NFL teams losing money due to protest?

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Wednesday, October 11th

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When you're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do well when you do remember anything you have more fit what's trending with Jamie McIntyre live your life you're. What hasn't been right there on 98 point one JMB. Yeah. What he's doing okay. Yeah a light on because. FaceBook down is trending. And FaceBook is down for some people. And I just wanted to make sure you're. Things weren't things are gonna attack with face between now pitchers have pictures I'm fine I just hit refresh. I'm a good well here's down. I you're not the only one IE Lotta reports are coming in about trees being down I get why that would be. A life ruining event all across the world god they don't like Texas is a big. Senator habits I was New York screw Texas so I was like L Yorkshire. But her room like Europe so. There. To kinda broke in Kansas City I gas up my life does tennis. Too late one of my going to do now if one of the big two are now working writer based on yeah yeah I mean like I could do without instead Graham I love it it's it's fun. But I don't really gain anything from it FaceBook I've titled my friends are doing. We post up on the KM BZ FaceBook page she gets her. People in games Twitter spent time they're talking about sports are ripping on the president news follow me at my quicker. If you have won a few interesting I mean I I was had this epiphany that's really all I do on Twitter I literally that's that's and it reviewed TV shows. In my RV experience this past weekend yeah. I was in a part of Missouri where it really literally had dose also no home to her like today's Oak Hill access to Wi-Fi appreciated it more. It's Gloria it's not basically your force you not check it because there's nothing on it anyway you don't check it first thing in the morning and you finally you're not really missing anything. Really it'll still be there later. New Orleans that's me probably you know player of my phone and I. Perfectly okay so it's like I am so proud you from go an RV enjoying it and not having your phone via in your music and I'm so ball awesome. Good for. So that's threatening tell you why. Trade. Work is threatening. And I know our next is announced they've signed trade and Traber was a lottery pick out of Michigan from the Utah Jazz hasn't had a great. NBA careers at point guard. The that the knicks are going to a rebuilding process so they needed some some more young talent and a Traber for economical. Can we read the story of yeah I got to listen to hire and train track here with the scouts is threatening. Dia met. We talked earlier this several weeks ago about there was a push for the Boy Scouts to accept girls because Girl Scouts did not offer everything liberals won in. Bloomberg just read it and soda Boy Scouts via say they're official Twitter account. The Boy Scouts announce plans to admit girls to the cub scouts and establish a new program for older girls. The release on the headline from the Boy Scouts as the DS expand programs to welcome girls from cub scout. Now to the highest rank of eagle I dollar that he used that should big thing that the girls complained was lacking in Girl Scouts with that they had an equivalent of evils eagle scout but it wasn't the same thing. Prestige comes with eagle scout now according to cut the Boy Scouts girls can get the eagle scout. Big deal allowed a huge story that's running right that's a risk and again at Honda national traction. Sales rosary from basement and got the release from the top scouts that's amazing. What are you or there shot fat man. Travis Stephen Strasburg is trending for the wrong reasons and guess now. With our sponsor France now your tuchman nobody neo now baseball he was supposed to be the starter for the nationals against your cubs today. And and they could eliminate the nationals. Travis see this he doesn't feel well so he's not going to start for the nationals against the Chicago Cubs. He said that he went for a mile run. Half mile run began wheezing and isn't prepared to start today even though it is on his normal day's rest you gotta drink some apple juice and this. Pushed through it that your your ace on netstat write the number one draft pick in the end in Major League Baseball draft several years ago. This is the biggest key to your career right as you gain or you can't go it's win or go home for the nationals that's crazy that is soft is what that is. I don't I I hate the cubs are rooting against your cubs Jamie I'm sorry. But soft if you tell you like the cardinals Amram trouble but if you're on. Yeah this was a story from earlier this morning's street is Stephen Strasburg declines in game four start. Now there are some sources saying like John Paul Rosie was a great Major League Baseball writer. That Stevens brought Strasburg may start but if he doesn't that is straight up soft for an ace. For a franchise player that is soft. Also trending. John Ferrell Red Sox manager fired. After the Red Sox and didn't do anything they got blown out of the playoffs you. By the way he was a former pitching coach the royals need of pitching coach or some Benny nice letter from 610 talking about that that you can hire. And that we've got national