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Monday, February 26th
Yes.  That's what we're calling this hour....    Also-  When transgender teenagers transition - do the rules change in sport?

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Mayor you. Okay. I don't play Justin Timberlake tickets went on sale this morning I'm home I'm broke. Hey that's between being broke when I look at exactly. I do not realize when you merge with CBS radio. Uganda the keyword cash every now. Every hour. All day long of the kubert cash right now is candle. Right candles CA ND LE. So it says here much you've got the sheet I don't have candles tech 772881. For your chance to win a thousand dollars. It's national contest here until 215. Campbell CA MD. LE. Seven to 81 excuse message and data rates may have. You were talking about the Justin Timberlake concerts. I dropped a buck fifty her womb for crappy seats no. And 121 real supplement that's pretty that's not terrible Judy at a camp has an announcement saying. Worldwide and to work will be at sprint center march 6 one teen ninth two and more neared an uncertain when him to 1990. March 6 the album came out like a year ago. I don't know. And wood and a date yet for tickets on sale but you know and Metallica in March 29 didn't. Concerts announcing a year plus ice well kind of the Timberlake tickets that we bought this morning. He's in December right here's what bugs me about that show. I have a girlfriend who really wants to go we're trying to get five or six girls to go I don't wanna pay for right now I'm just gonna sit back and I know they're not gonna get any cheaper. But I don't want to drop 200 bucks on a show that's a year from now Matt spring break coming up I mean you know it's just kind of beginning to accompany us. So I wanna 600 dollars on Justin Timberlake who is going to be your a year like I don't feel I'm not the island yet I'll feel player. Feel like September and it answers she. Nipple it's yeah dole. Timid I ask you know what funny is someday to key work will be nipple and no one globally exactly candles CA MDO Lee. 72881. Thing to it's like dealing with children I got up today I went outside. Fill the monies because it is sunny out and it is warm I swept the front porch YouTube like started clean enough outside don't like it's coming. It's coming spring is coming to. Think. You know we get a chance now and honestly Greta I don't. No I don't mean in the fifties and sixties correct the next week they're gathered just saying there's a slight chance that it might connect smarts always sold wrong. In February was well. All students they wound to his right after January and why Marge I had I done right and not. There's this one. Tiny. Little bastard patch of snow on my front four is the size of like. I don't know. To dinner plates I cranked. And it just. Won't. Die it units in the shadow of the house season and I walked by it every time and I do that they thought maybe about just like chipping a way. Because might look I would stand on it slip and fall and cracked my income is now. Now stand on it when your chipping I just I was looking at that thing this morning and I'm like cancer just die it's the last vestige of winner and I'm done I'm. Please go away and speaking of warmer temperatures. I don't know. Super nice out of the weekend maybe you wanna go for an ATV right. Naked maybe I mean I don't know we'll have. It was 42 degrees. Slight favorite earnings in the EJ. You know that story has gone inter national this not spiral. There probably was something viral on Nancy this is an international news story now. How often even naked guy in February ready to ATV opposite traffic to literally is naked naked do we know is I have a feeling good friend and I here to view more. I stumbled upon some cell phone video zone and that was filmed by people on for 35. As he was passing them Curtis. Is it. Hopefully. There's like seven ordered Google quietly do. Dude it's the beginning. All they Kansas City. Wow yeah. He's going faster. Going on. Because we have so many. I think they're state troopers eight. The sheriff's department helicopter. Well we were trying to figure out what was going on and senate banking Geithner though the pilot airplanes we see a helicopter thank your. We will go over in this age. A couple of my leg it was like what they'll and we realized pretty good things gotten. Up. You got clothes on and I'm not even Matt naked to Jaber impress okay. Let's just talk this out. Together I think and it's taken some time for them to release this guy's name which I don't quite understand and and you brought some traffic laws and wanted to felony eluding me I really am curious. To know this man's identity for a couple of reasons. What are just some of the reasons. Writing off the top here at why we go to him. That one by. Hot and any TV completely naked and right the wrong way to