More on Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. KC Star's Dave Helling weighs in.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, January 11th

Will the Governor survive this?


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Artists of today. Here and in parts. Tell him why the kids are out of school today. Ice. Kelly just drove home from the hospital says the man. And I'm home roads are really good you out the road crews have been spectacular. All you have to really give them credit that totally been one of the kids are out of idle again and it's actually it was fine when I drove it's not bad now. You should've seen it my kids last night as the words started to leak the RT that's. End Chris texted me and said shot mission has called blue valley has not but you know as goes on emission usually file that Jones all of my kids are going well. I terms wants her. To the guy that works and did services and and no basis and he and I quick trip who said it was canceled so well Chris says. It's not instant channel nine newsroom that this is happening well I. I don't have that but my friend says you know you waiver will on it won the powerball. We got back from vacation what last week I mean I amount of mop up is that this morning is a friend of mine and my kids. But I don't know that I love them they've been home three weeks and then another two days and other on the again. So tell me again why the kid's accounts going all in now added in our ads with the players freeze it could've been a whole lot worse quite. Added into this is why Kara marks an exact science it ends. Journalist art. I'm. This is why you don't call law school on the assumption. You wake up this morning at 6 AM the superintendent who were paid outrageous amounts of money went in the north into the superintendent Spain later. With this woman this teacher who was dragged out of a meeting will get him to that shortly. However. The superintendent can get up at six they're paid a lot of money can they need to get a player earlier this thing where yeah. Getting their car coat drive around and see what the road conditions of life. Right but we only within. Freezing line wasn't coming in until like 7 o'clock this morning securities see how everybody is driving down shutting this well Justine miles say all right and they had to. Eighteen. Or not they're going 45 you know they also have to take into account to kids that are at the bus stops standing there and an amazing you know it's bad it's twenty to know well it's 1717. And eats holes. I would mounted distant sound for a newscast to scrape in my windows often my car. In about three minutes I couldn't feel my fingers it's chilly it's bad now I could put gloves on and Ellis helped the whenever. Details. I can walk out naked and I would get cold could be argued that close. Are you kidding me it beat it really has called other. It's thirteen degrees with like forty mile an hour wind fall and that long walk from the door of this school to the school services. We have pampered place. That's not a bad thing. Are you kidding me it is not about how you have changed since you and now he's not. There's no reason to keep the kids were freezing out there especially those kids that don't have coyotes. We took care of that with coats for kids they'll have code and I I wish that was really case where every Connecticut across this and tires. And really a lot of kids go to school about codes because they don't wanna work so well I remembered imminent Bakken and but. It's. It's good to Tom in grand view hello Tom I don't. And it this is the right and that particular target here are a majority in your lap but she couldn't say what I call about. Yes this is just as cock of course he leaving at floating around our governor this sort of stuff that's going on what they are right now he's got into Adobe float around. He's got its own as well. That they understand that being investigated right now there are many. In this congressional campaign. And they announced that. They rhetorical automakers. Supposed to check in there. Like you did did favor. Prompting some of the campaign that people that it contributed to his campaign. So if it is. It just seems to be building no comment on and on this not just one thing I understand that will look at that right now what else engineers are will be on bench. With this government. Those stairs ago. It what does he stay or does he go. Beyond that going on right now there's this secrecy. Around this man. I say go. And and I would follow that question of how because he's not gonna resign enforcement. Legislation could. Chris in Higgins bill hello Chris I don't. Think. Not bad on the weather but back to the right thing that you need ago the reason for it is he had a prior prior to his campaign. Knowing he had that affair and then he wants to use this Stanley values that he has and you know being a lot of Ben and everything. So basically the campaign what a lot. And if you can lie about that what else the line about. Ice at the same thing earlier Chris and just wondered out loud. How you could go forth with the candidacy in knowing this was out there and knowing there are other people involved like the angry ex husband. Who absolutely. If you had to put numbers on it Scott who absolutely. Would likely. Leak this. If you one that's what I don't understand that you would sit there and go on to go ahead. I'm gonna go ahead and run under the hole daddy's third party whose very angry who had nothing to do with this won't tell someone. It's the arrogance. There's no way to images. Being the governor of the