Midday with J&W:Travis has rules for the gym. Do You?

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Friday, March 9th

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It is a little full are happy Friday to be out. He's lying. I hope you have a great day today I really I hope everyone has a wonderful. Ideal. Even the person just text in the said they're waiting for real radio show to show up. On this radio program a we definitely appreciate that that supersedes all of you know that mr. Republicans parks will be hurt he's comic ideas here. And filling in for. Or is it just got to. I just kind of come together joke and no I'm not sure what is or keyword cash. I'm looking to make sure wing WI NG I loved the work for the next hour I'm wing WI NG to export and 7281. If you can't do it right the second because you're driving earlier meeting her something very important to an hour to do this now yes 78 dateline we will give you another word at noon and one and two and three and four and not much of a workout guy. I think it's amber Aggie pretty known you are tall and lanky yeah. I ate fresh eyes for dinner last night heat and add some Beers at sprint senator. During the big twelve turn a man still Latin metabolism and I got states and candy when I got home and I differ I had strawberries grapes a granola bar and these strategies you have. Ultimately it. Balance right which is a nice of one cup coffee in the morning that's about all the caffeine I have during the day. Koreans are and we may need to later we may need to the free it's a new yet that's usually starts out on the other hand quite that I mean. You are a workout warrior right yes everyday. Yes everyday that gym everyday yep we got. Sundays are my area come. Oft is by so Google they're like ride a bike I'll update you better idea. Is that it. Yes. Well. Opt out of the bike ride the bike and apps are off on touch anyway. It's you know I used opposite exists you know I do on Sunday layup accounts within I'd hate quietly and sleet. I try to not do anything on Sundays so. You'll never have the experience that Travis. This though it's all pasted dive into Travis is like to sign your world and speaking of Jim I have five. Rules to gym etiquette in my in my opinion on the need to be five on how well it depends idols are legal. But it is I'm gonna have a number six the goes along with my story so budget etiquette five. Racked your weights is number one what does that mean that means when it whenever whenever you're using weights put the weight back to where you got that as opposed to you leaving them where you were you wore a vote on the bench and you have a 45 or whatever you have on the bar take it off but it it's it's a general rule of thumb in life. They make a mess clean it up exactly accurate ways number two. Where you all our. If you're. Doesn't matter where you are if you saw what some Wear white that's what all wide ops where that's number one rule well today Alec that's the good all the agency there's a sanitized house and -- people not do with some people deal. So fierce if you have a head full sweat where years going down were about the only down I want out of that you know those the same people who don't wash their hands ad in the public. Exactly like I saw several guys do that yesterday at its prisoner and it was gross. Number three don't hover over someone after you ask how many says they have so pica wrote the Mike and he's doing dumb bells. Hey Mike I'm set to go left over and I go like two left. You don't want me standing next to you waiting for you to finish hosted. Eight report. Keep the conversations to a minimal when people are awaiting. If Jamie and Mike are sitting next to each other doing weights and I say hey I'm ago left they say to. Will be out about ten minutes at ten minutes or isn't a thirty minutes because you've got to have conversations that are lift that's my kind of rule. Number five did it is my biggest one. No crop dusting. And not just for a walk the weightlifting or since what ours are the works. Those notes here guys and all in is because I've only I'll pass a few girls that have done it. Where I was going to lift that. I've that a bad. To that they are real bad some times on Saturday or Sunday mornings because a lot of people for what ever reason life. I'm gonna go work out I handle yes and when you have. Them the night of drinking behind you write that gets really nasty exactly so your five rules to review Jamie. Racquet Wade's wife blockers what don't harbor don't talk too much. And no crop dusting yes. This is my pin we've followed it he walks. This week. Did not yell let's say that might this I should add this to number six. I think all Jim should do this. That's like when you go to the gym you're trying to relieve stress wanna get away from the world. So most gyms have TVs everywhere. Well I want to go ride a bike yesterday to do my warmup for the TV and for enemy scifi channel's. And Osama bin these mood. While others oh rowing machine next in his lady gets the remote and puts it on CNN oh. I law and I don't think any TV station I don't care is local news. If it's national news it should be. In the gym. Because I like when you coach's job is right. Some and I'll bandit and I and all GM should be an because you're going to hear that these stress I don't wanna see. And she put CNN on hum to change my my TV down watching it a few people were behind or watching. The CNN. I have I have flown in because it at bitterly. Our second here the TV so did bother me that much but it bothered enough because I could see the next TV over for me. I could now see which other problems she