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Wednesday, October 18th

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When you're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. C a mirror really do well when you don't remember anything you have more fit what's trending with Damien Wagoner and they realize you're. Blood hasn't been right there on 98 point one JMB. Yeah. Right now. Jeff Sessions is testifying in need is trending. He's he said he will not discuss conversations he has had with trump on the firing of former FBI director James told me. We get into everything Jeff Sessions has said but it's the reason he's trending and it would take too long. Yes instead let's talk about zoo which is trending or are not sure exactly what has time it's trying to insulate it might be and Mueller the other ism and alert going on in Columbia. Police are looking for a woman who may have a gun. And may be on or near the MU campus and you alert schools' emergency notification system sent the information earlier this morning as in like 1015 minutes ago. About an active threat Columbia police are investigating a suicidal female subject who is reported having done. A handgun and was last seen walking east on locust street from hit street subject is described as a black female. Wearing a Mizuho that he and brown pants wearing flip flops she was last seen in the area of the MU chemistry field. And yet if you lie. If you have kids and then you or you follow this its ads and you alerts as the Twitter account you can follow and the alert the out last may put up as of 1138 witnesses as a fifteen minutes ago was the subject his possibly near memorial union. So we'll keep you updated on anything else to win. We're learning from the Mars time goes on hopefully she's safe whatever is going to. On James code. Is trending. Back in the news goodness. Yeah I have our. More on the Clinton probe more on the eve trump probe I'd just like sessions you really want to give in to James fill me again right now. President trump tweet it out as it turned out team's goalie lightly totally protected Hillary Clinton he was the best thing that ever happened to her. It's going back and forth it it really is going back and forth and James goalies in the news. While OK. Tell royals are trying to. Date more the general manager is having. I think he had his he's having his season ending press conference where people can ask. All kinds of questions there are rumors that date and the architect of the success of the royals of the last few years. Might be getting a job with the Atlanta Braves his quote per Bob fiscal tomorrow runner sister station 610 Sports Radio. No it has presented that job to meet. Interesting also. They don't plan on having a fire sale all. And Italy for hitting pitching the bullpen and some quality control coaches so Dayton Moore is having. Is end of season press conference as you know rails or get ready to leave town if they haven't already to go be warm as the winter gets here. I'm not making these are okay why I feel like I have to always preface that truck 20/20 election slogans starting. And I have no comment I'm not I'm not making a re you just have to reach some time yet to read the news just read your guys. On supported by the president of the Virgin Islands. What's the worst that could happen and it's that's what he told black people 35% of the American people camping and. That's pretty good balance man holding like terms of puppet. And one of the stories here we kind of funny. I'm. Laughing out since you were today how might I already impeached pick that. The 35% of Americans can't be wrong is actually pretty witty lately supported or not. Oh for real this time. I think that that the the and the like this one hash tag that worked for God's. If it worked for dogs. I have a lot more free time in the afternoon and money. Yeah. A lot more. Every week at the new dog about five or six weeks ago and we had to go get Oliver shots caught up Beckham 600 bucks now Billick data right to deviate DMV. Perhaps she just spent 600 bucks of the the end the end do you. I spent 24 yesterday yeah. So I don't know how would she spent 600 dollars when she gets beaten tickets on defense medium. It's it's. Didn't he can say that was important to know the uncooked and it just isn't turning but it's national chocolate cupcake day and you know kids went off track. Law and right action Allen last night. Yeah. Some top kick his and we got two of them. This year it was chocolate cake with butter cream and yet light green onions we know like it's yeah I don't was the crossing is the cream and cream cheese and he's yet that was just like he who. Rich yet. But yeah all right and yeah. So at that as a nice stats that's what it was like taco bells and I just absolutely. Fine. I actually it's not trending but it was trending I think two or three days ago. It was the hash tag meat to yes and I feel popular I just wanna give a shout my girlfriend Mel. A solid. On this a Grammy and if you don't know it be to his limit all over the country are showing the the amount of sexual harassment they have received. Because it's not just Harvey Weinstein did. Or anyone in power in politics or entertainment. Women in every field. Have been getting sexually harassed for a long time and hash tag meets you on FaceBook and Twitter. Has grown to show you just how big this horrendous problem is right in on record going to any. And told her story. As and she put out has tech meets to sand you know. It's not. Bad to speak up and tell your experiences because you're not the only one that it happens to win you know. You were there for