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Thursday, December 7th

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104. Got an update and parks an hour from right now. Big story of the day. Al Franken in the news made this statement about what two hours ago. From Capitol Hill. Today I am announcing. Bad in the coming weeks. I will be resigning as a member of the United States senate aren't so that was the big announcement. Give it up from about 1012 minutes is that totem I'd start. Well a few minutes late tenants probably something like that. What are the things that he did say that is raising a lot of eyebrows. He didn't really admit to doing anything wrong. He gave some people a false impression that I was admitting. To doing things that in fact I haven't done. Some of the allegations against me are simply not true. Others I remember very differently. So old if some are not true. Game you remember things differently. And lie stepped down. And. Is battery. I ask Eugene Lee real answer is because he's being forced him. But the real answer is because of budget senate Democrats got together and sad we can't go after Roy Moore. Unless you get them and we went after Roy Moore and we wanna go after anybody else I mean. How is that cynical but. I think he's guilty I think. Everybody says there's no proof and and we debated picture earlier on and about their more users out there that have not come forward I think he did something wrong. So there's that am and the political problem yet. It to me this is and you know I've talked a lot about this until pretty jumping in what if or sorry if I Al Franken. Isn't guilty why stepped down if he's wanted the ethics committee to file a full investigation. Why is he stepping down to date 5767798. And should be you can text to 2980. Or why did send it is senate Democrats were forcing him to resign. Let's turn that way if if all the allegations were false and at the ethics committee would have found that to reach repeated violent violate any ethics rules. Then why did somebody sent Democrats say he needs to resign Andy he's truly innocent what's the problem because. And I don't know third too many new democratic senators that are more high profile. Then then Al Franken he's a name a lot of people now because I don't know where he's from but you know he was an actor you know from asset. How heated out good enough and Smart enough and gosh darnit people like me. There are tons of people that knew Al Franken is amid a bison was Kristen Gillibrand. 80% of the people that are lists nearly who the hell you talking and she's a junior senator from New York. So. I think this is so big for the Democrats in a symbolic move. You kick like you said you can't go after Roy Moore. And helpful on campaign over the next five days of what a terrible person you wanna portrayed Roy Moore to be room. You can't do that if you have this guy still. In the senate. And let's say it was a lesser known. Democratic senator all right you know let's say it was somebody if I I I can pull one other time like outlets as lesser known. And that person at this accuse you feel like okay we're gonna get rid of a senator but we're not getting rid of this senator the one that probably most Americans know who years. So this was a big fall on the sword mold for Al Franken and the Democrats to say look. We as a party have urged this man out. And we are gambling that we're gonna lose that seat in the senate. Just to show notes that the standard just to set the precedent and saying it. Look at our our Republican friends. They're supporting him the president of the United States is campaigning tonight in Pensacola Florida just across the Alabama border who. And he is accused of the same if not worse look at that party. It also on you know for for a genuine point of view where it's not just the son of a one but it also is trying to send a message. That we are tired of this and when I say we I mean congressman country whenever but it also. It's not good when you've got into there was Conyers to mean it's not that we you have politicians that. That all there are all these allegations it doesn't make them look at these tracks from what they're trying to get done in congress. It makes it look like all politicians are dirty means it needs to stop and this is one way I think of a lawmaker saying. This is not okay and if you do this and and there are allegations were going to make you get out yeah any US. The longest serving member of congress. Forced to step down in Conyers you have the most famous member of conjure up of congress arguably because of his previous career. Stepping down and after he was of at SNL writer and cast member radio host yeah. He had a really really boring radio show he was at whatever it Ann Arbor he we had a a he was doing a tour because there was that was hot air America was that it. Liberal radio does not. App of the the pulled the conservative radio dial here we got attacked I know it's like. But he came in to do a talk show and we had to monitor produce it and get it back to all of his hundreds of affiliates. It was pouring it. How can show was boring now maybe that wasn't his politically charged. At 22 is I am now at 36. But he would it was a radio host and then moved back into