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Friday, January 19th

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Our excel today apparently concert announcement day in Kansas City. Earlier today. We'll get to biggie here almost a deal may think one of these other ones is bigger but earlier today. It was announced that. I'll Fall Out Boy is coming along with machine gun Kelly to sprint center. Probably equal show I never really see all the good ever seen Paula point fund right I could name liaison so to report or article I'm not sure I could not. But I can name on. That concert will be. Friday September 21 which is going against the biggie. That we're gonna get to this just came across Twitter as well in July. Sprint center welcomes Def Leppard and journey. Good show readjusting probably should. Doobie Brothers steely anti the answer there haven't gotten so you've got at that concert just got announced a little while ago. Again Wednesday July 25 for Def Leppard and journey which Jimmy Fund that I think that beanie showed go to. Why on earth all bubbly maybe they didn't hole the schedule for the Billy Joel's concert it's coming that was the big announcement today. But why would you put your concert begins collegial call. Misty you know what if I two different crowds and the animal at the crowd for Fall Out Boy is by young. Yeah younger I mean I have the impression that you've got two different you might kind of have all of the on concert going demand. Court between us two concerts that we can pan out it out now might be on you know between the two groups in kind of recovered. The parents will drop the kids off at the fallout boys now in the hands but I'm happy and equipment. Usher up but the big announcement. Bullets that Billy jewel is coming he's playing. On Friday September 21 at Kauffman Stadium tickets go on sale next Friday. The cheapest ticket Lysol. Before scalpers get their hands on a 49 bucks this cheap for that that's up high probably one of the corners. That's cheap I paid. A hundred bucks a ticket to cnet's Brent Sutter awhile ago in fact that that was that was probably higher up adding a hundred bucks to get to go semen to Boyd behind the stage. Apple sold. Yeah at 49 bucks is incredibly cheap for Alito did they go on sale tanning and next Friday so if you wanna by the cheap ones he's telling what to step with the setup as yet the he'll be performing under the Jumbotron in center field. So there's gonna be field seats and are are they gonna have seats. On the drummer and so we NCAA now. They won't they were right seat behind his aides are right it's there's no room. Because pretty good about and turn setting the piano and then having it on turntable. That will turn and so hill saying okay those that get he'll even make a big deal but does it got cheap sheets they're cheap seats their not as cheap as you think. And he'll played the back on on the piano which is cool so. I don't think those are going to be looking at that there's the big announcement today they had the big posters of where the seats will be yeah according to that there will not be any tickets you can IDC it. Anywhere in the back without usually are so it'll start. At the the field level and then the seats all would've foul looks like apps son and you can go pay more to be on the field you pay more to be on the the field level seating. And an up and up and so do we have any clue how many seats. Well and is up for. Idea and enter at it I'm guessing more than the normal capacity would look like it has been about look at this is bored you can check out the of the experience I guess or Billy joint concert. It looks like to have a bunch of seats on the field so that should probably be more than it would be along the foul line in the outfield. I'll go to bed forty. 45000. Along those lines what's capacity of Kauffman Stadium and now finally a star. 40000. There it is gentry said. So I mean if you look at it looks like the will be more seats on the field the normally would be in the outfield so maybe 45. This will sell out instantly out question instant on he needs to do art Brooks an ad like six more. I don't think that was had found out it's not box for cheap CG CI II would pave. Yeah despite connections and installing I would it access to the sadly admit the last two times so. And yeah and and it sounds like it's probably just hand he doesn't need to bring anybody with me usually doesn't now because he'll energy it is amazing that village and I'm a huge collegial thing numbered. I myself. I saw it happen again it goes back to what my parents listened to you and some of the earliest music that I was exposed you. Were from my parents it was in the village hall. It is amazing that he can still sell out Madison Square Garden which to me just at a Alec Guinness records show they yet yesterday was the 100 time he's played Madison Square Garden at 54 straight sellout or some he'll still also on out and he does not put out an album since river of dreams in the early ninety's really that's the last time that he made new music. It doesn't need to help fill you two and a half hours full of hit some and number one singles. He's due this must be a stadium tour that he's doing because yesterday they announced at the Phillies stadium in Philadelphia. They brought out a Jersey that said jewel on the back and signed into an air quotes one day contract and and he's playing. In Philadelphia at their baseball stadium coming up later on as well today do. This morning didn't