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Monday, June 11th
Did you know the DEFAULT setting on the popular neighborhood watch app posts your home address for the world to see?

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy. Hazy hot and very humid weather out there for the afternoon time we are soaring to the mid nineties heat index values as high as one note to. Now toward eating time Nasser cruising through the night ramping up our chances for showers and thunderstorms isolated severe storms are possibility here. Drizzle low end chance for tornadoes especially the further west such ago. The overnight low dropping to about seventy producer to clear things out for Tuesday trimming that high back to the upper eighties. I'm staff meteorologist Chad for narrow more KE NBC weather right now. Ninety gonna KC 993 downtown 91 or official. Good to be back. Alastair I've got a good here I I thought about this on the way back Rodney and giving your please I need your help. Nobody wants to hear about how great somebody's vacation was so you're not gonna hear. I will say this. Turks and caicos is flag now flies from my front porch. I am going to become a citizen at some point in my life it is the greatest place on earth that's set and a first there's. So you have a confederate flag in your rise. And eight Turks and caicos flag. On your house. Richer Americans like. Them. Obstacle. After another of Dierker. It's. Although rod you would love this and even though you're there in spirit giving I would my mother. Oh by the way some dude dude from weed out there. Job today after your mom we met she's excited for I would been grip oh wait processing market went Paris ailing it was the greatest vision. In the history of Walt. To see my mother terrorists ailing. 200 feet above the water. Melted my heart. Now as you can imagine. And I'd I'd I'd recorded this for you'd. There's a lot of Bob Marley music goes on its old rate I have a new love reggae music. But they can't just play Bob Marley Peter Tosh. Soul what they do is they take modern hits. And they make or break. And the modern hits that you actually hate. You I know why when it's in Reagan. Justin. Are you. In this. It was. How about this one. Colonel these down. It makes Titanic urban. I love that zone. I hate that sell. Books weren't great sounds good. Okay. Now please drizzling piano and. It's terra I was by the pool that when came on equipment or it's terrible. And it's like happy version embassy had not caught I our friends and be sinking into the him. They have an ego. Just you and me it does its. Work. At it. Heard of this cold fronts him. People have stopped me. In the grocery store. I heard about it down there they have stopped. The at the pool. I never had so many people want to talk about one. Phone call in seven years on the show. I played it from my daughter's today in the car. You know it it'll come up again when it does will will play her call talk about it it's just one of those things and I feel like. Is going to be timeless thing unfortunately. So today that we I I couldn't I will hear listen to it on pot can Kelly listen to them podcast last night she said it was. Just jaw drop so here's what I decided over the weekend and I haven't even talked to nor Abbas about this but I know he won't care. We have. Over the course of seven years had so many interesting things happen and funny things happen and so shocking things and sand things. That we really are to the point that I need an intern number one. And we meet kids. Go through and Sam's called is the one that kind of really brought this sound to me we're going to go through and do it showed just of those callers that at and we could fiddle. Probably find out here that one woman whose kids were killed yes in the inner city there's the woman who said we want strong black men. We want I think that's a strong black women and you know ever wants while we get one of those the problem is I have not been keeping a diary of those dates and shows so. It's gonna take some work to go back and find them and that's what union entered and that's why I need an intern as I'm like I'm content and her reach him. Whose golf. But here's the deal there's definitely are more than four hours of work it's not done it lastly let's. You work force feed or not I actually. Worked I mean and I was open Allen it's the one who began the year. I work and that's why tweeted to you I didn't buy a sharp and I wasn't joking like I actually at one point. I hope you get eaten by a shark killed but like the source it girl who wouldn't with two arms and came out with a neck out. What if it's the day you sent picture number tear to Dana was that I that she's like did you well decided reply yes I in fact was in. Oh really that heads wells that. Here it's funny you mention that because I sent a picture of my feet in the water on Wednesday. Then she sends me back a picture from middle finger. So the next day out I'm sitting poolside was the only day we are forgotten the pool usually we were in the ocean. By the with crystal blue collar mean just. Anyway so I'm sitting by the pool and I said Kelly give me your thought oh. Rot I turn my phone off a week ago