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Wednesday, September 12th

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Of course keeping an eye on this massive hurricane. That all of a sudden is slow down in terms of the pace at which it's going to reach the Carolinas. But we not be meteorologists think that is a bad thing so we're gonna get. More impetus I hear coming up just a little better about 1030 but the storm is now moving at seventeen miles an hour. This is a category four hurricane now on moving back in thirty mile an hour winds that are with it. One point seven million people have been told to evacuate parts of the Carolinas and Virginia initially we thought it was gonna hit on Thursday. It is slowed down the point now that we suspect it'll be Friday morning on again I. Physics is not my strong suit by it whether 101 tells me. The longer you have this thing is size of Nash again. Out over the Atlantic Ocean sitting there are the more time it has to be over the ocean the slower goes the more water can churn. And the more water it is going to dunk on and so. The governor of North Carolina was giving a news conference this morning. On there are you even enough words at this point on to describe what happens there talking about three problems size rain. Storm surge so water coming in from the ocean and also the winds that are gonna go with this. We've party heard about some flights have been holed flights have been canceled so if you travel plans out that way on down I would reevaluate if you do not have the many what more do you like it or not I would reevaluate those so well we'll get this all the more in the show but it is the pictures that are out right now are frees up president trump broke down yesterday. It's tremendously big and tremendously wet. Tremendous amounts of water. That's it right there from the president of the United States we all go to North Carolina and top with a reporter Al Jones and join us coming up a little bit later on this hour also. From weather grass back at me now is gonna give us the perspective of what's it like on the coast what's it like in the Carolinas. Well how what is this too because like you said we don't really know all we're not Smart enough to know all that much about hurricanes. It's what I know is that I mean from what we've heard is that this would be. The most. Damaging hurricane the biggest hurricane to hit this part of the coast in meet many many decades. I again I'll liturgy a little bit you know you grow up and in tornado Alley like I'd had and and you start to become really fast in a dress up like those. Hurricanes are things we don't you know here we get tornadoes that come they hit they leave. The fact that this could just set for so long and drop so much water we were talking austere this morning a little bit about. Just all the different on affects this is gonna have long term in Alec and we've got people from our area from Kansas City that are gonna gonna help. On the party got a governor person had activated a misery task force that already sent people that are gonna stage in Raleigh, North Carolina and wait to be reassigned from there. No doubt power crews will go when you talk about the rebuilding where Eagles construction workers from. This is a really big tourist area the outer banks and and that hearing from Charleston on up is incredibly popular. Andy anything about crops this is harvest season for a lot of crop so what happens to those crops that. Themselves say it's the size of Michigan Bible I'm pretty sure I'm I'm pretty sure that's right I semester so give you some perspective it's. I mean Michigan is nine I had a look this up Michigan is 96000. Square miles how watt. Exactly if you look up wit I can check that it. But yeah I think the size of Michigan announced topic the storm in comparison Missouri is 69000. So it is bigger than the state of Missouri and this hurricane is bigger than the size of Missouri. Length and into perspective it is bigger than the size of south and North Carolina we're going to yourself oh my gosh so old. It's just an and you can even look at what the parent CNN you can see exactly where it's gonna Gaza right and an it'll weaken a little bit as it comes on shore area because and it's not gonna pick up as much water on so won't be moving as fast. But right now it's category four on and they think tomorrow morning it'll have a 145 mile an hour winds that go cat five could go category five. Yeah I run it any time you it's it's just fascinating when you talk about on like there reversing they want everybody out they want some one point suddenly people out. So reversing traffic lights away from the coast beat so that traffic has no choice. But to go away from the. And yet there are still idiots. Sitting there I'm sure in Charleston and in Myrtle Beach around. Oh wait out the storm Knoll this is not a normal storm this is it eight thunder storm that's rolling through. I didn't realize how big it once it is bigger than the Carolinas. Are not gonna sit on top of that Carolina's. There was a survey that was done of people in Florida. And one point one out of every five