see anything like that instead George Brett make the announcement a crack so that's appropriate is kind of cool and apparently if you like go. They're giving away tickets on the boarding show next week EJ and Eleanor giving away we don't get any to give away but the gunners as neither Japan parks. Now that I don't know it's just the morning show that we just the morning show. At least he's a big fan via song mind but at least he's a big fan I'll sell you can't win them. I I would pick. I'll say it is that's not up for 49 bucks I will pave it is I have my favorite collegial story from 1990. Four and a really interesting Billy jewels or Italian if you don't remember this moment in Grammy history. You're gonna hear this moment in Grammy history coming up next. Admittedly very big job really jewels and this is it your favorites I don't know why it's just not my favorite parent. It's fine river of dreams right trying to song goes on for Albert. Hundreds song ever written what day did you ever and data did you ever see. What happened in 1994 grammys about the song I don't call this is. That this is great. So in the 94 grammys bonanno from you to gain some really long speech. And up after bond knows like eight minute speech or whatever was a lifetime achievement award for Frank Sinatra. So because Parnell ran late and Sinatra was going a little long Nguyen did CBS out of nowhere. Hit a commercial. Win Frank Sinatra took a pause in the middle of his speech and it was awkward it was clumsy they called a Grammy whammy. Because they cut off offerings in natural doing Neil blue lights come on down. So the next performer. Was Billy Joseph all. And he was going to go out and do a medley of his songs and part of that was. And a player for you right here part of that was kind of a big. After you what to CBS for cutting off all blue eyes I. Valuable advertising and doing. Yeah. I'm. Okay. Don't. Heidi just stood there for what was that fifteen seconds maybe twenty seconds just mocking CBS. For cutting off a legend that was. And I I'm not the biggest Billy Joseph fan but I became one then. In 1994. When that was live on TV I've everything in. Why it out is that near thirteen years old like why in the world that he did that. That was really cool and that was really really cool and I giving other concert announcement okay so we have I can keep track are right. We have daily jolt on September 21 ad. Kauffman Stadium we also have Fall Out Boy September 21. At spring senator we just found out journey and Def Leppard cumin in July which brings senator. And if your country music fan you need to. Clears his heart spirits and I was like what in the world. On if your country music fan in mid may is a is going to be big time you can spend money on concert tickets. Bacon ranch. Is seeing. Its Florida Georgia line to help. It is in any any country music star ever they all sound listening Las Vegas stays in of these cases okay. Gotcha. You thanks to the listener because techs today with the heads up odds are that killed 41 Jason. Al Deen who is no doubt one of the biggest names in country music right now. He is playing me he is real country but he's real country he's young but he's real country. He was playing. And the reason you might know his name a few Ellis the country is because when shots rang out at the Las Vegas mass shooting recently. He was the one that was on stage at that time. He is kicking off his news summer tour in Kansas City always starts here it starts out all I knew and neon tour. Tour begins may tent at sprint center that's a Thursday night. It will visit 34 cities before wraps up on September 29. And he says he dream within a sick a couple of big names to. You find day find Luke homes hurricane. As a bigs on Luke homes blue homes Lucas claims he's got a real soulful voice hurricanes that hit we're gonna find for you and Lauren Alina who plans and now. On but got may tenth at Sprint's general BJ's now dean it's the first major tour as. Since he wrapped up his 2017 touring season October 20 that was right after. Las Vegas right yeah I AM this is what happens. Yeah. Yeah I'll do individual and now. Can't go home match. So we have three. Over there. Anderson has made ten experts honor tickets on sale. Today that didn't ring a bell with me because I thought others another concert right around that yeah Miranda Lambert. Who was also a big name and country music formerly married Blake Shelton and one of the biggest female names we have in country music. She plays Saturday march 17 excuse me it's march not meant she's mark seventeen Kansas City go to concerts I would definitely wanted to see the spree. Randall amber or put on a hell of Michelle experts that are. She's got energy. She's got it so beyond the stage to dean on. Probably a little more stand there and play the guitar kinda thing tag but he's got a great. A great listeners would I enjoy Jason LD. I will play you more song that I liked is now dean because on. I I like country artists with some sole toilet Crist able to its violent with Combs on it's why don't like the Bryant it's quite like Eric church as they've just got a little there's more unique. Like Jason county line double play a couple of days now it's you know. Well I am listening and all this and NM. I'm wondering where's the dollar gonna go next Friday because not everybody can buy tickets to Billy jewel and fall out late and an adjacent building. On so that's out that study has been time as we talked in the past about whether the