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Thursday, February 22nd

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We have to do common sense. Please mr. trump these are things we have to do in his Israel if 327 years old to have gone you're only allowed one they tax the guns. You have to go through significant training we got to do something about this. We cannot have our children died this is just heartbreaking. That is carry Gruber lost his child in the shooting last week yesterday speaking to president trump the suggestion came. A from the president yesterday not that he's advocating for it but potentially looking at it. Arming teachers were asking you a 5767798. Do you want to arm teachers you can also text in a 229. Ichiro can really wanna hear from teachers. And really a lot of rock today because of the ice where school was canceled which you wanna carry guns to school and and what are. What are the implications of that that people who are in a classroom every game maybe you're not realizing I'm one of the first text that we got on us earlier today it was from somebody that sad. What about the liability. For a teacher what if they miss what if they shoot the wrong kid. What if they thought they had the kid right and they shot the wrong one. What if they should teacher instead what is the shooter gets a hold of their gun on third just a lot of what is the plan that I think may be need to get a little attention. Can I throw one more what if our. What if the police show up and see someone with a gun. And shoot the teacher Jack collar southern earlier yeah what if that's another block heater on. That's a big what if but maybe you feel like maybe they were an arm hander rat pack and I don't know the answer is. Let's go to Charlie and Overland Park Charlie thinks training Amanda floors roars go ahead. Hey what's that a great show that flooding area you've opened on line you. So much what he lay up. A call earlier I talked about is quarter are about the bus system and seatbelt then. And what he did it's all about the almighty dollar. He stated that preacher is like that without public security everything you know as far as schools whatever. Canada. So what that felt about north China support kid I had two dollars the what do nor. And a security system is pretty get there and so that's four. As far as the quote to note taker I understand it expensive for every school nationwide. Through all of North America that's pretty extensive packets. I can see that I can see that. But I. I would do that if they Forrest fight I have I I got I got picked up first safety can't in my pocket. So they don't have to be expensive they don't have to be a thousand dollar per unit. And speed like simple magnet. If you walk in the school and you have over half a pound. In your battle your backpack whatever app counterweight metal brass. Led whatever. You can be kicked out. And and and accepted side. OK so then again we have cameras we have cameras you know in parking lot and so forth. And I mean they they are also nationwide. So. All right so we got we got metal sectors we got cameras. We have all the security. So. The simplest saying is quite get it if you're trying to stop the shooter you're gonna get shot. He can Ryan. Greek issue first. If it well we locker kids that would say it would be locked that if we put them behind it secured the war. You know straight three hit it it's still you know. You're still door and keep them secure. Affordable way. And stop the shooters stop the bullet. What how would that be so expensive I mean. If they can't I mean you're one of the things that mean you're talking about Charlie and think over the phone call we appreciate your kind words. A single entry point somebody brought that up earlier is is is make I'll keep all the doors exit only and the only way you can get in his through a single entry point. Don't schools or how about. Schools are you have a single entrance for people to get an and I get to other doors that open because of fire code right but most schools have a single point where you comment. And you encounter a percent an office or something like that you have to react to sign in or something most schools have one point of entry in fact I didn't. Four for you was a student right that's different well that's I'm talking about to enter you saw cuts he can't can't lock every door and Utley kids and other. Door that's not what percent. If you if you make it exit only if you block the doors from the inside you can still open them from the inside. But Nolan can get in those other doors other than the single entry point. Now I am sure possibly. Go to look Chris in Kansas City you're on KM BZ armed teachers Chris. Chris. Going once going twice simulator. 