packages. In 2017 and the year before. Emma is on the leader in online shipping said it shipped more than five billion. Items. Just for prime members. In 27 team all of that cardboard is a huge. Recycling challenge one after another train of trucks unload at the Burbank recycle center near Los Angeles. But cautioned Gergen empty did SUV packed with the empty boxes quote well over 200 she estimated. As momma for this holy season was all about convenience. Did you do a lot of ordering online this year as a correspondent from CBS news all of it. All of it on Amazon. Should respond. It's cardboard recycling is at an all time high in America because they're Americans are continuing to shop. On line yeah answered as. Americans also had problems with people stealing those packages off different ports is this year and I wonder if it'll swing a little bit back the other way. Because of that now. I. Can I shot some I paid for two things that never arrived and the thought yeah and the thought of going back they work extremely high dollar items. The thought of going back and tried to find the stuff and find the confirmation number and find when it shipped I I would rather just lose this one bucks. I'm not. I've known that I haven't had these items for weeks and I just the thought of trying to untangle that is not. Remotely appetizing to me one was a book and almost a little about from my mom. During the Christmas season. Other than the things you've got Kara Meehan rod target. Did you buy anything in a store. Oh yeah needed I did I didn't care did you do any it is an and in fairness to you you're with. Young child now did you do any Christmas shopping in a store this year or did you all move. The mean. Yeah I didn't I didn't. To present in store to out of how many would you guess twenty yeah. But you hall past did you just had a baby rod didn't rod did you do any Christmas shopping in store this year because my mother does almost all of it on line. And she 73 ending. I personally did very little Christmas shopping but it was all in the store. I'm appalled at a store called five below. Where everything's five dollars or less because that's kind of my idea on Pittman just hit me up on FaceBook. My three year old assessment what's a jackass. That's trying to it's a donkey we are trying to do that. And I think we have done. Very well in the last two years leaps and balance much. In the last year apparently are some that were a few minutes to check law that is why I don't. Like all balled up and global. Jack doesn't certainly mean don't. Know it jackass to why. Jack waters I don't know what that is criminal. It is and it I have to you'll shoot up some Jack in stuck in under the desk that would be Jack client. It is an acceptable replacement I apologize if I use the term object. Then to Pittman I'm sorry and your three year old Dutch numbers. It's unfortunate that many go learn some time. Right entry or two parents took. They're seven and you know what it means that you really in trouble in his or her marks. The child and dog shot in independence we'll have more next 430 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm terror remarks are independents police are looking for information and you're shooting in the blue mill subdivision and have been around 2:30 in the morning on Sunday several shots were fired into a house hitting an eight year old boy and a dog inside. Both are expected to recover. All the tips hotline if you know any thing. A brief scare at the New York home of bill and Hillary Clinton today. Call for the fire department came from fifteen old house slain in Chappaqua New York home of former president and mrs. Clinton it's not clear they were home at the time no injuries resulted from the small fire on the second floor there are several structures on the property and it wasn't immediately clear the fire broke out in the Clinton's main residence. The fire was quickly put out firefighters stuck around to make sure the flames did not spread. ABC's Aaron can turn scheme we'll check traffic and weather together next Arctic air stomach in the plunged toward Kansas City keep in those temperatures down. Teens for this evening 1 tomorrow morning. Our wind chills will be down below zero or little. Even clues in that not necessarily double digits for Kansas City but as he going to say Trenton or Chillicothe the or Carrollton. You may start your morning off in minus in the minus fifteen. When she'll hand nineteen year high on your Thursday warming up a little more on Friday twenty seven's not quite as better. From on line for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. When he Ford are KC I 26 in Lee's summit it's funny five at your official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with there's 981 KM BZ KM BZ dot com. The only two things in life to make it isn't it. It's guitars to good term season win. Only the name in the marquee guys. A solemn got you okay tonight. Today is. To the basis. Of move. Let's go to. Yeah. I. Boone. This successful it's. My head you send them home music is reduced to. Just got an invite to name ever come home early part of sounds fun it's gonna be tapped Kate