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The Jayme & Wickett Podcast
Monday, November 13th

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Regular supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like two years. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do my one you don't remind you why did what's trending with Jamie McIntyre live your life you're. Blood didn't feel like this on 98 point one JMD's. It is national kindness day. That is being you know it is world kind words and kind world highness and an evening and leaving kind today. I'm always. A pretty kind gaffe he thinks and I think so yeah. Even kind to your kind of coming here I am kind of have to come in here appreciate that you. Yesterday as world kindness so be kind to some people are not being kind they know they're now being kind. No not always easy it's just like. I don't wanna be kind today. When it wouldn't be a jerk. You were just intentionally be injured. Only just come naturally between headed due out this is more natural jerked. Travis and even kinda. I know the tax line as a mineral line to have been today all right my baby is on Wednesday yeah Wednesday it was Wednesday collapsed it. Flag Day schools. Wednesday's Travis is the worst everybody knows that. Use little cranky pants via book is Mike North are thought candy corn and I'd like our kid. Or it's okay blow a hole in the long hole what's the that's not you don't like chocolate no gross. Right. This might. Sorry guys who just lost did it's for the entire day. Gross I don't like Alec track ice cream chocolate milk idling chocolate. Against Snickers bars like last resort town because as you see where wins these are my yeah it and pop up. I love I love. I love the dark chocolate and I'd love I love that the white chocolate I love the two white chocolate not. Yet you would likely that we right exactly and since it's generated by an area. The app. This in this bill last time Nivins ever fills in for Jamie now it's fine it's fine I give you I don't doubt I can look beyond your shortcomings and. Yeah. Missouri about drop off no host. He's. He does this. Heath bars guy act at least disgusting. Butter fingers. As far as I'll go grind butter fingers and put them in some soccer and I'll give you butter finger and it's mostly for the peace not for the chocolates for the peanut butter. I annual and allied with Michael when yeah it's a process to deal with this Google is trending and it has to do with a Syrian Missouri. Attorney general Josh Paul announced said that he is issued an investigative subpoena to probe Google's collection. Of user data. Its use of other site's content in its alleged manipulation of search results to favor its own services. The attorney general's law a i.'s launched a broad investigation into whether Google's violating the State's. Consumer protection and antitrust. Written so I'll put this on FaceBook and and also on Twitter if you wanna check it out but. Missouri attorney general Josh holly and lightly. Candidate to replace. Claire McCaskill and sent it police spread from the Republican side. Is going after Google. Does that get them is that fake news that is possesses this from the Wall Street Journal but. What six counties but don't some people sometimes go oh Wall Street Journal's bullets no it's it's a conservative leaning publications so therefore those. They use the moniker of fake news. Added that envelops MSNBC and CNN they don't use that when it comes to the Wall Street Journal so it's a case that has not fake news house. I believe this is real America. See your what else last up stranding. Very Odom trending to head coach at ms. too. It was a football games around four in a row. And Thor in a row down there. And now very Odom I believe has his weekly press conference today that's why he is is training. Carlos Beltran former Kansas City royal I was trending he has finally retiring. He won a World Series with the Houston astros' Carlos Beltran was in Major League Baseball for twenty years that's wild to think about. It is why yeah it's a long time. He ha. Mean point to be a professional level own professional sports if we years Jeff Kasten. Who is a local guy he writes for Yahoo! is a frequent guest on and 610 probably read his stuff. Follow him on Twitter he's got a great. Tweak the red even with a 240 care 280 character limit we have now it's a really really good read to hear about covering Carl's Belcher. Follow Jeff pass and on Twitter I don't know what he has and fight him stardom and yeah belts on start and cancer in 1998 cash. Looks like a brief stint with Toronto you bounced around at Houston the Mets yankees and he's. Alexy years citizen of the years trending because Colin Capp Norton. Was named the GQ magazine citizen of the year and in many people ship and two men and any legally you. Gloria Allred is trending ol' boy but it's don't know whether she's holding a press conference at 13 row Kansas City time in New