each other you're not alone so this is just one of the first time she's actually put it out on social media for a lot of people perceive. And the whole story that she went through so I'll deserve forever on the yeah for her implants not any repeat or word you just have to give her props. She went through some pretty pretty rough instant read. I can repeat size should she was raped in in college. Misery is a really bad thing that happened. And that's it was way before I even met her and she'd. Told the story a little bit wade afterward dating. And down she still hasn't triggers to her but she is very strong. She's doing great with that on. Padilla I just wanted to pops who have but now on social media and from given awareness that it happens all its not. Just. Actresses and it's not just politicians. And that was the idea behind it out on actually the actress was. Who started this stuff Britain based on a friend of her story and she just put out one tweet that sad. If you have been a victim of sexual harassment issue include sexual assault now so just do hash tag meet you when she didn't. It wasn't for people to necessarily tell their stories. Because that wasn't there but a lot of people on unemployment they now. It's it's been all over and it's it's evident that needs to end. It is 1215 it's a day with Jamie and wicket president try yesterday. In a controversy another controversy involving a soldier that served in the new Jeter and we lost him and some of his Brothers as well. And now it seems as there is no empathy or sympathy coming out of the White House we'll explain and you'll hear. Why some people are upset we want to know from you was he just speaking the truth. Or should the president be more sympathetic 5767798. The phone number it's May Day with Jamie wicket your calls next 91 KM BZ 981 KM BZ May Day with Jamie and wicket to any money selling my quake hit. President trump. Allegedly told a soldier's widow that. You know what he signed up for this from a Florida congresswoman who said he Stanley BUS service member killed in and each year. Was astonished when president trump suggested that in a phone call representative for Drake Wilson she's a Democrat out of Florida told NBC Miami. Cheered the president's comments to surgically David T Johnson's widow mighty ship on speakerphone as they traveled together to meet his body on Tuesday. Johnson was one of four US service members killed in an ambush by militants in this year that occurred on October the fourth officials say they were participating in a train and advise mission. With local forces he's 25 years old Horry was 25 years old Miami Gardens was found dead after initially being reported. As missing after the attack he was driver sign of the third special forces group airborne based out of Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Well decorated. So you have this woman. Who is a Florida congresswoman traveling in the car with the widow as the body comes back to the United States and president trump says according to the story. What you what you know he must have known what he signed up for and according to the story. He didn't remember the soldier's name. Per the representative. Recalling the story that was told by the widow. I 767798. Is the phone number and the question on the table there's a number of questions on the table about tennis. Is there anything wrong with the president not being sympathetic. Or empathetic. To. A widow of someone who died in this country because this sounds. As insensitive as you can possibly get to my ears. Your question to me is leading I would dispute the promise your question initially the first part of it because there were two parts there was the part where. He's you know he knows that you sign up for hours apart or sad. But maybe it still hurts or guesses still hurts anyway something like that some first part of anchored initially. And and this is speaking as the daughter about Vietnam veteran and and family members are the world were TO. The first pertinent to me I thought to hone could have been comforting. Maybe you get more words. But you could take it as he was saying he was a patriot. He knew the risk that he was taking don't you know like don't worry he. There's a way to spend it where I thought well that's I mean it's true maybe it's insensitive but at least that's Timmy came off as comforting to me it came off as. He knew the risk that he was taking he was prepared for the job you know he trained well for it heat you know we thank him for service. But the partly smears where he says. I guess it still hurts and that negates the credit I just gave him because he's like he's never experienced the loss or that he doesn't know what experiences like the widow of. Has said she hung up the phone and said he didn't even remember his name that's the hurt part. I don't think for look at it written down I don't think president trump. Was going to make any sort of phone call or acknowledgment of the ambush in a year. Unless he was prompted to do so by the media yesterday. All be honest and and this is another question we have Al what is the extent of the responsibility. Of the president of the United States. To personally reach out by phone to the family members of US soldiers killed in action. And I don't have an answer to that necessarily but the thing I wonder about is I feel like either have to call mall. Or you don't colony. I don't know the history and I don't know the. I mean we know that. When I mean there have been photos and stories and documentation of of President Obama and President Bush before that President Clinton President Bush before that. And and