Mizzou announces it will continue using live pigs for medical training....

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Monday, November 20th
The University of Missouri announces, despite protests, it will continue using live animals for medical training.  Is there another option?

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Am glad this little. And being you all know little. That is our hair. Highest paid women in music news Forbes sports there are only gets me guessing goes on in his left youngsters from. Five million dollars in June 26 and June last year. Wow most of it from her formation world war. And yup guess who's number of illegal CDs now all of this to be Taylor did not you. It's. And hang them. Truce went out. Either Lady Gaga Orson leaving garment or maybe Mary. Now many and yes this old someone is in Vegas now sustained Giuliani. And I I had nothing I think Chris will be surprised at. Play as hard as players. You. And tell yes re paying your resume in me why well. I'm means and it's gonna uniting them church I'm not programs. Mean her voice and person and that. Barack number three is Taylor swift's. Celine Dion as number four. And Jennifer Lopez number five. Let's school. The older women bright and guess who is number six a 71 year old now yeah. I'll Wear all. Share the sum count up by the way. I don't know what studio here at this mop it's got it's got to share it's pressure to return no. And she's 71. And Donna Summer Bryant 37 million dollars over 63 shares last year. A claim some and I can sit Babs. No. Are we struggling in their manhunt is Barbara Streisand. And eat. And you explain. Vulnerable. This and 38 million dollars or Donna Barton. Damp nationalist passion and how treatment and some 63 shows last year hall. I she came here because I think MacKey planned or wanted me to go like it and she did come this year. Out of here's a song once. Teams. That I dearly love. I should've gone to seed or where does she play was she at the Midland. Some like or the uptown sound like I'm in the spring senators can't do sprints. But just to hear this song I would have paid fifty dollars and. I mean. There are paying. And I can't even if he's there. It's present it's. Wasn't at last yep July land and Colin that song is that procedural mean now people lose. Yeah. Our. I by the way. Did you see pink last night at the AMA's. With the dancing club I don't know. Completely. Lip sync book lap out of that so she. And I understand. And by the way. I think almost everybody at the AMA's last night was lip syncing member when that was not cool now apparently it is cool again now com. Drove me crazy I watch the whole thing. And the way to Star Wars such as I don't forget horse Brooks lips saying at the C amaze I know I now. I'm not cool I'm either I think Peter is saying you aren't you should saying if you're going to perform perform on the negates that show and you wanted to sound I know and expect Karrie if you watched last night and I know you were in and out a little bit but I watched the whole. I was so disappointed because everybody was lip syncing and you could well they were lip syncing. However. However. The pink show. Where she danced on the side of bill. Did you see this is now GMA on this morning it was easy it was incredible. She's supposed to sing dance since I was on the side of the I understand I understand. But and it wasn't the side of the building don't think like three story or come building at Shawnee mission park where America and we're talking the Marriott hotel. Well like Spiderman show yes. And she had other dancers and they were throwing her back and forth. How well it was awesome. I remember watching I'm like OK that's almost discus act. Like I honestly if she had actually been singing I've. It would have been that would amaze amazing absolutely. Would she not I mean it was completely lips. However. It was a brilliant idea. It was they pulled it off flawlessly. I sat there at the intimacy going power they doing this. This is incredible she's like rolling through the hair was soaked animal they they like patter that there were these other dancers on the side of the building. They would pick her up and liked road or. Across the windows of. The area and okay. And the Mary I was OK was this. And so you need to watch it though you'll kind of think it's impressed I'll look it up the thing I saw was paints reaction to. Christine Christina Aguilera singing. Having the look on his face is hilarious now she's saying today. It wasn't a look of disgust or equity and their girlfriend she's saying. The camera just kept cutting her and you know she wasn't smiling but 11. Looks captured is kind of a measly. Yeah but please dogs I was I is it looks narc I was on the road Kellerman happen and I don't think it's stupid. Yeah I'll play let's say. You can't beat the best. And so I applaud her for trying. But there was no way Christina Aguilera can go out their and do Whitney Houston and do a better. She gave it to humans effort. Slaughter. But. You have no. Okay. Okay. I mean. I it's on terrible. Kind of mix it up there yeah I don't like the Madden my caddie there. It's fun. It's it's it's not horrible. And then at the end that we and that's the problem out there and yeah and then at the end. They did I'm every woman. It was good. I. Was fine was. You're just not Whitney used. To someone said the only person they think could have to ride it. To pull that off although I gotta get Dickerson regular I don't think that's bad at all at all. Amity given an a minus. They said Jennifer Lawrence probably is the only other person with that reach and that power them. That she could saying. Whitney. Is an incredibly. Powerful set of pipes honor. Right here for the number one Volkswagen dealership and all of Kansas City Volkswagen of Lee's summit and man did they have a great deal. Going on for you during the month of November it is Black Friday right now all month long go and Volkswagen of Lee's summit. Get up to 101000 dollars off all remaining 2017 it's up to 101000 dollars off. 