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Thursday, August 16th

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Your lunch hour we have the keyword cash for your neighbor NE IG HBO our neighbor tech support and 7288. That fifth winner earlier this week as a matter of fact for the keyword cash so I had what is neighbor the salary of all our to do so. The headline of the day. We lost Aretha Franklin this morning at the age of 76. She passed away now in terror after a long battle list. Pancreatic cancer. She died died this morning in her home in Detroit. The first woman ever inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame and it. Everybody's been sent in a lot of thoughts and prayers to that family the reaction all over the country. This one got to me it didn't get to Travis I don't think you really resonates doesn't pull that much emotion for you Jimmy your saints because it on because of the timing. I guess our justice she just. Not everything hits at you know not not every death for certain means the same TO is as every other dot but I do recognize and you forget how many hits she had you forget how many generations and and how she really was the queen assault. Yeah maybe because. Of her age you know being in a mid seventy's it's it's not as you know you news that she'd been sixteen years she canceled some concert so maybe because this one is our common. Via the connection we were talking about earlier to at Travis walked in. And senator understand why people. Are so upset when celebrities die actors sort. Singers or or whatever the case may be don't understand it and the reason this one got to meet is. Growing up in Detroit growing up with Motown that was what my family listened to and every time I heard her into the Motown museum. Allred would would hit here's Aretha Franklin saying. It reminded me of my parents. Op and James Taylor had a similar reaction for you as well. Or would it would yeah right right right starting Taylor is still alive and if that's not great news and hasn't broken and my. You know it's I think is oceans mean more to us then actors sometimes because it's the soundtrack you know you have memories attached to that and your emotions attached to what you were doing when you heard those songs. Actors tend to be a little different but yeah because might that was big James Taylor fan that something that when he goes that will that will be a little more to me. I'm a big village all fan when Billy Joseph does EJL probably get together and and and we'll be talking on the show about the number of concerts we've been too because that's. I've been listening to hand forever and I remember right it was the first time I heard Billy Joel's. It just we have that attachments musicians. She had a connection to Martin Luther King Jr. she was the first woman inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. In 2005 president George W. Bush presented her with the medal of freedom in 2009. She sang at president Obama's inauguration. Yes she was she was transcending. Artists rock and roll. The Rolling Stone which is we called the greatest. Female voice of all time she battled a lot of things including a battle with pancreatic cancer. That she lost her battle with this morning. So it got us talking about what celebrities that have passed really got you emotional and if you're that guy. That woman who's gonna say I don't know these people I don't have a grip to a mom I don't understand why anybody would OK that's fine. But to those that. Had an emotional connection like when Robin Williams died watching that documentary couple weeks ago. May be re live that moment when I heard Robin Williams was sitting in Lee's kitchen in Milwaukee. When she was you know transitioning into the single life but when that was happening I was watching. She just got out of her marriage and and it was an emotional time for her and we're watching this going on thinking and god Robin Williams happy this guy in the world always made his last that would really got me. On yet just if who has hit you or who will when they pass on some it may be sent us an FaceBook and Twitter wouldn't talk for. Steve are at a lot of response from steep early and fans a lot of you said Steve Irwin who we knew as the crocodile hunter who died. It was back in 2000 sex while. On it and it's who has some news views about why couldn't get it done. A good or your because. On first we've never he's kind of the only person like that that we had in modern culture you know somebody that. That introduced us and got us closer to animals and went out into the dangerous stuff with the crocodiles and just all those things that we would always be too scared to do ourselves. And the fact that he died so dramatically. And act that there is video on it I know he. Face stingray if you remember that he was recording in Australia and a stingray shot him right through the heart. And and he died instantly and for democratic people whose recordings Tunisia. The fact that it was so. Associated with the job united -- figured Steve Irwin someone's gonna die as a result of a when he does Furlan and but the fact that it was that and he has this had. This beautiful family. Two young kids and Patrick and his young son Robert was. As your half or two years old at that point is older daughter and the fact that I