More on arrest in Indian Creek Trail murders and SHOULD THIS BE CATEGORIZED AS A HATE CRIME?

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, August 29th
Robust debate today about whether the murders of five white men in Kansas City could or should be categorized as a hate crime.... 

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But we've got to get passes idea that only white men can be racist. Or. Sexist. Only straight white man. And that every other classification of people are strictly Vick it's because that's not true. I don't think history in this case. Tony look at what happened in Charlottesville couple weeks ago on the Brokaw Bob Donald. Not dormant for so have no fear. The vice mayor of Charlottesville. Is a twenty something year old black man. And he was being interviewed and you know an a lot of the journalists had gone through some of his Twitter minster Graham and stuff. And he had horrible things. That he wrote. About white people. Before he was elected to office and he did I thought a good job of saying well that was me a younger dumber me. And I've learned and I don't feel that way anymore that's fine. I accept that. The news asking me to accept his excuse. But you can be black can be your racist. You can't beat Asian and be your racist you Camby were quite clearly and be a racist. So the idea that you know well. And I hate I'm a damn this is and a and I'm saying about you. But you occasionally have used the term reverse discrimination or reverse they cramped. There's no such thing it's either you either hate somebody because of the way they look at wake ABA where you don't that's fair. And if you hate somebody because of the color of their skin whether their skin is black or whether it's quieter brown or whatever you're racist. Do you think that you're better than somebody because of the color of your skin then your racist. It's that simple. 57677. Didn't write your for the leaf gardens gutter sesame need to call leave guard now get him between their very busy. Summer and fall seasons and have that leave our daughters is to put on your home we can't leave guard on our house for what six years now seven years it's been a long time. You're gonna love the way it looks and you're gonna love the way it works you'll never have to worry. About climbing up on a ladder and clean and out your doubters again no leave guard is that one piece covered gutter system. Let's the Rainwater in keeps the leaves and debris out and call now you're gonna get 77% off labor for a very limited time. And a 200 dollar visa gift card with your whole home better purchase 77% off labor 200 dollar visa gift card heck they'll throw in a 25 dollar visa gift card. Just for you having them to your house for a free no obligation. In home estimate. Here's the number 9136672563. 9136672563. Or check out their new website Dana gutters dot com. G-8 in a gutters dot com. Or me. This man. You know us. There Nelson this context. Television now. Ago. I 7986. Writes in and says I know you probably not read this on the year we've got spread the best way to get meter reader and on the Ayers Tony I want. I know you probably will not read this on the year but you cannot be blocked. And be racist. You can be a big but by definition of racist you cannot beat. Texture that's the dumbest thing I've ever read. Here is the definition of racism. Prejudice discrimination. Or antagonism. Directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Did not say in their prejudice discrimination or antagonism directed against people of different color when your white. Because you believe that your racists appear. Racism does not have a collar. It is directed at color weather back collar been. And whatever. But text with all due respect and I just throw back how do you figure and I'm waiting for response which I don't expect to get one. That is the dumbest damn thing I have ever read in my. First and I've heard that. Is not. Some is is because two odor is serious because to be a racist you need power. And black people do not have the power to discriminate against white people. We can listen we cannot discriminate. Against you in the workforce. We cannot stop you from getting jobs we cannot stop you from going to college we cannot stop you from owning a home getting a loan. We cannot stop white people from doing anything so we cannot be racist because we do not have the power to be racist but you know who does white people. That is this can dumbest thing I've ever read in my life. Texture get away from the tax and just call the radio station 5767798. Because you clearly ours do but I can't fix. Now. I understand. It it was at liberty to say is wrong it is but I understand what what she's saying is. To the winner goes the spoils and if you don't control. The banks and the jobs and at the majority of the Jews do if you don't control the majority. Then you cannot. Discriminate against the majority. Dana will be raised to its or if I I am a black Soro. OK. And I have a staff of five or six people. Tank one of my life at all my employees just happened to be blocked. OK gang. And I have somebody quit. And IA start accepting applications. And sterling Thomas comes at a drops off his application. Sterling works her habits block and and I put sterling over here. And then Dana right and Scott parts of the only other two people that come into apply for the job and I