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Wednesday, February 14th

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It's 104 here at 91 KM BZ their. There's an interesting proposal. Being put up by the trump administration. A lot of reaction to it it's on our FaceBook page if you wanna check it out also will put up the latest story from our next guests over at military. Dot com there's a federal funding proposal issued by the White House this week. That would cut the amount of food aid given to most recipients including many military families. And then they replaced it with like a government controlled blue apron. Where they would deliver the food to you and slash. The snap program by billions of dollars beginning next year. We talked about it from a local perspective. We took a lot of your calls you'd be in favor of its people called in they've been on food stamps for a lot of their lives. But joining us right now provided different perspective is the spouse and family editor for military dot com and welcome in Amy boo shots. Amy think there's much of the time are you today. Great hire you right now to. I'd you know it's it's interesting because we often think of and I'm generalize in here many people think of those that are runs food stamps. Or the use the EDT card and snapped as the scourge of the earth people just sucking off the bleep of the American government. But letter listeners know how often are active duty military members and in what number. Are they also using a government assistance when it comes to food. No the number is notoriously. Hard to track. Government agencies to our data sharing and cooperation between each other I. The US Department of Agriculture track the number that department tracks the family and that it's too. Aren't I don't feel you know he added. That the backpack. I agree that the government accountability. And it's. Not about 28. That you featured back true. Okay and then toward 2000 barely RA. You and yet it 2013. The broad street here which tactic that they'll call and report was. Amy I think a lot of people are shocked to find out that we have Andy military members on food stamps and that they a lot of people would would say that's not okay. And anti hunger advocates would agree with that people aren't. You don't. Such as a group called the odd agents are hunker which you. Did you teleport and got a lot of work on it. That a lot of recent military apparently opted out all of our eyes or don't qualify for street can't. You quit. Can't think I quit the break up the person felt that it right. Let there. Those and the ever eating out at the basic of our. Military families receive. They are the cost of living where they live. Thank you for it exactly what. Right on the and ultimately your kicker okay. And I. Word that. A lot and be glad that for Ireland we're I think not being included. It calculation Kirk who have eligibility. Is number of active duty troops. You receive it would go worry. When believable and as a reading your story look this up on FaceBook and Twitter for our listeners to check out. About 750000. Food stamp transactions. Adding up to about eighty million in purchases. Were completed at military commission here act missionaries excuse me in a series. In 2015 the latest here I mean I don't think people realize like Jamie said that that many members of our active military. Are using stamps. Absolutely now. If you're a lot a lot of work being out of that you know we're content and I bet it you know. They came into hunger advocates that it may go back Q you know are we paid military expert. Yeah I. I didn't like our circle here. My debut. At the time went to. Rather gently at the beer compared to the floor and we do not cooperate for that can't speak later where it may. About a dollar an hour if you. It. Actor out be it probably worked at all. Actor and as though you're. A great don't like it keep her liberty to quiet and it captain. It army. About tenure that they're gonna imagine how much flat. Don't remember the number I kind of service that let that he had not connecting our. Amy in Asia and outs are you any indication about on the 23000. Troops that are getting. Food stamps insistence. Are clustered in any particular part of the country and meet as it is it more so in areas with higher cost of living and and in the military do anything to mitigate that cost of living difference. So what about that the that the poke humour into higher across the area are likely not or are. Because I hear that allowance for housing that we talked about earlier is the less likely you are all. OK so. Logically you paid that debt that these people are in those lower cot. Where there is even because the how. The either but are they eating at it L experts say that the detained tortured or. Would be with Turkey Starr. They can't Powell you you're not while like for you can't. About many many being attacked the right if your family. And it. Like. That you know it's part and then four from my perspective. Why is military and how can normal people help. You know