apparently this is like to like him. To tell me more you know more attentive and I Decker. It's it's one of those arcade bars where you put a quarter any complain all the old machine like Gallagher yeah talking call actually tat Qaeda and guessing because there's there. Right defender. Star Wars drawn right stronger. And it's really fun really good for runner. And they don't want to go out there rod this sounds like a great party. Super not invited because in B I Wednesday January 10 from three to six. Really Wednesday. Railing they don't testing out three to six. What they decide to seven and at least we can go after the Shah. If they don't want us to go all the way we're having a holiday party now. We are not having a holiday part and I know him. We just have a potluck says food and drink that sounds great classic arcade games well. Karaoke. Cause we're a fun people in this building wouldn't you want the fun people to go to the arcade. And I can eat some food rod rockets and now isn't an hour ago defender. I don't wanna go to their stupid valid or little it is stupid and particle than were season. You know invalid or we can go we can't count. We can't go his social anxiety cripples us yeah I'm back out and they factored that in. They're like we're leaving it isn't clear channel. And bats are gonna happen and this basically cuts out the entire came easy afternoon genius yet but they did leave it open to the party animals Alan Shanken. Me and wait a minute limit. Car and mark will voice. Is this is this a potluck thing there was no matter how well it's actually it like a real party a really good party. It's different now except when we were invited to the we could attend upon. You know bring our own food security operas are buddies Lonnie orient. Fun arcane outing net for the rest of the building where that's for the people that work on the second floor got them where they gonna give us tokens and everything. No got it. In. We have been lost in the slot trump. Forgot them. American greeting him. But we make intercom gritty and. The days to Christmas parties and trash toilets. You only tentative daughter smacked mothers you know we can do as a staff we could go to dinner Saturday night and I'll. Someone has an account I consider wanna go. I actually. Can always open to the idea. And plan and Arianna. Region which you were guaranteed jobs gone all that money how much open elements Helen. Wait what's happening in. Now the green to be concerned about an hour about. What got someone to be either a trip like this Internet user conversation. It's like well I am the digital Sarah. Yes we know. She's Kelly's that we can go to dinner with them if you like Jasper is would be knives with them. As long as I get Watson's issued and say those people. Why is how we had dinner with those people. Wait it's a threats. Because that. Go to dinner with them if you'd like Jasper would be eyes as long ago like eight. And it's three that's an easy this is a good season so if there. Jasper actually text means listening Michael Scott whistle on him so this thing's out of each donor month. Am this is awkward for a not an email about something happening as an early read it happening we we consider you a part of the family. A second house yeah my people are used to this it's been like this. Yeah. Thanks. Yet as he is sorry now you can't come to the pool and this city named league that we just built you can look at it. But don't you find out why we've got this charter this code that you know the adult plaza these neighborhoods we've bill. You can drive Bob here's a little. While you can drives through the Jasper is parking. And oh and look at and we smelling left overs through the door now you can look at it and then drive away and may Yucca guys who come in in the serve restore that track this is welcome his kind is more than welcome on our part. Somebody suggest that reaches to promote show from there. And then we can all enjoy it. And on a Saturday house from the arcade place right oh from the arcade the worst idea in the world the problem is so it Donkey Kong. That I don't lose. And like an hour in when you're like an Henry Henry join the show on puts on the headphones and a microphone along cable you back added to come now. Actually talking about a lot of money out of any earthly idea that you're Gannett rocker I was soaked it rocker I just in and out like a month ago. And I was really surprised call them that brought down in town called in and out called a into autism per. How does burger joint that or California and action. The of the ball or you're referring to is called a as though it's still not top down and up now not and up them up on your eyes and I'll. And games down. Tied up and down is what you're usually doing when you get in now I always wrote it moves thinking on where the hand while. Listen to all downed phone queue up and down funky out uptown. Seeing as stop all of you all of them. Lol happy new year real evident now with the group. We're not during a remote from this god awful halted I don't think it would be good good in her view executives. That. Floor that would be talked about all we can talk to some of the