would put on Fox News or MSNBC same problem same drop OK Debra does not because it CNN now are all NASA news should be off and say. I'm more upset. That she just changed the channel without asking NG just picked up the remote how many people or or facing the television. Well so where were sitting there is three. Treadmills I mean that exceeded TV that was why everybody was on their way you can kind of hear grimace so there's like 45 people that are also watching misty be -- swipes the remote puts ads and it puts it on and you I'm sure people as they warned could go up remove. But when you're in the group. Sure they get up. To right and she does go to another team there's there's sixteen TVs in the place. Where they're people watch it like what are people on Ike's troubles in front of them yes but no arm. A somewhere available though what it did to rowing machines were part of the TV's that few I mean there's only two run machines and in his jail. Ended at the team should go somewhere in the remote road aren't you decide to put on it. Didn't ask like I don't do that at home. When I know he's not watching the TV but it's on in the room like you. Ask right IK IQ are you watching and see exactly yeah you're a public place and all you put on news. Like to do Easter as. Sports are you put on. You know something that is not hard to follow lake you put on the card ashy and right featured on the show you of something that's light. She is CNN because I just like your terrible. This is just my opinion for some of us in the gym a lot. Is that you're going to the it and two. Powered our lifting weights at the same may have a job that we're there so focused on. Whatever they're doing sales soared number crunching and electronic get anyone to catch up I don't times entrepreneur and a jail. Everybody else celestial like he do you care if I put on CNN. You said if she would have asked. I think I probably would of that would be different if she asked. Cowell pros throughout our progress that your go ahead real concrete channel guy. It is war couldn't say no please don't turn it on you as I attendance left on non-GAAP exam that everybody would have appreciated that. I mean. Now she knows that we are honors again urged right. Via are actually now I think about a prime would have said no you said now yeah. That have this happen is this happening your GM when somebody is walks in and turned the channel on and of all things they put it on some form of cable news. It's weighing attacks on and some of the other two girls alright general. Well after this list I'm writing them down low I'm writing them down Travis is list is rack your weight wipe off your sweat don't harbor don't talk too much. And no crop dusting my house. That reminds him expert terrified crop dusting your life. 576779857677. And can take that into two. 980 that Friday we have a key word cash for use the word is. Winged. WI NG. Wing what number text it to seven to 81 think you are asking for a school project or is it or did we union got WI NG. We are going over Travis is Jim rules. Just apparently he had add a new one yesterday 85 rules of Travis walker are. Iraqi awaits wipe off your sweat don't harbor don't talk too much. And no crop dusting. And what do we have to add now don't put on cable news yes the no news but if you're going to change the channel asked people ask the people around around. But I like tennis or like cool the car dash sheets even better. To cable news. So we're asking you what are the other Jim roles that we need analysts are going to your calls here because you're coming up a lot of good ones. My two favorites so far now are the people there texting and saying and and Travis Ollie you. Did cancel more too because people are saying an and it sounds like a lot of you are complaining about men trying to pick up women at the Japan. Picking up trying to pick up people the gem and staring at the opposite sex. Here's here's why sauces Jim out while outlawed yoga pants paired to strike into the gentlemen trying to work out. Call up close tight yes or both sexes by design. Mel my fiance had where Japan's all the time she goes to work now and never distracts me and and you girl walking in. Doesn't distract you walk at the outline who my desire will try to tell someone what to waiter. One working out gutsy people going there would gene's passing be more there there were close working out. Our tight. For season app engine I'd if you're gonna start following yoga pants idle this is not a country went live like to the I'd not just. I mean everything is. And or not. There the assault rifle a hands do not ban those. Please do and everyone looks when somebody walks in every one. At that but for due to. Laws for that long because you're standing. As a distraction to everyone. As it doesn't work out I don't know this is like so I'd I don't know we'll call him and this is we need people. So texted I would love to hear you call and so many rules that people complain about it people the Jen will get to. There's one there's some real good ones come in on its excellent let's go to the phones by 767798. Cavity in Kansas City what's the general we need and. It needed depth oriented the guys started pick up women. What's wrong seen. That we seem quite a few shut down. You know I'd I have my headphone. But it. And come down though he nearly all of my hat on just like a journalist and economic conversation but ultimately you know woman serenity squad's third. I think the big it is there in the stretching like in the little. Imagine they have you know area where you could stretch and that's where it seemed like all the creature or