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Thursday, July 27th

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It is 1104. All right back to the phones after we give you a key. Word to cash rain TR AI and train text the word in seven to anyone for your chance to 1000 dollars. And more minutes to the outward and. Again 72881. Not the normal tax line for the keywords 72881. And one another one for you just before 2 o'clock Bonita parks to money. We are going over to this story about president trump and asking you about presidents in general whether it's president trump President Obama President Bush. President Reagan President Clinton whatever. And whether they should expect absolute loyalty. From congress the president did not get it from anti Republican senators when it came to basically a procedural vote earlier this week as was the one that I sat there is no reason for Republican. Other then to get attention not to vote in favor of simply opening debate on health care bill not the last two Republican senators. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins out of Maine voted now. With that president trump went on Twitter clearly upset about it and had as interior secretary Ryan Dickey who deals with the last a lot because there are a lot of federal and they're you've got oil and mining and all kinds of things. Had his interior secretary call and basically threatened retribution retribution against the state saying. You need the federal government a lot there's a lot we can take away from you you better get in line or you're gonna lose it on not any threat Lisa Murkowski. But also Dan Soledad the other Republican senator out of Alaska who by the way voted yes on on opening debate so guilt by association there. So we're asking you is that something the president should expect just that all out loyalty or do you want to people you elect. To vote their conscience and vote the way you want them to even if it breaks in the present when I don't want is my lawmaker. Voting the way the president once just out of fear of punishment. That seems wrong to because at that point why elect people with their own opinions why not just like one party or another. For instance let's say Jerry Moran votes against the next plan or or Roy Blunt votes votes votes against the next plan. Is there something they can be done to farmers for sure because there're a lot of cities you know at lighthouse. Or absolutely or you get fewer pork projects all all that could go away. Is that is that what you why by 767798. Most of the calls in the in the last hour we took were. I absolutely didn't. It's funny because FaceBook John says no question everything Ashley writes no blind loyalty leads to trouble. Laurie writes absolutely not they don't work for the president they work their constituents Connor writes of course not. It's interesting that the phone calls are all on one side FaceBook all on another and I'm sure the detects light is under the gas canister. It kind of mix it on and yes a lot of you're saying President Obama did it too we're not saying he didn't fly. Were I think the bigger question that we're trying to focus on is it okay for any president to expect that absolute loyalty. Or any you do that's fine. But I just again I would just fear why why elect people with their own opinions at that I 767798. A stock to jacket liberty to eject thanks for hanging around 91 KM BZ. Make mention that it's let's look threaten more the president is making them aware of the reality is what he intends to do. And I think it's a little less like. Business as usual I think instead. Being met reality of what it incident he just making them aware I've got money I can spend elsewhere you make mention of the farmers. Maybe being. Held ransom or something like that no I think that the presence looking at it saying. I reward another state that wants to do to help via. But is that fair. You know shouldn't Lisa Murkowski or whoever it is you're wearing or Jerry Moran but when it you want them to not the way the president wants them to him. Well I'd say this but they might state. Wants to help out. Then I think getting our money is a good idea or you know that's where it ought to go there a lot of straight year. In this country that that are underserved. That don't get their fair share Alaska. Absorbed an enormous and and I hit it they're just about last instant the president can also say I have money I spend in another state. And do great things there. But it is it about Kansas or Missouri or allow oracle it tournament as it could've athlete he's right he called Jerry Moran after senator grants I don't support this legislation I'm gonna be won the no votes that kills this legislation for now he then could've called during Iran and said the exact same thing. I live in Kansas. I appreciate it senator Rand who let who read legislation I didn't read said. This bad bill and I don't wanna bad built to replace about law and so I want him I elected him for resent. Don't want him exit you know to do what you want he the president did. To dean Hiller Dean Heller in Nevada too he said look he wants to remain a senator doesn't meet after he voted no doubt. The first time through and then earlier this week he voted yes so I. I guess saying I can see bull about to post to see both sides of it. And Nolan saying that president trumps the first one to do it he's probably the most blunt about it the President Obama didn't President Bush President Clinton when everybody's done it since president Washington. Here's attacks on my representatives to vote based mainly on facts the legislative and executive branches are supposed to be separate