state of Missouri is not that important. That you're going to put your marriage and your family on the line yeah. And this is why. And I'm actually a pretty good cap. Don't break a lot of rules. But I I've broken a long enough is enough I've broke it well enough yeah that you yeah there's no way I'm out. And Dana I want to run for congress someday. I want. I'm out because I've broken enough. Rules and you know and you know it's more important and that. You know other people now that's where you get you know you have to remember a couple things on the night he was elected I believe. The ex husband tweeted out to the Twitter verse. Eric Wright is home wrecker collided note that tweet was sent I believe that that the at and look at. So you are just. Yourself. If you don't think this kind of thing. In in that dog eat dog political arena. Is going to get out. By 76779. It good to more of your calls your comments are just moment rod Babcock Dana right Scott parks KM music. You know some a seven almost all of us and knock on wood have a synonymous in the future but if you do. Find yourself in a car accident remember the name deals collision repair and spikes I've been up there many times dale is a personal friend. I'd wash his crews are work they are and I can say this without question without. Any debate. They are the best in the business getting your car fixed right and getting it fixed right the first time their work is guaranteed his long usual on your car truck. Dale's collision repair in blue springs 8162281855816228. 1855. Online it tails auto collision dot com. Dale's a blue springs taking care of cars taking care of it. So yeah they're writing all capsule I'm gonna do it please answer. What Donald Trump infidelity issues are you referring to Scott. Wind was it are you speculating Scott. Little Adolph Lowe now Martha payables was Wynn mayor was of I'm aware of the awful Billy bush recordings winter and he actually cheat. Signed Cheney Casey carry. Donald Trump. Cheated on. That has been widely reported and no one denies and he doesn't deny it. Donald Trump committed adultery it's okay. It's okay. It's unfortunate it's all in happened but texture he is not the same. You must think he is Donald Trump cheated on every wife he's had. I can't prove that he cheated on Maloney and but he admitted to it in an audio recording of doing bush. Terry and say Joseph military. You guys were doing. Great aren't first offer monetary admiral that aren't I'd go conservative. Not a complete Republican. Erin urge. Actually go on the left turn and there are probably are. Per car. Elaborate beginning this deal works right before when he was running. There's just a lot of the stuff but it's not really. Right. But the I think the conservative. Before you know Larry. What are your poem. There you know not to represent the Republican Party. Because periods and nice looking young guys don't maybe he'll he'll play. There. Are no glory. If I ever think that it wouldn't you know what. What we're about there about. Like Laurie I'm Robert Shiller. Oh here or are familiar you know trauma of that trench under a year where worries or whatever. That sort of very you know it was out there whether or not ruin what I don't know there are. There's just a lot of born on like the first or. He's got more work counts thirty. And then. That. You can't say anything Mehdi or. Such well to be open record. There or on now. Yeah verbally not a market mile country into artfully petty tree and then. What relevant forward yeah because we all know they'd be evil stole one. Daughter date lower how to leverage. You know what what their EO of this culture at bat yet he's got to go. Cells in different. Christian in St. Joe hello Christian. Part. Of the council. My my my challenge between this could compare an Arabic Clinton and likely ended. Clinton gets up and after we hired him should be our Prez. A week reduce damage. While he is doing their job. He had his affairs that by expert report that bit. Crichton Stuart toward knowledge that I had an affair. And we gave him did you. Trump did not edit and traitor to our knowledge and we give them a job if anybody that we collected I think we should look at it from that point on. If we don't do that we're walking a very. Slippery slope of who in the hell ever be able to hold an office. Because it would look at their complete path and never get this thing. Yes they made mistakes they've bettered themselves such as yourself who I would vote for her. Then. We're having older. So. You know I think equally delicate compared every Oreo directly and look that we can get them to black after we heard. Now the deal with. And it like that between those two. And lest we can prove that you button hit it that the allegation coming out there and let them pull that dirty stop and then. Party tweak it a little bit to better serve. I need or is it really blackmailing. I. He knew. How how. Am sorry about it at the Christian and speaks to where we go on in. The American political society member. I don't know how old you RB you sound like you're my age so I'm guessing your your forties. Odds are hurt her her a typical call. On them. Do you remember how. Controversial. Laws. In 1992. For Bill Clinton to go on the Arsenio Hall should and say that he had. Smoked marijuana but quote I never inhaled never. I mean it was to do drugs. And run for president. Even though you were a child of the sixties was so damning. That Bill Clinton had to law. Which he did and say that he never inhaled them leak. Popped the marijuana cigarette but he never inhaled it gives me a break. But gut