Midday with J&W: Your kids ever embarrass you?

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Wednesday, May 16th

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You're at 12 o'clock hour don't forget we have a keyword cash for you. It is local LOC a L local tax upward in the 72881. So if you haven't seen the video by now go to our FaceBook page it's there it's adorable. There's a a a guy proposing to his girl and this happened on Saturday may ease the video by not maybe you haven't. The woman's name is Alyssa and she got the proposal a lifetime in her three year old son ul and decided to steal the spotlight now Kevin. Decided to pop the question and the person filming the video. Is his eleven year old daughter she is a three year old son he has an eleven year old daughter so their beak there there. They're out in front of a fountain. Or never and you can see that he's down on one knee. And in the footage of the incident well received by here we go it's gonna play the audio. Eighties. What you can't see which you can hear in the background as a baby noises and he's in love with all my heart in a beautiful proposal. What you see the video is the kid stands right behind kind of back to back with dad pulled his pants down and he starts. The right in yeah right there like just has to go pulls down to pants pulled down the underwear. It's big it's blurred out you don't see any thing and she start speeding it's been seen almost a million times on YouTube. You've probably seen this either on CNN or ABC or whatever you watched you probably saw this it's adorable. Yes so we are from Yale and this opportunity where you can call these stories are always better you can tell the story and hear what your kids embarrass you. Was there a time where they said something they shouldn't have at the wrong time or they did something like this at the wrong time or were a little too honest when you wish they had then it or just did something in a public place than it. That major faced her rent we want to hear stories of things like this where your kids embarrass you again. I wouldn't urgent call 5767798. We've got some coming in on a tax line because the air Tex goes it's hard to keep. Tex with multiple amounts to straights we'll do our best. I hear a few that we got during the break out when my four boys were little I used to tease them by saying I was going to sell them on either. Fast courts got X up up up. I. If you're not Imus I thank our rights fast towards their teenage years 1213 fourteen and 21 and we were waiting to be seated at some studies my thirteen year old says very loudly. Hey mom remember that trot that time he tried to sell us on eBay. At a forget that they never forget 5767798. What's your sunny your daughter died to embarrass you during a big moment other planets are signed when my son was two or three. He called an overweight woman and the grocery line the Biggest Loser well because of the show where you lose way. Thank god she had a great sense of humor and laugh call my gosh that's tremendous that's that's the alternate right that's that's or talking about the stuff your kids may be too young to know what they're doing. But it's still really funny I here's what mark for we go to phones last night at my son's pre school graduate it'll. After he was done the other part of the class came up and he decided to sit on my lap and pass gas on might now of course any shot I. Haven't heard at. 57607798. Rachel in leavenworth so what's your story Rachel. Well I want even an embarrassment factor for me that my mom my mother's face turned red cell at the story is. My kids are at their net they'll Wear over there and they haven't holiday. And my friend said I happy to see the heat up that can't effect locking in our wobbling to the actor and and my daughter Abigail as I'll pop you can't nobody wants to see Tina. And it comes iMac and my mom and start. Eating all red and like Conan and now we kinda weed me out at my age chest don't worry it's. Actual name of the body art. And now they say you feel like a weed me or. What are saying no you want to see me. I mean and eventually the kid's gonna go to be a sixteen year old kids still called little we week. I imminent Natalie. Wanna think about my Manhattan back in the future about right now it. He. Dad dad told that it goes down yeah that's odd not gonna go down that road with each either Rachel for so many of these that are so that. And attacks on by some when he was three called an African American lady at the mall Oprah Winfrey. That's the only FC only moments that get now the only black woman they've ever seen on the slot. I read and my boss at Wal-Mart one day and my seven year old looks haggard said when you're gonna get my momma raised. Oh what was the response time and now I. Now that TO color with yours 5767798. I'll get to hope to Laura Lee to everybody texts are well. Are welcome you techs are welcome as well. At 22980. We're taking your stories right now in honor of these little boy who decided he was gonna Paulus pants down and is soon to be mother stepmother. Rest knew about the incidents where your kids may be embarrassed you during a big moment 5767798. Text in. At 22980. Years is on under the tax line when my daughter was little she told my mom sometimes my mom sleeps without clothes on. That