coming out day and hash tag data girl. Violated the same thing my good friend. Air and it was a deejay over on the point where I've known for a long time. He came out on. I national coming out day and it could have been more proud of him for doing it on the air. And a very very equal moments attended today's the day if you're afraid today's the day for strength is national coming out that. Guys. Yeah into at some point maybe you know Harvey Weinstein stuff that's right Lindsay and instrument gap when it disgusting. Man. Yeah disgusting man it's sort of confirms something a lot of us a lot of people are suspected of Hollywood was that that you know the casting couch so to speak. It's it's like kind of validates that and why do we. Get so surprised when men who are in positions of power use that power use that power. Over women for sex or disgusting acts like why are we so shocked by. You know on and you vital because it's ugly and we don't like to believe it by the way you can't be outraged at. Harvey Weinstein and give Donald Trump a pass war Bill Clinton a pass and vice Versa on all of that you you either are. She's disgusted by the behavior mental power or you're not you can't pick and choose based on party. So. Are turning right we'll get back into our conversation if you missed it earlier Missouri lawmaker who want to take a look at the amount of state funding that goes to the Kansas City Chiefs. We'll tell you why coming up next mid day with Jamie lick your 91 KM BZ. Anyone KM BZ midday with Jamie and waited. We do have. Out if you missed it earlier I during what's trending the boy scouts of America have come out we've got the full release up on FaceBook. They just come out and decided that they're going to make a change in terms of programs for girls. The most significant. Is that day and and we need to wreath Richard's release but the biggest complaints from girls and Girl Scouts was that although. They can reach a level that is an equivalent to eagle scout. It's they always said it doesn't carry the prestige of eagle scout basically the Boy Scouts have now said. We are going to create a pass for girls to get to eagle scout it's a big deal it's a big change coming from the Boy Scouts. Or to talk about it coming up after 1 o'clock but the story's going up on FaceBook now and you can see exactly. The Boy Scouts justification for it but they came out on Twitter. Just in the last half hour selling and made that announcement. What that now though to a story that we started the show with off at 10 o'clock this morning in a story out of the star out what do you think. About the chiefs or any local team. Perhaps up perhaps having too heavy financial cost if you were players are taking indeed during the National Anthem. The idea is coming from Republican represented of Nate locker out of her spell. Who put a release yesterday. And is calling for the legislature to review taxpayer funds. That benefit the chiefs in the wake of protests during the playing of the National Anthem. He points out that the states gave the chiefs 25 million dollars in tax credits those were one time tax credits. To move their training camp up in Wisconsin to sing gel but they also get three million dollars a year the Jackson County sports complex authority does from the state. To manage Arrowhead Stadium and Kauffman Stadium. He is asking the legislature to put together a joint committee to review funding for facilities and determine what options are available to quote protect misery taxpayers. His argument is how big of a business the NFL it is and and how much they need people to still pay attention to it. And to still buy tickets and still watch games and he says that. In players taking a knee and that is costing the NFL interest and their four costing the NFL money. And players shouldn't be able to just do whatever they want basically because it's costing money and if you're gonna do that we're gonna take away your three million Euro are. Or something to that fact. Yeah I gathered there that particular look at it right now and that's the important thing is to not overreact and say that. Represented a walker should be wants to. Pull money from the cheeks because I don't think that would be very Smart I think gifts. If we ended funding things for the chiefs and if we ended you know. Some of the tax situation we have with the Kansas City Chiefs. To a point where we frustrated. Mr. hunt and the rest of the chiefs. Opera brass. They might listen to ideas of moving now that is an extreme. Down the road. End of days sort of thing for the chiefs fans for Kansas City fans. Op but eventually it could happen there are reasons why teams leave there's a reason why the St. Louis Rams are now the Los Angeles rams. I think that looking into it. Is probably responsible. But to sit here and say that well. The NFL and the way they're handling this kneeling situation is now bad for business and I'm gonna stand up for what's right and the taxpayers in Missouri. This is opportunistic. Grandstanding. By a state representative. From the base that backs the president. Who called out the kneeling this is not a conversation about whether you should be able to meet or not need or Neil or not the right. He didn't feel this way. Last year when ratings were down bright and ratings were down last year. He didn't feel this way for