Saturday. Did not turn in on 2 yesterday morning it was liberating. So I said Kelly while we're poolside as a given the phone I'm gonna take a picture and send Damon another actions on Thursday. About noon I go to Dana respond choose. About 2 o'clock and said Dave responds US. Ago she's pissed she's. And there's something I'm with you Ann and I said that's why didn't senator I thought it. Like every day but then when you respond on Thursday Mike is I fry. Is when like you're running a marathon begins I've never done that and yeah. The finish line but not quite accurately and see anything OK I can just. Get and is signs of Friday it was. This money if there's Atlantic Thursday I mean. When you respond to a very bird prepared house Eric and a love when you respond to that picture. Three did you get to go through life like Italy early yet so Thursday it was not a very intense days but I'm content rushing got disqualified because she actually had to do this thing called a job and life. Well. Yeah such as mad because it hurt your group got disqualified. Because she had to report to work so that poor MacKey had asked likening indictment here's the deal when I went Scott's gone I've kind of gotten to a place where I really just prefer. To do the show for a variety of reasons. Missile command for Friday again okay frank but by Friday. He did a couple things twice. He he was bolting into the microphone. Like war. Worse intentionally and ask ride. The second time it happened I was like. I like wind bombed him I was like get. Out. And in a span. So I really am happy he came. But for his safety in everyone else's it's just better than it's a it's our unit badly today seem little. And what's gonna end. I can. Promise or ultimately. And saying yeah. I am long. What happened. And I just what do you tell me your morning what happened like tried newsroom does he just FYI. It. It was a clear winner. Just. Talked meters high had an anxiety attack. Like. New and I don't. I don't know and like it like a car yes I was in the car it and listening. Who has that's. Nose and morals those talking about does now I'll air. Knows what it's a heart attack was that the I. But I will lightly educated part of my brain knows it's not a heart attack like I know what that is because it was progressively getting worse all morning. And it just gets to a point where. It's like a a pot of water that just once it boils over there's no bring in the water back it let's start it doesn't matter and sometimes it can be something sometimes it can mean did you that your your pills with you I did it it's probably once every six months for me and I have friends who have debilitating. Panic issues I wouldn't call mine debilitating. So it just about it does have an increase was trying to calm him like. So there's a lot like that it's like an overlook like circuit overload accent. And now I'm fine I did. I did I did. Lee did the breathing definitely dine all the little sensitive Islam laws for it and now I'm fine and it. Ask you about the so your car home I got. Out of China play. A serial killer in her trip. Up. And right now. I'm hitting the deck I think someone shoot it here's what's funny here I put the photos on Twitter and the doctor. One that reached out and says I'm the regional you know vice president of doctor pepper. Please can we send you can I just don't I don't want as my car or projectiles. And I don't. People wrote out reached out to say this just happened to me did you have run out of the car. I national over in Prairie Village and ran and hit the deck. Like duck and cover. She. Was home. And that. Could backfire. And one of the blocks. Oh. Finish at the Q what he. Does. So. Probably ten people on Twitter reached out to say that exact same thing just happened Meeks on that day's got a hundred pounds to five. Did in our 130. So just FYI wit and happens to you if you forget to bring your little twelve pack in. I'm not saying it's not someone trying to shoot you in your car at odds are it's your diet soda exploding. I just hate those cans. You make you laugh that's the exact thing I thought when I realized it was explode in an area theaters Salomon export. Yeah. For us to I want to play the jerk but I was afraid there was language and all of this right now. If you look at the phone yours made some. OK so coming up today. Scott parks. We are going to talk him out of the car yes speaking people were shooting at you and deck we are going to talk about. Phone books. And your address. And something every one listening to this program needs to know I cannot wait to tell you but I honestly off the year first as are gonna freak out. 76779. It to be back. Turks and caicos to have the band back together again Caremark to rub up to date right I'm scuff marks Tatum. I told you my Volkswagen from all secondly it's Dominic containment and it actor ever. Slightly summit they and the greatest deals going on right now. It's one of the things I love about my guys at Volkswagen Lee's summit. I would out and test drove a little Jenna the other day the 2019. That is one and nice car and if you want right now at a paid zero dollars down zero dollars a month with zero hassle. It is time you visit