Missouri Clergy: Get RID OF BAIL.

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Thursday, June 14th

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KNB easy. 767 798 story here. Kansas City store played Missouri. Faith and civic leaders gathered today. To call in Saint Louis county prosecutor bomb look a law. To join his counterparts in other urban areas who have stopped requiring people accused of low level crimes. To post money for bail saying that the current system. Needlessly keeps many poor people behind bars because they came forward. The cost to post bail. The reverend Gerald Graham black community activists had more than three dozen clergy throughout the region would use fathers. As their occasion. And their sermons on Sunday to speak out against a bail system. That terrors apart families destroys the ability to make a living and leads to a cycle of incarceration. Quoting here from reverend growth. Families are broken up because people lose jobs because bail was too high once people get inside. The justice system or any justice system it is very difficult to get out and becomes a revolving door for many people. Prosecutor's office declined to come. Most of us in May 2010 guy named police router was arrested and charged with robbery for allegedly stealing a backpack. OK that's his crime allegedly. Stealing. A backpack and bail was set at 3500. Dollars which she was unable to pay. He insisted he was innocent refused to take the plea deal that would have set him free they said just take plea bullets ago he says no. I did not Judas. He consequently spent three years in jail Scott listen to these two words. Without trial. Without trial how is this legal injuring incredible violence isolation the charges were eventually dropped and he was released. But he never recover from the experience brouder took his own life at age 22. There are strong incentives for defendants like router to plead guilty to crimes they did not commit and as a result. Ninety to 95% of convictions or released or reached rather through a plea deal. This system is is the greatest system in the world I believe that I do believe that it is flawed it is human. But as it is still the best that we have the bail system is so. Jacked. Up three years in jail because you cannot pay. 3500 dollars in bail for a crime you did not commit lenders say much out as plead guilty. Because overworked underpaid. Prosecutors offices. Are there to clear cases clarification of clear the case of unclear the case and not so there aren't enough so public centers to help these guys game at. I mean what let's say for example was don't need bail for things like stealing a backpack. If you're accused of murder now Jack that Reyna okay I'm totally fine with that rate. Absolutely okay now what was the bail further seal on the backpack 33500. Dollars 3000 dollars and 3500 dollars. And you have to wait till and you're supposed to make 10% of that. Get out its cache I don't know how that works got I've always heard 10% I don't know how that works and it was 10% cash and did you get it back if you show up. To record. What's the incentive to show for court and if you have no bail. If everybody if Adam is because you don't wanna a warrant out for your rest that's incentive enough for me to do. In April a top prosecutor in Richmond Virginia instructed prosecutors to stop recommending bail. And instead recommend release but with pretrial conditions and was that. Pose a risk. Philadelphia's DA announced in February. That he instructed city prosecutors not to seek bail. In cases alleging 25 misdemeanors and non violent felonies. He says the system discriminates against blacks Latinos and where people I absolutely. Agree. How does it discriminate against him because if you throw me in music they have west course stealing a backpack. Which is. On its face ludicrous but let's say you did I would be able to come up with that money and almost immediately. If I can't. Yeah I couldn't my husband what my parents would Mindy wet more would bail me out I guarantee it Alison Nancy them. If it discriminates against people who do not have. A wide net of educated. Affluent. Family and friends it discriminates against anyone who. Is themselves Paul let me let me play doubles. If you can't. For the time don't give him. Because I didn't steal the backpack we don't know about doing he danced back and Renault I'm just saying oh he said he. And then took his own like three years later because they put it in jet. Here's my bigger issue he said he knows he's got every criminal says you put these guys in jail they cannot pay bail. How is that I am asking. How is it legal under the United States constitution. To keep someone in jail for three. Years while it's not without representation is happening in communities all of that you have a right to a speedy trial. That's speedy there is a man and I would argue that is. In and of itself unconstitutional. But how many people are sitting in jail. For something they did not do I don't know. Because they cannot pay bail. And in six months turns and 1212 months turns into a year a year turns into two years if that there's no this is constitutional so what is people who did not have standing they don't. They can't afford to hire all year. They're not call Tom back and say get me out of here. It's fair if you can't do the crime spree candidates I don't do the corners and into the crime partners who married him. I say any thing. Lists band no no crimes against persons those are you gotta have bill proposed a year saying if it is a world non income less. Which there really is out of their own products and should not trust there I'm saying non. Violent nonviolent felony warrant and crimes that are not high level crimes against person well. He hears aggravated battery you've got to get mail well let me throw out a nonviolent felony for. You do not hit any one but you've been pulled over for your eighth do you that is a non violent. Felony. OK then you say. After three here bail set at 101000 dollars he has hurt no one. You've had through your habitual offender and government are what if the person who stole the backpack has been arrested five other times. And we know he's asked. For petty theft. I'm just asking. I mean you're you're saying if the guy has been pulled over three times for. What if the guy who stole the backpack has been arrested five times for parity thing. Here's what I will tell you and I am 99.9. Percent certain that I'm right here. These governments are run portly as businesses I think there is some how. But they always say follow the money and what would be the incentive. For a city like Kansas City, Missouri. To make all of these people pay bail which puts them into the system which means they're not out there working. You can't go to work if you're in jail. That means you're not providing for your family. Because you can't work because you're in jail. That there has to be a reason. That this system makes sense to cities 'cause I don't see it. What is. This I may have just gotten back from