York with another accuser. Former Alabama judge and the senate candidate Roy Moore. So now we get more Gloria Allred in the finisher everybody's throat when. Also trending Alex is our or bizarre. He's your no HHS secretary yeah nominated by president trump today to be the next HHS secretary. Little update on tour on this guy who Ito about him. Now well regarded bush vet and ally Eaton also X pharma executives. Here he works for Eli Lilly for. Decade from 07 to 2017. And 2011. He became president of the company's United States division I think that's also the same time he became sort of sounding board for bush. President trump at one point or another has used pharmaceutical companies and accuse him of having too much power and lobbyists quote they're getting away with murder. And now this is what those guys that helped build and made a ton of money off big pharma who's now being nominated by the president from one of his cabinet positions vacated by top prize is an art in order to bring the prices down sure yeah. That'll happen. Yeah right through thick and that'll really I only mean that sarcastically very sarcastically say that's what's gonna happen they're gonna bring them with this kind of helped bring the price is happy you know skyrocketing drug prices wait wait wait he will be a star for better health care and lower drug prices that from a president trumps putter and are coming up. Any time we're we're supposed to be helping vets program has been cut. That really helps out that's tight what it is coming up next mid it was Jimmy with the givens and for Jamie about a selling Mike wicket with you here on 981 KM BZ two minutes after twelve happy Monday aid to be out. It isn't for Jamie modest sell the this is. Something that. It came across the wire I saw that I think on Saturday morning or something like that opened up honors station FaceBook page. The warrior canine connection it's a program that uses an army of volunteer puppy raisers dog trainers and veterans. To repair service dogs for wounded veterans and their families. Has been partnering with military facilities in the DC region since like 2009. Right. Suddenly without explanation that came to a stop says warrior canine connection executive directory recount. I said the trainers and puppy raisers at Fort Belvoir on hand at two locations on the campus of the Walter Reed national military medical center. We're told on October 27 to vacate their offices that afternoon. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon I received a phone call saying there was a stop work order. There was no explanation whatsoever as to why that was the decision passed there'd been an issue with the program problems with staff for incident. At either of the military sites Yeltsin that he hadn't heard anything. Tom. Yeah it was asked them if if there was a reason for this season quote we're trying to getting answers why would all of a sudden program. Be halted that was serving patients for dog bit someone. Or there been an incident he said he could understand why there would be concerned about the program or even an eruption. In the activities that is staffers and volunteers provide but he said quote we've heard absolutely. Nothing. WT OP in the DC. Contacted for develop watney Walter Reed national medical center where your canine connection into offices at the Bethesda campus one of the national intrepid center of excellence. And other building and other sites. To the war you're canine connection training model has volunteers sit with a young puppies. To socialize them. That would just a couple of weeks old and their training begins volunteer puppy raisers get training on how to handle the dogs at Fort Belvoir bella war. And at Walter Reed veterans have been taking an active part in the training to eventually the dogs. That graduate program can be placed for a life of service along a wounded warrior. And now it's been cut and trying to get to the bottom of what this is look. Looking sorry don't go and looking on there FaceBook page that you have a FaceBook page or warrior canine connection. Looks like from the eight. At 8:31 PM they talked about her recently learned that our contract to provide services the men and women in military. Has been halted and we've been trying to get answers none. But it goes on to say that they have a new locations that is going to be opening up in Denver Colorado in early 2018. It should that's. I just don't understand why a program you know I know more about cutting things in. It with spending right now. But I don't know like this one would be one you would want to. I don't I don't quite get the reasoning behind that just trim the fat. It's that would it is a. Assuming you know it succeeded that he. The country wanted a businessman not a politician. And that's who they're gonna get a lot of it's gonna be uncomfortable. They're going to be cuts that are going to be necessary to. You know to help out the yeah overall financial stability