people in Florida sad they would stay. With hurricane like test that they would not an act I don't understand that some people. Yeah I don't get it either I don't buy it because it's. To a certain degree you know. Deadly storm many flooding is deadly it's an in fact it it doesn't take a lot of flooding for that to beat up and so that's just stupid to me. But they're like where we could go we want to protect our house we wanna be here to see how things go Venus is. If you were collier of the people that did evacuate at a New Orleans after Katrina and then you cause more problems because police resources have to come rescue. Those resources that need to be going in other things have to have to rescue people that they told to back. Raman in you have to have people sitting on their groups writing the word brought me on top is set six feet of water of forest you out of your home and on top of your home I mean. Get it it gave its okay. Get out of there drive two hours west. You know and and stayed at separate or find yourself an air begin B. Lot of places are giving away free lodging right now gap I don't understand these idiots oh wait storm out now you moron get the hell out of there. And the people Symantec's line this thing is overblown media is going nuts because they have absolutely nothing else to talk about how down were blaming the media I more talk about. In the next few then time to do. But I look at it. Satellite pictures and we're not making those I mean this is a major now granted if if you wanna get on weather casters or whatever for. Blowing things out of proportion if you want fine because it's not an exact science but this is it again chance media seventeen miles an hour. Stupid media pictured forty mile an hour winds just sit there. And and here's the problem with with attitudes like that is that and it happens here with tornadoes sometimes too you know people. Becomes so used to it or they're just used to hearing about it and so they don't take it seriously when it's a big deal and then you let people that die. All of that Nancy and her. They're still not done cleaning up hurricane Harvey now in Houston because that city. Is sitting low level and got crushed by Harvey a year ago and that wasn't the media. 3000. People have died in Puerto Rico. After herky Maria rolled through. And despite what some people will tell you is a quote tremendous effort and one of the best ever right. No it is not to one of the best efforts ever. It was a very tough situation at 3000 people are dead. In Puerto Rico bets that the media blowing it out of proportion. This is a deadly deadly storm if you know anyone in the Carolinas and they're there what those people that's telling you. Don't over go sit and wait out the storm. Talladega in their car and drive last this like that FEMA just said this is the last good day to evacuate GAAP. It the last clean day. Lastly Natal evacuate. I mean if we're sorry if you don't we can talk about the nine point eight million. We think we can talk about it now it's. You know if it were gonna go there we can we can go there and there is a document that's been released showing nine point eight million dollars went he meant it immigration enforcement. We can talk about that do you really want to get into that I think it's. I don't even have a good adds to fort I'll come up with a better one interesting. At a time where. You know the biggest hurricane to hit this part of the Carolina coast in sixty years is about to hit. When FEMA is that any resources that seems like. Money that they need if you don't know what we're talking about or tell you coming up next theme is Mason about ten million box. And we'll tell you who's got it coming up. It's tremendously. Tremendously when this storm threatens life. The forecast shows a storm surge higher than many homes. That is the governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper. Glad to have you talk about hurricane Florence. To go to Carolina coming up. A North Carolina coming up in just a big year and chicken with reporter Al Jones that's to me away at 1035 was it FEMA has won this will be Mike Tyson punch to the Carolina coast actually I have that the so this is it right here. This is going to be. You know Mike Tyson fight to the Carolina coach that's a glossy. That's a lot right there. That's Jeff byers. So thorough treatment. Yeah they're just. We need more adjectives to describe a storm the size on and I understand it's bigger than Missouri some of Europe's sad I'm. That's not unusual on but I understand some of your mad. Because I'm. You have yours at things like people can't afford to leave like their actual reasons why people don't go. I just think you're taking your life in your Hansen with with that and if you live in an area. Like the Carolina coast or the Florida coast or the Alabama coast that is prone to getting hurricanes. That I feel like on you know. Do you have a plan for what you're gonna do when these things hit so that you know if if money is an issue with and you need to you need to know you're gonna go. Just like here you know in the event of a tornado we we prepare in certain ways also