military can't remember regularly used and liked. And other important he'd like it better really rely on the current. So it is safe to say as we're being joined by Amy who shots military dot com's 2000 only. Editor that. Say the cost of living at Fort Leavenworth right down the street from here doesn't compare to something that would be seen in Southern California in San Diego where the cost of building is skyrocketing. Or tired or if this were to go through and and obviously it's in the very beginning stages and some people are. A way in favor of it others are way against it if it were to go through what would this box of food would be delivered to you. I'd to military personnel. What that do how how would that affect people from coast to coast and and potentially all around the world. Oh. He and but it hit at and it's only available state Obama remembered the upper CD. Cat the get back. It would be picked by. That point. In Europe AG in the apple out what was at fox eight that shelf stable yet can't at. And other things that are really shall be okay. Impact people while you can magic. Keeping it locked the excuse. Public virtue out right now. However what actually happened at that Eddie at the extra out that they are into it opted to eat lurch. On that you get their act and that did it happen to your credit but it ability to go door. And you hit it right in that picture nearly. You could get back to you for apple has achieved lower. There are concerned are you couldn't eat. Com what tickets that are out there that that would rule out and that it would be ox and again on my ego now it secret orders with the or eight page. Okay I bet that eye candy but a box and speaking Turkey would be held strictly accurate that. Amy and ask your question on that came in our tax line and I. I think it's kind of a rhetorical question but given that you do a lot of reporting on a military I'm gonna put on the table. I in our tech line so let me get this straight. We pay for their housing and give them a salary and they can't buy food right what the hell are they spending their money on. Well you know content living it occurred across the country right at it you. You know. For a fight children and you're making a very low it. Your ability I do or die is going to depend on. You know it you're the first incident immediately hear how Bangkok thousands of dollars. Housing is available RB that you want to live here debate on the housing around need not be sufficient to cover. Like you're standing there not a picnic consideration being right arm. Car registration and ensure that all these other things that are caught more higher cost of living areas. You don't option of whether you want lip it out for a military court you can feel as though that. I mean these are all realities directory elect acting that way cheaper. Portland or yeah a bit odd that there are radiate out like you don't get actually as to whether you want it whether or are there. Amy thank you so much we really appreciate it could follow her on Twitter at Amy boo shots that's the US HAT easy. Thanks for the time. And readers well and military dot com she. Covers a lot of things including the spouse and family side a wallet for military dot com mean. She's got a really good point I mean to the techsters saying what are we would they spend their money on. It Uncle Sam says boo you that live in San Diego that dollar doesn't go quite as far as it goes right down the road here. It's interesting. Every 23000. Out of the grand scheme of the number of people getting food stamp benefits is not. Not a huge amounts not a huge number of people but it is interesting when she talked about. And you know the cost of providing food stamps that those 23000 families vs what it would cost to raise what they're paid. So that they don't need like this is a cheaper way to go to just given food stamps than to raise their pace of that they don't need it is all that's. On either you can you can yell and scream about you know members of the general public that you say year or sucking off the system but the members of the military. Our government controls would get and they are working and ace only food stamps. That's 767798. What you think this idea of a government air quote blue apron. Where they did to decide what comes to those who need financial assistance. When it comes to food and and knowing what you now know about the military and 23000 troops in 23000 families of those troops. Are affected by this as well that may depend on those. EDT carts it's not just the people you think are buying luxury items that they don't mean it's also the troops how do you feel now 5767798. And for those of you a couple people sad while given how many people abuse the system on defy abuse define inappropriate to define unneeded. I think that's subject to interpretation a little bad. What do you think is unnecessary they may say is necessary. And were also asking if you better and food stamps how to appeal this. They may be you're trying to change the system overall the system. Is it for the better. Your