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Monday, April 23rd

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Right now's your chance to get in on a poll question either on Twitter KM BZ radio or. You can texted. One I know from you would which KMB easy. News argues which came BC male. Would you most like to see on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy text parks. Rod. We hear. Which is WI ER and if I gave alternate spellings and until we hear which is WI ER. Or bill for bill Grady to do to 980 parks rod we're WI ER. Or bill. To 22980. We will update for you while we bring in our next guest we welcome in from a ABC and ABC news we say hello to. Our good friend Jim Ryan jam it's been a scary situation in Nashville where you are. Get us up that in the last 36 hours or so. While the 24 hour restaurant as I think all the lawful cost structure our people were having breakfast at 3 o'clock in the morning when. Amanda stepped out of a pickup truck in the parking lot opened fire killing two people outside before walking into the restaurant. They're continuing to shoots two more people be fatally wounded two others would be hurt including. Andy James Shaw junior. Despite their recent bullet wound to his mobile. You heard those are you low in the gun fire reached up and grabbed the barrel that they are fit in the red hot barrel the ar fifteen. Threw it over the can order. Try to wrestle the suspect to the ground the suspect that police identify as Travis linking vanished in a way you ran off. You make it by the way what he should at least he had the eight green jacket on. Argue it during that it's coupled with the with the diner in their shot he Los Jack it ran away naked apparently made it to his apartment. I applaud some clothes from recent hands and then escape or get our program off police are searching for the percent. So still on the loose what do people what do police know as ours on motor. Course no real motives in mind that they think that he's got and some metal issues that'll help issues and not too surprisingly. He also has previous encounters with the law and that the federal level we know that last July. You was arrested outside. The White House it was a ordered it restricted area championing the trying to get and it talks the president. The Secret Service to the custody and they also confiscated four guns that he had that hole. The war kept with his father they will return to his father's father's that he would that keep them for acute the boy facade. But at some point along the way his son managed yet begun to back and they have the police say used one of the gestured to kill. ABC's Jim Ryan joining us here in 91 KM BZ from Nashville for people are dead. Teddy near Nashville Waffle House what is the police presence right now like in Nashville and and is it any soccer what was the name of the city actually. It's Antioch. It's Yakima supper down south as south east of downtown Nashville about eighty police officers working this case with these natural itself. There are also state officers state Highway Patrol that leak yet FBI agents who have joint business and hunt. There's there's simply trying to attract this person down and so we'll tell what you what they cut albeit daylight. You do it to track like you need he may or may not have another vehicle and pickup trucks sitting here in the parking lot. About it may have gotten and other vehicles somehow it's also thought that he has at least one gutless. They've been able to account for three of the four weapons that. Is that the investigators knew he had. The fourth though that's handguns still has not been found there's ups assumption is that he still has said that liking has it. He's shown that he's not afraid to use their firearms. It's more about James shot I was reading somewhere where she said. That wasn't even his first choice of a Waffle House to go to the anyway he originally went to a Denver won that night. Yeah he had been at that that's what you also quite bluntly admitted. Look I'm not try to be here oceanfront estate river but that struck I'm just trying to save myself. As anybody doing so you're the CEO of Waffle House he's been here. And he congratulated. Terms shot he thanks him deeply says you war hero. While also. If you Waltz neighbors says these are minor he wrote UC people's lives. So whether Shaw was trying to see themselves receive or anyone else. If fact is that there are these being hailed as you wrote for for stopping that's gotten as bad or there's stop industries for. Jimmie does the next step include going door to door do you look for veto it if any sort of appearance of this guy in schools and then how does this expand outside of Nashville. They've they've been through they've they've been searching schools campuses all in this area have for the last week for a just and it should but he's not hiding it in any school. So the classes could resume today. Actually school buses flooding back and forth so the assumption is that they searched that they found nothing they its schools were deemed safe. Boarded or. Canvassing the neighborhood has been under way this guy should just now cleared out sources that there will be helicopter launch before too long. To join in the on that it's it's just being done. It is very meticulous where you a lot of you got the crowd here a lot of police officers there's statewide be on the lookout for him. And the search could expand will be aren't that he. It's suspect it has connections in Illinois. The trouble striking also is within Colorado. Jimmy preachers are much will catch up with you again when we get more details thanks for coming on you. Actually have a few more details as of right now all some breaking news for you Waffle House shooting