for a reason great point. Jack thinks the phone calls go to Ashley in the North Atlanta 91 KM BZ I Ashley. I unfortunately doesn't nothing new to. Right but it's not going to change in my opinion which until we start getting term limits on our representatives and our senators and get these career politicians out and get it back to weigh the sense to me. You served your time you go back TD or regular job. Also gave me the reason why you wouldn't make that threat before he and in my opinion which. It because you wanted to know what that person is actually thinking of which side they're actually on. I mean it's it's it's interesting I mean I could saying. I'm undecided. But until I cast my vote you don't really know sure and if you're gonna threaten me I might go to the press for the fact that the president has. Basically put me in a quarter saying vote for as opposed to afterwards. That conversation president trump just generally does it more out in the open than anybody ever had. What you wanna do you wanna play games or do you wanna get the vote the way India. And this feels like playing games to me instead of getting the vote the way you really want Ashley thanks for the call Ricky Wright 91 KM BZK Rick do you think the president should expect absolute loyalty from congressman. Absolutely not that is not a democracy. The White House and the president they are running this country like a mock yet. That is extortion and you know just I don't yet it but it doesn't strike me. But I do agree with the last caller I do think term limits and that they are. And for the problem with that with live getting term limits passed and I agree like that was the oath of and lord knows I'm not a fan of the president. Black. When he was running what are the things he ran on was the idea of term limits I would love that. But the people who are voting to limit their terms are going to vote to limit their terms like congress is to be like. Sure a year and six years but it doesn't. Clear that the issue now then are you more or less likely to vote with the president if your term one minute. You don't you know you've only got yet. You limit senators to two or three terms are you more or congressman two or three term you know we do have governors we do a lot of other offices are you more or less likely. To follow and and fall in line with that loyalty of your term limited I don't house ethics is. Rick thanks for the call it's co two I believe it's Quinton you I'm sorry Quinlan in Overland Park and 81 KM BZ. Whitman hello. Hello how are you do. Okay. I think that the senators should speak their mind I'll think this year Colin Powell. What the president Bain Capital probably take me a bit but. I mean that the Republican. While there was a busy trying to get Obama op that they had eight years to try it yet appeal to get there to create net. Who the to try and eight years to pare some. And but now they're trying to throw everything together nobody all of that their you know if there are. I don't know why we would hate you for that that makes total sense to me but I mean everybody who has been sitting and watching this for this long. As been saying the exact same three things. This bill was past six years ago and we didn't know what was in it. That's not in debt and adds I'm did not do that now you do you and they didn't have a replacement for. Don't they did have to hurry to get this done immediately. I agree with that they did not to promise that either they did say the first thing we're gonna do was get this done but he did get it done but. Every body that ran whether or and we said this earlier lesson last week whether it was Ted Cruz or John Kasay group and Carson are Donald Trump everybody ran on. I will repeal and replace every will letter of obamacare. As my first order an office. Sent thirteen 1113 excuse me it's more your phone calls the day with Jamie we can go wrap it up one more segment on this should presidents expect blind loyalty from congressman. 5767798. Thing text to tune ninety's earlier on 91 came BZ. ID one KM BZ media with Jimmy wicket. Jamie minus LA Michael Beckett Jamie finally got to monitor back do you feel better. My. Other half hour for feminist I didn't know what was going on. There's a lot of just what a possible which I find you've got it yeah it's we see a black screen in front I mean it's there is concerned. Luckily our engineering department came in and took care of it does much throw me off to snow so that was like oh my gosh I keep looking over there and generally see isn't there. We'll have an update from Jim can't Cunningham on the flooding. Will join in join in with Jim and about twelve she three to what I'm probably talking today. I don't began when we knock her on while. We it all began when -- we did our cross talk with EJ and Alan and I couldn't get the lieutenant governor's name correct and I've been rolled off ever since Collison I have been thrown off ever since we talked to Jim Cunningham about the flooding at 1135. That was a simple enough god their mind right now we are wrapping up our conversation with you right now 5767798. Should president's. Specifically this one or any other expect absolute loyalty from congressman. As Lisa Murkowski from Alaska voting against president trump. In the senate GOP health care man up plan and also. Susan Collins at the same thing should president expect loyalty. What justice is senator Jerry Moran who and as we know he had broken with. Most of the other Republicans and not supporting the latest health care bill. So what if president from that called Jerry Moran and sad because of that we are going to withhold money for road projects that