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We've seen on the slam. And then. It's it's. And in. Yeah that's pink from the sessions and nail and Dan. She think they numerous glitches that paper. Why she says patent raiders. That is 88 I think that's the color lipstick. Okay. Places begging route that's an incredible. Cover. And SM are literally back there right out of the gate she says but flat bust of flat debate rumors. I want you were semtex or she did not blitzing us. That was already. If she did that on the side of that hotel. It's even a better performance and yes I'm Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Lawrence. I'm no different story here from Columbia Missouri the University of Missouri says it will continue. To use live pigs to train emergency room doctors despite protests. Last week the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Organized rally outside of university hospital Columbia to abdicate ending the use of eggs. In physician training the demonstration was organized after the university refused the groups called to a ban on the practice. The Columbia daily Tribune. Reports the university's animal care and use committee earlier this month approved. Continuing the practice of using eggs for emergency room training. Through November of 20/20. Retired emergency position carry Foley says university is the only one of five. Emergency residency programs in the state that still uses pix. He's survey conducted by the physicians committee found only sixteen. Of 211. Emergency residency programs in the US. And Canada. Use pigs to train doctors. Was from. It seems really barbaric. And awful what are they expose some years. Humans know. Oh isn't that what you residents she's four. Welcome it. Here's the problem pigs are highly intelligent animals. Not that I sang at a VO Katie is chickens or something but. I just have a problem with that. Or dogs or any of that awful mess her does that make him yesterday. More. So. So they they say that the flesh of a pig is very close to the flesh of a man. Don't have a similar like inside the has a lot of things that are very similar same kind of places. Also. They can't really practice on people. Ain't so what are we gonna practice I don't know as to what people practice on. I don't know cadavers. Yes. Yes the pigs are cadavers. That they're alive and they know what's happening to them I don't like it. No no I'm pretty sure they're not alive at unveil our lives and their doing surgical procedures on them continue to use live pigs. I mean I don't have a problem with dead. Animals at all be used to further medicine. It's it's cruelty to animals they think they kind of Mel moment like sedate him don't know. Is boring a minister operating on the pit fight back. Right are all but here's here's where I need some help. From our doctor crude up. Train you on a pig do they like shoot it and then you have to try to get the bullet out and so everything back up I don't understand I'm confused. Do they know on the pig. And sedate it and then they come in and they have some sort of faked. You know this period or from it is suffering a massive heart attack. And you have to get in their quickly and operate. I'm dumb dumb from Lansing I don't understand this. And the deal are we far enough along with technology. That you can get pretty darn close. Obviously with cadavers but but with some type of I don't know like crash test dummy or something how. Now you want them this did you surgery and plastic and simulate the stuff. You know until they get under residency. Kind of electronically somebody says they they have to use live animals to track them after the surgery to see how they recover. So if you're a good position. The paper covers well. Many get to eat. Like it I don't I would like you to weigh in with what the options are that if you are a member of the medical community. What did you study on like if you're plastic surgeon at Scott and this is. Distasteful think about but today. Study on donated. Politics cadavers pets yes yes would you ever donate your body now. Why I 'cause I'm donating all of my organs. You would not donate your body so that somebody to practice you know my great candidate she was a 104 when she died in it donated her remains to can you match is always very adamant about that. We got her remains back about two years later. I just I've been to the cadaver lab there we did that is a field trip want. A-Rod didn't you say you would be willing to do that is you don't care. Did absolutely yeah. I thought you'd want to do you do want to donate your body just yeah absolutely. Loses its shell it's I it's I don't know I don't care. I don't care what you do with my dead body I won't know and even if you do what I don't want I'm not I don't know I'm not gonna get angry. Target affect me I'll be dead. Said don't you want your ER doctor everywhere expect rural extras that's what the residency. Is for. With the wind they make first ever Cottam want them to make it right well they're not going in alone by themselves the first time in the okay you go into the ER OK you've just been shot yeah who do