letters cents phone calls made visits made invites made. On all different levels. This seems incredibly insincere coupled with the fact that with the Indy thirteen days between the attack. And this alleged interaction that happened. The president golf five times didn't even mention or tweet about it one time instead had his usual or the media and Puerto Rico and everything else that was the NFL. Meanwhile we lost four of our serviceman for green berets. Teenage year. That to me. You don't you don't notice. Is acting like you to notice did notice or didn't care. Or or didn't care enough to do anything about it until the media asked him about it at the Rose Garden yesterday right and that's why I asked the question what's the responsibility of the president to call. On an sounds a little bit like he wasn't prepared for the call went out of that maybe he was in the car going real quick in case. How does the first time he's done I don't the first time he's had to make a call access somebody needs to prepping. A lot of play. His bit from Anderson Cooper coming up a little later on as well because. The response yesterday was was an interesting one from president trump when he was asked about it we'll play this bit from Anderson Cooper on nine AC 360 last night on CNN because. It's powerful stuff and there's a lot of truth to it 5767798. What is the president's responsibility when we lose soldiers. To write letters to visit to make phone calls by 767798. Scott Harrison your first up a 91 KM BZ which I think of this exchange that we're talking about right now. Oh I think he actually commending the soldier. Toward break in India the risk. Getting voluntary no different than we do in Italy and I we talk about firemen run into a burning building around and at a and a cup trend that dance art odd and not a as of people running they were running to the gunfire. Is quite a mini camp. I think he did an honorable. Thank you for your focal mark Pritchard. 767798. Now we have mark in the next you're a 91 KM BZ. I don't talk. I'm a strong that we care about. The American people whatsoever. On Tuesday all he cares about is tweeting about the and a solid approach. He's not doing anything about Puerto Rico. And he just he's so out of tune with the country it's ridiculous. And I wanna know what our freedom exist it is not here. To speak. You know that's that's that's another question as to why it at that but a. Yeah yeah. He doesn't care about any others whatsoever. Don't think you bring your phone call 576779891. To eight MB easy midday with Jamie and wicket. According do a Florida congresswoman and her name is Frederica Wilson out of Florida. She heard president trump in a phone call along with will my. To see the bodies are returned to America of sergeant David T Johnson she said quote. But you must observe but you must have known what he signed up for. Hanging up the phone the widow said that president trump didn't remember her husband's name. He was part of a a group of service members killed in an ambush in each year on October 4 by 767798. How do you. Take that comment and is the president's responsibility to call each and every servicemen that we lose. I 767798. Sort Heather in south Kansas City Heather you're an 81 KM BZ. My name is Ellen okay hi Helen apologize how're you today Allen. Well. And be bitter feeling Jamie would quit being so judgmental toward trying to. Okay did you know personally talent and I just Astro click did you hear the beginning of the conversation now. I guess you heard me defends his comments. No I guess I didn't hear it would be very neutral but. It's worse than you. But really I mean you know like it's higher than four out of five days you and Mike. Have something to say detrimental towards trap. I really wish they'd take both that you offing here. I for those comments onto our boss's name is Alan first and you can reach him. Via email from KM BZ. The challenge should the phone call by 767798. Max in Kansas City Euro 91 KM BZ. There's nothing like the president's comments are very insensitive then I would even go so hard to say that the critical. We got a guy that amount gone to war with players in the NFL in the orders in the NFL. Over respecting our soldiers our military our country and then he comes back and he spit in the face that widow. I whose. Has been worked out in them away and put his life on the line law. And I'm doing it. What would you say wipe that you can use it underway. It would be if you or dad is on the iron and finally I and it's like he was gonna happen anyway like c'mon you guys. We all know exactly what that that the facts are Max rightly we know when you go to war you're fighting a prostitute did at the ocean. You know that there's a chance you're not coming back we all know that. Not coincidentally Bentley signed war. Went on to control and why. Somebody who has finally. Managed yes and now. Our ability to me and not make it back home. You country someone the cricket so that. Call list to console that window and seeing your condolences. It advocates say I'm for that yet you know it needed that nugget. Yeah Max thanks for the fogleman appreciate it I'm on your side in this one looks to brittney now in Kansas City. Brit you're an 81 KM BZ. I I think the ball her about liberal on them but I think we have the people need to just understand he would. Eight Mary Ann Beattie is accurate that they need to stop expecting comment. So you're not surprised it or you're not surprise when he hears of the like that. Andy I'm control and it backed by panic how could anybody that late but I don't I'm not surprised that I had not he touched you don't