Name 4 words to ruin Thanksgiving. Go!

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Monday, November 13th

"Grandpa crapped his pants...."    

"Do you REALLY need seconds?!?!?"


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy. And you have a fun is now stuck to and then. Zain. Sam do. Times music I mean it's like dynamite venue at a time is now early on Thanksgiving at Portland's. It's really in one style means so Scott. If you run Thanksgiving for group from my mother for everybody there in four words. You only four words I can ruin it for my mother and forwards he's OK okay. Because this is like her biggest speed and I Thanksgiving. Turkey store all all heard isn't bullies just. And of every year my mother says it's the turkeys to two. It's its. Rights mean to make it in a way of out of five paper bags went. And but if you wanted to ruin my mom's day just go I am game mother. Yeah that would. For her that I got an elaborate trio okay the turkeys tofu. Tank. I might. Maxine. First posted this over the weekend and I'm telling you and we'll take some some I text and monitor. If so submit the text line. I.s have laughed. And laughed at the four words. People have come up when it. Here's one. Mom meet Roy Moore. Park. I'm on step eight. Poll you brought a hook. Nobody go in there. And. Cranberries came from can. So we're supposed to come from. It's supposed to make the cranberries on the creek resources totally better and then can't count like Canon and. We're we're what else would you buy cranberry. You can buy actual graders have restored. Our outlook Jehovah's Witnesses. The cable is out. Mine. I write it and. What about let's talk about politics yeah. I am someone posted turn on Fox News. Gluten free crescent roll this is. A. I tell you my mom and I do not talk politics anymore it is at all note. And we used to have really you know we're both right of center but she's far more right and I am. She's off the Lance. I mean you write my mom and dad. It has gotten the point with her in me and I and I love that woman dearly. She's in the circle six not. And that's. Not everybody here in one there's your sister is a lot actually yeah. But no it got so bad during the last election that we. Were almost at each other's throats. And finally we just looked at each other and said you know what. Maybe we should and debated this week had political and societal debate since I was seventeen years old. And we just decided last year after thirty years of going back and forth never agreement never convince the other we just I was sad it's over. Oh from the text line here are your submissions gives excellent bullets got no cause I'm sincerely committed doozy from the US it and for words to run Thanksgiving. The oven is broken. I hate your family hole. What a pleasure that. Guy. All. But yeah. Hillary lied people died. In your. Are you guys get together with oh this is your first big. This is interesting. This is your first big Thanksgiving with which I went yeah ultra they need me what you guys do. Am word going on Thanksgiving number one this weekend's OK and then Thanksgiving number. Two. And three next week. So well yeah we have a lot thanks thanks. So one is with your mom one as with your dad won his with his pair. Now one is where's. My mom one as where. Paul's dad Indiana won as with Paul's. Mom. For the text line do you know Jesus. The bullet we sure dad not in the mix. My dad doesn't do Thanksgiving like it does not his holiday thank you care gas favor used to care like Christmas that is think big banks and you think whenever. So you're not cooking you're not going to be a domesticated housewife and cook a Turkey and do the stuffing or any not a not this year I'm very much and I'm really happy about do you do it any year you do and prodding him. We go to the Bristol are you never do with the traditional Thanksgiving we do with my family. On Mika Friday Saturday and speaker rod what are you guys just have a the cook. Room monsters and your business. Then during the Monica to hey grouch. Forwards to run Thanksgiving. Catholic has a point. Oh. And everything. I. Which one. And oh. We get back. Are you member username don't dole dole lose all yes Rachel dull as all. There's a new one. Another regional all sorts. Of interesting. To white. And I think converting. Public. Thrown house. When we get to stay off the text like Canada. When we get back rare look at this. You have life insurance that to be a course you can. String of the Thanksgiving dinner table Stuart I'm not sure that I would suggest that but it something you talk about your family. He probably did what but I. I don't think we can't talk about about that. I like injured we'll talk about like interpret open people. It's a very very best options as far as the price point. We help people navigate through the maze of products there's hundreds from which to tune in the big one of the things we haven't talked about a long time is that reviews. Trying to predict the future and figure out how things are pulled over time impossible to do we review it required policy. Every year to make sure that policy initially selected still. Yet we just got a call you guys have we went through your review everything still looks good do you have any questions it's one of the things I love about is dirt that if I need you and I call you I get you on the phone. Absolutely right and speaking of voting in the phone