political career. And a lot of people know who he is outside of the senate and so this was the the fall of a huge name and that again adds to the symbolism of the dead. Credit party and again I think it's it's Democrats. Saying. We're willing to give up the seat to a Republican. If we have to may be because they don't lose and that if Republicans end up getting that seat that Democrats can say see we were so it was so important for us to do the right thing. And to send the right message at this is not acceptable or willing to give away more of our power if necessary. And then they say white Republicans that willing to use and Democrats have nothing to lose by forcing him to resign. They went either way. So. And then we watch the Roy Moore race next week Jerry closely. I 767798. If he's not guilty was it just a symbolism thing do you believe that. I don't say jobs I think it's 100 odd odds go to Paul in Kansas City politics calling your 91 came easy. I. That was that I'm actually an independent but that democratic. I wanted to tell you that I did hear Franken resigned this morning could you know inner market price is right sounds. And I am a retiree. You know I would. I understand just what they're right. It's exactly the name. I now. Now anyway. He that read why he chose to go ahead and resign. Wood because at that time he would have to. And dealing let get ethics. Committee and their investigation. And it would take time away he wouldn't feel like he had his. That the state of Minnesota went at it full attention and and all that time that he would normally dedicate to them what they re can he get a. It's a good answer. I mean it's it's it adds to it definitely adds to the answer. Right now April thanks much for calling and hope you watch prices right with the volume down and then bid day with Jamie linking cranked all the way up I'm sure that's what she'd that's I'm sure that's what just. But she brings up a good point I mean that adds to it. I can't serve the people of Minnesota if I mean these ethics committee meetings all the time. It sounds good. Eight at it makes. Yeah there's sound good but I think if he was truly innocent he would have put the time and and sad I want the people of Minnesota to truly know I didn't do anything wrong I'm willing to go through the hearings to prove it. I've earned a reputation as someone who respects. The women I work alongside. Every day. I know there's been a very different picture of me painted. Over the last few weeks. But I know who I'd really. He is soon to be former senator Al Franken from the state of Minnesota resigning to today amid a lot of allegation of sexual misconduct. We're taking your phone calls a 5767798. Text messages at 22980. You can read about it of course and her FaceBook page. And on Twitter. Sockets or I'll talk to bill and Overland Park billion or 91 KM BZ. Thank you I appreciate that you can work a few minutes ago about the Democrat's ticket the higher Rupert you know. It was forty years actually they should've been that way with Bill Clinton. But he made a mistake he took it to a politician shares them with the American people really. What do contest for him because it can't take an aren't cheap PO you wouldn't have Donald Trump announced today. Nonsense within the permitted by the people but you know. Politics is politics and now they're trying to take the high road. Maybe they woman they won't put up delegates say thank you. Thank you bill appreciate it I've 7677. That it is go to Terry in Kansas City ten Iran KM BZ. Played in many different strains Franken and that that pictures while pregnant and artillery in particular I rodent and Elvis. He's got the model. That paper's allegations. Like John Conyers resigned. Pay their reputation of the people I doubt that are not partners say. He's 8080 should have been adding it. And that they stare at the gym and shoddy and KM BZ what's up Jim. I'd lean towards the Republican Party. But I think Al Franken should stick it out Biden should not sure if he truly was a sacrificial lamb which kind of Jamie alluded to it that Democratic Party saying hey we're gonna throw him under the just so we can look at people. I think that's pretty bad I think there should be you know they should stick up for the people say look let's find out. He is what are they saying it is is dead then Duchamp could just. Take it or what it is. Just people saying things. Abducted I think he should fire. Thanks Jim appreciate it the view from the other side I was a conservatives saying he should of fought and I have two words in my head right now he can't win. You can't and and that situation. I see what your saying because I said the same thing about keeping Roy Moore on the ballot. I sat for for people to call for him to bail on the race as a leave him there and let the let the people of Alabama decide what they want what kind of person they want an office. And whether they're gonna say it's just accusations and no proof or whether they're gonna say that's enough we wanna now. And in this case Democrats they can't and on they can't lose either so. On to some degree thank you now don't just trust the accusations but it's Roy Moore has election next week 576 sevenths. Than any group that was color she stayed and fought it out and it doesn't matter if you're Democrat or Republican like I said he leans right leans Republican. And city should estate fund out eyes set a while ago I thought this would blow over I. I didn't think I didn't think we get to this point I feel like if your looking at the Democratic Party this was a lost battle what you're trying to win the war you're you're trying to win back. You wanna win of Roy Morrissey or org right now the former. Jeff Sessions seat you want that. And you think if you take one step. Backwards that'll eventually lead to two or three steps forward so your agenda which is all this is about is the last political agenda. Can beat the rights political agenda. 