learn artery and Andy being the hole and he fumbled look at where he's he's not good report annually. He's shown time and time again that he had and the teacher and back even in a. It's just a question because ice in your not alone in and that idea that it's. Some people are not surprised by that given the pattern of behavior it's not a surprise that he would've acted like so do you feel there's a way to communicate to him or to get. The changes behavior ours is just out going to be. Get him out of the patent and oh. Yeah and a lot of man. Well I mean he he has never showed empathy. And thank you for your phone call Brittany I mean we we go back to. Remember there because your con the gold star family the father of the fallen soldier. The gold star namely who died in Iraq fighting for this country. In president trump was. On with George Stephanopoulos. He was asked about the comments made. To president trump buyer eight mr. Kan at the Democratic National Convention. There's an inning Kaiser con speaking to Democratic Convention his son captain who my income was killed serving. In Iraq and handsome and very tough questions for you eat so you wouldn't even let his son in America. Yeah no he doesn't that I saw he was you know very emotional and probably looked like. A nice guy to me his wife. If you look at his wife she was standing there she had nothing to say she probably maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say and tell me the plenty of people have written that. She was crying on stage because they were talking about her dead son. No empathy. You famous quote about John McCain each. On McCain a war hero five and half years it as a POW you call him a dummy. Is appropriate. It running for president that lets you got to obviously felt Frankie Hewitt erupt all the time that he had body. He's not a war hero a hero he's the war on terror yours is a lawyer and that he was captured. I like people that weren't captured look at it that. I mean the fever that whatsoever. He brought up general Kelley in a radio interview and whether or not President Obama. Called after general Kelly's son died general Kelley has asked repeatedly to not have his son brought up whatsoever. And by the way President Obama invited general Kelly to a White House breakfast and general Kelly attended. I ate it it there's a lack complete lack of empathy here and they repeated behavior can ask a real fast is reply clarification on his term reservist and no five deferments as a match or as a matter of fact he applied for and got five album for bulk shippers. You know from I'd forgotten what he set about John McCain so person who never served in the military who did his best to avoid it. A deployment that John McCain did during president truck on multiple occasions got out of going to Vietnam when president sees it when John McCain went. Had the gall. To make some snide comments about the guy that went and did that thing the president from when George Stephanopoulos asked him about his sacrifices later that interview we played. He said you sacrifice nothing and well that sounds who wrote that it did Hillary's script writers write it how would you answer that father once sacrifice hadn't. Take a little upset differences. I've worked very very hard I've created thousands and thousands of jobs tens of thousands of chips. I think those are sacrifices. I'm sure they dissect defenses I think when I can employ thousands and thousands of people. Take care of their education take care of so many things even Notre Dame and I was very. Responsible along with a group of people from getting the Vietnam memorial built in downtown Manhattan which to this day people thank me for. That's his sacrifice he's employed people. You need to work just they zealous employs thousands and thousands of people don't think think IP at that runs Amazon is sacrificed. Now we think he's benefiting and making more money as a teller I think I meant. I do wanna play one bit from Anderson Cooper are right this was part of a 36360. AC 360 excuse me. About one the responsibility may be for presidents. When soldiers do balk as it is a good question should you call every single one of them should you invite every one of them to the White House when their when their families at least when they fall. This is for Anderson Cooper. President Obama like presidents bush Clinton George H. W. Bush Reagan and others before them honored the fallen in many ways phone calls letters witnessing caskets coming home. Visiting the wounded. They did so frequently often without bringing reporters along none of them Republicans and Democrats alike wanted it to be about themselves. Until now. Yesterday the president was asked why nearly two weeks after former and soldiers lost their lives and you share it get to mention the simple fact they're passing. He was asked why the families of these four men had yet to hear from their commander in chief. He responded with this. I've. Written them personal letters. And they've been center they're going out tonight but they were written during the weekend. I will at some point during the the period of time called parents and the families because I have done that traditionally. I felt very very badly about that I always feel that it's it's the toughest toughest calls I have to make. Are the calls where. This happens soldiers are killed. It's very difficult thing now gets to a point. Where. You know you make four or five of them and one day is a very very tough day for me that's by far the toughest sell the traditional way if you look at. President Obama and other presidents the most of them. Did make calls a lot of them