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Tuesday, October 17th

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What they're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do a lot when you don't remember anything and why did so what's trending with Jaime and whenever they feel like you're plugged into the game right there. Live on 98 point one JMB. She said coach any Reid the number one trending topic in Kansas City he is. Speaking. And with the media today. What are the big news reports coming out sir Kendrick last one of the running backs is in concussion protocol or forget and banged up. In the lost the Steelers. Travis didn't they re signed. They beside him because they've need some thought because you've got Kareem hunt would possibly a new knee injury. They've lost like their top two wide receivers today they added Miller and I think Chris Connelly action might be out for the season yeah Achilles rupture. So Andy Reid is your number one trending topic. As you mentioned Howard University trending. Because police are responding to concerns. Of an active shooter there DC police are sweeping Khamis and say still nothing fountains we'll let you know as the story develops. Jamie auto issue your family. A happy national Potts today. Because you're Italian and here you know national content repositories. Outcome because the car not conducive to keeping. Look at solved. I'll I'll celebrate me for instance this that is warrior here it's taken back. And I am to the national mosque today. I don't know a nugget probably getting Omid. But it's not something like a bacon a regular basis. Yeah even know it's easy now. A countless innocent report. And that's why Prospect Park is turning that. It sounds like it's like a Mel Brooks movie a callous looms in broke their pictures of it crews are trying to wrangle the runaway cow. That is running around the field the process Prospect Park. Last year this happened at least six to eight. Where I was running at it and it's probably from their from the slaughterhouse. And they would they would take police. Which sounds weird on the high speed chase that he's you have to high speed chase for Cao did it a book for one of those. Let's see here this is trending alt. Is it labor I hark all these you know I heard music festival is that it's going to be not in. Vegas this more of an alternative staying in that they're gonna do it could be LA with Mumford and signed cage the elephant back. Spoon walked the moon. Dashboard Confessional. So that'll be coming next January in Los Angeles and have some fun yes they do hash tag Republican a movie not doing it. Let me recap yeah verbal beating both Republican a movie and get richer diet a pre existing condition. And oh pride is prejudice of oh. All. Funny and the middle class all collide and off all friends without health care benefits. I'm not doing these these are ones that are are under winner forgetting Sarah. I'm sure a lot of Republicans would love to forget Sarah Palin. Well this is lower eat I'm just gonna read our eyes I didn't make it you didn't write this I did right. The kkk. Inning and I. Incident united. I didn't say I'm just just over the river according to news desk. I've just got to move on because I think some of those are entertaining there's the word I would use entertaining. It's her Han Solo is trending. For the fact that the new Star Wars movie now not to have not the last jet ideas coming out in December but the next Star Wars. Story I guess Brad wrote one premise they've come up with a name. And it's just solo. Is a new Star Wars movies to be about Han Solo. I'm Ron Howard got the director spot after the original directors had some creative differences five months into production so the new Star Wars movie. Will be a sack haven't side story which wrote one travesty sought it was great I loved it. And and now there still a Star Wars the director for the last Ted I think his name is Ryan Johnson. He got so tired of people. Asking him whose last and a who has less that I. He's not give a spoiler but the Eagles on Twitter says. It's Luke argue over. Those boiler but it's Luke's or shut up and stop asking. If it wait for the movie to come out and a right to wait for the peca. For what it's all that's trending in Kansas. That's an early numbers that have anything else on my list that you need to be ending in your tyrant analyst at the bottom right coming up. There's a new games for your kids that they might be playing because of FaceBook. This Qaeda ties into the misting Foster kids story we did earlier in the week. We'll tell you about that but also. We'll get into a conversation we had back in the 10 o'clock hour about compensating wrongly convicted prisoners midday with JP in wicket. Radio and 81 KM BZ. Look at some your phone calls coming up at 5767798. 