throw both of their applications in the trash because. The person enemy that application was white is that not racism. And I hires sterling because I'm a black shop owner who doesn't like white people. I hire sterling strictly because he's the only black applicant and is that not racism. That's racist. And and night and I higher sterling based on my personal belief. That only black people can work really hard. White people are lazy entitled EU leaders and don't work nearly as hard it's just in their DNA why people don't work. That's racism. Here are the two things I want it now and I've reached out to Jean Peters baker and I know she's spot today but it was and we really going to Colin. We want in the back story with the death of the suspect's brother not that anything is going to justify taking five innocent lives. But the suspect is quoted as saying. In the charging documents he was repeatedly. Mentioning and distraught about the death of his brother. As a possible motive we wanted to know what that has to do with this case and number two. Is this or could it be classified. As a hate crime. From attacks. I know you won't read this on the year. But I like Apple's. Current. Okay. People get really mad. If you don't read their tax because they don't understand that we get how many every twenty minutes Scott what you say is under its several hundred. And so if you're not looking directly at it right when it comes and they're it's not possible for street because you can't read what you don't say. I think it's a hate crime if you agree call if you disagree call. I'm I'm really curious if the answer is no. Why. This guy wants me to call my guess I should call to calm now that's that's works. 576779. A-Rod that subsite to produce will just go cold calls. Line one your on the airline one. I hate even meter birdie early as the BB BBC or. You need it. He can you beat me. Ultimately our movement. Who keyed. Get in politics and X. Hot line to your on the here hello line to. Hello. You're so I'll listen and you said blessed are you mentioned about being a racist said. Believe it said that if what the belief and your race is superior. And I would argue that. A lot of like kkk and the white people who are racists do believe that race. It appears that all of it definition. But I would say black people. Bit like white people. It's not because they believe there superior. Just because them. Think that happened to him lie to give them bet. And old personal opinion. So I mean that's that's where I would say that. Are you use the texture. It certainly nothing justifies and I I don't think the saying is I want to clarify. Nothing would justify. No matter what happens to you and your personal life if you works why did nothing justifies. The level of psychopath. That were seen with this. Suspect allegedly. Or anybody. I mean to sit around everybody into the same group. And it's like them because the certain experience does that happen in life. That's not right orders cannot like a race because you feel that you are security. Right. I don't know I don't agree with that at all I'm just given up respect and a slide. Person might say that that definition of racist and I'd why anybody but like you which say developing other races most of the races. Not feel superior. They disliked because of personal. Experience. So not one black person in America can be your racist or is a racist. Obama on March and that I was just trying to news and perspective because the genes it could never heard that let part of it about because the rates feel that they are. Speak up the killings they are to appear. I I think ultimately that's where you know and and that we kind of took a U turn here but the texture helped us in this regard. I think all racism. Is is. The cornerstone of of racism whether you're black wider Asian. Hispanic or whatever has to go to I feel like we are better. Than they are and therefore I hate them and or I'm above them I mean that no stone says. Well I'm Angel. I'm a mixed person my mama light Monday at. But what I've grown up with a lot of different people I get along Obama and the noble family both sides. But I get perspective on both sides and India not only. There are Obama has some bets on public side this like why you look at the field it. We will blacks or are they Eder and insisted. The glide native data life gets slighted a lot. Even me I don't have any. Non. Ill will towards like ignore any great love everybody but I'll always feel like I have to prove muscle. What people especially when I mean like people could just feel like. Until I get to know me. The thankless. And that's on planet not much to everybody like that happens more often. Than not that's on me. Anderson saying yeah. It. Sisters got think that is there right now is hate crime because you know his reason for the murders. If he's a serial killer than I don't think it's I think he's a serial yeah that's at some point me Robinson was serial killer. Okay. Well. He. And to make money off of them he had to kill him but he was never charged with a hate crime against women and yeah. He was just a serial killer psychopath. And women were easy targets for him. Now you could make the argument. That. Let's say Frederick Scott is indeed guilty of all five of these murders all five of the victims happen to be older white man to man who were walking aux and you could simply make the argument. For