I'm so. I get some people can't afford to leave that you really. How long man. I don't know the answer to that but it just there's got to be way to figure that out you go out. You get you knew this was coming and as somebody pointed on the tax line people in Puerto Rico were begging to be evacuated and we have people to Carolina coast that won't leave. That's a great sound and they're really really good line I tell them we're still. And NBC. And I'm sure will tell you about it when they when they start to pop up you can of course are donating to the Red Cross at any time and and the relief funds and whatnot we're gonna see those tax whatever to whatever. To help out the victims of hurricane force it's 'cause come Monday and Tuesday when this thing starts to wind down travel up the coast can be gone and they start to be able to. Begin the rebuilding process has buildings will come out. Houses welcomed out. There's no doubt that there will be mass destruction. In the Carolinas. Up I mean a lot of people up go to Myrtle Beach it may not be there for awhile. And that's in reality I'm not trying to be funny Myrtle Beach is going to be destroyed. If this thing has its way like they're forecasting right now and FEMA is gonna need some money. And they just lost John. So out of CNN senator just Berkeley released a document on Tuesday. So transfer of nearly ten million dollars from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to US immigration and customs enforcement. And accused president from administration of diverting money from hurricane relief just as hurricane season was start. The document from the Department of Homeland Security specifically mentions the money would come from the agencies' budgets for travel training public engagement. An information technology work the department denies that the money came from disaster relief fund and Berkeley's a Democrat out of org and he says I'm rich man crush on MSNBC that the administration is taking money from response and recovery. And working hard to find funds for a ten additional detention camps. He said I would dispute the statement that this has no bearing on addressing the challenges from hurricanes. So CNN got a copy of the document from Berkeley's office it details the effects the trance or would have on fumes operations. And from where the budget the money would come the document reads. FEMA will curtail training travel public engagement sessions IT security support and infrastructure maintenance. And I T investments in the legacy grant system for transition to the grant's men and management modernization. Program that. Rights. So it's not they're saying it's not gonna come directly from the accounts that FEMA and go to help providing you know help on the frontlines. I would just also argued that if you're taking money out of IT we need computers at Seaman work. Bombs so. It in in fairness to the that the opposition of us it's about 1% of the budget it's about 1%. Of theme as budget. That is being transferred to ice. Team is original budget was one point 03 Billy in it. Now it's you know they're they're losing about nine point 7559. Point eight million box. Out of that one billion dollars is at the end of the world. Now all by the timing on it stinks because this was done. As hurricane season was starting this is done last month button and most people especially people at Friedman now. That hurricane season in America. Usually happens at the end of August September through November that's about what are hurt that's the big goals really starts churning. And is it a ton of money. No let without looking at the destruction that's coming to have suited to the Carolinas. And while this is about training and traveled public engagement sessions all of that. Goes into helping FEMA and getting. Do it's I. FEMA do its job yeah exactly so you're taking away. While a minimal amount of Siemens financial resources. And you're not taking away water. Or will it end. You're still scratching away. Pat. Eight at an organization. That. We need. Right now writing right now and so I don't. Hand I I would ask the question why is ice need the money on but if it needs the money are there are places you can take it from that. That don't need it immediately like like video. So CN sadness is out of the documents. Insufficient funding would require ice to release any new book and is an illegal border violators. And prevent ice from deporting those who violated immigration laws. FEMA and nine other agencies under the Department of Homeland Security at approximately 1% taken from their budgets to be put toward ice is detention facilities I've. Question and I know you don't know the answer to this did a did 1%. Of the new military budget. Get. Get it taken away from and I know you don't have that information and running out I'll be. It's fun because that to me is where we have a whole lot and I love our military and I want our military to be strong. And I'm not a big fan of having illegal immigrants here especially the lawbreaking illegal immigrants and I understand the reason for hope for border security. But it seems like this is a bad FEMA of all