Midday J&W:Recap on the capsized boat on Table Rock Lake

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Friday, July 20th

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How we got our lead off the show here on Friday with a keyword cash. Which I need to grab off the wall because there's been a lock on on the last four minutes and I didn't grab all the while atom is so. I got it it's on you know pressure don't Iran ward. Tenet rightward yes. The show Obama got it. The word is piped PI PE piped. More in Indianapolis along. EG probably writes down and it is something weird word AJ maybe is really not onscreen and Travis isn't down. To say it was a team dinners and audio rigged up other. PI PE text the word pipe. Is 72881. He got all over to do so international contest in 1000 bucks to get the word is piped text it to seven to 81 so we're starting out. I'm talking about the story that was making national news all morning today that broke last night out of Branson Missouri and table rock lake the latest others sheriff's department news conference about an hour ago that look at the latest on here. Thirteen people now confirmed dead four still missing the search continuing at table rock lake. A joining us on the phone a Scott my colleague from KR a CK radio any Branson area who has been covering a news conference this morning. As been following events out of Branson all evening good morning Scott. Good morning you are particularly. Thanks for joining us I'm all for those are not familiar with the kind of boats that we are talking about here that capsized in table rock lake can you tell people about the kind of the boat that we're talking about. Well a bit of if they call an amphibious boat and it is that a vote that. Are right but that's a lot of other organizations have bought it will military vehicles. That we're used during the war that people on the plane and on C. And that these type of vehicles were used different culture for years. And then companies like write about in about why those vehicles were focusing on and now they are traverse attractions there'd been a ride the debt and other companies like that. Are around the country for years and they hole. About 25 to thirty passengers that particular one headed toward the one on border equity two crewmembers now. You know they're there is a lot you know one of them before and they have been in the late gays has been a lot of fun. And I got to attack the vehicle so they got caught in the late yesterday when the storms yet. So take tour events a little bit from last night on as far as what weather conditions were light and then the first calls that started to command. Well there. There is around just after 7 o'clock central time last night we work. We were we have some major thunderstorms moved through the air in what was interest in game is that these storms. And they can't be we and in front of the rainy. We would know radar we've just been kind of analyzing it this morning you know radar and storm cells that were made mean not like. All of the location yet there wouldn't guesstimate answer as 67 mile an hour with these storms that were moving pretty quick through the area. So what was what was happening effect targets we have heavy air and ironically radio station certificate while on the road that bracket and why they. A candidate for birdie upcoming primary election. And so we we felt those winds burst can't come through the area and paper very. A quick but what it you know but wait. Is it really got bit choppy water conditions. As for major waves go through the lake and you've probably seen a lot of videos have been gone viral. What people saw last. Start with the lakes were born here they were very choppy that the conditions developed very very quickly. Doug was Scott Macaulay cares seeking a radio and Harrison Missouri covering the tragedy yesterday at table rock lake Scott. How many boats are on the water this time and it was there're enough time to see this storm roll in and say hey get off. Or where they're just spit for lack of a better term where they just sitting ducks. You know it's kind of hard to tell that because and I think that's one thing that they're going to. Investigate and we talked about it are on our show our station this morning. Right that's along with a lot of other. Organization in the area very sophisticated. Weather radar they have information. I know the weather alerts and. That was the thing I think that they are people Robert Redford earlier is that even though response of themselves would still be miles out. They'd that we can. Came ahead of what you and the fact before the ring and started falling in and that is making one of the things that detonate because there are blank. In there and that and that again that well for example social corporate rebel is right next to it. Is right next to where the ducks go into the lake here on table rock lake and saying what it was a choppy water conditions or face Salt Lake did not. Sale last part they have an 8 o'clock or is scheduled we have people on the boat but they don't have the option not to go out weather conditions. I'll warn you and they did and everything we don't know we don't know. It looks in the video that the. But that's it just got in the water and actually try to get back it that's one of the things on the video they cannot it was actually to duck on the water but the second one. What was it would get back on short the other was not. So we'll tell you they report leaking and trying to get out or they get out of here and inside internally and get back short. They're voting investigate the sort that one of the questions we're gonna apt because apparently there are what they had storm warning that they have at least what's coming so. In the storm hitting it that would certainly not a surprise. What new information came out of the sheriff's department news conference