it's like thing out of there. Does. No. From what I've seen now. Papers of the Polk called Kevin I mean. It's it's funny no mention that because. The main question that always comes out. So you governor often. Mill up all I don't premier golf passing through to the island and hundreds. A different times out of ten the woman or the man just wants to work out and not talk to you 5767798. Let's go to Steve in Kansas City and JMB easy. Steve what's a rule we have to add to Travis is Jim rules. Well at dodger September give points currently the mob my normal could be number one rule is back in the locker room. Come out of this team room but it drives. Sledding. And their big science they leash color before you do. And digital camera the steam room dressed on top right in the hot. So gruesome it is bringing their whole body sweat into the hot tub. In exactly out of Asia and the other day and he actually. Say there was this feat and you know we're in the water clip in his own mail and it. Us. What are honestly I'm not Jim guy but what is the difference between that and me sitting by the pool and sweating and getting in the pool. A good point I really did a really big light you know regular like that but it to me I'd I would wanna be in the the son do them right. I just don't wanna see you get a annals sweaty and I don't want to see you walked out of the steam room. And then go right to the edge in order what is there a difference between me sit by the pool it's a 107 degrees outside nice I begin to sweat a jumpin. Is there because I don't shower book egg you know between this yes there's a sign. Guy that's why pitcher being told not to you are right that's a difference. Let's go to Mike in Kansas City on KM BZ Mike what are we gonna add to the gym rules. Well I ran gyms are twenty year old. Lady ladies and millions. And I always thought they were not being the enemy market. You know that's when everybody candidate junk or you add some. Did come to work out that I've seen people take a robotics. Every day for five years and never seems Serb body. There there all the time and nothing happens. Not that happens they look exactly the same. Up up up. Bridget the Polk called my twenty years he ran in the this is maybe my favorite tax we've ever received at an attack line. Do not use the hand dryer to dry your genitalia. In Bangalore about men into LA and I'm sure you're in the gym and they'll give you raise gulag idea well but you hit the button you know I mean. Yeah. Oh it happens. Here's a good one. Lost it's basically is don't slander weights and grunting because everyone knows you're there are trying to make it louder. 48. Rite of their old ways the gate and meet heads that want to know. Everyone knows that their rights. Lot of talking on the cell phone. Jan and and that complain there's a lot of Texans or singing a lot. To Bluetooth head your penis wouldn't say like actually talking on the phone. And I don't know some people probably argue it's a Texan but a lot you focused on you know choosing their songs I I guess at that but sometimes I step away format they hate you need to go ahead and making us well. Go to Rick in Kansas City Rick you're on KM BZ what are we gonna add Travis is Jim rules. Game now and well and gave people on their material where there's there's. Two ways you can do okay one thing is you don't talk to all little warm it is in the middle squads certainly is a huge swing set up that. She knows you're court's error if you're mature beyond our congress is not the Apollo that. That's what people like the other callers and if people don't you know they're just. And to meet somebody and they're really working out yeah there's a probable that that need to be automate a roll it. Preserve a direct thanks man we appreciate it. Can and we all can agree. That no one wants to see naked old guy walking around the locker room like. Step one foot up on the bench and have a conversation eight with EO and everything just hang in there I think sometimes people forget the bring house or the computer at home. They won't do is figure that if I want to see is going to. Seek swell its. The Celtic and keep committed to turn adding zero. You can musical by 767798. Also coming up. Last week we told you what president trumps tariffs will do to your beer costs because the cut out price of aluminum will likely go up and raise your. Beer for ten cents per canned. Now there messing with whiskey. Yet how that's now there messing with whiskey will explain pierced she was he's. I think the manual or another character insurers and it's left to text in the word wing it is seven to 81 your keyword cashes out or is winging it due to last seven to 81 W I eight and G. I feel about terrorists. Here's that here's my whole take on president trust their tariffs on job aluminum and steel I have no idea what's going to happen. I'm not an economist I have no idea if this is going to create thousands of new jobs I have no clue. The only thing I know about the terrorists. From president trump. Is that most Republicans and Democrats. Don't like it and all of the other big dog countries in the world. Are pissed. I don't know that means there. I mean luckily C but to me. That doesn't sound good. It's a difficult real you know most of congress doesn't like some people would say if most of congress doesn't like something that it's probably a great thing. You know I mean. I think the important thing to note about that is that there are a lot of people in president trumps party that don't like yeah you'd expect Democrats not to like it. Just out of principle and but the fact that Paul Ryan's mother pretty prominent