91 KM BZ Medina damion wicket. Got my eyes for you coming up about 25 minutes of listening at 1245 if you want to win a pair of tickets to. The just county home remodeling show coming up a week from Friday will be out they're broadcasting live going on all weekend. I wonder what a pair ticket stay tuned that's coming up. So we always talk about games. That kids are playing. That are awful. Like the burden game the burn challenger whatever. This new line is called the 48 hour challenge. It's a FaceBook team. Which they usually are. Urges teenagers to go missing in fort today is leaving their desperate parents fearing the worst why. Children as young as fourteen. Are believed to have taken part in the 48 hour challenge they are urged to run away. And sever contact for two days before re emerging. I inning game participants get a higher score for each time they are mentioned. On social media. Oh god yeah I'll own car yeah. So that means that missing children are rewarded when worried parents ask FaceBook friends for help in finding them. Follows the game a 72 craze that's what FaceBook years ago in Northern Europe that dare involve teenagers challenging each other to disappear without a word. To their families for 1224. Or 72 hours authorities were alerted after a thirteen year old girl from northern France went missing for three days in 2015. I. I don't know what's worse why you would want to put your parent through that. Terrible time of you missing in the war. The network rewarding each other with points for FaceBook and Twitter mentions. Of your name. Like why. Why. Would you do with that. For the social media attention. On what are right teaching our kid I mean this is why we have twittered this is why we have likes on FaceBook this is why you know it's it's all about. The more popular you are the better off you are and I don't think. I think kids in the situation don't realize what they're doing I don't think they realize that there are setting their parents. It's one of those were and I think. Might my dad and maybe the older generation is kind of in the same the same bubble and my dad doesn't mean knows that the Internet is moot. Only my dad gets what the Internet can do right you know what I mean. I think that if you're a fourteen year old. You'd you have a FaceBook account. Or snaps at a counter whatever. But I don't think you realize how big. The idea of ditching your parents or how big FaceBook is or how big you are missing and out of your parents' supervision really. Can be. I cannot imagine 48 hours and let alone. An evening I mean I don't know at what point parents took two nights here. This is where we need to. I don't know at what point how old's your kids get. We you know longer feel like you have to know precisely where they are 24 hours at 35 like if you said. If your kid at sixteen what's his sixteen analyzes every car. Average. If it's sixteen your kids says I'm just I'm gonna go out for the night. Slow man and all that did work well. Do you need to know exactly where they're going. Yeah I guess not at sixteen. What's the age where it's short of eighteen winner of the house and their long but winter under your roof. If they say I am I'm going to work and got some friends afterwards. Do you need to know where they are every minute. Oh man. That is a great question because I don't know about you. Bush I was kinda given free reign from what I live with my father now. When I was living with my mother I was younger and I chose to live with my dad who my mom was. Where you go in who's gonna be there my father was a little. More lenient. Where you go and I'm going out with with Jason and I'm going out with with why. Oh okay read on Doug Elliott prob is increased for a bit right okay well have your Ager I knew we could agers Baghdad. And could be up to be home by eleven or midnight whatever maker he was it was. A weekend. I I don't know if parents are like that anymore because now. We have still many other things to worry about. You also can reach them more easily yeah they used to be able to you now instead of just having the page or you can call that's why a lot of parents say they get their cellphones there itself and so early. So they can always know where they are cute you can GPS so you know we're soccer if you want. And I ask imparts good course. To me seems lie. And and what's the point at which you start to be concerned 767798. When you hear. This kinda games that make you freak out even more where kids are trying. To be hidden from you for a day or two gays. You know what age do you not a great question at what age do you not have to know exactly where they're going who's going to be there what the gonna be doing the united super parental supervision that's going to be. At this event. Is it sixteen. Is at seventeen or is it when they graduate and they're off the paper. Because again the game goes 122448. Hours at what point are you losing your mind and meet at what point are you. Are you prompting worry and it is can point. You start posting on FaceBook you've called the police police are involved 576779857677. Nanny or texted at two to ninety Gerald. 'cause I guarantee you parents. Who have lost their kids and we all ran away from our kids our parents are at an amusement park or ball target at some point. And there are your site for five minutes and I can imagine five minutes becoming an hour five hours a day. Or two who days write Timmy if you miss curfew. That becomes an issue okay I guess is apparent again I'm speaking if I were a parent I know I'm not by. Let's put ourselves or for second I think about my parents would have died. I think my parents were OK with me you are out for the day and they didn't know exactly where it was 'cause it's daylight. There're plenty of reasons for you not to be home that are illogical. But if you miss curfew. I don't care if it's half an hour. It's dark you could be you could've got an accident a lot of people are out. Three might