calls coming up next thanks again to Amy blue shots for joining us from military dot com we give us their perspective of this idea of government run food assistance. How do you feel about 5767798. If you're unaware basically what they would do is deliver a box on this is not set in stone this is being discussed and introduced. For those that need financial help getting food for themselves and families whenever. Proposal would slash the food stamp program known as snap by about seventeen billion dollars next year over 130 million over the next ten years. What they are planning on doing is delivering a box basically that would have. Imposter is and Siri rules and I don't know what shelf stable milk is is that how how are not as an outer. Anybody like powdered milk as a listener described it earlier who have been on food stamps it's kinda stuff that you would collect from a food pantry. Like our users. I think that kind of stuff that you would donate your kitchen and get the stuff when they come around your leg and a grab this and peanut butter beans canned meat poultry or fish canned fruit canned vegetables. I Jews grains that kind of thing. How to feel about that 5767798. Let's go to Chris in Kansas City Chris what you think this idea of government controlled blue apron. I figured that from what I get back the people that move corporate vote for them. Because we knew he. And I didn't do that. Do over there oh you gotta before we did. Okay Travis got them. Let's go to Debbie in south Kansas City on KMB easy trap as it Debbie what do you think of government. Government run. Food stamps basically your government run blue apron. I think the great idea I'll give you wondering why does that mean. I firstly I have not either retire from the military and they're each year and there. Degree but he was able unfortunately tired and very very odd position where he. Maintain a very good retirement. Cam and all the people beneath him nobody hires them. Because they're afraid it peaked yet he's actually at that their their state update guys can't get jobs birdie lemon. That they can eat their game because I want higher. That it is apt to eat that they can't eat but I think there's a bigger problem in the big picture why the app. Thanks guys that make my day go by at bat on the road warrior on the road all and I love your show thank them. Thanks for listening be careful out there thank you Debbie appreciate that I mean something to the needs that we talked about current veterans about those that come back and having trouble finding a job and how would this affect them into interest in way to go about it John independents John you're a 91 KM BZ. Editor guys. Yeah that it is so horrendous idea. All the court ordered the murder of idealistic brighter now about. Allergy pan. I'll fight with the public allergies and all elevated a delight me error have high blood pressure. I don't watch what I see. But ride don't RB that audio billionaire ordered a stroke. Lot of questions that are raised by this and who selects the food what nutritionist will look over this and is it recommended by a doctor in the FDA me. Eight I I don't know why we're and take over the phone call John I don't know why we're taking in the hands of responsibility out of the families. That by the food the individuals that by the food for themselves and their kids and saying we'll let the government do it I can't imagine why people want more government controlled this week. As people who are not on food stamps who see a person in the Czech outlined at the grocery store was something that you don't think they should come or you don't think they should be spending their money on. If you look at that that that's where the government says okay we're gonna limit what you can buy them because we don't like what you're buying. What do low. Grocery stores that depend on that EDT card being swiped. Fifty times today. Now local grocery stores gonna shut down. That's putting a business. Out of business and in your neighborhood down and and and is obviously in the areas that need those bit like the all the over office about the sale. I that's rice shop. You take EBT out of that story in that part of town. At stores on. If you on Twitter I would encourage you to look at a Twitter account back a Twitter account that is at hug wins HUGW line and asked thanks Dave Wright opens up this morning on it's a series of tweets many of them. On written by someone who is spent on food stamps and who starts off by saying food stamps are incredibly limited. Well I work with was a bit over a hundred dollars no hot food no prepared foods that we in the rotisserie chickens are pretty similar price. To rot registered chickens there off limits and the person goes through. Step by step describing what the flaws are in the government's plan including things quite frankly even thought. Like you are assuming that the people and that family and know how to cook all the food you are providing. Have the tools necessary to all of those things like a stove or a microwave what is their choice they know what