places is a bad place to pull out that app brings up the question what's the priority. Of this administration what is the priority. Helping out the Carolinas. And whatever hurricane is coming behind Florence 'cause we know this won't be the last one. Or deporting illegal immigrants both are causes in both in many people's eyes. Some would tell you that there is a great danger from the illegals that are here I'd say there's every danger from a hurricane. I would ask on if if were freeing up a million dollars and FEMA is budget from training and travel on that kind of thing ten million. Excuse me ten points are 1% ten million. Are they gonna need that somewhere else like is it possible FEMA was gonna need to divert 1% of their budget in two trailers and power crews and water emergency assistance and housing vouchers and food and all of that at that money was. An extra sitting in their budget my guess is they're gonna need an honest. Just the tiny it is is ridiculous that's what really bothers me like you are coming up on on on hurricane season. And you decide you're gonna take away from the herky basin hurricane relief Thornton now again. This comes out of the travel public engagement sessions IT security support training all that kind of stuff. You're not ripping away houses that are gonna be rebuilding in Carolina but that being said it's still it just you're scratching away scratching away. From from what from FEMA is overall. Body of work yes. Yes so. I'm waiting for someone to say while you know they need it for the kids detentions utters his third detaining all those kids sell on extra so that's true. Take them somewhere else. Ticket from somewhere else that's not gonna need it right yeah I. And and again. Our military budget is a binge billion dollars would have you to 1% of that that there will be asked. No that is not true from that is not true what do you. You raise taxes on the super rich by 1% they need that money that I know this and now they need that money to buy more stock and and pay their own behind us I understand that I get an idea that. Can't it be if you raise the one that did you tax the super rich by an Aussie. I don't know just ideas that work. What it's gonna take. I'd love to know the other the other groups they're taking a man with a problem we're probably the story is probably the EPA. Probably ripping it out of keeping your water clean ripping it out keeping your air clean gripping and out of keeping forests but it les green and now. But at least taking it out of the EPA I mean if we're talking. Priorities are difficult but. Fun at the pressing ones first like don't take out of the wildfire mitigation fund. Because we've got a tunnel wildfires are words don't count you know James come and yeah I just again I'd get the need for border security but don't take it out of FEMA. Again and the tax line I lean right but I'm betting Florence will cause more damage until more people than all of the illegals combine all that as a brilliant tax. Thank you. Very much way it how many people will will Florence killed in the next four days vs how many people will. You know couple of illegal immigrants that they can't keep. In a house. Kilo the next four days. Just thrown out there. Re anti tax I often say that I love the text like so much thank you that is a yet another brilliant text. Under the tax line are to go to North Carolina L Jones from WI NS radio is gonna join us in North Carolina he'll be live with us as we will get. What conditions are like what the governor had to say and what to expect in the next 48 hours as hurricane Florence continues to approach the coast. North Carolina is about basic power from hurricane Florence. It can compare. It's almost. North Carolina got governor Roy Cooper. JB on a silly Mike wicket with you and now let's go live out now to North Carolina joining us from our sister station WI NS radio he made the trip down to Carolina. We welcome in our friend Al Jones Al really appreciate the time this thing has kind of stalled as that bought people on the coast a little more time. I think important that you don't give them more time admitted though more thought out. Get them off the ground that hopefully get people moving true. You mentioned. Earlier period sport to tell people that it would want people waiting is bigger and I'd. And worker card secure our own folks wind. A like able in the range of light will be will close to prepare and so that could go out to. The saint and called on Thursday that one collectible and that trying to get people moving in here as well I've forty adding courtly well content. All of you are mostly car when the other way you get the illegal. Can you some perspective for us what exactly are they expecting eye of the storm because some people are wondering why I was really going to be that bad. Well. Oh and the model apple should know what they show them that has never at North Carolina. In a category or maybe a story you cannot win on 130 mile per hour of the storm surge is what folks talk about the the coastal areas there O line is almost no I go around but your dark and storm surge of 1012 feet. I'm not illegal