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Friday, February 23rd

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Bombshell breaking news for the Kansas City Chiefs just this across Twitter from you Rappaport Adam shift her. The chiefs are expected to trade markets Peter's. To the Los Angeles rams. We don't know what's coming back yet this again. An Irish after chiefs are expected trade quarterback Marcus Peters to the L any rams. I'd teams are in the final stage of talks in barring an unexpected snag the trade is expected to be greeted as early as today. At Travis Europe Peters guy the year he is guy. Good did you Marcus theatres because what because of these fans and not. Support you at the way I gave support to you. They did not worship you like you should've been your the best player on that team the youngest player because that he's deep and getting really old yet is baiting you either love that you need. We gave it all to air Mary who keeps getting injured. They gave it to Derrick Johnson who is now on the team anymore. Dole. So. I mean I don't know what the get back yet all find out but. I know they picked up the kid in the in the trade for Alex Smith. Kyle Fuller account. None of a candle and a full and I know they picked him up. And he had a real good year last year boy they must have some faith in him because all of a sudden. He was gonna be a great number two great number twos or are always very good number one corners and you just traded away a guy who. Didn't have the best season last year. He our allies didn't have the best year but still. You could argue. And we did well if you are player Mary cam and Marcus Peters is the best player in the Kansas City Chiefs hope and they just traded him away as the potential to be. An all pro at that spot and they just traded him away. Sort out exactly next year I. Does. Well here and not sports nut at the TUR. Fisher nailed it at a but from what I can solve. I was his guy and high. All are staying in the ski back our favorite guy and between the chiefs now and and the trials that we target and a sporting Kansas City next year he better hope Escobar is really good again for the Rolling Hills in the pat bulbs is the real deal for the chiefs are it's going to be a long fall I got on our fund is an. The. I. Think you're. Not even two months left in the react K use under NCAA sanctions potentially you know the zoo who knows about Michael Porter is gonna come back. The royals lost everybody predicted that the worst team in baseball the chiefs traded markets beaters like go your best boat you. Court nanometer. I've against that are dug in well I mean Tyreke could be your thought his answer because he punched his pregnant girlfriend masters so there's there's other don't worry that she's spans and complain but still love chiefs and can go after him now all right. I mean I think what's happened today since you've woken up. Or or after yesterday we have an indicted governor. Trump on is saying is implementing more North Korean sanctions. Another guilty plea from a former trump aid flip getting ready to flip on demand for Kate uses an FBI troubles. And now he's out of our leaders traded to the rams it's Friday at twelve. The pats up I skipping Friday's get there. Our leaders traded away each of the Los Angeles rams give us your reaction on Twitter came BZ radio or texted at 22980. We are gonna get back to the well the other one of the many other big story. So it is still the top trending story that it should make you look at still crichton's indictment is still. Leading the list your we'll talk to Dave Helling from the Kansas City Star coming up just a few minutes. I feel free text and about whether you think that governor brightens should resign if you missed it so about twenty hours ago we heard that governor brightens was indicted by a grand jury. Unaccounted invasion of privacy that was connected to the affair that he had and admitted students as before it became governor. He's admitted the affair that's and that's not against the law although some people would say you can't run on family values and then have an affair but whatever. It's about a picture that he allegedly took a per nude the woman that he had the affair went. Nude that he then allegedly used to blackmail her saying if you. Go public about this affair I would use this against you now the reason it became public was because her ex husband came out about it. But degree injury came out is that you and there's enough evidence there to send to you and see this go forward at a time invasion of privacy. Let us go on Twitter beating governor rightness should resign yes or no follow listen to a vote at KM BZ radio straight ahead. Kansas City Star legend Dave Helling with the latest and where we go from here with governor brightens next putting us right now in the Kansas City Star break down the markets Peters trade is Dave Helling Dave can you believe they sent our our markets Peters to the or items. I would limping be reporting let me just say. Guys I'm going to be 63 year old looked at sixty triggers all the Mets I'm sure hoping the little rebuilt those breakthrough. I'm not up. You'll. Aren't moving onto the actual reason the organs the next few minutes Argentina or indictment of governor air crichton's. Ask your first reaction when you heard yesterday. Well our bill or some indication distributed something was up you sort of few rumbles in the early afternoon that afternoon. From Jefferson city of Saint Louis but it's still sock me most people in Missouri politics did not anticipate. That that the governor would be facing felony true or urged. Handed up by a grand jury that just doesn't happen it's certainly hasn't happened in Missouri history it's where