number 8167920700. I think 16792. And 0700. Check metal website that stir it would very with low cost life insurance dot com. No I don't get that we've heard about. There comes a time where we say OK I understand you feel different. That what you are tank then there comes a time Korea say this isn't. Necessarily acceptable there something wrong. Your craze. Not. Rachel dole is all. Who is a white woman who thought or things she is she identifies as black she is. That should never in a million years be something we look at ago. And she scores. Okay now we have job do. Did jobs do tell me about shocked. Born a white man named Adam still looks amazingly well with long brown hair. Now considers himself a Philippine. Even drive this. This is from the US ate it today. That it is shot June okay. Was he born like Bob. Adult men whose name is Adam. Romans once we call it even drives what's called hate talk talk and Asian derived vehicle used for public transit in the Philippines. Job view is part of a small but growing number of people who call themselves trans racial. Aside belt clip about Don Chang. Will animate you know you're not Chinese. John do is apart of a small but growing number of people who call themselves transracial term once referred only to some wonder couple. All of a one race adopting a child of another tank. Transracial entries Fam. I light and my husband's black and we adopt a little girl from Russia or China trying to be a better transracial. Fine. Bob. Blob but now it is becoming associated with someone born of one race who identifies with another. Job do. Says he grew up enjoying Filipino food events in the overall culture quoting here from job do. Whenever I'm around the music around the food I feel like I'm in my own ski. I watch the History Channel for hours. Nothing else intrigue me morbid things about Filipino culture. Great you know what I like to read a lot of books about Germany doesn't make me in German. Weirdo. Give me here's the deal. Here's why I have a problem with these types of stories. And my mother sent me a link and got all worked up yesterday I mean worked ops guy. She sent mailings and called me today and say did you read what I see you want it's not. It was a link about the subway system in one of our American cities. They have told the conductors to no longer save ladies and gentlemen that's the story they don't want the conductors any longer saying ladies and gentlemen. Because it might. Make somebody feel uncomfortable. I said mother sting off the Internet you read these things yeah true yeah there was a link attached to this story. I said get all worked out and in reality. Life really doesn't. Shake out that his New York so for most people thought it was New York. She says can we just draw the line somewhere we can't even ladies and gentlemen anymore. So she is quite. Worked up over the story she called me in fact on my way into the building to talk to me about the story. Here's the problem I have with people like jog do. Who apparently identifies Filipino. And Astoria in New York where they're saying you know let's not say ladies and gentlemen anymore realizes getting ridiculous. The problem I have with these stories is that it makes people like my mother. Not sympathetic. To people who are actually struggling with their identity. This job to do is a lunatic Rachel dole is all was crazy I'll give you that. But there're actually kids in this community really struggling. With their identity or real end to the sidelines with these kids are 40% Scott I understand these stories about shot do. When my mom sees a story like that it it just reinforces. In their mind already. For people who don't understand that these things are really actually happening. In this community. It makes them think everyone's crazy and that's not true and that's why have a problem with the. Here's a story months writers of New York city's subways will no longer hear the phrase ladies and gentlemen. Ringing across the PA system before the doors close. The MTA metropolitan transportation. Is opting for a more gender neutral approach. Bus drivers and subway conductors are reportedly being told to use words such as passengers. Writers. And every one. Transit staff was notified of the new policy in a bulletin earlier last week. Which is part of the New York City Subway action plan. To improve communications with its customers. Quoting here from MTA spokesman John Weinstein once Angeles and we are fundamentally changing the way we talk with writers to give them better and clearer information. Now excuse me mr. wind gusting. How is changing it to passengers instead of ladies and gentlemen or. Writers. Instead of ladies and gentlemen or every one set of ladies and gentlemen Howard you more clearly. Communicating two years. To your ridership. Here's what they face the problem because my mom read that and lost her. Gourd. And many people probably did read that like your mother and lost theirs too. It is getting to the point of being laughed probably ridiculous. Which takes away from. The real issues that families are happening here and across the country. With kids who are actually transitioning Scott and need to do and how. Does that make it more clues Dave let's say it it it doesn't it it really what it does ease. The water yes it muddies the field yes and so I'm sorry. I'd just be quiet please you're Filipino I get it's got ridiculous. But see even if you