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Monday, June 11th

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Oh full horror. And we chatted about this earlier and I'm still in disbelief in two when he eighteen we have another example of gun owners giving cut gun owners. A bad name. And wait and is one. For that especially those of you that our own guns are responsible with them what do you think about what these parents stand out stories out of Detroit. And is haven't Flint, Michigan a flight girl's parents are facing charges that. After she found a loaded gun in her home and accidentally shot herself it's the location of where the let and let it come wise that's not causing a problem. Police said the parents were home with their four children when one of their four year old twin daughters went into a closet to get a toy. She grabbed a load times and shot herself in the finger and her left index finger had to be amputated as a result. Police investigative reports that the parents kept multiple handguns and rifles in the closet where there were also toys. Some of the weapons were loaded and the house did not have a gun safe. As a result thirty year old Eric brown and 31 year old Lisa Brown. Are charged with second degree child abuse obstruction of justice and lying to me officer and violent crime investigation. Eric Brown also faces a felony firearm charge the prosecutor David late inside and obviously when there are present in a home where guns are capped I cannot stress enough that parents must be extra careful and vigilant to ensure the safety of their children and others in this incidents. It appears from what we know from the investigation at these two parents acted with almost no concern for their children's safety when it comes to gun homes. And as a result they will be held accountable. 576779. I swear every time we do when enemies and every time you know a kid. I finds a gun and shoots themselves it it makes me lose a little more faith like every time we talk about guns. Safe gun owner gun owner of the trained his or her son and or daughter to use a gun comes on and says well this is you know we I'm responsible gun owner there need to be more view because this is what gives. That left leaning gun control nuts that want to take away all your guns. This is what gives them more more fodder because this gives gun owners a bad name like of all the seizure going to keep your guide and there are a thousand bad ones in your home. You landed out you spun the wheel and landed on I'm gonna keep my gun in the twice closet. And that's your play is to leave your gun there like an idiot where your kid can find. Loaded loaded. Where you're kicking get it and if you wanna keep your guns more accessible so that somebody breaks in your house you have a four protection and you don't wanna put him in a safety is and can't get too fast enough. We can have a conversation. I don't think the toy closet or your kids are likely to go to find tall weighs is the appropriate alternate location for those guns and again it was multiple. Firearms are rifles were in that closet and thank god this child did not shoot herself to death right to Los defender. But thank god zoo didn't shoot herself and kill herself in the process. And this is the extreme extreme extreme 1%. Of stupidity I do not believe that the majority of gun owners behave this way. Well why in the heck we have this we have to firefighters story were rumors daughter got the gun and Pau get to that one coming up later. Why do these keep happening do we have dumber people is that what it is dumber people acquiring guns for it. Four year old twins and two others in the house and they were home when this happened so this was just. Clause does please just let him do what you what sacks that there's no unsafe in the. How was the girl that the girl to try to sell your four years old 5767798. John you're next up on came easy John Young guns. Where where you keep them in the toy closet. That got us. All quote. You know except all it would it be electric buyout. It's a spot where little bird. I think there should be held accountable. They are there are being charged with second degree child abuse obstruction of justice and lying to police during the investigation. Yeah and I mean I'm sorry then you are not the sport shooters. My kids that might but I should be responsible. That on my my teachers. Sixteen that have seen and they don't have that combination to my it's so. I'll be irresponsible. If you really do John thanks so much for the call 5767798. Joseph Euro 91 KM BZ. Taylor of Portland and the best time and that not like I did pretty good job yesterday in. I think the only really you know bring heat today at about four. Rock itself in Greenwich out and tell tally. Tell that first stingray game Greg Chappell will tell you have no idea radio show you called the yeah. But he's no visit at the description. Relating to guns thanks Joseph. Just out of a clue what that line just don't think I have no idea what that was Travis what does what did you politically eighty what did he. Maybe some I said. With so we'd thing about this apparently begun any goes on depends on the dynamic conditions and called him and it is about something that operates. A you never know we're gonna go to you when he hit that button to go to the next phone call it what it yeah hears us and for what else you got your gun bias is showing what is our. How wait a minute take call quick access caught those apes opened with your fingerprint called non