and other states it was a shock. Here in the newsroom is about a measurable of course across the state of Missouri and world sort of trying to figure out today what the ramifications. Of that decision are. Time with can the Kansas City star's Dave Helling your 91 KM BZ and it to take everybody back he admitted to the and hit at amended it to save the state he admitted to the affair or the next day the statement came out he admitted to the affair. Was that was the great this camp hoping thinking that this was just an all kind of go away. I think it made no hope that's. I think they did feel like after the is they admitted the illicit affair back imported fifty after the governor conceded that that people would be critical of that in there would be some. Blowback blood it would vodka filtered out to the legislature and certainly not into the court system and the last time governor Barnes was in the Kansas City area. Reporters tried to ask them about the incident involving the woman had he wouldn't take any of those questions just that we've been answered all the questions sort think they felt like. They had put the bulk of this scandal on them has now of course not only is it back in front of them but it's much worse. In part because of what the court did but in part because the House of Representatives. In Missouri is now proceeding with the investigation. That could lead to an impeachment. And trial and that that is seriously dangerous. For the club ago. Alex you are easy dame Hawaii LA LA I'm ice cream and tiger last neighbors on my gosh. And hearing from I I think it's pretty obvious where Democrats and on those and they want him out but what are you hearing from Republicans. Okay wanna be a little careful because as a political matter not every Democrat wants him out at Jamie because. A wounded Eric Wright and be an asset for the Democratic Party immediate few you know it's campaigns are lost for. Other seats in the state of Missouri. Keep being. PP air Greg around could help Democrats released some believe that so as a political matter not everyone is trying to push him out on that side. Republicans are much more difficult spot for two reasons. First the political implications of having their head of their party. Having to face these questions now potentially for weeks or months. At and second they have other things they wanna do that won't work on taxes. They wanna work on the budget there's some. Discussion of transportation policy in. Jefferson City and all of that. Potentially anyway goes on hold. Until the governor's cases. Is addressed portal or another. And I you know Republicans will have nothing to show for the session. Except the discussion of whether or about the governor should be kicked out of office. And that's probably the most Republicans who won't take back to their constituents so there's a political concern by the government one as well. There is a statement out from Sam Cooper the executive director of the Missouri Republican Party. And part of it reads we have a progressive anti law enforcement Democrat wanting to single handedly oust a law and order governor. Is this dirty politics. Well that it Republicans are certainly going declined to claim that it is my aunt and on you know what this year it is true that can Gardner whose group circuit attorney over there as a Democrat and that's you know people know that. On. Proof will be in what happened in court well I don't mean that it obviously the grand jury not a prosecutor but the grand jury handed up this indictment. So obviously. You know grand jurors believed that there was probable cause that a crime had been committed. And if the judge in the case. You know decides not to throw it out which I think it's likely I think he'll let it go to trial. Then we'll have to see what the testimony isn't what. You know what do witnesses say it toward the water exhibits are offered and judged the governor's guilt for a percentage would do on any credible allegations so. You know the ballpark party politics are never far from politicians switcher brightened just. But there are you know serious charges involve the nest and that's what you have courses have been what you. Can you out on some of the some of the ways this ago some of the scenarios that Beckham play out here why is this goes to trial and he has found not guilty. Is he done in politics still no matter what. Well I think he had to be he's done no matter what happens. I think not only because of this paste although that will play a big role but. Could you guys probably noticed the governor has very few differences Jefferson City on either side of the aisle. For reasons that only he can explain he began his career is governor sort of criticizing everybody and and taking Republicans to task in a very personal way by the way you know. Calling them wal creatures or whatever and and and so did you even Republicans. They didn't like the governor he has very few allies. In Jefferson City. So when you couple that with the fallout from these charges. You know it's going to be difficult for him to have any sort of ambitious career or pull forward remember even if he's proud citizen. It does now to hear that a picture exists. All of this terrible war presumably partially nude or completely nude. Any compromising. Position. You know everybody assumes now that that pictures are real thing. And and might be part of the trial spoke at minimum he takes the embarrassment of Saturday. You know there is that the way some people will use that dalliance. As a political matter that you put on top of that is is it the way he's really put off his potential allies and in in that the legislature I just hope they tell you as a political news trickled forward. And that may convince