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Friday, August 17th

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Listening to the date and parks podcast. Something vital bowing out of focus on. It stopped a dispute with. Here I am here because we do it. I just got a text Dana I don't. Who is the media the media lately due to the limit accurate and product product product 72881. What is the latest from. Ms. crystal to be that she's been held it together until the goodbye and then might have had a Shirley MacLaine moment he's so happy. To be free without. And foreigners so she is not big east fine OK so we expect you know he's like mom choose. Oh yes it's now there's bureau back mama. Jane and Ira texting around 6 am this morning and an awful person to do it protects curled. But she was up and Adam and I reached out and the gipper and I said a slight opening here for you if you need anything weirdo. As he get weird called me in her. Life and godspeed last XX. It's. Are we ready please hang makes it we'd never done this Michael Mecca and so excited. Really go in this order Scott rod Kara MacKey last puffs. Duet and who is the judge Scott analyst threat okay your glasses are song number one I. You have just won a five minute free for all shopping spree. You're at the starting line shopping cart right in front of what song plays as you dash around the store. Here is my. Submission. Come and hang my hat on that one I think everybody likes that role really goods or no wrong choice for me. So I got queen's I wanted all I want it now. For my shopping spree you can't switch it. I urged. A. Tiger Mackie did you switch months. Because that was really good and I want to. It's just added him. I act I came with the guns. A blazer and today I brought. Keck Rodney you're next my friend. Okay sorry I was trying to. Changed Mac he's OK here's mine ain't gonna win I have hazel five minute shopping spree bodman shopping spree got to cart Friday you and here I guess this is your soundtrack. We. This is actually. Right right. But don't. I can see it's not the lyrics it's the groove that yeah. I unions should move into the aisles are honorary earmarks are Europe's shopping spree yep five minutes ago. Oh. My first. And so I moved to queens I wanna at all. Good call very nice sort of obvious choice but it's it's obvious choice but it's a good. Rot if if you're ready I know MacKey. Couldn audible here and change to yes yes and I am last moment Mac he's choice for shopping song. Here it's going there. I don't know that anybody. Really knows we're going to have ran. And it's right right. I'm gonna do some I've I've never done on the show. I'm giving myself the way. You've never again. No I actually. That would give either win because that was really got to Alexandria. Very as. We're we're all here. I'm not used to writing my nail me down it's you've brought in all the years we've played this game I've never. I don't. The whole thing you've definitely one rounds I think maybe maybe you may want did you rounds in the past. I'm giving myself from one option Coca in his honor you're you approach. Yeah like amber clamped. Aliens come to Ers and they vowed to destroy the planet molest someone plays them the most epic love song of all time. What song would you apply. I'm offering this. Yeah. Me. They need someone like. Knights want to. Walk the line next human girl so yeah. And Scott this is that was her junior year in high school he's. This is much it was months at a map MacKey was seventh grade it. But it Rodney you get the aliens coming to town they're gonna blow plan you better have a good looks on what is it. It's time. Beatles and U. Don't think there's a lot. So I view. Our our our. Caremark loves long aliens gonna blow the planet they don't hear good news. I mean can go wrong thing. You go for the dead people. Michael Mack he's choice alien love song go all right now originally I was a week but we look okay. And realized we needed an ex change your thinking now a fine play the original song that I wanted Rodney to stick know that we're going. Yeah. No this is a man they make my game. At least lean Dion yeah. So. Please don't shoot. So in all fairness MacKey changed its business which I think is a better choice yes. And we. Come from. But it got forgotten that do. Where did you come from red. I like ally. Rodman's rooms. And since you. Are we gotta we gotta get moved here real quick parts what's casket closed eulogy delivered dot. Okay Scott parks. You have to play a song at your own funeral what song do you play everybody knows mine as is. Grows the piano version of two yes and that's not the war. Now we're back to mine in just a moment okay here's mind. You know. Yeah. Behind him on the Internet it's. And I review snow ball it limited Carol mark Cisco. This is mine always has been always will be. I'm going to be so alive by love and rockets. With the unions agree. The bright spot 200. So. So. I'm Max he's you're sorry rod don't. They're doing for. Wait wait hang on. If that is the actual lyric you're gonna get the win is the actual lyric I'm serious as cancer. One goes up parks round 22 run Babcock round three and stole the reigning champion. Rodney Allen Babcock thank you. Well. And not in the. Well and I. Okay. Nothing. Demitra. A radio disc jockey here in the Toronto Canada in Poughkeepsie. Support. By the way if you miss yesterday we did have time to play it it was quite. The flawed. Norms or me me sued by him via audio clunkers quickly. 