you really need or things like that do you. When you elect representatives do you want them about the way you want them to vote or do you want them to vote the way the president expects them to vote. Michael writes I voted for trump I'm still happy wake up with him over Hillary however there are checks and balances to his skin skin. Janet writes no way senators legislators should throw ushered vote how they think their constituents would want. Expecting in bullying votes is not a democracy what do you think 5767798. Get a couple more in here let's go to Dwight in Lee's summit a 91 KM BZ I'd like. Hey good morning into the great program. I think you're debating an actual well. I at great urge senators and congress people to vote their Koch include but I think certainly the vote the will of their constituent. And I did quickly Google. And I laugh can hold it on the green from the Alaska dispatch news that shoot 60% of the lab and opposed obamacare. So over cal would actually voting against their own constituents you at that early voting against trial. But I got the bigger issue is still the same. You know should I president expect absolute loyalty from the people that are in congress. Well the big dark skinned about it I mean I mr. Obama expected absolute loyalty and I think they like to do so. But it doesn't mean that they can't debate. And they can't console and they can't arm twist that's been going on for 230 years that should part of our. Political system upon both the left and right and and it won't change. But the bigger the question has been achieved both the will of the people and then and then and in that cheap did not. Well her part did that her counterpart stayed in line with Republicans and got the call to basically and gasping say hey you need to get that lady in ball right back with you know that the president's wanting. I say this and I get a lot of states are against obamacare. But to repeal and with out to repeal would be the Affordable Care Act with no plan whatsoever. That's what she voted against she didn't vote for obamacare she voted against repeal with outer replacements it without having even seen an ocean the plaintiff states she voted against opening up debate both your clubs both time that was about Bob that he's upset about was that she voted against opening up to drive I think that's wrong too I think she should -- voted to at least open up debate. But for whatever reason she chose not to she chose not to him. Which is we heard it which is weird and I think it was a political move she and Susan Collins seems to together I don't like which she did but should that cost her federal money. April call we appreciate it let's go to jail in Johnson County 91 KM BZ what's up Joseph. Old almost just resort to talk of a point where you'd draw on the whopper Upton. In Asia over another job show IA I can't talk today for some reason that's not a good thing for this to pump the. That's a serviceable players that have been talking about apartment by house. Wanna look at every program. So expect salute world blocks are also were both the sort expect world also over Arab salute. Wanted to know boring or to oust Obama and people don't cost. Applying the reward anyone should vote on that predictable and Scott. At least on the at the GOP side. Right before injuring disabled go to them first album you want to support unsure if her house. Do you not and it via. Why I don't is. I assume he expected. An assumed everybody would just vote in line. And Everett probably shall. That are out there that are true Republicans. But and it would couldn't just discussion the other point goes we're going to be probably do have someone to ultimate and ambiguous that despite. Term limits there actually Alpert old collections. If your doors opened doing good now as boatman. Pour them into the precedent will be threatened. Parcells and attacking trucks have six months before the election. I tried two years before the I think they don't say it that the media got him elected. The world doesn't say that. Well the guys report because too much you don't know when to shut up. But the postal market and product to independently owned life. And everywhere at the bottom line is reduced to a talks too much sometimes. Thanks for the phone call Joseph appreciated and thanks for the kind words by 767798. I I have to guess I would probably side with the Joseph that. Well I maybe just blindly assumed. This and that I assume he just expects it gently just like Hillary blindly assume that Michigan and Wisconsin would be blue and she was completely on that but does that make it okay for him today and threaten after the fact. Get in line or were gonna take stuff away that you need I'm guessing it's been done by every president but it's been done by every president in a phone call in a closed door meeting in something else. In some kind of communication that wasn't Twitter. And even if it happened on by every president does it make it okay for every president to have died so they wanna. Aren't you electing your people because of of what they believe don't you want your representatives to vote and have loyalty to their constituents first item. Got to go after a moderate Democrat we get elected Bernie Sanders you have to Ciba Bernie Sanders on everything and Yuri moderate Republican. And we have elected eight a Tea Party. Republican you after aside when that person on everything. There's art there's a big difference you know the scale is very ill from the extreme right the all right to the middle right to the alt left to the to the socialist left. There's a big difference. So I I don't. I feel like that the values of people in