you want operating on you revealed got it the right guy. Or the new guy who's got the old guy looking over shoulder. You want the old. Probably not the new guys going to hear. Sure. 5767798. To the newsroom we Caremark a university in Missouri now under title nine investigation will have more next. The right battery the first time that's you'll get and always. Also batterers given up their to their warehouse many times ran to pound his crew. Have everything you need. A little batteries medium big batteries there warehouse says every battery known to man also about six of five Kansas avenue. In case it any better you need for any reason really really big batteries like big. Business back ups systems batteries they have those the kind of a hole in on track. Tiny batteries for things like you're hearing aid and Kenya your motorcycle your truck your RV all that stuff. Wholesale batteries that charge trying to also battery 605 Kansas avenue and KCK the right battery. The first time. 31 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks or Missouri State University is now under title nine investigation and a field hockey player says it involves the decision to discontinue her team. Player paged pat Shea told these Springfield news leader of the field hockey team filed a complaint soon after Missouri State announced its decision to cut the team. In April the university announced they were discontinuing field hockey and beach volleyball in response to governor Eric Britain's budget recommendations for fiscal year 28 team. More than thirty people including firefighters were hurt in a fire that followed an explosion at a manufacturing plant in New York's Hudson Valley. The explosion happened in the town of new Windsor and Berlin international business that makes cosmetics mainly nail polish. The most congress seniors inhalation. Secondary is the smoke exposure and heat exposure so a lot of people coming in with some rest Corey distress. As wells burning sensation has thrown their chest. Doctor says Sheen shine is emergency room director at saint Luke's Cornwall hospital we'll check traffic and weather together next. Elevated fire weather concerns remaining in place for the rest of today lots of sunshine strong southwesterly when very low humidity levels to. Amnesty are high temperature climbing to about 65 degrees. Tonight partly cloudy low near forty years so in an affront coming and try tomorrow some clouds around our higher early in the low fifties. Our Internet went around for the northwest and that's gonna dragons and colder rare. We settle to the low twenties by Tuesday night sunny on Wednesday the high low forties. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more K Indies he whether. It's sixty or an IQC 962 downtown 61 and your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ KN BC dot com. But some 670. So this is my it's. My case you think it was hoping that someone there would be an accurate yeah. It's so important to do it I just. Here's the deal I would probably consider it if I had not visited Deborah lab when I was a student there. It was biology class and we all went and visited the cadaver lab. I cannot unseat what I saw on what did you suit. Just. Grotesque. It's blade. You know that that is what those bodies of their 44. For you to region and be able to pull liver out and make sort of a rod do you think again cadaver lab though they make fun to view there are variables are operating on you their very respectful that is a gift that someone has given for research includes current and very well no I'm sure they do. I mean I remember one of the cadavers not to be grows that had a cast that are and it it was just hole. They were older Americans. I mean we sell its network partner vary. Very sick to my stomach when I sought now. World that's going to be all of us someday. But I don't know that I necessarily wanna be sprawled out if you will and I mean. Sprawled out. For the world to see. So I'm donating why everything. But you can't have the rest of me on display. You're donating your organs. Yeah and corneas and tissues and anything we don't mind yeah anything in Egypt today but I don't want you blame me on some table and why bother. It was just so. Our dreams hopes just unpleasant. Really unpleasant what they have to practice they do and thank god for those people who don't thank god but there are gonna practice on your nap. I don't want them Kenton and demean and talk about what they did over the week I just. What do you think they do when they're doing surgery you know and there's formaldehyde smell which is just at 30. Speaking of when nauseating smell anyway. Well rod you've got to come over the house now. I set a mouse trap in the Raj. And you know we get field mice in rope broke all the time. We have chip monks and it's it's really bad when you go into the garage 1 morning and you look over in the corner where you set the mousetrap. And its call. Which tells you that somebody triggered the mouse trap and then somebody took the mousetrap whipped out. Either that are the mouse was big enough that it ran off with Baghdad manager Brian wants is a convenient walk on the ground. It so I go into the garage this morning. And whoever. Has taken it somewhere in the garage and passed. My garage and one smells. Like death how can you not find it I don't know wary yes it's not like I put up can audit. They need to do they need to put those GPS trackers on the ball like your rights. I walked into the garage this morning to get the car out sort of take the girl's school for us to eat I even got it. We went into