on the highway let's go. Our resident the guy most likely image showed to do when this guy did rod Babcock. Yes thank you sir I will tell you. If he comes home before you're done you gotta get out of there yeah. As you know you're with his wife. And he's probably mad so you know you jump on the day that he's got quickest exit you'd think yeah. Am I interest and I've follow I follow you get it. One called in the bathroom window want to turn light theory. It's. Was day hold my beer watch this dare between body right that's an I was gonna think he might twelve here's the here's the problem with that theory here. I agency. After a rowdy day drinking or what have you someone's saying I I dared. Him to hop on your TV. And driver and it. I can see someone doing that maybe and a neighbor. Down the street and back all this block out that stop sign in back county road why right right right I don't have all the I dare leading to wrong way on the highway four in ninety in my life. That you know that involves a woman it's either running from her husband or she called and said if you can get here in twenty minutes. I'll do that thing you always wonder. Could see the video camera trucks out of gas I'm. Everyone. Around the world has seen that videos got. This is not just like a fox for blur at 10 o'clock. Exists and getting TV but it is. Everywhere whom. He's awesome he's kind of naked and famous he had. He's given me an outlook in life because and I said mr. Griffin last night I for ever hold the motto in my heart because of this man. At least I'm not and I am very out like on your worst day that you think you have some kind of problem. We can all collectively say at least I'm not that he's drawn knew it was wrong way in the idea because I'm like and we're certainly that. My life I. Come up short because I have never ran from cops but neck and on any TV. Down the highway on the wrong way. Just wrote in that four Wheeler will do 95 miles an hour now zoo. And other fast someone else wrote this instead all of my beer more like hold my math. Nobody gives someone else their math that is an absolute joke right by worlds of fun. And they caught up with a mutt I casino. In casinos actually handed. This is the video of the audio we just totally. Yeah they're looking at the back window at the side window and Terry I guess who's coming down is coming on the medium. For the text line he's riding naked because he can do you really need another reason. A little chilly for. It's a. I'll now it's what's the big deal George Jones. Get the joke George Jones an alcoholic. Once went to the liquor store on a writer lawnmower. After his wife two keys away from him for the car. You have to get to liquor store I love it one of the news stations I think that was attacked was stationed. There shall in this guy. And maple or Alex like his midsection. Just to be honest and yeah. Yeah even see anything he's so fast I can see your little. Look at the police like. Albie and you know those officers who think and please don't let me be the guy has to tackle this 10 lead out you guys he's died I do not want to be exact burns. I was planning to do a couple of traffic stops the way. May be asking it properly that to the naked guys like. How long were you holding him down and he does it felt like ours with a friend that it's little cold out there aren't. It's so Carrie we'll tell us the mold Arianna we know this man's I don't I have a feeling we'll we'll see charges before the end of the and the show. Yeah. There's like seven order. I'll quietly go. Judith thank you. All play Kansas City. Hold on. He's. Wow yeah. He's going faster. Go on. Because we have so many. What if they're state troopers eight. The sheriff's department helicopter. Well we were trying to figure out what was go in Poland and senate banking guy got the other pilot airplanes we see a helicopter thank your. We looked over in his. A couple of heartland. It was like what don't we realized pretty good things gotten. Pope. He's got a certain. I see you've got to you too. Kansas City naked ATV studios already saw a big deal. So far. If you haven't had a chance go to YouTube when your free and a Nazi for were prevalent. And just YouTube Kansas City ATV naked. And you walk. Pulled out there on the cut at. A. It is a Tyson of driven by and then rolled the window down and shouted and. If it happened at. I story here from the Kansas City Star it's from out of Fort Worth by the Mac bags. Has captured his second straight state wrestling title. And once again his state gold medal ceremony included mix of cheers. And jeers. On Saturday at the Barre center in Cyprus taxes. The transgender. Male. Wrestler. Capped a perfect 26 and zero season. By claiming his second straight. State title. You see Mac bags. Was born a boy. Jiang but wrestles as a girl can last season bags also defeated Sanchez. Her name escapes me at Pomona can't