22222222. Gears weren't there Andrew Cuomo the governor of New York. Is now walking back some comments he made yesterday. And he said the conference call with reporters today that he had net he had used an in artful expression on Wednesday sorry. When he said that America quote was never that great. Says the governor of New York I wanna be very clear he's a mate. An election bid against Cynthia Nixon from sex in the city. Com says a wanna be very clear of course America's great of course America has always been great that is not what he said on Wednesday listen to this we're. I can make America great again. It was ever that great. We have not reached greatness. It. We will eat great strength. And went and. What I have going on in the background but it's something soon local matters there races are for the governor's mansion in. That's what happens when you go to a CBS report that play to their newscast. These problems around. In front. Michael MacKey and for Dana right. From the text line and I am so disappointed in your friend Michael Mack. And no good. No Madonna and no Mariah Carey in your song choices you are out. There. Have been kind of least Austin's banana ram something changes. Angle solely upon. If I like your funerals on the lot and I think it's a good choice. We have I checked the lyrics for kick the word cancer because I was going to have to re telling about rise. If the word cancer was in there I was gonna give him win. It's not. It's. Still like the song I like this rhythm is the dancer but it doesn't having him do with a few odd. Welcome back to life. I mean OK you're playing your favorite song so. And creative Mac. Game. Chinese. Socket X I expected more sir I. I expected more first time. And he'd play mixed. It. Hide me. You'll consent in got a point there in CME captain to real there was no Madonna no Mariah Carey I mean it was a I am kind of Madonna out because yesterday was her sixtieth birthday and I celebrated like in tired so. Another is a very large. That's. Mormon now. Church. Population in Kansas and story here from cnn.com the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is embarking on a re branding effort. The church commonly referred to as the mormons. Really wants people to stop using the word Mormon. It also wants people to stop using LDS latter day saints as an abbreviation. From now on. It refers that people use the churches full name. And when they shorten references needed to just use that church. Or church of Jesus Christ. A letter insects no nope. These preferences are contained in a new style guide that god church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. Release on Thursday it states that while the term Mormon Church has long been publicly applied as a nickname. It is not an authorized title and the church discourages. Its use. It also last term mormons not be used in reference. To its members. They would prefer in the future the mormons would. That when you refer to their denomination. That you called him either but church. Or church of Jesus Christ. Now my Mormon friends. And again not to get into a topic. About Jesus or daughter or anything like that we're not read from the Bible I don't read from the book of Mormon none of that. Don't play that game. It's a little presumptuous on your part to call yourself thought church. Or thought church of Jesus Christ. The board imagine there are some Catholics we have a problem. Maybe any other domination like mine presbyterian. As Methodist. About the baptists and I think very broad church the Baptist Church. That. Yeah I mean this this is. Rather presumptuous on you'll spark. Policy or this is from the churches but churches president. The Mormon president Russell Nelson in a statement. The lord has impressed upon my mind the importance of the name he has revealed for his. Church. Even the church of Jesus Christ. We have worked well for us to bring ourselves in harmony with his well in recent weeks various church leaders and apartments and initiated the necessary steps to do so. -- those of you who and I know especially on independence there's a huge Mormon population. In independence. Where the Mormon temples. Is is that word derogatory. Mean your book is called the book of Mormon is not. That offensive. Why change it short. Because contents. According to. The president. And when we went with all respect is an at a bit presumptuous to call yourself but church. They beat us presbyterian think the world of the church. Maybe