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Thursday, April 12th

Multiple people, from both parties, are calling for his resignation...


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Tickets today I breaking news. OK I breaking news what did you breaking news. When we do the second annual day in parts bowling bash next Saturday a week from us. I will have in my home. From kicking him a clear. Rose. Bowling no I just bought. My buddy Joseph crock you're talking McNamee kiss bull they want like kiss once 550 on the board vols. So I said you know maybe get a rose avoidable like bill Marie king and since that look like rumor. About a monument. Now aware of whatever text. My buddy Joseph proctor who is on the case you bowling team when I was in college. Translation my partner fragile Procter. Text me nieces dude you've got to call total bull in your home park they've got everything comic. Suck it. I said listen. I need bowling bowl for a week from this Saturday. I prefer this but if you don't have it altering the rose clear bowling ball. From king and you can do care. He used to that Rose Bowl amble by next Tuesday. He Isaac annual fitted for my fingers and everything you as well of course. Ago are you as its fourteen and a half pounds ago. That's perfect throw strikes. Up a. That's the perfect way to rolls right. Fourteen point five. So I would be doing come on Tuesday because. It is. For the bowling ball that would be you'll. Destruction okay. I've questioned. Are you gonna have time to practice with the new ball and. Okay it's fourteen point five pounds and that's perfect for rolling strikes. Richard custom bowl. I'm going to be health ball walker over here. Don't answer your house here. Anyplace in the lane. Your balls firm Furman. OK so they have on Amazon prime time. They have. Bowling shirts. For his lowest when he box OK and Scott and I were talking. Alley destruct allotment account bowling ball I do think 200 bucks I do think that five that should have. Matching bowling shirts how soon can we get a man it's it's Amazon dates. How much is gonna cost back did you drop 200 dollars bowling calamities about three times a year. What color and one getting red black African and EZ color and on the back I will take them and get them. Monogram does my gift to you. Skid. We're not putting them. Yeah I was asked to hack it. I am and it doesn't get on it I ain't buying it and trap wants to be how small walker. How old walker skid. Now yes now what you get of these guys. Cars stock subject appropriate. So are you or for the name on the pocket and saying yes. Or on the back. Who are I would I would. I would do disgusting things if I had a ball introduce do. Dude and then we did is coming in a road. You'd. That would be awesome aren't able to when he first I would I would Wear that always. And I think he's got to be big fat guys guys I Floyd's three excel yet. I'll look I think. And there are one or two lines laughs I haven't talked to Geneen today. Like there's two sessions and the first what does it out completely blunt parkway exit was charming I think the second session there's maybe one or two planes left. So email her at bowling bash Casey Gmail. Which is an. Expert. Windshield. That Harold his spirit. Is somebody else's wrote in about knows the puck up. Horse crazy and despair. A crowd I was like sparks. All an easy it's too he's all right what do you think about that it's twenty bucks. Kirk via their red and black. This can Atrix okay and at that moment to access all. But do I don't know seat space canister or windshield. Now we can come up with some better and that I think it should be a surprise. I'll. And a. I. But yours is surprised at yet. And a lot of two were saying windshield. Old hat bearable. But no knows parks come on man. Goat for Dana. Against original. Greatest of all manner. And eggs. Or religion all gangster were original. But the OG dear it the other way around. Yeah. Original gangster who. That's it right there that's that's what it is gangster original packaging answer at Q. Well way to art so. The first sessions filled. I believe the first session is filled and I will tell you without. So roiling how we going to be there we have some amazing special guests. Coming to this event. Zero prejudice yes. It's it's going to be. Really lovely so. Even if you wanna bowl please come by and say because it's really excited with what they've been able to do for this and I'll remind you all of the lanes sponsorships are going to be officers. Who survived. The Clinton Missouri shooting. And to the family of the officer who passed away and let's be clear. So far Entercom has not been able to get its grubby paws on the cement. So don't we make nothing. Speak and coach. It just we did better on our plate we get better at first I do what we do ninety. So far and or come has not gotten a grubby paws on this every penny raised. Goes to. The families. And police officers in Kansas City who have been killed or injured in the line of duty. Every single dime and I would be remiss if I didn't point out park claims is donating on a bit what would otherwise be a bird disease Saturday. They are donating all of their time all of their lanes all of their electricity everything. For for. If anything we're not paying them a dime. Nobody is paying us a nine. Every dollar goes exactly words intent. Nobody here is getting apparently. Yes and come have a good time and tip well. That's a tip well that's odd you don't get a pizza or get some French Fries or beer whatever tip. Because that's the only way parked planes make him any money on a summit Saturday. Because they have 26 lanes so awesome that is awesome deal literally is man. 26 lanes and if you've ever been out there Saturday they are packed. They're giving up an entire day where they can be making thousands of dollars. For free. We're not making money they're not making money the only people that get money are the families of police officers. Who have been injured or killed and one of duty mats and I can lead to. That is the best 200 dollars I have. Evers