to make calls I like to call when it's appropriate what I think I'm able to do it. Well the part about President Obama it was false and just moments later when confronted with that also the president said assuming words I don't know I was told maybe he did maybe didn't. Or maybe other president's didn't call right and that too was false yet as we've seen so many times before this president in his mind simply cannot be wrong. And that gives him license it seems for a lot. Allows him to standard for the CIA's wall of the fallen so re litigate inauguration crowd size. Let's an insult to gold star family the cons who lost their son killed in Iraq. Allows him to say John McCain's not a hero because he was captured nevermind that after he was captured John McCain was held captive and tortured. For six years and can barely raises arms because it. And now the president who avoided serving in Vietnam multiple times it says his wartime experience dodging VD which just like combat. Has brought his chief of staff's profound this personal loss into the public realm because he simply cannot be wrong. It would be one thing if he'd been the one tilt loses some in combat it's another when he's not. Was Anderson Cooper yesterday at that was brilliant at that a spot on and in that 45 seconds of president trump speaking about calling. Service members families. That. You know were killed in action. He is the word I ten times of 45 seconds any mention what a tough it is to make four of five phone calls to families really it's I was having a tough day. The people your call. That was the people that are having its update not your fortified phone calls I'm not saying that's easy but you wanna knows had a bad day. Money should Johnson the widow of the person you call and you said yep that's a sign up for. That that's that that's absolutely. The wrong tone to set. I 767798. More of phone calls it to a few more here. Phil and independents voted to bring you get to you next year on 91 KM BC ID eight line KM BZ. Mean they would Damien wicket 5767798. The phone number. As of 25 minutes ago at the zoo. Local law enforcement continue to be in search of his subject in the white campus area they're investigating a female who is reported having handgun it was last seen. Walking on locust street from its streets that there is a situation going on. More for you coming up at 1 o'clock that on the campus of. The zoo are coming up on concert announcement or for Arafat. Head yeah that's concert announcement sorry that is a sign of I don't know these at a time. This Alley it just what I would know about and I. Look alike I do about a few things a couple of days ahead of candles because of my life months ahead because of my life. On station for it doesn't this one wouldn't have this this is not one I would have known about think about it a -- to get to our phone calls in real quake about president trump in the conversation with. The widow. The US service member killed in DG your people would hang on for a bit when a squeeze into more real quick break in Overland Park thank you so much you're an 81 KM BZ. I don't think you and kicking me. And it daily. While I'm David absolutely. It's got scene and shocking but not the I mean what I even more of the trading at but it did you eat and our congress it. Senator at our house members. Wear out and I remember back when Obama cop a green. And we're caught up in an egg you quote that are not wearing your account of lack of how it. We're out. I don't it's it's a good question I don't I don't know the answer to that oftentimes congressman don't wanna get you know senators and and house represented a members they don't wanna get involved in this because then you know our day especially. If they're on the same side is whoever's the White House then there raked over the coals specially this president was you know so many followers on 35 billion dollars onto quicker. I I think you're and that it. Win we'll look at greatly. Ray Colbert and another cut in opposite are both. Like. Eight or are. You applied across it not I don't think. It why at 88 so it's like. Google and do whatever I. I don't think it's just trump I think to be fairly obvious from place and what about ism people there were things like that that we did. Democrats are not holding President Obama accountable for saying. You can keep your doctor. You know I mean there are you're you're there are buyer it's about hypocrisy or its bias or whatever you want and her is ballad. Democrats led Barack Obama get away with a every one of three hours. You know how irks you ever heard him you ever heard Nancy Pelosi go after Barack Obama wouldn't make any sense immediate beach is the way it is. Last word goes to fill and independents feel you get the final word on 91 KM BZ. Anything that might call yeah. First thought what do you know that one got a call oracle edged Jamie. Get your okay I don't. Are you go. I'm okay Aaron and Jamie are AOK I think he had he did it I pray that my time. The LA that at all you know how did you ever write you know he might be sent her a chance yet to respect it. What are going or. It changed. Well but as we all. Know that we heard it until the actual age. You know what we know it but it's possible he could set you up or. We we don't the thing is. President trump says he has proof that will dispute the claims that the congresswoman and I assume that's transcripts from the White House. And the one thing I think we want is the truth out of this and we have one person and some others that were in the car and their side of the story. And then president trump. Tweeting about it so we don't know 100% of