Midday with J&W: Your parents ever call the cops on you?

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Wednesday, June 20th

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Voting finally. In this process for those of us. That lives in the street card district. This process. Took for ever and it was painful 'cause it was ball mailing there's not just hey if you live in a year ago a year and vote with your ID card. It was archaic it was long but we have result. It's okay so the league is mr. Karr has passed the extension of the street cart taking it and from Union Station. All the way down the UN Casey is past and in my cabinet difficulty. Is the reason why fewer than 10%. Of the approximately 35000. Eligible voters took part. Less than so what 3500 people made this decision then. I had passed I about a 75 to 25 margin after a six week mail in election he proposed. 227. Million dollar project passed on and so this would. Set up a new transportation development district that is bound now. By the Missouri River 53 street state line road and Campbell street gives you an idea what we're talking about on the so. Now it would run along main street down to Europe and Casey you're gonna have six weeks to do that. So the vote authorize collection of a new one cent sales tax for the next thirty years. Property owners generally within a third of a mile of main street but beyond in some cases will face an additional 25 year property tax assessment. That covers homes businesses and even traditionally tax exempt institutions like churches. Where to start the measures are expected generate money about 25 million dollars a year ago toward operations and maintenance. Of the existing 2.2 miles starter line so what's in place now from remarks Union Station. And the three point seven mile extension expanded service hoped to be open by 20/20 three. So this go from now once this thing gets done in five years ago from river market all the way to you and Casey this is. You know this to me and I am a big supporter of it he's all the time living downtown. I think it's fantastic ending connecting it to the plaza. Is going to be game changer for for those that are of a car a wanna drive colonial parking just wanted to get on the street car boom. They agree Wi-Fi and that most of the time meddling it's working right now most of the time. And and you go down to the plaza do whatever we have to do down there or vice Versa if you lived out of that part of town 39 street you need to river market crossroads. We'll do for the first time is take it to an area. On a length of area that you couldn't just walk if you wanted to I think 2.2 miles people would walk back. If they want to data mine takes us into another public transportation but now with it going so far. You're really I think and yet started small just to see if people would we do isn't him with liked it but now it'll really become more useful. That is a novelty not just for fun but gentlemanly as an alternative to public other forms of public transportation or your cart now it's it's an area wouldn't walk. Yes and at the fact is as long as it stays free. That's the big Catholic so the first thing embrace he well on gonna stay free it'll it'll remain as popular as it is I mean. I saw the stat. Over four million rides in the first two years that's incredible for something that they weren't sure was gonna work. Yeah and for those who. Don't remember exactly how this works on you don't pay higher taxes and you don't pay for the streetcar line. Unless you live in this district that runs along the street car line the idea being that. You're gonna pay higher property taxes but you're going to benefit because your property value is going to be higher because the streetcar line. If your businesses along a street car line you're also benefiting from our business because now the street cars running so close your business. That you're gonna get more people in that area on and fact I know people who live. Close to the streetcar line. Who have gotten new assessments on their property and saying wow our property value was gone up so when you go to sell. You're you're paying more for on your property taxes like you habit but you're gonna make more when he's on your property while that's glad everything is here that gas so. It's and we're talking about in terms of taxes on based on 2015 tax Levy rates. The owner of the commercial property valued at a million dollars would pay an additional 15100 bucks a year property taxes. A home valued at 200000 dollars would pay an extra 266. Dollars a year. They are seeking federal money by the day and they did this for the first 2.2 miles while the key sees her artery will seek a hundred million dollars in federal funds. I'm going to back. That they don't expect president trump to send the federal funds. Think to come towards this because I know they were trying. To get it expanded north using federal funds and that got shot down any private donors are are paying for that or something else but. I don't expect this administration to send down any federal funds for. Extreme card expansion. Well let me point this out of a go go ahead big ticket now but the next presidential election is in 22 point. And this might not be finished until 20/20 three. Hulu might have a different president appointment we may so I don't know that I'd be so hung up on whether president from expert. We. Jus just point we also mean remember we also may not sound you read the numbers beginning by the way on this is what you and I