sprints American support and the eighteen. On that has been looked about how much how much entertainment dollars there are in Kansas City in the budget that you have meaning and I don't allergies now in ticket to go for but the additional columns to that tour ups that ticket says that because I would pay I would Agassi and I mean he's had. Several big number one hits on his round. On Jason dean probably 75 bucks Randall amber probably 7500. Bucks because she's been out for ten years. And has had a ton a number one hits and well and and she may sell out out he will keep probably what is she will sell. On cell mate head. So martz I give it its march 10 from Miranda Lambert and Mason may tan okay for -- not any kick that's cool kick it off here and injuring thirty more dates after that chase counting doesn't turn argue country with me and attacks on an addict whatever is now dean is not broke country he's an opera. Do you know who who Florida Georgia line that's broke country look if I like it it's probably broke Roger on. But I give you a little more credit and say you might like geez now dean OK anyway nothing else I thought her play Billy Joseph all day should. An emotional concert because it's or at least parts of it will be because it'll be. His first tour date of the new tour that comes after a loss they agreed to defeat tour dates after Vegas and he completed that tour. But it'll be a new start for. So I think that that'll be a really good days and I'll do it comes to get a real relief relief which kicks off here than to Peoria DeMulling Saint Louis and Chicago. Zone Jason LD and many options you have in yourself around Indianapolis is in there it is really telling when they do. Kansas City and the cities within four hours here. The fact that they're not picking between Kansas audience it was the Packard on both enjoyable and and more and doable yeah. Is get match so I don't know we're choosing the Spaniard now that's just what we know now you know it's made it's damaging he wears so. By the cheap seats for Billy Joel's. Goes see and and as well lol so your Q what are you did you get tickets everything so what are you really want to really get rolling in the fall Billy's little calmer but you know. Go to C Morgan. I kind that was canceled or rescheduled or resentment and. No that was west aren't a lot of dollar I don't know you yet that when I have no idea why she was its prisoners she. Became mysteriously. Ill let's code or tickets didn't sound right and I think as Ed Blake one need it in the givers sprint certain. Go to C lord of Greece I think in six weeks or something along those lines. I definitely want to see Billy jolt and I have no idea if my wife was ticket connections will be getting me into Billy jewel I mean she. I mean to you to do if I've ever used the that might otherwise or cosmic connection to get tickets it would be for all honestly I thought I shall we say that part for more expensive concert you're you're the second person that works for KM BZ ask me about Leah and the cat and the concert the other one does not spend six hours a day with now so I think my now actions should be open the united spend 38 seconds a data yet there. That's not and share office but that's not right bank and we you and I dropped it on the morning show that ideologies and LT and that's yeah Atlantic rates that's great for us to get the first tour that the first data tour concert overload today Billy jewel fallout boy Def Leppard and journey. And Jason all team all announced today. I. Elegant though I do know what people are gonna spend money. If your go to any of those what of those four and tickets go on sale I think Furl for next Friday yeah and and between that and royals games and and the events that we have here. What are you going to what is at a whole lot a lot to choose from tech today in 22980. I'll let us know what those things. Are eager to spend your money I mean that's John resort there by the way. Billy jewel classic yeah follow boy rock with little pop in there. Def Leppard and journey that you Scott parks crowds right there starlight got a great lineup this season they always do. So and Jeff and Jason holding for the country fan yeah. We would put those four would you spend your money on if all the Engel had scale next Friday which I believe they do I'm going to take a Masters Tournament and tickets are. Way I would love to go to Def Leppard maturity show mightily that would just be fun and it gets to Miranda Lambert start that's for a lot an M and wanna start 39 box that's cheap. Which it's got to beaten her here that's cheap by the way if you want him to collegial cheap tickets are 49 bucks next Friday they are 65 minimum. At Madison Square Garden. This is not what are the choices that our Twitter told you they'll vote. We only had four spots on Twitter what's your favorite Billy jewels on cuts announced today September 21 at Kauffman Stadium. Piano man scenes and Italian restaurant new York state of mind or only the good die young. And I'm sure yours is great not on the list so viewers is that on the list you can tweet it to say KM BZ radio. Yours is seems an Italian restaurant right on and I like matter of trust you but he's an anti restaurant is like she's on them on it's just awesome. I hate I am not gonna lie I hadn't really heard it until I played today yeah that's pretty good. Not bad at all. Our next topic wanted to bring your way your Jamie. Can you be expelled for being racist. Insult from. College a public university. In