when that inning boarded debt which yet to be. But did not just serve a purpose of getting younger voters because I was eighteen at that time. And while it truly have never ever. Tried marijuana. Lugar had. I supported him because I what are the actually may have different than it at that he's more like. Here sincere and inhale. Thank you for the caucus about it. I asked Dave failing to pollen. Because we've been asking does Eric crichton's survive this. Dave this was called the worst kept secret in political circles would you agree with that. Well there are a lot of votes secretive political circles that the so it's doubled better kept than others I would say that bomb. Allegations. Of misbehavior. By air crichton has been in the background a part of the background boys. For many many months years even going back to his campaign. On the Pacific. Well this particular. Incident. I sort of found out about on Monday and it there have been discussions ongoing about. What to report out of reported what are reporters at all and then the cable be sort of Boston opened youngsters so we're all power but it's. I would say a lot of political people have had some inkling that something like this is the goal. Does he survive the state. Paul made that this test is if if if if there are no other details if the woman's. Could treaties involved in this story. Continues to lose you know refuse to come forward or make any statements. I think he might scrape by now it's presidential ambitions are serious trouble. I just clear presidential ambitions in our secure and stroll. Because. This story will draw the attention of every national political order in in the United States that your rods and just floated as a to the stated in the current environment any blocks like this on your record is just not going to be good. Yeah but he might governor. You know he's still enjoy some support in the house. He doesn't have a lot of support in the senate are with mainstream Republicans you made it pretty bad too. So you know he's gonna have to gut it out kind of his own but he could do that in no other details emerge. Yeah I think he chases governor but it's something else comes out or. There are some provable allegations that violence was involved or something else or another woman steps forward. Yeah out that I think Easter. 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But once again the big question mark is how we gonna look tonight and what is that going to mean for tomorrow morning's commute but as of now things are looking good. Reporting from Kate ten and would Linda Michael wanna bomb new study one KM BZ. Tech still president trump signed means 90% of Americans will see an increase in their take home pay beginning next month according to Treasury Secretary Steve mentioned who told reporters the latest IRS withholding tables will be released sail on this. New guidance will mean that workers and their families will receive larger paychecks starting in February monster traffic and weather together and axed. Didn't write your foresee in and son. Here comes the eyes. Called CMOs and son and self top lines in Iraq on standby generator. You know you can get in for as little as 99 dollars a month. General it's the name of the generator we have here at the station at KN BC at inner calm that kicks in when we kicked off the radio. 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I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer nearer more and KE MDC whether he's fourteen I can you see I'm fourteen and only got fifteen and your official weather station. Fast way Mo. Died today at the age of 67. There's no one left nobody loves your original motor headline that's right. Cuts hold. On Dave Helling from the Kansas City Star. Joining us on the hotline as we talk about the controversy surrounding and goals really. As are governor Eric Wright tapes they trade him. Thanks for an on and regret that question I had called and I talked a couple of our shared colleagues about the honest we've both worked in television newsrooms and now you're of course that the star. What are your feelings about the way. This story. Came out you know we know that Saint Louis post dispatch had it chosen not to run it. And KM OB had it and chose to run the story. Well it's pretty complicated question data be. Carter is. Yeah. You know I don't want to give voice to many secrets but we were aware of this to with a newspaper now. You know we had some. There's discussions today about our own posture or whether to go with that boggle the what do we have vs what they had. We were aware Campbell he was working on the story I was aware that. As saying earlier in the week. Com. People. On I you know each per each station has to make its own decision. Are quite I do believe this is relevant particularly if you have allegations. Yeah no violence or war or coercion or blackmail. Or extortion whatever you wanna call it it's it's certainly relevant but the standard approved. It's important and different as you know the woman still walk you know involved with Vista won't say anything publicly. The ex husband got some frustrations. You know it stores practiced technical a lot of time to flush out now Campbell these reporting on for two years mine itself. I don't wanna accused of sort of rushing into the breach either. On the EUK it's just you know it's a difficult difficult position and each journalism organization estimates its decision. David and pass the point where an adulterous affair. Is a political killer. Our own. May be I mean Donald Trump is. Year old oak lawn when everyone was clearly aware