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Thursday, April 12th

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It is 105. This is a great it's free hour right. All right cool. And fine with me. Dean and pars coming your way at 2 o'clock. It's about 9:57 this morning I was sitting in the office of Jamie and she said hey it's 957 we should go to the studio to do this show. And I picked up my phone I saw something. On Twitter and it's always what does this. And it was a Twitter account for. Somebody by the name of mock frank too. Margot frank too and as we're sitting here still in this. Timeframe in America were waiting on. You know what can happen with guns and I'd sure somebody's wondering when the next mass school shooting will be after what happened in Kirkland Florida. There is always the big debate people on the left that one gun control the people on the far left the wanna take away your guns the people on the right that I think that the Second Amendment is the way. And people on the far far right that one arm everybody. And then there's this debate continues to go on the face of the the mass shooter and fortunately somebody has to be the face of mass shooting. Is David hawk the seventeen year old kid who has been is everywhere on CNN. And in everywhere on MSNBC and what was on Fox News. And firsts for some worries and people are I guess more willing to attack him publicly. And personally. Because he shows to be in the public because he he didn't choose what happened to him or are wary wasn't the time. But he chose to be a spokesman for that school and those students in a lot of ways and for some reason people act like it's okay. Because he chose that path to just say or do publicly about him whenever they want. I mean it's it's one thing for Laura Ingram to say that he whined about. Not getting an UCL like. Was at the end of the world. Probably not the end of the world but it was cool and it wasn't necessary to you know it wasn't it it's not necessary to attack him personally because you don't like his views on guns. Right I mean yeah I'd hate I don't hate. People who are gone nuts and as long as you're responsible with them and I'm totally fine with that you know I mean having Jamie would agree as long as you're responsible gun owner got to get the hands of a kid you're good yeah and and he has a right. You know I've never been through mass shooting. No so everybody has a right to their opinion about guns but man does he. You know he has come by his opinion honestly and this person that I found on Twitter named Monica frank too. Put together a video. And if you can picture this is not Los Angeles this team I'm guessing LA it's as LA wearable could be Louisiana could be LA. But his name is Alley where wolf his Twitter handle is about to frank too and just picture. A giant. Dirk poll. With. Targets at one end and a table two tables with guns. At the other end. You know I'm sure this happens a lot in Asia to the target goes into the dirt I'm guessing that's the way to do it I don't know never been to a Dirk got a range. Which I no problem with. But it was the video that he took and posted on his Twitter account which by the way has since been suspended than one minute of me clicking on it had it got suspended. And this was the video. Us district in an odd bit jet CNN new push designed to alert you to nick as I wanna see the civil war looks like tonight even. Bloomberg Angela and. It would you don't hear is the end of the video it zooms to the target. And the Turkey is David hogs had with holes and it. I don't know we are we got to this and before you pick up your phone and decided text in about Kathy Griffin. We slam Kathy Griffin or the trump head it was disgusting. She deserve to have the Secret Service and FBI go to her house she deserved to lose a lot of her career she deserved to get fired from CNN. So say oh here is we slammed her for an hour when that happened and stood still believed. I don't know where we are at where someone feels that this is right that this is OKE. On and there's a difference again between. Engaging in conversation. And criticizing or disagreeing with someone's. Opinions whatever they are. And doing something like this on. But as you think this is a big deal. Frankly I think police should be looking at those as a threat against David Hogg because he can say it's a joke but he simulated at. You know in a video that I later found to be bad enough to suspend the account. Now he's since been suspended or is it just a video our 767798. Start 5150 to detect signs so let me get this straight. It's okay for him to attack the NRA and our members and gun owners and call them names but if anyone responds in similar it is not okay. This is not the same thing as what David Ogg has ever done. It's just not the same thing. It's not how would you feel if someone took a picture of your son. And stuck to a target. And pulled the trigger. You probably like that too much in front tires under. Blow it off but I would imagine if you posted a video like this you might call authorities. I mean. Again it's if they got I just. Done a video of himself talking about him disagree with their hearts opinions. Did not is gone public and criticize a lot of pro got opinions I think that's fair but I think this is going too far. And adjust to. I think it warrants a visit from from authorities I think it's I think you can consider this a threat against it which is something that David Ogg is not done to other people if it. Was someone who you know has a problem with the NRA. And it was Dana lashes head and would say it was a liberal who didn't like to her for what we don't mean it should it's the roles were reversed I would have a big problem with that too. Let's say it was a politician. You know who dude is anti ate lunch gun control you know let's say it was senator McCaskill. Yeah I have a real problem that to let's say was senator blunt senator Moran and real problem that too why is this okay. In somebody's head in this world today and I don't know for ever gonna have complete civility. But I know we don't need this by 767798. This warrant. Federal officials showing up at this guy's door or is deal or is it just a video and you know blow it off 5767798. I got their district in an odd bit jet CNN new push this site or are you gonna make us like you wanna steal the civil war looks like you feel like even. Little room. Our government. Friday talk about a video that we found on nine Twitter the account has since been. And deleted or suspended. Because it depicts a man by the name of Mike frank who will. With a message to David hog calls in the B word. So I'll get the idea that David Hogg anybody who is in favor of gun control is pushing us towards a civil war. If I meant to be hilarious but I says this what a civil war looks like and then in a gun range pulls the trigger. Over and over again. The target is David hog space. Just like Kathy Griffin had Secret Service come to her door I believe the FBI or at least local police should be at this guy's store. To meet this constitutes a threat. So yeah I I would be looking at those a little more closely 5767798. Bill in Kansas City thanks for calling your on KM BZ. Absolutely. That won't go couldn't make it has you at all. Happened out and order it Brad and everybody. And he