drug salespeople. Now. I spent half my day explain it to them if you need to talk to Dana and Scott come up your before two hours after six not during the damn sure out. And now you want us to go talk to them during their number now now now though. Back the engineers about making their cards it's not work appeared to be a nice idea on where is this place I've never heard of. Seventy to McGee okay. Doesn't count Kansas City. I know recent. Well we'll see can't find glom on Matt I can get downtown. You mean Amelie at home or Newton and it's in Missouri. Not Cusick comedians use our. South of fifteen extra there is a difference which you yeah. Oh. Definitely she's I Syria I've always seem out wants. Pamela serial once and it was directed and want to. Chris my children about the Dana can happen. When I'm done with them and them. It's like and kidding when I say get out at the clinic and asked my kids Dana. It's usually I'm trying to go number two. They're knocking on my. Mom and tell mom. On a bull lock a movie it's it's like house is on fun now. It's stumping like. I can't find. The board acts and I am trying to make slime her and historic it's a and I need to know. Now. Why we and a more tax. Noticed it and I loved and a Dan one bomb is like includes Cleveland. Of the knowledgeable and we just can cycle piece of crap. Until this morning we were talking about plumbing right and he actually said to me because if you miss the 2 o'clock hour he actually helped me. You know. You're talking about me I must have been nice talking about plumbing because my pipe burst there's about a burden. And he said it had two cops on year. Not thing. I want cold you yet gotten cool yes you'd turn them both to drip. Not one of them to drip. Or the last one will still freeze if you turn your right the other one right I did not know. And he is because he had a pipe burst because he turned the left went on the right when. I. Said you are generally Levy it worthless dictionary of the our knowledge. This. Helped me a text and I said turn them but not turn but contributor he's not. Chris is a tricky tricky. Right now. Get out. It's. Right here foresee in and son speaking about problems in the house when electricity goes out and it was called. See him thousands on ice storm blows through calls Muslims does what they do they're in the business. Selling servicing and supplying your top line should act on standby generator. Get them occult book out to offer estimate that measure for house exactly need exactly how well it needs to be hooked up. 816714707. Is the number 81671477. You know you can get a whole house backup generator system. Starting at just 99 dollars a month and 6781477. Receipt in the ams dot com. Oh. Story here. Associated Press. Missouri residents who were adopted. Now have access to their original birth certificates the southeast Missouri. Reports that access to the birth certificates began on Monday of this week. Thanks to the Missouri adopt the rights act that was signed into law last year and nonprofit called geez adoption registry. Recently held an event Jefferson City celebrating its via an included speakers events entertainment even the bill's sponsor. Previously Missouri law did not allow people who handled adoptions. To discuss any identifying information about the biological parent. It's writers all rejected Scots and you could have your birth certificate. But it would be so redacted there was nothing of any use to state law also did not allow people access to their original birth certificates. If they were adopted. Through closed adoption process. Who have torn on this and if you. I'm torn to and let me just read some comments on my came easy FaceBook page. A lizard and and writes finding your birth parents is not always a feel good story. I know from experience. And so we have two way. And someone has decided. We have to weigh the rights of easy. Child who's now an adult. To find their history. And their medical history. And figure out where they came from. With a person's right to remain anonymous when they make that ultimate gift and they nurses and drag her personal decision. Yes. Because I think in this day and age correct me if I'm wrong if you really want to find your birth child. And you gave the child up for adoption for your child or birth parent birth child cut and you really wanna know now how are they doing twenty years later. Are we kind to the point where the parent can hit that out at this point are we. I'm asking and so than my point becomes Wednesday of sound you already if this was something they wanted to know. See my argument would be. Does this make it easier for them the child. To find the biological parent vs the biological parent to twenty years down the road find their child. It does this give the child the unfair advantage using the argument well thus you have the right to know about your medical history and. Bobble by law it does I feel like this gives a little bit more of a right. TU with your adopted to find out about your history. And it takes away a little bit of the anonymity. That some of these biological parents have enjoyed if they choose to enjoy the anonymity and and