talk about all the time. You and I bring this up and it just goes to show we only talk about the rock star presidential election may be we gave. 12% for the mid terms would you say 10%. Of voters that you just talked about how heart as it once you're running for president easy. You got your vote at how easy this was not. This was not simple. And the reason it was complicate it was because they really really wanted to make sure that you only voted. On a street cart if you genuinely lived in the area where it's going to affect you. So that six in double checking to make sure the RBs you arguments that he would reset you have to make sure that where you live is in that TDD and so. That X mark and I think to. You know you you look at it. From a perspective we only want people who are seriously voting for a net you really see the passion for or against it to pay more so they need to make sure you understand it. Jack injured your your chicken and more money for 2529. Day 858. Was the final score at 52675. To 25. Yet this was it was a process yet to get at notre rise you had a mean or in the mail in and you couldn't discussion on Monday by it to apply for you to mail in your application to get a ballot it but it passed Seve fives are the people that went through the work. Now we're willing to do it yeah and and I think two year year. You know when we talk with. Remember her name I apologize witty guest on from the from the streetcar authority. That we have we chatted about when the election was was going on. There's also even before we get to that they're gonna add two more cars to the to the existing lines of the gonna go from four. 26. So in case you wait too long or whatever you can have the opportunity so that. That again will increase I believe more productivity more people using. It's all gonna get a send more residential areas and it's and now you know it's it's really gonna. Go through the city right now it's just a lot of commercial areas but once you and Casey you're really start getting in people's homes more in my guesses that use is gonna go up a lot more. Yet to build for team 2.2 miles to make sure everybody likes it but get it into closer to students who aren't as likely to have cars. It'll be great because you're just gonna have my guess is that apple streak airlines can benefit because more people are just gonna hop on and off in the back and forth a lot more quickly. I'm looking for the place where it stops are going to be op plans call for the main street extension if completed. To have stops at 27 street 31 street armor 39 43 45. Somewhere between Weaver boulevard and 51 street that are down. And they spent a lot of time talking power of the stock should be as her and the thing that they haven't figured out yet is whether they're gonna keep it in the median. It's easy whether you keep on the outside the road or move it's been the center. Because keeping it on the outside of the road. Puts parking in jeopardy a little bit more but is safer because people step off in the right. Iran to curb they talk about putting it in the middle and out think itself. Trying to. Think kind of I don't know which one of a bigger fan of I mean for safety reasons yep that did the courage you know everywhere except war. The north and of river market has. Right or left side you know. But I. Think the center might be a cool thing to do especially meat he bring up parking and if there's snow there's an issue would cars have to stick scoop like an extra two inches off the off the curb or whatever. It may wind up gold medal but I have no idea which where they're gonna go. Are coming up we were chat about this earlier a story out of independents a mob turned her son in. Would you have done the same will explain next right 57677. Edit the phone number jumping and we were chat about this earlier but we'll get to a tough. Those are just reflect some of you are texting questions about streetcar funding and I know it's confusing. And I would just encourage you Casey street cart dot org. Has a frequently asked questions page that explains how the funding works and I can text you all backed by it might just be easier for Regis a look at it but just to keep in mind again. You're only gonna pay for the streetcar if you live in this district and you would know if you were and that does or you would know it already because you would have had the opportunity to vote. And that time has passed and they did a pretty good job making sure that if you would on a street car line proposed and you can vote on. But if you don't live along the proposed streetcar line in this little area essentially on main street. You don't pay for it on we dig a question to people who live on the first 2.2 miles are their tax is gonna go up with its extension. Now this just means a new tax for people that live an additional three point seven mine up in double that you're acting you're already paying for your aren't paying for for what you get to benefit from so we got Casey streak artwork. Yeah and and if you were old like me and you got no I'm stopped the mailings and literature with sly James face on it or veto the anti of street car stuff coming in about how bad it is for this you would now got you listen to the area that you're around for that campaign you would now. And if you're not that great you get to benefit from something you don't pay it for. List your shopping in the district you know think now that you're gonna finish up and strokes out. Are right we chatted about this earlier and story the comes