The Missouri Governor admits to affair. Investigation ensues.

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Thursday, January 11th

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KM BZ. I am. Happy new ball and no news. When I. Yeah. We. And I love why don't. Just to climb out of this song plays is one dollar and seventy us. Kara. Great Dane in England on the town. I've slides into what her last night. And 10 o'clock and all of a sudden it's odd that I was like it. I started texting and emailing Scott and newer laws. Was at midnight or one him we look. Because he's an imminent or am I could kick junior the process that's what I'm and I cannot you know Chris gets home late. I try to stay at it to you know. Help me up that 1130 last night tank brightens period Danny home period. Yeah. Crichton's period dress and Omaha. And I am thank god here's what I do in my and I turned my phone I don't off but I like silence that doesn't have its own deal with it. I don't live by my phone. Dana does. Mean. We can do the experiment again right now. Where I take her phone away. With that forty minutes shall brokers. Britain's somebody will have called her or text her in that treatment let him join of joined an expert on Nadia and her little poke. You could take my phone away from me and I don't care. I don't need so I woke up this morning to brightens. Omaha. I have to go online and look at apple might she taught me when you heard crichton's too. You're thinking state of the state speech I had controversy that's tax hike I don't mean. Or is it. Possible. While tiger mom wants to listen chin ups. Really the proper way to do a pull up. And that was the excuse. Come down to my basement so I can show you the proper way to Paula there's the there's the way the guys do to the gym and then there's a way to navy seal doesn't. And Navy SEALs Rodham of your words is Navy SEALs. Do chin ups differently. Then normal people. How how's that they Thai women up and then they take photographs. I don't I don't think I don't I don't think Navy SEALs do that well. All air pretenses and ABC he wanted to show her how they do check ups and tighter up and took a photograph. Or maybe this is grinds it do that our first thought was it the lights. Classic. Just classic upon Christian. This is the typical politician. Who is like everybody else but paper tell like they're better than us. And I'm family values. I go to church worshipping Jesus. The. Cool Saturday. When the wife was brown liked to strange. I understand why anybody. Pushes the I am such a good person thing anymore when they're all like the rest of us. Complete cure you know I Q I just don't understand why anybody does here's one thing. That IA. Wanna ask you because you have covered and read about and your your more political human being I'm Scott correct. Here's what I never understand. I know for a fact that when someone decides they're going to run for higher office you know not dot cancer not City Council member. Governor governor certainly mayor. You are. You are brought into a closed. Door private space. With may be an attorney. Making it campaign manager and I've talked to people who have been through office. And they ask you a string of awkward questions. What do you have in your past that we need to know about now right that the opposition certainly is going to know about or find out about. And use against this happens in every campaign. In every corner. Of the world what do we need to know. So that we know going in. What could be coming out us in the primary this type of thing this was a pretty contentious race. I will never understand in that moment. Would you have decided to run for governor. And you know in your mind that a year and a half ago or two years ago you had a consensual relationship with a woman. Whose ex husband is a very. Angry. About that dalliance. You know this in your mind. What is it in a politician. That some how. Lets them think. I'm gonna roll the dice this isn't gonna come out here you this is gonna come out. Come out because you admitted it might not come out because your partner consenting adult admits it. But these relationships don't happen in a vacuum you have a very. Angry vindictive. Ex husband. And Eric brightens and all the other politicians who down the stretch have to know. When they formed an exploratory committee that there is a angry ex husband. And he's still decide to go forward with the campaign anyway I will never. Well and he won't. Ran in 1990 true. Knowing that there was the want to Broderick's there was all up the difference between a Bill Clinton and generic crichton's is not only do you know that this is in your past. Not only do you know that other people know about it and are very upset about it. But then you run on the family values platform. Point in anyone's life when you take a look at your past and you think you know what there are certain things. That I am not going to be able to do because what it means for my children and my wife because of the decisions I've made in the past. And why at that moment would you just not take a pass. Two I want to governor yes I wanted so bad I'm willing to roll the dice that out eight furious ex husband will keep his mouth shut. Because it turns out the night that crichton's was elected. This ex husband tweeted well publicly pleaded. Crichton's you are a home wrecker. But backtracking here as you try to excuse Bill Clinton and I'm not. I'm not trying to dredge up old dirt here I'm just try to make sure were were clear are you arguing that Democrats don't believe in family values that they don't believe. In the family unit arguing that don't believe the family unit they typically don't run on the religious right family value Clinton did the religious right family values plant Bill Clinton ran on the I go to church every week I'm a Baptist on this I mean. Here's the thing. Com. And still milling about all of the women in his past. Still hot and go and do this and he was right anyone's got maybe it's because of men like bill. That candidates today like crichton's think. Well