5767798. John in Kansas City John chewy arm teachers. Absolutely not. So are currently I work in a school security officer prior military police. And I've done. I'd be monitoring the back this year casualty scenarios. I haven't heard anybody bring up ground and it went on about it so let's say we armed teachers. Active shooter in the each year Kayla I get it teacher says. There's trying to eliminate that let you get bodies and people wander around and all over the plate is gonna be sheer chaos. Now you've got teachers. You are so. Point it's supposed to be eliminated that threat now especially with some. People they're gonna wanna help the students burst and things like that better Internet only you have to eliminate that threat. And then. My second point it is. You get teachers that anywhere in multiple variations clothing so when you call. Police department that comical response for an active shooter scenario that you're supposed to identify. What the shooter isn't the government doing things like that from other than shooter. You've got security officers. Are in this single setting uniform. You clearly related plea bargain hey you know all of my guys security optimize. And great can't leisure. Should conduct adequate this year chaos when you do you get people aren't trained whatsoever. On active shooters there's not going to be darn good and to a school system. Yeah I mean your your spot on John I mean it would create a little chaos. If you added. No more people who being happy specially trained suited to handle that. Go to Chad I'm 91 KM BZ chads we armed teachers. Absolutely. Do need teacher who once. To tell you can get. Up at at their trainers certified absolutely even if it acts as a great deterrent. That's the best committees Bentley. At. I didn't hit it they've active shooter knew that there's random. It's just that. That they would act that the great deterrent. I edit it is absolutely upgrade the security get into school like my daughter and check in through two doors but that addition. Eight that the outbreak yet. Gillick I want situation happened. If they're they'd be that it entry yet if you get that from the north we all let me put it into the top back that they. Intact as I just all the featured out there and he just. Intact but there but there's certified. Bad. And I don't doubt that yet I hear the debate we have. It's easy to get that it's not green but it BP added he'd be good. The a look at this at this and shoot you all back that is why they did it. I honestly would be your attitude. Toward teachers that are sitting there waiting. Thank goodness he was. They get it he took that active shooter out you only know that would get him when he gets thirty kids two kids but he took it back to shoot out. And I think a lot of people latitude to be different toward the situation. You do not agree. Adding it's a good point. Com but again using the I I think if there was a cop herbs or there was a teacher on the campus at the assistant football coach he's talking about. Is there barricading the kids when his body like he did that led to their intent to his death. If he's loaded if he has a gun on him and he shoots him as this conversation different. Maybe we've never had that happened that's the thing we've never had that happen I don't now on I I think. Maybe or maybe things go horribly wrong maybe the shooter gets a hold a gun before that teacher can fire. Maybe there's a struggle and the gun hits an innocent kids that they're trying to protect I think on. I think a lot of things in Iran I battles of. He said the beginning of his call trained and certified. I don't know anybody who would be trained and certified to handle an active shooter situation unless you're in one like a police officer or of that trend. Who is is coming back from my Iraq and I talk about him he's certain Vietnam and as PT EST is 6570 years old. I'm talking about our our veterans that are coming back from overseas these days why not. Instead of arming teachers put a security guard in every classroom. I mean it is staying security guard in every class classroom that's a better solution you know an island saying it that cost a ton of money. It's easier to take the teachers you already have an armed them but they're not as prepared for that position. As security guards are former police officers are veterans who again have done. And then the mentality for that on mr. Dyer a former cop in every single classroom that there are all the time. Coming up on a play Dan from earlier and what he says we have to do. In terms of who arm. And I'll do that coming up after the break stored minutes after one date and parks coming up at 2 o'clock. We're taking your phone calls up the board there were switching gears here lighted at the end of the show talking about. Arming teachers it was kind of one of the things one of the sticking points that came out yesterday. After the White House listening session and then. The town hall that happened in fla. Now before we get to these last two calls. Wanna play for you and feel free to jump in if you want done this but at this was called we took earlier. From a listener named guy named dean and. They're teachers should they are. Featured it. In you know like so. That's below their all out. Like heights though. Gerri and still wet and small that it should happen at all. You're sick so are you an armed students. Well. Anybody agree with that. Jamie. The look on your set up a I want to make it clear I do not agree with it. Wait can you make it clear for that team make it crystal clear I do not think arming students any school. I don't want teachers to be sure as hell wants students to be like 1% of me is school teachers 0% of B is cool with students. View who think arming teachers is a good idea what do you think about the idea of extending that to your eighteen your girls students. Who are adults. Who can legally young guns who had had on those guns make this thing were talked to hunt at the age of six. Who have licenses. What they're doing with that whoever raging hormones who what. That aggression issues keeping. Teachers can be 2122. Years old so there not much younger than your teachers and president trump sat in the points and made