they have on and they can pick out food that's what being at home. You are not accounting for how energies or for princes and people who need to be on food stamps deserve to have preferences that you know they just have likes and dislikes. They're still human snack. They're still allowed to like it not like stuff. And from the tax line if you don't like it get a job a lot of people by the way over 60% of people that use. EDT were snapped have a job including 23000. Military troops have jobs go to some it would like to remain anonymous on KM BZ go ahead. Yeah I did have a story about Indians. Appeasing that the. Sure a lot of people. Ami would look at the current system is not perfect in this new system perfect. I. I am not finding new. It out but they didn't get married or particular they had yet together they lived together yet he used at another address for him as a address. So that it make it showed that she lit a single mother so they get money for their kids every plastic him yet he had a job. Well. At partly you'd that they you know. Work around assistant to try to get the most out of it. And I assume that people what's to stop that family from continuing to abuse the system under this new. Fixes that I write I mean. It it's not it and that's going to be there and why and and I don't know your name anonymous but you've got probably the only story like that. It probably plenty of people do in the exact same thing. Lead to a few more your phone calls air Patrick hang right there you can jumping in 5767798. By the way you deliver box to someone who lives in a car. Or someone who with their two kids lives of man horse won just he's changing location a lot of your homeless your team location pretty frequently what do you are replaced to get the mail room. Ladies and with your allergies what if your kid has those allergies. And there's no fresh fruits or fresh vegetables too could they get the pair pair up heiress. And let me just say this out for everybody's upset about the abuse of the system remembered that the people that you are punishing largely our children. Who didn't ask to be in that situation who didn't ask to have the parents with whatever job situation you have your you're taking out parents but the people that are being affected most of those kids. Do you like this idea and maybe is say look this may be this would motivate the I think one of the arguments is this will motivate somebody to get off snap or get off the food assistance. Do you think it's the right attitude 5767798. Back to the phone's talk about a government style blue apron trying to replace snap. I've 76779. Eights. My now a new favorite. We're talking. About kids. Being fed Eagles and all of our times you get fired get six years somebody has cancer expend all your money to get back person. Back to help somebody said yes Jamie but these kids are being taught to cheat the system. Yeah because before new. For all of you there sank just go get a job and you know you get stuck where is that you don't like it dangled get a better job or go to something of her situation I said. You're not punishing the adults you have many many children in these situations who did not ask for the circumstances that they are in. And you're punishing them too and that's how we got the tax those are being taught to cheat the system it's one of those horrible tax cuts in a while and that is saying. At four year old kid that's eating the money from the that's eating food that spot with food stamps that kid is learning to cheat the system not a kids' eating. Gash on. That's her aunt and I've been called an idiot multiple times and that's the night. And didn't Avery here's text that actually will put some things in perspective thank you to 9454 for the us. My wife and I make over 75000 dollars a year combined and live in an apartment and we have a three world and they are still some times that we struggle sadly enough she is a college degree. And as a career that requires a college degree and I don't and I make more money than her I can easily see how someone who works forty hours a week. On the rest of ago. And pays their bills delete that needs help in the the Sony making. Failing household 75000 dollars a year and they say we still struggle about a lot of that is daycare. Is daycare is expensive dissolve gana pollen so then what's you have one of you stays home seen right paper for daycare but then you're you're making less income and others this text if you can't afford to feed your quick your kids. Popping them out so person who those are on the job after their kids are a little older are what about the person who was a widow because their spouse just died and now they have three kids to support. Stock and every person on food stamps is lazy and done I wanna get a job there are people that are on food stamps that are lazy nation. 