if bill got through it what's the worst it's gonna happen yet husband's gonna come out. Will admit will admit it my wife will knows it we move forward. Let's treat and an extramarital affair isn't gonna get you kicked out of office if beast it's me age is not so here's my question for all we're saying let's massacres and pictures of fifteen and well we are. If you think this is a. Some type of offense that is a non starter for the rest of his political career. Is it because he had a consensual. Relationship Merrill this woman's picture or is it because of the photo. Which he denies the the affair is not was stamping. And that tells you something about where we've where we are absolutely over the last 2030 years. Where I can say the affairs notwithstanding. It is the allegation that he tied her up in the basement. Blindfolded her. Took a photo of her naked. And said if you ever undermine name or anything about this this is gonna get out. His attorney says there was no blackmail quote and that claim. Is false around because this personal matter has been addressed by the governor or his wife privately years ago when it happened. The outrageous claims of improper conduct regarding these almost three year ago events are falls. You mean like the outrageous conduct to view sticking your you know what in some deals. Here's the problem and it with my opinion in this story is that it's the ex husband who came forward. And he's match and the woman. Involves is not making any comments on this at all well the ex husband will. Yeah but but Scott and we talked about this in the newsroom we tried to start talking about it and Scott was like sub topics stop talking stop talking. And I and this is I wanted to hear me here for the first time now I am enormously. Uncomfortable. With the way. This story came out now it doesn't change the fact that it's true. That the governor has admitted this this happened we're dealing with added our marriage. The affair part it bothers me if you think the end justifies. The means. And that is this all came about because of the scorned ex husband. And who clearly. As anyone would. Is angry. And it has an ax to cry now his attorney today is saying if I just had an axe to grind I would have brought this up three years ago. And I didn't we didn't bring it up it's only coming out now because reporters have been asking about it. Another I believe that's got it just doesn't it feel a little. Little gross that it the way this came out on wow that he recorded a private conversation. With his then wife. And then released it. To the media you I think his grossed it is not that part because. As the husband I would be furious. What I can't believe you don't think as groves. Is the governor of the state of Missouri. Telling a woman. Let's go down to my open spy and I'll show you have a dual I am not justifying that behavior tying her up a legend. But why folding her allegedly. She's naked allegedly. He takes a picture of her allegedly. And says if you sailed about this. Put this picture out there and letting that if it happens and if there is evidence that that happened that is illegal. And he should go to gentle one thing you walk away from this whole story with is half the house itself is set I didn't say that's the one thing I want to win list. I said there are no winners in this story. And as a news organization. Going with the angry. Recorded. Conversation between a husband and wife. Makes me. Not comfortable real quick before we get to the cultures Mon 576. 779. And ask all three quick watcher immediate response. How many affairs do you allow before you kick them out eco. Nine rod. Kind of pins I guess one and done really want and don't. How many affairs. In this marriage or anyone else's in yours before you kick Chris to recur seen. I would say none of my mom always said she would give my dad one mistake. I don't think you ever committed one mistake you're suggesting using this is a one and done with the governor I think no I think it's more. I'll be shocked if she filed for divorce. The problem with these stories and you know this to be true is Scott is that one woman. One woman's angry ex husband comes forward right. If there are other women. We will know very quickly that this is not a a one off real quick as relate does the governor resign yes or not. Resign now rod. And writer now. By 767798. Rod Babcock earmarks or Iraq time's up parks on Canadian music. I get it is remembered as armored outcome Dana's plumber dot com. Ladies when you have a plumbing emergency when the water is casting your husband's cussing Dana's plumber dot com. 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Has repeatedly. Declined. Requests for interviews and repeatedly. Declined comment and all the stories I read. Overnight said this was the worst kept secret in Jeff city. Let me region the statement from the governor and his wife Sheen. Amid write nine Kuo. A few years ago before her was elected governor there was a time when he was unfaithful in our marriage. This was a deeply personal mistake Eric took responsibility. And we dealt with this together obviously in privately. While we never would have wished for this pain in our marriage or the pain this has caused others. With God's mercy she. Has four given. And we have emerged stronger. We understand that there will be some people who cannot forgive. But for those who can find it in their heart. Kurt does ask for your forgiveness and we are grateful for your law. Your compassion in your prayers that there was an additional statement from Sheehan and I agree with her on this. I am about the loving merge apartment she writes. We have a lauding marriage and an awesome Fam anything beyond that is between us and god here's the part I agree. I want the media and those who wish to peddle gossip to stay away from me and my children and men I would agree with her on the she is not the governor. And the children are off limits. Period would you agree that the other woman in this story is also off limits. No. Was Paula Jones off limits. Was one meter Broderick off limits was. Once or face. Oh. Monica Monica Lewinsky off limits. And no they're they're part of the deal that part of the story she is not off limits. Kids are off limits and the wife is it's. But don't go woman who had the affair with the governor Mitt. She's. Because if so then there are a lot of women. That need to be off limits. She also doesn't want came forward. She's the one who engaged in the unfair no absolutely. In the news or rears Caremark snow continues to come down we'll have more next. 