the garage and I go I go Stella. Finals. And she's going. I didn't. And it is the most rotten. I don't smell. Death and I cannot get it out of my garage I opened the garage door when I got home this morning. Did not close that until I left for work it's still there. I cannot get that smell out of the past week or so there sort of mouse and a that's disgusting campus in Kansas City on campus. I. I didn't let you. Have you ever heard eight below are back at the museum and yet that. No the car. I heard about this on dare show one day it's like. It was an asylum for the for crazy people. Correct correct. In about eighteen. Hour and eight year. Keep it real luck and you. Are. Are. You gonna. Be what the government. And it hit me I mean and it. Should. Yet. A similar Leigh Anne and I know you know. There used to be state psychiatric hospitals still. The grounds were still there at the buildings were still a lot of it into peca and I used to walk outside of that thing and it just gave me that he VGBs can't just as you note the kinds of things that went all in those facilities back in the 40s50s. And liked it liked the early. And why they're. The court. A literal. Happening while we do knocked him yet out. And. I mean it didn't that's pretty cool that I mean. I. Met. Either but it they. Probably eat well. They are in the act. And our. Similarly. Some malevolent so there was a documentary a couple years ago about. Medicine. How far we've come and why with respect cancer. And one of the episodes that I will never forget as long as island's guys. And they talked about the ethics involved in the decision. To Jesus. Radiation. Was discovered kind of by accident and they talk about this Doctor Who thought. Why don't we try and see if the radiate the body whereas these children have cancer. What happens. And this was not long ago I wanna say this was in the 191960s. So these parents of children with cancer. The problem probably no hope for these kids we have saint Jude's then we did we didn't have the things that we have today like chemotherapy. Would line up around the block. To hand over their children to see if this would save them not for bad reasons but because they were kind of hope last ditch ho right. And aid they tried. These doctors did. Try Scott in the beginning. But they were thrown darts at a board they didn't know what they were doing it they were trying. On children. Who had cancer. And and one of the ethical dilemmas about this and and they interviewed these ethicist today whose say. We would not have modern. Radiation and chemotherapy treatments had those horrible things not been done. And they were horrible I will never forget that documentary. And the outcomes. And what those children went through. And then over time they figured out okay this is the way we need to do it if we're going to try to target and radiate these tumors. Instead of just blasting this child's. Body which created horrifying. Side effects. So it was really interesting because they said should that didn't. Now. That didn't tell but it ranks and if it hadn't been done. We would not note today and beat today where we are in one of the ethicist says. Those early. Expire I mean really experiments let's be honest. Have saved. Millions of lives millions of lives today. Because of what those early patients. Went for a while try to find documentary is it is fascinating. I did. And speech classic back in early ninety's. And the speech it was about. Product testing animals like Gillette was back in the day horrible. What they would do and I did just got an a plus on. I did more research for this one project ever in my life. And it it made me stop buying certain products. But what they would do and it's horrible it's horrible. They would take like something as simple shaving cream for example but the reason they do it is so that you don't suit. And they can say what we've done our research and we figured it out and here's the proof is small bottle of what happened and what they would do for example is I'll never forget this when mrs. awful. And I'm not trying to gross anybody out. But they would take a Gillette razor with a rabbit. Carry. And they would shave. The side of the animal. Thank and find out how many times you have to shape the same piece of skin for it to break down before the skin ripped. And I had these pictures that I presented during my class for them it would tic like condition. You know name name your right your flop you ever doubt whatever and I am I'm just gonna use them as example maybe they were one of them though are sort of considered but say swell. And they would sit there and pork. Swath conditioner into the eyes of these animals until they went want. Just so you couldn't see and that's why you have the warning that if it's as if this gets in your guide flush immediately. If you try to sue them. Then they can say well we've done our research she clearly misuse the product clearly. And we we tested on animals. That you have that much conditioner in your ID you go blind I don't know that there's a Los that there are. I don't know that you could be helped well you know what we're dumb country. And people sue for anything in this country. But it was. The researchers did was at Watkins lumber. Like every night for a month. Doing my research and it. Made me so. You you would be shocked that's why they say today we do not test on animals there are certain products I think as one of them we do not test on animals because. What was going on in the eighty's and ninety's. Was so awful. Because of losses. Was so awful. That people like while wall Wal-Mart. Reshaping a rabbit. To see how war I mean let's take a potential to I mean that's the kind of thing they were doing to decide this rabbit. Was shaping it until the skin. It's it's yeah there is an underbelly. In this country and around the world. Of the way that we treat animals that would make use row. And they would say Scott that with out it. We would not have some of the treatments and medications you're doing today turf and I'm not defending it but I've heard that argument being that without that we would not have medicine for. And that's about polio. Him. I've 76779. Right here for Christian Brothers automotive. 