my friends at Volkswagen of Lisa having this thing called a no nonsense nothing's. Zeroed down delivers ending new Volkswagen even the 2019. Jeddah in that things comes equipped with those speakers. And the warranty on that thing is incredible all new VW's when he ate in an up beat Andy lees summit have. Six years or 72000. Miles transferable. Bumper to bumper warranty. It is the best warranty on the market today. Everything is you're down zero a month for four months with zero hassle at books like in at least. Has got to be immediately summoned the lees summit and you tell you wanna see Dana's car. Monday afternoon. Can't sit. So it's. If you're driving I don't want you to do this but you're going to want to do this minute. You are not behind the well. Mostly for the women listening I would guess but I know there's a lot of men who probably use this app. So over the weekend we had a woman missing in Leland jogger who left today AM safely found at 8:30 PM so you know. There is an app called next door it is one of the fastest growing growing number acts apps in the world common spelling next door. Next door okay. And if you're listening and you live and is a suburb I guarantee you the people listening that are on that note on it. The apps a little white house on a green background check. So I am on that app. Saturday because people were saying there was a flash her. On one of the jogging trails in there were trying to find this woman and be helpful. And I know some of the comments Scott we're just not helpful they were audit. Inappropriate for for the severity of the situation to those who would even assume woman giving up people offering to help in kind of weird ways with when the Lima police department really just needed. You know they didn't need 101000 people showing up with their dogs trying to help find this woman. They had two rounds up all the stuff and so on one of the post that I found to be very odd in an appropriate it was in my neighborhood just won't. And so I clicked on her name on the next door at secretary house like who is this. And the minute I clicked on her name. In large bold letters. I see her name. Her picture. And her full. Address. This is there poster popular woman who's this a poster. Now some of you listening might think. Why do I care of my address is out there for the world to see and I don't know it. People do not realize. That if you are on next door. Or a handful of these other neighborhood apps. It's stuff like this guy it's like. Kenny Lyon suggested that plumber. I need to babysit her anyone babysitting. And sometimes it's like some guys flashed me an iron would spark today I've called police be on the lookout and it can be helpful. For certain things and a lot of women are on this next door app. What you do not realize. About that app is the puts your photo. Your subdivision. And your exact. Address. Out there doesn't know every one to see. Because when you sign up that wants to know what neighborhood you live in policy but don't tell you that this is deep fault. And the reason I wanna warn everybody about this today's Staten. If you are a police officer. A prosecutor. If you works in. Education I'm trying to think of all of the different professions and help me out here Kara. Where you would never. Want your address posted for the public to see certainly if you're a judge. But you can get those addresses easily on the Internet you know. Can. Work backwards if you're crazy and you wanna find someone you know and Jews that the problem was this app. Is it is right there for the world to see you have a dispute was somebody on this thread. You have a dispute or exactly where you they know exactly. Where you live and there's actually recently been a story written about it. Not all of these things in your neighborhood. Our good. And this is one of them skip to the newsroom here is Carol marks breakdown police looking for a woman at the scene of the shooting one more next. Hey if you or an Asian parents looking for a fun and gorgeous retirement community I got to forests over crested deer creek and south of lawn park. Silver crest at college of you. In south Oakland park they both wanna see you gorgeous would be used 24/7 on site security and all of the amenities of today's modern retirement community. This is a carefree lifestyle in a gorgeous setting with out the burden of maintaining all. You guessed it resident out there over the age of 55. And they will tell you. I wish we would have done this years ago. Silver crest at your creek silver crest at college PA three emails a day housekeeping services and travel. In the heart of beautiful southern oval and part staff members up there. Who have been there for 1020. Years. One and two bedroom apartments are available now for anyone over age 55. Traditional assisted living services of their tipping it. 91366111019136. At 11101. Or check and I don't mind silver crest Kansas City. Dot com all spelled out silver crest Kansas City dot com's so repressed love the way you live. To 31 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks errors CME homes were shot of the Applebee's parking lot on Friday night in rates down surveillance video from a restaurant