Scott is not. A hate crime to me. These people were not targeted simply because the white. They were targeted because they were older and more vulnerable and he was a psychopath easy right there he's just as a psychopath and they were easy targets for him. They were trusting. They have had walked in the creek trail a thousand times didn't all turn around they might have heard somebody coming up from behind. And they were easy targets. Targeted because they are white targeted because I Interfax turned to me and I couldn't put up as good of a fight and a navy signal and. And we don't know the details in this case at all that very well could be it could be just crime of convenience as it were like this is a good place to do some Killen. But as far as a racist thing goes always said. If you have a preconceived. Notion about someone based solely on their race that is racist. Period I don't care what race you are what race are. I know you'll read this on the air but booties. The problem with calling this a hate crime Scott and and and in other cases I don't think. You're gonna see this how do you prove that. How he chose those victims. It's one thing to say I hate gay people so well the last you specifically. But down sixty people okay social media that's clearly hate good social media what does he say about white people that you all steps possible to Nigel on a walking trail into the newsroom here is will star. A stand off Ian Johnson County more next. You know we had 90000 people without power few weeks ago when the storms rolled through Kansas City and I'm tell me the phone started ringing at CMOs and son. They are the people that cell service and supply you were top of the line Jenrette homestand by generator Jenna rack it's the name of the generator. 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There are now charges in two of the five recent murders along or near Indian creek trail. 22 year old Frederick Scott's he is also a suspect in three other cases also along the trail. Investigators are still processing evidence in knows. Prosecutors claim Scott was caught on surveillance video following one of the victims and the claim DNA evidence will links him to the murders as well. Police find a thirteen year old girl from Riverside safe in Kansas City, Missouri JD Adams said Lester home without permission. At the close on Wall Street the Dow up nearly 57 points NASDAQ gains eighteen the S&P up to traffic and weather together next export 32. With full and what are fast approaching you wanna keep the warm air inside in the cold air where belongs on the outside. It's up parts for wind world you know few things say more about your home in the windows they can be ascetic we beautiful but the house. But they can also be economical and that's what they do wind. 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Some fog on Wednesday night and 63 nice state coming up on Thursday 83 in sunny. I'm staff meteorologist Steve Hamilton KM BZ whether. I'm will starent stay connected would news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Yeah. Okay hello. Can you time. Tonight. Orange is. Newsday throwback. Scott and they won't read this on the air but Lugar bugger fared far we've. I how'd they crack this case great question there were four murders on the Indian creek trail hot. Cops were stumped. Then out of what they did have a little bit of DNA but the could match and anybody. Then out of nowhere there was a murder add 67 and truce on August 13 a man by the name of Stephen Gibbons. Was murdered. Police reverse that. They went through a bunch of video they saw Stephen Gibbons on a boss there was another man behind in the count off of the bus of the same time. They walked down the street together but not side by side but this person followed Stephen Gibbons. And then the camera pans and then they go back Steven givens is nor to be found. But Fredericks got a still there. They noticed that Fred Rick Scott the suspect in the Indian creek trail murders. Was drinking out of an. Ice-T ball. What's the name brand risk. Annuity with A blue cat. And they found the cap they found a Bobble they go back to the scene of the murder and fairness they did the DNA. And that DNA also matched at least one of the Indian creek trail murders correct. That's always arrest warrant for his house they find the nine millimeter they bring him in for questioning two weeks ago. Which is blows my mind that they were able to keep this under wraps. And he says well. I didn't mean to shoot him but I pulled it done out of my pocket and it accidentally went off and shot. So according to the charging documents he has admitted. To one. He admitted to moving the body in in the other case Scott. And at that scene they noticed the body had been dragged off of the trail and into some rush into some woods. And there was a red T shirt at the scene that was too small to fit that victim. And so they took that red T shirts. And they found blood evidence on that tee shirt matching the victim don't and I believe they found DNA evidence on the Sharon matching the suspect it's some CSI stuff jets. Brilliant work. Morgan M liberty hello Morgan. I don't get hate crime. It. If you look at our. When the lion case against the one case. They could find a way that it could lead because he's light. Well because they're a fine than that he's being really like what Spurrier or other