to us out of independence and we hear stories if you can relate it would you have done with this Missouri mom did. A man by the name of Josh Williams he is twenty years old from independence. Is behind bars for his alleged actions after his momma. Turned himself odd turn him into the police the incident happened a week ago according to documents he was in his car. And he pulled up the sort of asking a ten year old girl inappropriate questions and touching himself. While not wearing shirts. He's bandit charged with attempted child enticement. And also one count of attempted statutory sodomy with a person less than twelve years old. When the little girl ran away he took off. A surveillance camera actually captured all of this from a neighbor. This helped police put out a photo of a two horse and he was driving the immediately received a tip and thanks to that tip. A detective track the car scene of the video too Lee's summit held when he came in contact with Josh Williams. A while there the guy Josh Williams told the detective that the car seen in the surveillance video belonged to his mom but he added that it hadn't left the driveway. After the detective left the home. William's mother called the detective in said that her son lied and was acting guilty also she said it. He handed over the only set of keys to the car which had been. Missing in the mother of the tenure olds don't take a moment for the manner victimize her daughter she was bringing her neighbor's dogs to their house after fighting him wandering around the neighborhood. College he encountered the man in the car the girl drop the dog's leash isn't ran to a neighbor's house who called police immediately. Have you ever called the police on your kids. 5767798. Have you ever called the police on your kids and would you have done that in this case where detectives came and left would you have called them back 576. 7798. Are there. Or are you someone where there is no circumstance under which you call the police on your child no matter what they did we get a response like that by the way William writes nope I was in the situation like this are either for that matter my parents turn me end. They'd better hope to heck they've never they never be in a situation with the eight we desperately need by help because I'd sit and watch them fall off fall. You don't turn your kids in you agree with that. 5767798. We'd love to hear from you if you ever had to call the police on your son. Or run your daughter it was a violent physical altercation maybe they're stealing. Maybe some like this. How. You not turn your kid and where's the line at least if there is a victim that is not you. If your kid stole from you I guess that the decision you can make for yourself but if your child. Or your adult child is molesting a kid or abusing a kid or hurt somebody else and you don't say some thing. Then when that person does it again and has another victim that's on you. I know you are you are not stopping your child from hurting more people Jaime what does your twelve year old son stole your neighbor's wall to. You call the police but he you know that neighbor it's it's a good friend. And they know their wallets and stolen they don't know who and you know is down. That's that's that's like where's the line for forever probably at that point I think you make your kid go talk to the neighbor to neighbor decides. You know that we your kids still does the right thing and fast is up. About stealing a wallet and solace to face the music there and then you let the neighbor to side. This I can play the what if I could bring up a million of these things and just swears swears that line for a unified 767798. Will start a summit would like to remain anonymous on KM BZ hello anonymous. So I noticed ski in the hand or critic on all these. I know and drug user and power in an intro. And so I'm not making any usually eat but I know on this. And you know his parents and had a lot of problems and the Iranians so I can fool you in light as air would turn him. And that you know. I don't know her eagle soaring petty theft is one thing you know. Not triggered it and for but it is you know what else is doing if he's willing to go lying between around town have a little he would. I don't know the answer that I've never heard the terminology used like that but we appreciate colony in man thanks. Let's go to Grambling KM BZ Graham your parents ever called police on him. My brother year a year ago it was a brother and she. Did it. He was about thirteen in the buddy went to the local Kmart and attitude Spielberg based book art or art car and the security in the early complete our call mom and cute they can do a few hours and stated that there and his view of the and they called back and that million O thirteen you can't you know we don't wanna do that can't do you know law. Keep it up taken to jail and on ought to begin well they got that number. And add bit but in the cup are down out or requirement that how long it take you to get there. So late that crop are about or five minute but I think they there are pretty good luck in that date that. I'm compromise on it was Norman dale Bobbie you know later. I I have been in the back of a cop are not for a legal reason but I I've been in the back a cop car twice in my life. I mean even though I was completely innocent and had nothing wrong and there was no reason for the police to be there. That's still intimidating now if you really committed a crime like his brother. That's gonna last with for a long long