nineteen year old freshman by the name of Hartley barber. Who's a sorority girl and a student at Alabama. Posted a video on and instead Graham account that has since gone viral now on the plate for you there's two parts to the video. First of all she's staring into Amir and talking about her dislike of black people. Looking at a faucets and then. There is kind of aim the camera than slips in a different part time and it's been on her. Really voicing her displeasure with black people will tell you the fallout from this coming up but here is nineteen year old Hartley barber. Our time. We don't waste water is that people in Syria and look man I think like people I love my act like I look like you know they and he. Stuff that's really and agency. And Warner so. Jump on it jump on jump on jump on him but not let them apparently joined by your man Clinton and. And I went out and now. And high school and nobody and understand how much locked out let's see I'm an. Incident as I said. And you know it. Martin Luther King Day. Now and the and I'm from New Jersey she and her. I don't like yeah. Announcement and that's. 919 year old girl. Dropping the N word over and over and over and over again. She said I'm from New Jersey. And in the south now be. I don't care if it's Martin Luther King Day and word. And word. She spoke with the near post about the incidents. And Angeline. Initially she. Posted another video initially the story came out and errors outrage against it's supposed to the second one. She talked to New York Post and sent I did something really bad I don't know the answer a sense I feel horrible and wrong there's just no excuse for what I did. She says she's gotten threatening calls because of the videos claiming that those calls came out of nowhere on and so the statement from the university president Stuart bell. In expelling her was best. Like many of you I find the videos to be highly offensive and deeply hurtful not only to our students and our entire university community. But to everyone who viewed the actions of the student do not represented the larger student body or the values of our university. And she is no longer in roles here I think that last sentence is critical in terms of why today I think that's really. Why they expelled or whether you agree that the reason or not it's because it's it's bad for PR. It's think about Melissa click. And the damage that she did didn't resume Aaliyah in an all of that situation with her you know her comments about an accountant of the reporters and stop. Think about the detriment at that had to miss you. On and I know the two situations are not the same and factor a little bit opposite but bad PR for university is bad PR. And Aziz enrollment tanked after that and so it's it's tough to get that back so I think from a PR standpoint. I get would you agree with the decision or not when they say the actions of the student in other words we are saying to all of you who were offended by this. To all of you were considering coming to this university and all of you were considering leaving university. The actions of the student do not represent a larger student body org the values of the university. And she is no longer associated with us. It's like fire and firing an employee whom they did something like this and assuring everybody else we we fired a person. Now on do you agree with the decision. Should you be able to be expelled for being. He racists. On for being a bad person even I mean UK. For doing something that is not illegal. It's not illegal to be a horrible person and you put a racist rants on to a fake in Easter Graham accounts not against a lot. But it reflects badly on a university. And I sort of it as a way to figure this out again I compared to an employer in ocean employer be allowed to fire you for posting something like this. Many of them wore it on and in this business. We would be more likely fired for posting something like that. On so if you know if if an employer can do it City University be able to do. Keep in mind differences that this is a public university correct yes it is Alabama is funded by the government gas money from the state. That's where they're different. That's where I am that's rival problem and that she's paying tuition. The state is paying to keep that university going and it's not. It's not a private institutions that are private institution we be having different conversation is a public university. Taxpayer you know taxpayer dollars upkeep is university now on yeah I have a problem with I'd I'd hate what she said. She is a horrible human being for doing us. On the fact that she did it twice is awful. Bites. I asked do you have other horrible people. Who are going to that university but who just are putting it out and mr. Graham who just happen to have other believes that you don't like what if you have someone there. And that hates gays. And and you know and that and that's the position a lot of people don't agree with but educate them out and you kick out every person. That has a point of view that doesn't reflect kindly on university 576. 