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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KM BZ. News. He. That was good. And it just like their readiness to stop anything. The generations. My daughter is that every. The only difference. I saw perform live and they didn't. Yeah every level so I thought. I'd see the name of policy from Cinemark. Are banning large bags anything larger than twelve by twelve by six. Will buy twelve they're just now doing and I notice that they would have done that after the dark night shooting Sybase where purse via big person's. Are they doing this for security because they don't point. Is smuggling and skeleton you brings that bright they wanted to argue everybody every I don't why. They'll wanna charge you 750. Varieties of Paramount's guns this is about GG fruits. They say it is an effort to enhance the safety and security I guess employees is right on time what you're sell Clinton and there are exemptions foreign that it really didn't Hanks and diaper bags. Bring a little purse full disclosure views sneak in snacks to the movies and totally do not handles the path. Why don't different kids with me yes yes. I am action and a big like movie I'm not either I. Ernie popcorn but the rest of the crap like covering from quick serving lying in the room attach discount or pilot priced for and so. And his read this online this is just really good advice for driving on slick roads. In all seriousness if you're concerned about driving on ice or no. Here's a little tip. Pretend that you're driving your grandmother to church. She said he in the backseat with a platter of biscuits two gallons of sweet tea and last. Pitcher rule she's wearing her new dress and holding a crock pot for the gravy she loves to Moscow what are desperate there is pot luck Sunday no doubt like Alexander Bernie this is a great really. A good idea. Els and the elderly tailgating yesterday and like a really did in your big Ford pick up on your way to Wendy's now. I talked about the guy that passed me I'm all. I'm driving home the night or via the other morning. The ice is coming down it was I am what is today Wednesday so it was yesterday morning none I'm driving home in the morning. 6:7 o'clock ice has just started to fall so it's not like the road is it is a skating current. I'm going down Nall. From a radio station here well I turned off of charm as part Randall. This guy gets behind me in his duty electric. And he's got a lot of things to do today. Because I'm driving the posted speed limit of 25 mom 4 AM the ice is starting to come down. He decides it's a good idea to pass me on the left doing fifty miles an hour two lane road. Yeah it's. And I edges ever think I looked in my review years ago they. And pulls over to into the oncoming lane and I don't real. Be honest if you own a large pick up truck. When there's a sleet or snow storm. Do you. Feel the urge to take that opportunity. To like fly around someone in a sedan because you have a truck and you're not slip in and slide and I'm sure I'm being honest because my guy behind me that was delegating to turn into a Wendy's. Was driving a large. Extended pat cab pickup truck. There's a reason. That you're driving large now if you drive a regular pickup truck I never got no beef with. I used to drive it. If you're driving a decade souped up pickup truck and you're not a contractor there's a reason. And the word is Mike. I would say unless your contractor 'cause I know. Like mr. Mueller but it's got her absolute bunny that's you'll get the big trap if that's your pleasure vehicle. There's a reason and it's called micro. It's a souped up truck that cost about forty grand their fifty gram. To get the mud flaps with the naked girls on it no but you have the bull bull's thing we know that was absent. There's a reason you drive that truck. It's called micro. So grads management. Micromanagement yes that's right micromanage and eight micro manager aidid's. Brides tips for driving and snow and ice time. I'm so apparent did you receive his spelling mistake that. TV station in Tulsa may now they've posted on tips for driving on. It's not an ice. Right. Here's a look. This is its records out there what I would say beads were fox four put me yeah. Does Kreider are not there road can be asked down. It was a day. They are working for you and you need to avoid a 35 throughput but especially in traffic really stay with them I love mark Alford. Abby is a friend. But can we lose the working for you out Q please just talk more about. Oh my god. I'm nick vessels. Working for you in Kansas. That's the only their ideas that. I want I don't blame Nancy I'm not blaming them at some consultant who's said yeah we let everybody know. And I will give them business. They have stuck. Win that same motto for years. I mean down the street where I used to work they changed motto is faster than I changed underwear and they change morning anchors. That's fast still upset about the oak or did you just want every atlases. And that late breaking investigated and we decided of people like that since this week remember this what. Casey. Local yes. I'm reporting live. Casey. Who call. Well your local standard in DC. Did you have to say that even like when you weren't and a brand new this yes this was the odd when I was there that they would even today. Casey. Look I'm the one time I remember this I don't know what town it was there was a tornado. And they sent one of their reporters down there let's just say it was Wichita but I don't think one. Visit Casey not but but I don't I don't expert consultant told reporters literally do let's just say the reporter's name was don't care. Dunks and Wichita. Casey local. I I care and I was like I swear