that you need to bring and all bring an. Agreement we're gonna get some sure cost us a rescission should be a little juicy. And. They just threw one out for me CTD. Crashed just coming like balance. How are you auctioning anything off our week. Yes. Snow. I have not gotten lately at the list of silent auction items but there or title last year. And Travis this year is part of one of the site which is boxing out Travis you know. Okay is. On. Track start over. The our older. Tina. For round of golf. With Travis Meade and to blast two police officers and that we. Played with the officers total last Scots not offer Travis it is so we are auctioning it around with. Travis and myself. The putt you don't get me I play with you know you're the cat in the accident. Images were trapped arguably. Arguably transcend the blues. Poll. And so am I excited about that as we did that last year. We played six months ago it's the officers one was and I were both camps as her please answers to one that. Price. And we beat last. Still all we should do we should our auction off somebody can certainly here with me for fastest Friday in the tsunami make funny you during the show for one hour. Done and that's with an idea five to 61 Friday. And that's what a lot of. 576779. When we get back. The island of griping is becoming less and less populated. In fact we think the population is now one. I'm 7677. It's happened almost all of us knock him would have just anonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident remember the name deals collision repair. In blue spring expect mention their name I sour retirement total drivers Dale's and blue springs guarantees their work as long as you on your car truck. And that says a lot so get it fixed right the first time 8162281855. And another many times Dale's a friend. I've seen his resume work and I can say without question they're the best in the business 8162. To wait. 1855. Online deals auto collision dot com. Bills and blue springs to anchor of cars. To interview. Okay. Drug and in parts almost make them artists today discrete when worn it. They can do. A story here I'd dateline Washington. Missouri's Republican attorney general Josh Paul. A leading candidate for the US senate is now calling on the State's governor. To resign immediately. While many Missouri Republicans are calling for Eric Gregg mr. resign if you have gone as far as holy. And flatly called the details of the report impeachable. As the State's attorney general and the Republican party's leading candidate for the US senate this whole hole is call for resignation is a devastating blow. To grow gardens chance to survive the scandal. Paul is ever ready noses up front runner to challenge Claire McCaskill in November. She is considered vulnerable. I'm castle's campaign has sought to tie hall integrations. Accusing him being too salt from the governor. She too was called immigrants to resign. Quoting here from casting a statement. I have read the official report from the Republican led Missouri house investigation including the sworn testimony. It is clearly time to put the interest of the people of Missouri first governor should. Resigned. All he issued his own statement late yesterday in reaction to report issued earlier today by a bipartisan investigative committee. Quoting here from hauling in the statement. The house investigative committee's report contains shocking substantial. And corroborated evidence of wrongdoing by governor crisis. He said the conduct in the report is certainly impeachable in my judgment. But the people of Missouri should not be put through the ordeal governor Greg should resign. Immediately. Did you see the odd pages of all the newspapers Vicki hearts were. Congressman from Missouri Republican said the report is disturbing and is discussed. So a big part did you see the newspaper covers up any he's getting slaughtered and now. Saint Louis but this is not as Kansas city of course. He stands alone in his insistence. That this is a private matter. Sometimes character counts. I think it's like I said yesterday this is just been a slow drip for a long time now and then it became. A stream. Of bad press for his alleged behavior I don't know how you get beyond it. I've never understood I think I asked this question on the program yesterday Dana. If you are someone who has skeletons in your closet. Trump. Bill Clinton. Eric brightens. Is is that the pursuit of power. So important. And so value. That you're willing to quit your marriage on the line because you know. These things are gonna come out in long when I was younger. Long had desires to one day run for congress I was going to do what I told my mother and for them to be a congressman's. I have no plans. No intention to ever run for congress in fact Kelly asked me about the sport she said I thought you had a dream to run for a dial office as an idea. She's so what we'll do it. I said because I don't need the grief anymore. I don't need people digging up my past. Scott six. Call. Scott park's. High school drug use senator. Scott asks. To phone yes. Yeah I don't need that aggravation in my life. It amazes me anybody runs for office I I told her I said that the best all do is someday maybe. When when this gravy train ends I might run for City Council and Roland park but that is my highest political aspiration. I don't want the grief that comes with running for higher office. Why wouldn't you know you have cheated on your wife. Run for high political. I think family values platform anyway moments report someone just wrote in she is lying. Crichton's should not resign I will remind you. That the majority. Of lawmakers on the panel. Just looked at this evidence 62 or Republican. Six to chip cancer. His own people are saying. He can't get passes. He's a distraction. He has become a distraction he asked to go and and I don't even think he might be guilty of a crime I don't know I don't know. What I do know is that this scandal is not going anywhere and he is now a distraction. And for the sake of his family. He should get out this. Just go oh. They want you lost. It's over hit 576779576. 