7798 that's the phone number. Begin texted at 22980. She Jew be allows you to university a government funded university like Alabama. Be able to kick out for video like this. Boy I that's that's a good cause I mean what if you are. A Nazi. But if you're a neo Nazi in this country you can. Look stupid if you want dressed dressed up as a Nazi and lock down what you're Tiki torch and all that kind of stuff when did at Virginia what what if you would if you hate god. What if you are a would have your state SE SP nest. And keep as much as we despise those points of view them it's an. There are groups of people that have those beliefs some people agree with those ears. So not everyone in that university potentially disagrees with the car or an app when I mean there it is Alabama. There are some racist all in Alabama. I mean we we know that there are also a lot of African Americans now yes there are who are going to not take those words kind it's an embarrassment to the university it's an embarrassment to the sorority. I don't know anybody who's in south of the but I mr. I'm sure your pretty embarrassed by our. An I don't know. I don't know what the whole point of the EU allies like she's just being nineteen and stupid and racist she was drunk I thought this is so out there. Wonder who is your audience league that you feel is she just riding. Is she just trying to get to get you to get the attention she got it should be yes she's yeah let's go to Chris in any one KM BZ crest. Ordered not too bad you think you should be able to get kick somebody out of their racist. Well when I went to college aren't there are their code of conduct and doesn't this sort of all and polite with that regardless whether. In our party they recruit against read a speech that bill. We're trying to. Socially eliminate racism or should we allow that. Without some current account. It's a good question. I don't know the answer to ending to talk about your code of conduct I don't think they have that at a public university where did where did you go to school Chris. But Washburn and then. Long view is that the present public well washed burtless semi private but I think this program they are a bit. The community college work but by that great. OK I got it because I think give it to mean. Most of Alabama's money comes from the government on what you work for state government office that is funded. By the state and taxpayer funded and you do something like those two to compare apples to apples should you be fired for it. Well. Taxpayer funded and make a difference or not. And I'm paying for that right if I'm an Alabama resident part of my taxes or whatever somehow I'm paying for the university right but you're not deciding if she should be now. It's a good point the president hammers he has. I 767798. To that question it's more your phone calls including. A veteran. Guy in the military has some thoughts on this one to teach advocate GM everybody you can jump in right behind it texted at 22980. And I went out and now. And high school and nobody and understand how much I love out let's see I'm in public. Since as I say and you know my. Martin Luther King Day. And client yeah. A that is Harley Barbour a former Alabama student aide former member of alpha CE. She's from New Jersey as you heard or explain it went on that ran on an inch to Graham post. Not quite sure why maybe she was drunk either way the school is said you're gone should you be able to kick somebody out of school or more jobs. Odd it's funded by the government. For being hateful for being a bad person. We don't know if day have a student code of conduct and ethics although a listeners telling me on the tax line that they do have a student code of conduct and ethics and that she clearly violated house and in that case yes they can kick around. And I take issue with that a little bit on because then which add people. Or those with opinions that you don't like are you going to choose to kick out. And at some point you're gonna have an issue because at some point you're going to perhaps without meaning to be unfair about it. You're going to kick out someone on because you don't like there are racist views. But you're gonna forget about the person you didn't know had. Anti gay views and you're gonna get in trouble for. Should you be able kick somebody out they did it here Alabama. They do have a code of conduct our. I 767798. Chatting Kansas City Euro 91 KM BZ. Helping to take a call I just wanted to say. I MA military member been deployed. Three times to many different areas. An iMac got shut out there that I didn't do all that sort of come back in town. Com the rights of citizens are at the Harley although I think what that is. I don't agree with black. Fishing have a right to. Save up offense and one of the beauties. Are United States is that. We can say and not. How arsenal right and trying upon even if we will leave it to others. We can say something in the we may. Get fired or Wie mania. Have our brand. I'm Brenda. But. Killing you say it publicly any university was publicly they'd track dollars. Is it like a right like a civil right he paid taxes it's as much of the right has been like are publicly eight road. I put a bumper sticker on my car that. That's something anti Semitic or whatever. That doesn't mean I can't drive on that public wrote I've I've I've been part paid for that. It's a little complicated question from New Jersey maybe not an end date resident. But but not the last especially he had been an Alabama that and got kicked out I think India us civil rights case on her back. For personal right yeah being not dependant. I wonder if that's gonna happen that you bring up a good point Chad I mean can the he'd ACLU or some can somebody get in there and and force a lawsuit to the university you have a right to go to college and that's not a guaranteed right that's a privilege. To be allowed in at university that's not