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Musicians in history. Is going death. Well as you Ellen and you don't said. Loud music screw it I'm I'm gonna keep performing our own app that Eric Clapton is going deaf. Job but he will he is still committed to performances in Los Angeles and New York march. And any future tour dates he will on. Out of its sure not a couple of years ago or the Pete Townsend was going dancers. The same kind of deal was just too much loud music for. Or they play games played before they would put prior rounds. Bright Johnson's going deaf from AC DC last place he ever performed live as drives. Yeah. Eric Clapton Mayweather has something to that my father of army announced that music and I can hear that over here. I went in with that should. The snow was coming down in Kansas City now. Oh by the way I've got to show you this picture. So I wake up this morning it's 45 degrees outside. And it's raining. I go to the gym. I come back. And when I get my card it is 22. Degrees outside tank it dropped. Literally. Twenty degrees in one hour. When I got home on the show this picture this is my American flag that I hang outside my house and the wind is not blowing. Oh it froze standing up it froze stiff. When that around like it's blowing in the wind that's awesome. There is no wind when I take this photograph. White flag is frozen. Orange in the video that might assuming. It's like what that. Doctors. It. Which are about to bigger. Ones from. When you hear the phone that's neat. Pushing the slide from the front door on to the right to via real compliment from ports. It. That's why flag song written. I. I error gardens the mayor mayor governor of the great state of Missouri. Is. In big trouble. He has admitted to an affair. I have no doubt there are more come. It was a frustrated angry ex husband. That expose the story. And arousal sing during Jamie and wicket. And the Blake was not on Eric crichton's. The blame. Was on the ex husband. And the mistress. Yeah. Should that. I I heard a lot of them on middays today I don't know Scott. I don't now. The only thing I'm saying and I. And this is more from A aid might journalism background. Is that I don't like the way this came out what do you what do you say about. Because it was a private. Recorded. And I would even argue possibly illegally recorded. Private conversation between a husband and wife that was then leaked to the media. Buy it clearly angry. Ex spouse. I don't like that. And I know people are gonna say well she shouldn't of had an affair while she's also not the governor and now she is. Part of a really awful story. And I I. Of which he allowed herself to become a member again blaming all the way amblin. But I think the majority of the blame belongs on the dump would you agree with. Oh absolutely okay absolutely I agree with. And the governor who runs on these family values. Ideas correct we were listening to a clip on the news or where he said I'm Eric writes. Running for governor. Of tune. Devoted husband. Don't voted. Yeah. You mean like when you have the woman bound in your basement and blindfolded and naked. Who's not your wife. And you take a picture of and say if my name ever comes out so does this picture you mean that mr. governor. All your high ports. Should affair cost somebody a job. No and in this case I don't know. That this will. If anything cost him his job it will be that photograph of wind and threats like. The the problem is Scott. This is going to be he said she said and she has repeatedly to. Denied requests to talk about this as you can understand. You can understand. I've 76779. It. Should not he's not gonna resign so it it really becomes an issue. Of will he be forced out and if that's the case what does that look like. Well it would involve the legislature I would imagine. And they would have to foursome. When bank. No I don't think I mean who the hell's the lieutenant governor and stay in his or are you now stop Peter Kendra Moore. Is believe lieutenant governor a Democrat I have no idea. Because as if it's a Democrat or American force. Camp new look this up lieutenant governor is at Michael parson the portrait. Michael Parse. And he is the message. Is that as an elected. Position. And they are elected separate unlike in Kansas their elected separately from the governor. American politician former law enforcement officer Republican member of the Missouri senate. That would force. Now. Should he lose his job. He had an affair so what. A lot of people have affairs. Lot of people upstairs. Well our president's been married three times at no secret. And he had affairs. He cheated on his first two wives. And I would bet cheated on his third term I 76779. It. Ladies if you're like me and he stressed about where to go for automotive repair I don't know enough about auto repair in the past I was worried I'd be overcharged what do we do. 