find it here. A twelve to one in the girls'. Class six a championship. As a junior he finished with the perfect 56 and zero record. Sheet when he she. Won that title roughly a year ago his her victory was greeted with a smattering of boos but those were quickly drowned out by cheers. Begs his previously stated he'd prefer to compete in the boys' division. But the rules of the state mandate the participants must compete against the gender that appears on their birth certificate. So what's so weird I just wanna back up for 12. Year. Matt. Was born. Girl. That's not where it now. Matt was born a girl. Parents remember him considering himself I see you right you're right you're right as early as age three carat so he has transition. For. A girl to boy you're a bold play. But because of his cock and any role that you have to. Compete in your own. Gender class. He's wrestling against girls when he's saying I should be wrestling against bullets. I can now transition to male. I should be wrestling as a male. He began testosterone treatments. Two over two years ago Scott yeah and he began testosterone treatments as part of his ginger transition. It of course transformed his physical appearance and added muscle mass since the testosterone gallons from docked term. It is not considered a banned substance. I misunderstood the story around a Mac bags board girl. Transfer in addition to noble but still has to wrestle as a girl or act which I would say. And I think that would say the same thing I'd transition to male let me wrestle as a male buddies these wrestling as a theme I think you should wrestle as a male. Look at them when they they pull his arm up to say UN he has under army air and it's women would have anyway but I mean well. But she is definitely. I think this is he's he's a meals guys I mean. This is a male. What do you put him in with the other male wrestlers. Is it fair to let him Russell when he's taking testosterone. Against women I would say no. Against men once his transition is complete I don't have a problem with it. 57677. Manic Mac bags. More girl. Transition to a male. In Fort Worth, Texas. But has to wrestle competitively. As a female. Look at the size of his upper body his pecs and his biceps. That is the form of a male that's what tests on strong group. His record was 56 and zero last season. 27 and zero this season. Won his second state title. More female. Transition to a male but has to wrestle as a theme though. Let him wrestle with the boy it's 57677985767798. To the news or McCarron marks. Your calls for gun control today we'll have more next. You know state of north over the weekend and man there were some icy road conditions if you found yourself god forbid a car accident. And you need you to car fixed remember the name deals collision repair. In blue springs because without a doubt they are the best in the business have been out there many times deals a personal friend. I've watched his crews are work and I can say without question without an intimate. They are the best in the business there working deals and blue springs guaranteed. As long usual on your card trucks and get it fixed right. The first time maybe found herself on a nicer road over the weekend maybe you found yourself sadly knock on wood in a car accident. 81622818558162281855. Online deals auto collision. Dot com. Dale's and blue springs taking care of cars taking care of you. 38 Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our failings of gun violence victims speaking out to dame together with democratic attorneys general from eight states and the National Education Association calling for common sense gun control laws. Greg Gibson says he's been waiting for action since his son Galen was killed Simon's Rock College in 1992 of its. Wired. By the kids apartment I think they're bringing a completely different tenor. To this debate these kids have never known in their lives a day. That the threat of school shooting wasn't present. The president continues to advocate for arming teachers. One person is still in the hospital after refinery in green you over the weekend firefighters pulled three men and a dog from the house on tense terrorist. Investigators believe someone was smoking in the cigarette caught a chair in the living room on fire damage estimated 39000 dollars. Traffic and weather together next. Good weather this afternoon and again tomorrow change is coming Tuesday night and Wednesday sunshine for the rest of the afternoon will be in the low sixties clear tonight down to forty. Low sixties on Tuesday and mostly sunny will be getting gusty in the afternoon. Some changes coming in on Tuesday night the cold front arriving low near 45 light rain and drizzle. We've got a chance of showers and thunderstorms on Wednesday highs in the upper fifties the staff meteorologist Steve Hamilton KN BC weather. Exe wanna Casey died sixty in Lee's