Nurse sues after patient refuses her care.

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Thursday, August 16th
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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. My kitty this is my favorite song Michael. Coming up it's. Remember right. Last. Or one hit. Nineteen now. She hit duet with Michael and Donald holder ever changing times. Not to listen to that later Tim. Ever heard I can. Listener. Is can read Franklin did today VH 76. I Q were to cash is cry CO RY cry. Tex that in 272881. Year in the running for a thousand dollars. With a key word cash. It is disturbing news it's just breaking Google has clarified to users this afternoon and that it is still track their location even when they turn off. Their location history to explain the estimate places. It's a good. Is the location history dismantle button fake. Apparently a sounding like like the moment you hit I I don't want my location. You know on my phone I don't want you know where I am and don't show up on your phone. And this now this yesterday and they said essentially that. Like if you use Google Maps for instance. Its stores information about your times and locations. And it uses tracking Google sees tracking tools that their services whether apps for instance. Any time your phone ask you do when I say this location or do you want to. Now somebody salaries and ask you this does this is usually how idea and I know there quicker ways to do that but I don't do well with technology so I usually go to Google. I will plug the end it location downtown. Was to say. Twentieth in Maine whatever and I'll hit got. Is that why when you go back on line two days later if you're right next to Michael Smith's restaurant. You'll then see. Some type of advertisement for Michael Smith writes. My guess is they sell it. To third party. It's also why. I know people who walked into a Ford dealership and before they left had ads on their phone for Chevrolet. The a lot of it. Think about how when you and no somewhat a friend of mine that was harsh shopping. And he was going to buy and afford truck. And he was in a couple of Ford dealerships in one day. And before he lasts like the second Ford dealership. He was looking at his phone and there was these Seve ads pompano. Yeah it's a surprise me earlier because if he used Google Maps to get there. On serve you know are his dad that's when Dana its called a GO I know yeah. Yet. I know I had my phone in my pocket one time we were at the lake. I was at the lake with some friends and mean hand my little cousin went for a walk and we got lost. And we did a walk and back along the shore is like oh will the codes right over here we'll just walk along sort along the shore. Is a ridiculously. Long walk. And later that night we were discussing how am forwarded we walked today. And my body says will. Pull up on your phone. Virginia your phone with Jose if you have it by air and on an editor Jonathan does that matter. I hope I wouldn't no matter if your phone if your location thing is on and you have Google Maps you can go in there and it'll tell you where you walk. In no way there okay and why can't they find that DM jogger in Iowa. It is all on OK you're talking about can follow me here and she had to fit it Allen have his work jogging jogging jogging. There are passed the away because I know this is bad in some cases like if they're using you to sell data. But it's really good in other cases if you lose somebody why can't you go into her phone in the class out and say where what she. It's really good if you wanna find somebody who's lost. Its very bad if you don't know if you're wanting to find somebody who doesn't want to be. I contend she is safe and she is well. And she has turned off for all and she is turnoff for that bit because she is in over her head I think I would argue. She's a runaway bride kind of scenario because she knew her boy from was about proposed or in the Dominican Republic should ran off with her other person. And turned offer phone turned off for it. If you Google that he's finally there's no update in just read courage it's rated stuff nothing other than they've stopped looking. They've stopped looking because they obviously know they're not gonna find her they have no leads. By the way eight speaking of Aretha Franklin which we are doing just a moment ago. I was just looking through her discard. Countless. Minutes some of the biggest hits in Salome you know yeah. How many number one hits. Due to reach the Franklin have on the billboard chart the traditional. I know that he can opponent Casey case and top forty charts dating all the way back to the 1960s. When she first recorded all the way up to 2007. Her last charted it. Any idea how many nuts check that even into the 1950s. She recorded her first charted singles was our release singles in 1956. Coming number one top forty hits to reach the Franklin out. Cash. The fact that you're asking makes you think the numbers. Surprisingly low. Or surprisingly high. I'm not been sent to. Say yours say eight your gonna say two men one a view is right. That's fraud. She had to. Number one hits which ones respect. And I knew you were waiting for me. That doesn't surprise me. I am really surprised natural woman's not on there was a little prayer that's not to say that these these songs didn't do well. I'm saying they didn't