might wind out of worrying decrease is quite a day after dark okay and after Kirk. Think if if I if you're sending your daughter goes out at noon. And come back and let's say you're like Beale by seven for dinner or whatever and they're gone into 7:30 fri 8 o'clock it's eight. Third he nationally I get our word to if there is a specific time they're gonna be home. And they missed it like if there is a specific plan and are not there 5767798. Deanna in KC KER 91 KM BZ was a Deanna. I. I love yeah. But it should be all right up. There but there are at it they are. It went live. And in her honor on a pop there are. How many kids yet and what are their ages. I had luck out world now. Out and worked drink it now. I figured that side very seriously by. Can't they were. You're kind of in the U that there is there was always one we want to stay out later. Well couple. Allen later. That would like that most accurate thing. I am I I I understand. It was there ever timer they like Jamie said they missed curfew and they were gone an extra half hour hour hour yeah did you freak out. Out of it did not. Got JD and I think is so much so until they left the house is college students or whatever and eighteen. Guillen always had to know. But that's not that uncommon somebody just texted sheets united zeroing my kids turned 21 I no longer asked where they were going what time they would be home but I did tell them I expected them to call me if they weren't coming home for the evening. And it worked great but until they turn 21 and you were they were going in and be home. She's quick at home this past week yeah I was a I'm thirty all went to my mother's house for the weekend and I think that if I hit them later. Then why I was just I went to visit some friends and I think if I have been out all night she would have expected me to let her and now. It's it's not that she didn't trust me it's just chase someone should generally. Kind of have an especially if you don't have a regular schedule yeah like I worked from home for a long time where no one really expected me to be at and I thought it would take if something god seriously Raun. Well we take for somebody to notice. My dad was the same way adding he would say if you're not coming home just look we know you know period stay over it Jason's and play video games whatever just just loading up. But. Ice in my that was kind of lenient with. And I I think it just kind of depends house to house right. Household household up but I get to parents say you always worry. Bet that there never comes a point which you stopped where am. I think my not my vision I was still worry about just when I travel alone. My mom was a mind Kansas City worried about you when you traveled to edit Ireland yeah I mean there when I've gone to places it for some reason domestically she doesn't care she doesn't understand that something you just easily happened. In the United States is somewhere else but yeah she likes me to be reachable. If I'm traveling a lot on. 57677. Edit the phone number text in 22980. Coming up why some students protested at school. Because they're teachers told them to speak. Blank but he one KMB easy mid day with Jamie and wicket. Coming up and the 1 o'clock hour we will ask you. What should wrongly convicted prisoners in Kansas and get after a big story yesterday we found out that one man who was wrongly convicted. And was in jail for 23 years got not die from the state of Kansas that's coming up at 1 o'clock. He's on the Huffington Post and Weis to serves at about what eight teacher sad. 28 students in New Jersey high school students on Monday. Decided to walk out and protest after a teacher last week insisted that a student speaking Spanish should instead speak. On American. Students cliffside park high school in cliffside park New Jersey recorded a teacher on Thursday insisting that United States soldiers. We're not fighting for the right to speak a language other than English sixteen emerging European Mary Cabrera told NB CT now. That she was discussing in New York Yankees in Spanish with a friend when the teachers and the teacher said in the video. They're not fighting for your right to speak Spanish they are fighting for your right to speak American. Low. And the video the teacher kicked the students out and yell that they were being disrespectful. As they grabbed their belongings and left the classroom. After the video spread more students got upset and about a hundred students chose to walk out in protest. Way we don't have an official language and we felt threatened. So now I know that some people think it would be easier if everybody knew English and it and it probably would. But nonetheless we don't we don't mandate that here on so. Vieri had moved the last three years ago from the Dominican Republic and is more comfortable speaking past. The teacher insisted that if she wanted to speak her language. She could do so in Spanish class. So she said I have speaks Spanish hybrid just being honest I can speak whatever language I speak and that's not my rights others and a lot says I should or must speak English. This was an algebra class yeah I was not even an English class this was an algebra class that this yeah English teacher and shares subbing in in the algebra class which. I could I don't know how that translates Lester just there to keep order and say do pages five through twelve for whatever. I