different parts of the country obviously very. You know our the values of the people of Alaska the same as the values of the people in Kansas. I don't know are the values of people in Missouri this same as those of people in Alaska. I'd say no what I don't want is my lawmaker voting out of fear DM I don't want the people while blacks to vote again I keep an accident around. Heat he's sad that the reason he was not supporting the latest health care bill is because it was a bad bill and he did like how was crafted do you want him voting for it anyway. Because of feared that we're gonna lose federal money I don't. Last round his customary Italy would marry you get the final word on 91 KM BZ. Teammate. Andy to panic in every senator have been and there are oil hit it that president. And it could be the payment patent Ali. President running everything I mean there's an immediate admiration between an unexpected. And that there were read that. You know it's called a system of checks and balances Mary and we appreciate that thank you so much he couldn't keep the conversation going at a FaceBook page. Bill writes presidents are entitled to any absolute loyalty from congressman let has now. On FaceBook on Twitter texted at 22980. Because there are. I I think this one of those where it's kind of down the middle I think for the most part of the support sites like. We shall keep and I and what senator Murkowski does in the future that they're so far. I think I just saw a graphic on CNN there and there're four. Votes the senate will be having the first two on the repeal and replace the first two failed. They're on to number three which they may vote on his earliest borrowing against noise. Are coming up look at the latest from Jim Cunningham in the flooding all over the KC metro end. Airline news not Casey I will give you a little a little. Yeah and now gold nugget of Casey I news. And KG MB easy meeting with Jamie in wicket JB minus Ali like wickets. Old check it would Jim Cunningham shortly. And it's an update on the flood damage because it was nasty last night into this morning. Yes he'll freeze you've got pictures eyes are on about today you can send those to us by email we can't take on the tax line does the technology doesn't exist for that you consign him to his music he NBC dot com. You can tweet and chizik came BZ radio or you can send it to us on FaceBook if you're out today's specially written lunch hour hearsay and just keep in mind anywhere along Indian creek especially that one a convert mortal area around coaches. Was really. They're there roads closed or on their quite a bit this morning any area that generally would flood when there's high water is getting it today as a result of those also we know that there were areas in the north plan. There were hit his seven inches of rain Woodside. And it didn't have anywhere it now as we just got all the rain over the weekend so the ground was already soaked anyway now that rains guns at their for a little bad for an update us for. In early Jim Cunningham from the newsroom has been out about covering the floods gym where are you how are things where you are. I'm an a 104 in state line and I started out here at 5 this morning and have pretty much been around moral 103 street. Up to 99 homes and what I can give for use kind of I thought tally at this point what I found. There are fifty cars damaged him only VW 130. On 13 straight twelve businesses here have sustained. Significant damage and her fourth of state line and this is where gates is. Also stay on animal hospital those they had ten dogs here they're okay they get their man is that employs really get in and rescue them so they're fine. There are another twelve businesses are fireworks coaches is an art that that stretch of businesses those are all. Pretty much told including coaches. About a dozen homes and hope dale. There was at least an apartment and and and dozens of cars at willow creek apartments. On the phone moral there aren't third so some significant property losses in this stuff flooding event. At this point we haven't heard any worry about any casualties however one eyewitness. I spoke to earlier said that they saw a vehicle with wipers on and tail lights and that vehicle was in the flood waters and 130 your coaches. It went and broke loose from whatever it was snagged on went downstream went upside down and they saw brake lights come on. So it's not that it was occupied of its downstream or not but at this point we've not heard about any casualties. Again a dozen businesses here for the state line a dozen businesses over. Near coaches in just a significant enough property losses here in this area along Indian creek. It does seem like it's getting any better I mean she only if it leads that. Yes the water levels have dropped out tremendously over the last couple of hours in fact right all along the street line where I'm standing. If you if you can picture the gates barbecue just offs dateline at 435. Water was into the business. But it now as you go down about probably a good ducks wanna be down to the banks of the creek where I'm standing. The water well underneath the bridge now at this point. It it looks like the water level also is moving a lot less with. As it was earlier. Certainly has dropped considerably I spektr's gonna check on the bridges too there is some concern about some scouring. Whether or not damage has been done underneath these four bridges across agree on the Missouri side. And deadly disaster is same thing that we announced an hour and a half ago is people are getting ready to help ones. We know that 330 saline is really bad for the stars roads are closed here is