time. Agrium thanks so much for the phone call let's go to Margie on KM BZ emerge a deal right you were called the other cops and kids. I what can hear a lot. I now what might that thirteen party he added I whether it's faster and kids and one against some people caught street it was an Allentown they wanna start the car. And won again in about stopped parliament and the garlic. I probably the talent to get an early birthday I issued orders something you're thinking man and what they thought that balcony one. I didn't bring it straight being not the turning and break in probable he they eat Italian and everywhere in the financially by. And I've gotten out like Asian neighbors and then in London. Stanford the year and affluent had a direct Asia and I think it would have been informed idiot in the process. I'm gonna say what's what's life like for now's a good kid. He isn't relegate it adding that it. You know probable and now him as the outlook that we didn't like being it was a bad neighbor and I don't know who's got what it or what we try not dealer Scott. At their government. And in my pocket check. Yeah it probably would have been worse if if it was something along those lines that if the police did find I think the a Margie thanks for the phone call 5767798. In text in 22980. Feel like. Today. It's it's on them to punish their kids for crimes as opposed to the police yat that that they can do a better job teaching that lesson to their kids than jail could or the very least. They wouldn't have to subject them to. And some of the bad stuff in jail and and they can still teach him a lesson anyway and I don't know what point did you draw an outline. But if it's for marijuana possession or something if you find them was a couple joints or whatever you know do you feel like. Well I can teach and outlast and dart tournament please. Again I wonder where that line is you know hey that's it that's a good question. Would you of done but this woman did in Lee's summit her son and her son and his two when he curled by the name of Joshua Williams. He's being charged with attempted enticement of a child and a count of attempted so I statutory sodomy with a person less than twelve years old. According to documents Josh Williams who was. Not wearing a shirt when he pulled open his car and started asking a ten year old girl inappropriate questions. And touching himself police got to his house he said it wasn't him police left. Mom called the detectives back to say her son was lying. Or would you have done that 5767798. And have you ever called the cops on your kids let's go back to the phones talked a lease on KM BZ highly self. Hi hi guys and yelled and there were other question. And not my mind maintain don't know all of its. Number one. My fear a wallet happened to him in jail. There are buried here. Plus the fact that I think they would. That it's not expect our. And but what I wanted to do it by what we're trying to and not walk junior. Psychology. That the Yates it would industry that I have a ball evaluation of the I want and it caught up what are doctors recommend that ad but I can't eat solid well he would be your Mike Cook out. Add it yet not so on ally our attitude about it. Yeah although it all because that. It's gonna happen media that he does it help. This situation thought again. Seems they get via a pattern eight Lisa thank you so much for the phone call someone else would like to remain anonymous you're on KM BZ hello anonymous. I'd. Hi you're on a year over a year I hear that that's right. You know. It seventeen year old son and a laps or ears let's call try. The first time within six grade. Walked to school. Didn't get there scared everybody to death. And old am ET. That teenagers ran into the well. Which are illegal. Please call it and they talked him through that. Great job. You know circle program to lie and that's up to what happened. And then. And actually last year and it. So I call the parents sometimes. Can absolutely. I. Under the shirt and everybody has a breaking point. At somebody like this young age or older and I am. Your old didn't. There's some key issues. You need help beyond. And I don't think there's a problem. In IKEA mother series goes from. Look like did you all the times that you called police have any fear about. On your kind of relinquishing control at that point you know once you put it in police hands. Somebody else gets to decide what's gonna happen to your kid moving forward and it it might necessarily be which you want it it might be more extremely you're looking for any fear about panel on the way. No. Because that conversation with them or are you and Angel. Share. It can situation. If you dealing if it lives. Being inappropriate like this why I would absolutely have air but again. Everything makes decisions. It is decision at some serious consequences. I want to prison absolutely not I haven't read it I really do. I also. Really firmly believed in for in nineteen. And like that society are we. This year you this site appear that there's a lot poor. And thanks for the phone call we appreciate it thanks for sharing your story. I'll let's go to dean got 91 KM BZ Heidi. The per hour collar you know what. You. My mom called my brother it was you walk from there. Airports and either bring out yeah and there at least they were picked it up hair and he went back to the airport. Or what their arch. I want. Well I I got to see you turn your you turn to brother and two goal enable. Our burn every mother yeah. Can I ask what the