also shows a woman wearing a dark sleeveless shirt and patterned shorts or skirt. Investigators say they wanted to talk to her she's hoping she may have some information about the shooting. We'll get that video posted on KM BZ dot com call the tips hotline if you know anything. A police chase in Minneapolis Minnesota today ended with a fleeing SUV. Crashing into children on a playground it started as a routine traffic stop. State police say the suspect was arrested captain Jason Bart tell what the state patrol says two children were transported to the hospital with unknown injuries. Thoughts and prayers just go to the family and the kids. That were injured as part of this incidents. I'm thinking Bolton constant. It's a traffic and weather together next. Hey summer is absolutely here and if you like me have been ignoring some of those outside areas of your home start thinking about your day actor driveway your garage floor. Get seal wants Kansas City out there to permanently protect and beautify those area it's. They're experienced team come out clean and seal any wood or concrete surface with that clear penetrating permanent sealing. The seal once Casey guys did this for our deck our driveway if you have a little it deck off your master bedroom. Ours was knew we had never sealed which was a huge mistake hasn't come out and seal that. And help you protect those investments in offered 25 year warranty against deterioration and then of inside think about practiced in garage or basement floors. They do that too at that permanent polymer decorative coating a love that coating our garage for. Called Tuesday 8169423927. Get on the schedule now. 8169423927. For your free estimate mentioned and it's obstacle look at that 20% discount. Remember was sealed once you see it and forget that a sealed once Casey dot com call 8169423927. Today. A sunny and hot delegate for the afternoon timer in a sword to the mid to even a few upper nineties and heat index values of that feels like temperature above one and dread. Now starting this evening NASA night goes on we do you have chances for scattered showers and if he storms with a chance for strong to severe storms area wider low near seventy. Slight chance of a lingering storm early Tuesday that abundant sunshine we're gonna trend not a high back to the upper eighty's as he showers in a storm returning Tuesday night. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different aero more KE NBC weather. 93 it case CI it is 95 downtown 9040 or official weather station. The radio dot com mapping is the official home of KM BZ download it saying listen to us any time anywhere. Kara marks or news NBA one KM BZ. Amateur he. Yeah. And talking about this. App next school. Which apparently you post comments. It gives out because you have to register. You're exact address. And here's sort of struggle with Dana what's the big deal. Anybody can find your address and know your name is it is 64. Neighborhoods. Surrounding. Your neighborhood and so people think well these are neighbors of mine. One how many of your neighbors do you really now when you start going out in concentric circles. You're talking about 64 neighborhoods around my neighborhood that is tens of thousands of people and from time to time just like any social network things become. He did. Fear here is one example from that Mercury has been a lot written about does. In my neighborhood woman posted a photo of a teenager who she claimed had been driving recklessly. She hoped that people would see his face and tell his parents. Someone else bullied someone about the frequency with which they watered there jar. And so from there it can escalate back and forth and back and forth. And I think there is good out of these apps like I just saw a beat up van driving slowly. You know looking through windows. That's good things. But like it was all good things on the Internet it can be a very bad thing and so like I said if you reckon a lot of public safety. And industries if you works in education I'm guessing my teachers listening. I would not want. My address posted publicly for the world to see. And what what made me angry about this next door app is that the deep fault is showing your. Address and information. Yet to go into settings and remove it. The d.s fault is sharing that information so all of my cops listening. Ask your husbands or wives are we on that app your address is posted. I'm looking at upper and I think if if I go to a certain website displaying them so. I think I can find your address. It shouldn't be posted to me. On a social media platform with tens of thousands of strangers. Winds from time to time there are going to be disputes. That turn. Merger ugly. I'm saying I know what I'm saying is if somebody wanted to find. They can't find I mean I just major address on what you're you are forgetting. Is that like a FaceBook. Be like you being on Facebook's got with every listener in our. Area OK so on your friends. Just every listener. And then you post something on FaceBook about Donald Trump and it gets very heated very quickly we're talking about guns. You would not want on the front page of your FaceBook. Profile. Georgia has posted he