of the. The stop work order was issued by Walter Reed officials and not by president trump Donald Walter Reed national medical center issued a stop work order. On October 26 citing safety concerns patient safety concerns. So I don't wanna just wrote this on the president and I think guys. Missing its ago overall it's all about you know living here interning there and what meg. I'm sure Walter Reed feels like it be better off if that these soldiers spoke with the person and maybe got medication they need as opposed to a poppy. Yeah exactly I mean this is what those programs it's really good feel like you you you happy wounded warrior they get a service dog. It helps them cope with their issues I mean we talk about mental health that are veterans all the time. Why is something like this getting shut out why something like this getting mean. They've been doing this for what's 2009 and they've been getting funding for this and now they can't Elliott to shut it down. It just so smells funky to me. So the smells of very very funky and trim the fat man. I hope that. It is literally. A trim the fat open another one elsewhere. But everything I have read and every. Single piece of information I've been able to fight about this over the last couple days. I don't have a real. Real understanding for mean. An organization that provides dogs they got a letter. Through veterinarians the same organization. Her findings but overall impression while working with warrior canine connection is their dogs are well cared for that's from a approved a well known veterinarian. My name is doctor clear pork she went there with the in several weeks. Up concern from contract officer at the defense health agency that letter outlined concerns based on. Some complaints of dogs with loose bowels and so that's the reason if dodger whooping where they shouldn't we got to shut the whole thing down on. We're gonna some near them dig around that it looks like this is. Walter Reed. Send to. A letter of concern in April of two cup means so this has been sort of building for awhile maybe. It's just hit it it's a I don't understand and why we are taking things away from our veterans. You know instead of hey let's really do this let's fix this let's patched this whole of the dogs are pumping too much in the middle of the hospital OK I understand that. Let's figure out a new way. It's a term goal around this and still benefit our veterans in but they come back here especially wounded veterans who could definitely. Use the need to comfort of a companion yeah exactly why would you wanna take this a way. I don't have a club better median good reason for a better not be money. I mean it it. Probably is and isn't isn't that most everything says that follows Paula money centers around money which is a non for profit was this being funded by the federal government how to you know I had this. Well I'd I'm going to go on aluminum. And keeping an educated guess okay that's simply somebody with a campus that is on the Walter Reed. National military medical center until all three hospital. I'm going to assume there's some sort of federal money coming 501 C three charitable organization according to their face but seem. Do Korean target oxy KM BZ was a glory. Adding on. And again. Okay taught and worked with several people. And service dogs that are there are obviously with the bat the fake. Yelled don't. Yet. And I. I mean I'd get him into the I don't know anything about the story that's coming out but I know this is my experience that there's. Becoming. A bigger disconnect between the people who train. I was dog. And most of the people work with honor I have you know suitable Albie. Muscular dystrophy like that shortly they need these dogs that could be things for them. And there's becoming a disconnect in the community. People who are certifying dog that's therapy dogs and then her argument. Is Serb off. And that some of these agencies are for profit. Some of them are trying to do the best it meanwhile. And that they can rescue dog and it it got a pleasant disposition then. And they're not you know dangerous scorer aggressive then there the term out as therapy dogs. And it and they're you know there may be some training stipulations and requirements that you are simply not being met. And I know that to be back with a lot of says the dog that people are calling her and you can't take the lead dog him or that struck right Byrd broke restore but you can take its service dog well. If the rules are relaxed and not because nobody wants you know and the that are restrict anybody. There and I'll let you guys. Unqualified animals and unqualified. Recipients of the gamble who have been trying with the animal. Yes this is if this program continues to go away thinks your phone call Cory. Eat your go to get less and less training you can eat less less animals that are becoming. It trained for lack of a better word. Two to interact with a wounded veteran or or whatever. But