him to resign the office even if he's found not guilty because he realizes there there's just not much he can get done. Dave will we hear more from the woman. There are indications that the woman as Leo alleged victim in this case testify before the grand tour. And it's cents consent. May be a big issue in this case. One. Have to believe that she will be others have needed. Or voluntarily testify if it goes to trial. And of course her name didn't become generally known and and and op idea every indication we did just that she doesn't want that to happen at all bought. The governors in a tough spot because remain normal situation elective. The governor and his attorneys might perceive some sort of plea bargain may be a misdemeanor Troy or. In court that would be and spare the woman of having the testified. And spare Eric Wright and to having to open your quarter of at least potentially testify. In this case so any plea bargain would be almost as bad as the guilty verdict on the original true or. Not legally speaking of course but as a political matter if the governor conceit that he did something wrong in this case. The its political future which is already very very dark. Which is Qatar. Did an iron out lawyer. Buy it on you know being quite aware of cases like this one of the comments that we got a lot from people we talked about this earlier this morning was it sounds like it's just a really angry ex husband. You know she didn't come out and talk about this initially it was the ex husband does the way this came out. There anyway here. Local legal matter mill. You know as a political rhetoric yet it will be the subject of some discussion but I think it's maybe we've moved so far beyond being. Angry ex husband part of this. That that it is I mean the governor is in serious legal jeopardy he faces a felony grand jury indictment. Based not on what the husband ex husband's but what allegedly happened between. The governor and it is Carol more. Importing fifteen that is what he has to face. And and you know the legal system was involved judges are involved and again. The book. The legislature has now formally lost launched an investigation on the house side that could lead to impeachment. Charges in the at a trial of the senate that period style awful thing that's not. That isn't an ex husband being bad or talking on you know on any debt that's. That's impeachment that's that's a felony charge. So I think we're a little bit be on that. I think to governor has really serious legal and political trip challenges as an earlier. Staring him in the face and he's got to figure out a way to deal. Dave that's all we have young man we really appreciate it. All. They have every weekend that is a day telling of the Kansas City Star on Twitter at UKC. Will open it up to you 5767798. Meeting governor brightens should step down should he resign. As governor of the state of Missouri let us know 5767798. And the fact that he believes. That the woman in the story has testified or given her story to the grand jury. That doesn't bode well because I thought she was just trying to stay in the shadows. Ideal that's gonna deeply I don't think anybody wants to see this go to trial that's not good for anybody well so far left leaning Democrats would probably love to see gripe is dragged through the mind that essar a gas should governor brightens resigned 576779862290s. Here he could vote as well on Twitter KM BZ radio twelfth. I've 767798. Yes or no should governor great step down. Is funny is listening to gain in parks and his broke yesterday. And there was the first gentleman that called up it was a obviously Derrick great span. And he said air crichton's is an upstanding young man. It would appear he's not on how does that person defend sad comment. Well. Part of the conversation was that the first call I think her Dana and parks tape yesterday it was about it is ruled until proven guilty. 100% agree with innocent until proven guilty but when you start to look at someone who is now under. The legal microscope after being indicted. Don't economists say okay let's look at this person per sect here we are talking about a man. Who has a cloudy past of dark money where. You know from the political world that means a lot. Mean that that that means a heck of a lot zodiac not political world don't care. But the political world where's the money coming from why's he doing this Tuesday woozy. These pockets in the lining later on right because money buys influence and if we don't know who's making campaign contributions we don't know your oil it's exactly that's why it's. It if you are a believer in air brightens the person. The man the guy that told you this. I'm Eric brightens. I'm a navy seal. A businessman Miami native Missouri but most importantly I am very proud husband and father. Well OK so you know Sony still could be a husband and father but you know because people are saying. Jamie what about when she lied what are the woman lied on the on the thing in didn't really have the affair so let me address that for a second because many people. It's a little sad to me how many people are looking for reasons to defender crichton's announced. It's their hype though and that's why you're saying well what she lied directs husband about the affair the affair is not why he's in trouble. He admitted the affair sided sheet it's not a legal to have an affair of a somebody's at adultery is against the law that's not why he's in trouble. He's in trouble for allegedly taking a picture. The thing is is irrelevant and the way that it became news is irrelevant it doesn't matter you know that the ex husband was just mad. The reason he is being charged with invasion of privacy is for the picture that he allegedly tuck. Of a