to you. That Casey now it's not that. All of motto was now but they did get rid of that hurt which I'm sure someone paid 300000 dollars to some fat consultant. And probably Chicago or LA to come up twist. Casey. Local. So you see that's what channel four. They please pick something and they say they have stayed with work and free whom I mean how many years they don't work and free him more time and it always were conforming. Working hard. Some of attacks and make it funny on one side saying that fox working for you is kind of like your it's your show Kansas City. What is channel 41 month now what is it to you guys now back clear complete coverage right now clear complete coverage. They should pay me to be consultant. I can dispute that BS anchor. Note immediately clear complete. And there's that guy who sounds like he's from the farm. With the two wrong on the commercials have you heard it during the Olympics no clear okay complete. Unified she motto. Linger completely. Come over. That yeah back to speak. For. It's motto. Is stands sports Kansas City okay. Stan for Kansas a media has also called during the storm that had that line and that was the that was a bit under for an. A and east and from now on what the model races we've got cats need we say more. At their motto should be most people have been her 37 years. Cats is even like the longest serving person in all grown by Mark Leno kept like fifth I think he's fifth. Longest person but this city has given their life carnac he's been there longer Mahoney he's been there longer. You bright I think does the heat even the end there. I certainly Lenny. And Dawson doesn't count he's not there and he does count he parents there and win. During chased. There just evident. There. That's saying about Bob and all actors I agree he still works KM BZ and now. Did you see you can go on a river Cruz. Where this. Anymore he. Says that that guys like me. Corporate records thank you goes 65 girls and go man river is. Going down there you go it's a rare for. I'm still trying to find their demo and I can't find it more job love him he's a great guy. He hasn't been on TV. In three or four years does like you know and no we don't Halloween special cream factory and does it mean they still do that. Does all that stuff. So now my husband staged smile just how why just hold its. Is now clear complete coverage with them I don't. What is he gonna can. Meet we seem. In the heat and and what's our motto to have fun. This came easy have a motto. In news traffic and weather station okay for 300000. Dollars. I will do is you Amato and it's it's no no one's gonna pay 300 Andrew outdoors whenever though is the McDonald's won. I'm I'm an oven it. Even DB gain do you somebody got paid a lot of Mon ago I've got that we were I got him. Ski. Gee somebody got paid a 3000 dollars union who has the best commercial motto or tag line ever. We are farmers but. Out. Because it's catchy it's so catchy. Big ones that have the commercials where. The actor yes yes he has CNET news wherever that 168. Dog drove his car off a cliff. It that I will tell you is a brilliant market aren't paying colleges mail into the wall shooter Scott has one to be safe because. You. He had to have be safe because I don't wanna be safe wanted to hang gliding. Downward parkway when if you wanna be a pickup truck driver I mean I just. Oh only to be safe. He speaks. 98. F and K in beat news traffic weather and she. The best part about that was not the Gray Davis she just put on me. Rod did you see. Just dropped the body. She had a look and read it should understand we knowing how the sign in and let the motto this behind us here in the studio. And this is that this radio station for six years and she just she wet work. There was great. 98 point one yeah. And issue but that goes. MPC. Stacey you're on I know generally. Where I am at all times generally generally. Caremark surround Babcock Dana right. You're currently listening to. Nine point. One. FM. 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When you use a promo code KMB easy and Brooklyn and dot com the fact Brooklyn man. Is so confident they offer risk free 69 satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty it. The only way to get twenty dollars off and free shipping is to use a promo code KM BZ Brooklyn in dot com. That's BR OK LI NE and dot com promo code KM BZ. Brooklyn and these are the bashing it's never. Class so we're very complimentary president. Having that listening session at the White House today the president was amazingly. Receptive. He sat and he listened he spoke very briefly. He did speed but very briefly. But now a picture has circulated. AP politics in the Boston Globe have picked about. The president holding talking points in his hand he was holding a little note card yeah it'll no curtains and item number three on the talking points list that are checked that item number five. Says I hear you. The president had to be reminded to say I hear you to a bunch of people who have just lost their children like c'mon. That's your White House staff that is wait too protective. Because I I gotta think that the present United States ms. does not need to be reminded that what available points as say number one. It says what would you and this is clearly a females handwriting and not to sound sexist but it is. This is not the president's hand writing. Bullet point number one and his fingers from his left and right hand are upping the notes you can only see one in five you can kind of see number two. Number one is what would you most want me to know about your experience. Number two is what can we do to help you feel safe. Three and four blocked. And number five says I hear you. That the president needed