767798. Adamant Kansas City urine came BZ what's up out of. I'd just sort of say that them totally disappointed. Discusses. Everything with the way. Our country Israel and he was in the office that mattered Democrat Republican. I have lost faith in our system and I don't even as his political career has trumped Hillary. Then we had these candidates running and then we just said that aside of just elected reps people. It just. Everybody I you have ordered out of how old you. Are important to how how long have you seen it in this way Duchscherer a little bit older than I am a little bit older than Jamie and is is always better is a studio. But it seems like the last ten years since earlier really went down you know. Social media and social media really that title evidence just seems like it's just went really down you know changed. This justice to disappointing. Yeah I don't understand why. We can't find someone around the country that has better reputation than the people that are going to be there. Treat brother I don't think there's anybody would disagree does it feel like and again fifteen years ago Jamie Rose 21 adding care about politics that's 21 years old I was work and at adding in my first job in radio. Al is due in afternoons they could stay out Lee. I didn't care about this I don't know that we've fifteen I'm only two years older than your recently the economy I don't have a lot more respected. By 7677. And it's great phone call. Lot of people that sect that I would second. About Kress here on KM BZ what's up. Well good afternoon to argue for taking my call got. Just little little checking it appears. Or it was a Democrat Wendy's or. Alleged. Are incidents happened. And the present sitting president was also. A Democrat at the time of the allegations. What does that say about Democratic Party even though both parties truly saw. It does it hit you tell us because I think you're making. I I think you have to appoint to make about it. I don't like either party. So I don't have a major player I want to make about it it's just that we need to remember. That we're going to pick on one party. Or what the person there who's running for a party. That we need to look at what he was one mere allegations were made literally at sort of chat. This question why is a matter. I suppose to the long run it really doesn't matter. People were keeping score. That might be shocked to hear wanna think about. Just let. I'm I'm not the words in his mouth but I think it's no party wants to be called party of sexual harassment no party wants to be seen as the wine. That finds it more acceptable or that is accused of it more or that's more associated with it then the other and so now I think that's why. Everybody wants us to look at at the whole time I don't. Al Franken was a comedian. Roy Moore was this rubble or was that none of that makes it any good. Ports act that's actually really good point a lot of people are using Al Franken behavior because he was comedian at the time so that makes a. I mean sound and who's gonna keep going through these rigs Telluride KM BZ would separate. Quick question. Why is it not okay. Ford via constituent about them but well what record and I thought I'd be happy to have. I don't need that you should represent the. More. And eat to question them. So the only of the delegation first and second the when I heard I can. I'm it is it. There are happy because you eat eat eat. I went quietly eat it Heatley. And he'll eat more and we. Could definitely. Some tweet that to me as well this from deep ball Kansas on Twitter and said prediction for Mike wicket. Hero smalley but Franken takes back resignation after next Tuesday if more wins you're not the first person to say that. He doesn't resign today because you can't just turn the lights which there are a lot of there's lot of transition that has to go on. They have to name a successor NASA employees that thinks he's on probably committees and things that have to get done in those committees you can't just walk out on you don't just. Turn the light switch off our guys got. And mind on. The sun can do ham what they've threatened to do it right mores elected in the senate ultimately can force them out. He he may have a choice just like if Roy Moore is elected he made two is an RN and why do we care because he's not being elected to run Alabama politics is being elected to the senate to run it. To make decisions on. Health care and taxes. And in any infrastructure in this history and 100 votes getting a lot of things to ask the race. That error I would they rather have