that people should just avoid Q tell us about that event. Yes still alive you cannot access a 103 straight line from 435. Mortal is still closed. And I'm not sure about Holmes I don't know there lately you basically 103 straight line immortal all still off limits to traffic as they inspect bridges. Jim appreciate it continue to be the hard work out their ranks are banking with in a big state drive. Thank you guys thanks Jim Cunningham from our news department out and a 104 in state line road. Yes again that area 104 and state line that area around 1990 Holmes and and basically want Indian creek as were the worst of it is but the good news is that the water is receding. It it is the conditions are improving south. We will keep you up to date Stacey say drive what what do. What a rough time for for. The fire department the power is power and lie at least didn't have massive power outages with this one although I feel bad for if you're somebody that you lost power from Saturday until Monday or Tuesday. Yeah I had it for forty hours and nine and lost it again asks. All of the airport stories to get to today is the day when all of the plans from the people from the contracting companies like burns and Mac. Today's the day to get those plans Guillen to two it to the city and the council in the airport committee. Now financing doesn't get done until what I think the tenth is that right some like. Now a couple of weeks on that the big deadline to keep in mind now is Edward. Were times and has a little bit keep in mind that election is an early November that's the public vote. That is still on pedestal planned what is not been decided is exactly what Kansas in misery voters are going to be voting line. That ballot language has not been written yet and there have been suggestions that it should say private financing or public financing on. Were quickly running out of time to make that decision but I know that the city wanted to wait until after these proposals were and see what their work and went. So the next step is for. Accounts numbers to go through these plans. Pick one or not you know quite frankly. The process is not and most transparent and the world we don't know exactly how they're going to approach those. But we know we're about a month away from that ballot language has to be an and then really you've got ten weeks not even nine weeks to sell it to the people that are gonna vote. And the lead the biz journal by the way has put out a story that we are a four different groups who have submitted plans for the single terminal case CI. Burns in Mac eight. Edge more construction is one there's a fourth when I don't know the name of the group to at least for right now we have submitted plans they have to be in by today. Eight. And said hey wait a minute what was about a plan and that it was opened up to the public so it's it that's great I'm glad that. Competition is not a bad thing on it it stinks of bits that it didn't occur to anybody. Like six months ago do the first and more time to put those plans together. So yes that that we decide the bell language and then the next thing as the vote. Find time flies time flies and have an airport debate assuming a vote still. Happens. Got it done. By its airlines want that vote to happen in the fall. And and yet. It's not a sure thing and the price goes up if it doesn't happen in the fold the longer you wait yeah but the longer that the more any price tag is gonna pick out we don't if there's not a vote up. Up or down in the fall. And and it still gets done it's gonna take some time you know the world's best airport is ranking wise it's not Casey about. An EUS or international world the world's greatest airport. I couldn't even. I guess like in China or something Singapore power pack Singapore. It is for the five after the fifth straight year was named the best serve the best airport in the world. A hand you may now be able to go through security. Get your your ticket. Drop your bag off without speaking to another person. Because right now they're talking about unleashing the will be the first. Airport to use facial recognition technology. To offer self service options and checked in bag dropped immigration and boarding. In a new terminal. You don't have to talk and maybe security up to still talk to somebody. But you can just look at the screen. They'll they'll recognize your face you get your ticket drop off your bag and you'll fly anywhere are you comfortable with that Jamie on a selling. Is it a sure thing. That the thing is the facial recognition software flawless or is there a chance it won't recognize you even though its yield. I'm guessing technology and today there's a reason we have a person there to double check your idea with your passport with what to boarding pass is there there's a reason. That we have the person there well. I mean. FaceBook can pick out campaign without even you you punch in the in the name in FaceBook and all already recognize your face I assume that these people. This company this. 8985. Million dollar that they're gonna throughout this Singapore airport has got to be pretty on point first. Saves money. And you know it's gonna have more efficient because you can have a tonic kiosks there and you know and and it's gonna cut down on time. That airports pretty big. Yes pretty good connecting point in Asia so you can get a lot of people through their more quickly my guess is they wouldn't be using it if it wasn't you know 99%. Right. It wears me out to be honest this is just killed somebody's pasture is just not used to. The automation part of travel. And and maybe I should just get used to it but I mean there are processes