3000 troops are on food stamps in town and get a job. Lazy troops. Always bouncing from city to city. Defending our country. Bastards. Eric in south Kansas City on 91 KM BZ what's up Derek. Mail programs. Mercury. Is trade. Open act in the last eight pregnant at our life. There is horrible kind of Ole bock. Meal. More friendly. My guys can't relate for people he can't relate to stop people in this country. Couple people you. Support not. Deterred don't go that. In right now on our situation now. Is it to be planned break. But the prop. It's funny Eric you bring that up and Jamie are talking about it. But the problem with it did the kids today and people that are on food stamps a lot of them are obese but there's a reason because it is very expensive to eat very healthy. These days and if you have a family of four and you're struggling for whatever reason. You do by some of the cheaper stuff it is not as healthy. Exactly and you can you look at these BP you know our borders or delicate people basket and they oh. Aka props and all of the worst thing you are. Human being planned for these creatures which. Oh it left me left process where you'll hear it it believe me we get beat cheap product. Beat profit will premiere they're not there and apple to apples origin. And you gate can you get canned fruits and vegetables is actually in the statement. Mark yeah I know. Eric thanks man let's go to Brian Kansas City on KM BZ how Bryant. Courier or you know a bad what do you think of government controlled food assistance. Yeah this morning agree with your last caller but I disorder like maybe two more points this. On. Gotta think it's almost kind of close to communism. Segregating people and class as saying that hey you're not good enough to have this type of there. And calm and cool in the ivory castle hours on Washington hill gives them the right to say hey you're not allowed this is. Purses some other group because they make no money. War then these brits pocket people who are out there and I just think it. Segregating people went to classes is got a little bit. Of reach and the government. In your house so on the I just I had no. Low after the administration right now are. Not also ordered just think that you know maybe these people. The on food stamps need to wise and take care with. And choices of the awards that they say because sooner or later karma Michael had a bite them in the because there might be. Other at all. So. I believe you need to debate this you can't go into the Warren and by what you boy. Our Willy Nilly like. Liquor or cigarettes are definitely cute about it somebody has the way we mega bucks. Other older people care. I bet you're you're wasting your money then I'm seeing my tax Payer dollars and you don't get by 2000 cigarettes of that money. I totally new England and the Indians like you know you. As as a person who has the job. The right to do you take your stress any other way. And bill lit bit because that person is in a bad spot need help from there are several layers. You know I think people just lose inside that are looking at me additional well and it will use the jets ideal. The situation that they're hand. And what they're doing with that money and and I mean I think it's it's it's a little ridiculous that people just need to get out boxer and chosen well. And thanks for the phone call memo to wrap this up to more calls Ralph and Casey you're on KM BZ would you be in favor of government run blue apron. I guess. My dad there's. Sort of war. And. It's. And so I would doubt that the paper it's. Errol thank you were the Pope comment and thank you for your dad and his service we've definitely appreciate that. Final word on this goes to Melissa I'm KM BZ Melissa would you be in favor this. I lay on one condition and I think he should be at a program where every month for every week she gave. Chill out trending online order. Paper whichever bad. What they do want that we. No chants now between Egypt knows a lot. Me fresh vegetable. At first things like that. Are you or your mom. I don't worry about what you and I look I'm not. I think that's wonderful when. Jamie and I are talking about this that there are often times that people who can't afford say the new iPod or whatever. They wanna make their kid happy one make him there there's some of their daughter smile. What are what are your signs said and you were you know let's say you're struggling financially. Mamma wanna baggage to Rios. Would you not would you say I'm sorry you can't have that because I bought what do you had the ability to go to the store and get them a bag of to read those forever I mean. And. Do you do my hands then wit went out. Went overseas in 2000 Perry. At that time. And what a long and we would didn't get paycheck from a month argued over the air. He had to say no we cannot get that area no we cannot have soda pop we can I have that Pete and I. This is what I can afford. And made sure that they have I spent the money and about the pizza I've bought the fresh batch bowl and the birds. Elected yeah I don't Hamburger Helper going on it. But I did feel. Bad if you Caribbean food stamps there's a limit they won't camp I'd whine or alcohol. Why can't they have a limit. And the jump to a point. Often times junk foods cheaper than health