it sent it sounds like what Corey was saying is that we take them from being therapy dogs and service dogs are we we elevate the game with dogs you will act like. He said you can't take therapy dogs in the store music service dogs or maybe weren't looking to use in. I guess put a different title even though it's even though it kind of one in the same right. And I get that it's 1229 voted to more the story coming up also. Is there ever such a thing is too much Star Wars yes. So watch him. Football all weekend Travis maybe you you agree this. You may as well David's. There is a Nissan commercial airs all the time watch when you watch football and it has to sample from like the the last and I. Right out of the beginning Democrat and I look up at that commercial every single time. And I'm not in the market for a Nissan I have nothing against these on the DM me sneeze on you get me every time because the only thing is another like trailer come right. Yeah yeah if. Always think it's another trailer. And I'm like oh cool to see more of this movie it can't wait to see and it always gets me an entire galaxy turned upside down because of domestic initiatives relatively petty issues over in Arab and diminishes over there in you hear Greinke did utilized these men and and I was seriously. Like IA it was a huge area and I borrowers. My mom could Seau was huge stores they're grown I was big into it do salary issues they came out moons ago. I am just concerned that were going to completely just saturate the market like old century at the point where. All this spring of hardware wars. Things when the hardware and evidence and higher rewards and as I don't remember that. Disproved just isn't heard rumors. I don't even never even heard of hardware wars oh yeah. Apple hardware wars there is it was a spoof Powell it was it was a short film parity. Teaser trailer for science filmed for the for Star Wars. And upgrade. Well the reason duke start bunker and the reason I bring this up is like win. And follow me on this when we were all growing up night I didn't I would of those weird people I love the Star Wars movies but I saw them. Not in the order they were released okay the first one I saw was the phantom menace. I know that probably means some people and if Lee and I are able to have a child the first one might Cabell C will not be the phantom menace so you saw 1231. Yes yes oh I was the same that would ruin. Now add fourth it's like you're that you're an adult you did it right we're stupid we did wrong. Thought it would child the right. So I you know I won a soft phantom menace because it really wasn't in the Star Wars can you know whatever. And and I saw the clone wars and then they sought revenge of the Sith. And then I watched 456. New old empire strikes back return to the Joseph and I ended. Last when that was out. And what was the of the seventh. Or sort of forced awakens thank you very much. The thing about this next Star Wars it's coming out this. This December. Are they come into quick. Because I I soak up movies I love go to the popcorn love field in. The part of that of the reason chocolate candy bars no doubt at all. The reason we kinda all got excited about the force awakens. Who was it been awhile since we have Star Wars movie or we got jacked up about. The phantom menace because it was a wide open before we end of the Star Wars movie those first two disappointed at the there was okay. Let the they were all the sudden. We had force awakens that we had wrote one which has really good now we've got the last gen Ike coming out and party announced the new and so little movie yeah and then we'll have. The the ninth movie in the actual series with the spin offs and we found out last year. That Ryan Johnson he's the guy that directed the next one to come out the last and I comes out in December. He is going to write and directs. The first of three films. After hour the 91. We are going to have three more Star Wars movies in as a Star Wars. As a member of the sick human race. Sent to what star. It is is it too much are we doing too much this is get it's look it's gonna lose. Scott I think I mean. I don't think it. It probably well now there's going to be tons of he wouldn't go there's going to be the excitement of turning your kids onto it or so going to be like when Disneyland as the all Star Wars Village People about their visited and drop ungodly amounts money. It's but he it to you at some point I wonder advocates over saturated we having too much Star Wars Travis your fan. I think all depend. The timing of when you solve. It rolled one of your role when it was great to. Guess you don't think. The spoiler for something you say. The same thing. It was getting these plans was destroying this it was doing that it was you know it was great sync the few original idea that it not I has gone down Jude to aid. Because your younger generation are. Our new Star Wars even those are words is is an older my franchise yes