I remember all this gap can tell you. Outbid you now is probably college age and has taken on kind of her dad's mission of conservation and act and a sound say I got Alan. I I had no clue why it was so but it is a very popular answer 5767798. Or you can texted at 22980. Who'll from the celebrity world is passed. It really her whip when you found out that person. Well it was gone in line 576779. Nader text 22980. Yeah. After the break will will play and it's of the big local London that a lot of you were mentioning. And we'll we'll talk about. That that's a popular one to look here for me coming up next punch that are coming in this time that didn't happen. The last time we chatted about this will reach some of those coming up next as well. Okay. Let me. Okay. Yeah. And I. I. Put it in attacks on John Denver similarly lost that had an emotional. Connection for one of our listeners. Text of men as we lost Aretha Franklin earlier today. 22980. Or 576779. Aids a lot of different answers committed a sex line Sosa. Said I JFK junior. Is something nobody had said before and what I was wondering about why. I got supplies is a big deal about the impact of that and an if you wanna weigh in. I'm attacks on our Colin about why that one would it affect you so much. Again I think some of it comes down to the way some of these deaths happened. But it. JFK it was beloved in his country and and many people were devastated and distraught obviously when he was taken from us way too soon and JFK junior was. Other than a sister you know kind of kind of the guy had still in and the one week you watched grow up you know we watched in his entire life and handsome and young and charismatic and a beautiful wife and I and kind of represented the future and that JFK didn't have. But the fact that he died in a a dramatic plane crash you know over the Atlantic coast and ocean had a dual wedding he was flying the plane. An and you know it took five days opera they were not able to get on the bodies three days later and then recovered everything from the water five days later. It was pilot error they determined you know it was his fault that he wasn't able to control the plane at night over water. I remember I remember that that was in 9990 are reporting now on on the air and and that being pretty emotional for people that. 5767798. What about you. Good one of the tax like John Candy. Losing John Candy was was tried everybody liked John Candy nobody it was like I hate that John Candy and news junky and he was awareness like that nicest guy. And you're on came BC thinks Colin. Yeah good chuckle. I. A little bit at all. Very. If you derby issues. Google forever or for will be ours. Although there is sixty days. Martin Luther. Outed treat. Those are his partner org or spoke. Now that early or so ago but about the separate. What he brought so what he got when he was killed noses like to me you know twelve or soul it and you know or later. Bobby Kennedy. You know it was unavailable in the morning Sheila brother on the phone is Doug and achieve. There is can cheer on the old or under. In those so those cute and actually. For for music was. And worker he got here at interim go. You got the courage you know. Thank you appreciate that. And Bobby Kennedy. I mean there are some people thought he was that the note. At JFK it was it was great. Lot of people got this right but Bobby was the guy everybody Bobby was with Purdue Casey next I Casey. Guys great chill analyst urban on your couple times. My biggest wind. Aided Paul Walker. When he died and how he. Popular answer yes partially because it was just in the news this morning are his brother's going to be. In the seventh installment as well because one of his Brothers looks enough like him but they're gonna put an Adobe. Yeah they did this seven point already and his brother was actually the one on the lake scene and he's not going to be in the eighth one they trying to rid Amal. What about widgets and point. OK I gotcha. I did I did not know and it honestly I've only seen the first fast and the furious I haven't seen the it's an eight or whatever happened after it be ample locker. And that he is was the quarterback conversely blue totally got hurt and a Casey thanks so much for that and we appreciate it 5767798. Couple local sports once Derrick Thomas. In the Kansas City Chiefs your Donald venture out. I aperture of the royals that was less than two years ago. However believe. Right after that the World Series. He was back in in his home state earn his own country excuse me. Yet those those two sports wise grab a lot of people here. Now on it to some other answers that are coming in the Cayman. The last time rapist he Princess Diana a really popular answer. I'd said Patrick Swayze was a bad one for me because I'm I'm of the perfect age were dirty dancing was a big deal when I was a kid and and watch that career as I grew up. And for me with him as it's because. For scissors as beloved as an actor in this country by heat in L a dance or even before he was an actor in the fact that as soon as you heard pancreatic cancer. You know Andy of it that's maritime yeah now it's you don't you don't beat back. And it just whittled him away at this waste of a guy and we and he was doing TV roles at times he got to watch it. Not so that was bags several he's saying Antonin