7798 to the newsroom and Kara marks. The airlines say they want to future proof case CI and more next. You know we all started sleeping better at the moment that Brooklyn and dot com box came to our door Brooke Lynn and dot com remember that name. Luxury bedding without the luxury price you know you spend a third of your life in your sheets it really does make a difference with how you sleep. 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Pre dirty suing Kansas City from KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our Kansas City Council members got an update on the plans for PCI this afternoon and the airlines representative telling council members they like to see the number of gates the new case CI. The increase to 39 instead of 35. Councilman Jermaine reads to the airline's request stems from the actual passenger Greta KC guy over the last four years. Which is more than double what was estimated in a 2014 forecast. At a Rose Garden event today president trump talked up the new tax reform law touting its economic benefits all suggesting regulation roll backs may have an even bigger economic impact. Saying approval time for highway construction is a weighed down and promising the same for bridges tunnels and school. Are waiting eighteen to twenty years to get an approval and then by the way they don't get the approval. And you may not get approval but it's gonna be quick. Traffic and weather together next. 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When my very favorite things give Scott Steve a call 91366096. And nine. By private appointment only 91366096. Or nine or kriegel messed diamonds dot com. Big changes on the horizon with a very strong storm system sweeping our way trying ending cooling trends and also the risk of showers and thunderstorms that could become severe. Plenty of sunshine for the rest of today are high near eighty years just about although in chance for showers as the night goes on a low 65. Ramping up that chance for showers and thunderstorms throughout our Friday the risk of severe weather CU and high 75. Slight chance for rain Saturday the high 45. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more key in DC whether. It is eighty rain on Casey I'm looking at 81 downtown eighty and your official weather station. The radio dot com app is the official who almost KM BZ download it today listen to us anytime anywhere. I'm Kara marks or news 981 KM BZ. A us in six and seven cents. Outmanned. Protects life is hoisted. On terror strikes. His own people are cowards. As she remembered if it was a dreamer not yet right somebody. Somebody else rights and thirteen seventeen hey Scott. Even though he may have done nothing wrong issue ages ago because of the pressure being put on him how is that even eight. Here's one I wanna just touched on this briefly. Why is it that only Republicans need to resign. And Democrats get to keep serving. Let me do this very quickly that is factually inaccurate and I'm a Republican. David fitter. Who was named in Heidi fleiss' black book. Remained in the US senate from the state of Louisiana he's a Republican. Eliot Spitzer. Was a governor of New York caught up in a an affair with. And back page broker. He resigned. Anthony Weiner clearly. Resign. Well. And with the exception of Anthony Weiner you could make the argument that those encounters were allegedly consensual what has chain issues. Initially what has changed in the last 24 hours is this report was released and once again. Those who were in a position to look at this and make this decision. The majority of those lawmakers are Republicans. And they said. The report is graphic. It is detailed. And they believed in her testimony. And I thought the report was so graphic in nature we did not disclose its contents yesterday you can find it. What is described in that report. Is criminal. Behavior it is sexual assault if true is true in their initial. Meeting. Private meeting together. I'm not and that makes it different got it and I had an affair outside in my marriage she is alleging a. Crime I just don't understand and I go back to an original plan had before the break. I don't understand if you have engaged. In this sort of behavior. And by that I mean adultery. And who knows if it's criminal or not. Why would you run for high political office it is the intoxication. Of power. So strong. That you're willing to put. Not only your marriage but quite frankly your family on the line for the acquisition of power. Donald Trump error crichton's Bill Clinton. That the power itself. Is so enticing. But you know why. These things are gonna come out. You don't care he'd just. Don't care. Yes. A year before I ran for governor. I was having sex with some woman in my basement. Now do I find some of her claims to be suspect at best absolutely I do. But you have to remember the committee listened to the antipiracy. Of her testimony under us I missed him. You also have to understand and remember as we pointed out yes rim program gentlemen you remember those. She continued a relationship with him after were. This alleged first encountered that she said left her crying uncontrollably. And where he allegedly committed a crime. Rector of a sexual nature correct but yet. After that she continued to have a sexual relationship. With him. Got great point Al Franken resigned recently. Over allegations. Nothing was he improvement. That they actually physically had the photos we had a photo of him with his hand over but not touching. A woman's breast. Over a flak jacket. And Al Franken resign them last so. All you hide worse. People Hussein were Republicans always was ordered Democrats don't figure to continue to move. That's absolutely not true. There are plenty of Republicans who have resigned. There's plenty of Republicans who have stayed all. David that are. There are plenty of Democrats who have left there are plenty of Democrats who stay don't. So if it's not a political think. I parties pure and my party always signs were accused of doing something wrong. Well Eric