summit sixty money or official weather station and Caremark sir stay connected with news 981 KM BZ KM BZ dot com. 77 I didn't get it. I story here early to say if you guys wanna wait and it's. Think about. A story here on Fort Worth, Texas where Mac bags. Captured his second straight wrestling title. The problem is for some people is that Mac bags. Who is aboard and now. Was born a girl and wrestles in the female division them. In Texas State wrestling. At a record last year 57 and now. This year 26 and how he's very good she's very good. The Mac begs takes testosterone. Mac bags was born a girl. And looks like a boy now. Very much Mac bags wrestles girl's. Now from I just wanted to this up for consideration for saying this I did not know this. In. Missouri. They wrestle only by weight class period. Boy or this or girls or simple as that night I had no idea. So you wrestler Missouri. It's weightless. Is unfair. Say yes. For the boys employers all all. It was where volleyball. I assume you're saying we are blurring those lines I'd get it let this be. Honest with one another. If we met. There is a reason that boys play baseball and girls play softball. There is a reason you have a girl's. Volleyball team. And you rarely have amends. Boys volleyball team. We are built differently. We just far. And that's for a while and Mac is now built like a man because he's taking. Hershey is taking testosterone. To become a boy. And it's an unfair advantage. It is an unfair advantage. By 76 sevenths. And I may David in open part two David. I've got there are doing is meant for us. Great great well I'm definitely the transgender wrestler Mac present a lot of questions. I agree with Dana that's for sure he should be wrestling board. But Q my question that I wonder door out there is if they if it's Mac have to take testosterone for the rest of their life. Does that now give him an advantage. Over the boards it would be wrestling group can't take just got to know because there haven't in the system. I can't read aren't. And Emma and I think that's that's a good assessment Scott but. How here is. Max testosterone. And to what extent that the Arabs and effect on his ability to become strong. I don't like I don't know it has incredible ability to make him stronger. Is great we Muster yes but is it making him stronger than the bullies in his great an age I would I would say probably not. Is it making him stronger Anthony similarly weighted girl in his last. Probably yes he needs to be wrestling with his gender is gender is male. Let him wrestle with the boys. I agree. Well I appreciate the opportunity to chime in here have a great day. Thank you I mean spurred into their doping. They should not be competing at all I see this. Differently than quote doping. This is not Lance Armstrong taking steroids. And cleansing his. Blood every day and re oxygen aiding himself to get to get a leg up during the race. This is a medic leave facilitated. Gender transition what would you saying. If boys who were wrestling and Missouri. Were taking testosterone supplements. To get a leg up. Clearly to build bigger muscle. I mean that there is a guess that tells me that's my point so why they're not rules against if you're going to. If you're going to compete as a female. Of which Mac bags technically was okay follow me here. Mac bags was born as a female Mac horns bags identifies as a male thank. But during his her competitions. Mac bags takes testosterone. As part of his horror transformation. From a girl to a board. Yet Mac bags has to wrestle as a girl because Mac begs was born a girl. Then what about the other girls who wrestled should they be allowed to take testosterone. In an effort to compete Aysu sank two. Even the playing Atlanta. The playing field with Mac now I think the the closest point between two spaces is eight. Line. And the line in this case is and having all of the other girls start taking testosterone. The closest point between these two points and a straight line. It's him wrestling with the however let me throw this out and you're gonna group with this idea and it's race. People who compete. Are by and large competitive would you not agree ends the competition of course your view compete because your competitive. How long before we start seeing girls who. Do not. Deep down inside think of themselves as transgender. Say well I need testosterone outcome all know. Of prescribed. Medications you have to be on to. Transfer. Huard she and her. Is going to be nothing. Like a run of the mill athlete trying to take. You know create teen or whatever it was called back and in the ninety's when we were in school. It's not Monday so I want to take a little bit of testosterone so I can build more Muslim us. You have to let me because you let Mac bags. Take tests tossed him you can't make it a banned substance if it's not banned for Mac that this is why Mac banks just. Needs to wrestle with males period. 