food. Yeah it. That defeats the purpose. Then being. Michael Berg I don't we can't be it can't netbook and it went earlier marriage. It defeats the perp as. What we can do for a child being healthy for that. Well then then then if we're worried about being healthy. That's a different conversation because if were weren't being healthy that box needs to lose healthier. At this this food box that they're talking about delivering includes king and everything. Canned meat canned fruit and vegetables. So to say that and the goal line this is to save billions of dollars so what is it junk food sometime a back injury to Rios or off brain injury goes. It's a box of 49 you wanna go out and by colored peppers sometimes two or three bucks. You know that you produced. Yeah hi any healthy and it cost me more is I didn't care what I ate so what's the priority here on the priority is saving money and to which I say would be easier for governments just cut. What people get from I had about a month to 75 a month because your. You're taking that hundred dollar amount you're giving them fifty still on a card in your saying we're giving you the value of fifty dollars and a box but really the way to government is saving money so that box to north box yet. About 75. Check it out on her FaceBook page are you ready to play her favorite game. I think favorite is I love this game subjective word Travis are you ready to play your game definitely. And loves this game aides that all right keep alive there and fluid. Here just overly. I see why what's gonna light up my favorite game Jamie wicket both or neither boy you wanna play give us a call 5767798. We just clear lines all they gotta do is get three and around the answered every question he's either Jamie. Wicket. Both or neither at three in a road to four tickets at this weekend's Kansas City they'll show the Overland Park convention center and all this stuff we've talked about at some point. During the show and pay attention because the show and it to you and me please pay attention we repeat some of the answers some of the questions about that the agency guys 576. Or 7798. First one in next is the blade Jamie wicket both or neither are so they show ends in eight minutes or so nine minutes or so we need you again. Through this game and get it right Travis are you ready in their you feeling good about this one thing that your. Ordinary it's called Jamie wicket both or neither and if you listen to the show for awhile you get awarded. By getting three in a row right to get to read or a right then you've got tickets this weekend's Kansas City golf show coming up. At the Overland Park convention center every answer is either Jeannie. Wicket both of us or neither. Right if you get one right you'll hear this. Get three in our our right there on your way to the gulf Chenault. Let's start wing and Kelly on KM BZ Kelly you listen to the show a lot. Well are we appreciate that here we go all right the answers are Jamie wicket both or neither. Loves going to the movies Jamie wicked both or neither. Daily. And is incorrect rough and run and 5767798. Car only here and 81 KM BZ are you ready to play Karl. Are right Jamie we can both or neither loves going to the movies. Road you're. Seen. Are. Maybe nobody wants to wow maybe this is too tough and I. Promise what's that we. Indicated that we repeat things so people are waiting. No more problems we ruin. There is no one of them and then and there they want some free clothes and it is well your first question is could be let's go to the movies and it's either JB Wiki both the neither and so far. It has been what neither and Jamie. Sailing to Athens this has been this and get this is a lit up here. I thought that was the easiest question on the boy and he just ran me through that the clothes he's gonna give today to see in the picture that they're accurate. That's David. And at all. We talked that they would be common now brightly with an hour all of these at least five or six times on the all at once you've neckties that we've talked about that before. Aren't before. Let's try theory go rows are you ready to go. In right Jamie wicket both or neither loves going to the movies. That is correct yeah. Crack Janie wicked both or neither has shot a gun. And really going on right I only guns I would easier yeah but what. Then. Writes. Her guess was wicket it's a real keeping track idea bwic at both the neither we bring in Aaron you ready to go here Aaron. Yeah all right Jamie wicket both or neither loves going to the movies. That is correct I loved. It has come out tomorrow. Can't wait. I guarantee you we go Jeannie wicked both or neither has shot a gun. And is incorrect. Joseph are you ready to go. We'll meet at six and a half minutes to get this game 1 I. Am doing God's rule. JB will make it both or neither. Has shot a gun. I do and her require spiritual also ongoing clinical while. These the last answer the last out you know what you need need a lasting answer. That went right I never shot a gun in my life I have multiple times and some and their cars