border island would come out for sure. And then on top of that withdrawing in what 101220. Engine or read. So any treatment from the ground the truth blog and Google and saturation. And for all planned for at least the week about electric for the common good. Another illegal people regularly and they're pretty much could be around for a week there will focus. Most of. Tied with Al Jones he is lives up in North Carolina with a 091 K a BC. It it sounds to me just from what you were saying in some of the things were seeing on the TV. This doesn't Zoellick it's an area built for this I mean Houston wasn't really built for this secret either a year ago when Harvey landed on it it sounds like the Wilmington area. Is the same if not worse. Right in Wilmington. Just over the border thought Carolina Myrtle Beach that whole area maybe in the last thirty years as Jews or would people. Yeah retirees local will welcome home. There's very popular place to retire to. It's valuable much larger population of the deal. And maybe you want the idea that they'll open into coastal homes and condos and apartment complexes. And now they just want people back to it that seriously I think what I've found apartment or corporate civic and whether. If you're from a moral in the country those of the book and colored to get him out. A little long in the big part of Oren. Do you know where they're evacuating to how far away are they haven't ago. Yeah yesterday that was pretty fun downtown well you can tell folks about shelters. I'll probably in Wilmington other shelters but were well. Other work books folks up ordered urgent drive there. But volley and now apple calls the two lower drug problem that. But gives you an idea of how are they than people need to push back and still involved in the past them what are the left or encrypting torrential rain. So maybe not far apart folks are going to live with will go to Atlanta and Charlotte I've felt for the wanna get away in the crow's. Al other people that can't get out. They have no wait wait no ability and is that a large percentage of this population that they're just they don't have the opportunity the ways to get out of that area. I think what are your groups of people around the people can't get companies that don't have the money from the it would out of Puerto Rico thrill. I'm Erica. On you ridicule those books. They got the one that. And it. And did the small downtown Wilmington one. Obviously they're all alive. They can't imagine that the storm that it they want to restrict those two groups of people here. And on top of that of course you can responders know they'll probably. They'll have home. When responsibility to their duty to do that job to the folks here they altered or about their own. As far as travel and that kind of thing for people that don't live there or buy it and you know might have travel plans that way and a bunch of flights Marty been canceled. Was there talk about being in Raleigh airport that are close to tweak it though not want to get out of order. They don't want we flew in yesterday. A political network. And there were twenty people on the plan. You let them that they really want to get the ball. The legal brought over to Raleigh airport I act it was like in the empty because that wouldn't get out. One lasting for a before really to go here Alan terms of those that can't get out or that I have to leave or whatever. Our our company's maybe an hour away if you heard of free lodging free anything RRR people pitching in for these residents. I think shelters and probably about that you know gymnasium. At a local high school and you know civic auditorium Beckham play. For shelter. I'm as far as. You know gas stations and hotels never been done in preparation long on both Okafor. I'm not sure why you'd want hotel room walking in. And day. And there are people out. Compliment you have a lot of folks that are leaving and I mentioned we are going on a trap coming out. Al breach at the time to check it again please be safe. Art. Al Jones WI NS radio to New York City flew into Wilmington our sister station he's down there covering it and he has chastened Florence will check it again with him. As this thing gets closer and closer. Supposed to make land fall Friday and now on there saying it is it's not familiar with some of that geography you know the outer banks lap the coast North Carolina and there are only so many bridges that would get you out there. And they're looking at those bridges may be having to be close as early as tomorrow that's why they're saying today is the day that everybody has to get out. But again one point seven million people under evacuation order somebody just taxes and sat on my parents live twenty minutes up the coast from Wilmington. They're driving six hours to Asheville, North Carolina guy so no on. So Yad system massive storm Jill he's been hanging on we appreciate that Julie thinks are up for calling on came BZ. No problem at all I haven't used it not being a world equestrian. Team. 30 AM age I'm. And I know there are a lot as were people in the area who left for North Carolina today. Really the world's most