from Alabama in the United States senate that the reason why because they're the lawmakers. The things the focal may appreciate it you're not alone. With the conspiracy that Al is totally out. I don't ascribe that conspiracy which analog final where this goes to cabin in liberty Kevin thinks are calling your on 91 KM BZ. Sergey have. Actual media offerman has traveled back to comment again I mean earlier. I'm looking more rights Republican all the way always been pressure on college too little bit younger look Korea. But I think you know what politics not to doggy dog world let's think. That Democrats are not gonna win and they you know they tried to play the that good people. By and ran against stroke and that book and face and in Hillary's in trying to go to limit rise to play in the backcourt it didn't work so now it's candidate. Well I think we had anything yet since we got to cut this guy out and move on and I think either way they would admit it wouldn't want. And I mean it's still out there. There's so that it wouldn't. Would've gone anywhere what is so now just get rid of them eliminate that person get away from that situation as a possible Bruntlett. Peg Kevin preach adamant that is so much. I think it rebar Bob Franken on her FaceBook page or on Twitter we're gonna go to ABC coming up next and get the reaction. Fresh off of Al Franken is resignation. If Wright broke a bit up and a bit ready go to Minneapolis next right. Perdue talked to I think it's interesting to find out what the tock is where Franken is from call let's go to go to WC CO is Lindsay again so coming up in just a moment. With the reaction out of the Twin Cities to mid day with Jamie wicket find out what their reaction is coming up next. Today I am announcing. That in the coming weeks. I will be resigning as a member of the United States senate. Al Franken from the senate floor in DC. But twenty minutes ago. Big news as a lot of that from politics playing into this political decision as sexual misconduct allegations all around. Joining us right now from our perspective from the Twin Cities from WC CEO radio in Minneapolis our friend Lindsay against it was with us Lindsay we appreciate the time makes look out for joining us. Problem. And before the announcement was made it that we were all sort of leading this way especially in them last 2440 hours before the announcement was made when the first accusations and next when rolled up. How shocked or Minnesota residents that their guy Al Franken was at the center of all this. You know it's it's at a mere couple of weeks because allegations start coming out and there are a lot of people who work. I'm very disappointed obviously that stat that came out McCleon Sweden was very hard for some people to take. I think for people who didn't vote for Al Franken and of course. If you look back at the elections between human Coleman was very close and it took a very long time to figure out who would like record and the sudden act. I think unfortunately all of this gave ammunition to the people who didn't want a comedian and office to begin you know. There were on the conversations. When he announced that he was going to country and it. That I would be put the met office let. Qualifications that he capped direct percent the statement soda and unfortunately. This behavior. The delegates and whether true or not mean you can even look at the photo back came out from Ian tweeting on the airplane and and you see this behavior any wonder. What what were we thinking and I think for a lot of people who stood by and looked. Look at the work that he's done not only for the state of soda but for a the country. Eight it's very disappointing. I talked for couple minutes about a couple things that he sent on as I mentioned to the personally and on ABC news that. The first thing for me about. His whole speech was was two things on first ball the fact that he lays out all these reasons and and we of people that are texting the show saying. He called the women liars. On he lays all these reasons why he thinks he would be vindicated but he thinks that others in investigation would turn out in his favor. He didn't do the things he's being accused. On and so the pushed like it was. If the allegations are all faults and if if you're right and why resign. Here you're exactly right bigger conversation moving forward you know we've seen. And the snowball effect with the need to movement. What is it going to take to get to step down and senator Franken courses at that the first XP or meant in the first done. It beat our true liar I think it is it is the question I think and key in a very good job of approaching the fact that he doesn't think. He can be an effective leader. Obviously in the next couple weeks when he sent a letter bracket resignations you governor Mark Dayton and the governor Dayton will decide who will take over his seat. In the meantime it's a special election can be out. It asks. It is strange and it does bring up a bigger question that we get tax all the time unfortunately most of them are from Mac who today. Yet the power than women court right now anyone can cup glory with the allegation and it doesn't matter secure the person doesn't count. I try to get them up that the question that I kind of