weeks ago before president trump called an SOB's and ratings did take a big slip. He didn't feel this way much like we make that comparison gun rights activists are gun. It's control activists don't speak up until something like the Las Vegas massacre happens. He didn't feel this way in September he didn't feel this way in July he didn't feel this way in 2016. It is nothing but opportunistic grandstand. Again he's not the first to suggest perhaps that we look at tax credits that are being given to these teams as punishment for letting your players Neil president trump has mentioned that I'm humbled. The tax exempt thing doesn't exist anymore about whenever. On there is no way that this is going to get players to not healed during the National Anthem the threat of possible. Losing the 13 million dollars a year in some kind of funding to the Jackson County team sports authority there's no way that this is gonna get players to change their behavior. Less somehow this gets back to Clark on and then Clark Hunt goes to. The new GM whose name I can't remember he gets to Indy Reid's Andy Reid sits down with Marcus Peterson says look. This is any happening. Right that's a pipe dream that this guy would have you're at the NFL as a they're they're no longer tax exempt. And even though they were the leak was tax exempt the teams still pay tax on all their profits. The ten billion dollar a year industry that is the National Football League the 32 teams. Steel paid taxes by 767798576. 7798 have been whispering sure 91 KM BZ item. What's not cheering me wicket aren't going to. See. Him do brother. Any better. Similar to what's on your mind today. You know what it is their rear. Agree with it. Grants. The extra vote. Rob. Trump's bank. And you know what personally. Boettcher. I'm sure it sure didn't during army National Guard for eight years I went to Afghanistan. These are rights that or not right the group which is that we bought more different. And now you wanna take money you witnessed somebody because they're exercising their rights and privileges. A wrong. And that. Annika Lee took and it may lead to funding being Paul. Eight is wrong. These are privileges. And the re like all of it. It's. Rights are rights that they can be taken away. And it seems like they're trying to take them away. Tim thanks the phone call I appreciate it. 5767798. Johnny Kansas City or 981 KM easy oh and by the way Tim thank you your service John your ranking a museum and thanks. Bill again. Only time. America gets an up roll and they'd like to take. On our innate thing our withdrawal money is moved in there is a large number of African American in this country that are pro testing. In justice. I don't understand why this is wrong and not saying hey can you let content the White House. Let me bring you to wipe out let them on the table let me understand why you're pro. Okay what do you wanna call them at the will be in different date like that not only you know. But every person in this country when there's a large number applicable med in its current pro testing. Arsenal in solidarity or anything of that nature everybody wanna come out against it. Given John everybody in America came out against the Nazis in Charlottesville those are all like guys and white women. Absolutely like they came out against him but dirt dirt but there and I. Talk about Tate didn't it didn't take it met in and out flat April 10 in it been like that that went in Charlotte pillaging I don't get the rock doubled up. Now if they they did go back they were chanting we will be back but this country as most of this country. Condemned those actions of from a couple of months ago. Well drugs basis that the majority of America. I'm mean not everybody is going I think most of us agree. The Nazis are bad and how would from the chiefs and their economic standing to Nazis the funniest but I did. That's part is that why we can discovers Asian. As I think for your phone comment appreciate it we'll get to more calls I've 767798. Midday with Jamie we get 1229. Still com given the chance to win some tickets. To the Johnson County home remodeling show who Meyer at 1245 but we're talking about looking at the tax situation involving the chiefs when it comes to kneeling at one KM BZ. Midday with Jamie in wicket Jamie minus only Mike wicket. Represented of Nate blocker Kirk's bill Missouri senators release that the state gave achieved 25 million in tax credits to move to training camp. From river falls Wisconsin is Saint Joseph, Missouri will also paying three million dollars annually to the Jackson County sports complex authority. Which manages air went in Kauffman Stadium and I was calling for the legislature to review taxpayer funds that benefit the chiefs. In wake of the protests during the National Anthem. Right to Jackson County sports complex authority which manages the stadiums gets three million a year and so for sure one thing are looking at is what do you do with that money and his goals to protect taxpayers so he wants this special committee to gather and take a lot. I literally. Believe this is nothing but opportunistic grandstanding by a guy who is jumping on the trump train right now for space and look. We all use our platforms gun control advocates grandstand after Las Vegas. You know they they want it after sandy hook in your President Obama