bias is showing its. Highest seen these parents are more signs called down triggered snowflake defect. My god. So the the the guy. And the tax like is I'm sure it's a guy. The guy on the tax line is. Defending parents keeping the kid in the toy closet Europe moron. Some kind of more odd isn't it. Or not. There saying am I wish there were any bias. Just throw in banks I never liked it it's never good when Jamie says. This region this one from the tax slide it's never like hey guys I appreciate your balance on both sides and and know that you guys are paid for your opinion but it's also used as seed and that you represent the opposite side. Now now on that person's taxes yeah they never can call by the way when we challenged upon. Com for some reason I can't call on you cover are negative guns stories blinked you wicket. Here's the deal. It's not. What a story in your guns locked up that your kids don't shoot themselves your kids are supposed to shoot themselves congrats it was the Chris Rock stand up when somebody says look at my child support. You are supposed to pay her child support. What did you guys talk about the kids don't shoot themselves you're cans are supposed to shoot themselves. Digging back. I hear that can't be easy to have Leila. Well I'm telling you about that. There are in and year. Oh god please don't make me anger and it. Took a step up. Our. I. Being gay. And one you get ill faith and not around the. You lost me at big handgun but I love this. When they're walking around decay. She stores her hand and it did diaper bag is what Evers is the true story. The trick or. I would not I would not as though it may even be around or what but found out that information. I yeah I can get into it. You storing your your gun in your diaper bag while that's a new way Layla at a new level of the idiocy. Again and just wait till I get and fortunately it might make the headline. Did you ever thought about reporting that person. I Bradley. Said that. That it. You know I got and not. Eight. Will we looking gun. Else. Oh my lord I you know what outside the two days into it looking guy thought of my wife Lee who is not the biggest gun fit in the world ever owned a gun it would be paying. Now I in the biggest even dumber idea in the paint gun looks like a toy that you keeping in the diaper bag with your children around as you go out. Leila. Thank you for the phone call it's. Okay. My anti gun bias showing. My anti paint gun and a diaper bag bias showing. It's something. So can you. It's never good when you're like I'm just looking to see what what Mike and I want wicket over his the first Africa's last time people early Texan. Now this time it's 4 o'clock hour and we know the 1 o'clock hours of fired about their fired up to Scott's back. Is that at a gather fired up his Dana departure coming up at 45 minutes. And Scott spanking is really really tame when did you write for these really really sand. Robert generic some words at the Tonys last night you'll hear him bleed to Wear your phone calls coming up a couple of you're having yourself a good Monday. Talking about a Michigan couple who decided ever gonna leave their gun any toy closet well what happened one other four year old twin daughters shot herself the loaded handgun. She found in the toy closet 5767798. Let's go to Betty on KMB easy Betty thanks Colin. I love you here. That would take. You're now. A college began. I'd put him not try again I think college and that's great. Sure. Oh I think that we need to do better background checks. And that's. Why. Fair enough. Fair enough Betty thank you via phone call let's talk dude may sit in on KM BZ Nate banks or hang in the floor is yours. I appreciated. Wow. You know I don't hire failing are done some huge Second Amendment it. I don't let them look at my wife with a couple with young kids around having firearms and household and I respect that. Column. They've definitely. Been bought the Q. So should they throw in jail. Not only should they and their children in my opinion with bishop who are right. And it didn't. I mean sensors. A Republican or conservative as a Second Amendment advocates. We have to speak out against idiots like this because that does that represent the mainstream in the gun ownership. It would be able stupid like it's clear that there would be no I don't know. There right. That is stupid. And they should go to jail and they should lose their kids and they should lose their right Acura firearms that hoosiers are all on every level. Thank Nathan thank you for your phone call to Bob and KM BZ was about. Do an OK I would think of these parents leave in I got in the closet for a daughter to promote their daughters of fine. Well I just doesn't have to have someone that actually guys aren't calling and Marion call. Ali it's it's an English used just as they will certainly isn't gonna rightfully deserve children the whole nine yards as a responsible governor that's just the stupid to put a gun and rhetorical or. Are you a gun owner Bob. How many do you keep them in the toy closet for your kids to fine. Now they're in the same put it belongs in their one of the things I would challenge you guys as ever watched a maybe you'll positive story on them I know that sounds weird that. The good guy and stop the bad guy with the gun maybe and understand these of the stories again. Click people calling in such. Is it just makes a negative I almost makes you guys look like you're looking at that they have I've certainly not that surely there. In order your necessarily