to be reminded to tell these people I. I don't get that is not he's not down he's not dom. As much as many of you happy listening hate him and happy listening love him whom even I will say. That EU cannot get to the point where where he is as a businessmen. Being just a complete idiot. And so I don't know Scott what if if you know there's rumors he's slipping mentally. He's not dumb he should just know when he's sitting down. With a roomful of people who almost died last week. What has said now he's not a bad. You don't need I don't know why he would have to write. Yeah I would argue that this is not an AA is slight on the president because I don't think it is. I think this is an overprotective. Overly cautious. White House staff behind his back I. I would've wanted it up and thrown back into it and just sent me a sense into someone's and I know you're ready to meet him and drivers. I wrote down here fiery and I'm pointing really don't need it I'm good I got to Leo. Summers is the guy's gonna mention at least mentioned Billy Graham's death. Natasha that was the first thing we said coming out of the show. That was our opening. Comment was about the death of Billy Graham who died today at the age of management. Newsroom anchor marks. The president talks guns with school shooting survivors and parents will have more next. Dana right here for VW at least some and I love that atlas I drove it into work today it strives so well on the snow on the ice and I just love the way I feel in that suvs. It's not big and clunky like your traditional larger suvs seats seven. And a reminder you're gonna love that apple plays system in the car. That lets you actually put yourself under on the card as the work for you. There are all kinds of great deals that VW Lee's summit right now we've talked about the great lease deals you can Lisa branded 2018 Jeddah. For a 139 bucks a month. You can please my app was for 279. A month you can buy either one of on. And save 4000 dollars often SRP this month and I want to remind you. Volkswagen of Lee's summit will buy your car for its original base in SRP. They need your trade in for their used car department as well they needed ASAP trade in your car and they will give you the original MS RP. And they only deduct for mileage manufacturer incentives and I think they damaged. Highlights are excluded see the dealer for details go to VW Lee's summit dot com you tell me wanna see Dana's car. 5:30 eastern Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are more difficult conversations ahead in the wake of the shooting massacre Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland Florida one week ago today. And the first is listening sessions being held at the White House a student who survived the shooting Sam's Ziff. Overcome with emotion talking about his best friend killed in the massacre. I lost the best friend. It's practically a brother. And I'm here to use my voice because I know he can. President trump holds a listening session with state and local officials tomorrow. And Norwegian band with a reputation for Nazis sympathize thing will not perform Matt Ryan at room after all. The concert venue announced today that they are canceling it token show on refunding tickets. And a FaceBook post right rooms as their priority is to quote provide a safe inclusive and enjoyable environments. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Right here for kriegel mass diamonds you wanna buy a diamond you wanna Cella diamond calls Scott and Steve by private appointment only in a between the two on the got like seventy some odd years. Experience. Buying and selling hundreds of millions of dollars in fines jewelry all over the world you know they'll tell you Zain knows the tricks of the trade. Because they used to supply. The big diamond box stores here in Kansas City with their merchandise they know what that mark up looks like because they used to be involved in it not anymore. 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At the boulevard he would days but it didn't. Like they've put on a short set and really get to enjoy. Problem is we don't know where the player that struts are coming to Kansas City. May seventeenth apparent. Where the may seventeenth at. The Truman what the hell's that Truman. Truman library is the first part at. I've never heard of in Kansas City. The Truman. 601 east Truman road Kansas City. But Truman it makes the Truman would be on tour and Truman room before we make ourselves look like idiots more than we area. Truman venue. It's popping out. And the Truman 601 ease Truman wrote in Kansas City. Gathered. Emphasized things earlier in your new venue oak gets four to have stars on. I do review or hasn't been there long enough people in Haiti project but we are. Paris I had that's also might think it's her serve small menu drinks are a bit pricey aside from that it was great. Go. Blue. Fund intimate venue for music great service. We paid for VIP experience when you have no food separate cookies. This isn't a place called the Truman. And the structure going to be there may seventeenth. A buddy of mine that I coached with who remain unnamed system. Says the Truman sucks balls. On ice bathrooms though the crappy parking Coca. I'm sure it's a lovely place there still. Sure it's distressing to play government. The Missouri house is given initial approval today to a bill that would make it a felony. To threaten someone with publicizing a private sexually explicit image. Although the bill's sponsor insists it has nothing to do with allegations. About governor Sarah grinds. Crichton's has admitted that he had next myrtle fare in 2015. He is under criminal investigation for allegedly threatening to release a nude photograph