won us. We understand that people will use their platform for what ever. But that's all this is to me and you know what to say that people losing interest. Go to the game on Saturday when the Steelers are here there'll be 80000 people that stadium building tail gating drinking barbecuing get ready for that game for five hours and they ain't. Going anywhere TVs. Travis is going to games ago. But we'll see you as somebody pointed out earlier a lot of people with season tickets or does not dialing in now or or or not gonna get that next year so this first happened a year ago he comes backs oh. Who's to say welcome back again and we don't really know the full impact at this that was. Really good point to somebody brought up on the text line earlier. What's with the renewals are like next year when that if the chiefs. You know fit look it'll really help if the chiefs did really well and won the Super Bowl. That'll get your ticket sales boosted. And right now is the only undefeated team left that's a really good point. We baby we already knew we didn't realize that 200 people we're gonna take and the guy Marcus theatres are gonna be one of the Frontline guys after president trump went to Alabama called sons bitches. But inexorably very interesting to see what happens it will be 5767798. Mike and shoddy era 91 KM BZ. I. Hit. But it consider this thing to be bad behavior so I think the best thing it is for the owners to get together into total. Company stopped so it. Can't do it but there's a reason why an open because in 2009 President Obama and the Department of Justice needed to. Improve the image of the American soldiers are we can get more recruits into our armed forces and they pay the National Football League. To have the players out there for the National Anthem and if you do when those things were everybody holds up lacquered. You know it says you know thank you troops to support the vets in the crowd. That's an extra five million dollars a game so the government is literally funding the National Football League to come across as patriotic and they do not want to turn down that money. All comes out of the almighty dollar Mike. Comes down again. Everything comes back to money always like getting Gmail hill got suspended home ways Gmail Hilton gets suspended because she said Donald Trump as a white supremacist she got suspended for saying boycott cowboys sponsors. It's dollars. Greg Casey mow your I 91 KM BZ. There's a couple things to say I didn't have much say about the taxes. Being take Orton and at all. About. The protests in general district I agree with the protest. What it was originally about. And ami interior prices and that for me to get down money. And the fact that you know no one was charged with anything in order to activate and Anthony murder or war or plastic gun. In a park. You know I get it could've been me. That the black. The I don't think it's free speech I mean your work. It's it's it's up to whoever's in charge of that team whether the general manager the owner. Whether that approach to say what their players will do. I don't get have priest each in my job no nobody. But so but I do agree with the what is behind approach. Let's forest and I think somebody monitors which in this I don't know. About the since 2009. That department and the National Guard payments for the players come out and into the National Anthem that it didn't happen. 2009 when President Obama. Made that decision. Yeah I pirate I read that I thought it was accurate I was that your. Episode at eight patriotism. And also if you look at what that actually actually is. Written references got Keating who has who has force slavery and the third verse which we don't seeing. It's about killing that he plays to went to fight with the British against us because when they were done maybe furry. And that. We don't sing that part. Really see how we will missing the first verse. I think when you actually know the magic map and it is. I really don't have a problem with anyone sitting down port. I Greg thinks the vocal. And and that's one of the things for a year people who brought up is that third burst. We dancing with the adverse most people don't know the servers I bitten 95%. Of us couldn't recite. I bet a lot of people don't know there is a third verse. I agree with you now they may now we don't well. No I'm witnessing and games never. Greg thinks the phone comment appreciate it Lisa in leavenworth here on 91 KM BZ. Yeah again. This topic aren't going to make I'm glad oil. I write and like I'm just a regular old white lady here. Our. Economic stepped back and look at the broader values that are being challenged here. We have the person sitting in the White House really trying to try to individual. About how they shouldn't shouldn't express. It should be there or right I am trying to get the owner and dictate record Goodell. Are they sure there shouldn't be handling their bodies. We are now what we call it turn it. It. Oh I think Lee. I think person could stand up against. You're fortunate gentleman there is in the white out at the moment it looked at puberty. You. Directly behavior. And everything in the country that area. It that there. Should be again. You'll be the war at all watcher. Alt fan A fire. Buyer. The owners and managers and the commissioner. And behind their players and allow