I think. The younger group is still getting into it's I was like. What those old movies are okay the graphics are kind of crappy and you had one to the areas are computers had you have OK why got some really cool graphics so maybe. From last and I on its gonna get a while stalwart is actually getting better. I think it's I think will be but for I think for people who sell the first 456 the count like. I think it's my feet too much I think I think it's I think it's a little. Epidemic about what's happening in Hollywood right now there's not a lot of originality that comes through now there is not -- and an observer gonna Cummins what about the big sicker you know like I guess there's a few but usually. All Kenya every about the popcorn it's at it's it's almost Saturday morning you know. Back next week and Superman you know same times and CI I think it's YouTube you've you've tapped into something you exploited to make as much money as possible and then. Well you know Micah Micah. A parasite when she sucked it all up on to the next thing we're. And everything now is either your being comfortable book based on older moviegoers have fired and I don't Bieber to make it like what about sergeant what wait till there's the universe were Star Trek and Star Wars politely ET. And eighteen showed up the Holocaust scholars popular by the council down there you look close and there they are right. So I think I think I'd look I'm a fan I'm gonna start. I'm gonna go see the new movie next month I threw a fit I was hung over a New Year's Day when that the last one came out. And how the I cars that they might like it might eat large translate dude you are aspects it Canada liquor child amounts to a movement that legacy that's. And continue like elk. In the but it it's it's. You can only tell this. Kind of feels like they're gonna write some new stuff Star Wars dot com announced that Ryan Johnson will write and direct the first of the three films along with his longtime collaborator. Collaborator rot Romberg as producer Al Broderick and he node on the days. The trilogy will be separate from the skywalker saga and introduced new characters from core of the galaxy. That Star Wars or is never. Ben before Star Trek the it archer what about the marble box well it's gonna show up somewhere are we getting over saturated with marvel movies yes no. Thank you strap. Absolutely. All of them. How many spider man's that we had over the last decade it would in this current market economy governments have we done. DC. Assistant. People. It's like watching CBS Mercedes it's the Travis are you excited shovel and shovel out the deceit or Wragge rock arm to go into moral awesome you'll love it it's fun it's funny. And I can't wait for black interdict them medically for infinity ward coming out and then whatever. It was after that it can be distracted is go there any. Popcorn and not that not that chocolate would I I do love popcorn particularly the same about Batman would head back and from west's you madam last Michael key yeah rights yet they got all Michael Keaton the best the best man at the best that man the one who can never turn his neck to bring him back via the I think think governor Tim Burton Michael Keaton. They brought it back alive after the disaster that was known as Adam West. And I don't care sue suicide squad Jarrett left as Joker. Now you can't. Yes can't you hit. I just get food Jerry let those Joker because he was a snag. Through because he wasn't people under Heath Ledger thank you or Jack Nicholson. Act act act great wonderful and out of the movie and I thought it was gone out as that is. The moment I got here is Julie Evans is evidence I think these jokers that I'm entitled my opinion obtained in my mad Wednesday's match and Monday's C first to get on top invaded in a trash in my superdome right. Well I said it's it's getting a little saturated you'll agree with me a bit it's getting a bit too much at their advertisements that I think that ledger as Joker was and you're ruining the show. Rooney called dire today this. This is it right there are not that I exited the and then I don't know where that comes free at a bit different but about anything else and politics dogs Israel -- rounds Katherine expected to adopt on Jared let those a Joker just yeah I'm I'm. A banned from ever coming back down this business side of the hall why. I mean you know you really good about you right we write the rules around here didn't you really back. She will along that go on until Christmas so. Yeah I'm gong Christmas week. I don't accompaniment case and now they're going to be you to be hit up know if that's not in debt. All right speaking of saturation and Hollywood and what are the biggest moneymaking franchise is ever. He's getting a spin off on TV the gas. We'll tell anybody coming up and saturated mid day with Jamie wicket Nivins in Virginia mother Sally we'll tell you what TV show or movie. Are getting together next 91 KM BZ. I