this morning I know we had an updated death told there was talk about where the boat is located in questions about it's on life jackets. You can't impose what they're at it he did not comment anything about the white jackets if they were on and off they were like jackets president. On the boat it is that it's been many years since I've been all right Ari. That the black jacket and however reached or not already on the people when buried in the in the boat. But he did not Eagles step by yet both black jackets were all on. They have located the boat they will be there are hoping to get the boat out of the likes sometime later today of course there are still under the recovery operation. Or people that are that they're trying to locate itself. Probably that the newest information was that they had located the vote. They are trying that they will be trying to get that out the desert Highway Patrol take it charges or the type operation well one of the local organization western economic prior. And deadly initial recovery last night. Either take it over I get here from actually going to be fair share greater want one right after what are we got that at a press conference. You know I think the National Transportation Safety Board had just like we were just about here. To start their investigation in and from there they along with the US Coast Guard particularly its investigation. I know it's still a big terrorist tee time in that area especially with today being Friday the weekend kicking off our people still allowed to go on the water what what is the recreational use of that part of the lake like right now. Well I I would still mean were acting right now I don't have a view of the late certainly will keep its quite what I expected before interest. I wouldn't sit and I mean the weather out nice certainly very very high that we are under heat advisories as such is I think meteoric well. I was an extreme heat in the area but I think the the voting public will be normal level we here's what we don't know we don't know you're right the ducks will operate they are not because record that currently operates you know here on table rock lake but they also do have some drew a circle Ehrlich on the other starter bring like Cheney Kabul. I do not know they are still gonna go today or not it would not surprise me that it's not I'll have also not heard about the showboat Branson Belle. Which is we sit there doc was right next where the ducks go ahead. But no word yet if they're vertical and they'll say and they were not involved in except for the fact. I'll bet because they all the situations and it crewmembers on board their work crewmembers and passengers all of the brain could belt that actually on jump in the dark trying to help those people argued out alike that they were involved in the rescue operations and kind of in the center of operation. Here but that's their vote specifically it was possible. And Scott wrote Clinton at a I'm putting you on the spot I apologize but there are stories out in Kansas City this morning about a report to come out from the National Transportation Safety Board back in 1999. About can't appease that were used on a duck boat that sank near Hot Springs back then and witness videos are saying there's a similar campaign as seen. On this particular boat that sank are are there questions about that this morning are people asking about those counties. You got it back into that question did come out this morning. And day and as you mentioned the video throughout their I've seen those videos to. It was coupled what was blows so hard it was kind of it was hard to tell with the video but. There were questionable whether the activity was down or not because there are. I can't these women when the rain hit that will you know drop down to. You know help protect from the rain and whether those can petered out or not. They did not say in the press conference but it was but it was very obvious from certain statements that idea Mac conference it's going to be one of the first things. That they look at it in real quick any bad bet that the national safety transportation board. I have been asking people who have videos and pictures of the incident ultimately that said that two of the group that would like to use those pictures. In trying to look figure out exactly what happened here including this situation became. Scott thanks so much we'll check it again later. I appreciate it thanks so much for coming on good luck this weekend Scott Macaulay cares CK radio and Harrison Missouri covering the horrific events yesterday on table rock lake media from government governor Mike Parsons you'll hear from the share in that area as well. A lot more coming up plus if you haven't heard the dispatch call you will coming up next or ninety and 91. Went below one question about three need your help throughout the water rescues moving north look this show those personnel for that kind of capsize and probably thirty individuals in the water. W total additional let does I don't know like yeah it's the don't ever look like I'm not sure exactly where they were our black bit. Did did have a Governor Perry people who Lars. At this time we have thirteen. Confirmed fatalities. These are have told dive team recovered two more bodies last night. Or have told dive team is well back in the water this morning. There are very cover the four that we still have missing. Stone county sheriff Doug rader before that you heard of radio dispatch call from yesterday's. Terrible incident as of right now thirteen. People of passed away died of it boating accident the duck boat accident yesterday. On table rock lake 5767798. And they're still looking for four more. Form or missing. We don't know the extent and we know there were some injuries and I haven't heard a lot about the extent of those injuries we haven't heard any names released yet. We do know that the