murders. I. A little bit because it all violent ethnic profile of older gentleman all Y all Arnold ethnic profile other and I did. I armor and kill other like this from Iran and I think that amount Allen aren't meant. That was like the person that had wronged and that is going to find out why our man but I don't think it a hate crime more theory all kinds at all. It's interesting that Morgan we don't know what about a story is on the death of the suspect's brother he mentioned during interrogation he was. Angry and upset over the death of his brother. His brother for all we know died car wreck. And had nothing do with a 56 year old white that we don't know that yet I've reached out to Jean Peters baker. And I said can somebody clarify. Whether that has anything possibly to do with motive in this case were waiting on a reply. Why didn't. He means the middle. And the pilot and a car accident and that person got that car was an older white gentleman he couldn't like it could have an accident that he can hold a grudge against. Senate are. Apparently they don't know who it is art and I. In India finality now that. It's really fast many Morgan why he decided to mention that in his interrogate them with the police. I'm angry about the murder or chair of the death of my brother we don't know if it was murder or not. I'm angry about the death of my brother won't. You only mentioned that because you think it's important right or maybe that's your main sued the reason you're sitting there room now in this room being interrogated. It's good to actually in independence hello Ashley. I I'm really hard stressed that think that any murder is not okay cry. Trade in order to take somebody's life you have to catch some level of hatred. Whether it's for that person because of their race whether rich or that urgent because of a drug deal gone bad. Anything because they are a woman that you want money in some way you'd have to have some form of hatred in order to commit a crime like in my case. Agreed and and that's been an argument I've heard before that you know every murderer is in and of itself a hate crime. But let's say that Ashley. You and I knew each other OK on a personal level and that's something went sour between us and I just hate and I I don't like you you're bad person in my life and so I kill him. That's one thing I think hate crime legislation and again we do not know if this is just a lunatic serial killer. Who picked people because they were easy prey. Allegedly or if he'd do pick these men because they happen to be white but hate crimes are usually random. And and that's why. That was added was to be a deterrent against people acting out randomly based on. There hatred no other people for knowing Rihanna you meet victims are chosen randomly. Based on the color of their skin or their gender or their you know nationality. Or their sexual orientation or why. All that we know it can open an older white gentleman and a drunk driving case and kill this guy's brother we don't know. And I do you have any get charged with a hate crime because there actually be Democrats won't his victim is gesture similar in each and every war. You could of made the case about Johnny Robinson though do you remember that case back in the early. I mean all of his victims were. Were women many of them were younger. Well and to me they're getting matching demographic I think he should have been charged with any crime because obviously the problem which ligament which L Welch. Because he wants to make money off this situation. And obviously a cycle both of these places are obviously. Like and eat ago way and hopefully that's what happened. I I just Lilly saying let it matching especially if it comes out there which. I'm not eight not saying that you know the drunk driver older white male between five and 65. We can't find that out war. You know whatever happened which. After an older white male that caused this brother's death and it definitely needs to be looked at a hate crime because that's the only reason these particular debt. I can. Real quick name in the north limb and wrapped up relative. The goal that. Does partnership might on races and the audience if they ever heard a musical called avenue Q. There is the track on that musical titled everyone a little bit rate I think you ought to listen to it just to get an idea out racism America. Mean clearly works. I think a lot of people all at the make no greater Israel and that the terrible. But I think. Most people are racist a racist thing. On a daily basis. And they don't realize they are saying. I don't think there's now. But it there and I think everyone that ever raced against every other rate YouTube and you'll how true really. The moment. 5767798. Date right rob Babcock I'm Scott parks. On KM BZ. 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When you get home tonight he had chances jump on the Internet. Read up on how the police crack this case and Dana's right it is right out of CSI. These guys are. I don't know how it. It's somebody's ovaries. I've 767798. Steam in the north analyst Steve. I I don't things. You guys were asked in the question you know as a hate primer and my question for you like in your opinion on this and I have a statement about my question. Why does that matter its current. 