think. I think we should. They're playing this whenever givens enters the room fair enough. Think it's worse than have them destroying the minds of the children and I'm not gonna kill John and I Canada ended spoiler alert and it can and Darth Vader of the same powers. I'm glad. Yeah I love Star Wars. And an eleven but this is a little saturated expressly. If and that Macon. Some more TV broke it we told you about the last the last yet I what's happening after that now they're gonna be three new movies coming out at the opposite skywalker won't exactly the same as the skywalker timeline I. Know this until break I mean I t.'s going into break something different. You two you would Travis told me that. There are TV shows that are in the works. Disney is announced that it is working and they live action star or is TV series. To revert to premier artist in streaming service launching. In 2019. Now we're doing Star Wars TV then probably yeah yeah market saturated now and off. Capitalize on not one bit but not there that's Travis authority said a DVR and signed up for Disney either you know here's the thing. Don't sometimes it's like like bill. In the last when that was out. Now and not the next one coming wrote one not broke one the one that personally or awakens. After awhile doesn't get little difficult to keep track of everything and Ohio I can never know what's going on halfway through a movie I have no idea who's doing what I just watched I got this got snow. Right like I'm you know that is easy for I think maybe for me and Mike. Maybe it's not the reason why is not Lisette raises because were watching the movie and not thinking too much yeah it and second I don't think too much one's eyes and I think if I. I know it's just and I must think because both sides like that great philosopher is a hard time Aristotle Socrates no offense but yeah. That story we everyone knows I don't put too much more into Athens a bit of Aristotle just chilled out of that you would like to forcefully such analyst. In addition it. You know upstairs at the three and he's I think about today if I didn't and it's that you got fifty. It just has been century when and ultimately fruitless. I mean like thank. I feel a little bit like Hollywood for the last. While has gotten system. And Middle East so if you could make your loop in the world would be about that's the original goal lord when one of the evidence have a script right. Hollywood is a vital archives for two decades now is that is in accounting creative writing out gang. It repelled from a B two and say it was a short story everybody's. It's a put this is heading right into. You know getting away from Star Wars but still staying in the movie industry. There's a Lord of the Rings TV show that is coming this from slate dot com given that Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. What do combined seventeen Oscars and grossed nearly six billion dollars worldwide via. If you include hop movies you would think that the entertainment industry might be inclined to leave wave more than well enough alone. But that would only be true if you didn't live in the entertainment universe or. I didn't live in the world Lord of the Rings helped create more concrete Amazon is an ounce and it's making you Lord of the Rings TV series. The company's own press release says the series well I adapt to talk and couples. That turns out night not to be quite the case threaded the series of pro which Amazon as acquired a quote multi season commitment. They'll explored whose story lines preceding The Fellowship of the Ring so now have Lord of the Rings TV deficit. Yes. I think the reason why a lot of Hubert doing this now it's forward money is all he knows where the court cutters it's for the people to start cord cutting more. Why why have. All these channels and order you know TV show that you wanna watch when Amazon you can sonogram is on prize here and have all those to what they are an Atlanta the comics on Netflix to write yet and I couldn't have their Netflix originals I've that this is just going to be a start the new year quote unquote Amazon originals now via Amazon's been make originals and the thing I really original programming via. The Netflix. Via. Which I guess you could lead us through that one story about Netflix trying to figure out what to do with. Spacey show well that was the other thing too you know it was attacked if we're gonna stay at Hollywood let down. House of cards writers are urgently working on a way to write Kevin Spacey out of the final season. The future of the Netflix series remains up in the year following a string of allegations against Kevin Spacey. This from a smoke room dot com behind the scenes the show's writers are facing a ticking clock is they scrapped the season six point eight months in the making. And find a new direction for the show's final season. Let it go there there is we started me in. Next door neighbor 1000. Surf watch this approach so called