naked woman. That he allegedly blackmailed that you could say I mean the reason for the black male was because they had an affair and he said if you tell anybody about this and released this picture. So I guess the affair is the thing that made him take the picture. But the charges not because he slept with some shouldn't the charges because he took a picture of a woman nude. It without her permission and potentially transmitted signature right. You're right that I be in their zoo you're right the transmission is it's it be one thing if he just took the picture kept to himself yes. That it's Dennis has really taken a picture and it's it's the fact that he let anyone else see right that is that's the other part of the affair happened right in admitted it. So if you think about right is the politician you got dark money he won't explain. They about brightens the family man he is. He has proven and he admitted to it and he said he and his wife have moved past it and if you can do that we've had a lot of people have said they've had. Affairs they were cheated on needed to cheating they talked about it after time they moved on and they're stronger fort okay that's fight fair. And you have the confide app and I think the confide app plays a big portion into a lot of this because it's how trustworthy is crichton's we don't know what confide is. It is an app you can get on your phone and right as and his staff on their personal cell phones have an app or had an apple leads gone but who knows. And when you get a text message through the confide app you cannot forward that app. It goes away you can not screened shot that app from your found now in theory you could take one phone and put in front of the other and take a picture of screeners like that. But that is the point people are wondering what kind of business is really being done it looks incredibly shady on the governor's part. I'm not saying he did this but I am saying one purpose of that app could be or could have banned. To transmit a picture. That you have that is unkind and you don't want anyone else to know you transmitted that picture I'm not saying that's what he did. We don't know but that could be one reason for that. And I think that the people there to come quickly to Greg's defense and I understand you voted for your guy. You know if if this was a Democrat I would be saying the same thing. It doesn't matter to me right and and to people that are asking where's the picture we need proof that there's a picture on the grand jury found enough evidence to charge him with this crime it's entirely possible the degree injury has the picture. But they don't tell us what evidence they used to indict him. But from a bigger and bigger picture I just don't think he can effectively. Govern and it's not. It's because. He ticked off too many Republicans in the run for governor he does have a lot if you have a lot of friends before whom Republicans have no reason to defend him here. Because frankly what happens is he gets impeached or he resigns and it lieutenant governor whose name I didn't know until yesterday geno Jeff collier's name six weeks ago I think accurately Kansas but but I didn't owe them my I I now know Mike person's bio. Mike Parsons parson Parsons he's the lieutenant governor any governor of your states. You could tell by the way I now but I didn't cancel six weeks ago I didn't know until six months six minutes ago this guy's name so apparently he's Republicans reason to back end date they don't. They don't win anything. By backing her crichton's and he can't get anything passed without the support of people in his own party. I feel like there are an end like you said in and it's an interesting dichotomy politics is so slimy. You would think that all Democrats want him out. That doesn't open it up back up for election it doesn't give the U that the governor's mansion to Chris cost or the Democrat who lost to brightness Bakken 2016. You would think that there are probably some Democrats out there that want brightens to stay in office they can use the smear campaigns against him whether it's. This fall or down the road he's up for reelection. That's has ever looked at how yeah. That was his point was that Democrats might not immediately want an office today. Either way. Democrats are taking notes frankly senator Claire McCaskill probably has something to gain ideas because we'd heard that Josh holly who is the biggest name in the Republican race for the primary for US senate refused he has attorney general he refused to investigate crichton's. Now brightens has been indicted so it actually come back. In the in the US senate race as well. I just don't know how he stays in office 5767798. Do you think he should resign should governor great and step down. As governor of the state of Missouri 78% of you on Twitter believe he should resign and go right to the phones stock Stacy remark. Stacy why or why not should governor right resigned. Well I. Sensed that. There's so much on him and I are talking about a lot side when he should be doing representing the people of Ari. I don't see how he can actively do that. Other personal issues going on and he cared about the people on the other which you which ends and that he would step down and allow the states continued their business and take care personal problems. Underground. Did you vote for governor Britain's. You did not aren't thank you for your phone call Stacy we appreciated by 767798. If he does step down you still have a Republican governor without without scandals of dark money confide and a fair and potentially. I lottery this deal. The governor of Missouri has been taken into custody and faces up to four years in jail for invasion of privacy a class. Hanging over your