suspect in custody. Everybody's reporting this ABC CNN all the sources are out there so that's good news to know. We don't know where though the circumstances. We just now that police have sat arrested moments ago do we know was he wearing pants 'cause he was naked when he did the shooting. Do we know about us losing naked again. I'll also as we were talking with a gym there Lugar breaking news just happened. Out of Toronto. A white van struck a bunch of pedestrians in Toronto injuring. Possibly eight to ten the extent of the injuries not immediately clear this happened last hour police are called Yong street in finch avenue east for a collision this from Toronto police. A media sergeant from traffic services on their way to the scene too early to confirm the number of pedestrians. They're tweeting out things eight to ten I've seen as high as fifteen come through on Twitter so band struck a bunch pedestrians into. Yup those two things are what you're what you're gonna see equally on Twitter right now the two things are just now happening. Other Toronto. Situation started five minutes ago maybe that now we're gonna hopefully I would assume that police at some player and at a news conference that are dumb ones in fact. Two hours ago and now you came on and so we don't know exactly where the cot this guy go find out. They add the other than the news conference from the Nashville police earlier was basically we still don't know. But according to all different sources he has been arrested after ramps up man how it's manhunt excuse me. We will learn more. Coming up it is eleven minutes after one here and anyone KMB easy bring back something that we were chatting about a little bit earlier in the show and it has to do with a Minnesota bus driver when he was doing on a boss. They got him relieved of his duties licks they do not forget we have a tax ball going on right now. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is gonna be casting in Kansas City coming out. Which KM BZ Maine and it would you want to see on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Text the word parks ride we year or bill to 22980. For Scott parks tried Babcock Jonathan we are. Or bill Grady we're by the way is W I eight ER but. You can try and I did a couple options and there. Make sure when you are texting in that you don't put other words and it that the other people are saying. That doesn't count is about getting the name. The word again your options are parks rod we are or bill who would you like to see. Right now Scott parks is blowing the competition out lottery now I know now Scott is it 50% of the vote to almost. Text in 22980 Cody Alicea nuclear ride. Parks rod queer or bill was your forwards to text in to 22980. Our next story comes to us out of Minneapolis area and the start review iron and we look to hear from you and see what you think if your kids were on this bias. Georgia and jealousy school bus driver he says he was take off his route last week because he was leading students in prayer while driving. Alleging that the move violates his constitutional rights to freely speak and practice his religion. I Hughes the pastor of a pretty big Minneapolis congregation he says children need more prayer and their lives and he is on a mission to bring prayer back into public schools. We should point out that four years ago he was fired from his job driving other kids to school for the same reason. That's not stop him from trying again with students attending NASA should cola which is a Brooklyn Park charter school focused on Russian language and culture he says. That's where the constitution comes and you've got the freedom to exercise your religious beliefs. He admitted his ultimate goal is to convert to christianity but said he never force students to pray with them. Although now. Muck moves it was the owner of quality care transportation which has an employed runs the buses sad. School officials got complaints that he did in fact force them to break but he was influencing them to the point he was forcing students to practice. On his boss says while he allows his driver's time for personal prayer leading children and prayer is not a bus driver's job. He started working for this company back in January of last year. This winter he began a daily routine on the bus incorporating prayer in the nearly two hour ride he says the students would volunteer to lead the prayer. Although it seems like that's up for debate he said he was shocked parents had an issue because he would discuss preying on the bus with that. He thinks their real concern was that he disciplined route students by moving them to another area of the box we should point out that most students at this school are Russian and Christian who. It 20. Or 5767798. Book when you do if your kids were on this bus and maybe not Christian or if the driver your kids bus started writing about god or about what ever god or religion able. Should have been removed 5767798. Also the same thing I did earlier. You're paid to drive the bus. So drive the damn bus I don't understand why some people feel and regardless of religion. Why is when you are. Why in the world you feel it is okay to preach. To my kids. I don't have children. But I think I speak on behalf of a lot of people I say that's why you of the right to preach to my kids trapped in a school spot what's wrong with prayer. Prayers it. How would you feel replaced if the if big the bus driver was a Muslim and said we're going to pray. But we're going to do and in the name of all law. And we are still a parade for your kids and with your kids but it's not going to be. Praying. In the at the word of god and in use in the words of Jesus Christ. I betcha those same people that are you don't think in this is okay. Don't