576 sevenths. The nine. In Oak Park. Hey guys I go to. Thanks. Public this year than in that with being a friend or transgender. Boat important you know at trenchant email. Upper stop Scott Foley quit saying EC it extremely disrespectful and now Matt will never hear that to call them key. That's what most transgendered people proper. It may I inner man interject for just a moment I'm trying to explain that. That key is competing against sheets so it's clear to everyone. Why we're doing this. A one major this being disrespectful thing and trying to be just. Call I appreciate that on. We are here and probably at a rate at there is gender and there that. Sent in life you are you factored X chrome biological is typical in there while optical power. Gender debate social hour and transgender. Having gender. Fluctuating gender at them out in a social contractor time truck or Coulter. Well I think we need to me that line in the air and on the Texas law should say whatever that you were bored Uga figured he'd. On that aren't like sex and gender couple people do that. Our. The question I Uga. If there and the mainland are male. That intrigue that he was wrestling what we let her go to the yo competition. You think there would be resisted. Yes your I think it would be resistance but I would say the same thing I think you to play for the team. Where you identify once you've transitioned. You play for the team and you're okay with somebody who is horrible war. Who is made the transition to a girl playing on the volleyball team of the softball guest. Worker. And didn't look at saint. On in order to take the cut doctor of medicine that take you long. And I'm not a meeting with psychiatrist psychologist to check your mental state. So it's not just like in your point cut and grow they'll all maxed it is testosterone why can't. Back leaked doctor Mac need to. I am but the Gregg please understand my point and my point wasn't that girl got a fake there they wanna be transgender. I'm not saying that at all and if I came across that way that I than I did a poor job explaining myself when I'm simply trying to say is. I could I could see where girls who are competing who want to be competitive of could say it's not fair. That Mac bags. Gets to transition to being a male and take testosterone. And with testosterone obviously comes to build up of muscle mass. And we are not allowed to do the same competitive edge because we're not transgendered. Pencil I was trying to say. I think you could sort of you know any medical. Duties are pretty decent people diabetes they get a special right here. And for competition like the Billick also want to app maker our liking it I thought that or if you could do that or any. No matter Ole miss ours. Is not a rock let me get you another example Greg we now think about the blade runner. Before he. Killed his girlfriend. Think about the blade runner we allowed those with prosthetic blades. Those are lags as the blades. To compete in things like marathon. And we don't say it will that's not. Fair they most certainly did say that win what's his face camera's name off to my head. For Torre is pertussis your assistance is Oscar Oscar yeah. There was certainly an argument made that he is given an unfair advantage in the Olympics. When he was allowed to participate and people screamed from the highest roof he should not be allowed to participate he's given an unfair advantage. Based on the balance that he gets all these prosthetic like a leg up. I agree with that day. I think after. Being in seeing the result. There's nothing really they are that. I would argue that it better I believe that decide iPad went into trying to clear point it would clear contact show. They're not bigger otherwise we have people probably lock up there likes people aren't that stupid. Well but didn't then that would fly in the face of the argument that the girls would not start taking testosterone. To get ID quote light up. On Mac bags. If if if people are gonna start quote lobbing off their legs Greg. Would you not SeaWorld other young ladies would say well screw that I'm taking testosterone because Mac begs. He gets to take testosterone. It is that there are professionals and doctors that's. But that would allow the prosthetic leg and oversee the procedure that that person could mentally typically handle the prospects. And they're closely marker on the honor guard. And then they think they are secure going to go to or distribution profits due out there that checklist that you have to go to you have to be. Stamp of approval from multiple people that you can start the transition here. Magnetic should play against the boards. I'm with you I. I'm with you mama. If you're taking testosterone you're no longer female competitor. Period. I great and I don't even know it mag bags hat that experts say that I am male identified