at a that's goes up we're talking about let's go to hope in a spurred on KM BZ I hope. Crying and crying my daughter should probably not very clear the door and she was packed and though. I wouldn't buyer or anything so I had to like liquor and that we would lead in the door. It should start great and you're not mop. Top. And their daughter in the car and that we can you guys the window out out ship my arm. Luckily that would go on Arctic air because I think that it happened now it would have been a rat yeah. This. Whole EU Africa there'll anyway that might Barrett went on net. Love that oh thanks so much for the phone call Laura in Kansas City you're on a KM BZ what your story Laura. Yet. My husband and I had had a child like teen early and I hadn't had a chance by maternity clothes he had. We're back with David. She came what's the day I was let go by them. And soul past five years later recant her second child in hand she. And I Wear. Actually we hadn't had her eye that pregnant with her and Lee wearing Kansas City going to go attorney because shopping that day and I have. Then I Euro with in the back in polymer an arrestor aren't. That's true. And my husband 67 and I was scholar. But. Anyway didn't have maternity clothes so I'd been wearing underwear in separate sheet says. Mom are you where dad AdAware yeah. I. That's what I did you know I didn't court there at that they're hurt but a prejudge that at that way. Held on tires that's fantastic and in the back which included the word again. At that shirt that they thrilled down Laura thinks the phone call we appreciate it set in Kansas City here on KM BZ. Election year water treatment. Christmas shopping cougars infinitely. Been worse than. What will corrupt act. Although back markers you'll all PO. Apex about Credo if you look on that report there are all. Act. There I don't I don't want to appear it's okay judging angry angry adult diapers or resents that delight it was man it's okay. I. I don't but I do note currently on their loot like you know you want the sport I respect that. They said the poco a. I a couple of text I'm report when my niece was two years old we were sitting at a restaurant Booth and she pulled the wig off the lady that was sitting behind us. Is that happening in his dead all my guy. She another when my wife was getting a pedicure a place on by an Asian woman and all the staff there were also Asian my three year old asked really loudly. Why is this place full of ninja is a at which point people hired last. A child that racism these let's go to Greg in KCK thanks for hanging Gregor on KM BZ. It's we were out shopping what are saving your old granddaughter in careening into our. Local high school you're the teacher who is really well like it really well known fact my son was. Former student isn't so you know everybody knows everybody would stand in their pocket and that. Teachers like cal that there might be an overall world order a great meat looks at my granddaughter is. What are you going to be what you grow. One of his teacher Eagles actually attacked he either going to be music teacher she look within not wanna be a real teacher. 00. Alone that's fantastic. Eggs Greg. Let's go to key in civilian on KM BZ aching. As you look beautiful Easter day. Beautiful weather out and it was at her house that sent her lunch. And my Lai had bought. Liberal or growth spur private use you know he let the darker side. All. I regret that oracle covered with this Urlacher or her parent and Micah and I'll. I never. Did you. Get it retained destroy all stop but no in here and my mom would you like EE EC. Bowl and this was an Easter. Her all my actual lives are better not cut up. And it's going to over the phone called Keith Josh in Gladstone you're next up on KM BZ. But Mary Bono. Not look like it bit me and my brother. And me and our mom we alternative appears each other very well there are all I've grown up he's heard about the my brother Goddard. We went into it CBO has been there more than agree up front of my brother yelled louder they can Google's store you guys have flickered condoms from Arnold. Up top acts. That. Loving family were you just try to embarrass the de Jesus out of reach him and or what do loving family and thanks to the phone call Josh. And 5767798. Canada's Lawrence and came easy guy again. The going to get in that want to Arafat your granddaughter shot. Elderly orderly Simon Cowell what should look forward in my granddaughter what your purchased years ago. It goes way. Yeah. Related to look down on the moment. It's okay. Only she handled it well then think you over the phone call we appreciate that a few more advertise on what I was in kindergarten I went to a Catholic school and told everyone my mom was making love to the milk man. My dad works from wired hair day oh okay. I'm not we a lot of them that are coming in about. The various things that kids call people who are black. Without realizing what they are. Are we allowed to read these on the air a bad joke. Stepped in the Wal-Mart to get my glasses repaired the girls fixing my glasses was my eight year old daughter asked what's the chocolate girl doing daddy go no. That has to make a guy is. That sure it is yeah yeah that. The first time that's funny peak corrected very quickly my son told my mother in law she didn't