of Mormon. Take a while she was blindfolded and her hands were bound if she ever spoke about the affair. The bill debated and given initial approval by the house on Tuesday originally focused on revenge form. Making it a class. Without the consent of the person pictured. It did not apply to any of the allegations immigrants case. But the bill's sponsor Republican representative Jim knew we have Cameron. Offered an amendment expanding the bill and creating a class. For those who even threatened to disseminate private sexual images when he sank. I'm OK with that. And a the job of the government is not to protect me for me but to protect me from you can't if you have taken or some power in the possession. All of a sexually explicit photograph of me and you threaten to put that out on the Internet. Or do put Adam and I never understood is if these allegations are true. Okay let's say they are true and just for the sake of of the discussion that were him. The gulf of Missouri. Who at the time was not the governor but was certainly an up and comer in Missouri politics. Decorated military member. If he was threatening to put these out these photographs of this woman and I'm not saying he didn't do it. But if he was. Wouldn't you also be shaming himself would he not be admitting to his wife by the dissemination of these photos. Resurrect that I had an affair generally that's not how this works this is a scorned lover. Who is upset for what ever reason who's in uses what what's in through their phone true to get revenge on you for something currently so. I think this was a unique situation where yet he didn't want economically it would buy it from. But if you were to have put these photographs out yeah he would have outed himself he would've. Basically admit now maybe the root in the timeline blindfolded and tied up and can't defend myself and someone says to me if he ever talk about this I got this photo I mean to me that is a very threatening. It justice it is threatening in nature don't say that. Amazing to me. And how many people's her nude photos I agree not that well now. But what what's also amazing to me is how little real backlash. Error Grimes has received becomes this he not only admitted to an affair. Which used to be the death knell for you political. But in in the age that we live and apparently having an affair is no big deal anymore. But the allegation is that he took a picture of this woman with whom he had an affair. And is freely admitted that he did. The allegation is that he took a picture of her while she was blindfolded and bound. In what world does that not get you kicked out of office. Don't have cancer and now. I mean do do and I'm asking and I am I mean answers here and a do we I don't care if your Democrat or Republican I really don't care. Do we just not care anymore about sexual dalliance is. All of our politicians I think anymore it has to be overt. Criminal. Behavior it has to be Anthony Weiner. Sending an explicit photos to a fifteen year old girl and he knew she was underage and as it has to be Rod Blagojevich. Selling. A senate seat. It it has to be something that is chess we've moved to the finish line we've we've slip that bar. Down the route I mean to what we now. Kind of uniformly agree. Is behavior. Unfit for office a day and it wasn't that long ago. That there was a senator by the name of Larry crank. General that name rings a bill when I'm about to describe at all Larry Larry Craig was one out of office. For tapping his foot. Under a men's bath and a spot. Larry frank. I'm going to clarify your statement. Was run out of office for being a hypocritical. Family values candidate. Then caught. Tapping his toe. Under a death himself that's why he was trying to while I realized that tapping Toronto was inappropriate. When you tell everyone else that they're not supposed to be tapping their toes and York hot tapping your toe. That's when you run out of office to do do Americans I'm being serious I'm being deadly serious. Do Americans not care anymore about the sexual dalliances. Of their politicians now. It doesn't matter now. Now. I do think in the days after the crichton's scandal had a second or third woman come forward. And sad this happened to me to I'd Jews think we would have seen. Something happened something come from next. But no one ever came forward Scott. The victim in the case chose not to come forward publicly give a call and so. I I just you know was it illegal. The consensual. Part of that relationship certainly was not gonna think there's an argument we made that the threat of blackmail if you could prove it. Was illegal. I prefer Clinton well she says he set it Arthur says well there could be two messages or could be right email she she didn't wanna cooperate. With the investigation but I certainly understand note because she's probably trying to sell returner so. It's not I don't know. I think it has to be something big and bad. Scott are you the one who always is you don't care what two consenting adults do behind closed doors it's none of your business. Yes I am. But when I say those things and I have sent them before. I'm referring to what the government. Says to me as a private citizen was appropriate for you to be doing in your in my own bedroom. As long as it's two consenting adults are correct for that matter a worker observed for. Whatever floats your boat. For me it will be too but for other people could inflict. I don't care. That's the government telling me what I can do in my bedroom that doesn't mean that I don't take into account the care terror. Of somebody who wants to rule my life. And I would argue. That what Eric Wright uses accused when you. Tally yourself as a family's value candidate her family