the truth we just have the one story I guess the one side. And the other side from a tweet 1 tweet this morning as pretty much all we've got right now. Yeah hot but it didn't he says I'd get the door but it also. Said yes so. The one thing to me Phyllis is the pattern he doesn't seem to show a lot I mean hills ill wave the flag at a campaign rally about supporting the troops. Blight. The empathy is not they are for easier con of the family the gold star family general Kelley in keeping that matter private. We know the McCain quote it is there's a pattern of this behavior. Oh that ultimately I want to get out there. It's Alec and fill it for your your call and most importantly thank you for your service. It's not a FaceBook page it is on Twitter. And you can let us know you're about to get it to 290 Euro on the text line. Update from the zoo just weeded out from the chancellor. Take the necessary steps to keep yourself safe if that means missing class this class. There is an apparent. Shooter situation on the campus in Columbia. And its potentially suicidal woman walking around with a gun Libor details forth coming up. Are these great army. For the concert announcement here's the thing one common aero right next to lock out and somebody you like to fly lately I can fine line. They play only fine yeah let's touch more lives there's a big concert that's coming to arrowhead July 14 a neck at senator next year OK. Oh great. This he's every dollar I know this. Still living as a. For example is a good one. Because. This has got on Heatley and whatever rock country as Mikey says he has do we like Kenny Chesney. He's nine now he's not traditional country and nothing to mom. So to his credit he has. He's a huge following he's been on he's been around for a long time hypersonic concert when I was in college that tells you Alan sentenced I mean the music video of this is him in four girls in Hawaii yeah music videos and like. Singing in the water there like. I'm fine here in Mexico and give you another example are the kind of stuff he says is Kenny Chesney the Jimmy Buffett. South of country music and he's. They're good at it and he's made a lot of money at it he are no on has put in a lot of money toward Puerto Rico relieved cool 'cause he's got land air like he spends a lot of time in the Virgin Islands in Caribbean. He is coming here Saturday July 14 2018 at arrowhead. Come with before he spent arrow it was it was that are on a couple of years ago. On it'll sell out no doubt on because he he's got a really big following still ticket sales goal on sale at different times for premium members. Of no she's nation which is fan club the present our started today old and that it Jackson County members. It will index county get a head start. But back up this is beer in Mexico is on song. Just giving your Texas Mexico and beer and this sounds like really simple country music so it all sounds the same oak bank but itself. It's like I get a country music lesson every time a big concert in tonight's with you saw. I'm not the biggest things hasn't candies does not is not I think is he attractive. I think some people consider him attractive you wouldn't. In open he was married to Renee Zellweger for about three months three hold on just a hell it just laughing at. So. I'm more excited about some of the openers if there's a way to just. Not a thing for tickets maybe your just like cap prices got a couple of the openers I would do that we have a country station down the hole all actions as well as saying there's a countries should write signal calling and asked for tickets and then admit that you're not gonna stay for the means no they don't act that bad as. This country Thomas rat. Is an opener he's becoming a big Ernie heard that name I don't know anything he's done. Happy man he's ballot. Download it and it really romantic couples playing and how does it get you fired up for accounts it's going to be like a Jimmy Buffett like fun party show I don't Balladur ballot expert up there. He's a name a country who was his dad his dad was to restore to akin to it. Old Dominion is also opening and I have a few number one it's been around that long but they've had some big hits to do a little more younger. It's a good lineup soon introduce Kenny Chesney. This is Thomas threat. I think I have no idea of an amendment the right one here this is Thomas ran a happy man. Granting drink a little beer with red actions that he is Dan is that. But the Trace Atkins. Is there now and now from Nixon I'm confused it was Nixon Bloglines here now I don't know anybody out there and I will play happy manly that's. That's a lineup then Thomas Wright and in a brand and play with kitty testing and I'm fourteenth of next year die a happy man die happy is that the name of the site. Very romantic about his wife and here is why have a great story day didn't think they can have kids and then they went through the process of adopting babies from overseas and then found out the wife was pregnant so. Pregnancy as a baby and processing adopt one and in. So. There's an out. On. Between them guy finally came to rest of them are playing game. And we danced in the dock on the Simpsons doesn't own manner then. Yeah. Dynegy. So you land around. I mean it inside it is okay. And. I always go to that sung when Jamie Cox or had side when guys are blowing on these are blowing right right. Can inflict a lot of land Dan is that you falling asleep and there Dan wake up given that scenario you and you have the news to do and there. Reality. The ballot tally your country music I did yeah I love country music any testing it doesn't mean he's all right.