the Catholics think the very good church. They don't say it. So Lisa seems arrogant of the Mormon sorry guys your age church. Not Doug church. It's got to believe the group of mormons on independence is actually part of the re organized church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints are commonly referred to as a community of Christ church. Okay you mormons are certain you make my head hurt but. There's a lot going on Tex like now. Lights. What about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir unit change that name. To just saw choir. We are safe quality and the choir. And seek I don't confused about the church with the choir so. It. Rush him to step out and take you guys called security garrido like one year on the airline one of the line. Trying to track and a little bit of war. The church is viewed as the church. It's it is written she passed away. Everybody kind of took a little bit and be the teaching them that they'd like. It. But he. Or the tablet that advocate DO. The map but. Just they had good look at joke. So what mr. should be a strike beard in the tech everything that was part of jesus'. Teachings. And put it back under one roof. That's why they're seen as the church that you describe. You. The church. There are actually at the turn to. Protect all the news that teaching. Epidemic under one umbrella Previn and our Oxford. And wind to like to your parents you. Are. Yeah you're on the air go ahead. Yeah hello you know. My name while that statement name is jelly. Actually I'm part the LDS church. And the I wrote you might call war eight scholar. I approach things more from a scholarly position. And I believe the big reason why archer president has made the decision to sort of shy away from. The term Mormon because. More the other Mormon groups such as the reorganized church out of the cry the like the Mormon fundamentalists. And other groups of Ormond. Are starting to get a lot more traction if you like to grapple now and it's really trying to. Play that different. And those groups so I think that they agreed to might want to sort of slightly morbid. You know that so. That shedding and nickname is really. And extremely hard on a that you could really stupid I mean come on what are we call the church described the oddity and tabernacle choir. Early. Well this kind of catching me naturally called herself her all these years sir rolls on the tongue. It has an edit Ed you know we wanted to add on her I don't like it prefer people were urged me at that more that. And I take it just. It being there not to give liberty track the board. Well I've. Have you lived emissary for very long joint. I have my pocket what do you call the interchange in southeast Kansas City were. 435. And 470. And I think it's fifty highway intersect woody called. No and if you re routed three trails crossing. Not an out now I had interviewed and you triangle around forever ago when you know now what do you call the outdo your musical ample theater and bombers ranks but let me. And I don't know would not. Oh my gosh you would be Providence medical center arena. I allow her embassy there. And I immediately. It's a Mormon. I 7677. On its border calls your comments here. In just a moment Michael MacKey filled in for derive from Michael McKee. In an effort in Kansas City. And we've changed. The job so let's do that again what we're. Michael MacKey from in Kansas and yet I and Kansas City to cup. In Kansas that I can. A great magazine lots of full color photo. To. It. Heard it does then we have a three way tie for first place today at. I know my name early ninety's visit and I mean. There and my thanks answers is cancer that cancer. Green that it isn't part of the chorus it's part of that I say no. I can't levees so much. I city of toward cancer appeared in that song you would we would recount the ballots that you would win. It is a three way tie today first place and definitely one well tactically three times it's to. First place is first place now and I'll do I'll take it three times. Oh. Three through and I've I've heard that and what you as well I've I just access heard it actually read it on the flyer you know. I posted. That's the one. Story here from the Wall Street Journal New York University NYU. Says it will cover tuition for all of its medical students regardless of their financial situation. 