know they're gonna be some will say. Dart at the teachers right where America you need to speak American which is not a language by the way as you mention it is not a language. Did she have the right to kick them out. 57677985767798. In texted at 2298. She said there were being disrespectful. To whom. I want to know who she thought that they were being disrespectful to me they were speaking. Spanish to one another about the New York Yankees this by the it was a New Jersey and now. I don't should she kicked him out and Agassi can do whatever she wants her class and and it's it's a matter of whether the principal decides to agree with her or not it's the board of education at a special meeting in closed session. Principal previously threatening students who chose to walk out with suspension because you at a hundred kids that left on. In this school's student body. Last year 49. Point 7%. Reported speaking Spanish at home so almost half of this schools speak Spanish at home. And 62%. Identify as head as Hispanic or Latino. 32%. Reported speaking English at home that's the local let's according to local school boards statistics. Should this teacher had chosen her words much more carefully. It's sore sounds like this teacher snapped. In a bad day kind of and that's kind of how it feels to mean and because first of vault she could just gotten irritated perhaps that in this class these two kids were talking about the Yankees you know maybe not focusing on the last not focusing on what you're supposed to be focusing on. The Spanish probably got her her ear more than English so she noticed. That got her attention these two kids that we're not doing whatever they were supposed to. She didn't think through. And then she was wrong. And it was on video. It literally is on video now everything and it sounds like this escalated. Quickly and badly. Yet again she kicks them out she yells they were being disrespectful they leave and then a hundred students chose to walk out in protest on. It sounds like she just snapped. And had she taken a sect in it and that's not okay by the way either on your job as the teacher is is to be an authority figure and has to be calm. And not snap on if she was irritated at their behavior. That's what you say you say I need you to pay attention Ike and you leave the language out from it all sounds like. There's a bit of you said this this teacher was an English teaching an English teacher subbing for now's a pass it she's at least in the school yeah. Yeah she also has some insensitivity to the culture of the school. That you've got so many students in the school that speaks Spanish and I think to have the video right here to play and that's. Some the drama that's. It's just a bunch of kids walking out in protest. Because they're swapping out right now. And I. Ole okay IE it's how she's irritated. That she doesn't know Spanish and didn't know what they were talking about and I are talking about it in the middle of plaque is here and you can Hershey's doesn't know. She's just annoyed that there are speaking Spanish in her class and maybe she doesn't know what they're saying. There are played again and she snaps at yeah yeah. It. That just sounds ignorant. It does fighting for your run wasn't well thought out military men and women are fighting for your right to speak American sounds ignorant and that woman is an English teacher and is. Techsters are pointing out as well. Did help predominately Spanish speaking to school is it's 49% Latino does not the first time the two kids assert speaking Spanish class or. It can't you now and soul. Absurd 62%. Hispanic or Latino. That's a day like it once they're paying attention I have some kids that are gonna find the teacher that doesn't know Spanish they're gonna talk about teacher in Spanish and that's gonna take her. That was not what was happening 5767798. A stock to James and belt when you're on 91 KM BZ. I got on it. I gotta gotta gotta look statement bill like the lady was a bit of ignorance secretly in the they would be there and it really can make that they've got a lot of heat an English teacher buy in at Dubai. What will say and I'm sure you know what that there were pretty sure that it. You know why they were recording it looked like they knew that was gonna happen and number two. You know they've Baird and outlook Matt Clavet what he don't dot topic while you know and what might not the act and uncertainties or battery negate you know then about the clash at the embassy biological enacted load their labor. Thank you to act in the opener to China get them done. All right AJ thinks the full comment 5767798. Go to. KM BZ was up Daniel. So the simple fact of the matter is I have and lines that are educator. What if educator data whether she stressed that are not whether it was a bad day here. Was 100% wrong the reason there is no national language is because it would be like imposing. Every single US citizens speak proper English and then from the united and they haven't done that and pre colonial times and the simple fact of the matter is. He didn't have the right there ethnic heritage they have a right from their native. And they should be allowed to talk in whatever language page you'd. For whatever reason they cute. And this feature really. But I haven't looked in the mirror she's educated argue. And he's imposing these backward. And ate here it's like. Telling everybody here have a pre packed verbally. I I I you know adult do it so why not I do with someone else. I Dana thanks for the phone call men too good point. 