relationship is like now between the two mayor. Eric and really how I mean what was it like when that when it went down and shortly after. I'm Barbara and I would do on it and you've gone about three months and eat it like the airports. And that'll. Moms found out where our income albeit sergeant it and making it picked you not. Now. Thank you over the phone call we appreciate it dean but it was of the line for you 5767798. Mary Iran KM BZ Highbury. I caught it. Well a lot like that was sport Cain when he started running away from at all. In not arrested for bulk and now we're at a rest and humor thing. Next time might seem like that core unit and shackled. And is written were drafted way. That check strike me taking my call. 08 at an ounce or rat backed that. And amp. Ears you'd better. There are over six month. All our holidays is that Earth Day. Everything. They count. He was the difference it. Then it got trouble and got caught over grammar. Map on. He got put on probation. Or like I've years. And now he's in his sport. As a young man. He has an exclusive neighborhood an outward 300000 dollar all at two children that walk the straight and narrow. Success story. And our relationship is fabulous. Time. But. He doesn't know where he would stand. I'm glad stepped in when you did marry it's a great story. Some time he got to go to some dark times I guess thanks so much for the phone call. Let's go to I think it's Calley or Caylee on KM BZ what's up. I get that break. He caught he. I'm I'm I'm sorry I'm having a real tough time hearing you would write speak and I expect I am a much better please start over. Mary told my story my daughter in she. She caught me once and I Whitacre goes straight and I called the police. She woke up to them arresting her. And she went juvenile court because I chit attention because like at that question each week. She made it actually did on all other means are working very. And to date she's thinner worries she's at the successful marriage and that working out her master's degree and we had a great relationship. But the one thing that I wanted to say is aren't. A horrible what is going on I mentored young man who Asia not in my grand. And he hurt. I don't know where he's taking that I had gotten late night call video called match. At first I didn't want to believe it but I mean they're inappropriate. Pictures and videos of him doing. Differently. And so I have culpable. And I don't want to wreck his life and seriously. He charismatic. Nice kid. But you know when you pick on a 65 year old woman fitted Atlantic market seriously on and he's getting married actor like hell he is. On Friday. That they have a baby together can count them Max. And stop there because I think to break applicant or delay just let it let it right I would like here people respond back. Anything so much for the phone call appreciate it and the fact that your mentoring is this is pretty amazing thing is so much for that. I'll read a few more phone calls up coming up before we ended up to being in parks have seen and spoken to Dana she is back with us today. Will take more calls Brad Tim stick right there will come to you next 5767798. Party aired at have you ever had to call the cops on your kids excuse me I 767798. Read back to the phones and let's go to Brad on KM BZ Brad yet kids. If Brad. Braddock urea and once rat going to lights. Tammy your on KM BZ go ahead Tim. Yeah I've I've got to do it that are children a daughter and I call on my daughter and should you. I had gotten tested it out further and she wanted to go cheer mother and I told her that it. Know what mother. Could come up here are living. Live up North Kansas City. She can come up here this year and she goes on the plot it actually here. And that's that you do that rumor reported I don't. And she sort of back her clothes and I called the police. And I make out here and I switch to a runaway hit superior Q now. Wow. Is that good is that the usual step to. I had I had. A lot of things could escalate and before that you're all so. That was my that was cool in my personal option. So. You know they they talked whether. You know two older you know should Illinois house here. You've got cable TV they don't have cable and juvenile. She had a computer. And this is you wouldn't have been injured and I know. But he probably particularly here in not any student juvenile. And there. And they kind of talked around it not going. Typical this time. 1616. Witnesses. This is not by opinion about ten years high. Are always stupid or so he's been out trouble. You know since. Welcome to modernize the old machine. To the it took me about a year two years in custody ever. With water. With war. Whom other letters to honor to be getting arrested the other part. You know where the line or out. And and she's been in and out troublesome. After amen if it sounds like it's a battle with plea I appreciate you sharing your story. Thanks so much for it. I mean I I've told this earlier my my mother my sister did not get along around. Actually it was. The time win. Magic Johnson was announcing to the world that he was retiring from basketball because he contracted HIV than ever that night who vividly man. And the police said. My sister was a problem child shall tell you that at noon at one point she stole my mother's car and and the police were called on on honor. You know what if it happens. From and we took a ton of stories earlier in the show ticket Thailand did their during this hour and and thanks to buddy forget me and the