hit number one. I chain of fools him number two. To do to detector and trying to save a little prayer number ten. What the hell was wrong with people back into that as the greatest song ever to act out. I mean she had 73. Songs that hit the top 100. Chart. Intern for. News and get it right. Who zoom and knew that was a big hit. It was seven Xoom and not a favorite of mine but still freeway of love number three. And what I pink Cadillac. I. Mean I'm literally looking to all of her release singles if there are a million. By the way that song with Michael McDonald ever changing times and Eamon chart. A silent when new account I was like that was released is single but did not chart. Are you Q were to cash this hour is crises are why tech 772881. Your in the running for thousand dollars kubert cash. It. Enter embassy in the if you are in the market for agent Braxton by home generator get it done now you got about a week and a half left before that. Raised great offer wears out so until August 26. If you're in the market for generators to keep the lights on in your home of the power goes out. You'll get a free ten year parts and labor warranty. Valued at more than 1000. Dollars on all qualifying in Iraq generator units. They had one for awhile that was seven years this one's ten years valued at more than one. Thousand dollars seven out of ten homeowners used in Iraq homestand by generators to automatically provide electricity to their homes during power outages. It's the best is the one that we have here at the station is matter of fact give my guys at CMOs and so on a call 8167817. Of seven. 1678147. A seven RC in narrows and son. Dot com. So how good he isn't the amount. And good morning. Other than. We're big and. And 95% chance. Severe thunderstorm coming up next couple hours according to new vendor. Popped up confront any and it is gonna rain but to. Did you guys get rain last night. I slept right I should sign a letter tiger like right after work at 6 o'clock or park. I mean cats and all walks were living together. And we're like immature. Rod you have a couple of touches. For. But I know of the accuracy. Your Forte it is right. Well yeah I mean technically it's two but three on one calf right on going and yeah. You have coming I don't have any other any tattoos in your family now your brother and now let me. Tell me if you would be wont to do this. Most people won't trust a stranger to buy them a shirt. Let alone choose eight tattoo for them now. But apparently some dared doubles trust tattoo artist to make indelible markings on their skin. In what ever manner the eating swinger deems appropriate. One such tad too list is 23 year old Mason Hefner of Munich Germany. He right he has a project called my words. Your body. And that is exactly what it is he tattoos defeat simply letter. So is choosing on the bodies of willing recipients. One of his clients receive the phrase only the blind will see near her heart. Another woman got the words we met before on one of her breasts. On a clean Shea. Then. On a clean shaven rectangle of a man's otherwise buzz cut skull after tattooed. Another year. As to why people would put faith in the man who seems to have named himself for human matters Playboy Mansion. Hefner tells vice I think most people are trying to force themselves out of their comfort zone or they just wanna feel what it's like to fully trust. A stranger OK and do what is trust all things he's not I still interesting to catch he is not alone by the way. In the grab bag tad too campaign celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell. Who has a fighting to the likes of or Orlando Bloom and Marc Jacobs has done sessions where participants put their arms throw hole in the wall. And he tattoos that with what ever country want us. It's. Just a term in this whole. Liken that to glory hole at us and that's don't use those terms and it doesn't know those that hey don't. It is just weird and whatever you just said I'm sure is gross. IR. Holes so that somebody can draw on you go to glory hole as I don't wanna talk about this only no real. Google it can and Hillary aren't weighs in and just like. Did attach his big decision I mean wouldn't put ink on your body that never goes away them. Wait just let someone. It. Have you had waited too so it's like for an month or six month is so and hand out there to tell him. That's more like Dotson. Flowers yeah things they do temporary tattoos and they basically paint and paint. The design your own and we went there we took the kids under Florida last year Mayo got like these temporary tattoos it would last. For you know like. In two weeks. I mean that diners and yes. Yes kids as severe thunderstorm warning in effect this is for a storm that is just west of Lawrence. Striking has sort of south. East country now so. Am probably missed most of the Kansas City media mantra but it's gonna slide. Writer or if it continues to suspend. Anderson it's come. Winners in the you get back correct rigor and did you do it don't you say in the news and us are going to keep you that we are now. In the tornado watch area for tonight or something noted there was talk that they might collapse and they have not. So you have one taxes. I do would you ever do the your body my words challenge now. And it's really dumb. And what ever do that. When your stick your arm to return to glory hole and see