of it is it is be home mayoral challenges and and but I think all on target. Achievement but I think. That it is still relevant particularly what you will hold eight candidates. Of record on these matters up against his or her public pronouncement about transparency and fairness and family values and all the other upper middle witnessed abuse and context that at a fair in and of itself it's probably not disqualifying. But an affair in the context of you know a very religious pyramid of it waddle using any sort of very very. Religious candidate would be you know to confirm such things can happen at the IP tickets more damaging vivid. That it might be in another case. On the you know like cold storage need to take it in the context I think again that's what their summit Christian war. What are Greg says or does today about the story. There have been calls for error grinds to step aside there's no indication yet that he has any intention to do that if he does not step down. There are the way I look at it two things are gonna happen he could stay in office. Or there is there another mechanism to force him out of office. You could be impeached immediately you know and that would start of the house and you have the trial on the center then. Struggle or Mike Pollak the Canadian. Impeachment standards and Missouri are are looser than I considine missed meters that are taught in morality also plays into it but. But our idea as a practical matter Scotty has the job. The Missouri house is that one of the most unlikely bodies to pursue impeachment against. There are brightens our assuming what we now know is all we know it's other things Turk coming out of maybe more difficult but. It occurred. You know situation doesn't really change it's difficult to imagine he impeachment is an option and then it becomes more of a legal saying. In terms of local police sources FBI vs county prosecutor or grand jury. And that pictures and completely clear yet so. You know those are sort of the avenues that would be pursued if he doesn't quit now. You know if if other park you know other things surface and Eric Wright was comfortably that other things rather that may not have been disclosed that I think he might make the decision themselves. Is there any indication today David and one has to be. Aware that he's probably surrounded today by attorneys in a crisis management team of some sort. Is there any indication today that he will speak about this or do you think that statement is it and he's gonna try to go about his. Term as if this is over. I think he's going to speak through his attorney. You know it's already stated that their Greg has made quite a sport it would double boarding mainstream reporters and you'll. This press office what he would acknowledge our request for comment let alone answer them. All he may think that you can profit out in sort of an alternative media world where you don't have to answer questions that may be his lawyer could do so. But the reality is that this story. Will suck the oxygen Jefferson City or bonds. Unless it is definitively put to bed either by his resignation or by. A refutation of the story from the law husband and and you know some evidence that it was overblown misconstrued. In which case crichton's survives in the that it. He didn't do you know these scandals to the sort of dragged out and the you know in the background of political discussion for much much much and that's going to be the problem than the sword because. There are no transportation taxcut subtle things on the agenda. And and you know play a game neutral position on all the stuff probably isn't sustainable either he. He does something definitive to get to offer local record since changed at one point or another. It only with the campuses are always appreciate your expertise in different you Bettman. He is currently Scotty and that's one thing I took away from the editor I love them Scotty. Mother calls ex. Import. Excrement seeded going to whoever can can in the months. And went to an effort to spend time out to do you view it as. Scott. Hell. Roddy any. You'd asked me about the tweet in question. If anyone is wondering how the story like how did this start out get out. Pulled it. I'm going to read you. This is from the news was not deep digging in the beginning now to take this from the angry ex husband did it take deep digging to get to the point where we are today yes. This frisbee was thrown out to the masses on Election Day. One of the tweets and I quote and this is from the ex husband scorned. Missouri you may elect a home wrecking pandering fake piece of should be governor. And he tagged both Eric and his wife. Eric you are a pile of blank. Next week eight. You are a total blank that's cheated on your wife with a married woman stopped the sure raid you blank. This is from me exposed Eric Wright is tweets too many politicians have their priorities backwards as tags or gut. Reply yeah you're right Yemeni cheat on their wives with their hairdressers to write Eric. Has tech shooter this is a bad man for hash tag MO. Eric Wright is happy Christmas Eve morning everyone reply Merry Christmas to you two home wrecker. Has tech shooter. Crichton's people think you're weak we'll offer you an excuse people respect you will offer you a challenge hash tag motivation Monday. Replied. But how does one respective home wrecking tool accuser. People know your troops you can't fool people for long. Be Adam knows. Eric crichton's hugging his child how to finish a great day the welcome home hope you have a great Thanksgiving week with your family. Reply. Just make