Republicans don't like probably no media guide to some big element. I exactly. But we'll find out yeah those we told you last week that MillerCoors released a statement that your price of beer. If this goes the way they're expecting it will probably start to go up between four and ten cents a case. And story Esquire or put it on just. Dull too far but this doesn't this might affects not of people. So it's not officially connected the tariff or sand steel and aluminum and can start up and man as this thing yeah Digisette. His economic advisors are against that the international is making threats even Paul has opposed the terror is hitting everyday Americans do. Right where it hurts Bob Barr as you mentioned at Miller Miller or spoke out about it. And make a Jack Daniels which makes sixteen other liquor brands as well isn't happy either. After president trump announced his terror plans 00. After a trip out here plans for the official the CEO round Foreman. Which makes Jack Daniels and his company would be. And unfortunate and unintended victim I don't know an of harsher or part of you in Washington as well so here's what they point out. Jack Daniels does not Reliance Steel & Aluminum from other countries to make whiskey it does lie and thirsty drinkers abroad to buy what it selling. Europe is brown Foreman second biggest market unfortunately. I lost its pipeline to Tennessee whiskey bands in Europe because. In retaliation for trust parents the EU has proposed its own retaliatory tariffs on American made products. That list includes orange juice peanut butter chewing tobacco and US whiskey archery or spot. So old. Now they'll let out really knew her and her so EU will probably. Hike whiskey prices in response to the tier upgrade while threatening American jobs and that means that. Brown Foreman will silence. Because there are a lot of whisky options out there yeah besides to acting and great wonderful so nauert affecting beer. And whiskey if this search to affect somehow the wind industry. And a grand scale. Than people and everybody drinks alcohol is going to be really upset about this. It unless we create your game it could for the same reason my now you're generate produces quite a bit of their own line. Obviously but is quite a bit too so it could. But. I'm just thinking about what I mean we use the wind industry uses dual. Steel barrels for fermentation a lot of a lot of wine that's not. Doesn't have time to sit in wooden barrels. And Cooper's camera outwards here but. Does this day I can't get a scientific work it does on. In steel bear and steal big tubs and no on an in thing. Line I have no idea I mean I if if we're figure revert to figure out a way to produce our own and and whatnot here and it's a good thing cool in just. EU you do it doesn't. Sound good. If that's the layman's a way to put it it just doesn't sound good. Now here is the only chance and I'm playing is out for all of you who you were talking about drug RBB ready erratic. Run it write this down still keep track what's going on my home state of Illinois and there is. A steel plant near Saint Louis but indeed. On the Illinois side. That kind of shattered a steel plant a couple of years ago. That is talking about breeze starting in response to the terrace and that it being bring 500 jobs backed globe and on line which needs them for shore. So that would be a good thing that would come out now while I mean it was was the idea behind the tear the the ideal wise to encourage more American made steel. Thank you steal fermentation for taste that was out they test line. The tanks the tanks are steel. President trump spoke about it yesterday about the tariffs and you know he's got some things that he's you know worried about. The American steel aluminum industry has been ravaged. By aggressive foreign trade practices. It's really an assault on account. Our investors have been targeted for years and years. Decades in fact by unfair foreign trade practices leading to the shuttered plants and mills. My most important job is to keep. American people safe. And speaker. Of Samoan and his party all right Republican deface some would say of the Republican Party. I'm not thrilled with the idea of these terrorists. I'm just not a fan of broad based across the board tariffs because I think you'll you'll have a lot of unintended consequences you have a lot of collateral damage such as consumers. On the businesses. A computer frozen trying to hit playing there we go yeah right exactly the best policy. Is to be surgical. And in specific and go after those specific unfair trade practices. I actually think there is a better more effective way to address unfair trade practices. And edit to go after those practices specifically. Particularly if on the go train shipment. Where they'll dollars deal to those shipment to us through another country. So it and look like it's coming from China. We should go like that speaker Ryan. Speaking yesterday after the announcement and the signing of these terrorist nothing there's going to be some breaks from Mexico and Canada. Which is probably a good thing is there are neighbors will be a lot we a lot of steal from Canada we get an economist. And if we start. You know imposing chew on tariffs there or in Mexico that all the fruit that we get out of Mexico and a lot of the things we get from Mexico. We're gonna see some some bad some bad stuff come our way so I don't know it's one of those things where you start affecting the people things people want like. Cars how does it affect the auto industry. How does it affect motorcycles how does it affect Harley-Davidson. That story's out actually. I