crichton's ran on a family values platform. I said yesterday you live by the family values platform and die by it and that's exactly right. You know the only person in this entire thing. That I feel sorry for his error Greg's life. After she was sold a bill of goods. Honing our common ABC. And he makes sure he points out out every chance he gets. And I applaud him for service and making fun of it. But he make sure that every time he speaks you know he's a main reason. I gather your tough guy. Honey I'm gonna run for governor. What you don't know is that last year I was banging my hair stylist in the basement. What were to run and family values platform and they're gonna film was pushing our kids and stroller definite and. Well and be clear he is not the first or the last politician to do. He's just he's just not. But I'm telling you right now Eric crichton's is so marred in controversy right now he almost has to go. And I don't know that he committed a crime. I don't know. But you can't get past what's going on. Scott screw you just do the same way about Bill Clinton in 199899. Yes I did. I about the controversy was too much. And Bill Clinton had to go. Congress saw otherwise he was impeached but not convicted. 576779. It. Into your calls your comments here just a moment. Perseverance and 619 view images addresses boring I'm over this boring. You have the governor of your state. Who is hanging onto his political life by a thread. That's boring do you. Okay. Okay. Here's what it is you're Greg support. And you don't like hearing the domain you voted for May not be who says Wallace. It's a boring. It's embarrassing. Brightens is so deep. In this controversy he can't get out I don't even know that he did anything criminally wrong. I 7677. On it. Right here for CMOs and son get guys at Tennessean doesn't summit call right now they are running a great deal for you the WR power event to remember that by name. When you buy a generator for your home. They are giving out free 500 dollar in burger generators. With that purchase is a 500 dollar value for that little portable generator that. You can take with you tailgating you to take it hunting. 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Their vote should show it Burdick. Couple forest. Did you did you vote for crichton's. I didn't vote for nobody there now. Yeah out. Question for you ever were before I want wreck like that. And it. Sure. Or what Europe in about being called black what they are. Electric cars Don I don't know do you drive an electric car. Oh I have one. There are a lot of people don't like about. Sure why you're right Laura are high wage. And winging it burn it out chat and I don't load such. Yeah. I don't know on I've never thought about it. Well a lot of people don't. Out there right now and they're all there are outraged. By the world Jack you weight shape. Don't dawned on the electric car save on gas to easing that's good. Well but why can't wait but it. Because he's not bind tax our gas is not paying the taxes on you. Taxes bodes well I mean. Why equal to about the lack far. There it got there and you do it like operational. Action number out. There are only right. Well here here's what I know about electric cars I don't know much. I do know that add. Very liberal Roland park. Where I live I think I'm the only register Republican in his town of 6000. They have to plug ins for electric cars at City Hall right up front right up front at Roland park City Hall. Ian equally liberal mission. They have at the height in feet. A trough of electric car plug in sites in the park and add up front here is what I do know about electric cars. I have never in my life. Seen anybody parking in those spots. And the czar. I've been integral part City Council meetings and nobody brings their electric car. I arrived into the high V admission. Nobody seems to shop in their electric cars. It's so weird they're the only spots that are open on a Sunday afternoon. That and sometimes. The expecting mothers spot. Because everybody in Rome part commission is either too old to have children are too young to have children. I don't know who's driving these cars that require applaud him. But they apparently don't live in Roland park or mission. That's what I do know. I don't know. What is an electric cars like a Prius and electric car. It's like a hybrid so it's uses small there's electric cars that are just electric and there's cars that are hybrids yes those who put gas in the and then the car itself charges. The electric. My Democrats over and you could not be more Republican and went about and I'm like I cannot believe your buying one of those crossovers. They're huge suvs but like half of that was gas and half of it was electric. The weirdest thing about those cars is when you hit the gas we get it makes. No sound. No sound. Only time I would use an electric cars about wanted to run some audio it's. Because it would never hear coming. It's true. That. Wonder if more people have been hit by electric cars that they can't hear. More art and guarantee it here to. So this is Tesla is an electric car electric cars are 37%. More likely to hit a pedestrian. Why call. So view to run somebody over. You buy yourself an electrical when it comes to cyclists the statistic jumps to 57%. And cents they're silent don't hear him coming yeah source cyclists. No no not turn. And I. You normally get. To get some stops sticks. Say you're gonna get a one way ticket to hell he's making comments about people getting struck by electrical and next time I see those bicycles coming down my street I'm gonna throw out the stops to get to that his annual fall off their bike. They will suffer a severe injury and you will be sued. And then you'll be really mad. It is really care marks. Happening now I'm KM BZ a cry for help from a local family who lost their son in a murder will have details next. Com I get guys at the plumbing proud now's the time to do it listen that the deal they got for you you'll get a free replacement sump pump right now. 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