values candidate. And then we find out that you're having an actual or welfare and there are allegations that you not only blindfolded her. Weird. But kind of cool and where we're way anyway I progressed up. The I'm. That that is a character flaw that that that says something about you that in public you can say you know I'm a family values guys. My my thing is your last just don't see it now has until really care. I start to care. When you throw stones. And and raise your money. On that platform and then you're the one in the bathroom stall in your prime time tapping your temperatures the deals that. I don't care he was in the bathroom to happens out there wherever it may be gay and gay you wanna go explore. Bisexuals and it's between consenting adults I don't care. Up to the point that you're telling me how to run my private life. That's what rights meek raise. About those candidates. And then you have John Edwards for some good points this out on the tax I'm John edwards' worst human being who who who. As of cancer buried his wife around. As if he was his great. So I'll learn North Carolina southern. I'm with you I love my wife until she died of cancer remembering some of the broad. I mean que me a break. Que me a break. Horrible but I would also be the first person to say as bad as that. Was. To me it's worse when that same candidate is telling you how to behave used to do this are used to do that or or I'm going to raise money. Based on the false premise OK and this is how society should be now your gonna say that I'll agree with. But don't lecture me about politicians telling me how to behave they all do it. They do it in different ways. Yes those on the right tend to tell you how you should behave in the privacy of your own home. But those on the left though tell you how you're supposed to behave when your out in public you have to drive a certain car. The gives us certain miles for now you can you can't use plastic bags of groceries correct I mean they they all knew it. Why I have the problem with the morality laws got the I'll work on we're gonna make a motion that pornography is bad. When pornography is aimed what 400 billion dollar industry in America so. You know we had even. This week the lawmakers in Florida unconscionable Scott unconscionable. The lawmakers in Florida came out and pass some kind of law. About about pornography. Being a threat to our children and endless and Scott we can have that conversation. About pornography and children we absolutely can't. You don't have that conversation during the same week that families. Are burying their kids what happened was the way I understand it. That there was a vote. That occurred yesterday regarding some sort of gun legislation in Florida and Atlanta Tallahassee. It was rejected a member of the state legislature inserted language about pornography into that bill. As a writer. To kill the bill. And yes it's unconscionable but I think that's what you're talking about they they they flipped in at the last second a anti pornography. Provision into dawn bill. That assured that the bill would be defeated no matter what in front of the kids what they should've done. Is postpone the vote they should have never had that vote in front of the kids. They shouldn't just say you know what we hear you. We hear you we need we need more debate on this and we're gonna take this up in two weeks they never should have had that vote yesterday. Because all you did was ensure that every TV camera America. Was focused on these poor kids as your voting down a bill about gun control. They should move that vote for a week or two weeks kicked out that stupid amendment about pornography. And just move on. John we're coming up right after the 6 o'clock news. 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And irrigation lightning with an and locally owned and operated for more than 23 years are gonna love these guys. Animal called 9134413900. 9134413900. Or lightning dash landscape dot com. Well currently we're lady. Is becoming offensive at the Olympics and Christine Brennan had written a piece in the US and and they apparently about that and our old friend Janet Smith who used to be producer here. Responded to your day. When you wrote and parts loses his mind in three to. And Janice me and you link to story about the ladies apparently being an offensive word. Broadcasting. And Janet responded yet he needs to get over himself too which are responded you've do you find the term lady to be offensive. He no rest heard from Jana today mine crickets. I don't think she finds that or defend well but what she does find offensive is me and what she does. Do is routinely tried to disagree with anything that I stand. And say or believe there's a missing. You're for every. Currently anonymous records like beards and it would open its. People their moment to think it's okay. They Dana you're my people my people do. Tiger my people. And it. It's my grandma he's got parks what's up man. On behalf markers today the finest men in all of America. The great run. My good friend goes I'm Scott parts don't forget we're going to be 54 street grill and bar. In saint Joan this front. May and we love that I know it's. These safe. They got. One up. Me now on KM BZ ice is on the way we have more on what to expect coming up. Like I know and feel like it today but spring will be here before you know it's time to start thinking about your deck your driveway garage floor. Seal once Casey is here to permanently protected beautify all of those areas let their experience team. Come out to your house. And clean instill any wood or concrete surface they've got that clear penetrating permanent sealant. 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