will get outlook for it will get to that on the story are effectively Google Harley-Davidson that story's been Don today a lot of how the terrorists are going to affect Harley-Davidson Al man adds knocked out as you demand and now unsealed on it doesn't motorcycles. There are I'd says CBS knew exactly right here or there you know he's honored to be there. The company has struggled in recent years we've talked about that we know that they hear the Casey plant is moving. Body here and they're worried about it too ha ha I did not realize that they don't eat any more trouble. Well Lance fantastic mate maybe it'll help maybe again I don't know noted economist. So I can't tell you exactly what's going to happen but you start affecting things people want in America we love device the popular beer we love our cars or motorcycles. We love our our alcohol. We level whatever and if you start affecting their people are you pretty mad at the cost me of my twelve pack of beer the used to cost me nine bucks now cost me fifteen. Or your bottle of Jack Daniels the used to be seventeen bucks now cost 25. Or that you know small. Chevrolet that used to cost nineteen grand now cost 26000 dollars for the base model. People are going to be very mad people will not have the things they want to in this country is you know gonna suffer because it. I 767798. Let's go to Jeff in Kansas City and KM BZ how Jeff. Cry I think a lot of it is a huge money grab by companies. That you're talking about about Miller say and you ought may have affect the cost of you know appear bike and sent. Think about that perspective how much did that and it and AMP aluminum and way and we're talking about an ounce or two sure. Okay. At ten cents or one hand. How many ounces are in a crime that would be on. I mean if it's two ounces that it can't ways that means eight to be pound adding 161000. Hand. Four or a time. And it be. The terror on a comical little bit numb. Is not. Whatever that would be 16100 dollars for Taiwan. The terror is not that I. I get the point I'm making you know that they're talking about may be ready and the cost of aluminum to be imported. A little bit. And all the sudden. Yelled this is got to raise this is gonna raise the aluminum and buy it and as an exponential amount. It its leasing and it you know Miller saying it's partly saying it's Jack Daniels saying it's it's on the auto industry is getting worried about it it's every. Republican has come out and and including speaker right it's every Democrat they hate everything trump does. 88 it's not. You know there are more people than just. You know a few that are saying this is a troubling idea. And Morgan have to wait and see but I get the math I understand what he's saying and I just I guess we all have to just wait and it's not the right answer on the radio you're supposed to be polarizing and and I don't know. I just have no idea. What what's gonna happen but if Jamie's whisky goes up it's oh. Not go up for me it's gonna go up for the the market in Europe in any for us it'll stay the same because they don't you steal and it it's the fact that the EU is going to retaliate grain prices for people drinking in Europe and an entrance and and house trade wars are fun. Didn't president trump say trade wars are. Easy to win. Good news for the royals will tell you what's coming back. Get them back. It's it was Jamie what it will do that at a next here on KM BZ. If you are the royals fan you're probably pretty happy with this after of an eventful. Offseason for a lot of guys. You've got back when Escobar LCDs Escobar came back with Leah a contract Mike whose stock is yesterday. Agreed to a one year deal with the royals. The deal includes you mutual second option. He is 29 years old third baseman coming back. After hitting 38 home runs his contract this year will be a five and a half million dollars salary. And get some bonuses that are in there and then Travis what's the second year at fifteen and a half million dollars free mutual option if both of them. Both the royals and who swallowed up again next yes yep. There's a million dollar buyout. I'm just gonna go on and on record and say he'll never see that fifteen million he's basically signed a six and a half million dollar deal with the one million dollar. Buyout next year and I think they're just kind of desperate at this point. Both sides are probably right but both sides because yours you got a guy who. It was talked about because of its home runs last year so he should be their thing and he should be signed to a team Moody's the third baseman. But when you got a player who had to go down skewed the miners. To pick back up his swing. Why would you pay him a lot of money. I don't know. I don't know the answer to that. If you are Mike was pockets. And you turned down a three year 45 billion dollar contract from the angels. A month and a half ago how do you feel now right as we're in spring training the royals open the open season in three weeks. Now all you signed a what like you cost yourself fifteen of forty million dollars I think this is my have been one of the top that off season the last five years everybody yeah. The team's eyes you can't. Did the Yankees out of it you can't spend you don't spend a ton of money to weigh in and all you you you handicap your program hamstring you're your team. Down the road those ridiculous contracts to guys you're paying. People think Hosmer deal out San Diego welcome back to my pod race it just might come but one year five million bucks it goes back so you get more most home runs hopefully it at the tale season 12 with a five back. Whose stock is back Escobar