sure it's with your life this time and not someone else's. It. I mean it goes on and on and on the ex husband. But clearly. Publicly. Was angry do you blame. And at the time who knows how many followers this guy had but it was. Full blown out into the Twitter verse. That this. Had happened what's his handle. It looks like members. He is it in the story it's covered his says never settle. So I the answer is I don't know percent. Because keep in mind me are still fighting fees at public so we can amount well at their hiding everyone is hiding his identity and certainly hiding hurts America. He's not prepared. Widget. Anybody who faults this ex husband I say shame on you I think he's doing right. I don't like the release of aid. Secretly recorded. Videotape and during a private conversation with his then wife that whole thing bothers me really even legally allowed to do that in the saint. Are you sure I think Missouri's a one on one party and one of them is to party can never remember and always told not to do that because like never member. One of them is one party one of them is to party. But one howl. Can you imagine those private conversation. The most pride deep painful conversation you would have with Kelly arrived you would have would tap. And they are taping new and every word you say. And then they hand that to a reporter. For the world's a year. The way my wife can bring up things I said I think she does taint them. Please Hubert remember back in the age of twenty to sixteen it was once told me was when it nicer guys. From the attacks slime 9836. You guys should be ashamed. For your incomplete reporting of the story. Tell me what we've got oral. 99836. Don't just be a coward and and text colon. Look at video you I don't yell let me know why we should be ashamed of ourselves. Seven such as I was saying and on the reporting is out there it is every air brightens has admitted. That he committed an adulterous affair. With this woman in 2015. Her husband is the ex husband. Is furious. He is the one that we're leased it to KM oh VT V in Saint Louis. Eric crichton's admits to the affair. I don't know what part of that story we've got parole. Or what is in complete. Now granted we're not going into the tawdry details. Of the encounter. I don't know if that's what you're looking for text or but it was an affair Evelyn things are is a one party state for recording. The show does not have an email. It's 57677. On it right rob Babcock arms got parks at carrier music. She is. You'll hood of my friends asked me you wound moments yeah. I have seen at all. We're gonna preface this by saying we are not talking. About the president go to college but two things have come out the last. Three minutes while we are taking a quick break. Op the president is quoted in the Wall Street Journal. He did apparently didn't intervene of them today. Saying I have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Hoon. That is news about the president says he has a quote very good relationship. With Kim Jong Hoon. 08. Then and CNN just put this up on me Chiron. And did not use any Astor X. The president was apparently quoted as in a meeting yesterday. Before he met with the prime minister of Norway. And CNN just put this up in its entirety without any cleaning up. The president was talking about immigration when members of his staff and he said and I quote. Why are we having all these people from S poll countries. Come here I have seen at all when CNN. It's one more by the way not it does not use and asked for X they put the entire word up. Why are we having all these people waste from a people from Africa and Haiti. Why are we having all these people from S whole country's. Come here. And CNN put the entire word up on their screen I've never seen them before. Jonathan in the north land hello Jonathan. Hey aria. Well you know okay we have the adultery and that the problem especially at Missouri does have a moral grounds for impeachment then they could give him an edit in 88 on them. Why nobody you know I read it that one of the news story on it. And I get it they get pretty deep and split the account of what happened and debate that one of the things that happened. But he took the photograph and you at the black Keller now that right there I don't a lot of areas if you blackmail somebody that crime. No maybe Yunel. Eighty to or local law enforcement will get involved you know investigate that because of epic crime and they could get mine now. On Hudson. He died blackmail it'd be criminal but that's true and practical standpoint. How to him that you what they were. And it they would bring him before a grand jury I get at the state level they would probably get impeached him. But what could happen to like what happened in Illinois and a lot of other states that dad did back I'm we're gonna go after him and we're gonna make an example out of. Now out of up and and granted he might plead the fifth she might not. And you know what they say about a grand jury. Ellen I am semi restaurant. Again and her. If they pick it and that's why and allied beyond my birth birth. Me at the. What do you think the ball. Straight up. Because during the Q and. Oh. Here's an eager to produce burgers Caremark happening on KM BZ hardware stores expect a sign of ice now today will have more next data writer for freedom has diamonds of Milliken to buy a diamond if your. And Acela diamond called Scott Steve by private appointment only and see what they can do for years you know I have to cheer for and in my life who lost a diamond earring. 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