have to stop the stop sign at the end of our block we never dies out you know. Is bonds is promoting that let's go to Kevin in a late on CNBC Kevin. You are right now it's up which is story. Is not my my kid but my little brother in it we all play I play hard. They're very courtly bella. And a hell underneath marchers. Well after the play our article on my teachers in my little brother is a two princes it into a loan and your shirt. And well. Now I just have I love being dogs that's best. But it's well that it is. That been noticeably problem they do get for the phone call. It's free re Adler in that I guess freedoms straight out of it rip and read somebody's backyard there couple leaves that are not. Safe for us keeping jobs. But the guy who won by a sweet little Henri Mathieu was about three is not taken a McDonald's for lunch Monday. She let him play in the playland while she ordered their food she was to hit the line and all the tap on her leg she looked down to stand their stark naked. They asked all his clothes off McDonald's. Get a few more of these Chris we'll get to Allan what more time marquis were to cash this hour is local LOC a well local text the word in the 78 it winds 1227 it's remarkable grace to get to appreciate everybody hanging down that. We were kind of inspired by this by a three year old boy who. Hurry his father decided to propose to his soon to be stepped mama he decided while the dealing was going on beautiful proposal. He was gonna pull his pants down and start peeing right after he said I gotta go PE I hockey wasn't lying about it. He Eads did it I think he said I'm going to counties got I need to you but I'm about. Us or asking you have there been moments that your kids of are astute big moments little moments 5767798. Chris in Kansas City yard KM BZ. We're still. There are historic. What my daughter. And some big deal out on the elderly and side cute sort you Erica well do restore. There are pretty our record high belly. Pulpit. A group that lady about it recognize her energy and our our. That kick off Graham ball. It Jake. Jake is the cap that will work that we are raging at all. Jack Kate drama. And they're from law. Juror. My teacher has been great to. There I gave erratic or. Utterly out that far because. Yeah I starter you know. Writes. That acres things that they spoke of men I appreciate you calling. I am not. Cupcakes mom or grandma she's me 5767798. You're laughing I so many that. Thank you everybody in the Thai side and a lot of these are really quick and I can't even keep up with them some of the most fun we've had in awhile here a couple or fassel go back to your calls. Pushed my two year old in the stroller at Disneyland she was smiling and waving at everyone she sought we passed a man sitting on a badge and she waved furiously and shouted and that. And if that's the thought up a pop up another one. Want my hose was still single he ordered pizza one night for him and his kids. When the pizza was delivered his daughter who was six at the time answered the door and asked the delivery girl are you here spend the night. Hole well a law. Let's go to Jenny in Kansas City and KM BZ I Janney. Was up. Sorry your country. And cute little ball. And they were hunting and packing up and it's unbelievable in trade in and out to complain and better. And keep at it you've got a bat or your country your little. Happier had been quite common market. Through the matter and eat meat. On an error in and out she leaned him out court document and aperture a quick it would seek out. How. Will. Eat at a car and they are eating out the car right there may. You're supposed to go look at the players let's. Cindy thanks for your phone call might in Kansas City on Camby easy what's up my. Hey we are at my Brothers and he need big boobies and set your mind that he starts its IQ. Person and you learn and it's sort of that story. And I'd rather than two hours a day like it's somewhat catch producers as wide as. My nephew and he looks at them Agassi act and yeah. And like. Hang on me. You've taught him so much might. Happen achieved. You you've you've taught her soul Todd was so much. It's always the uncle so. It's always have like everyone saying it wasn't my cat oh yeah I mean yeah angle of go to Susan. Susan your 91 KM BZ. And it this year. Why is it's probably 1965. Mom for a kid Ted Montgomery ward reliably jeans for the boy. I kept on her head go to that Germany had to go to the bathroom she kept at it and an idiot and I wondered thought pounded the ball in the bathroom. First sale. Crimes that went. Well and that we get mom mom goes out there and over the crowd standing around that display unit we using the maps. You peed in the middle of Montgomery Ward's. Yeah. I was three years old they give me crap about it. Thank you Susan for the phone call that's pretty good and let's go to Jessica in Kansas City and KM BZ I Jessica. A president Mary. You know get out of or during your barrel after he needs aren't you get that. You apartheid. Era where I am or I turn their rookie every parent. Yeah how. He's right about there are like. Oh now. Sure are but yeah our military in the air but it. You'll. Want his little chance. A court like crying and they're put. Nice. And our. Alley once he doesn't doesn't just as his like again I did. They just