program meters so. Do you like the story of Indiana where the school resource officer with a guy and stop and go with the guy and we did that story actually am. It definitely you know there was an Oklahoma City story that was a peak of story not long goes well and yet separate. You know an immediate for the view those don't get perfectionist you know people helicopters they don't get. Satellite dishes. All right because people aren't as interested in good news stories about anything as they are about bad news stories. Gotcha but it's not just. And just a regular on your from your point of view kind that you guys don't like comfort. It. Like as we're doing our job well Bob I wouldn't say we don't like the good samaritan story we love the good samaritan story but. It's going to be our our job is to entertain to invoke a conversation to get a reaction not shock jock I don't think were Howard Stern or bubble bubble of sponge. But we an end and in your focal is duly noted Bob appreciate colony on that and we do spend time talking about it but what was the sexiness of you know we're at worst sexy angle where's the the angle people are going to have an reaction to in these stories. It's about the things that go awry and we talk about that Indiana story. It's true anything if you don't listen to the stories about on when traffic is going well you look right where it is probably traffic it's it's the same. You don't pays much attention to weather forecast when it's sunny and 85 you know there's a chance of storms and some were close. I mean what it was though was that Wal-Mart in Roland park where there was the good samaritan that that took out the person who was robbing someone and that's a great story. You know I think we all get on board with that congrats to the it to to the guy that was at them with the good guy with the gun at the right place that's fantastic. No singer and you're supposed to do the right thing with your sympathy. So it's yeah not. Covered as much because it's what you're supposed to do my kids don't get shot by guns because the treatment is safe. That's your hopes and that's what you're supposed to do you know. I say that if and to Bob's point we don't talk enough about you know the good samaritans that if we bring it up. About this the next time we have one of those and there may be one this week the next time there's a good samaritan story. I want Bob to be the first one to call in and say. All these things that he feels about that person because maybe it is going to be Bob might be maybe it's Bob's brother maybe it's Bob's neighbor. And that's all well and good. But I can guarantee you that we won't get the reaction. On FaceBook or the text line a war. Eight and ended the phone lines this is no fault of yours this is just human nature. I go what will not get nearly the reaction as we we see after something goes. A wry. We can talk about the awards at the Tonys last night you wanna hear about talk about Robert near aside once again these story and one sexier once and 88. To answer to set the thing is you spend ten minutes on good stories like you spent all day on bad stories now it's not good vs bad stories. It's compelling stories stories vs not as compelling stories there's a difference and and for the record. We spend the amount of time on a topic. That you want to spend it on it onto it and that's you know it it's kind of reversed I mean I know dean in parks called their show your show let. If our phone line if we talk about. The good samaritan shooter. It'll Wal-Mart parking lot or at a school event or something. You don't call and we don't spend a great week to tell you about it but we're org just did what you have to say about a topic. And we noticed that the phone lines are dry or an active in the reaction we want. Will switch gears to something that we think is it getting you. More interested. I go back to my days in sports when I would cover the Green Bay Packers Jamie and win the Packers would win in I was do we sports up in Wisconsin. And I'm sure it's the same thing down the dialogue on 610 when the Packers would win we would get eight and if that a phone calls. As compared to a Packers loss and we do we show that was on six to 10 in the morning. And if the Packers loss especially that was to a rival. The full lines would be full before we could even get on the air at 6 AM when the Packers would win it. It's the exact opposite effect because everyone expects that to your serve the Packers are supposed to win the Kansas Jayhawks are supposed to win. You're supposed to pay your child support you you're supposed to take out the bad guy. You just don't have as much to say now and it's five years because it's what was supposed to happen anyway right it's. It's not a good stories don't exist it's that we have to decide what to do in four hours of talk show great and you can get good stories a lot of places but our job is to. In particular and the next time that a good samaritan story happens and we bring it up about I want you to be the first one to call and a lot thirty people to jump in line behind. But the thing is she now. And we know that. I've been doing radio we bought it in rate of almost twenty years if not longer we now. Hedo and I mean it took it you don't like it because you don't you have a particular that particular feelings about guys and our feelings maybe don't always agree with yours that's what you don't like this or is this isn't even a gun story this is a bad parenting story yeah I mean I don't care if you own a