are a woman who identifies. As a manager transgender. And yes even you could respond to you ladies and gentlemen. But as you might biologically be a lady you identify the elements you practically was absolutely. Absolutely. It's so dumb. Stop the planet get no pain now I wasn't there's a reason I didn't bring the story yesterday. And and you look at the stack and you start reading about Joseph and Jane what ever. And now we gotta talk about is my mom called on the end. Up. Office. It's because of people like you would know ladies and gentlemen it's jot it all three ball who wants to be a Filipino when he's right. You couldn't get more white and being named Adam here's the deal. Does he enjoy the Filipino culture yes yes. Does he like cooking Filipino dishes and watching this trial I hope so yes. It doesn't make Q. Asian. Or Filipino. 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Injured in the Sunday earthquake along the Iran Iraq border. Official reports of but the das told closer to 407. We'll check traffic and weather together next keeping again. A look cloudiness some place for the rest of today and also for tonight with more Ares and drizzle forming blades today's high low fifties the overnight low falling just a few checks to the mid to upper forties. We're back into the mid to upper fifties for tomorrow some clouds thicken around an Aries a light showers or drizzle here or there. Actually have a chance for showers and a possible thunderstorm rising MIT's day night with a disturbance heading through clearing conditions on Wednesday. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer an air more KN BC weather. Eight TCI rain now it's forty aids in the liberty it is 49 and your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news nine B 81 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com yeah. Well. Plus one afternoon and about 435. Bruises web sites for stories and I think you might find interest things. Of course any story that has anything related to kiss involved is gonna get my attention. And everything certainly related to Gene Simmons is going to get my. Tension. Now into the star's website long. River but it was run and doing their business. As I arrived when your reading. From the Kansas guard Gene Simmons has never been known to hold his tong and since we all know how famously long it is. That would travel to probably be pretty tough doing it. But some of the observations that go along with his new book about how. And how to get it make you wonder whether yet that tongue tucked into his cheek because if he didn't we're confuse. Writes Lisa Gutierrez the Kansas City Star. Talking to the New York Post ahead of the books debut tomorrow Simmons declared that women can not have at all. It is either courier or it is family but it is not blow. The book is called on power going out Roy Moore. The book is called on power my journey through the court two hours of power and how you can get more power. Says Simmons in his interview with the New York Post. Get over your biological urges. It is natural to want to have kids but sure. You can't have it both ways you have to commit to either career or family. It is difficult to have both. They're the home. Simmons goes on to say in the New York Post women have a choice. They can dress and potato sacks. But as soon as they pretty themselves up with lipstick list. And separate them and point them in our general direction. They're gonna get a response. I Jack asses. We will buy dimensions and houses all because of sex. Maybe it's just best that he stick to singing Islam with the they're people who believe that now. And not one of them I do not however I will say this I do not full. A woman and I think this is where women tend to be their own. Worst enemies and when a woman decides I'm going to start a family and I am going to stay home. Yeah I think other women look at them even with jealousy or some sort of disapproval. And saying. Won't what do you do it set us back thirty years I mean c'mon Ryan you dress in the workforce. I think there's anything wrong with the woman staying at home to raise kids. If that's what they choose to do right and that's a decision the family made together correct. You know what's interesting I have friends who have done. Both veterans who had a career. And stopped and had kids and then came back in to have the career and do you what they will tell you and I listen to them before me because I've never not worked. They say it doesn't matter what side of the fence you're on you're damned if you do your damned if you don't. If you're working people looking you'll go. Has cooking a meal so ninth and if you're not working people looking you know and go. Now he's saying now. The way to adults tell you that it doesn't matter as whit what we do we question what we do it how we get what we do it and other people to this. But who is throwing them knives on women who have kids and I'll go back more women than the that's why. And do that to themselves into. It's not men borrow I'm sure it is to some extent. But it's not men of avenging Stevens who were saying one. Cannot borrow and you can walk around potato sack around the house and look like a ton of bricks but. Don't want to put on America I mean we're gonna buy a mansion. Sit down captain on or after work for the rest my life. Easy killer. Even rich since you were 22 years ago carrying simmered out. Not everybody