81. Among the nation's major medical schools and an attempt to expand career options for graduates. Who will not be saddled with six figure debt. School officials worry that rising tuition and soaring loan balances are pushing new doctors. It high paying fields and contributing to a shortage of researchers. And primary care physicians. Medical schools nationwide have been conducting aggressive fundraising campaigns. To compete for top prospects that we via the debt burden and give graduates more career choices. And why you raise more than 450. Million dollar wow that's bank. Of the roughly 600 million dollars and estimates it will need to file on the tuition package in perpetuity. Including 100 million dollars from Home Depot founder Kenneth will go on and his wife Elaine. Today is here alone no idea. The school will provide full tuition scholarships for 93. First year students an additional nine are already covered through the MD Ph.D. programs. As well as 350 students already part way through their MD only degree program. Just talk of the Kelly's in the met in the medical profession. And we're we read the story this morning I'm talking about the nurse practitioner. And she said you know the problem Scott is you can't get. These family doctors anymore nobody wants to be a family doctor. Because you have to acquire so much debt. For what is considered a lower paying medical job. So you wanna be like a neurosurgeon and an inkling six so awesome so pay a little bit more. Go to school and get a specialty dermatology. Dermatology. Neurosurgery. Whatever you name. And then get out of school Gobi specialist. And make a ton more money and you can pay off your loans rolling quickly on an quicker. Then if you were to go into family practice. And Europe to see patients all day only to make less money now did Kelly get her nurse practitioner licensed right out of college or its unit recently. I'm she went to college and was a nurse. And then went to the nurse practitioners school treatment now does she have. Bet she saddled with breast milk it for Baltimore or a vicious little bit. But I don't think it's all up. Quoting here this is big gain changer. So doctor Raphael Rivera associate dean for admission and financial aid school refund out of pocket. Tuition payments already made for the current year. Return loans that students may have taken out. I think. I'm telling you. Bold prediction. Before we die rod here you're two things that are gonna happen mark my words. Whether we like it or not some of you like some of you. Here's my bold prediction. Marijuana will be legal before we die in all fifty states except for Kansas. In all fifty states. Yeah I see that before we dock so I'm saying thirty years. Right. And if maybe two years from now for some. Rodney has. He's not in the best. You are in his orders and tuition will be free at most major public universities. That's why that's a pretty deep bowl prediction there but it weekly yourself. Mr. dumb ass mr. diamond's. I am nose for dumb ass and I have incredible prediction powers. Marijuana will be legal in all fifty states including the state of Kansas. And tuition will be free at most but not all public universities in the country. Call me crazy. But I'm giving myself a thirty. I project that Kansas will be the last state in. The United States to legally as Merrill a little really. Maybe eaten. West Virginia just for kicks transfer. Programs that I'm in Munich on prom I'm gonna go with an Alabama. Clinton. And Mississippi the Mississippi being. Now let's doubles lead that whatever is grows on the side of the road that's article digitally and it's not article which would. And. You know here's. The Vatican has responded to the report of hundreds of Pennsylvania priests. Abusing children saying in the statement and I quote there are two words. Beckett expressed the feelings face when these horrible crimes shame. And sorrow. The abuses described in the reporter criminal and morally reprehensible said the statement from the Vatican. Those acts were betrayal of trust that rob survivors of their dignity and if why don't we just like priest get married and move on. What's the point. Screw or bashing Catholics simmered out. I have been attending Catholic Church rather frequently lately. I also go to my Presbyterian Church but I have been going to Catholic mass. So this is not anti Catholic among part. I'm not anti Catholic at all. Or from. I'm into a couple of Catholic masses it's kind of like it's it's like work amounts not a sit stand meals that's and nosy prodigy if you're not an actual member of the church you don't have to meal you can just sit in your chair all I was told do it. Like everybody else. Ono that standing since then I Tokyo said I am I getting stand ups that town rests how many things there Pope Francis was not quoted in the statement there was no mention of demands the United States among some cattle while. Why don't we just a tease priest get married and get it over with. We'll rumored to Richard. I went to Catholic that's the only time there were some creep in McCree persons. Repetitive stress this Friday here in just moment. Get an early 5767798. Faster this Friday estimates for the rest coming your way in just a moment 5767798. Era in Europe keyword cash. This hour is broad. Like she's YE knowingly and why does. Like broad shouldered right. Just so it's a broad look at it like that that is what that means. Broad I think I think it means wide. BR OAD's broad. Is York keyword cash seven to aided one Euro it's a thousand dollars that's one broad broad. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.