back cause on. It's a sort of put this up I'd it was a burden from Madonna's extent possible got a 144 million Lorenzo Cain got eighty the brewers Jason bargains got sixteen from the Mets I wanna say yeah we're Jerome Dyson side he got a seven and a half million dollar contract with the Marlins is that right stake in yeah and moves got six and a half so. There's your season royals fans there and if I'm not mistaken preachers salvia is a free agent next year old boy. Catchers don't get the what do you do with that and I don't know because a lot of their money was gone from Gordon two years ago. Gordon contract. At a sporting bright representatives from Wright is hurting the royals right now it's coming back the bite that it is it really is hold itself. You know. It's such. An obvious. Mean catchers are in states senate. But that's an old he's at W catch as many games as Sylvia as a I got like that who is consistent you wanna pay him yet you do but the you have the money for our. To sell the wanna sit around watch this read right. That was back three year and you gotta ask are back from last year's poor. From the run I guess the royals in the last few years guys on the Diamondbacks he pay. He turned down any angels dealing cost him self forty million dollars because he thought he was gonna get more you believe and a that's ridiculous. If you happen to see. What LSU running back is name is Darius dice. Was asked when he was at the NFL scouting Tom line. What these scouting combine is for those that don't know that it's a couple of days in Indianapolis. And they have all the players college players that are likely to get drafted they haven't run the forty time and have them. Jump up guys to their high jump long jump and they run drills in the of the quarterbacks the row. It's so every team can bring their their personnel and watch the majority of the players that are going to be there. And Gary as guys. Travis your LSU guy you look at the LSU tigers good player I hate you. For busy position ranks he's the number two running back industry a one OK and so who'll probably be at least top 25 top thirty where your players going in the draft overall. Not bad that it all the one of the things they do after they see their physical ability. And they get the height the weight they have the you can request to talk to players. And Jerry's ice was asked by. A team some very interesting. Questions. Former LSU running back this music today Darius guy said in an interview. Yesterday that one NFL team asked about his sexuality. And another inquired if his mother was a prostitute. And Lola for its. Does that aren't aware of how this goes and when he's about because I find this fascinating even though I had to have the process explains Jeanne but just the idea that these questions were asked a lot of other questions like is that normal and what the purpose of that. Some some basics here well I mean are. Lastly about your life your friends you relationships they wanna know how old mentally stable you far. They'll be taken task all the wonder like you dislike the highest score ever think at thirty what's not like at 38 or whatever guy thinks it's one. They have the answer quick quite like ten minutes into like thirty questions and adding Vince Young once or six which is historically low. Usually offensive lineman from Harvard do really well pack it did it's it's critical thinking is the question Jeff the answer in twelve. Goldman fifty questions and twelve minutes what is the and I asked the censor what is the point and ask questions for. But it looking for anyone who had what kind of a guy you are they want to know did you have you will you talk about your history if you had criminal history when you talk about your history if you had. You know positive things in your life they want to know did you come from a broken home they want to know did you come from day you know well off family do you come from money out. Is that they if you if you're a jackass that came from no money and they get the impression that your gonna come in in the NFL and became like an idiot and that's gonna cause your stock at our I don't hell why you would get questions about your sexuality. And whether or not. Your mother is a prostitute. That Timmy sounds off so it's just this one play. This has happened in the past. Last guys said to Sirius X. m.'s NFL show Lee hit some people are really trying to get in your head and test your reaction angle in one room and a team asks me do I like men. Just to see my reaction Angela another room they'll try to bring up my family members or something to say hey. I heard your mom sells herself how do you feel about that. These are questions that are getting asked Travis this has happened in the past. Yes 2010. Dez Bryant who was played for Oklahoma State or leaving Oklahoma State and was asked by Jeff Ireland who is the general manager for the Miami Dolphins. The first question asked mourners are heard your mom the prostitute was your thoughts on that. For high if you know Dez Bryant in you know tipper he has. You're probably looking for the reaction that he would QB. Yes are you looking for him to go want. Your testing yet acting yeah obstinacy of Gil can and under control and I talked to this puts on the sixth and guys and I don't know if I would be more offended if they asked me if I like to mid. Or more ticked off if they asked me if my mom with a prostitute because what we got to get to Newser but I wanna dive into why they asked. If you like men. And why they would ask. Have you heard about your mom selling herself yeah is that that we don't want to really get in that as I get it.