don't know Scott some of these cases could be. You know. Unwed mother at age sixteen back in the day when you're supposed to do that it was a dirty little secret so she's never told her family and you know. It could be rape it could be incest and I know that those are the big bad. Outcomes what's behind door number sue them but those outcomes certainly exist for many people. I think we have to be careful though here Dana is unintended consequences. And by that here's what I mean if for example somebody is sixteen years old seventeen years and gets pregnant has the baby. Okay and for many people use that arm throw chip debated not abortions are. If she fears. That somewhere down the road she will be found. Is she going to give that child up for adoption or she gonna put that baby carriage. And park it outside of a quick to him or fire station now or police department. In twenty degree weather on January 3 2000 maintain. I think to be very careful here. And I understand the adopted child's need and desire. To want to know their medical history of her family history or whatever and I think they have a right to it. However I would like to know a little bit more about this lol. That allows them to track down their biological parents or a little island on the above the law doesn't allow them to attract and the parents purse say. But it allows them access to is there a regional birth certificate. Which are putting or is the mother's name it will include. The mother's name and birth city. The father's name and birth city the father's birth city assuming we know we'll follow it will include place of birth of course Dayton year. Hospital. Now those medical records are going to be private but any simple Google or FaceBook search if you don't you're looking for a Patricia are. Jamison. It helps you narrow that search because Jamison is probably not going to be her name today. But just work backward. And you'd probably start with FaceBook quite frankly here's what you need and you're looking for a woman born in North Carolina and and it's not that hard then. To figured out fill in the blank. Here's what we we need an intermediary. We need someone from hospital or somebody from the state. Who let's say dale let's say you were dumped cat and at this major just in your forties. You are now kind of you know you've got four kids at home you're worried about you know do I have. Breast cancer that runs in my family is alcoholism runs in my family here. You can get in touch with the hospital. That has your original birth certificate. Or the adoption agency for that matter. That has your original birth certificate. And hey. And then get in touch with you work assuming they're still alive biological parents yeah. And say aren't we've been contacted by Dana Wright who is really Dana Edwards who was your daughter. She wants to meet. Are you open. No I'm not. OK then you go back and say she wants to know. Why things run in the family that she needs to be aware of some basic health history not open to me they can call you back and say Dana right. Your mother whose name we will not tell you does not want to meet you I'm sorry. But here are the things that you might wanna be aware. I do not like the idea that somebody can give a child up for adoption. And then twenty years down the road if they don't wanna be found someone's gonna come knock can be found. From the text line the loss to provide an anonymous linked to health history. I'm OK with. Well student to starting this week users of and a and I think that's wrong and Kansas I don't know have to look at out. I'll have to look it up by 76779. It. These state of Missouri starting on Monday which would have been New Year's Day. Put into action the Missouri adopt the rights act which gives adopted children in the state of Missouri. You had to have been adopted and born in the state of Missouri. Access to Euro regional birth certificate those words original birth certificate. Which I imagine includes your mother's name maybe your father's. Maybe where you can find her. At least where she was living at the time what does she or he didn't want to be felt there was a reason you were put up for adoption I'm not talking down. Some integrate and say I gave up a child I was in his severely abusive relationship. Would never want that child to find the father because he was the abuser. Know that these stories are not all going to have happy ending a happy ending it's just you know life's messy that your. I think Missouri may have opened a can of worms came close. 5767798. Go to your calls your comments here in just a moment if you want to weigh in it is if you wanna look at up online it as the Missouri. Adopt TE. Rights act. That gives children adopted in the state of Missouri the right. To seeing. There original birth certificate. If you miss an hour you wanna catch us on a podcast. Just go to KM BZ dot com we have podcast was right there for you. You can also get some iTunes or on the podcast app. It's the newsroom here's Kara marks. Happening on KM BZ a face off over shift swapping in the Casey case fire departments we'll have more next. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.