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And then north planned on Barry rent. It. Boot to bring you didn't turn meaning you can do the job to teach you to choose and cut it down now to move a step back and do different. Is there in China to gab. And because the cool gunmen and a big gains in the map Liz this number is going to stop he would do diets is mentioned the American hands again and I. Two wins so hum or and so that. Alone paying for this saying no to them and no home ball from the Big Three can. Away from. Feel the. 761779. Those of you are left of senator who think right and should go. One about those who are on the left who. Commit these sorts of infidelity. Issues. Those if you right center be careful. McClain this text up from 35 to deny. We have an ex president. A lot of people riding him about Klein. He's like to go to when it comes to infidel. But we have a current president has gone down narrative so we can talk about building can't we talk about bill that talking about now. We have an ex president who had a revolving door of women. Coming into the White House including getting blanks in the Oval Office. Not sure why anyone would call for the governor to step down for consensual relationship up to remind you. The relationship between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was consensual. Now tawdry. Ships. Gross. But it was consensual nobody. There don't go under her head scenario lobbed. 576779. Also just heard and it's a huge difference because it happened before he was in office Yorkers that you know. Why because if that's the case them Juanita Broderick and. Donald Trump's infidelity issues don't count okay. It speaks to character. Really does well when I was younger. I had great designs from by younger I mean when I was teenager earning college. I wanted to run for the US house of represented some it was a dream of it is no longer. I am divorced. I have had issues with alcohol. I am not. Going to subject my family. To running for a highway I mean I might run for like the Rome park City Council. Today. Some who knows when. But do you think for 12 I'm gonna run for the US House of Representatives. And have everybody dig up all this garbage on meet with when I was a kid I hear when we get this off but it. I smoke weed. I did freon with. I inhaled freon with my buddies and I had initially well. Someone is heard and they're both guilty of wrongdoing he is no more guilty than she. It happened before he ran this is a private thing is not a public. Think it's always private thing when when it's a guy from your own party. If you're a Democrat and the governor is a Democrat it's a private thing if he's a Republican it's not a private thing and vice Versa yeah. This is not a private thing. This is the governor as he is deciding to run for office. Engaged in a long term. Affair. With a woman you know so so is it only is infidelity only wrong when you're an office. In urine test trials it was a slider so missing. This that's an. It's good. And are in May government programs. So is it only wrong is infinitely infidelity infidelity only something of a character issue. When you are in office. But if it's before you're in office well I just I say that people. That have the problem. Will say it with respect to hit he should resign all of that stuff is that they in this case as in others he put himself forward as. The Family Guy and the husband and then you know all of that stuff and maybe if you left at that out of the campaign. Materials. People wouldn't be so mad I don't know Scott. Well I I I would argue and I would hope you wouldn't agree. Republicans don't have the market cornered on the family value idea. Because if so that says a lot about the Democratic Party. Don't believe in family values. They don't attach themselves to it to the extent the Republicans do in the running. I mean they call themselves the family values candidate and that that is a term on the family values candidate. And there's. No doubt that are right there is no denying it better crichton kind of ran on the you know I'm. Deported as Bryant. Every candidate kind of run on that. I mean does any candidate Romney ABBA father but I'm and adulteress tells. Vote for me. When you champs. I like to bang chicks outside of America. Did he get the endorsement of you know named year. Religious right group did he get the endorsement of all of those groups that typically endorse the family values candidate the answer is probably yes they probably weren't endorsing. Cost her. Who by the way used to be Republican. Yeah I need not remind everybody asked. Thought you were saying it's the affair is not the issue it's the alleged revenge. And there therein lies the problem the word alleged out where is that picture. And if she can produce that picture. And not about publicly while it was on his phone she's not going to be able to produce that photo did did he not send it to her. I don't now. And say wouldn't it be awful this picture gonna just to prove that he had a. You know someone wrote an earlier this this is the one thing today that made me angry already not even at 3 o'clock at. Someone wrote and she knew what she was getting into she deserves everything she gets. And I wrote actually deserves blackmail. Are you serious it's for. You know flip the flip the players in that alleged behavior. What is she had taken a picture of him in a compromising position. And said I know you wanna be governor just remembered you don't pay me 25000 dollars and release has vote. You cannot. Blackmail someone. Period certainly not in that vulnerable. Actually vulnerable physically vulnerable. Position. A summary points out remember Gary Hart how bad times of yes yes it was Gary her attorney Donna. And you know Gary Hart and it was dot outlet yes. Allison Texas part of taxes on. Remember that was in 198888. Onboard that boat and that and she was sitting on his lap on a boat and we now. And that and Gary Hart was the front runner at the time. And that completely. Ruined every chance he had. Of being president of the United States Donna Rice thank you Ryan's. 76779. It gets in the news here in just a moment I don't forget tomorrow is Friday. Which means tomorrow is festivals for the text line and the ball is monkey that's right right. Right inevitable was monkey business you can write that stuff that's right Donna Rice and your heart and now one picture. Her sitting on his lap completely. His presidency. His presidential aspirations on 7677. On it got a four board gets you guys to segment wrap this move on some miles into the reserve here's Caremark. Happening now and KM BZ. CD shaped this afternoon despite the snow and freezing rain we had earlier won more next. 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