the 4400. Of your heard about it I'll never hit that 4400 people disappeared offer then they come back and normally nose with a bad and maximum of having someone had like you know. Abilities and all that but so we were getting into spur interest in the lower 4400. It was early 2000 okay. But it had no eat it may state they have this show stops before the ending got put into place locked. Just where it ran out of money wasn't day when our so we stopped watching over whenever that took him to have the boxer reason half price books the only. Cuba and every now. It just shows you this ought to make it doesn't Mac and at the end breach where it needs to be just and it well. TV show. The college law. You know I never got into my wife loves that right westward does nights. Down in Iraq he's not a fan but I don't know how loss indicts and never got into it. I'd ever watched it yet and I never I never I don't like to act like you never ended there. Still the still lost now just like an insult to show the new Star Wars trilogy on the bright in what were they so there was a new they were lost again late Heidi lost twice I'd ever I'd ever watch it's Hampshire lost viewers are off that you would be right now so. She'll be hoped that they make another hard. Yeah I didn't see the last probably the only kid yeah I live free or die hard yeah oversaw that. What about the fast and the furious franchise. Are still going on making him really it. He's also got to bring back lethal weapon there'd didn't win he wins no auto club during my and another movie with those who really were in talks with them right now yeah. In unity is out now Mel Gibson basically has like. A free pass to come back into society price holds don't entirely know that. It's Bremen and welfare all Ed Marky Mark and it's this kind of soft and up on that that will be a softball comedy they're making another lethal weapon. Glover is seven years old I think with a variety that I'd pirated on which is part ago when it comes out there that it's a of the Johnson yeah make another lead me which would be numbers since. Says. Five. Right now let me let I gotta look is that because I don't. How many lethal weapons the original was great the second one wasn't as good and then it upper yeah seriously it is too easy series such as anybody who watched that you know the TV series yeah I keep seeing commercials sports it's got to be steal my art. Is anybody wants the media is getting too old for this bleak. Twenty years ago and now we sent the let's see. There's. Anybody actually watch. With the dads well I don't think I've I've watched it and Emery to Cornell Mel Gibson has fueled rumors. Of torrid it lethal weapon and then he says he was on a radio shows seen. Lethal weapon five could be become reality and start filming it. Please 114 so there is a four that was a Chris Rock I think was and yet Chris Rock gently. And I remember that movie was so awful it was the final installment there's force they're talking about bringing a fifth one great is we need more lethal weapon. It's at every one and what happened that lethal weapon franchise Robocop the I saw the enemy Buddha that right yeah now to. Called reboot it. I didn't see them re remade with Colin Farrell was any good yeah it it was it was it yeah it was a good that is that is the original. And they'd better come on they tell net honoree booted blade runner. Yes you know I watched that course is a debt by two different versions of blade runner you know and man the original one minute mad Max is great I thought I thought he did hero that at the that he wrote it it was fondle I did watch the blade runner you know the original one and it just was never took off. It was kind of to ever sought. Mair and the movie guy and it never saw via exited 2049 the new one with yet now now. As did it didn't have any injury Torre if it was a cult movie anyway like blade runner didn't make a ton of money in the theaters it didn't have a huge. Is more of a cult following in the back they spent all this money to make his second one. Or 2040 numbers and others talks about that bringing up a sequel to beetlejuice beetlejuice to bulk goods as we need more and more real time of these talks readers via. But with a 10 Winona Ryder been. Big hit now Netflix that stroke comeback yeah stranger things. I watched all of the second season stranger things we CNET I'll never gotten into it never in every one apparently my speaking now and I'm right Aaron an indictment and it. I just never had. But I am I am into ray Donovan right now I sort of watched and that is that with that Shriver yeah. But it's it's always seem arsenals at our side there's like Dennis clear he's from rescue me it's this like. Tough guy a who's a little bro OK and is married with kids and possibly hasn't thing on the sack. I didn't does things that normally normal people would obviously go to jail for but you know yes justifiable reasons gotten as bad as this it's it's like. And.