them expressed. Their freedom of expression I will then be more up and the game I am my. Well thank you Lisa by the way the the commissioner Roger Goodell. Ask every player to stand. Yesterday in a statement and Clark Hunt. Owner of the cheese basically says that he wants everybody to stand as well does not believe is the right place. From the tax line this is a great tax we have to remember this and I'm ashore. That represented a walker red Kirk's bill. Would know about this how much is the state get through sales tax and income tax and professional athletes come to the state or play in the state. The amount is huge there will be. 45 guys and probably more. That play for the Steelers that make millions like Ben Roethlisberger. That will have to pay income tax for their work on Sunday. People don't understand that when you lose a team. You lose the income tax from the opposition. And the players coming. That's a lot of money that would be leaving the state. 48 home games are ten home games in May be a playoff game great text Georgian Overland Park earned KM BZ. Oh. I. But lately I call it that tell you that I don't think it. Correctly characterize people. Talk about gun control after the shooting in Las Vegas or other places at the grandstand. I I agree with you that the politicians who are taking up the lag issue and an eagle are definitely grandstanding because. Nobody in her life. But when you're talking about man murder children. You know bill. That the different issues. The era and people are the gun control people are holed out there advocating for more gun control and with literally it's been done. They're doing publicly if they're doing well are they are. Or our second let me finish my point youth minister hours. They're not doing it as publicly or has with as much attention ores much fervor and excitement. As they do immediately after a mass shooting winners attention to grandstanding is when you're taking advantage of the situation and it happens all the time. Them both sides for every argument for every for every issue. If you don't. When you hear Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer order for eight years Barack Obama. Getting in front of the camera and talking about gun control unfortunately. It's right after any. A mass shooting. Mean that's it. Right that's it right there is that they're that's grandstanding. Phil thanks for comment last word goes to George and Overland Park you get the final word 91 KM BZ. I think of grandstanding and making a lot of noise about something small. I'm mass murder are being concerned about mass murderer is not Graham and and I think the whole country talked about it after a lot bigger question is is our fault isn't going to be anything about it. That's the big question thanks George appreciate it I want anchor you can and and and I don't know if there's a lot of lawmakers in this state or the or your state as a matter of fact that wanna talk about gun control. But it's again if you wanna go back to the original point of the conversation which it was about the tax situation involving the chiefs. And a state lawmaker taking a look at it feel free or FaceBook page it is there FaceBook dot com. Slash 91 KM BZ FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ and the conversation is is that when going on. OK so coming up we're gonna do. Another who am I yet. We've got to. Lose this. There's a big 11234 pipes to support him today all in all kinds of mixed up because last time we did this guy right way Travis. I just feel and the guy got it was it Bob I think Bob was his name Bob Bob dale Morgan Freeman at 1045 he was. One of the first guys after one clue he got it right yeah. I don't like you Bob. It is but join the ticket puts all. That it's wasted. Strategy it is all the dealing seven of these tonight so we had. If at some ready to call and 9767798. You can texting your answers if you want but can't sorry that was how you win but that does keep me it gives me direction on movie database somewhat entertainment's. Witness expected tickets to the Johnson County home remodeling show coming up at Overland Park convention senator Friday October 27. Through the 29 I got to do is figure out who I am today and again Travis made it. So it's not going to be a politician. Not gonna be a politician's wife Jamie was once against Bologna out. It is nobody at the political spectrum are right. I certainly bearing. It's not you were supposed to lay off there until he turns eighteen. 857677. Any collateral and take last time we got it with I'm an actor this time it's I'm an athlete. If you figure this out after Ivan athlete. I'll be amazed. That you get six tickets coming your way 5767798. Tickets on the line of the Johnson County home remodeling show. We'll get more clues and more specific with those clues coming up next here on 91 KMB easy 91 KM BZ mid day with Jamie and wake it's. I'm Rita in some tickets we've got six tickets on the line of the Johnson County home and remodeling show is coming back to Overland Park. At the Oakland park convention center. It'll be October 27 through Sunday October 29 player who abide sort of our favorites. I finally got to do is figure out who I am today we give you clues you call up on the air. 5767798. And if you are the first figured out the tickets are yours and Travis made it today so that