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Independence liberty and in the north land on Barry wrote. Yeah queries where. I'm gonna guess when you tune in to if you're one of the few. Tune into CBS this morning tomorrow morning and means at 7 o'clock. I'm just Charlie Rose one of America's most seasoned journalists. Will not be on site. Charlie Rose is the latest to fall eight women have just come out accusing them Cha. 75. You remember Charlie heroes of the name is on CBS this morning he has been obvious he's been on the news for like a 140 years now he's. Not yet eight women have just come out accusing him. Jurors seemed Porsche. Behavior he's not denying it either. Cast. Kylie got Bryant one of his assistants in the mid 2000 Sanaa that long ago. Were called at least a dozen instances were rose walked to nude in front of Burton while she was working in one of his New York City homes he also repeatedly called. The then 21 year old late at night or early in the morning to describe his fantasies of her swimming naked in the pool. As he watched from his bedroom. It feels Brandon in a she says she says she told Yvette Vega. Roses long time executive producer. Explain how inappropriately spoke to me during those times that she would truck of sand that's just Charlie being Charlie. Listen to this. In a statement to the post event as longtime assistant says she should have done more to protect the young women on the show. I should have stood up for them says vegan who is 52 and has worked with rose since the show was created in 191. I failed. It is crushing. I deeply regret not helping them. Tiger is part of his statement he talks about being an advocate for the careers of women with whom he has worked as many rights nevertheless in the past few days. Claims have been made about my behavior towards some former female colleagues it is essential. Of these women now I hear them. And that I deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior I am greatly embarrassed. I have behaved insensitivity. At times and I accept responsibility for that. Though I do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate. I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings. A by the way he's been married. To a woman for the last twenty some odd years some of these allegations in ten years old. I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings even though I now realize. I was mistaken I've learned a great deal as a result of these and so I don't. Others. To. Young woman who were hired this show were sometimes known as Charlie's Angels rose frequently gave unsolicited shoulder rubs to several of them. Before referring oh behavior referring to among employees. I don't know that I wanna read that never mind and I can read that. Rumors about his behavior has circulated for years. A woman in hers and thirties who went to the bell port home in 2010 to discuss a job opportunity. Said robe. Rose rather appeared before her in an untethered rattled a. Naked underneath. She said he subsequently attempted to put his hand. Down her pants. She said she pushed his hands away and wept throughout the encounter. There were fifteen people working on the show one of them says Scott who were we supposed to complained to him there was nobody to complain too. What a PBS for a long time. Oh forever now. Charlie Rose is the latest to go down. He probably won't not being on CBS tomorrow morning. She said she told someone in the office and word got around a few days later she set a male colleague approached her laughing oh you've got to shower trick. The woman's sister confirmed. That her sibling had told her about the shower incidents soon after it occur to. He came out of the bathroom naked stood over her she turned her head briefly saw in naked. And jerked back around to avoid the sites she said he said didn't hear me calling you. Charge and. Good news or Caremark. Happening now on can be easy to US pushes back against North Korea's military tasks one more next. In sentencing a good friend of mine is down more than ten pounds in two weeks that she texted me over the weekend she said. I am down eighteen pounds she is down eighteen pounds and I did not mean to round down since she went in. And saw doctor take for that first free consultation. She got signed up with his optimum health program said she was tired banging her head against the wall and is now down eighteen pounds before. Thanksgiving she looks better she feels better she has more energy should tell me. Give doctor take a call with you wanna lose twenty pounds fifty pounds 100 pounds or mole. Doctor taken his fantastic staff are standing by to help you go into the holidays feeling better not feeling worse about yourself. Have him help you medically managed weight loss shall be so glad like my girlfriend took that for step 9138148222. As the number. 9138148222. Or take nutrition dot com tellem Dana sentient. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.