before. That gun freeze loans are the problem that that they are targets if you're countries and so on doing the math analogic same old and dozens more guns. Mean a reduction in the chance that your school's going to be decided to shoot. Why are students 5767798. Let's go right back to the phones and talked to Ryan in Kansas City. Ryan should we arm teachers should we arm students. Absolutely. Pot that was the moronic. I Baghdad. Did you have a get all the you've got a few days and I know this is like you have all your callers say oh yeah they got the engine. Don't like that. But I think actually do and I just don't wanna have your witty answer from you guys. I. Oh. Does that mean that your Platt worked. On the I absolutely don't need to be schools. Do. A league with the notification. Basically what that. Means at. Security personnel. Were whatever you'd you'd act now to answer Dana question how do we bonded. They meet at JIMJJ. Being Dayne is done in 35 minutes. Here. And Nolan told you Ellen her three years. Senate floor that different job. And now. Your question how do we find. Did you paint a god let us picture and it's gonna give muse and help to talk about. An apology did the answer about wishing won't get a lot. I. Flat throughout. We need. To be. I think that we should also have an apartment. Mental which we do. That's just kind of actually I wanted the patent by my ideal that he would later. I came out Wednesday. Not. I walk. He would give the legendary quit or because he had the power the leadership to do so you can create. It got. June. Men and he. I guess and this is gonna be the flak from. It's who's going to be the person that we can add it. This which are gonna have the connections to fight lord believed context. Any any type of in relation that goes to that person's profile. That was closer. And you can. And that the clock situation and god that we nowadays you've been. In light than. Yeah. Now this is gonna be cut that part branch. Because of the fact that god yeah. Nothing is it that white people and do it that's right there just going to be we. Wish agenda like that now. You can't have a lot you can go. Puke. Checked with the doctor. Do you have your mind in value it is in order to him. BM that you say that they. Can chili has bought stock act as a starting out and I think the thing. Because there in my life that I would Detroit I would do it to. That puke. Conversations with. Licensed psychiatrist. And yeah you're legends in the column it. Let the people. I'm yeah fortunately not intelligent enough. To. I got that kind of talk to a psychiatric person. People who in the down. And that's not the adopt. And there's some pretty substantial lead to talk with somebody who say this is why should. So it will license actress. John you're not. Well I admit that it's gonna come out and let the people who. Of course orders from the NRA that they cannot grasp the concept. And then that talk that this guy and I'm not. Yeah there are there others there's definitely a conversation that you were suggesting. That he had when he get a few more up your Ryan com it's it's one of the hardest thing we are learning. Maybe we've already learned emerged realizing or whatever it is the hardest thing ever. To get a hard core NRA supporter. Take three steps left but still be far right and and save that Second Amendment and say it is impossible. To get that just like it is for it is hard to get some. Left wing gun hater. To take three steps right and listen. It it's it's on the same Ryan appreciated what do squeezing Chris before the news on KM BZ digress. Well. Didn't keep you done that in the amnesty. I think what we should do not thinking he could actually. Protects people I think the principal and vice principal. Should have again. And they should attend training special and asked if and your. Situation. So that one could become one angle and then you'll want to become from the other minimize. You know be a liability issues isn't. But only two. Don't do it whenever they take like convict on an airplane or some you know there's there's one guy on the air there's not a bunch of guns everywhere. I just I I would wonder lets me and and I have to get to the news Chris. And I understand what you're saying in between those two is the principal the vice principal roamed the halls as my high school had three stories and we had. 2500 kids in the school. If something happens third floor southwest corner and the principals office on the first floor. And shooters going to be on right I I don't know if that's enough. For what you're saying and in the principles not gonna be circling the building you know what I mean. Issue lockdown all the entryway final call on this was switch it up talk a lot about gut we're gonna continue this gun conversation I believe as a as a country for a wild. Until there's an end because it feels like this what is just gonna continue on from you know from last week we were. Eight days after instill referring to the park and shooting I know there's going to be another when we hope there's another one. But I'm sure there'll be more that will come up the game organ and this wind Jim and independence Jim unit the final word today on this show would Zdeno parks and talk about but done. You get the final word on this show talking about guns. OK. I don't think this school teachers should be on I don't think that's a good idea. You get too many. People and blah and so much that's about like Archie Bunker had a visual and