gets to live your life. Like jeans. I interviewed him once I was petrified. For him to say. How to get more how. He is a brilliant as. But it just seems silly to me because not everybody's Gene Simmons you have power because you are Gene Simmons and your average lap it's gonna go buy that book at Barnes & Noble is not gonna wake up tomorrow morning some kind of mobile. Gee this problem as he comes off as it sure when he talks. And he says hit and he says of the into the interview rod you'll find this surprising I don't give a blank what people think about. Well you made that obvious since 1974. And that's fine. But listen here captain Richie Rich. Never had to relieve worry about your next meal since 1975. There are some of us out here who still do. And not everybody gets up on stage. And makes 250000. Dollars a night. So simmered down make a boy. Let me let me ask you this when I don't kiss when you look at. Those who have reached that level of success and I want you to be honest because I mitigate I know wanted to give a different answer I want to really try to be honest here are honest commit to what extent does talent to have something to do with that because it does in some cases not all Ashlee Simpson. To what extent does talent have something to do with that verses and extraordinarily. Enormous. Amount of block. Enormous amount of luck Scott to be in the right place at the right time where someone sees you and thanks okay. We'll give this a world Wilson will sign this person. Where there could be some onstage after you that's actually better that doesn't get that break their way I think people in Hollywood is we'll tell you. There is such an enormous amount of luck. That goes into getting where they end up well our US and right kiss. I'm asking just in general at that level of stardom how much did luck. Have to play into that it's it's well knowledge in the beginning it is huge. Block. And rod I think you and I both growing up on kiss kiss being your first concert ever in 1977. There. I think with with the band like that in this may be we're Gene Simmons. His his thought processes what do bit skewed. It was a lot of luck. Great gimmick. And raped on a drive. On of handed the opportunity first albums didn't sell listen once you or handed. A foot in the door. It is up to you do to then. Transfer that into stark. I always tell people like to wrap his foot in the door is and I think there's so much luck involved well Scott. But Dana I was so people like Travis when first hired him several years ago Chris miners in the others. All cracked the door open for you you have to kick it down yourself. And Travis has kicked the door down so once they say somebody like Julius. It it does involve. Talent and drive a given that but I think in the beginning it is. 95%. Lot. 95 but you know I would take career advice. From just about anybody bought Gene Simmons. He has the drive he sort of as the talent I mean. Listen I love kiss a dedicated room in my house this is all about marketing yes always has always their marketing geniuses absolutely. They make Donald Trump look like an amateur. They market. Better than anything I've Evers. They they Ares sub par band. With catchy lyrics. Some talent but not a lot and yet they've been able to make so much money that they never have to worry about anything. So it's dry it and marketable. Now if that's what he's got to write about. And all reachable. I want to know because I have sub part. I want to know how to like takes sub par talent. Market. Use a little bit of driving gumption. And become big and turn it into an empire right. Because that's what he has done and he's done. But don't help me. So. Jeanne. That women. Have to choose between their career and kid but you didn't write it. You know that you were able to have two kids with what's your phrase. And you get to keep touring the world bang chicks Iger back and you don't have to worry. But every woman in this world has to make that choice. And not quote deny. Their biological. Urgent. I mean Duke Lacrosse is a complete deep. Us. Airways book comes out tomorrow. I. Don't. Permit not. I've given rod and I've given kiss planet money at ten. And the couldn't. Way to. 767798. Once game 200 dollars per concert tickets have been left to know the first zone. Why do we do I thanks Roman. Did it right here for doctor take you know I got a friend who is down more than ten pounds in a little less than two weeks actually. After she walked in for that free consultation with doctor take signed up for the optimum health program and I'm telling you she already looks better she already feels better. Wants to lose twenty more and I know she's gonna do it. Then we have our listener. Karen who's down 55. Pounds. Looks like three months that she dropped it to five pound she wants was forty more. I have absolutely no doubt she will do that. I still bring those delicious meal replacements top of the line vitamins. Into the studio with me every single day I looked better I feel better. When doctor take is part of my life and spring break is going to be here before you know so I know a lot of us are buckling down. And really. Trying to focus on our metabolic health. Before march rolls around a swimsuit season that Mexicans here. Give doctor take a call they are standing by to help you. 9138148222. As the number. 