Mindy Corporon talks Seven Days events

The Jonathan Wier Show
Tuesday, April 4th
Mindy Corporon talks with Jonathan about Seven Days, the organization she began following the JCC shooting in April 2014, where she lost both her father and son.  Multiple events are scheduled for April 18-24 with various faith communities culminating with a walk Monday April 24th at Union Station.

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Hard to believe. That it's almost three years. Since April 13 when he fourteen. That's today that. Frazier Glenn Miller junior cross do you spend whatever column. Went on a shooting spree in Overland Park and killed doctor William Lewis corp Ron Terry mono. And reeked of them under. Mindy corp runners on the show with us today. Talk about the seven days project which she started after her son re Underwood and her father William were killed on April 13 when he fourteen. By a man whose name you don't even the panic I can't say. Before we Tomlinson and he's project when. I said that I would be interviewed you I talked about it on the show. People on the text line and on Twitter immediately. One to know how you were doing. Dangerous it was when she's gone we want to tell how she's doing because. You know that today. It's different obviously for everyone certainly for you but that day was such a scar. On the city of Overland Park in Kansas City in general. That in your family I think really did that the pain of your damn it we went to really struck a lot of people. So people want to know how how were you doing I mean I don't even know how you begin to deal with the tragedy like that. Well I would answer that today that. At this last weekend was problem senior junior senior prom agrees to be she is senior. And be. Brought in an exchange student for an exchange student this year he has a house so in decent lead we have SN Lucas his living in he's a freshman. In high school and he turned fifteen and marchers twelve during the sheeting. And that we write an a for an exchange seat and I mentioned right now because it's prom and I sent to you sell well I said you know this is an American tradition and you you went and had a problem and and we made sure that he. Let's focus on that so we we did all those things and I did Elvis stamps as his host parent. And while we were taking pictures as you do you before you leave them with someone else to drive them to dinner all the sudden. I can be there anymore. And patently hands as very hard times very happy. First a little and I won it hands it to be happy and seeing agent and greets friends and you know all of his friends his close friends are going to comment I want them to be happy so lefty exited the house. And I went CU my church which just her to the resurrection and I get a Wesley chapel and I cried for about an hour. And I just. Sob didn't cry didn't say oh. Of those days happen then a lot of people Simi on the news and they seized in seven days. It. It's sometimes it's very very hard and so prom happened and then graduation coming at. And you know. The month of April would be fun and busy because of seven days and enable content and and very strong and congratulations on Mother's Day so I thought to myself for at least I'll get both of them. Completed in one feel slippery and I just general does get well as snow. You know we'll go to graduation. Personal and probably kids that we now in the region and some street was in kindergarten and that that it is really hard it's very hard here my heart just breaks have been on those days in particular and then sometimes there are other times that it has sailed. But we are surviving. And they say we're surviving and we are meeting on board and we spend like and focusing on these kids and he probably would say we spent too much time yeah and that's why we got a foreign exchange Steven BK is we we needed to be parenting you know another child CU and him and share in Ireland with someone else to you well it's. It's so important when. Something like this and I. I have nothing to compare it to in my own personal life healthy down I mean I I've never had anybody taken from me like you have. I've I've had the people very close to me die. My brother died of brain and your ism when I was a nineteen and he's 23 and every year. On his birthday and then on the day he died my family gets together and does something because you have to do something. You have to keep yourself busy. Otherwise is go insane movement degrees it'll it'll crush you so that's I'm assuming why you started seven days. Is there a lot of different reasons why we started seven days. Many I don't know how long you let me start when you can talk personally when my uses skinny giddy kind of the short version that I. Found my father. Dad in the parking lot Iowa I was there before name violence before the police and so I came a pine. My dad and I didn't see Reid immediately that I came upon them and when I speak publicly. I talk about this an antic. Mean a full year. To be able to put into words and T you feel brave enough to say this out loud to a group of people that nights when I talk about publicly. Is that I was running to my dad from the car and I needed that. He was either seriously injured or or had died but I didn't understand how I just sized body lying next to the track and he was not amazing or making any attempts to get that. And as those running toward him I was screaming what happened what happened that no one was there gathering of people I saw no one else at the time. And when I got about two feet from his body. I was physically stopped. But I wasn't stopped by a person I was just stopped. And I won and so badly to go to him I couldn't I couldn't go any further. And I heard the words your fathers and have then go find treat. And I think that that god talk to me and I believe that god pact to me and said go find Greek now what's interesting about that is that I didn't see you read. I had already is seeing that this inside had already seen this on you know his grandfather's something serious it happened Henry had gone inside to get help. But I didn't go around till the last two there is no card