captain of the boat. Survived and that age where the driver there were two staff on board there was a captain and a driver and the driver died was included in that thirteen. But the captains arrived. They are looking into a lot of things as we heard Scott calling mention immersing us this morning that there were warnings out about excessive winds before at the boat sank all the people are telling us that conditions changed. Up pretty quickly and pretty dramatically over short period of time and so we don't know exactly what they knew about the weather although we're told that these boats. Have pretty sophisticated weather equipment on them which you would need if you're gonna be out of the water like that. Somebody let us know and and I confirmed on their site that the right the docks the boats are not going to be running this weekend's other web site. While we don't know how long but the website says. Out ride the ducks will be closed for business while we support the investigation into lap time degree for families and the community. Table rock lake is open they made that clear that that the lake itself is open for those. Or 5767798. Your thoughts. More from the sheriff down there. I'd Doug rader. Lot of questions came his way the thing was it was watched that press conference this morning it was about 9 o'clock not governor person was there you'll hear from from him as well. There's just not a lot of answers are in that's that's the thing right now they don't have a lot of answers to me they haven't. Round up all the. Bodies yet they say get through that they got to retrieve the boat. On the boat sank in about forty feet of water initially it drifted it's now an eighty feet of water they know where it is. They hope to bring max's service today. There's just a lot it would have to be done on you've got a track procedures you got a track you know what's. What they would normally do in a situation like that life jackets there's this question about the canopy on the boat. On it in just a lot of questions we're not gonna know anything immediately. Here's a governor Mike Parsons earlier this morning first evolved. I want for all missourians and our thoughts and prayers are with the families. And the victims. In this tragic event that occurred down here needless to say it's that things have occurred in the last 44 hours. Heart felt so sad occasion a lot of people involved a lot of families involved with a down here on vacation trying to enjoy time. And it ends up with and itself like this. 5767798. More from person more from the sheriff and some of the I dispatch calls are startling to hear. The moment this was going down and GMAC could come up with a list of ten questions that I have for this like that we just knocked it in no right now. Yeah and take your calls a lot of you I have never bent on a boat like I've never been on this particular time company's boats that a lot of you have designed he had plans to the table rock lake this weekend and are you change those plans to go to Stephanie first up on 91 KM BZK Stephanie. I. Object thank you. My gambling. Have actually been on the right. Not only that that one that does economic pain come out by the one that got on table rock lake. I'd like it appeared prepared to do that. When they give up life jacket on board debate before you even. Leave port. To take your journey they go in very specific stocks where they are how to put them on what you. It you know the water. It flat. That the terrible or activate my family are actually kept in her. Weak on that is. And we have a late on cable locks so we adopt are offered out there. My heart breaks every now and and for all of Greenspan and you know as a tourist it either don't imagine. You gonna consent and your hair and it remembers. It's it's it's a harsh reality today for for many people Stephanie thank you so much Larry Iran KM BZ Hillary. I. I was. And battle. And got back out there are. All. It. There are. At year's war it worked well up. They were being. Work now. I did not know the level take a look at that they appreciate it Larry let's go to Patrick and came BC if Patrick. What Darwin yo. We get let's undermine the friends. Oh wow I didn't want to put it at the clutter about all the spam it. All in all live down there for about five years. Bob monologue actually currently the lid down there and yesterday when all that was going on. My kids and my mom were in silver dollar city because the weather got so bad in the wind got so high. Armed Hewitt who write down the road permit duck and when that happened. Frightening yeah no it credit card market down there like that aren't my mom or me up like that. I'll but it should. A scary and they'll broke up maybe it literally took part down my eye out hurt could the Madrid doha. But it sounds like to leave Patrick thanks man that would we talked with Scott from the radio down there Jamie what it sounds like to be as. The boats were on their way out to sell if it's the first call and came in at 705%. And tanner went out last night. The votes were on the way out. The storm was on its way already. The severe thunderstorm warning went out at 632 Pia yes and so they were calling for winds in excess of sixty miles an hour and in that thunderstorm warning table rock lake was specifically. Mentioned so yeah a lot of us are wondering. Why did the boat go out or attempt to go out. Thirty minutes after that warning was issue and maybe even what witness told the Kansas City Star that the boat may have entered the water as early as 645. So. Thirteen minutes after a severe thunderstorm warning mentions table rock lake I know it sounds heartless disabled what are you doing on the water. Yeah there are winds that were clocked in Springfield. At 74 miles an hour before the storm even got to Branson so they knew what kind of winds the storm was producing before even got there. And the war in effect