kind of work he was he was don't people ought to keep. Airlines to begin hijacked and he's been give everybody on on the plane regards. But anyway it was absurd. He states. It's set up a weekly lottery elect a 5050 right they have with the royals and the chiefs game. And that's lush lawn should be divided amongst the school area. And I think felt like dead and then make good use that for metal detectors or security guards whatever each state think that they you know. For myself you know good finances that's the biggest problem right there nobody's got enough money to buy any of this stuff. Jim if you heard I plan to finance this. My plan does this give me 1% of the military budget at seven and a half billion dollars that will pay 150000. Guards former cops whatever. Did get trained and worked as guards at one guard for every 250 students and the military budget still has almost 700 billion dollars. And that would work if that would you know picker get some like that passed yet. I I hope. Somebody more important than me takes a look at that. I put it to all of our leaders around here the senators have put into Kevin Yoder on Twitter but to Emanuel Cleaver on Twitter to into policy Chuck Schumer speaker right in Mitch McConnell Donald Trump Mike Pence. The GOP the Democrats MSNBC Fox News CNN Jake Tapper Sean Hannity Rachel man Dow. Try to reach across the aisle here. And I hope somebody much more important than social about the radio that will take a look at it give us your thoughts on guns too interesting stories that are FaceBook page one president trump. Says there are comparisons or problems drawn from video games and movies that have led to this and also would have bonus. Get more teachers to carry guns check of the came BZ FaceBook page gun talk over. Efforts for. Today but also got. On. Couple laps. Vegas gig as aggregate or aren't immunized animal people that allows you anger at that CM rock shakes which I don't understand what McDonald's to get back at me Esther. A little. I tweeted out. I need someone to describe the flavor to be the shamrock shake shamrock Sarah is not a flavor now I need I need flavor profiles for that. We got the the viral idea of shaving your mustache just to support team USA. Early. And we story suspected or perhaps. You pick because I think I if you haven't chimed in a bunch today so you think Travis shamrock shake mustaches or marijuana you know today I don't care what anyone has the think about guns and war when we hear about we'd. Got a good topic now are in the way we topics. So here's happening that's gonna make lines here. Yeah so when you your guide to go to Las Vegas you too and I read a zoo whatever you're gonna do it Travis we would never idol not who do you know when you guys that you're you by your guys. And so everything. Time. Yeah yeah estimated what you can handle you bought too many edible some last what do you with it. You like at. A news it's a thing. And bring it back to your high state of Kansas Missouri yeah that's true campers. Out can't take on the airplane. Consumed before I get on the plane no. You what do you throw it away. I mean depending how much money as it probably just toss it you know and it seems like a waste of money but maybe IE. Did take a bite at the audible before I get through security in the dump and am very pleasant flight and a sleep on her laugh alike at all. Ellis had been bags of peanuts with you just not the Indian beauty all. My character international airport at Las Vegas answering answer. So they apparently had a problem of people getting to the airport and forgetting that they have a right for it but forgetting. That they still have animals and I saw pot on them aren't back and if you've never been through a major airport in a state has legal recreational pot I have nine there are a lot of drug dogs or go through Denver International Airport some timer goes through McCarron or go through Seattle. Portland and or drug dogs all over the place because can't take it. On the play but he can't take back your home state unless it's one of those four that's a lot of legal work regionally. So at that mine McCarron international airport in Las Vegas recently installed more than a dozen marijuana amnesty to boxes around the airport. Which allow passengers to ditch their stashes before going through security. They are obvious the green boxes are bolted to the ground monitors. Service it multiple times a week so that those of you that think that's a good place to go get free we. Can't go raid the Bok Travis. He's. A bit. People wouldn't think what you're about this and see big box of free reading right now it's like every day they're like I needed goober to McCarron airport and they just walked up and down he reached there are Maryland ever have via a trustworthy. Security once. Well our UK there should be a security guard just standing next to it like don't. The boxes handed to a guy but the best thing to like Travis let's say you your little broke would say you you know you ran out of money would you be in Vegas for like another day or whatever. Would you sit by those guys. Sit by the box and and both when someone comes up and pulls out their bag and averages like have cash for ready or just say hey don't throw that out I'll take it. Her yeah and that. Their airport at. I. Mean. At this time a day my brain goes into you like the other day it was just ten grand up. In the bag back for just evident hybrids are off the rails after after. What do with