look at it out looking at. A court case has been charged with anything he had. As for what we know he hasn't committed a crime there's going to be no charges brought against him that there is an up note due process by. We know that you know. Group would be put together to look at Alec actions and I just trying to bring on how long we keep going how many more people come forward before. You apathy and the. BCC it was Lindsay canceled by joining us so from Minneapolis here an 81 KM BZ. When you have had a chance to speak with him and he's been on your station I'm sure a lot they're in in the Twin Cities when you guys to get a chance to talk with him to get the impression that. He's going to disappear now or are you think that it'll be. A weaker two and then boom Franken tells all or or Franken speaks. Cash back they're really good question you know his history as aid. At the comedian as a person and the spotlight it would push me to think that he would be very open I will say this CNET cents. He became senator has spent a little bit more difficult to get him on the phone especially. You know we can even look at how long it took for him even just speaks to the media and I don't I'll keep by the familiar that what happened was you know. The allegations came out. Everyone in town and I'm sure across the country reached out to the media people in hopes that getting them on and senator Franken is someone do you know you'd join the that the state fair every year for the last. You know that he was an office becomes he'd spent an entire hour there are looked at the state fair which you'd straw. Here in the state of Minnesota. And we were getting crickets or any morning getting responses there were no wonder even putting out a statement. And then all of a sudden we hear word you know that he's going to do the media too or what the media tour ended up being threes. Interview with wit at a PR here in the senate and the public radio the Starker images you know biggest circulation for a local newspaper here. And then Debbie CTO TB and and I don't have an issue with the fact that there were three women were chosen to be interviewed but there are a lot of up political reporters in town we're saying you know different the beat I cover Lila I got out. Could be here especially considering how many email how many times you called. Hoping to get on it and even after the fact that would on Sunday. Monday it reached out in hopes of getting on with our chat Hartman. And not say so it's very surprising once someone who was so vocal and so open you know once. The allegations come out there you know that. There needs to be more. Openness and I don't know I don't know what you do you if anything it could be a big stage he's not gonna do anything. That's not gonna benefit him and we definitely thought that was left out of the. He has spent some of the speech portraying himself as an advocate for women. Any talked a lot about representing the state of Minnesota and and I'm fighting for women while he would bend their. What's record I'm women was that true. You know we've heard that from a lot of women after the first allegations came out I mean there were dozens of its former staffers current staffers are women who said he but nothing but a champion for us. You know I can speak from my my personal experience my sister here locally very involved in local politics and always had. Just wonderful things to say about senator Franken at the same time let nothing come out you know. It behavior going back to the leant credence story reminded me of adolescent boys and I just have a hard time looking at someone who. Would behave that way. And wondering if really. He'd eat the best person. To be representing us now back comes down Q you know who will governor Dayton put into his seat for these. In the next couple of months until we can get email elections happening it actually happened in November 2018 and I don't know that the noticed but I would have up pretty busy political season not here because senator in cold Turkey will be up. Governor Mark Dayton is not running for reelection. And who if you paid attention to the 2016. And congress elections here in a statement that there are very close ones there are a lot of Republicans who will be running again. IG and Lou it here Paul sense that there's going to be a lot. Contention over the next couple weeks about who gets put Matt spotted of course you know. I spent about 25 minutes since he said that he would regarding senator Franken is resigning and are ready hearing reports that Norm Coleman hasn't. Ruled out a second run here in the Nevada. He referenced Tina Smith lieutenant governor as the one to replace it he said her. Some reports say she is going to be the one appointed if that is the case what do we know about Tina Smith. Well actually really interesting lieutenant governor teams met has been working very closely with governor Mark Dayton. And it was rumor for a very locked and that she would be the next one to run for his seat unfortunately for her. A lot of big name Democrat came out Chris Coleman at the mayor of Saint Paul he got a really good record here very popular among people in the Twin Cities and I expecting kind of feel that way it will the Kansas City in such a big