get thinks of the phone call we appreciate it. Standing on busy McDonald's line and my four year old son out of nowhere starts to poke me in the privates yelling poke poke that's dots ice standard dumbfounded Molly was doing as I look up and every one is looking I can do nothing other than talent to keep his hands to himself I would like it creep earth that's hilarious. That's not bad at all. Owner and are fascinated with that another region and just their fascinated with cars they're fast and Rivera. And they just they wanna be naked they would show it agency will help it. We'd ever guys that grow a lot of where is we're still fascinating to lower your word we never when you have went out exactly. We're we never grew a lot of that it's important it's fine especially with our opponent. Pop pop up. 5767798. Final word of this goes to Linda you get in before the buzzer yearly and go ahead. Or are partnered well with that and I. So. All of that bind at age and I know we were out in the country and I'm not only black and she. Got. They are now an independent. Gang were there are probably east you know it's a much more mixed crowd at. Yeah. And you try it and god look yeah. And churn out Erica I'm black and chop it. It is not Bryan Busby. It. Up. Palin to thank you so much pressure is on FaceBook thanks to everybody who got in. Lot come in on the text line as well soak up we're gonna get into this audio hammer gonna play it Oreo. The word that some of you're going to hear one way and someone you are going to hear a different way and I'll tell you on on Twitter. And Dana right hears it one way and Kara hurt the other we're gonna have to get care and it is these out here yet knows. Not one has not won fifteen would in my thinking all right we'll see if people wanted to amend the war. The phrase. That is dividing the nation. So if you remember. Couple years ago we had the the dress debates in this country there was a picture of address. And depending on how your eyes worked in what you saw and probably based on the computer TV you're looking at. It was either white and gold or blue and black. Pretty much confirming what is debated. We will just debate anything it's spot when you have something that people see in different ways and debate how everybody. Sees it or in this case here's. So this is the latest. I think the people are debating on line and is a piece of audio now it started on Rhett. I have no idea how it's spread but it began on credit. And people here either one of two ports. Right. To play you the audio and what word do you hear. When we play this. What word do you hear Jamie yet you'll hear yen. I hate no idea how you hear that but I hear laurel plain and simple. To be clear and to those a lot of the F series based on having heard this for some today some the F theories about what's going on here. I'll tell you for those that are saying it depends on your IP address which it just played it off we herded off the same can. Right I'm I'm on playing this straight open up sound file played it I mean we don't hear it for transmitters that we're hearing it from the computer. Into your headphones and Jamie here's something completely different yak and what I hear and you might be. On hearing something different than us because in the magic of radio there is processing it goes out quick that I would hear the same right having to prosper here it is again what you hear the word laurel or the word you anti. Laurel. Do you laurels. Laurel. Do you laurels. Text into two Danny zero or feel pretty give us call at 5767798. Not care that is into the studio option available care human mind and your guests are. We're bringing care and because care and Dana tweeted about those moments apart. About what they heard and they heard different words snack parent. What are got in trouble we turn your microphone on their meat without knowing that bonds yet because this is an audio. Always bring. You know what you get McNabb. We feel that my team. What do you hear when I've played Dennis EU. NY TO. We also because day and a here's laurel CE at a lenders it's strange that the world is so split on this ads and I know the word actually is moral. But I can't hear you know real I didn't know. What happens if by I took the the liberty of pitching it up and grant a change if you have a gorilla. Exhibit. So I turned the picture up on it okay the show here's what it sounds like pitched up. Borrow. That's so clear that a lot more clear yes. I also pitched it weighed down this one's gonna blow your mind this is the exact same piece of audio just 30% deeper you totally into yeah. Models. Yeah yeah not but not as clear but yeah Hannity but I don't hear any part of that as as laurel meanwhile the normal speed. And I can't you hear ye any acting so strange to me Travis what you year. All all last night. Last night I was I listened to us about the war are gaining but now here laurel that's all geared more now. People on the tech writer saying the same thing and attacks on listening to your show from the start and my car this morning and it isn't o'clock hour. I heard oral now that you just played an in my room at a different radio and I heard yeah and really the gap. I wonder why it's just ran through my phone listened to on Twitter I heard you Amy. I I'd definitely. And vote as any but in