that nothing's wrong with that with there being nothing illegal about that where there is little pot on Sartre the I would definitely hold a cumulative Tom Hanks in the terminal. And is it illegal that pot a year apart. It's not a so I don't think it is what some national airport here's an idea for. Instead these secure get in to them monitored drop boxes trade program. Where you know you have you have one line for people that wanna get we and you have one I'm for the people that need to ditch at where they get their right everybody's acting like when I get off some time I've never been to Hawaii but I've been told when you get off the plane you delay. When I get off the plane I wanna go right to that box and then wait for somebody who's on the ended their lock at the end their run and the like this extra bag it. It easily getting Elaine negotiate. Anyway to board their flight. Your in the market lose an egg and right now DD ten bucks for whatever you know your your toss and don't let it go to east you know ways opens and slots are good so break your heart. Now and that's part of the story. So the mayor doesn't of these big green ball to the ground monitored service multiple times a week green boxes yet as a gay kept by the cops and taken home the story. This third party contractor to stories. That third party contractor take and that's a problem before and cry at their party is all the sudden getting a transfer to an undercount radio station in Nevada mountains now that the and they sent up by the ways can't stick your hand and X hole not of the case secret. Again it's cold air and now I don't want to take it act is some states that sound and and so they've said the drawer pulls out and you can see pictures of those if you line on the tour it coastline. On the door pulls out it stuffing clothes they say you can't handle their although I guarantee you people are gonna try. I like some Disney's a child like that one drunk there well. Google's who goes back on the plane idol one the theater goers make you think. Gosh yeah it would be bag. And knows more what. Of course. If you are caught with weed at the TSA checkpoint police are. He can't take it to the Czech. And I guess and I did not know or don't take it to the checkpoint on public put it your bag. What's that at that point on the security line. Yeah is no don't put in your carry on as what she says so if the amount is below the ounce limit. Get a ticket. Just perhaps in your area is using reject if it's a malignant. Miley should now you you have more greens boasting and that you arrested and charged with possession Alou with that are over one ounce counts one down so put it in your bag now your area. I. They're gonna catch everything. Should take the chance I mean I need to take its advice in an. IV. Right hi Mike wicket for taking the chance that week. I just think that's crazy that would have been there I mean. If the whole this person is is gonna camp out somewhere and got him out next to the mailbox for the destroy it is has been the first Davis have not seen it's Amber's so here's here's. You feel that her chances are there so the TSA's. Searching for Reid is not at the top of their list right especially if you have a bag of notables that not a brick of wheat you're asking to get caught looking for guns and explosives and simple answer really include dozens. Airport authorities in Denver only stopped 29 passengers for marijuana possession in 2015. Out of more than 54 million passengers who went through the airport 29 all when he and where Kerry amounts of weed that were with an illegal and they were asked to trash the wheat or take it home to their legal residents and cholera in Kansas can't. Let's see here 29 is coming in from a TSA. Has had problems regardless. We'd buy it and to check people. So I mean you're more likely. Yeah there's British and to get through it bright lights yeah putts. They'll do it but I say they'll have the tickets at the checkpoint Travis I was Vegas never left McCarron got hurt it was great to hear what was amazing I mean and a wonderful time didn't spend a nickel no. The bed again in the airports there's a time that I mean is it you're one of the airport jig when you're that the two times your biggest bet gamble in the airport well. And in. I did I. I don't feel like you ever win in the airports are feeling you'd never winner. Now and we drink near port and that yeah that's kind of wise lady I love the people there texting and by the way. With all the stories of how many times they have flown with Reid and their backs its look again. They're not looking for your little. Suckers or whatever if you have a key lull of the drug and that goes through the screening. They're probably gonna catch you put a few of a bag of popcorn or gummy bears. Just say I've heard from people. That that's not going to be a big deal I wouldn't know a lewd and I've never lived in his state or its legal. I wouldn't know via the rolling that out there by the adage and it's all about taking each and Simmons at wicket Vegas is all about taking a chance. It's true yeah. And compares it to take a penny a penny. That's. To any marketing campaign for the biggest airport it's awesome that is fantastic are coming of shamrock shakes and mustaches. What do what do killer ending to the show so explain to me the obsession with the shamrock shake at the spring and accession once asked and that's a big deal just what I want McDonald's Arctic in the Las Vegas airport. Travis