metropolitan area that. The metropolitan area here in Minnesota. I mean it just decide the election unless something crazy happens. It typically goes with the way it happened that had a King County Washington County Carver County with the ladies out. Which he would rumored to be in line for that spot and then all of these big name Democrats come up with got like eight hammering out. In a potential running for that nomination and so she'd pout out probably. For five months ago but it's still that very vocal and she's been very vocal. We at winning here in the Twin Cities actors would be. A presidential election and that is women's march was gone and she was the keynote speaker there and she got a great history. Working in different cities. Collecting. It kind of but she went for her whether she decides to run again for the spot depending on what happens with Norm Coleman and yet be seen but. I think that a lot of people will be okay putting him. Guy I just read one governor race to senate races at least five US house races it should be very very busy for you guys in Minnesota Lizzie thing is so much for for joining us to really appreciate it. Of course that recovering you know there's. Never ending news cycle. Though for IRS. Could take nearly. Banks Lindsay canceled WCC a radio in Minneapolis joining us now she was there was this little earlier today since that interview Norm Coleman has released a statement. You'll not be candidate the United States senate in 28 teams people wonder about that. That popped up a little bit earlier we thinker for coming on art is 142. Jamie. You're the healthiest drinker right now. Well our. I didn't think wise yeah. I thought there was something else I thought I was kind of a couple of steps away but it turns at a rental Euro the healthiest drink right now Travis is a healthy drinker you need to get off the year. You need to come Parse that his soul that's for me. Stop drinking beer and just if you wanna be here. It will tell you why GB and Travis both drink healthier than I do. Also we'll check in Medina and parts coming up next some beer drinker more than anything it's beer. Whine if by a fight dabble in the hard liquor. Usually whiskey cocktails have a little whiskey cocktail not a Jean guy I don't really care provide to my wife drinks vodka. I'll shoot tequila not a big lake and sit on tequila guide us about friends are it is the worst G. Each genes 82 octane generals our people I've tried to fit the gene in your car and get from here's Louis. I've tried. There's a disorder called Russell spirits in North Kansas City and I'm very very fond of because it's a genuine I like it's genuine Irish whiskey it's an Irish family. And now. I really enjoy that place I'm going in this weekend as they dual related stuff that they do engine there are you going at it it's like the closest I've ever able to get to. Not heeding gen mean it's at least that exist there's one other that I don't that don't hate but I've got in Cuba. Now as callous and you decent everything that idea of a guy or and it's margaritas but to sit just about anything and I'll run anything neat I like run. It's too sweet for me. Far too sweetie Cooper. As her duties weekends at the end of the fight as a cocktail I can't drink anything eat before I die of this planet there are two things adding I've told you this that I wanna be able to do. Drink coffee black and and I wanna be able to drink whiskey neat I've tried both multiple times and fatal. I didn't drink coffee black until I started losing weight. And then cut out every spare calorie cut and catcher on and I didn't drink whiskey and Ireland and and that's how they do it now I've tried my friends who drink. Whiskey straight like I got a buddy of mine. Blocking into the beer and an that a shot and he'll put the shot or get Iraq's last edited in a sip on them than have the beard like how can you just. That I don't know how. You'll you'll you'll trying to man one day I'll become a man like huge well here's another reason why drink whiskey straight it's just a reason to drink whiskey over vodka. So it is mental was that vodka is the way to go in terms of being healthy and it is I think in terms of calorie calorie ally are hard workers are pretty. I'm pretty lenient. You save some calories in vodka bite but not a funds on like whiskey drink whiskey and I think too because if you map whiskey generally you mix it with. With Coke or dock or whatever your pets are easy sweet of vodka can be so would and that's that's a lot fewer calories at the mixers are likely an idea if you registered tequila be fine it was completely sour and everything else but it was you water Michael water at your best bit extra gas so. But here's another reason why our friends at super com magazine which has assignments are follow. It's seek your cocktails and culture oh well I'll. Here's the reason why is it was. They kind of bacteria. That can survive in case there is a study was published in medical journal that with the types of bacteria the concern right. The bad news is that 31 species of bacteria were found in bar ice. Including. The kinds that can cause skin and lung infection is staph infections. Food poisoning and ammonia. Okay 31 I'm down actor that's gonna make you know open ice was