where we are flying internationally. And your yet to go through customs a lot of that is done automatically that. It happened in Houston and he's yeah where we didn't even talk to Oprah we would there's a guy watching him they were a bunch of like ATM machines yet to stand in front of and look at your face and it scan your passport yeah match that to. I've gone through what I went through customs and Cambodia they did that was fingerprints. Which was which. Was strange and made you think now have my fingerprints on five yes they do what I think that's right start to ask questions and answers to that scared me bad. What else are they going to do with the information that they have that gets me through the screen it is the world's sixth busiest airport international traffic. And now they're gonna start doing facial recognition of. That could be the wave of the future it'll save money you know downtown little busy if if it's that busy airport and you need a lot of people there to get people through security coming up that I'm sorry. I was gonna say coming up next TSA is tightening things for you we kind of knew about this but now it's really gonna start happening. And we'll tell you what TSA is gonna make you do. From now on when you travel next a 91 KM BZ anyone KM BZ lead they would Jamie and wicket 1148. On a Thursday you'll get to what's trending coming up at noon. Also lots to talk about including a story about him handling that we think a lot of people in Kansas City are really going to get into. I'll do that coming up the 12 o'clock hour we have our text poll check that Twitter poll going on follow us on Twitter at KM BZ radio simple question. Are you happy. Are you happy Jamie. The percentages almost a hundred bucks so far vote yes or no on Twitter came easier go on 6040 happy 75%. Of our listeners are. Has not that does not parallel A national poll that was in my group called Harris poll that asked an and they got deeper in the question and we did on Twitter. But we'll get different story coming doubled later in the show did and it does pull every year they asked about 2200 people are you happy and then they separated out based on. Up politics an agent of a woman and they got into the things that you worry the most about. It does not sure what are also. No it does. I'm happy to AJ this would be interest in leaving his answer bay particularly pregnant pot yet Jay. Jay Edwards are you are you happy. I'm pretty happy there. That was there was lessons and he. And for some odds in Vegas the year to get to know that is sick I don't like to be follow placed himself. You're pretty good at the aptly named mostly to work there among the bang there it is pretty happy just sort of has ever again. It doesn't bring up my hat is Kaelin and get to work each and Allen right exactly now that he just gets better. Or the Aegean island forced to work with Jamie and where exactly are right this next story is about like TSA is gonna make you do so. Heard about this was initially announced and now the TSA is following up on as a confirming that they're gonna do it for domestic flights that are talked about does internationally. They talked about it for ten trial airports now they're gonna roll out nationwide. It is when you go through security. And they tell you TSE preach Eckert things like that but if you're just a normal flyer like I am. You have to take laptop bag yet to put in a separate men like sideshow why why don't you have TS. OK. They. Let me tell a story all people. So at Atlanta about your your bag used an endless apartment but everything else you just leaving and I'm does as much as I used to. But he's carry tablet with me I wouldn't her not necessarily but if I was like went icelanders and go to the and a place where I'm at some down time. My phones pretty big but if I think I might be watching some Netflix or number I want a bigger screens I take my tablet. I would always asked doing it take my tablet and it was and now you can leader tablet. That is changing now travelers and standard TSA checkpoint lines at airports we'll have to remove all electronics. Larger than cell phones from carryon bags and put them into separate Dennis. So if you yourself on spine that you can leave your purse whatever but if you carry with you anything larger than that. Including a laptop that we have come out your bag using a lot more Ben's going. So if you an even get a tablet if any any kind of musical device any of error he carried just a secondary. Any thing. That's as in addition to a laptop that's got to be in a separate now. Coach is going are you using. A lot and I'm pretty efficient going through security I mean I'm I personally wanna be behind. When you who is especially because replace it McGuire Ernie plays as central security checkpoint and many lines to choose from. I take a moment to evaluate which line ice again and it and how that asked that's gonna go out there have been several. Humorous pieces written about this like you don't get behind a family with kids know what I get by the guy that's going to witness know what I'm business travelers because they know what they're doing they've got their baggage there shoes are there they're ready like oh they felt that day they took the belt and put it in the bag you know they wore shoes that easily slip. Because they another tactic mopping outsourcing wanna be behind I don't I know bare feet icky flip flops do they come off as he really easy do it right socks that's. This terse with your feet that's grounds it. I. Wanna file by insecure because I'm pretty efficient at it anyway but adds a lot of devices I've also gotten. Very good ads. Kind of leaving work