unless I actually went around the right there on the back of the track Henry was there and he was in the arms of two people he had pulled him out of the track. And death. So I heard got that and god was with me that day and it is it's been very important for me to share with people that guy did not shoot that kind. God does not want people to die god didn't tell your brother with the seniors them in and week. We have free will we have medical problems with health problems eccentric guy does not d.s things you've heard yes. And he was there immediately. Holding me and helped me all that day and I went to the vigil that night. Because I wanted to make sure and tell. Any kids that were there I heard it was a decent Agile so I went to you a student vigils I went for the purpose of telling them. You know you're gonna wake up tomorrow and the sun's gonna come out and were all going to be angry at the time came that that I know the suns can come up and I know that life is gonna go on. And this is again a sack and at the time when I said that I had absolutely no idea how bad it was Kennedy. Now. It's. To where do you find any kind of a comfort in after something like this is for anybody who. Is may be dealing with a similar though there are very few similar tragedies but anybody who's grieving. Who is about to lose somebody or word that it has just lost somebody. Is there any advice you can give to somebody who is going through this process are just starting. But none of them helped to meet immediately. Is I. Push myself into Greece and I didn't know that that's what I was doing until a pastor had dinner or lunch with me and he said I see that you're pushing yourself and agree to he gave them a language he gave it to definition I didn't at a college that. IA. We got cards out there was he got thousands and thousands of cars which was great and I forced myself every morning to read fourteen cards for use fourteen years old and I read 14 cars every morning and I sobbed. Every morning and I remember my hasn't land saying to someone on the phone diplomats Mindy crying she makes herself for his heart out every day and and I would last year at sealed the there there're cards from people all government of cars that are so precious to me and still are and I saved every single card. The cards from parents telling me how Rhee had touched their child. And then they that their child came home and told them the story here that story and they then they share that story with me. So I pushed myself and agreed I wind into the school AM to the locker. I went with land and into the locker went to the school for the drama. Events and went to the school for the choir and then and I cried to the entire thing I looked like. She ambles at the end of it and and they only kids came out his age the freshman at the time came up crying team and they all had Meehan. You know I I write letters to parents he raised children. In any fashion I've been writing letters to them since three was killed and I let them now. That they need to cry you. Your heart it's so. Full of pain that you have to let it can't you can't try to keep them. It's not healthy luncheon nobody's sure it is not healthy and say no I quit wearing I make at three years ago. And I don't where I am I get. Ever sometimes if it blessed on my mileage I don't where I make it is I don't know we and that song's gonna come on race. I don't know when someone is gonna make comments I don't know when it's going to touched my heart. That I need to cry and I left myself. A similar. Situation. As far as you know weigh 8080. Hatred sparked shooting happened just recently in infect you were you called into the show spontaneously red clay here you're gonna call and I was very happy that you did. When Adam appearance and killed three of us could could to bola. And wounded a lock on a sunny and Ellen Ian guerilla men Condoleezza. The beginning of last month and you wrote a special editorial in the case star. About going to individual. Where he said there were not enough white faces in the crowd. This was the thought that crossed my mind when I joined the large crowd at the ball conference center in a list of for the walk to honor the victims. Of the deadly shooting in a Stanley Russian await them. There's a large crowd brown faces and a smattering of light what did you mean. We are such a diverse broad community and we what I meant and I think I hope people heard it correctly is that we have to support one another. We're human first you know we're human first in any one he has a child. Or niece or nephew or someone that they consider someone that they love dearly as spouse sent. You know eight if you got some money you blood you don't want them dead. This so you have to support other people when that happens to them and and it was seven days we're trying to make a ripple of kindness and a ripple of understanding. Because. Hate and evil and in death by that by any kind of violence in that fashion that is a horrible ripple and it rebels it touches too much to the community. And I agree with you on your sentiments that there were not enough white faces in the crowd him and when we talked about it that day there were far too few people. Who were willing to say this is an embarrassment to me as a member of this community or. It's it shocks me and horrifies me. There were far too many human ashes chances isolated incidents someone else end your call really title that together 'cause obviously it's not. It's not an isolated incident we can point to two incidences. Within the last couple of years if you are several years. In this area where somebody took a gun. And decided because of all the hate her heart to start killing innocent people. I and we and it's our responsibility. As humans. As as citizens as people just to redirect hate when we see it and that's I think what I ended up conversely in editorials I said week. You know when we see hey we have to be brave and asked to redirect it and and with seven days it is been challenging tee you. To tell people you know in 2015 I said okay crimes just get up and tell people that I heard contact me. IRA they're gonna think