until 730. So we went out in the midst of that warning now it's possible. Again let's not. They have equipment on that boat and made either equipment showed done. The storm wasn't headed for table rock lake but for the life of me why would you wait. I I don't know way you heard him say there were others that were waiting to see their Brothers that that were in the area well. Hold. There's there's something the people around. Here do you that I learned the last time we had a big role of thunderstorms and a big run at tornadoes run through. That I think led to this idea where this mentality talk about deck of an apple takes more your phone calls and what is this that'll lead to lawsuits. The duck boat people I believe are going to beast and it's too early to talk about that in some people's minds. You left the dock thirteen minutes after rate severe thunderstorm warning was dropped on your lake. The one thing I do I want to thank all the responders that have been down here I want to thank you sheriff. I want to thank the city of Branson I want to thank the Missouri state Highway Patrol there dive teams are still out in the water. And will continue to be out on the water and all the other resources on a coast guard's here there's a multiple agencies have come together. To try to help with this tragic event to bring some sort of conclusion to it. Missouri governor Mike Parsons earlier this morning a duck boat carrying 31 people sank last night during. Nasty storm in table rock are on table rock lake she's made on near Branson. We can now confirm at least seventeen people dead they've recovered the four bodies after diving into the water this morning to begin not died in another location of last night seventeenth. People dead including children. As the storm quote came out of nowhere yet there was a a severe thunderstorm warning that was dropped at 632. And the boat according to what witness got into the water at 645 let's eyewitness was ten minutes off let's say it was 655. Why do you still get in the water. I think I know the answer to that Jamie because. Dear there is a mentality at around here. In the midwest. Aunt and I learned this because first role of first bunch storms rolled through to this summer this spring. People said to me hey let's go outside watch the storm Rolen had a buddy that says hey. Let's go kick Beers and sit on a patio and watch the storm roll through and I thought what what what are you talking about. Two we don't take this stuff serious enough. There's enough. Do you think that's why the boat didn't either ticket because we don't know if those going in or coming out we know there were people on about we know that the warning went out at 630. And that there were 31 people on that boat when calls came in about a cap sizing at seven or sex or whether they were going are coming in. There was plenty of warning to get people off about. You think they kept people in the water as they wanna see the storm. They didn't take it seriously. Not taking severe weather we don't take them very seriously it's like got cool. You know how often you go to your basement or do you kind of waited out my wife doesn't go to the basement gym to the very seriously. Maybe we need to start taking these things little more seriously especially when your on the water. So what do you think. Let it sink in for a second. That you have seventeen people confirmed dead now. In Branson Missouri and he misses this is literally our backyard on some of those seventeen are children. Who were just going out for a day at the lake. On and we knew on channel nine's been out a timeline that eleven. 2:1 in the morning yesterday. A severe thunderstorm watch was out for the area including table rock lake in Branson and the watch mentioned there was a high probability of severe went. So at least at 11:30 in the morning. The National Weather Service said deal where we might have severe weather today so you could argue there was a seven hour lead time on keeping an eye on the weather. The warning came out at 638 now I don't how fast the processes of getting people off the boat like and we don't know exactly where they were in the process. But there and I don't know how often braids and get severe weather why I don't know how has seriously they take that. But it if if you're right if this was a you know a question people not taking whether seriously seventeen people are dad. 5767798. Some getting some your reaction this morning let's go to Scott on KM BZ hi Scott. Scott. Agony Arab Scotland once Scott going twice so long Scott. Sean on your own KM BZ has shown. Hey good morning to call. I've been down Branson area number of times my parents worked out here and Hamlin actually broke the direction a number of times. It's yeah it's an awesome ride its futuristic kind of saying and that type of thing where. The actual headquarters church station. Is there in Branson. And an hourlong. Ride. And you get on the 10-Q throughout town in particular crime should there around and then. The very end of the ride it take you up into obviously he'll. There overlooking the lake and it's its own by the ride the ducks franchise. That property and it gives you kind of the tour. Older ducks. And the talk about the history. And it's itself piece of property it's a one way. Trail essentially takes you up to now open up into the foothills. So you're looking over the lake and that finish on the rise insists you know downward he'll lie right into the water. And you know it's splashes that nobody in the it's it's fired. Yeah I'm just curious if not now have the answer yet. That portion of the ride it's like we don't have another alternative. It's a one way trail it goes down into the light. We're out here. Where we do you know the storms rolling it and we don't have any other recourse but to go into the lake derive out of it. That's what I'm curious about normal appears about