ordained. But for now for sure. Let's talk to but Jerry Yang KM BZ I Jerry. May I it will be Elton John. Elton John will be your one that she'll he'll have to take a minute. Ali Ali. So and I mean we all diet so might I add I think they Kennedy's part the web with JFK. And I remember. You know I'm not old enough you remember. It hit bad is happening I was actually. Being born at the time but. IE. I think it I remember where wire. When I learned and I think it was just because it was it was at Kennedy. I I really do I think that even know you don't have it you damn it was built that Kennedy mystique. Right yeah for exactly from his from his dad and and passing and going on down it absolutely. Jerry thanks let's wrap this up with court on Camby easy court to the final word here. We're not guys. When I was younger brother ten medium that our bacon. Are so when Dale Earnhardt passed away pretty tough for us. I still imagine it wasn't just you lost a driver but. I doubled that dale connected your family you know you said you watched it with your family with a brother with your dad I'll bet dale connected the three of you. It. Yeah it was our prayers are fairly good. I autographed. Dallas opera. Are admirable occidental this early are written remember watching that Daytona 500 race. And it was the most unassuming crash it looked like any other rack that you watch this before although the Hans device and everything we have now. But it just look at the most unassuming rack. And then ten minutes later you're like. It hasn't gotten out of that car yet and people are running over his son was running over like it was emotional. And he's still one of the most popular drivers on the on the other circuit has been gone. For so long we lost Aretha Franklin today love more than I'm sure go to the news mark Laboy she was 76. And died at her home in Detroit you can continue this conversation over on her FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com. Slash 91 KM BZ. The yet you cash this hour for your chance at 1000 dollars. Our time our NE IG HBO. Our neighbor text that it is 728172881. Will give you knew were coming up at 1 o'clock. Listen to this could translate. Okay on the radio but we encourage you to go to our FaceBook page and received a new renderings. I have two words Treo you out more asked. So it. With the Kansas City City Council airport committee got a pretty big update today from Casey I and more meant more to companies that is in charge of designing and ultimately constructing the new single terminal plan for TCI. And there is a fifty page document that is on Casey a most web sites KC Mo dot com forward slash Mukasey guy it's on our FaceBook page in the comments if you wanna go there yeah it's. It's 58 pages but if you wanna see it's pretty easy to scroll through and it it is very visual but if you want to see what the new terminal and ultimately that. Area is going to look like I would it take a look at it. Is for those of us that are excited about getting a new terminal and guy getting in some new amenities out of that airport this is critical look at. But I said more bathrooms. If if you even if you can't stand the fact that there's going to be certain single terminal fine but they're gonna double the number of bathrooms that are past security. And it used to read about also saw a guy I've waited outside of the men's room to get into the men's room where there's one toilet and one your at all assuming it's old right and sometimes it's close assuming that they're they're even open so we know we have this money until today. But they're currently 63 restrooms past security that is a dollar lot must be stalls at my feet. They're gonna it's gonna be a 130. In the news so no more waiting in line for her. A restaurant I mean it accurately that's what they're gonna double the number of restaurant facilities meet has entered its second term. And I and I know that this is. A big deal for Justin Myer who's in charge of marketing Robert Casey I've but he he jokes on where if you follow him on confused a lot about this today that it it release a big deal they're gonna have doors that swing out. Just think about that and that's dolls because of they swing and your trying to get an error with your bag and in the Doris kind of way. They are gonna swing out so we got the but just scroll through it it's it's really exciting. To take a lie and to really get an idea of what it's gonna look like and so their images that. You know when you're looking at you got to deal lounges on one side to get the check and all you've got the parking garage it's going to be across from where you go check in there. On you can really get an idea of of what this is going to look like. I've scroll through. And I don't want a good jump the gun because it happened you have to do it. What are the things that gets me kind of excited is an arm and a business person per say like I owed to a lot on my you know I go to the airport my iPhone I'm generally not doing anything for this radio program. But there's a little business now which that is in there it's 4500 square feet of business lounge it he's scroll down ancient. I've lost it but I have no idea that art yeah that I'll talk about the it's cool with towns where there's you know all different kinds of workstations lounge seating there's going to