a guaranteed civil right. But if I go but if I paid my tuition. And I'm enrolled at. King you've comedian does she get her money back I don't know I wonder I'd I don't have a club and that's probably something they're dissecting right now. I now. A Denish if they have a code of conduct and she signed it then yes they can kicker now again I don't know if that's rights but of course legally they can. I just don't on. Feel like college is a time wearer. People kind of figure out what they think about things were kids can't work out their views and speak out and and you learn to coexist with people who have views that you don't like necessarily and I don't know what example decides. And again who you gonna kick out the Italy then get a kick out every now. Because they guarantee a lot of those kids have views that you don't think our reflect well on the university the differences that they're not in Easter ramming them like best. Go to Jeff and Mary in my 91 KM BZ I Jeff. I'm hey are you doing Jim utter Eliza Jeff it says Jim on my screen my apology at his set up a while we're out Friday Jim. So don't let I think about as direct competition First Amendment. Does not protect popular speech. It meant to protect unpopular speech. And with that in mind if you are disagree here whatever that what you saw at which I totally disagree. But. Q a right to say that for the publicly funded school. Which means it is part of the government that it what is meant to protect you pot. And what that began. You know stage hands if you apply to account one of the publicly funded schools but after extension. Because you pay the taxes to support. With the European out I don't know how how well that war but. You know like near campus you have the light basically you go to college. The only thing I will say to that is always say. The First Amendment doesn't protect it it guarantees the right of free speech but there can be consequence rice again you don't they civil right to go to college just because the government is funding college. It's not free you still pay tuition and it's expensive fun so you don't. It's not like public it's K through twelfth you know that's different on the lawn dates that you go to school when an a to a certain. Does not guaranteed right that that is at purple. Jim thank you ever think of the phone call by the way here's what out of state tuition is take a guess what is at Alabama. On out of state tuition dismantled and the shall include room or in all the supplies the hole exactly exactly a lot of times those numbers to IE EE LA yeah yes I have just tuition but I just I just wish tuition go ahead. 28 year. 28100. Dollars per year that does not include room and board books supplies and other. You wouldn't status. Yes and those 107 yeah that's where on ten college well. As a way so I just we just let us out of the university on line on it is a really popular thing right now for universities to raise to freeze in state tuition. And free and and hike at a state tuition because what they want to do is kids that especially in. Less attractive states where kids might. Be more likely to move as an Illinois like Alabama. Did you freeze in state tuition so that kids will stay in states so that kids won't leave to go to school out of state. But the charge people when they want and. So that is in Kansas and misery Maceda what is an AK UO. Do you Bulent second what is it that ms. At these are intervene 40000. Dollars I yeah. To go to and not this earlier to one reason why the whole thing in the whole shebang including room and board is 43. Yeah look on campus. Got to account idol on campus that's what you don't want to just for the education it's 28000. Dollars a year now if you come for this girl lose on her way back to New Jersey rate which is also showing that that taxpayer funding is not covering everything. And and and overseas without a dramatic drop in state funding to states don't have the money anymore Celeste of that money is coming from. The state and more that money is coming from the students on pocket. Which then makes me ask she is paying to there non resident tuition in Missouri and Missouri former zoo what do you think. Non resident operas are up by live in Iowa 2515. It varies quite bad on and some states have reciprocal agreements with other states and stops oh on wanted to give you instate tuition even into and out of state sound. Kansas when we go to David independent state your 91 KM BZ. Hey I. Okay it's. Yet when you're. Yeah admitted to college it's not just about them about all persons and developing. Developing at first and when they award you'd agree. It's with that light and responsibilities. Contain the area. The old school required to have. Go to conduct by their creditors. And it required to enforce. Though not her views if you expressed these views in academic that is I don't think that would app it's the way she did it. And course the elements of which he did it. But when you say wait she debt. So another kid that has those sayings of the same views but don't put my opponents are Gramm won't be kicked out of the university. I think it that the public which is obviously the language in which you they would clap that who's using that you are solutions support. And from from an academic. I see where your dollar and and and as a PR standpoint but to me that seems unfair. They the phone call David got to get to the news just so you know. Out of state tuition for KU. Is 25586. And out of state tuition is. Fourteen at K state.