I'm crazy. And then have to tell them that I thought it was just to be Jewish even though I'm Christian. And I stayed Christian that for awhile I thought us SP Jewish. And then I got called to be at a mosque in to speak at a vigil. Muslim boy that was murdered and I wasn't just asked to be at the mosque I was asked to speak I didn't know anything about Islam and I mean nothing. Other than what most people knows what we hear on the TV about I says. So I went to that vigil and after that I feel guide say to me I need your comic people together bring my people together and that's what seven days about. We'll talk more about seven days at many corp runs on the Jonathan show coming up. Jobless ABC. Many cool front is on the show to talk about seven days. Make a ripple project that you have started after the murder of your son re Underwood and and your father William corporal. It's something you do every year. In on this the anniversary of their death. Oh. Around the anniversary. And round in Hershey it's then yes as a sort of on the anniversary it's in April because that's when that shooting happened. But because it's an interface event we do not clean over Easter or passover we we watched that. Religious holidays and sent out by day week of may is around some people wonder why the weakness around speech is when a makes her. That veggies and then. Christians in the Muslims can walk hand in hand you such all the faiths all the same right to look at all the sates schedules. OK so what is involved in the seven days. So you tell me about four amendments that that is not an iPad isn't cut out an all the activity welcomed in my world there never did everything and there are too many activities what I would. Asked people to do is go to our website at GI DES CD and YES dot org simply don't know I just don't give seven days. Without the numbers just spelled out as CB and and actually this Friday we're having especially than and it's seven days Art Shell first Friday so we're gonna end. Yes I am it's not really fundraiser it's an awareness raiser at seven days so that starts April 7. And then on April 17 at least we have a tender Scott fund raiser she's Dick Anderson got group is fantastic. But our activities really began teasing a April 18 with lack of and I they mentioned during a break I wanna focus on Saturday April 22 which are go a day. And and the reason I wanna focus on that is because it had become much more meaningful in our theme lean and with some close friends. They anxiety and depression that teens are feeling now. This yet this is really cool you're you're saying that it's a way to deal with depression and anxiety threw him off. That is cracked improvisation as say as a theater skill. And a lot of people may now have then CU and am proud theater or CNET on TV except to act like whose line is it anyway it. Okay that I was in process that's him prop. What we have found is that. When you're in Manila and prodding your Anders dean is skilling you're engaged in M proud it is difficult CB sad. And it helps you in a situation where something triggers you. To be sadder at sat. I think it's located be in that sadness for awhile said to feel it into and that they when you need to get out of it he need to get out of brain need to be able to go on where you at the. You have to roll with it when when you're doing and prob you have to roll with whatever motion your feeling instead of trying to suppress it in and take it out and then once you've experienced that. Vineyard got the right to leave behind and go on to the next bit. Right it's called yes and right do you feel that yes and and you keep going and so we have a use improvisation workshop on Saturday April 20 sec can't. And it's called east therapeutic and have workshop and the church of the latter day saints wanted to get involved as a safe they said hey we want to be involved he said they're hosting the event. It's and there are publication in a race that. And then after the use event is an adult event so we've done deal a lot of specific things and for adults we typically focus on use that. We really wanted to focus on adults with anxiety and depression team and you have to have anxiety depression to come you. We can come at a time as you just let him holly I'm totally fine yeah. And problems but I like him drowning and untested egg egg be an engaged there are professional improvisation. And actors and and there is coming it'll be a group of about five adults leading activities there only room for eighty kids and then there's only room for eighty adults. They won't be in a mixed group. Are there any of will we were talking in the break how important humorous to dealing with grief because. The example I used was Patton Oswald who lost his wife just over no just under a year ago right she died in her sleep and he said the best therapy for him. Was getting back out his standup comedian giving back out on stage and doing stand up in just talking about it. With an audience and in its amazing. To people outside who haven't experienced a kind of grief that he did. That he could do that. But for people who have gone through something similar like of course is what you could do. Right he has the skill set to get on stage indeed that and I down not everyone does so you asked in the first segment other things that I have done I would say. I like to write. So I have I am writing a book and I've journal and journal and journal and so if someone likes the plant flowers than they probably have a magnificent garden coming go. He needed do you weigh. Makes you feel day in for a long time I aid and strawberry rhubarb tied once a week because re glad strawberry rhubarb pie. And then after I gained about eight pounds and I had and he did Nike buy every week hijinks ET I mean did things that. Reminds you of your bloodline and skilled at people might when he used to help them get their grief and anxiety. Many core front thank you so much for joining us and find out more about seven days go to give it seven days at seven spelled out GI VES. EVD and days dot org give seven days dot org find out where there so great having on the show early feminist.