how many other ducks were behind them because they go out like about every five shot at them. I was gonna say I would bet and community Thursday it's summertime weather was nice yesterday up until that point there had to more people getting rating. Maybe Ed and I've never done the tour but but Sean says he has at MI but they were you know letting like duck trails full of people ready to get on the lake cup. Leon attacks line who have seen other media reports sad that there were reports that there were two boats out and only one made a pact. The others some incredible video from the Kansas City Star casino on her FaceBook page of people. Watching the two boats try to make it back wherever. Back is and he's shown up a good question. You're coming down the trail you know the weather's getting nasty. They put out the that is there another key turn right. As opposed to getting in the water is their not a bail out like hey we shouldn't get on the water is there's a severe thunderstorm coming. Turk let's go back to camp will refund your money is all about dollars. Is that some people are worried about. Go to Chris when came easy to Chris. Thanks for taking my call got. I have written that that particular route through and I don't recall law enforcement and in ten years and so that throw that up probably never write it and it just that. Too risky I'd I'd. I do you recall somewhere around 199899. Indiana and Arkansas and another late there was so. Thirteen people died that was mechanical failure I believe that but it was right to that franchise also and you talk about. Shutting them down. You know that the boat the resort to military get rid of them. Is because of you know they would lose to me to a cargo or soldiers they're just weren't. It is not the best thing you know especially to get us seventy mile an hour wind. When things aren't going on power. Military. You know exercise going on that this they're not the most burst burst style boat was such a situation that. Or a crawl under great. And I am surprised with all the the alarm going off my wife was actually get them on the terror like prior to the storm wind blew through that area prior to Springfield and Branson area. And check out the war has hit plenty of emails when he alerts on your phone playing time. That could to get out of the situation. Fact of the camper was on the road between lane and hit I'm I'm really shocked they're padded and lack of communication. Or or lack of fire alert for that particular vote right now that went out. On lake. Thanks for the phone call Chris appreciate it all our. It is possible that there simply wasn't enough time after the warning was issued for that boat to get back. I don't know how fast it goes I don't know how far out it was we don't know you know how much time it takes. Maybe it takes more than 35 minutes maybe it you know maybe they didn't get the warning right away maybe there simply was not enough time. For that boat with its capacity with its waits to get back to where can go on and to be safe. By the way the the incident that he is referencing was I barrel fast on this was in 1999 the miss majestic duck boats. Rapidly sank to the bottom of lake Hamilton Arkansas drown in thirteen of its 21 passengers on when investigator and and it's being mentioned because there are some some very eerie similarities between that incident and thus one. When investigators at the start when investigators found about they found seven dead passengers still inside four of them pinned against the underside of the campy it's. It's wider stories today about the NTSB that had raised questions about this canopy people saying that if the campy is in a certain position doesn't matter of life jackets. You can't if the wired it's high enough people cannot get out. Lead to more calls moralistic right there Teresa Franklin your thoughts on what happened at table rock lake yesterday by 767798. Texted 22980. From what I understand. I had a sound Canada but he that was on the Branson Belda and off duty security. It was involved in the rescue those employees of the Branson Belle that jumped in and help with rescue. And it was even passengers it was getting on the Branson Belle assistant and rescuing people. That they would Jamie and wicket and the line KM BZ that is is stone county sheriff Doug rader you earlier this morning duck boat. I didn't get out of the water in time on table rock lake seventeen people are dead including children this happened yesterday in the Branson area. The book duck boat capsized and sank you said it is drifted Jamie it was a forty feet now it's an. Eighty it's an eighty feet of water I it's on its wheels divers know where it is they intend to pull out of the water today. And and and that will tell them quite a bit. Ride the ducks this boat is not going out over the weekend the company is not going they've closed their website shows that they have closed while they assist in the investigation to allow families to grieve. But there's a history with this company. We see the stories out today about the NTSB having questions about the canopy that was involved. In a 1999. Incidents unlike Hamilton and Arkansas thirteen people were killed in that one on a ride the ducks boat. In 2010. A ride the ducks vehicle was involved in it water accident in Philadelphia that left two people dead. In 2016 in the company's stock operating in Philadelphia citing rising insurance premiums. Other duck boat accidents have occurred on land including fatal accidents in 2015. And 2016. Your reaction to this 5767798. A severe thunderstorm warning went out yesterday for table rock lake to lake. At 632. The first call to 911 came around 710. One witness told the Kansas City Star the boat may have entered the water as early as 645 just. Thirteen minutes after the severe thunderstorm warning. For the lake went out 5767798. Marla thanks so much for hanging on the