means it is. Totally not political. Yeah no matter how much it seems like it's trump. Yes it won't be a clue number one will definitely not. That's these trucks as far as the interim their headlines seventy attention on anybody got no matter how to seems like it's going to be there drummer on it it's not. Especially with blue number one is not going to be. Clue number one is on an athlete. No one really ever mistake president trump for athletes. Right political tell you he was a great one. But who MI 57677. At 98 you can text and you can't win you got a call on the air we'll give you more clues. Go to the phones doctor Trish on 91 KM BZ I tree issue in my. Can I ask why you would guest Jose Canseco. I wish I was. I meant she added no I'm not but I'd just like. But Jose Canseco has been in the news for a long time and never for good reason that this is so written. About shut down KM BZ Jack who outlined. In my the juice. I'm seeing and that makes sense just got released we did the story were gone on Monday is gonna spend his this time with the bunny ranch and a and that skit about him out on his first bumblebee in an SNL was really funny but none of them. By 767798. Who MI let's go to James urine came BZ James to a line. Whatever mammoth say Tony Romo. And I Tony Romo yeah. And Smart yes. Former cowboys quarterback. Great job on the CBS broadcast and Travis is a cowboys fans. Good guess. Not. Now that I'm not good and I mean not right but still again. I get it by 76779857677988. Other clue. I've got three espy's. I have three espy's. Like the Oscars of sports do you dealer everywhere against these aren't. I 767798. Go to Melissa I'm 91 KM BZ Melissa who align. In my cap. No I think is any space I don't think he does. But not a bad guess in the news obviously they never stop being at a news is difficult to David on KM BZ David Newhan nine. And I Alex Smith. Some people think Alex Smith is the front runner for the NFL MVP right not Alex mean 5767798. Let's go to Jennifer on KM BZ Jennifer who went nine. Quarterback. In my deck press got. Another Smart guess Travis cowboys fans. Of giving other clue here are so collateral and an athlete. Clue number two I've three espy's. Include number three. I have 42. Career wins. Seem to be anything it could go back to be a lot of things professional wins they're right. At 767798. Talk to Linda on KM BZ Linda who in my. MI Bruce and or Caitlin Jenner. No I like apparently it's still there two hours ago and he's gone. Let's go to John on to KM BZ John who have life. Marcos and I'm Michael Strahan. And I am not Michael Strahan. About Caitlin on KM BZ Caitlin who am I. Caitlin. My Michael Jordan. I'm not Michael Jordan. 767798. Would you like another clue acts. I'm a golfer. And. I am a golfer. And 767798. Care to know your guess is you wanna change with that last pollute. And I Tom Watson. And yes he's from here Smart guests. I think we I think Travis is done Tom Watson actually in the past I believe I will give Travis a second to did to get all those zones. 5767798. And an athlete I've three SB'S_I. of 42. Professional wins and I'm in gulf. It was. Ten we're throbbing for. So bad instinct this my carry over past 1 o'clock we'll see what happens hopefully we'll get an answer like Dan has your need to happen. And we just go ahead through 1 o'clock this is a news need to be a thing or three and a half minute you make an executive programming decisions all right. Doug he'll mind. Tiger Woods might help direct. Note not Tiger Woods that was a very popular. Idea on the text line that didn't. Tiger's got Gordon 42 wins doesn't Beaulieu. I believe. The national past. About Greg and KM BZ Greg who have died. Greg. Greg once twice off. And about Cameron you're a 91 KM BZ Cameron who am I. And I've Phil Mickelson. All right one. We gun camera and old we got six tickets coming your way to the Johnson County home and remodeling show. At the Overland Park convention center coming up. I'll Friday October 27 through the 29 today it was Phil Mickelson went. You'll be there when 127 on the Friday will be broadcast live. I I heard we're gonna be more close to the bar. They learn these. Feedback it. But it came as lefty with a masters three times they've three kids in from San Diego. And number 375. Million dollars today Iowa it's Phil Mickelson so nicely done as Cameron and all the that you tickets and we'll get all of them. In the next hour news stories up on FaceBook now if you would like to comment many of you have the story that broke today on the boy scouts of America and then expanding programs it's what we're talking about coming up next. Three G the first final release of the released today the boy scouts of America board of directors. Unanimously approved to welcome girls into its iconic cub scout program and delivers scouting program for older girls. That will enable them to advance and earn the highest rank of eagle scout this is up big deal and we'll talk about it after 1 o'clock. Jump in right now 5767798. What do you think of the Boy Scouts allowing girls to joining go all the way to. Eagles got this is the big complaint other Girl Scouts and not a girls that are in the Girl Scouts we talked about this last time was that there's no equivalent with the prestige. My eagle scout. Now they can go that way. 5767798. You get in right now Texan at 22980.