gun if you're trained in your responsible and put a lock box in case you don't leave it in the toy closet agree on. And I was not. On the. You wanna hear about what awards were won at the Tonys. I'm gonna tell you how bad ratings were well I believe they were it's the Tonys. Against the ratings were sort of the rays are adamant about it. And then number one story coming out of that Tony Awards has nothing to do with a single play or musical. This'll be the time Jamie where Ira I've rolls through all of the winners at last night's Tony Awards. All of the winners best musical best actor best runner best revival best play this oh lord no news that the world is revolving around what happened last night in. New York assay apparently you. Watched every second. But then again on the theater nerd I enjoyed plays I enjoy musicals I mean I go to starlet often on the to be at I saw the dirty dancing musical last week. I can't wait fourth of July go to the gambling. Roberts it's easy handled in and see what one last night I'm against the band's visit won best musical allies the best play was Harry Potter and the curse shy old. The best revival of the musical once on this silent so interesting best revival of the play angels in America facet. I get so much to say that's let's get to the real story it was. Late in the show. And my wife and I we cut the cord so for local channels we have an antenna and sometimes. Where and you you know there's a gaffe in just in the air signal plus when he lived downtown and there's buildings it's a little bit more difficult to get a total clear picture. The entire time with an antenna. So watch in the news channel five last night. Watch in the into the Tony's my life grew up in theatres she loves the theater she's got me into a lot and we we we get to the point where. Robert De Niro comes out onto the stage and his job he has one job. And it's introduce. Bruce Springsteen who's about to sing a song. And if you don't know Robert De Niro isn't a fan of president ultra. And if you do that or not least he's not a fan. He does as restaurants which I didn't you and you want term governor was working officially banned Donald Trump from going who they'll get them from go into his restaurant. Is it but he dude job. So he had the Tonys last night. In front of can I say millions watching on TV tonight cannot get a new I don't know the ratings are I can't imagine they're very good it's not the Oscars is not CME's it's the Tonys what. Started at seven. People watch it last night. I know you've been the number one trending topic in Kansas City right. It didn't. Here's what being the Tonys last everything ABC's celebrity family feud I may leave make the choice because she's a huge car dash team fan and it was the cardiac Sheehan family including Kanye West on that show that's what people care about last night as I do not really don't it was it's. I. I. I believe that because. Sadly. And everybody says it wants the crap but the card machines get millions of watchers every single week right. Anything else that you out of their beat the Tonys that. Pilots these dogs and other hill celebrity family feud was the most watched program entry in the PM hour. 7 o'clock hour arsenic. Delivering some point four million viewers for ABC to the Tony Awards six point seven million CBS is bright strong lead in from sixty minutes so a lot of people. Had sixty minutes on an intern and often times in my NBC aired reruns on tonight and caught 3.2 in place. Case are still at six million people watched. You know the of the Tony Awards and again if you're not in the theater. You're not watching the Tonys you know you a lot of people even if you are. It's a lot of people go to movies. Don't watch the Oscars your nerd like me may you do both a lot of people watch TV don't watch the Emmys whatever. Even fewer code go or watched theater. And then watching awards surprise it was still six million. Six point seven or whatever you sent sort of acted in Nero this is the big story coming out of it not Andrew Garfield. Winning for his role not any of the Harry Potter winners. Robert De Niro at one thing to do and it was introduced. Bruce Springsteen. And here's how he started it. It's. And team. He. You're watching yesterday and is as I mentioned we have like the air signal antenna and sometimes it drops out my wife thought that that may have been just a drop out because it was not aired like that there was some silence like the delay the general ever since Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. Although Castro is an owner of the delay their own lives and they heard comments. Demise and where I got that audio round. And then it happened again they said no money that wasn't just that an airline and air drop out that was. That was a curse word that that was that was Robert De Niro and nobody knew he had sent. Because it was edited out and it was kind of looking down secret really read is it is. Is lips all that well then the words sort of leaked out on to leak out on Twitter that. That's what Robert De Niro decided to lead with a rock are ranked. Lord knows I am not a big fan of the president. But this was completely inappropriate. Have two sides to my story. Line. This helps nothing. Are right UN six and a half million people watching you had a whole bunch of people in that audience in that room that probably the majority would agree with him. This helps nothing gift if you would use his platform for his agenda and said. Look I don't agree with the administration is doing about