at their cap on it and so with that said researchers tested how resilient the bacteria is by putting infected ice in the comment eggs to see what would many most likely to killed an actor. So what it was that freezing temperatures didn't that's why they were able to survive in the eyes. Vodka did not kill any of that bacteria either. On Coca-Cola killed a couple. Those kinds bacteria the one that causes skin and lung infections and the one causes food poisoning. Top kill all except for one when it causes pneumonia. But the thing that killed them. Whiskey got callers. Whiskey so here's the there's another reason to do your whiskey neat. Because the ice is not the ice is gonna help carry bacteria and number ones it's going to be present your glass anyway and the ice is not going to kill that that answer. Whiskey is her. Mr. object it's it's that calorie wise the healthiest but bacteria killing lies itself the answer yes to keep you from getting horrible things was user pass it well the office filled with you always the best option so if I'd like if I have pneumonia with and he whiskey if I have a cold with the C. There right you now wouldn't mix whiskey orange juice and I think that you get vitamin C. Kelly you're an acre vitamin C. I don't mean business but the next crimes I'm telling you battled don't forget the studio rules go to the wind ominous and getting what you just stay home on. Some I don't wannabes OC I got you out of necessity all the well I hazel RO line whose and for AJ backer. Mark avoid eyes have been shared a microphone and if this morning. Is itself. It's really easy eating glass he's doesn't sound not the best and on the last two days he was nice not to leave me when those wipes and stuff. Commissioner microphones around here hmmm your mouth is right up close to it it's just waiting to get your body whenever that bacteria is to jump by and you usually it's Janie shares the same Mike is EJ and gain yet and each isn't a follow. So don't worry about it he's gonna clean everything Lysol all the time but he is gone I sell ice. I share mine with Alan parks and we here I've I've 25%. More lightly. To get ill from germs from people who share this microphone I even higher risk but you know if except whiskey yes yeah yeah or hot body. Was the honey NT and was so we'll wait whiskey huddle in risky I'd like to try to. I I think whiskey tee and then global Angel EDO and it was yeah and in some. Lines are not one and I do it's an honor yes no me we won another nine does not sick but it's. This one I thought it but not you know now. Out yes. She's okay exactly whiskey how many herbs and spices. Herbs and spices and just basically TOK. And whiskey eleven. Pretty much hit it is cinnamon stick with Rodney king of whiskey so yes so each. There's a shot of whiskey chase that would not. Ought to be and where we got this close and even a magazine close oh it's a FaceBook page. You can go to our FaceBook page it's right there whiskey is better for you than any other drink at the ball I mean it's science it's it kills the back to back. And some suburban honey and lemon when your second empty honey and lemon so why can't you guys bring your Mike's. It's really expensive right lake writer there. Their studio quality there. You know their professional we we have mics which I've other studios and how many CEOs but that's not seeing things that -- it's not just the microphone. Is gasket that I sure computer with Scott and Allen and and we're and then the buttons we hit on the phone like oh yeah. I mean that was the first thing I did I thought I'm gonna take the station Ethier is I try to clean up puzzle panel here GAAP Lysol and I don't care need elementary that out my I was going on for outlets like continue to clean everything. And hearing puzzle of labor and equipment from a delicacy is a day out. Right that if something breaks they noted is supposed to write something that we discovered to bring it on ourselves and I'm. I think have a little whiskey and try hot timing and a what is your specific kind of T was it just like any kind of thing you know he's gave the team Carr I've no idea to even tee involving this is a bottle yeah Daniels is they think here's a hot totti that she's she left it out so it was a warm. Now. She's powerful team back tees I have no idea what kind picketed in Lipton it could have been. Off brand idea I don't know how to get Tebow for a before bed MB list is now nine years old yeah well but I I like IT before Beckett who shot a risky area and help. I would sleep try to give us Travis had six hot topic sentences slept really well I don't have a clue. I am use the microphone over mandrel quick it's not our friend Justin. Who runs and works at liquor store lease on and it has brought us. Liquor before has brought public forum we've been out and he is offering to bring me it's super Burton tomorrow or it that's for kids. Justin text and where can Travis fine angels and moose drank about an angels and the on the Kansas side and can't find it. And I would bottle on and I love it that's my favorites text back and teach and I user aware he'd get angels and in Kansas. Somebody wants an awarding guys to their home studios. Are we record podcast commercials Stevie does extra work at any drugs.