767798. What do you think. Should this teacher of kick these kids out or was she just having a bad day. I don't I don't know it sounds like there was something more going on it sounds like we don't know what happened before us. We have video Internet video we don't know if other kids were being rowdy. It doesn't necessarily make it out because as a teacher here jot the second you lose control you're in trouble the second you lose control those kids know they had. We're gonna bump who might have next hour take more your phone calls a lot you wanna jump in on this at 576779. H told them to speak American not speak Spanish. 5767798. And it was a protest but a hundred kids the fire alarm even got old. And the school is investigating its midday with Jamie wicket we want more your calls including Stephen and Iran policy next and 91 KM BZ 981. KM BZ mid day wins Jamie wicket. Jamie on a cell Lee Mike wicket talked about a teacher who had this to say in New Jersey to a couple of boys who were speaking Spanish to one another. About the New York yank. Yeah yeah. But the. Our eyes so military men and women are not fighting for your right to speak Spanish they're fighting for your right to speak American. The students then got up about a hundred of them walked out of protested. Eventually there are a lot more out there the fire alarm was pulled and they're investigating. What do you make of this 15767798. By the way there is no language called American she is an English teacher by the late in the school. Who was subbing in during that algebra class or the kids were talking about the Yankees in Spanish. So she said is factually inaccurate that's a problem. She snapped and seemed to lose control a bit from a former teacher standpoint that's a big problem that's why you had a hundred kids that watch out because that they feel empowered because they know the Gloucester temper. These are all issues on. Should she kicked him out no. Because they didn't do anything wrong other than in Iraq class. To bring up the kneeling football games they don't complain to but it but as as many veterans have told us they fought for your right to protest things in this country. Because we're a nation of mini weather were white or black or Hispanic whatever. You have the right to speak Spanish in this country wouldn't be you we don't outlaw the speaking of Spanish or Japanese or Chinese or Portuguese or French or Russian. We don't outlaw that in this country you have the right to do it so not only did she speak of the language we speak as American which is wrong. In my opinion she's wrong for saying that. Military men and women right did not fight for your right to speak Spanish actually in my opinion. Did a dead. Date date spot for your rights to live according to the laws of land and how we have a lot size to answer these last 5767798. Let's go to Ron in Kansas City your 91 KM BZ was up Ron. Well I think you particular call guy. I am a little bit by at some prior military. Also connected. Low light does that Homeland Security. Look like making it a little biased but it now don't other children up to have a right not to be interrupted class. You know there are also being disruptive that car audio recording your. Know. Where the also dreamed children were they children apparently doctor naturalization. Do not have the that the I don't I don't have an answer for ask why it matters. Because it through naturalization. They get hurt the process to try and speak English. And and when you go to other countries usually try to learn a little political language. You're now not rude. While Roddick there at the quote in the the story from NBC news and I'm looking at. It's from one of the kids who said I laugh because first of all that's not a language I have the right speaks Spanish -- the right to speak English hire the right I mean it sounds like the kids do know how to speak English just in that instance chose to speak Spanish too. And other into the speaker know and and this. Are certain or an hour of the day in May not related talking about yankees are talking about it students talk about teacher. I don't know how much banished the teacher knows. And also. There is just thinking about the other children beer and destructive to the other children could they do have rights and would that say public school 500. Right taxpayers' money. There and order and what I just ask were where you're headed here. Employable by competitors wondering in a public school our current market price of its Spanish school. Art magnet school they maybe teach certain. You know like. Today. I'm just gonna go on a limb and say the English teacher who was subbing for the algebra class didn't know a lot of Spanish at this public school that is 62% Latino. And he was wrong with the way it should end of the total current chewed off control. And that he can't he control of those kids aren't. Probably doesn't belong there. She's she's usually in the class those you're probably right about that. We bottom line we could talk about kids talking in class all the time there are millions of kids talking at a turning class right now. So we're all in agreement I did. I would yak and I was a teacher that tried to control that and that's a pain in the neck