line you're on 91 KM BZ. I guess I. Think is heartbreaking. And I'll. Read in the a couple of crime in the last I'd be here. You'd get a cracker. And you know you quack everybody going am mystery. And IE I get dream is. I believe Chris. They said that no one plate trial going down into the water. Actually. There you think you can at any time I got up any time. They don't go in water. And there there. It like to try it it. AA streak that goes down it it's like that. So they are then partly instead of going straight into the water could they have turned and headed back to home. I'm sure they get it back at a anywhere. Yeah I don't I don't believe that age. Backcourt solo album you know. Mean where you cannot turn around the turn around while bought that. And you know. I'd get her out there where in eastern and go back I don't see where they had to do. Do you know technically of course right into the water. And in Lakewood hit bad and I am adopt an Asian stocks in Indian meal ordering it. And that means being on the news batch. On the radar you can even big storm Tammy however you didn't even win and we currently waiting for the storm. And that may have been confusion on. In a more. The weather radar. You didn't seem to win and you can see this storm went away before the storm. Thank you very much for the phone call marlin thanks for the clarification. Let's talk to Teresa on KM BZ hikes a recent. Hi good morning. Gap that the awful tragedy Iowa is there a month ago right knee and Dax. And what I am concerned. And why this didn't happen is. There are lights class sitting above the people pat it is that there are velcro straps. You know I IP had not acted like that evening. And Ali you'd want driving and once talking. So had to check it is just how heartbreaking but I am. You do that ultimately was on one of those is this that's a lot of people very sad. That is Teresa thanks so much socket Franklin and KM BZR Franklin. Good morning thank you for taking my call got all. First the ball on. Not my heart that allow for all of these spam please my daughter. I'll hurt her mother lives in Britain and she is their right now I had it makes phone call the morning. Can make sure that she was not on the votes. I am I live amber incident from 2002005. During that time they used to make you Wear the light jackets when you left. Shoot I think I hit a button I'm sorry Franklin called back I don't know why it but not apologize please turn your phone call my fingers yeah I was a quick thing I didn't mean to do that Franklin please call back 5767798. I'm sorry about that. Yet give us your stories on and I'm curious to know was there that is planning on going to tip Barack like this weekend. And and headed to Branson's we Gammon that your you like to see just being scared the area right now you know given nine. The tragedy does happen there the investigation that's under way the police presence the NTSB presence that will no doubt be there for awhile and they have plans at Donna's weekend and maybe they cannot. Not so much anymore of frankly is back with a as my apologies for hanging up on your Franklin go right ahead. I thought it might alt on the truck drive. Now it was totally mis hit a. OK I got my daughter is down there right now with her mother mother lives in Brit that I live they're from 2000 if you doubt the five. Now during that period they used to make you Wear the light jackets when they lap. So bad that the insert I don't know why they changed that policy. And the lady Marla believers and once it's correct debate could have back down. They have cockpit radio content they used to anyway. Radio contact with every boat it will now so there are a lot of concerns. On my part Internet. You know things have changed so much would some of that problem that bad with the ducks. The last I heard they were shot Brit to wind down but I do you believe because it's such a big tourist attraction. There keeping. Well. I had the mile I think this is going to be the end of the duck boats I think they're done. Jack you have on seventeen people dead and several of sad and and I get it and and we're to blame for some of those that somebody's memory of sad accidents can happen stop looking for someone to blame. Seventeen people are dead negligent yeah we're looking for someone to blame yeah absolutely. Out of any of that of those people knew someone had a family a son a broader on this boat it's dead it's like. An accident yeah you're especially because there is a history with these votes this is not the first you know we've had there was another accidentally Hamilton. I call it an accident or other incidents. With thirteen people that. Got her questions about whether this budget about the first place again because there's there's a watch out at 11:30 in the morning. And I don't know. At what point do you decide act and who makes that decision either who has the power and that decision to decide we're not gonna send these boats that there's money involved. You're taking a calculated risk. Yeah you're you're ray yeah exactly be not what's a duck boat ride cost but it got to imagine for a family of four that's pretty expensive I you know that's coming into. And all this out there and this is not. I don't take this is victim blaming. But you also have personal responsibility. In deciding. Whether to go take a trip like that given that you know the weather might be bad a couple of you texted and said we were gonna go in didn't their people to talk to media and sad. We decided not to go out and about because we knew what was gonna get. 76. Evan 798 is the phone number lead to more your calls will place from the other radio dispatch more prompting governor. More from stone county sheriff Doug rader as well. John and Elizabeth hang right there if you Ronald burger to get to you after the news I can also coming on FaceBook and keep the text committed to 2900.