head for the next two and a half years. He'll never get anything dine. And NN and OK fine we go through an impeachment process and he is impeached that is ugly and messy and it ends the same way with him no longer in office. His soccer career is over on which some you're saying well that's not fair he's not been found guilty. OK so maybe you'll let it go to trial and it'll be really telling when we find out if you plead this out or. If he if he takes a plea deal. And doesn't go to trial and is willing to discuss defend his innocence is done in court. He is die he's done and you'll learn a lot we will learn a lot in in his decision to plea or not and we should all elements in all fairness that his attorneys filed a motion to dismiss this charge you. Which will be ruled on first. So so first we'll see if this even goes forward on but I just again if it was all about just be one thing but as we mentioned there were all the other things before that system. That also made him different cults when it came other Republicans. I wanna read you coming up next the executive director of the Missouri Republican Party Sam Cooper has released a statement. About this whole story we're gonna read it to you get a few more your phone calls Abigail stay right there you can jump in 5767798. Eric Wright is a resign. 576779. Apes he was indicted by a Saint Louis grand jury yesterday for felony invasion of privacy. He is spent releasing go anywhere in the country right now and still plans on doing some form of governing as this investigation continues. He was supposed to go to the National Governors Association conference there's a big meeting of the nation's governors this weekend on he has not aired he decided ultimately not ago I believe he's also. On some kind of executive committee of that group and I believe that he is no longer. Actively taking parts and that yes he has he has resigned from that. So my guess is that we're not gonna hear much out of it and now I think as a court date in March. Is the next time that this well. I might be during. But. Where that I thought I read that there will be court next month. So lawmakers are starting an investigation. Republicans aside we're gonna look into it and see exactly what's going on. And and that well dumb or some Democrats and I believe there was Republican Gladstone also present that he should resign. Names are escaping it's I can't help it was a huge shot around Kevin or yes. Every few seconds it. I in a moment gave you a bit of a briefing on the lieutenant governor. Well OK magazine you might be dead. It's now poses some point my person you. Let's bring in Abigail in Kansas City upon anyone KM BZ Abigail did you vote for governor brightens. Would you recommend that he resign. A lap I actually. I. A bit how. Is that where it. All right I get the night and Gil I don't eat. Every elite Republican. You and and you would agree that if governor gray resigns what's the lieutenant governor's name my person might parsed you're still getting a Republican in office. I'm not even on a at. That I did it I end and indeed accurate if not it. You're going. Abigail thank you so much for your phone call we appreciate it let's go to Matt in Lee's summit on KM BZ. Matt you think governor rightly should resign. Acceleration gridiron lines. Well what should Bill Clinton been a speech. I was twenty years and on and actually he also was the key ones. Well at least celebrate our president and did you do to remain governor yet he showed why because if you don't leave the Manilow moment to have a an accurate. Go about my business I don't I would quit Matt Matt. Matt Matt Matt if he if he took a photo of a naked woman and transmitted it without her consent or knowledge that's just going about his business. She knows or should get a photo taken. Oh baloney. So you don't believe the woman now on her story. Yeah that's a problem. I don't know how to interface if you have a governor Craig. In unanimous stay. And you have whatever happened with this with this order your pockets or whatever. Annual companies that ice stirred up by the insurance policy to go accurately insurance. That's what he was so. I think it make a mistake. What I'm saying that he owned optimistic. Oh yeah and actually not admitted to what he's been accused of in this charge. So the book Clinton let's go back twenty years. You can't yeah I don't actually let's go this is relevant I. It's not relevant Bill Clark Bill Clinton was impeached for lying. By one side of congress that was twenty years ago Matt why. Three years ago that match what are your lips is what years it. I don't know larger question. Came to. It you're not. If your answer is what about Bill Clinton you can't stay focused on this if you believe that she is lying. That I'll understand from you you may not agree or disagree with me that's fine but don't pull up the what did Bill Clinton do arguments are right. We all agree Bill Clinton was the sleaze ball. And and to run to right right as my mother continues to tell me all the time is not wasn't impeached for screwing Monica Lewinsky he was impeached for lie. So we find out that governor brightens is a liar then yes he should be impeached. Yeah I am at it it it it all goes back to that. Thank you to the person attacks that I was having a different I was having a difficult time articulating it thank you to 3130. On. This is 3130 saying this not me but when I reacted to the gentleman saying that the woman lied about consenting picture. 