22 things. If I may. Typically hate crimes tend to be random which I think puts everybody on a little bit more edge. If it's somebody if it's a domestic dispute that turned into a murder or it's a drug deal gone bad. I think Steve Schmidt may be wouldn't agree this maybe you'd argue allies his life and it doesn't matter. But we we can kind of compartmentalize. When we hear about those on the news good good drug deal where the drug dealer. Got shot and to have customer took all the money or whatever. You kind of say well he'll Sar to hear that but it's not exactly the biggest loss in American history and it's not happening in my neighborhood. It couldn't that kind of stuff wouldn't happen to me when it's a hate crime it might hit a low depending on the victims. It might hit a little bit closer to home and because it's random music yourself. OK now we got some and others is killing people were randomly for sport and the other reason is hate crime. A hate crime especially on the federal level usually carries the death. OK so. We have these are like older gentleman. Who let's just step bottle in your state that this man is like all. In their investigation also. That he killed. Andy Young a black gentleman. Why should. Bet that the white men. Please. In all the older gentleman Kerry harsher penalties the death penalty and the murder this other gentleman and this could very easily be reversed you know. Number but our whole goal here it could be 11 human species one human race. Then things like. Hate crime designation. It's just helping keep the wedge in place because they're no reason. Ford debt there's debt there's no reason why my debt as a young white man should Cherie. It yet or been murdered by a different raced there a recent might get should theory. The penalty should be the death penalty somebody or harsher penalties than they still want their own race and it. If it is that the crying to deter workers. Does that hate crime designation it's designed to deter murder the very harsher penalties. Should turn these things that we should designate young black male. Crime and I'm on each other as some kind of hate crime hate each other. Just you know because that that's very high crime I type murder rate in the net in that population of folks still. Think about the murder. Outside of the bar in late. We're a young Indian man lost his life the department I believe him. For no. Reason. Then the waste of oxygen who shot those people that died. Thought he was. Not remember he said go back where you came from. Those members. She. Had brown skin that's at. That's where it a very good example silly shoot skeet shoot young Indian man. And then he turned around and he shoots the white man that was trying to defuse the situation what are the white man would have died. Should be and instead see he always hate the Indian man. But he did not appoint a white man would be Indian murder. And sort musical and labels with. But murder of the Indian gentleman. Carry hate crime track but not the murder like just keep trying to anarchy. And the reason I'm saying that it if we want to lift this wedge we want to come together things like hate crime designation tapped to lead. York. A black man dead. Is is is no worse than it might be right there is no worse than any other race the pat its feel good legislation making that Spiegel orbit but. They're do something about it and it. Not its feel good legislation. But Steve I would agree with you that. You know be easy the death. The deaths beg your pardon are essentially the same. It's the the manner that led to. But death whether it's you or someone else or me or someone else. What led to that death often times is how we judge this is the seriousness. Of the punishment. For the death and I am sure what you're saying you bring up an interesting point you most certainly do but you would you would not put a drug deal gone bad to have. On the same level as someone walking into a bar and shooting somebody because he thought they were Muslims. There are no victims in a drug deal gone bad debt that my opinion. Both of those people were there willingly to make a drug deal went bad in one of them. One of them died I don't believe that once you once you step into that world each step and that well Monaco. Participate in a drug deal don't work nine times out of ten guns and money is involved use. But you're right and Singapore but if you could let. You would agree that the punishment. If somebody kills somebody in a drug deal gone wrong the punishment should not be the same. As somebody who kills somebody simply because he doesn't like the color of their skin. I think that we have to that we have to take the good with the bad. In the other hand but I think the bigger picture that bigger issues that bigger injustice is things like hate crimes. Keep the wedge. Between races firmly place. Tag like hate crimes he killed that man just because he was like he killed that man just because he was black. No he killed that man who at a family and that wife and children eat till Batman who is supposed to be there to provide. Not now like now. Not black not Asian Indian kill them. It's a great call scenes. It's that is what's up decal or had to name a friend not that I dislike. I just decided to Wear it today some different and then the air conditioner was blowing directly on my head. At the anchor desk so I put this on. The pennant you're gonna come block the air thank you. 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