prestigious equestrian event just started. Pat near where this thing is gonna land ha. Yeah out that the case that they're talking about per Anemia and order. We're market sell our apps themselves area. Backward people generally are creepy. Here on. That we pay. In saint Greg app the eye opener for aren't as well I'm all over the globe. And I did not know that thank you for the of the update you ruling about that. Radio station has callers they gonna tell you about the world try on. The FE EI world equestrian games Foley this one but I think you for that Julie. Coming up we'll get a get a weather perspective on this meteorologist Steve Hamilton is gonna join is coming up at 1105. Op because we wanna know what it means that for this thing to install. How much water were talking about it could it change paths all that kind of stuff Steve Hamilton. Is coming up at 1105. So adequacy Maroon 5 yesterday didn't have a question about fans and few people especially. Women are right on asked that question for you coming up next or 91 KM BZ. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah this was. On the songs we didn't skate for. Last night and Maroon 5 at sprint senator. This was apparently. Looking back all the lists of all the this set lists and whatnot this was the last song they played. Of their on core and I have a pregnant wife and she doesn't make it all the way through concerts anymore other than Taylor Swift at arrowhead on Saturday. A little bit early most nights which I understand that and I'm cool with it. I'm not pregnant and I would be leaving shortly and how sound just because of the hours. Because there's only so much content to sit through because we're at 4 o'clock in morning and I under our we. That concert. Was I I didn't know if I was gonna know everything. It was like be Maroon 5 in other huge judicial aspirants and it was completely packed last night totally sold out. I knew every single song and we stayed for hour and and little changed after that. You know and I don't think you realize that you know every single. Room fives well. And it is it was it was like trained like it would take OC train. And all know it's couple months back. And with train. Like songs that I did that at that they would play and I was like oh. Astra it does that sought. You know every single Maroon 5 song from what lovers dude a pay phone this love misery Sunday morning animals. And that was a really cool concert. This stage is you know they at this stage across one end and then it went out to a triangle. And Adam Levine who you mean no from the voice worthy you know from being unit van. He's a star I mean he is obviously the star. And I think the voice is probably pushed him he's bigger than his and play it was it was a really neat show to see Ian and he would go out with a microphone in. I mean he eventually got down to just a tank top to the ladies were going crazy. And that's my question. I don't watch and because there were people in the middle of the triangle in like the pit area stating remotely and then there are the rest of us that were in seats. And and I don't know you don't strike me at all as this kind of woman Jamie but. The women were going and I get a Adam Levine is is attractive I'm very aware that. The women were going. Crazy for this man. You held sway being unable to be unable to stand at some point. Does that happen for for people still do people still go back blood and it's Wendy's he has celebrity Europe in this case a rock star. I don't answer for the general population because I don't I haven't done that. I didn't do that New Kids On The Block when I was a kid I remember being at that concert it now for a lot of us our age that was our first big concert. And her girls that used to cry. On the first concert the Rosemont horizon. And Chicago and the curls that were just dig deep passing out and having to carry away in ambulances and they would cry and they would scream. And I remember thinking or your school. I want T hear you what are you screaming about so I don't understand that mentality in general. But you tell me it happens I believe it was not. It's yesterday and and and 5767798. If you. Especially ladies because I don't think guys do Dennis I I don't think guys. At concerts and look. I'm a big fan of Taylor Swift I've seen your I've been closed ever hugged her I didn't cry I didn't like. I don't think guys really do that I think this is more of a female thing put who have you gone bonkers or who was your wife for your girl for your sister or your friend or whatever. Maybe it's a guy who knows that just you they couldn't handle being in the same room 576. 