Turks and takers but I haven't gotten that yet. Job. Eve if you are arrested for crimes OK you have a backpack that does not belong to you you stole it. And we're used in this case and I think it's it's actually report example is still a car. The backpack is just such a shocking example of how this system is is Vince raping people how. Times have you and I sat in his studio. And watched a car chase on T okay. And several one time have we ever seen the person eluding the police hit a note well we've seen it but. Nobody's ever been hurt or killed. In any of these twisters tanks should those people be arrested obviously yes should they have to post some sort of a burial. They've hurt no one. I would are all they sold remote. No I would argue the extreme reckless nature of that offense would prompt a judge to say I'm setting bail 50101000. Dollars. From the text line Hayes Scott. We are innocent until proven. Guilty OK and that's what I Johnnie Robbins so now that's where I know he's been convicted prior to his convict ads. Is where I come back to this backpack you're innocent until proven guilty. But we're going to take away every single freedom you have is an American for three years OK because your pork okay. These are my freedom would be taken okay it would be tag. Freedom would be taken. Out. I the Golden State killer. Is in jail right now he is being held with out deal he cannot even get out of jail and thank god for. And. He is sent on to prove him guilty. He should at least. Did he will get a speedy trial within a year as he stands accused of rape in more than 100. Cute is whose team went out. That goes back to crimes against persons we're not talking about oh stealing a back. Cons if we're gonna go to the constitution. The constitution. Says huge here are now get the words so much a set of state it's unfair because people with more money get a lesser consequence every time and Skype you know that's true. You know that's true do yes. I just gave you the perfect example. Yeah I would be bailed out Rodney would be will it be bailed out you would still be able to come to work every day rod would still come work. While he awaited trial. Because we would pool together and get his butt attitude. Well that's good enough. If you're no different than you know. Ed and an average guy. Walking on the street. Finds a girl passed out behind a dumpster does something terrible tour goes to jail for very long time. A very rich student of the college goes and finds that girl against three monkeys. And three months and that judge has been ousted while you were on vacation. Judge her ski. One of the only judges ousted from the state of California in was at fifty years right man that's. The outrageous like. I'm looking up the article regarding. Excessive bail. Did did did did let me find it here. I mean you wanna talk about OJ. About had a unknown. Black man murdered a white woman and and her and her companion friend. Would we did that case would have an opening shot. But because it was OJ and and let's face it 90% of America's birdies Sherri did it. He didn't do nothing crazy. You're eighth amendment of the US constitution excessive bail and I. Shall not be require. Nor excessive fines imposed. Nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted a define excessive exactly. Because excessive to me. Is price 400000 dollar OK the essay to the backpack. Thievery. Thievery got rain. Is is probably 200 Dana the Golden State killer is currently held with out bail Hugh would argue. Right I would argue the same thing. Would you argue that no bail is excess. Not that case. It's excessive because you can't meet its extreme. This is an extreme. That vial is not what the prosecution's. Arson that is not what the constitution says. The constitution says excessive bail shall not be required and if you look up I guarantee you right now that this has been adjudicated if you look at Supreme Court decision regarding no bail this is our way and so I stay with the Supreme Court set I'm telling you what the founding fathers that. The founding fathers have excessive bail shall not be required. I would argue that holding somebody with no bail is excessive. I don't care. He's luster my whole group like. 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Doing well thank you. I had a bout. That discriminate. People at the pocket that. Note that the matter our our. Lack of eight and didn't hurt our. Where would it be. But there are wide swaths of the population. Who can not afford to pay that money. And that way that's worthy discrimination creeps in as discrimination because they were. It's discriminate if an entire body of people in Newark it would be this. Termination if for example I am and Chris maybe you would agree on this if let's say somebody steals about which is the example you gave him. Yeah if a white man steals a backpack and bond is 1000 dollars. And a black man steals a backpack and on for him for the same crime is 3000 dollars and that's discrimination. You have been whoever that that. He got fired. Or championship you have to beautiful impeaching judge don't disagree. That it couldn't live in the urban core and you are. Arrested for something you did not do where did or okay what or let's go to most people get arrested for things they do and you. Our men. Jail. It is more likely than someone living in fairway Kansas more likely. That you are not going to be able to pay to get out and that's where. It is it well is it absolutely on its face discrimination. No. It's more or just from what we're terminating if I may and I know we've got to get to the news and things like Europe. I would argue you're arguing for is discrimination. The the white guy from fairway you should have to pay bail because he can afford. But the black I've from the inner city shouldn't. Because Hank I'm anxious grip and likely that the professional and fairway would be able to pay it and get out and continue with life. Sandy. Person in the middle but in her that your advocating for is discrimination. Let's make sure the white guy pays bail but the black guy in the inner city does there's no discrimination if you say we're gonna base this on low level crime and we're gonna get rid of it for low level. Petty. Crime newsroom Caremark. Happening now in KM BZ an officer involved shootings following a standoff in the north land more next. Let me tell you if you or an aging parents. Are in the market for a new place. Carefree lifestyle tired of the burden of maintaining a home. You need to check out so repressed at deer creek and silver crest at college view. Month to month. Apartment homes are available right now gorgeous retirement community 24/7. On site security. Stunning wooded views and all of the amenities of today's modern. Retirement community three meals a day housekeeping services travel in the heart of beautiful southern Overland Park staff members out there but other for 1020 years. One and two bedroom apartment homes are available now for anyone over age 55. 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