be a bar surgery in there. In this business lounge when you walked in I mean even just the first thing you see at the very first first part of this this document. Is it a bit how close everything is guess what Jamie. It's convenient. You park in the garage across the street from the single terminal and you check in right there it is. Absolutely. Possible to peak convenient. Promise. Promise on and then there's also on page twenty leaders this town square. That's gonna have to perform space even and this big area to talk about Kansas City history local businesses. I know that I councilwoman. Jolie Justus was asking questions this morning about its and a fountain in the interior they're still looking for a location for that guy. I think the goal is to have. Since scarcity of fountains. To have you found on in the interior on so. If if you're curious to see error or skeptical about you know the plan or what it's gonna look like at least as a giving a good idea what's common there's like six pages on the bathrooms it's a right that there's like six under. Because the to have a because it's a necessity right lets you don't care about restaurants and you don't care about you know bars pass security or anything can we all agree that we need. An appropriate number of rest rooms past security and we don't have that now that. Assuming they're open their small cramped there's not enough room there's a different way to line it's digs the you have to wait in line. They're just completely inadequate. And that is going to be fixed. Let I don't see. Floor space to sit on and and and no clocks for by phone I don't feed I didn't hear IC. Lots of chairs lounges and shares. With charging stations that's weird I don't understand that in Kansas City it doesn't detailed specific number are. Down. Buy it for sure they will be all over the place Jamie. Want you to scroll. To page when I look at the very top and black. Scroll up in nearly 3334. I want you to go to page 36. Carries excellence of the go to thirty seconds you can scroll up to 36 when you see there. Are you on writing passengers Gallagher yeah three escalators. Accessible elevators. It. Is back it up I'm sad on the cell doesn't like escalates. Ever and announced to use there and it Modesto elevators there do you scroll down further seven. Baggage claims. Success didn't baggage claim we have these. Editors to issue new hurdles and you know what sucks is when two flights get out there at the same time and a third flight gets there at the same time you're never getting your back plus one for just for international that's right up the town of five to destination will be at Iceland. And Mexico and the dominicans are right now again. I'm more wicket they're always work and I are great so. It's it's just really exciting to see on. And it's great if your timeline to a twenties at eighteen to 2823. Fact we are at the concept design. Complete that's this thing up next the environmental assessment approval. Then he schematic design begins and then finalize development agreement. I think the critical thing there is the groundbreaking ceremony that appears to be set for the early part of next year yeah with construction beginning. And your terminal grand opening set for 22 victory. So it looks so cool look check out. I I know that some people love the way that it's designed now and you're gonna love it even more you can't like. Like I likes get out of my car sometimes and then boom I'm bear. But you can like that and like this you don't. Fly decent amount yeah. And maybe he's just because I've flown through so many other airports that are big you still get through pretty quickly but as a before I I. Have family in Chicago and I fly back multiple times a year. Midway airport is the are foreign and far away more than any other it is a single terminal. And I'm I'm somebody that's gonna cut it close to battle like to just sit and I'm not the person that gets their three hours before my flight is I think it's fun to take out the airport. So I'll leave in time even with traffic and stuff on time in midway airport is close second cut it it's a single terminal. You know he used TCU. I never get there are more than an hour before my flight and that's because I'm dealing with traffic that's more predictable than it's ever going to be here. And are more flights that go through a way that are ever gonna come through here so it's it's convenient it's easy you have and and again the thing that. All. Jamie yeah 68 check in counters 72 cell service kiosk eighteen security lines. Eighteen security. Here's that's a good. Okay for people here's why that's a good thing is that on if you ever flown through Southwest Airlines say the day before Thanksgiving. Yeah are. Wrapped in a line. Your your it's so convenient becomes wow is this a massive pain in the neck I am about to miss my flight. Because southwest is overwhelmingly. Busier than any other airline we have TCI. And because there are only so many security lines that's southwest because you have multiple terminals. Those that those two security lines are on the point where is if you have one line. That everybody gets and that and dispersants to eighteen. Then it's all even move people through security. You can see the 41 story on it and an honor FaceBook page the first comment is it the PDF. That we're talking about that we're scrolling through and we understand that. Pictures don't translate right well it's why we got struck trying to point out some of the highlights. Let bathrooms are big deal eighteen security lines 130 bathrooms. 