7798. Or text into 2980. Travis. You're gonna go to the show last night you chose not to your wife or your fiance got sick. But have you ever gone that bunkers at a show before. Trying to think. Now the simple answer no would Mel urgent. Probably for like. A big country star that she likes she is a big country girl okay though I'm not in I'm not really sure on country names I couldn't really tell you. So maybe a country like Keith Urban elite again yes maybe somebody big dancing country that that she would try to scheme for buy it. No it's kind of funny you asked is because we talked about this at the test of concert she goes I'm not that really into. Like screaming for some last award tennis what does not you know is not your person so this is a country person she does well I guess that makes it right Alley if it was Luke Bryan Kenny Chesney maybe Garth Brooks and I don't know. But there are probably a ton of you know there there are acts throughout history that that women of god nuts for an. No Austin is that totally Whitman thing but I just gonna guess that it it. Meant react to concerts and her own way maybe they don't scream by men are big fans also. A band I'm thinking of Scott parks and I'm thinking of a lot of men really really supports certain bands they just on happens screen they just do other things some. You're gonna Wear short. Well on eleven wouldn't Wear short of the ban in fact you've got some grief for doing yeah I was wanting to do I was told not to sell I mean does because. Men don't scream doesn't mean they don't always Dawson did her thing when it comes to supporting it like there's a difference between wearing a shirt and nearly fainting but it does start sweating better or worse just because women screaming your guy doesn't mean guys don't have their own ways of supporting man that might thinker and you know like. Perhaps building a room dedicated to a certain banned or something like that sound let's go to Dave on KM BZ update. Topped by myself on the ability and its current how many 2000 little doubt well aimed at middle behavior. Though. Well how well. They dreamed that that means that the crowd screamed 80%. Of the time we were just looking at each week that we've been here anything. It was so let's bring in its site. That horrible when agents green constantly. And even here at the music. Yep that was kind of it was that was kind of that way Travis Stuart taylors swept I'll ask you. I mean credit it was 80000 people open air stadium and a lot louder was was it like that for you where you are sitting kind of like when Dave was saying a little bow allow concert. Yes that Africa is like I Miller are missing god has that concert I was sitting next to. There's five little girls in front of me private ages of ten to like or team. Behind me I had another set of fortified Burroughs who were from bow. Eight to thirteen. Nesta but streaming. Oh I've Elizabeth Taylor is a one not a you know she's changing songs. Whatever the speakers and a lot of in this streaming news and I was able to hear the music. It's when you knew she was an onstage right issuance and actually up there singing and dancing. Accidents I'm a guy Morse sports for me I almost passed out when Bo Jackson my boyhood idol asked to be considered acts in the Arthur Bryant's okay you the people your fans and maybe that is maybe it's more sports are just people you follow it for a long time that if you encountered some would have a similar star struck reaction. It's just not screening at the others have a spell. There's anybody that at walked in and I would I would be. Eat it up unable to continue you know I don't know that if there's anybody out there like. That I I have have been star struck at all and I've met some of my sports titles before and I. What am will be able to talk to them are they were taught them as the admire my way of saying it as a person and I'm not a fan via but didn't your voice cracked upon meeting Taylor Swift won. And I. I don't girl overstuffed it it. I don't think you quite understand the difference here between screening do what year and between screaming in nearly fainting and having my voice crack I do understand the difference actually I'm just saying that people have their own reactions to that of people like knowledge sees somebody in the text line Robert Redford pulled up next of optics to my girlfriend and I was filming of the natural in buffalo she went crazy started hitting me. When I wouldn't follow him. Wouldn't wanna follow me either I'd be like a weird your day your all. The Beatles that one was probably huge way back win win yet seen the video on the Ed Sullivan Show. Of the girls going crazy when the Eagles came over that to me is it's I don't get it it's not that I can't think of anybody. His business were a little more exposed now. To celebrities and other businesses but I just but I wasn't ways it did. I just couldn't imagine being that person that loses that voted on FaceBook because it's up there girls were going knots last night at sprint center for Adam Levine. I believe we went back to take picture with a ban. Date the band walked in everybody the pictures and in the band walked out and one of the girls yelled out we. And the rest of us can look at each other. And we smelt are said to each other. And the rest of the man hears that and it just first time I saw Bon Jovi it's sprint center everyone was screaming Jon Bon Jovi in the room ladies want it and guys wanted to be I believe that. It's 1058 coming up Lilja I'll be joined by meteorologist Steve Hamilton just what is inside of hurricane Florence. And what could it mean water wise for the Carolinas.