3130 who claims to be conservative one and sad that is the definition of toxic masculinity I I did not say. I that is just from attacks are reacting to that he made a mistake any owned up to it he shouldn't he he. He's being accused of photographing a naked woman who is according to her story. Tied up and blindfolded and threatened. Instead of you ever hear all players like players sound byte for years as you can hear what she has to say all right because it. And I think. So here's what he has admitted to you he's admitted to having the affair. But he is not admitted. To doing what the grand jury accuses him off he's admitted to having an affair and that does not against the law but the thing that he is being accused of the violation of privacy. It is. And you can say I don't believe power. Okay I'll agree with you on that I would agree with you on that and give you credit for but don't sit here and say. You know for whatever reason he'll end up doing so he's fine that that that is still holed up in my book. You know until the whole thing but. The fact. Why don't you think. Significant event in my game but anyway. Because if my life they could have a lack. There's no. Worse person. I promise you this. The grand jury's not gonna go ahead and recommend. Charges against the governor of the state of Missouri. If they don't have a case. Or this this isn't. You know some. Guy in his basement who blogs about liberal politics. And hates air brightens and therefore now right uses in some trouble. This. The grand jury. This is the grand jury. Our right to Jack and and many people of if you wanna drag Bill Clinton and that's fine can't be people do it every time you wanna argue that he had a difficult time governing after that. That that was humiliation and it was difficult force presidency and he lost a lot of people's trust and that it was difficult for him to govern after that. This will be a fair price is not step down he will get nothing done as governor nothing because his own party. Is not supporting. We go to David in Kansas City David do you think the governor should resign. Now because you're at a point in time where I know he didn't go an average of the need to group today. It can move career over allegations that it won't remain upbeat group and second of all. Oakland is one thing I'm not. Yet been governor. And the woman go to the worst call a two year affair with her at a security. She's got that. To be thrown battery life. But did what they are the difference is the affair is not illegal it is the picture and the transmission of the picture of a make or woman who had. That's the difference. There could there actually collective I don't know actually go through this thing right now that he had averse to pay for with taxpayer owned. Still taxpayers are having an affair on company time at Dexter. Are you on the whole affair I am a puppet about the national mayors time. She is and you still governor should not being forced out even notebook topic I would taxpayer. And they're there there's something wrong with that too David I mean where. It. I I look I don't know what's happening in national I don't know everything going on in Tennessee I guy I I'm glad that you do David maybe you're from there. We try to stay focused I can only control what's in two states to deter a plus it's a want to. But you if you believe it just an allegation and the meat to movement goes too far. Will then you can have that put that that opinion. But there's a criminal charge here and and so it's that's different and and it wasn't a criminal charge of sexual harassment it was a criminal charge of invasion of privacy. And if this photo. This nude photo of this woman was taken without her consent. And transmitted to someone else that is against the law. And that's a different thing than someone being accused of sexual harassment and there would be physical evidence of said crime. There not to go to. Trial without some meaningful evidence some meaningful testimony. In order it like it it it really and this is. This just adds to the cloud over crichton's to me. Total a billion KCK Billy and 81 KM BZ should great resigned. That British ship why you think that. Reform and argue who who collected. I don't know about people terrorism or you don't are. We're here to do it just did it dollar Robert Moore. These are regarded whoever guarded gimmicky Wii itself. Well I mean some would argue I'm Billy thank you for your phone calls some that think he should not resign would say. He didn't do it while governor. You know Ziad leverage attacks are a fast I'm a Republican why can't these people understand it's not the affair if he did this he needs to resign resign. We still got a Republican. You're lieutenant governor is a Republican right it doesn't like it it's not like Raines resigns and Mike quick it becomes your governor rights of these and get a Republican in that office who probably holds the same values as Eric crichton's in you would think. You you would think real quick here. The statement. Is entering this team before the break but I. My computer shut off so here's the statement from Sam Cooper who is the executive director of the Missouri Republican Party. Kim the lawyers name's Kim guard by the way that brought this on to fruition. Kim Gardner has received more than 200000 dollars from George Soros group missourians concede as for what it is a political hit job. This law has never been prosecuted in this way it is safe to say affair brightens wasn't governor it would have been this it wouldn't have been this time either. We have a progressive. Anti law enforcement Democrat wanting to single handedly oust a law in order governor. We look forward to a bipartisan committee of legislators elected by people across Missouri to find out what's really going on. Ensuring Saint Louis liberals are controlling the future of our state. That is against Sam Cooper the executive director of the Missouri Republican Party lot of hot button words in there lot of hot button words.