stuff at home and not carrying my laptop with me everywhere ago I used to think violent. Now I'm pretty good it has taken. An act anymore I don't tablet. My fumbled just do a lot more bodies are right on so but just as if you're carrying anything else with you does is going to make getting through. The X ray getting through security that's make that take longer because it was his curled to be separate and so there's just limited space on the conveyor belt. And you're gonna have to wait for people stopped to go through so the kindness. They say is that by separating out personal electronic items like laptops tablets. For screening TSA officers can more closely focused on resolving alarms and stopping terror threats. I'm OK with that again anything that you wanna do inconvenienced me a little bit like don't Candace my flight but if it takes a couple extra minutes. And it keeps me sick on the plane one ever and if they say this is gonna do it fine. But it does mean that it's gonna take longer to get through so they had done this on a trial basis at about ten airports across the country. That work so other browser to roll out at every airport in the country. It it's gonna create longer lines note an enemy you're gonna take you long target group is more those bids to take up more space yeah. And by the way if you are. When you get through that line right he'll put your belt on and I. As we know I don't put your she was not put your jet grab our beings and move. Ten feet out of the way that's why those big benches and its colleague Rican population area. Are right unless your about it. Then your desk and the odds are your not you're probably not yet or not take myself to punt it away. Because that and music and my belt back on my eyes back on and all that kind of stacked derby is and move out of the way because guess what you're right there aren't. And then all of a sudden now got to wait for unit because my my my little bid is still it's like halfway output not totally out and wanna wait for you. To put your sakes on in the shoes he's on your belt back on and then edit laptop in the back. Right rabbit and how it'll play somebody asks is that in effect right out Casey I don't believe so but it will be going into but it will be yeah. Isn't going to defect in the coming weeks and months that from a TSA spokeswoman so this will be happened this will be app. Here wide and I TSA pre checked yeah anomalies OK I ever completed the paperwork on how long does that tape not that line to be honest I don't know. I don't my focuses on getting global entry because that is what saves you time internationally. And that requires. Like. Five years' worth of knowledge about where you now live in every dress you've ever had and every phone number it just requires its content from TSA pre check I don't know I think it's him it's for domestic flight right I don't even now but. I'm again I'm pretty quick get through security and stuff like that I don't deal with everybody does that mean I'm you're about separate lines all of you people act. In my weight so my. Might does bank at a global entry which I forget about until I'm about to fly internationally or I'm I'm I'm about to in September and so. Egged it on my to do list get global entry doesn't that there's an in person interview oh god which used to Chicago for now you can do it TCI gave no reason not to do so convenient but it's it's an incredibly arduous process. It should be because then if you fly internationally it really does get you through customs lot faster but laziness like that it's it's accurately like I'm pretty good about keep up on. Stuff like this and I this is just. Pre check cost he has like 85 boxes of knowing blog entry is a box if some parents to act to pay for preach it every year. I do not okay because someone who hasn't text and yes that's right field I'm sorry I do for track I don't go out out of mail app that is you need help me. At times I've had TSA pre checked it is just suddenly shown up my boarding pass. Without me asking for league got it when we flew back from Detroit she got pre check it's just because you don't take your laptop body bag and take a gas operating it's totally worth it why I don't it. For. I just got a new credit card and they offered TSA pre check what do that the perks pre check reimbursement. So that for the credit card companies gonna pay me back when I get my man as a priest just got to do all the work I'll still do it now receive like 85 under box and I don't know how long it's got aisles I don't know I don't blog entry is that. I feel like it's good for the link to your passport. Which is ten years and I save fuel time let's go to bill whose Dallas up in Overland Park came billion or 91 KM BZ. Happy soggy morning. I want parent trap or for almost a year under plots like a year are tight or under their. Get this I was in here during idle and after. See it changing them. It goes. Abortion because that's what you know all year so all he really doing is going. So it or as ten years ago. So I have a business traveler. So your briefcase should put it on on body extreme machine took a laptop out. It added Al large like that she took out a belt all yourself vote to put it out there and what it was that they get that. Didn't we. As many devices that now we have your readers and tablets and we just have more devices with us thing and we used to. I am more devices that you could opt. That. A bill Parise and we got it that it's a we have tablets and PDA is that we use the personal data things that you know carrier's schedule upper estimate. Now. Ike coming up CB can guess for the number one trending topic in Kansas City is.