you were really high end Italian connection to be made green week is Iraq and stuff that maybe that's the missing ingredient in the shamrock shake. We'll do that next right so when fall comes around what do my favorite things in the world is the pumpkin spice Slotnick. It is my practice I love that drink basic beer in my Betty when I say it took me. Yes out of all busy bee's Mike is the president I. President of the I love the pumpkins is happening I don't know why I wish it was your round baby Lovett because it's only coming up in fall. But every year about this time something comes up that I cannot grasp and it's the shamrock shake. I get it either. Doesn't like meant yes and things yeah I love it. They're small and Minty drink that'll mean T food rights gun should be Nancy. Greg gum breath mint writes at that's about it inaudible he go. He was meant it isn't that model Manson that is Clinton's. Accuser and run into. And so if there is rom that is okay. It was in the heat yes that's. That's the wrong it's not that the sweetness to stay with me. I mean I do not understand decrees that as the Arctic. I've never had one but I definitely don't want one now grasshopper. Witches shamrock shake plus alcohol basic I don't think so I'll have. Because and analyze my step dad when my human opera's got married he would make them home occasionally ask those young whenever. And that's basically what it is and it's ice green and increasing demand and it's basically sham action but Lindsay. This is now that mcdonalds does and so they're even so it's back out. And they have a shamrock shake finder app. Went ice basically just a McDonald's finder app for your fountain is gonna say isn't that just. The McDonald's acts and got it came back yesterday. And I and guess is there until same aren't what it like. What's the like every fast food place for whatever reason like it's back and it's the make rehab or it's the shamrock shake or it's the what ever it is like what if I don't get somebody. Is to generate buzz and a certain time of year and I guess that's witnesses now the headline on USA today that I didn't understand. McDonald brings back the shamrock shake but not the chocolate ones. And I guess last year shamrock shake thing they did a quartet. Related to the shamrock shaped like that they are not doing mr. and you don't like chocolates or gorilla and I guess this sounds terrible deep chocolate shamrock shake. So I think is informed and I. I'm. About OK I guess it sounds terrible Italy those Indies means I love does yes I can he has got. On the shamrock chocolate chip for a pay your frat fair hurry pronounced freight that shamrock mocha and our mixing. Now would you like hot chocolate and stuff out of gas and shamrock hot chocolate deal like that if it's a hot chocolate with like Pepperidge not sported new ones now. I don't alignment if it's with news. I take away that bruise and it was the deal that we did Jack but thin mints you in the and it lines. Indies mansi like I like those I mean then it's not. My favorite. Girl scout cookie like everybody else acts like it's the end of the universe peanut butter paddy but that's where now that's why we are friends and that little bit a truck that I can tolerate weights of the Q patty is the one that's cookie peanut butter and chocolate on the night out that this is why not the peanut butter sandwich and it's different those are good to those are bad they're dry and if the but the. That's the middle amount of them the maximum out of shock that I can. Tolerates and in the combo is good but other than that. So they're back and mainly staying on I guess and then so the story that I let's see. Some of the other like seasonal shake stuff that other restaurants do RBs. This is just reared this popularized by Napoleon Dynamite summits industry alike Gershon. It's his favorite animal OK to say that mythical creature. Or lion and a tiger OK it's an orange drink with Brown's rights. And tankers to a mix of the line in the type. And that it up like Barnes and why do I know that it. Here it is the well in that hero it's. But he drank. Polite here. Blitzer like you. It's pretty much my favorite animal looks like a lion and a tiger next different skills in magic. Or. Watch that movie but it was the dumbest thing I had ever received. King did you lucky charms shake and differently state. Cereals I don't know I love both of cereals like. The new lucky charms marshmallow that they came out is the unicorn marshmallow what do these zombie frat Regina made out of at Starbucks. What isn't. Because that's a thing. And you should know this giving your wife's affections for you know Barnes yeah what is the unicorn for Gina taste like it start on day. It's every collar. Who we do oh no she always gets the same things get I know work Starbucks orders against the then deep Vanilla. Skinny block it got us through what I caught the unicorn. A Starbucks tastes like yeah bright note the breezes were highly upset when people were ordered Iraq I. Every time someone order because it would turn their hands purple and pink and blue. I but as the Drake made its eyes it is a whole bunch of die in sugar or rank these zombie for up to Tina by the way is green and in the top. Is purple and it looks like grades what's it taste like. That's later purple anything tastes like Baghdad and platform that's what it looks like there's the brain's like raspberry maybe. May be sad and I Xia our people back for gay anyway. Get your camera.