Missouri Gov Mike Parson in studio w EJ and Ellen

Kansas City's Morning News
Thursday, August 2nd

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Governor it's great to see thank you did a good to be here this morning thank you Paramount governors part of our cover story this morning about online shopping and on line commerce. We've talked with our chief economist about for instance fulfillment centers these businesses that are popping up. To create wealth not only create jobs but to better serve a customer base that is changing the way it does. Business can you talk about workforce development those kinds of jobs because. Our chief economist says. These are great jobs in terms of volume but not in terms of pace and so you know as well as we do we need good training and we need. Well paying jobs. I think when you come to work force development where we're talking about these kind of jobs. What you want to pay better. But I but I think you also have to realize that people wanna think drummer focus on work. Force development is make sure people get the skills to go out there and get to eat better jobs and equality jobs Internet sales is here. I mean asked I'm gonna change so you're gonna see a lot of these companies popping up with a wants him more like a warehouse in other word or be worked in America. But I also as I travel across the state you see I think. You see the wages coming up better than what they have in the past this because supply demand I think people are look from from their employers right now so. I hope that's a good sign for the state and I think you're the CEO wages go up so the people who are working. In his manner faction in the shoes warehouses. Or sometimes the the lower level jobs are we think about sometimes open their pay is gonna increase. Is the day of the college degree equals. A better salary. Over should we be promoting technical schools more than we have and starting kids on a tractor that earlier. I I definitely think we need to retool and rethink the way we prepare our students in all the way from junior high to high school to really meet the demands of the workforce and the reality of it is 40% of these people won't go into fourth summer kids are going to universities or try for college diplomas lessons 3% graduate. Shall at least 70% of people here are state. This looks infertile quality jobs and the truth of it is if you have the skills to go to tech school at two year. You're gonna have an advantage in those jobs anymore pay well. When you get out there you don't have near the debt load. And the reality of it is we need those kind of workers out there and now all those from whether there welders whether mechanics where there graphic design you can just on down the list of good jobs that come out anymore pan 5060000. Dollar which is a pretty good job here start now. Governor Mike Parsons in studio with us this morning he's spending today in Kansas City along with our mayor the mayor of a Saint Louis will talk more about what they're up to over the next couple of days mayor when your round talking about workforce development the other big topic that I know. Governor that you've been talking about. E.'s infrastructure in the state well it. And raising the fuel texted improve our roads everybody in Missouri complains about the roads nobody wants to pay for your proponent of this type in a seldom people of Missouri illness. Close while the reasons were traveling across this state were were meet with leaders all the way from county commissioners to mayors across the state. Trying to tell you get their input on what they feel like it's important and is this important enough that they wanted to go out and help promote it. And so far I will tell you as traveling across state has been very positive that everybody knows and infrastructure we got to do something about a state of Missouri. And when you look at the statements are we got like 4800 bridges. There and repair the needs to be repaired that's a that's a billion dollar price tag to. We just cannot keep kicking the can down the road and expected us to get better if you want deserted girl and you our economy to grow. We had some with our airports our highways or bridges are rails are porch. And just really infrastructure within these new within these cities that have to be done to to be able to help do that. And I think I think this is prime on the most important issues were face and there will have to make a decision on what observers forward. Or or whether we just try to piece mailed here the future and I think if we really care about the future of our kids or children. And the next generation. Is truly our job at us as citizens to step up and make sure that we get this done. And two to make sure that we as government. Are accountable to what polls project sure army and the people get a chance to to know what they are saw it's a huge issue for this danger. Mike parson is the governor of Missouri you've been at this now sixty days to months in office a governor talk about when you took over. The attitude the environment the on the odds if you will in Nam in Jeff city and across the state and how that might have changed since you have taken over. Yeah and you know it was very important for me what will we took over when I took over as governor to make sure that the people of the jury knew that. Everything was going to be okay. There was that we were gonna get through this and that we were gonna move forward in a positive. Matter and we're which we have and what do which we've done. And I think for the most forge travel across the state people are glad. Somewhat to get that behind us and to move forward so we have focused the entire time and at six today's the simply moving forward how do we make Missouri better. And how do we learn from the past mistakes. But truly it's about trying to figure out what is the best thing for the citizens of those are. And so that's why we're listen to people to really get that information and and to see how we can be as a state leader. How I can help not necessarily give anybody thing or not. Try to turn your hand out the more handout how can I assist Kansas City, Missouri the one around the town amend today. How can we help. And I think that's been the biggest focus is just trying to learn and try to figure out what are the needs of the people the state. Americans seem to be enamored with newcomers as was sad governor crichton's. Is that there's something also too knowing how old how all the game if you wanna call it a game works of the you can get things done once sure you win that office. Now you know what I'm. I know that's a very popular political talk from point to come via an outsider. I hear people use old time. But there is times and experience does matter and I think this was a particular time in our State's history. Who would show that. Nobody knew this how this outcome is gonna come out but fortunately I think Caribbean the lieutenant governor the state of Missouri. And I guess being where I am in my life in my career. It was were I could step in and realize that hey there's another way to go here and I had the experience behind map. And felt liked I should panel that position and we have and and that was important. To me to be able to do that. Governor Mike parson is with us in studio governor before before you go. How we would love for you tell us what's happened today Saint Louis got mayors come over here you're with mayor sly James what do you do over the next couple of days with these two men. Now we'll today will be in Kansas City make him numerous stops today nude look that different projects across this the city all the way from veterans issues a transportation issues to poverty issues. To law enforcement. Now we'll do that today meet with the mayor here mayor James should do that and you'll. Go to Saint Louis few days later. And there will end up going to rule was or whistles to miers to to see what's more rumors or were part of the blue pillar of southwest Missouri some bears to take them with us. And I think really is this this whole coalition is about trying to learn about what each other's problems are and how we share information from your may be something more on another part of the state they're doing well. That to just haven't done somewhere else because I haven't known about it is communications elapse communication. Hopefully we can figure out some ways. There which worked together. And again on the crime rate that's a big issue for the state of injury and it's a matter what what were you live at the state of Missouri. That affects all of us and we got to figure out a solution. Mike Parsons is the governor of misery with a us in studio today as he begins a long day in Kansas City including lunch governor where it was again. Mr. O'Brien's bar Q place and I went out he's Ahmad yes shirts to NASCAR say number re right. But I got an extra one solicited no effect. Bryant's Vernon's are really good symmetry to the burdens are trying to sounds good I'll take your by some governor we appreciate Colin thank you so much for joining is in studio and you are welcome here anytime thanks for having me on this morning thank you have a today.