this this this in this. Make sure you get out and vote. This November to you know take back a part of congress. And weekend you know he railed the agenda from president trumpet what he's his goals are because. That to me would have been more acceptable. But to just come out and go with. And then to reiterated. Twenty seconds later after the that the ovation was done. It's. Unnecessary I get my head hit the pillow I said Ole. My gosh Bobby is junior iron tight Bobby de Niro what in the world are you thinking. It just Jamie just seem pointless. I'm pointless that you're gonna have as much credit that he was thinking anything or they had an agenda or they had a goal. Maybe this is out there to get attention maybe he just thought it's a cool opportunity may be really just hates the president who knows but I don't. I think your your dividend too much credit for the fact that he thought about or that he had but he cares about what the result wise on the key Ayers are one and done in the first. He he has this this agreement he has this platform me as a massive ego much like. Most celebrities do especially ones that have had such great careers as Roberts in Europe and he thought. For whatever reason that was going to be his place too while the world well. And rock all right. Again I'm not a big fan of the president. But I don't think this was appropriated anyway. But he knew the audience he did you know he knew the audience would. Some of them at least would support that comment money. It's ruined his career. Well I mean these are awful line it it that's not ruin whatever movie deals he has it works so accurately people care so much I can't believe that. That people are as upset about it as they are that's my other point it was I mean it's about it. It's six million people watch so the Tony Awards at. R.s. That's my by my other point. I can't tell you how many people and I if you go to our FaceBook page. It's not a very. It's not a very good conversation it's not very construed that there's not a lot that comes out of it underneath that heading up from from Robert De Niro. What I don't understand is every time a celebrity speaks out. It says something about president trump. Is again. I want to make sure this is fair and balanced I think would do here is that was stupid but that being said every time this happens. It's always I hear from so many people who don't care about Hollywood. Who don't care about the liberal elites coming out of Hollywood. You sure seem to care a lot about what the liberal elites say a comment on the Hollywood like you can't. Say we don't care what they have to say and then when something happens and they say something. You'd get offended by it it's hypocritical. To do so. You know and by the way this is from the same people who Wear shirts that say she's a C vote for trump. You know vote trump bleed your feelings. Who had no problem with the locker room talk. They're all getting their panties up in a bunch when Robert De Niro as what he has to say. I I just I I eat both sides are just sill in the wrong right now the extreme left. He'll leave Hollywood touch this was unnecessary because it makes the rest of us liberals looked terrible and then on the other side you can't be upset. With. You know a celebrity that you allegedly don't care about at an awards show you don't care about especially this award show and then get all upset. That he had to say something that now you're talking about it just makes no sense. And Alton ill at several people are saying if you don't care what you keep playing. So now I do care you know both all right I don't care universal lot it gives your. I need to be thinner your criticizing people that are sad that he sat at the senate senate I'm up yours I'm upset that he said it because it makes my site looked terrible I don't agree with going on national TV. I. I I don't think this was necessary. May be necessary or just don't pay it's much attention. Wasn't the Academy Awards like elephants but this wasn't. You know that this was not twenty million people that were watching I don't understand the outrage on either side it was Tony Awards. And he knew it was gonna get leaked he knew that it was gonna make it to air anyway. Most people didn't hear it must you just heard about it later sell I just don't. And and as many reporting out he's very well known for opinion on trumps yes it's a surprise and it it's it took me by surprise. 5767798. Writer and came BZ airline. It got sick and I think that. Pretty large. That whole. If he did and it you do it law I'll do our own I'd like I let it. That it is at the fire and I will leave the shop and ought value of what people out there. Didn't hit that the only way to yeah. What we're talking about. I don't think that does that day. You don't like that there's no shock value and that's what copy didn't let it. Talking hit the crap and it. I applaud Robert this is it that. I think your long period. Fair enough right if we all agreed would be boring wouldn't we thank you phone call 5767798. Mark stick right there to get to lawyer calls your reaction to Robert De Niro. On the Tonys last night to the next ten. Do. You. Tony's last night Robert De Niro yeah at one job that was introduced Bruce Springsteen saying. A a song and he came out and blasted the president in a vile way 5767798. Right to the phones get your reaction to that. Mark your 91 KM BZ thinks turning your mark. Editor in him. What mr. dinero yeah it was very unprofessional in my opinion that. I don't even my wife thinks