feel that would be very cold out but what if all the kids on the bus were Christian doesn't matter and they believe this I don't need a bus driver who is a pastor with a columnist earlier. A bus driver who is a pastor. Who also happens to drive the boss. Four this is this company. You are dare to preach I didn't hire you to preach you're not paid to preach you're not paid to lead in prayer you're not hate to ask kids to volunteer to lead in prayer. If I want my children to volunteer to lead in prayer I will take him to a church if I want my children to. Pray with others or or listen to a pastor. I will take them to a church I don't want it. I don't want that sort of thing pressed upon my children. On a school bus or in a school that's up to me. There's a difference between teaching the history of different religions. But would you like it if I showed up and I was a leader of a satanic. Church or whatever that are in the satanic religion but I started I Hayward just pray and you wouldn't like that so why is it any different for this guy is because he's a Christian. From the sex line I would prefer X but I just I wouldn't prefer it but I definitely wouldn't cry like a baby about it. Let's see we need to stop teaching kids the bite old there are enough wise for them to sort through as they grow up. Oh I didn't I didn't I I didn't go down that right I didn't say the Bible as lies now that I did not say that that's from the Tex I'm Juan. In this text line why do Christians have to be quiet when homosexuals and every other transgender different type of lifestyle can shut their agenda down your throat. When they want to and I have to accept that and Christians have. To stay shut up. I I don't think that. Up wanting to be able to have equal rights and use the bathroom is different is the same as. Listening to someone. Seeing or pray or preach the word of god to me. I don't think that's anywhere near the same thing. I think if you are going to. I think it could be the same thing I'll turn the other way I think if you don't like it if a teacher comes out as gay in school. Because you think that is influencing an agenda on your children bombs so is leading men and prayer I mean if we're gonna leave personal stuff out of it let's leave. Personal stuff 5767798. There's a line opened for you we start this hour with James on KM BZ James should this pastor preacher slash bus driver. Be doing it while he is driving kids to school. ID actually I agree with your comment about not what he's paid to do that just like she was just saying about gate teacher and talking about. Her whole life and cloud. I don't pills she was paid that's not what she's been paid to do either so there's going to be standard need to be consistent standard. You're paid to teach math and teach math to figure dropped about about. Thanks for your vote colleges appreciate it 5767798. Tom in Kansas City your I 91 KMB easy thanks for calling Tom. Thank you for having me on that ultimately on the Internet that quality eclectic folk out there. But Ike being no different in between what this guy did. And a child molester and here's blacks say that. They go to their own. Belief. Opinion I bought but they're all ratification. Date period on the Wii and the Internet that. Can impose themselves. And we also now mullah not vote army target percentage yet people letter marquee barrel but Koppel at the bank. These people are. Are better. An. Art but that. Thank the focal manly appreciated Todd. I've 767798. I've I'm just I'm not gonna react to that let you react I'm not I mean. No difference. Day and age and I O rings down and remove lasts. Two war order won't let us. Let's. Take a few more phone calls 576 and 798 let's go to Eric in Kansas City Eric. Do you think this was appropriate for this bus driver. I'm like it is appropriate. And and kind of got support on a bit and he's using his aura or its format. They're the authority to talk to the children in the event that you look at the comparison being LeBron James in the basketball whether in a reporter told him to shut up and dribble. I came back and set up not acceptable he should not have to shut up and rebel base to build you'd better their format or that forum that speak whatever they want. On here's the problem. It's this thing called church and states and number one it's the fact that you're comparing. What happens in a business. So why the law says about keeping religion out schools mess from that. His employer had already you know I I'm sure had a policy in place about what you're job duties are and has interfered with. They should a phone call appreciated Eric I don't again. I feel like there's a big difference that we're poor bird I know people on just lump everything in. But there's a difference between of of a V eighty old. Involving professional athletes that. You can choose to click on. And it is a him expressing his. First Amendment right. But his displeasure with the with the president of the United States plenty of people have done that throughout history. That those videos have happened for every president. Since the invention of video. I don't think that's the same as. A bunch of kids let's say 25 kids thirty kids on a bus. Listening to a person preach maybe maybe that's the same that the right comparison for that he was Eric I guess I don't I don't know if it's the same thing. By 767798. Capturing Kansas City year on KMB easy hi Katherine. Thanks for calling. I bet you. Are win. The I advocate dictate make in the picture. Eric gay couple coming in at eight Nate. There they were Christian and they wait no no that you. And apple basically. It's Urlacher or. And got a whole gay led. Many call in the got a lot eat it. And heritage UQ and yawkey. Stole that something I don't deal. So