72. Do yourself kiosks to get in and out. All of the food and beverage options that are to be sporadic weight put. If you mean there's nothing. More until she acts. What what is it picking tackle up an important important Beckel he isn't taken panel you get the pork and pickle and want you get the royals restaurant and there's the Mexican place I think yeah. That L tequila Ria or whatever and Burger King I've ever ever seen the burger and and little wind mark there's more than. There I think there are going to be a lot of that while you roll out of them sit down Lotta local and is in their two which is a big deal but they're all there. That's that's a good way to promote cancer yet they haven't told us what yet. And when they'll tell us I guess I mean maybe it's gates maybe it's boulevard maybe it's Jack stack maybe it's Joe's we we don't know that yet. But there is this looks at all. Cool all lie so if you and and I get at some of your gonna pay it no matter what I had to comments and attacks on us I just add eighteen straight lines doesn't mean I'm going to be up and they're gonna open as many might to have necessary that is open as many as well as they wait to get people through your you're always gonna hate that's fine that but look presentation and I just it color pictures that really show what it's gonna look like and compare it to what we have now. And again you're not gonna wait in line for. Compare all the hustle that just how bright it looks out rightly took all the windows in the size in the space as opposed to the library. Cavernous dungeon that we have. For an international airport. In the north land no more so in on the floor. You're knocking it is an authority more you can still choose to get out like you replied but I told you when we were flying to Las Vegas for your wedding yeah. Operating Goodman and I and and a group of other people who point Iran the same flight on what's the one little Stella. Bar that has like four seats in front of it. I'll tell about argued that it is ours there's a bar somewhere that terminal that has like four chairs in front of it. There were six of us and those chairs were fallen so we got our Beers and leased their pictures of us sitting on the floor. At the terminal waiting to board the flight you're not gonna have to do that it was very special you're not to get her nice bonding moment for all of us good job edge more looks great looks right yak. There were grateful for the updated its prequel to see how things are gone and we're very excited. You concede under FaceBook page FaceBook dot com. Slash 91 KM BZ and again it's the channel 41 story the first comment is the PDF which scrolls through 57 pages. A loss of next. Of straight up awesome missed. All right coming up ready to talk about a story we had a little earlier eating it she instigated now you can. Should eight girls face charges what kind of charges should be pressed against her for shoving her friend off a bridge. The girls okay. She ended at water. What is this a felonious. Act. We'll tell you about it coming up next or 91 KM BZ we will have your next keyword cash. Canada just before 1 o'clock Nick's story comes to us out of Washington State's. And it's what it well and falls regional park and I would encourage you to check out ABC's faced a page that's where you'll see Abe really quick video of what we're talking about what happened when a group kids went to this bridge. That six of since about sixty feet out from a river and it's a popular spot for kids ago and about the bridge in the ever even though the park says you're not supposed to people do it anyway. So a couple of weeks ago on August 7 we had a group of kids that went. And a girl named Jordan holders and was on the alleged the bridge and was think about jumping off. Frenzy now Everett was doing it she's been challenged and often she was hesitant about it haven't second thoughts. So an eighteen year old girl who was standing behind her name Taylor Smith walks up behind her. Grabs her shoulders. And pushes the sixteen year old into the water. Again we're talking sixty feet. So the sixteen year old tries to land with her feet in the water first but that doesn't happen and she kind of she does sort of a belly flop she lands with her chest and her. Face hitting the water first. She ends up breaking six reds she's got a punctured lung there's a mass behind her windpipe. She was in the hospital for quite a bit at least she's out now that she's pretty serious recovery ahead of our. And doctors of sad. She could have died in fall and were talking about you know. I'm a major sixty dollars at 3454. Stories five stories can be so it's it's a pretty long fall and so Clark county sheriff's department of their investigation they've completed it. And they afforded on the prosecutor's office there to decide. What if any charges should be filed against the eight year old that pushed her off the bridge. The victim here said she wants more of an apology. And she talked to immediately start that today showing and maybe a couple of others and it seemed like initially. When asked what should happen to this girl and Taylor chore initially almost like it didn't occur that it would it would even be something we're charges would be fine. Because she she says well you know maybe some jail time givers in time to think about it it didn't occur right in that this can really be a big criminal charge against her. The girl I guess did apologize but not. Not a real genuine way and text message that my bad cat yeah it was like. She said something like I didn't really care that I did it. And she. Add text of The Today Show and sad you know I'm sorry. But the girl wants more an apology and so the question is if this was just kids you know up their group and around. What should happen to the eight year old girl that pushed her friends off the bridge into the water. What you know how bad does this work out lawyers we don't know exactly what charges would be but but how did the deal is. 576. 77985767798. He had a sixteen year old girl standing there she's hesitant about doing what all the other kids dude jumping off this. 5060 foot bridge into water. Girl on the other side of the railing. Pushes her and she falls in punctures her lungs and breaks ribs and she got a lot of medical bills in front ever. What is this is this assault is this endangerment is this. Kids being kids just goofing around I mean I've pushed friends into a pool I've never push them off a bridge. And before anybody calls in and asks this question. No it's probably not allowed that these kids are jumping off the bridge we all kinda know that rightly the bridges that it's not a playground. But it's what kids do and I'll bet that there's lakes and things around here in Missouri in Kansas that your kids go jump off lover jumping to. That they're probably not supposed to do. But is this. Is this. How illegal this this is this a felony is this the charge him. I don't know you should she do prison time it looks awful. If you haven't seen the video of an appended to the top of the KM BZ FaceBook page it's right there at the top of you wanna see it. It looks bad. Job and it took ten days for this to get turned over to the attorneys to the district attorney's office but it looks terrible. It's a lot of Europe and ogle wise I initially they didn't identify right away either her friends didn't go to the police it's a few days to even know whom the person was that Musharraf the breads. And if you're having a hard time we don't know legal systems and no one charged this qualifies for that I would ask should she be doing prison time. For us now is is it that the point and and how much what's the sports. I don't know. On she can probably argue that she didn't. Know that it's a push like that can cause those kinds of injuries for sure she can she can argue that. It was her intention to herder you know that it wasn't intentionally with these injuries. And that she didn't think about it at heart that she just just bluster in us is joke around she was hesitating and she didn't mean anything. With Mallon had died it didn't seem like it. But the girls sixty feet into gold pot a body of water broke her abs but a lot of them were jumping out you know and and kids landed thigh. And so I'm sure part of what does eighteen year old thought was emotionally and the same way as everybody else with everybody else has jumped sixty feet and their land and just this is. I don't know the legal definition of this this is not attempted murder somebody seven to ten final while ago this is known not attempted murder. But this seems like it's got to be somewhere or is this of assault. I don't I get I don't know the legal system and am now that's why look at that in terms of what the punishment would be you know how how bad is it is this. Thirty days in jail bad or is this go do some serious time or do you think it shouldn't just be a civil case. She's gonna have medical bills I don't know what kind of insurance those those girls got but she's gonna have some major medical bills probably some physical therapy and stuff to go through overtime 5767798. You're right about that is ebony I've seen. When this popped up a week ago. You looked at her and she did an interview in a wheelchair you know probably with her lawyers made it dressed it up a little bit but for the cameras I don't even care. But she did it from a wheelchair with all that you know braces and everything and now here we are in the DA's gonna look at. So keep in mind she is this girls eighteen. Probably. Working a part time job does not have the money for fifty or 100000 dollars in medical bills sell should parents be on the hook for. She's eighteen she's an adult she's just aren't sculptured appearance on the hunt for a bad stock to bar and came BC we think Bart. Well if if they'll quit but if if Brooklyn district disregarded. You can they be at bat is at the crime. You'd you'd build. You know pushes the republic. At the metal worker in our oh legally it rocked the picture period there's no question about that. If you ought to be content if you do. Get it wrong and drive your tent is not true record through your local. Heavily he'll. That's not sure that your that would get the car truck. Or however that not help that the low. So. Without court reckless disregard of you with their. And Bart appreciate phone call what do you think you agree with mark 5767798. Were just kids being kids.