I'll never remember when the police show up and they have to you have to be detained and it's OK where's a safe place for her to go hours safe place for you'd ago. Sister wanna go to live with my dad from that night former obviously didn't put yeah I mean it it it it can leaked that and I don't know if I would be able to. Elect intends case. Saying hey if you're gonna run I've called police and then send you to juvenile. You know Jimmy hall whenever would be right. I. So it it it's it's one of those writers of might have the guts to do I don't know what'll news I'm on you know steal little wallet from the neighbor. What do you drove your car into the neighbor's yard and you you know messed that up and rain over a fence act I don't know the line is I've no idea. But luckily it ever comes to frankly we all it ever comes to. As turn. Real quick. Did came disease where count I do as a matter. Not to and the show kind of sour note but 9 o'clock tomorrow morning is when we have the memorial service for the two wind actually deputies there's probably some information passed on in terms of road closures and that kind of stuff and the routes that that's gonna take tomorrow morning at nine. Yeah. Tomorrow at children's mercy park joint funeral service. Four deputies Teresa king and Patrick Rorer who shot and killed last Friday. Is going to be tomorrow. Following the funeral processional take the deputies bodies from children's mercy to a funeral home in Charny. Around 500 vehicles are expected to participate in the processional and like you mentioned there's roads that are going to be closed along the route. It will roll from western Casey came along state avenue east in a downtown KCK. From there we'll travel on south seventh street and on I 35 the processional exit on to Merriam drive at any knocked. Then go on to Johnson drive their portion of Johnson drive. Will be closed at some point between 1130 and two if you wanna see but it came easy dot com. That story is up there with the roads and everything it's gonna be closed tomorrow and it's also as mentioned on. On our Twitter page act KM BZ radio. 9 o'clock tomorrow morning is ready for that after about. Mid morning and get right. This isn't that a term that I've I've heard before but I'd like to throw your way. You heard the term lob a self these. Essential that you know hurt but I suspect in a release going. So. This is something that we rarely. Have seen go on this long lake we still have wobble all over flowing lava all over island and why it's cannot. It's starting now we're starting to get more so good. Correct it or getting more law. This is something that. I don't know if this happens across the globe I'm not shocked it's Americans that do this. Tourists in parks across Hawaii are now facing fines of up to 5000 dollars. And have been threatened with potential jail time for trying to get close up pictures of fast moving lava. From the eruption of killing a volcano at least 48 tourists to Hawaii's big island have been arrested since early may. The eruption of kilo away yeah. Most of the tourists and even some full timeline residents are rested on loitering charges as they tried snapping. Lava sell these. Lot of us. Like I am not an entirely surprised this isn't very often it's not very often that a volcano erupts. At all let alone where the plays that you might already having vacation plan and you may never see it again it's true you have a game at least this is a rare how close can you get a. No idea like I mean little idea. It's got to be really really hot like it's hot outside it's a 106. Like I have no idea how close you can actually get into it zoom lenses and stuff like that with the erupting volcanoes in the background. It under the impression you're not supposed to get very close to lob up a because your body physically can't take it and beat can't stuff like. Pop up. Italy Boylan sizzle like Greece on pain and I react when it's himself and how much of that they've got blocked off you know I don't know how close they're letting you get. But it. I don't know if you can you know block every it's going in every direction now it's just nuts to me hey you India. Let's walk up to that volcano its core and grab ourselves self publish think we can get and on the trigger shorts on now. That it was a lot a spits up and immediately Meltzer lag. But you're not survive your body part isn't surviving baton you know like hot water is called the number. Surviving a loss Blatter now eruptions began may third. That's on this has been going the crater summit has lost the equivalent. Of 100000. Olympic size swimming pools and all out of it. And they say the magma chambers are fueling the collapse of the summit that's news I yesterday from the G models are. So the summit make cave and so this but the weight of it in the heat in the can and the disintegration of all that stuff and what I know about science. I'm not up so their new pictures out that are showing the extent of the crater that is widening on those were taken by helicopter. And it puts the size into context I gather the more gas and ash emissions are coming out of the summit. With a plan that's going 5000 feet up on the pictures are pretty stunning actually you can see the pictures are great. But those with people who have you know great lenses from far distances. Me with my phone book like everybody and get them in the frame 570 homes have been lost now she needs to chasm. That's what I've that's worst wildfires right up in the Pacific northwest and California.