what comes out about. Also sounds like a really bad idea is. They want their kids for Halloween that they be like okay put your hand in this bowl yeah it's idols. Like you know peeled grapes or whatever it. I'm not with any of that stuff then now and now. If I paid you thousand dollars. Not protect him. To stick my hand and one of those balls a thousand dollars yeah. Yeah. What's. Up. Would you if I paid 2000 dollars. Let me bring in a tarantula. Now. And not ever gonna happen. And even if it was in a glass boxes and let it sit next to you in the next Booth what you did not because I would be able to read the news because I'd be freaking out at the box and brakes now. And at the tarantula crawl at all it would it would summon up that's it yeah you can. I. Oh by the way. Breaking news. Way promises here. Which card you motorists keep the longest. Brands you mean which kind of car which had high enemies I want specifics like you know. Prius or something and a I'm going to say a Honda Accord Honda Accord rot which card to Americans keep the longest. There too tied for number one. A pickup truck of some sort. Of Alexis. Good guess but now. Toyota. Now. And not a civic Arizona was Honda well it. It's going to be the Honda Odyssey. Is going to be a minivan is going to be the town and country it's going to be that one that I have with a bumper pollen it's not like he would Ritz cracker in the tops fives are. Three Toyota's by the way tank the Toyota Sequoia the Toyota four runner and the Toyota Avalon sedan and OK but tied for number one. Is. The Ford Expedition SUV. Tank that's and you guys are not. Thinking you're not thinking. The number one car that Americans keep the longest. The Corvette. I'll admit you know that would just run and never die. Don't keep the wonders because they want that car they love that car. The Corvette is number one Midland trends is turning on its due to the newsroom here is Caremark. Police have identified the two man whose bodies were found yesterday near Longview lake mourn axed. You know the guys at lightning landscaping irrigation went and visited a friend of mine this week and looked at her fire pitch was having some problems who has fallen apart. Does stuff like that they also put in your fire put that your fireplace or patio and make your outdoor space something truly truly amazing. Landscape. Hard skate and irrigation they do it all happens to you that irrigation system in your front yard the rain bird system. We love so much for adding into the backyard next year. It is amazing is a Smart systems so when it rains like it's gonna do today think shuts off. Eight plus BBB rating lightning landscaping irrigation your panel of the staff. 9134413904. Or 13900. Or lightning dash landscape dot com lightning dash landscape. Dot com. Re dirty in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our Kansas city police today confirm that keep wants her and Michael brewer were found dead deep in the woods near Longview lake their families have been searching for them for about a week. So far there's been no confirmation about any suspects. Well the federal government sue OP could make Ers president trump during a cabinet meeting today at the White House asked attorney general Jeff Sessions to take legal action. Also like. To ask you to bring a major lawsuit against the drug companies or no viewing some states have done it. But I'd like a lawsuit to be brought against these companies that are. Really sending ill feelings at a level that should be happening. Traffic and weather together and acts. Hey as cooler temperatures move in and think about Colin sealed once Casey haven't come out and clean and seal and permanently protect and pedophile does outdoor areas of your home. Think about your fans on your patio your driveway. Still wants Casey offers a 25 year warranty against deterioration. Then think about those areas inside your cracker staying garage or basement floors still wants Casey has recovered there with that permanent polymer decorative coating. Easy to claim non slipped texture looks amazing. On your basement floor we haven't in the garage to and I love it call today on 69423927. For your free estimate. 8169423927. Get that 20% discount when you tell me her to brag about Montae MDC remember was still wants Casey is sealant forget it at a steel wants Casey dot top. Upper eighties for the afternoon partly cloudy and a slight chance of shower or thunderstorm 72 the overnight low with clouds and some showers and thunderstorms around. 87 for the high on Friday a few morning clouds maybe a shower early in a look at some sunshine back by about mid day. Upper sixties partly cloudy for Friday night looks good for Saturday upper eighties and mostly sunny rain will be likely on Sunday 85. I'm staff meteorologist Steve Hamilton KM BZ whether. Get that severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 430 this is for Douglas County in Kansas. And this is a storms moving through sixty monitor when gas quarter sized hail expected. This is going to be impacting Lawrence Baldwin city Eudora Clinton lone star pleasant grove Clinton lake in Finland this afternoon to get severe thunderstorm warning Douglas County until 430. And the rest of metro has just been put under a severe thunderstorm watch that runs until 11 o'clock tonight. Right now it is ninety. In degrees at KC 990 downtown ninetieth your official weather station. KM BZ is now on radio dot com Della the happened tickers everywhere you go Caremark cern is 981 KM BZ. You. It's. I. Things. It's. Owner government data senator Jim also dollars. Share earnings. He talked me into a new rain jackets. It's because I thought it was it's raining. He needs a raincoat. No I am. David takes her. First born child to college tomorrow she won't be available for the program. And yeah. I hit them back again. The ball and you don't actually I believe we've traveled into the future have we not rot and we have secured actual audio of David calling in to the program. Tomorrow after if I'm not mistaken. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't under I didn't understand a one word you said he'll. Exactly David calling him tomorrow. Just to the show I might surprise you and I hope I'm fine. Mel I think you're gonna sound something like I just an I might surprise you. Me on net and I'm not a betting man I should mana and I doubt it. I. It. I don't know that I didn't understand a one word usage okay. But. I'd story here from. 41 action news. A Michigan hospital is facing a federal lawsuit alleging racial discrimination by a nurse. Who says that she was told not to care for a patient. Because of her race. To Yoko Williams works as a registered nurse at Beaumont health in gear. Her lawsuit alleges a while working on the unit on October 2 she overheard a patients say she did not want a black be. Taking care of her. It. She. William steel co Williams claims she told the clinic manager about the common and that the clinic manager than talked to the patient who then. Told her she did not Juan Williams to care for her. The clinic manager then allegedly told the patient that she wouldn't move Williams and the the patient would not have to see her anymore. The clinical manager then told Williams she was not to go into the patient's room. And if either patient in the room needed care a white nurse named Olivia would be required to go into the room according to lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that there were times. When the patients in the room needed care and Williams was forbidden. From doing so because of her. Rates. Williams lawsuit contends that she told human resources about the incident was told that patient requests are honored all the time in the the next time it happened she would be taken. Off the assignment all together. There's a tough. Here's why. And you're welcome to weigh in at 576779. Race is a protected classes you cannot deny a housing you cannot deny you service. To someone based on their race. But can you deny the receipt of service. From someone due to their race now for example. Dana you world woman. Gender and I'm a man gender is a protected class it is if I walked into York. Business you could not refused me service is your man because I'm a man any more than I can refuse you service because you have to be able. But if I am a patient at a hospital and this is a tough. Because a hospital. I think you guys have already declared health care is a right. So I have a right to receive health care. If any news. Do I have the right to say for example. Let's say I am massage some people would even argue that I am but I'm. Do I have the right to say that I only want to be served by a male nurse. In my room closer. Lee as a woman I would prefer a female. Gynecologist. I know men who prefer mailed dentists or female dentist is. I think preference is different van. You locking into a hospital and saying I know she's an employee of yours I do not want her coming in here because of her race. And this is why you need to read the books Margaret thinks. It is fantastic and it is about this vary. Vary. Moral and ethical and quite frankly legal dilemma there is case history here Scott. Because the books Margaret things identical. Is based on a true case. Am. Think out of Connecticut but it's been a year since I've read it remember. And the nurse in that initial case one. One thing she got like 250000 dollar hospital care. You know what what ifs and and this certainly happens and this was part of that book. A white nationalist comes in. To have a baby or have heart surgery. And they have swastika tattoos all up and down their arms and a black woman or eight Jewish nurse. Comes in and they say get them out of here I don't want to treating me. I would like to to get that right the hospital has the right to say that you need to leave we don't want your business focal point was to do no more. That is true and if you're in the middle of having a baby. He can you really kick somebody out because of that horrible vile mean you have a right to request your right to be a big hit. In America you have the right to be your racist. And I think my larger question here not repeat myself but it will at this moment you don't have the right to refuse to server. But do you have the right to refuse to be server. I would love to know the answer to that. Because I don't think in what police officers shows have to help you. This is what I asked the flagging races out there it's all gotten. Vying to be racist. Until it's a black EMT. Here or police tried to or firefighters. In your ass out of burning more orders trying to restart your non beating our right. Stop right there press obviously the same thing to like these sovereign citizen morons. You know you hate the government