as male and completely transitioned to male I should be. Competing. App and adamantly against males yes now what about the mailed its transitioning to Freeman. Regret the same thing yeah I don't mean that we we have to be fair. We have to be consistent I think there's this misnomer that someone wakes up it's just like to be better it's possible. And go through gender transition which can do that I'm. Saying that at all when I'm saying is I could see where we're young girls who are competing against Mac bags. Who's taking an outrageous amount of testosterone. To become a boy become a man. I can see where the women who work competing against him are saying now wait and I'm not looking transition. But at least I should be able to take some performance enhancing drugs so that I at least have a fair shot at winning. 57677. On it. Yeah. I'm just a girl. I know now. There's a big hit dismissed some irritation that. Always. Let's go to hunter. You. Oh well thank. Pay. And I'd rather it you guys. The that whole rats were situation you can do that you Jeanne see your complete nutrition and pick up a bottomless pit stop troop commitment and you. If not the same thing that he's taking it is a big boost up from that. Is that right there like. I don't know if you've ever heard of him beat court Belfour Saturday you'll see fighter who thought he Archie the same kind of that doctor bank. And they told him he couldn't buy if you bought it a grown man biting other grown man sport that was told he can't do this because. It that giant advantage. Is also make you crazy hunter. If I'm if it does kind it had a light spectrum that they've made you crazy but I mean. Think about. Some sort Amanda coming you ever but he said there's weight semester at doctor and the mean. Yeah. Is that someone wrote an end they were telling a story about there. To step down. While he did. But they said he took three or four of these testosterone patches app once. And and really actually went crazy. It's that it took like five police officers. To get him down like he's like he's CP. Man. You know. Crazy. Get that debt is very possible. I. Here. That bathroom. Replacement they're in everything they do it had to have that effect I mean not that expected. A big effect but it. Like like that that it outlawed in US the boxing people are trying to handle it and and so at that at that point that threat what should be wrestling with other boys it's wrestling all you want to make art and if grown men are allowed you. Their profession relief all there on things like shoot a high alert be allowed to. Rebel other females what you trying to become a man I mean. But my argument it an interesting point Connor should people who were transitioning. Not be allowed. I mean. I'd like I've coached and there are no immediate yeah that would come to school if you were at zealotry and burgeoning I've learned at rec solar. Quite sport and by. It's at that point there is a it's been invented yet and I mean. If it's somebody of color that they're identifying that certain gender they should be able that you that whatever. Figure out if your man and like I won't wrestle with women. You're gonna have an advantage however if you're bad in here on estrogen treatment and everything that it. If it isn't all alone treatment mode to say begin a transition you should be. Wrestling or playing baseball or softball or whatever with gender that you're trying to be if it totally differ. Different I'm glad to get to him we we know the key word cure too and the keyword cash nine NE three hour. More in the name of Sam is going on around the house armed to color. That the only fifteen minutes is texting and is not a thing anymore. News today that they have to have the hour. And the next hours are new word and they have that power Texas starting in about. Mean minute fifteen texting and export. Adds. Are confusing and there was no meeting. Someone else and if they call me to tell me I want how to Lionel I don't wanna think it's a rubble pollen not answer. And you merger with CBS radio it all Mears got. I am or. So we don't know this is fifteen minutes or an hour. I just read the word that's just to assume you have to get a live in fifteen minutes until we hear otherwise please. Are you telling people. Judge wait a minute 32 book. 00. You know day I was working. Yeah. And there are days I need it. The end of the day is coming up next day and parks shows should transgendered Nazi sympathizers have access to guns. Look children. Abortion legal or illegal 5767798. But Jesus Christ the true son of god just a profit. I 767798. Balked. Be our keyword cat. VX. 772881. If you as the outlook we can't help it. As in the gospel of Jesus Christ it say about my importance it. Happening now I KM BZ Democrats unveil a new bill to ban so called assault weapons want more next extra listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.