would month. And so my issue isn't like should we all be paranoid mind my issue really is just education. It is one of the fastest growing apps in the country. Oh it's like at one point four billion cite something in saint. But people need to note that the deep fault is sharing that information. And you'll listen I don't care it's mine neighbor of people now rightly that that's fine it's actually 64 of your closest neighborhoods. Which widens that. Circled things resting on next story out. Things have gotten nasty and there has also been then there is a lot of underlying. Racism. And end the app has said it's trying to deal with that. So one really knows what explain that would mean there's underlying racism once sentences an admiral and a line what are the pros is a woman who said. I saw a black woman over here yesterday blocking her dialogue. And I have never seen her Da. Vinci rides. Has there been any crime committed or reported in the neighborhood with a woman matching that description. We don't know likes I mean there really. So it next door because you think rivers it's really. It's really tens of thousands of people in your general vicinity. And I just think people should know. Especially those of you in professions that deal with. Angry. People from time to time. I would one another as a teacher. I mean just tap at the post your address rod for a whole know everyone. In the community to know because here's what's gonna happen and you an angry parent knocking on that door. An egg now yes. I'm telling you sky an and I had a girlfriend pose this makes me sad we used to have a fumble. And you could look anyone happen on you can opt out of the phone book. But that pump up your number in there dress. No way you guys and I pages. A bit. Think that is not what is your domestic violence victim what if your crime victim you do not want your address linked to your face on a web site. Where tens of thousands of people you know could either be angry about something you say or write or. Just are nosy and wanna look you. And as the difference between saying oh well that sick on the radio drives me crazy. And someone being crazy enough to crack address. But. When you're. In an argument with somebody over offense or some crap in your neighborhood yes and there are like this. This woman and then they click on your big picture is down the street and go Payer is an. I can tell her piece of my mind million DM yard. I'm not moan so next door has said and it's and it's you know. Suggestions. Or what what have you. To please take any disputes. And work them out privately asking this you know house social media shirts they're air and that laundry left and right on those sites should Johnson County. Take down the property value. Part of their web site. My guess taxpayer roles because that's where George Brett lives. Right I am not comfortable. With the idea for any of us. Listening on the way George Brett houses prism four point four million dollars kind chippy. I love shorts. This doesn't bother you at all doesn't. Merrill. Because if it's what was your 22 year old daughter will I mean obviously. Yes of course. That's my point. Should we have Johnson County take down the tax rolls. There's a difference between going up and looking at. At its tax Payer public information. And they know you and you deciding especially let's say year old life. Husband doesn't know you're on the next door there are more women on that the net. And putting your face and address out there and unbeknownst to you by the way. And someone being able to click on that and look at it based on something you've said to strangers on social media I think throw the media component. And it makes it work well let's say Sarah is 22 years old. Just graduated from KU she's at a bar haven't a couple of drinks with friends okay. The bartender. Says. You don't what 21 Thai security she flashes that. She's 22 OK fine. But always catches as her name Sarah parks of the catcher address. While she's bought a house me in only okay he goes home that night. He wants to do bad things to my daughter doesn't remember the address from driver's license maybe it's my house that's on her driver's license modern new house. He goes on and Google searches on the Johnson County website Sarah parks he gets or address goes over there and want to do bad things to. But what is the what would be the problem. If this app is set up the way it is with next torch is saying. We will verify or street name to make sure you are living in the neighborhood manipulating want to do we don't have to post your address publicly opposed to. If they if you want to post a comment policy it. I agree I don't know that in YM and beyond their neighborhoods so well because they're trying to keep it. You know in one like I wouldn't necessarily be on the lookout. For an elderly person who's lost in the next. But I will be on the lookout for an elderly person that's lost. Between a 119 and a 135. You know they're they're trying to make it to people germane to where OK I understand that's fine. Do people just walk on to these apps because there yes based on what I have seen. Add the so. Lou you're just sitting at home your report I think I am