that trumpets trickery. Everybody you know allowed to have their opinions. My problem is is when that should begin. This respect the office of the presidency that's too much the person but the opposite. And that's as American citizens and we ought should respect the office and I'm not in that person ultra. And and I'm sure via an thinks the phone call mark I agree with Kia but. There are many on the left that would say well look like. So many people said and did win President Obama was in office dated respected then I'm not saying two wrongs make right I'm just saying that's the card they play. Thank you for your phone call Patricia you're on 91 KM BZ. I'm a common mark. Or army. I am. Printed out as a matter had not been. In my opinion also it. Country in the world. And we need the op. At that Tony Awards. But I'll eat or. Look at it we're at. It Iraq to write and write. In and I hit the but I doubt it it. Well that seed as this goes back to the whole idea of you know protest on your own time that date that the people that. Are using their platforms have them and are using them. You know just like. Any of us would if we were mega stars like Robert De Niro Al Mike I wouldn't you probably would you know if you felt passionately about. You know if you were. Some mega movie star who loved guns and you were worried that liberals were gonna take away your guns or. Do you think that the NRA needs to stand up he knows some liberals don't take away your guns you might speak Utley Ted and Ted Nugent. Very outspoken. Very outspoken. But people don't have a prop people on the right don't have a problem Ted Nugent it just so happens that Robert De Niro and most of the people at the Tonys last night. That were you know presenting a winning awards. Tend to be very very far left. I don't have a problem with people using their agenda or their their their platform for their agenda. There's a smell like what they're saying but I don't have an issue with them using content that's just make. Let's go to can't secure a 91 KM BZ. Hey yeah are you know great they would each need to comment about. Let talks about Obama when he took office. But we didn't see any major actors you know and on major form and say Obama. A lot of that because he's sort of a lot of them are Democrats our Democrats. Well I understand that but what would have happened at Republican. Out of there. Obama. You mean like Ted Nugent had to say about Obama or Hillary Clinton I didn't like that like I didn't like that at all. In comments in a major form that there's been that the grammys. And a Republican had gotten up there. I would I don't know cancer point can't you know I just said I did not like what de Niro did right. It would have been the end of their career and what happened. I really doubt I don't believe that. And believe it would have been the end of their career and I know that Republicans think that any criticism of Obama. Was viewed as racism or were a hate crime or the end of a career like Kent had to say. I don't I don't believe that I really don't. You know the again. Ted huge it's still goes on tour and sells out Arenas. Any horrible things to say. About Democrats quote Ted Nugent we need to ride on that battlefield and shop their heads off in November. It Barack Obama becomes president I'll either be dead or in jail by this time next year that was before the election. What I am about this though is that I think people. Are trying to confuse. I think are missing that you don't like. What Robert De Niro so I don't I I understand people only hear one thing sort of the first to be challenging and saying well if I you know somebody that was about a bomb on they would lost their careers I'd I think they're missing that you don't like what to euros at. If people only felony here with they want me here right. Which is which it is what's happening I mean Clint Eastwood had things to say about Obama John love it's bad things to say about Obama James Woods it's Obama. Jon Voight said quote Obama's view of what is right it is wrong Zurich. Obama's view of what is right and wrong is totally distorted. If you'd it's it's the public demands whether you lose your career if if enough Republicans are ticked dot and it went to Europe said. Don't next movie. Get people to boycott his next movie and that will cost him his career sliced. Loan called Obama the Manchurian candidate. Any of its I I believe this took until the day there are more Republicans in Hollywood that you know. There are more Republicans in movies that you pay money to go seat the and you know. They just choose not to speak up. You know Robert do ball hated Obama. One admit Mitt Romney in there Chuck Norris and awesome careers Chuck Norris at the the president committed treason. Because of I ran an easel as a career I mean these guys get a little bit older rock salt sprint center several months ago. And has completed hatred for Obama's. Your career by being critical of it and Bobby in airline loses career because this it was uncalled for it was vial. It was not what. Was appropriate at the Tonys. And all but again it's amazing we don't care about celebrities until they say something about Donald Trump and you care about celebrities to still be hypocrites all I ask. Speaking of president trump he meets in about six hours away at Kim Jung and North Korea at that meeting set to happen in Singapore and usually they're gonna meet one on one and then be joined by several. Of the representatives of their two governments. We will recap that for you tomorrow.