9138148222. Or take nutrition dot com tellem data sentient. Okay. John made and the thing. Those. The lines. Being mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas has said Amazon. You're offering 50000 jobs. Five billion dollars in construction. Thinks. But no ethics. Really. And one day. Little Rock snapping an up to support does it look this story for so it's. Kept. Teams have lost my mind dot com malfunctions. Well you it is. As of late seems like every major city in America is vying for the attention of Amazon and hopes of attracting. The plan HQ to campus of the multibillion dollar corporation. The second headquarters from Amazon promises creates 50000 high paying jobs five billion dollars in construction. The city were I am Mayer's little runs obviously properties. Little Rock, Arkansas used to be one of the eager suitors eager to sweep Amazon off its feet I met with the chamber of commerce and a team of our best and brightest. To discuss our proposal but as we reviewed the list of traits that Amazon was looking for an NHQ two's city we realized it would never work out. We know ourselves well enough to realize that ill fated courtship to ruin everything that we've worked for achieved force which is on track. To become one of the best places to live work and go to school so. As mayor of Little Rock I must admit. That our city was at first blindly smitten. By the glamour Amazon HQ. And really who. It was on to talk about. Stuff but in Little Rock we decided to make a very public break up announcement. To let the world now that while we are not right for Amazon our city is available for business. Thus we've embarked on a targeted campaign launched a website called love. He called a press conference to announce a campaign with several community partners. But Amazon fantasy got us to thinking about all the other businesses out there that we might actually be compatible win. And then hit us instead of creating a proposal for a company that wasn't really interested in office. We decided on focusing on attracting partners are looking for a city like cars. And there are. OK but that doesn't affect us because we are at city for that partnership at work rates at. For the partnership you really think Kansas is gonna hit ice and I don't think with all due respect Little Rock I just think they're big enough. It's beautiful say. Been there couple times went down there wants blacks are writers. Yeah I'm. Oh. The original lead singer Faith No More. Moon. I don't think he was on that song you're thinking and a isn't it funny when you say it no more everyone just went. Film like you know the song and talking about but I can't think of it was fired from the group right before their release it's on its rod help me here. That big sort of a lot of yelling and it epic epic wasn't it the song. This was the guy before him. My guess what died of addiction. I'm from man's family attributed his death to quote the disease of addiction. Isn't it interesting how we have gone total 180 on that. Five years ago three years ago even up to two years ago it would just say please send condolences to an Achilles travel. And in lieu of flowers donate to wayside when it's no one would talk about it so if it was a young person and there was not caused listed. You had just into thanks so we tried our residents. Now people are out with it. I think it's a good day I think we need to be talking about it. His family rights and I quote we are sharing the manner in which he passed in the hopes that might serve as a warning or wake up call or beacon. To ending struggling to fight for sobriety. But he noted that he had a long courage of sobriety before his. It's unfortunate that so Mike Patton is still alive Mike Patton the lead singer on epic. Which is the face more song everybody remembers is still a lot. Austin the singer prior to him about any of another was the singer I didn't either I saw read the story. Okay. Reverend odd to the news I you know what I hate myself right now. OK we were just talking about a man losing his life. You and I are talking about whether or not it's Mike Patton the singer everybody remembers from the song epic I said it was not. And then I say okay fine and I'm ready to throw to Caremark or it's not the fat man's life doesn't matter. It's not as bad as the Chinese said. Turn them. It's true that. Cancer can't go very well in. Shame on. Gentlemen I don't like. You're looking at the clock as I am we know we have to get Kara I don't think the U think that man's life doesn't do nothing I know. To the newsroom and Kara marked happening now on KM BZ and charges filed against a local jail guard will have more next. By now you've heard that Time Warner Cable business class is now spectrum business what are you waiting for switched to spectrum business today. Your Internet will get faster it will get better and the cost will go. Down. What are you waiting for spectrum business you know they've increased their Internet speeds that went from sixty megs to 100 megabit per second. And lowered the price to 4499 a month when you bottle with was for 2999 month. And they've eliminated the added taxes and fees that the other providers charts and remember a Specter business school that you sign a contract. They do not make you sign a contract amber. Call 8667 fives and 9726. Suspect your business today. 8667509726. No added taxes no hidden fees and no contracts. 866709726. Switch to Specter business today. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.