if you think that. The separation of church and state is this in in this case is the same as someone pointed out earlier is free market. Because basically hit it it import every church and they have to decorate. Churches think but no one ever touched a merger don't secretary or state court. Because that's not what state means and that it when we say church and state it doesn't mean church and private business it means church and publicly funded. Government entities. It it means you don't interact religion with things that are funded by the government the problem is that. We have people that believe all kinds of different things and so if you're going to preach one thing you've got to preach would everybody believes in and you're never going to accomplish that if that's that you want. That's why we have private schools and that's where that's at. And and for the record in my opinion those guys just gonna go under other cake store threatened from premarket go to one it. And it shares and this is a private business quality care transportation. That drives that owns the buses that this guy drives. They decided to remove him from the route they're a private business that cakes or while I disagree with what they chose to do on that cakes or. Had every right to do it. I think again I think we we have a problem. With some of the comparisons were making here we're talking about kids on a bus on the way to school and the bus driver leading them in prayer. I don't know that's the same as the K company and by the way it's a strange because somebody else brought a cake company back then the 10 o'clock hour we talked about as. But the cake company don't I don't I think it's apples and oranges when you compare those may maybe Iran meeting your opinion is the same thing. Lead to more your phone calls by the way you can read about this on FaceBook page. Don't forget about a tax ball we've got going on text the word parks rod we year or bill 222980. What you wanna see on queer I the most parks rod we are and bill. Cast in Kansas City poll question Scott arch getting 54% of the vote of the attacks. On though. Rod Babcock getting 45% of the vote. So we'll keep you updated which came easy guy he wanna see most on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. You can follow us and vote on Twitter came BC radio or text parks rod we're or bill for bill Grady. Two 22980 it's twenty to 980. So how would you feel if your kids were on this bus that is driven by Georgian spaniel was a pastor at a pretty big Minneapolis congregation he also worked as a school bus driver. Just keep kids need more prayer and their lives and even though he was fired may previous job. I'd driving kids to school for the same reason for leading prayer on his bus he was upset that. It's probably going to be fired for the same thing at the very least he was taken off his route last week because he was leading students and prayer while driving. Alleging a move violates his constitutional rights to freely speak in practice has religion this was for students attending. Not such a colon which is a Brooklyn Park charter school focused on Russian language. And culture he admitted that his ultimate goals to convert people to christianity that said he never force students to pray with them. His boss has heard otherwise arts school officials got complaints that he was influence influencing miners to the point that he was forcing them to per. Who's. Sound resting right now 5767798. She even pulled up his bus route for this or should be allowed by 767798. Lives gonna chatting Kansas City on KM BZ Chad thanks for Colin. Chad. Elves are intent I apologized at my computer says Chad go ahead my friend. RR. I don't. The probably underage. Adults. It probably is all they have to school so there are trapped at. All. I should be allowed. Should push an agenda is that we are saying that's right. There are crap on the school bus and I think. At the same feeling it's an anti Christian thing in the that I agree with Ted it would matter to me if I you know if the kids got on in their read the book the Koran I am just it's not something I think is appropriate for when kids get onto a school bus yes because kids have no other choice not to listen that and not every kid may believe what you're telling. Let's go to chat this time hopefully this Chad on Camby CI Chad. Okay tang who heads and you know they're out there at a. Yeah. Here's the thing my aggression and and I don't think you should not I don't think he could miners' equipment that situation. That the right that's a good place to do that now. You can do it common people making comparisons accurately and I think that's spot on comparing. That to them to a child molester is a sure. I think it's a debate goes a little far. Otherwise why did you did you think these kids or traumatize the rest of their lives because he needed forced them to pray and I think that would be like. An immediate question it in and I'll be offended by it because of some made all of this talent that it would it would offend any sign I don't think that's right place. But I wouldn't compare that person do that the Islamic terrorist. I mean I don't why would you degraded to a child molester. Now I I I've probably tend to agree with the that chanting your whole comment we appreciate it. Molly in Kansas City Euro 981 KM BZ wedding this bus driver Molly. I feel the same way about the master diver attacked do you have an adult. When I'm in and a meeting somewhere and someone sent to start the meeting with a prayer. And then we launch into some kind of a Christian prayer. Now I'm Christian. Let. He everyone in the group I think it's a bit presumptuous by ticket. Only in their beliefs on other. It's it's not cool. Thank over the phone call