the here iPhone and peered through my headphones these speakers and moral not hearing at nine just just over there and meet them is if I'm like there's somebody out there is named war she says for PeopleSoft saying my name. I. Other people are saying I heard both Donnie I'm Annie Yani when I was watching TV I heard laurel now. With the speakers and you're Britain seasons. And your head and you're right on on it's and then there's that and find the debate. And I can play just on my phone so any difference here you know. It is laurel is the word is laurel and it was recorded on to this computer it's like one of those computer generated things a prank but it apparently has to do with what speaker and and the frequently being played for interest and I hear no laurel and that first humor when he raised the pitch guests now. Saw this my phone right now and it it is sent it says laurel and it's a lot and as a college player at sea of fire. That Danny Danny. Status and a good. It's just a frustrated EJ yeah. There is a forestry quiet there. That's from my phone and a microphone wow. Who else is in the news or break out why I'm totally. Into the newsroom economic on the news. Yeah and it's funny that comes up a couple art does toll taken this out of hand now there's teen in need whose team lol yeah. It the Philadelphia Eagles actually put up the screen shot of lore was Cheney and then they put as sound saying the Philadelphia Eagles had just won the Super Bowl that's what we hear a guy. A look at some. It's the hearing spectrum that starts changing your thirties will apparently two years apart. Though Travis is 27 and Kara here at 333 I'm 37 a year and I are not. Yeah our thirties this is an upbeat all baby boomer and a added zeal. On three areas that people are coming up with somebody. I said this morning that it's both words combined and it's one more laid over the other addict and then ended an act like you that's why some hear one word in some here the other. Well so plywood in the studio and I singled stole Earl I said the word yet to drive over top of each other it's gonna sound. Like the original recording my experiences what we accidentally have double audio that's not an. Does Felix all right we got on accident often. At nine year NUTE any moral some emails that I had to pull over here you Annie I'm my phone and I the first time I heard on the radio which you heard laurel when we use guns found people are hearing different things so strange it's just how were all liars. Thanks Erica Erica arrest and yet these are adding to rest on your laurels people adding to the confusion that is that is this little debate. And he pitched it down. You say you don't hear correctly I'm the oldest of the group we just talked him and I heard it as Yang. Say you're wrong Jack if somebody said older people here it correctly I don't know what that means I don't know if they're ready answer is laurel are unique like your lol. I don't hear you any except for what it's gonna turn that when we put our finger on the tape. Because that's yeah that's yeah any for sure yeah to me. Hot. And mysteries. Mysteries. Can we update her purple. Yes we've been talking about food your equipment in the time o'clock hour coming up next hour we well I'll bring you back to conversation that we had I was Bryan Webber who was present and Casey tech council. He liked your questions that I think is is good to pass along again about getting jobs in the tech industry wide as the boss wants is lost doing what are you doing all right now let's look on his own her authority on the day out when you come this one. During a break wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute. Today's ratings Bubba the Cayman and that that we're okay oxen I care. We're still employed for another month yeah there are. 24 hour contract in honor and it's. OK Allan stay here your age. Over this map this man he actually picked it up but I'm over fifty what you last year and and so what are you hear a lot more. What you hear ye any or more well depends on your plan because if you're in when you pitched it down yet. I heard it one way right which was I don't remember now to Danny yen and it but the normal way here you'll play here there and all the microphones off. Yeah. Laurels. Yeah. Or overseas you know daddy she hears yet here here's yen after. Every office I'm tired you're just walking around the end of people I I don't suspected everybody in this building those voices in her. I think this is proof of that. Now there's something which I mean you get around radio for a while is it just the way people are wired and and that the the the highs and lows that resonate I don't. It's so weird because you you know you that you hear very clearly when you hear at the way you here and apparently. And then when they pitch it down you hear the others. The other side yeah I don't know when it played it for my phone and I still heard the same thing needs some people are saying hey look I. And I'm not up. And it will thanks so we're glad to see employed there Pelfrey come at any time by the make this resolves the big Jesus out of the studio he's never locked in what we were on the year before like that's no that's. Now the equivalent of you're doing something horrible right now I wait for you to take a commercial to tell you that.