until you meet government. You hate the government until somebody standing over you with a baseball. But crusher skull. But I don't know Dana and I asked this question because. You know I've always found like. The you Osi stuff to be be intriguing and interesting you know do you do you have the right to refuse service to so and so because of that because they're such and such. But do you have the right and I don't know that anybody's ever answered this question. Do you have a right to refuse to be served. Because somebody's gender or their race or their religion. I I don't know the answer. I guess the answer would be yes. Yes you do have that right you all are technically the paying customer in what the government has deemed a right and that is health care. You have. The money. You are a client. I I I think it's protected. I do. 5767798. James and Lee's summit hello James. It. They I have a situation like twenty years ago my grandmother shoot and MCI. And she had a stroke happened. But along that line or were really wanna was. She had a African American nurse and they sure are and cheap just did not like our. Apartment. You know well. Obviously Rory is quite bad about it Danner said. You have a dramatic medical person Stanley what are we do about this and I had talked charge nurse like Taylor and it and you know this kind of you know patient chair you know I noticed it right at age you know she like eighty years old. Yeah actually Europa are more of that kind of behavior is acceptable but she she doesn't want bit thirsty character. You adapt in America and how much you know hell. How do we picture that has no he's not going to be comfortable. Or. You know cooperative where it that are beyond reproach so the patient care today. And you don't sit down sit down the charge Ers. Are up like less eager guys aren't quite getting. You know. She's on different generation. And the have been urged Jews like ordered thirty series is kind of understand it about it. Yeah I was Obama. Had to get back 33 and later served warm blogs. Well and I don't that there's any good way to sit someone down and say this patient is racist they don't want you in what that's how you say. And this auction is a racist and does not want you working on them because they are a racist. I would I would call my grandmother raised by his call for. So my and they blew up. Not saying this. What widgets if she didn't want somebody serving horror because. Of the color of their skin how can you call it anything else but race. Thought or talked about saint gas brand of blue stripes now. I understand. It but from a different where I stand but yeah. Would you call if it's not racism which is. You know like I saw our current debt. When I worked on ambulatory here in Kansas City. Taking care of people of color in the intercity and they say we don't wanna light at a big picture of our grandmother. Is there or are we is that not racist. You know what it is that you can't overlook it Arcadia. If I'm not going to be able to effectively treat this patient take care of them. Because create the notion that. We need to find out how we can do what we need to do you better prepare the. It is a patient is a part of their own care whether whether you like it or not the patient is. Involved. Yeah it's you know it. If you get back to communicate or connect patient like purple and I had to do it before but no. Aren't you take care or. As you know at the female patient. In question mark out what people that give up our our. Do and now that you server. As somebody writes in I would assume this person's blog I'm just guessing. I based America under comment. Six for 21 society patient once while I was prepping him for servers say and I quote. I hope I don't get any inward blood I looked down and feminists and I hope you do. It's a part of you talk about 23 and mean. They said they think 23 and me should send free kits to every white supremacists and white nationalist in America and just say. 23 in many. What he's suffering enough. A 76 so. Scott parts referencing Casey smile you know over the past 23 years doctor Ross Headley has done an unbelievable transformations. For people who were unhappy with their smiles. Picture yourself. Having a perfect smile that your upcoming class or family reunion a wedding big date. Were photographed with a grandchild I know their moms out there that have put everything ahead of themselves but are your kids are grown up and it's your turn to do something for yourself. Wanna spoil yourself with a beautiful new smile. Doctor Hadley is the only accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in the state of Kansas your free consultation includes digital imaging. That'll show you how your smile will look. After the dental procedure. This is a pain free process most file makeovers are completed in two appointments over a period of only three weeks. In Hance your life with a beautiful new smile. Check out Casey smiled dot com and see for yourself that's Casey smiled dot com again Casey smiled. Dot com. The rescuers pass him up there. This time tomorrow it'll all be over. I think the up. At a time. I'll say this one listener. Reached out because I wrote that law by the way can come a week or corruption case you have not read Dana's blew all. About her oldest child going to college tomorrow what was once when I joked with her years ago. I counted about it 