we appreciate it Molly. Let's go to Don in Kansas City and KM BZ I Don. I guys I I think one of your problems with this is that you'd misunderstand. Separation of church and state. Basically what the separation of church and state is that the state can't force any religion upon people. But you can still our religion and expression or religion now if he's making them pray that another thing. But if he's if he's praying for them out loud he's exercising his right. To freedom of speech and freedom of religion. And I can show you an example. That tells you that there's no such thing as you can't pray in at. And Betty. I public domain or state domain. And that's that they price at the legislature on the state and federal level a level. I pray in school before basketball being played tech pray before. City Council meeting in many cities. So it's not a problem on price now while the problem is that when you force someone to do some. But it's yet they're there you trail out for them or just exercising your right. And it it's there it's not a big deal. And you know be fired for it I mean that's that's the deal we talk about this all the time you have freedom of speech you do not have freedom from consequence for what you sad. Bonding over the phone called a friend let's talk to Rachel in Kansas City on KM BZ go ahead Rachel. I did actually that that I at. I'm cat like Mike got a cap school though. There will get your app but it is a public school or not that Italy is that I like. He should. He could keep it quiet says Rachel thanks for the phone call we appreciate it over the bunch aligns for you at 5767798. You know such extended to 2980. Do you think that this should've heard this a route should have been taken away from this. Awestruck and what if your kids. What is something on that bus was in now didn't believe in you know or you gonna yell at every kid then offer a prayer based on whatever they believe in what you atheist on the bus. Dumb and I he used was irked by the. We had good just gonna say if the atheist was a driver. And was telling you can't there's no god. And you're going to IE you're driving a bus to a Christian school but he led a bunch of atheists meetings that he was with a bunch of atheists and he said guys you got to know. That is all a bunch of Malarkey that is a bunch just spent tails and lies and fibs that you are being told. You would like. You really would like it's it's just that idea of imparting your personal beliefs to an audience that has no other choice Tony in Kansas City you're next up I 91 KMB easy hate Tony. Hey aren't they did it ever turn your radio down all the way down please note in saying this afternoon. Eight. I hope and yet she should be yea that's not the place to be per in east page picture out of us. I'm Lian. I'm in your debt that is neat about it who strapped in the back. Kids are forced to look into this per year. These reverend pat street should they get to a church that's not the situation this start pouring in for hit it. Neither parent that you get these are Russian students. There students at a Russian school yet. Okay it well it's not the right place. I mean he's got Bartlett before he should be part in daily. Is that he's not the dilly billionaire thank you Tony appreciate it. We'll get to feel more your phone calls cash gonna be a leadoff hitter we'll get to Angie as well you a sneak in calling you can't 5767798. 147 coming up the beach an update on both the biggest stories. Older that the 12 o'clock news they have. Arrested the murder suspect out of Nashville the Waffle House shooting and also there has been a white van that is plowed into a group of people. In Toronto we'll have the latest for you coming up with a 12 o'clock news. Wrapping up our conversation taking mark your calls a story out of Minneapolis wary 45 year old bus driver. Has Ben he's not given a new bus ran out so he's a full time pastor being Minneapolis congregation but also is a school bus driver on the side. And after his boss found out that he'd been leading the bus in prayer his route was taken away from and he hasn't again and get another one. 5767798. Cash in Kansas City year on KM BZ what's up cash. That certainly on yeah. They are the listener for quite awhile and now one of the things are afraid that I haven't hurt me or any of the colors. It's up and I broke with it would call common sense. And by that I mean you know it's like cabinet right it is something here exercise your right solid but China. Having the ability to exercise your rights a lot of times when I was brought up that it would be give it due to exercise and demonstrate Cameron sent but in the last few decades. We Luke you'll pick and teaching about common sense of being politically correct. Legally get the PC police out there. We haven't had department sent police out there that you may be right up a few infractions for people are not demonstrating comments there. Forget the fact you've got the right to do something that would mean that you you have the timing to exercise. Well you know what I think there are here again that if we focus more on teaching common sense the people and that doesn't that. This year right it just means you have better control exercising your right. So cash about how to make sure I understand this in your mind the bus driver did not use common sense. That's right gotcha apparently haven't rights is something. And the Chinese have exercising your rights are different thing so. And it's just we just hit the praised province sent anywhere a public doesn't have a little guy and you are. I'll get out of the news and the world using common sense cash pursue the focal all the friends Freddy's common sense everyday fail allotment and is cub and since every day. NG Euro and 81 KM BZ I NG. Hey. I kids and and caller saying that you know. Right here at. Our airport and when I would say it's. You actually are. Leaving port and can't get up and up to us. Are you know they can't. Out and do it out by its workers and then. That column and it sure that we're on street and I would like. Apple but you can do about. Not and. Angie thing for your phone call we appreciate it. 576779. They can also texted at 22980. And also the conversation. Is going on her FaceBook page they would dot com slash 91 KMB ZA rod. Can you come to the micro quickly is equipped we have rod I know is just got here and he's probably getting ready but it. A wanna find out how he feels about our text polar Twitter poll we have going. So Roger familiar with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Yes it's coming to town and doing some testing in Kansas City. We were asking our listeners who they thought which guy at think at a KM BZ. They would wanna see most of we whittled it down from the ten men we have on staff to the final four. Now to to have the guys coming give the person and make a make or guarantee us new things about culture how to cut and. And hair make up that make up that hair surprised you cook right. I do I do we were asked to be only the final four we got to Wear yourself. Scott we year. And Grady. Utterly you radio real wouldn't really hit. It federal telling great changing that I could come in and out. Got thirty pretty metro. Scott is Scott's metro days premature what it's his backs way back lacks. I did not know that did you know I was aware of some waxing is history I had known I had I don't know anymore. By live viewer vote real quick before we give you the update your rod I'd you can text the word parks text the word rod detects the word we your. Or text the word bill to 22980. Right now on the text poll Israel on Twitter as well. Roddy you are in second place behind Scott 55%. Of the text voters would like to see Scott Golan Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Okay. I think it would take for me. That's exactly what she said what I said that didn't bold I I I think it was Kara yeah. Stick scenario you wouldn't you wouldn't change your ways. Maybe for like a weekend broken. Pair. I'm not criticizing the that it doesn't matter you cut it once a year it is different. Let's a year. Good player that once a year yet. Wow I thought I was lame endeavor like seven weeks you are waiting on Twitter by the way rod 44% of the people on Twitter relate to see you. Get on queer eye for the straight out and I parlor and dazzled he didn't get it up. Not that skinny jeans. Snack a square toed shoes. I think he began it or would you. Some Travis that sent weird doesn't like to be touched the that we hear words like literally fall down in a fetal position come. By the way this comes from the man who at the bowling bash over the weekend. Walked around it about drove. Rot rot walked around it is bad throw you the duty to endure the dude did you allied. I did you wonder now. And it will arrive we'll keep you updated so we can know if I I feel like Danish just fill it out for Scott and just how the entry sent in. To the people and clear we make some strides. In this and these Arenas in the last couple years and so he's not. So he's embracing a couple of these things me or dress like a year ago did mainly that that Wednesday thing that the guys all brought in to have a romper yeah. I sort of gave parade of more address okay are you. Were you pretty some pretty. I would not diverted enough already adage. Why. Nor your I had friends I am going and they they all did the drag thing and and it was a lot of fun and there are like. You should let us do you have like I'm not do America was like I'll Wear move movers on the Oakland. So your you're literally a beard is what you're is that really weird me in a move movement and incomes. I was once dressed up in drag during a musical routine and hamburger Mary's. You just add so much yeah yeah that was there's a video of that on YouTube somewhere. I was stressed are hard to find that it once he collection. That shouldn't come as prized. The them. The drag queen was hosting the bingo at the ever done and I am bingo where they do drag queen bingo it and hamburger Mary's actually. We'll sheet I know she was doing. And I got called up on stage. I got air quote volunteered little that I know Lee had planned the entire thing. And at the end of the you know or she singing and she's putting them make up on means put me in a move Lou just like rod was wearing. I looked just like the drag queen. So it was like a mere image. Of the of the drag queen who was called me and you know while this is what happens in my world. But you rethink and Scott idea. You don't run and we're. I'd ever be wasted on you rod yeah it kind of would be but at the same time I would probably be the most dramatic gains right. He must. Progress. And if you needed if you trimmed up Weir's fair game some tighter jeans. He's kind of a natural you know he's got you could feel that I'm coming off yeah. He's very merry. While Larry I'm Barry battered. Wax off look as you guys do you still do the team you rip each other's hair off at night you know we haven't done that a lot karaoke. Karaoke. You have to seeing and then at some point lawyers saying another person rips a piece of wax off your arm like a decent duct April whatever this game company we're guys it's just one of those. Yeah it's a different kind of show after six is. I think we criticize Ailes for teenagers or forgotten we that's kind of me here is a millennial you know Weir's Mora millennial and I am. We years younger than. You would drink it you but he is yeah and nothing's it'll create a teacher at a different show after six.