and you have kids that are speaking a language that you don't understand. We don't know what they're talking about that makes it more irritating but appropriate way to handle that moment is to go out to them and say I need you to pay attention or need you to quiet down. It's not to say military men and women have fought for the right for you speak English snapped pars are Americans snapped but who doesn't. Have a bad day at work and who doesn't get. To our emotions run high and you react to it. We don't all get fired for. And I don't know the kids were Garza on the nearly mattered to me it doesn't matter doesn't matter to me it's public or private school or how much Spanish she knew it it doesn't make a difference to me Ron thank you for your call and thank you for your service reference. Stephen in Kansas City your 91 KM BZ. I assure our Hispanic and a veteran. The future. Was correct in relation handled the situation but the kitchen not speaking Spanish and arts and let's Ers bench or. Why because 90% of the people who were talking at Spanish around people who speak English. Don't watch what they were talking about. I would almost that amount that they were not talking about the Yankees game. I don't know that and there's announcing your wrong Stephen there's a chance that I mean on both sides could have been I could not have been but that school is mostly Latino. Well I understand. And I have worked around and been around people he speaks Spanish around English speaking people. And they're talking about the people around. 90% of the time I don't tell people I speak Spanish and help people understand Spanish because I don't want them to know that I understand what they're saying. I got you I thank the focal Stephen appreciated. I know. This much banished and on about a quarter surveys at a resort where the dot yell it's. If that was the issue and they war. They have been speaking English and Ben talking about some saying that she is now. Had a problem lies in Allen and her issue being irritate it would have been saying it sounds like she's more mad. Visit so she's more mad that they were speaking that they were speaking Spanish towns like. I guess I can back to you I think she maybe didn't understand what they were saying. And they were speaking Spanish which for some reason irritated her but I was upset over the fact act that. She's a teacher to school or somebody of these kids speak Spanish at home and has some basic cultural. Lack of awareness of her student population. Again. At this school 62%. Identified as Hispanic or Latino 32%. Report speaking English at home. 49 point 7%. Of the student body. Speaks Spanish at home. 5767798. Also the teacher was quoted as two with the students was quoted as saying. She set up by one to speak Spanish to do it at my Spanish class it hurts because I came to this in our country to accomplish by dreams and hear that. It's not fair 5767798. A stock lower in Gladstone dry 91 KM BZ Laura. Illegal. I I don't want to make an error there. I know that we have a lot of other people in our country I have no problem was. They'd have a problem. When there. Speaking their language eat other EU. As a their laps. I'm I'm sorry can you repeat that these are there are other people in this country and there'll I I don't understand your. I don't appreciate it would have. A weakened their own language that won it out there. And they will let act you know. And it is filer because you don't understand what their pain. And a lot of times it could be taken personally. OK but they also may not be talking about you. Well it. I Stuart again she's paranoid they're talking about her perhaps and that makes her more annoyed. In that case you tell them to quiet. You don't bring up the military here to fight for use speak American whatever. You just tell it and a pager being disruptive. I need you to stop talking and you leave the language out of you don't you know do this race here. I. You know good at her like that now you know go that direction now at military men and women are fighting for your right to speak American. First things they teach you. Waiter in teacher school is how to maintain control and composure and keep your cool in a situation like that because it's the only thing matters and you you lose like that that's why kids walked out thanks your phone call Laura award goes to Jesse in Kansas City you're at 91 KM BZ its final word Jesse. I am Mexican man can quietly and then I was born in the act at all and it. Heller backtracked. Easily had of people need to get country and that teacher Hannah there on the right. And we're being attacked and she might impact that any water. Al Hakim when they should've been doing and how she and as for why that she Churchill. The amendment that are our country and the marriage. I am obviously the problem she had a Hewlett and that'll learn it there. I am. Yeah she brought. Brought the race. Or this the language into the conversation it's a good point Jesse appreciate it because it wasn't about just talking a class that's why I wonder was she more mad about speaking out of the kids speaking at a class or turn. Or is she more mad that they were speaking. Not Americans. That he were speaking Spanish. It's not a FaceBook page it's on Twitter you can check it out coming up next a man was wrongfully incarcerated in state to Kansas for 23 years. And the state gave him nothing.