like. That's why you hate guns and don't paint against right Jamie we could both or neither. Has worked as a wedding DJ. I would. Me. Strike me as a wedding DJ. You don't really isn't letting did you have a blast of the letting DJ he wouldn't be able to see over the equipment. Out of your list items. Like funny or flip flops your clothes. That was going to be another clue I didn't put on the list are going to be flip flop related next time if there ever is the next time court you need to go. Absolutely right Jamie wicket both the neither is go to the movies. Wicket that's correct. Right Jeanine swift boat that neither has shot a gun. Game that is correct. And I. For the big prize for the tickets and for my sanity and Travis is sanity Jamie wicket both or neither has been on a motorcycle. And move somebody talks about it all the time this was a topic huge. Huge topic aren't. And bring it I write ready Dell era. All right January you both the neither has shot a guy and Jamie which both or neither has worked is he waiting to DJO. Lying. Barry ire Jason. Are you ready to go. GB wicked both the neither loves going to the movies. That's correct and trying to greasy black panther tomorrow I sleep. As many listeners on tax line a point out that there are where we call that cinematic narcolepsy so I called a really expensive now I'm going to can be sued. All right Jason Jamie we could both or neither has shot a gun. That is correct. I fronts you're out Jamie wicket both or neither worked as a wedding DJ. Our lives are better negative equity in this one there on. Nailed it. Nailed it Jason hang on a whole we've got you four tickets heavier weight of the Kansas City they'll show if Jason was McDonnell in about the give an answer. Or just the start feeding people the answers. Don't forget if you wanna go check out the Kansas City they'll show comes this weekend three days of the over the park convention center. Friday through Sunday it's tickets now Kansas City golf show dot com I absolutely adore going to the movies and by the way the last we'll guess on theater it would just you would there's no. Chance in hell you would like it and knocked out the greatest showman who have no doubt that that's not something like it is in. Red double of anybody sought text in 229808. Stars Hugh Jackman. Beginning the the Barnum and Bailey circus. And it's a musical. I did go to see the posts in a theater in and out yeah. Let someone else. Alamo draft house I went to that to canceling that we. Spent a couple of days in power like it was kind of fun to just kind of wander in what a lot of people out to stay there till 2 AM and get smashed on Jager bombs we were safely home. Certainly got. Now. I thought that he was okay. It was a thirty minute movie crammed in two hours in now. Right to move I don't like anything as I'm as I'm sometimes people have noted on idol like medium slow. Beans so to speak and oh by the way Jamie shot again he took a course on it I have I've done well yeah I didn't like it's easily class but I I've been taught how to shoot gaps. And you I I've never pulled the trigger on a gone. And also I was a wedding DJ back in my eight late teens early twenties to good way to make money you don't have any social life. Yes it's always Friday and Saturdays and yes I my dad Beverly Davidson motorcycle in my mind at a time on the back of our closest thing I've come to is on a moped. The closest thing I got. We should point out real fast if you have on CNN and and I apologize tariff or were stealing your thunder here but it's got our attention on CNN that there has been in high school shooting. In Parkland Florida and that's according to the Broward County sheriff there a high school shooting in part on Florida carry a man and more details we're just now noticing on CNN so if you're. Catching that news is while that is going. Unbelievable. We've known nothing will have more for you it looks like there's a lot of kids that have been evacuated. A hundred cop cars I've seen on the streets here in Florida and the school and it's 3 o'clock eastern time so in theory this would come at the very end of the. So election now any updates got you on. C park and by the way southern. Just north of Miami near Fort Lauderdale Broward is Miami ass that's that's the Miami area and ship we'll have a happy Valentine's Day. Doing fine. CNN and I think again my exact words were please don't make me go to a restaurant Valentine's Day ice does and that's just not my. I'm cooking feel for the first time. I never 100 meals on an island gas you romantic play. We are going to a dog park. Assuming it doesn't rain. Rivers hasn't into a dog park has been too cold ago and then we're gonna go find barred Westport plea Keno. Hill no no no no promise I promise that because speaking of movies were on this gangster movie education of Lee and she didn't like the original godfather but she loved it now she loved good Fella this is why we are why. I feel that the others are other slow it is very slow to watch the godfather two which is better answer education continues.