and we'll look on the next story yes see there's any old woman missing in my neighborhood. Added as a final loop when that you need to go. Is your life sucks I don't disagree. But if you don't think they're crazy people out there and look and in trolling on sites like that I just think they need to be honest and say FYI. If you didn't read the fine friend. You are agreeing when you sign up for this fastest growing happened in America when you are agreeing to share your. Informing OK but but part of that is on you. Why are you not lying about your address if you're so worried about people finding out exactly where you live. For example let's say that I lived at 123456. Emanate. Metcalf. I would not make it 9875432. America. What if your defense attorney. Or prosecutor think about it. I've gear I guarantee you people in those. Professions. Do you not realize. Their address is out there that. Wouldn't. You have to do is go to a government website. And you can find out where anybody lives moves that's different because these social media web sites tend to invite people some. Who are worded who are busy bodies who like to scroll. You about. Your grass or your daughter. Stood a fake address. Why do people why are people so on just. Question law and but when somebody in your signing up for something says what's her name Marty let you know I mean don't you fill what three email address an idol I hate. And you think I paranoid. I've 76779. Yeah I'd been bragging about my girlfriend was down fifty pounds. Think it's actually 52 plus my doctor. I keep shortchanging to pounce and she went in to see doctor take at the center for nutrition in leaflet. And what you idolized when it sounds like guided safety like Sudan we get a guy calling yesterday. During the day in and parts program who lost 100. Pounds with doctor taint in nine months he called in yesterday that is just a life changing. Amounts of weight to lose. Try it medically managed to wait cost you will love the program you'll love the staff the meal replacements the vitamins I look better I feel that when doctor takes in my life and I hope Ugoh. And check it out 29138148222. As the number to call 9138148222. Or tape nutrition dot com. You tell mundane ascension. We got. I had and a team. I have good news. We've been tons in. Jackson. And there's news of Phil Jackson. Miss Lou. Yeah Lauren Jackson. That jags and John McCain when. That sounds like Jim Carter can. In the north land will be helpful though I told her I. Did tactics I think I remember. 2 years and I am. And play economic neat though. You can I'll eat only Cokie you're there. That is our haven't apps in the post he he had it. When are within our range. And I didn't I imposed in that are not here. I don't know about a company that but I'm not. An eight earth. Painter. Matt Palmer. Aren't there are less they have a huge election recommendation. On it would do her. And we'll do our. Gerber Erica is really great tour. There are not pretty that the mayor at that and I'll call them. There's a lot of stance. Yeah. Eat people why they are donor. Likely to keep their heart into our. There are a lot of lost animals on an hour. I'm glad that. Goalie doesn't obviously your dresses out there. Adam. That they are ain't gonna Google where I am sure. And Humana are back. An hour window. Let me just review and thank you for the call goalie let me just reject the Texas is Kim okay. Dana you are right there was a creep for on next door in old lace that he was sending messages to women. That god had called them. To be with them. To help them through their marital problems he started lashing out at women who turned him in to the app. Then he started showing up at these women's. House's that's it she said I checked my security settings after all of that and I too was shocked that the deep fault. Had my address right there it happened. In March. And yes police were called. I'm just if you're totally fine with that like Goldie. Kaman. Not a big to cut my problem is no one knows that the now. Here and guess who else is in on it anymore apps that one oh several friends of mine after it posted this Friday. Summon law enforcement son in. The legal profession. You were on. Il. The year. You just never know what I don't get your settings and Andy hit first thing every month and says to me was they go in does that exist. I ever heard until today how we got a really big. News media that's what she said. He is if you've lost to Petr you need a plumber or I mean that's mostly what a crazy person showing up your door now. Missouri Kara marks happening now on can be easy as the temperatures rise said the number of people with heat related illnesses will morn next. Good old spike Lee's summit they have the greatest deals going on right now. It's one of the things I love about my guys at Volkswagen Lee's summit. I would out and test drove a little Jenna the other day at the 2019. That is lionized scar and if you want right now at a pays zero dollars down zero dollars a month with zero hassle. It is time you visit my friends at Volkswagen of Lee's summit they're having this thing called a no nonsense nothing's sale. 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