778. Days some crews were now down to not days not months not years others. Dana wrote a blog that's on the KM BZ. Dot com page and also I think it's on the FaceBook page on Twitter. If you have not read it read it it is eight. You know I I goof if you are a lot I make fun of you a lot it is very well written it is it is from the heart. And for a lot of people I know you can connect to it and it will if it doesn't make you just think it'll make you cry. And not tears of sadness but tears of you know happiness or else. Sent happily because one of our listeners read this blog. And she replied and said we dropped our son off yesterday and I'm sitting here laughing and crying because of that some of the points that that I made the block. And she said you know you're gonna do great but because she said she dropped her son off yesterday it. It signaled a couple of things to me that may be. They might be living under similar living arrangements and I reached out juror on direct message I said to my house for your son's mind. And what would you believe they are in the same place schools and so it's why this is so civics is not that far away but it's nice to just. Note that there's somebody else little comfortable little bit as a kid there that is one year older and she said I will have him look for now. Like that's for better all right. Better and I said to me he tipped her toilet paper I don't know. I don't know you take toilet paper to college take one world just lie of course one brawl of course got. I was go to Bob in independence hello Bob. Go to a year ago IA. By Eric are not really that bad. And electric vehicle. They're in now blatantly put them turn it on the president is a challenge come and go. The whole routine about what by the and at that but again. Okay and then act did you look at me if you have any objections from the daily operation. I look at my black and you've got probably in the period operating in your article like why would. In all learn that you let it tumble. Out but I don't get it in your pink purple folk art can go article. Yeah I can't and you look at it and I'd telling people what. I mean not actually. Just is it just and yet nobody I told this story before my a late grandfather who lived in the south. Had. An African American surged in. Go in and save his life fixed his heart the holes and it Aniston's dad but it was a very lengthy surgery. And when my grandfather came to my mom and her sisters were in the waiting room. And the doctor came in and said mr. long. Geno where you Lar and use his little groggy. Annie said mr. long. Can you tell me who is the president of the United States and my mom said it's he about fell over. He has my grandfather god rest his soul. Hated. That president like was not a fan of Barack Obama. And you know I don't like the word old school I think we could probably call it what it is deep south 75 year old man. And she said do you know who is the president of the United States and he'd look to the doctor and the doctor said sir bore rock Obama. And my grandfather of looked at him and said. In my president. You could not you called it. Old school deep south because it's hard to say the word. Your web whoever it. It's easy. This goes back to the previous hour it's easy to say somebody else's actions are racists yes. Unless it's somebody in your own Fam it's your grandfather. I love and aunt and what you would normally. Call somebody a racist for you just said old school deep south Al tell you this my entire life guys say races my entire life and his entire life. Never a shred it eyewitness of racism never. Never sought. Never heard anything inappropriate however. He hit about 75. Seven DA. Marching toward AD and the last time I was down there I remember thinking to myself. Since. If you're like I just remember it I didn't miss it I just remember like. Here. I mean even my your grandfather raced him. After age 75 he were to cash as active what what I heard a couple of occasions. Made me very uncomfortable and very sad is your grandfather racist yes or no. Where you don't want to thank. You were to cash is active EC TIV. He really did not like Barack Obama asked. His policies I don't know I never asked beat perhaps the take him on his skill. Active AB CT I VE tax it and seven to a date one. You're in the running for a thousand dollars in Q were to cash active. Seven to aided wonders are. Caremark happening on KM BZ severe storms on the horizon details next. You've heard me talking about cottonwood canyon on this program if you haven't been out toward an accent to check out cotton wood and it and single in Texas cities and earth I missed that memo is one of the most incredible. Areas the city has opera. Restaurants and shops and work out area I remember ice idol. Did this get here it is absolutely amazing and cottonwood canyon is a right in the middle of it is it within walking distance. Of the city center is also on one of the best new golf courses in America if you're in the market for a new home. If you're in the market for a maintenance free home. These are huge homes just hop skip and a jump from Lawrence from downtown great location. With no maintenance lawn snow removal and trash are all provided. So you're able to sit back and enjoy the amazing scenery overlooking creeks small bluffs. And no less native landscaping. 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