goes well. All of us out rampaged. Well right now we've got to nip that meant that those. You know what bill you bring up an an excellent point he's kind of making David hogs point four him. That we need to figure out who should and should not have guns GAAP and you know the FBI screwed up my novel not going. Not noticing all the warning signs are taking all the warnings about Nicholas cruised the shooter. This will be something to report to the FBI. In case this nut ball ever flips even more and goes crazy that's a great point bills yeah out this that definitely. You make earlier point counts go to paddy Casey and KM BZ patty city authorities go to this guy's house. Yet the issue because. And I think me idiot that area and I've been talking about the shooting in Florida even though he may not be am. Other people had behavioral. Problems that. Get ideas get tightly these and what it would. It today and wouldn't you know great artist you have for the government or even been. And a you know it's a good point patty thank you for your phone call. Go to Billy Kansas City bill which happened this guy. Well I've I've got a question I think for you to think about the red flag falls. That some states have that allow local authorities to take guns away. When people issued threats. Every Vermont just passed those laws by the way they did they just passed a red flag lie believe in Vermont. Is that a reasonable response to something like this. The legislature Kessel also the guy who makes the threat like that. Other than local please describe taking guns away. You would think would you take its guns away bill. Thank you for your phone call you have Vermont just passed an age requirements. Banning of some of some form of automatic weapon and went. Speaking correctly and a red flag law. And I don't know how many other states have a red flag lava bills or just be a red flag to California's. Officials or wherever this is somebody should go. Knock on the door. And and asked for this got to turn over his guns. It's a bond Twitter actually it's not on Twitter anymore so you can't see it it's that unfortunately if you would like to see that. You can't do it it's not on Twitter anymore I'm sure somebody has it somewhere and it probably will get more play. He had it. It just is a little I mean if if his goal was to get attention he got it clean but not for as long as he wanted to because Twitter has limits of what you can put out there and that's a that you know Mark Zuckerberg was grilled about on FaceBook you know should there be limits and should we be moderate monitoring stuff have you generally don't like him personally okay fine you put in some other you don't like him as a person although it I don't know what you know about him as a person it's not like other than his views on guns. Will then speak publicly about guns and and fight one way or the other and take action instead of doing something like this doesn't it was anywhere. By the way there is a pro gun rally some kids start in California believe. And probably will be the only one. I switching gears we talked about this a little bit earlier in the show and I thought it was a fascinating conversation. That went. Eight different ways and I am I I I don't think image changed my mind. It's just interesting because this is never really come up here and I've never heard this happening before although maybe half as. What you do what would you think and which you vote for someone who is homeless and running for mayor. It is happening in Washington DC source of the Washington Post. With no credible opponent challenging mayor Muriel browser was a Democrat for re election. The campaign's most scintillating drama may be whether a man who says he sleeps on sidewalks buses and in homeless shelters. Can qualify for the ballot his name is Jeremiah Steinbach he's 32 you. He believed that he earned a spot on the city's political stage when he submitted 2040. Nominating signatures to the DC board of elections. 40 more than is what is required of Merrill candidates for the city's democratic and Republican primaries in June. Two other candidates themselves little known challenged the validity of the signatures forcing him to show up for a mediator last night and fight for a spot on the ballot. He calls himself the homeless candidate says he wants to expand affordable housing in the district which has one of the highest rates of homelessness. Of any US city and also by the way is one of the most expensive cities in the countries went rents higher than just about anywhere. So this goes before the DC board of elections and their they're trying to work this out as far as how many signatures on his nominating petitions are valid. The challenges to his petitions were filed by another mayoral candidate Ernest Johnson who was represented by three silent surrogate it's. As this is important elections registrar Deanna Smith informs Don bock at Johns big question 385. The signatures. The board now considered. 1755. Of his signatures to be valid. Or 245. Fewer than what he needed to qualify. He was told that he had to decide. Whether to withdraw his candidacy or ask Fareed formal hearing of the board of elections to settle the dispute. At that point the board officials pointed out that stopped by Iran is it writing candidate. As no less than former mayor Anthony Williams had done in 2002 after his nominating petitions. Were found to be riddled with fraud and on and so this plays out a little bit and he ultimately decided. That he would not be a candidate in the democratic primary by you decided instead of trying on get the additional senators he would just bailed us time. And any kind of jokes on about Iran is an independence and so with that he would need 3000 fresh signatures. To qualify for the November ballot to run as an independent he has until August 8 to do so that's the Rockies to eighties and distribute independent. On the ballot on August 8. The last minuses I won't rest I will be the mayor. We don't know how he became homeless we don't know a lot about him and and and there's not a lot of background in the story if if that zoning matters to you we don't know how long he's been homeless we don't know how long he's lived in DC. We are he could be working right now again DC rents are sky high that's why the homeless population is so large. And it's possible he is working but just not making enough and content. To be able to maintain rent on an apartment but it's just an interesting idea. About the qualifications. To speak my power and and I don't know if DC has eight residency requirements. I mean you would think they went by what is in Kansas has a residency requirement to become governor to we don't so. I don't know how he would prove residency I don't know if he has the ability to raise money. But he was able to get about 17100. Valid signatures on petitions. And he doesn't have it the other Republicans or writing we're not really well known either so it's an even infield in terms of name recognition outside of the that the current outside of the Democrat who is running for real. Action 5767798. Why or why not would you. Consider voting for a homeless person to beat Maine here and play in your decision because I know there's a lot we don't know boom one might move your needle while Meyer the other 5767798. I particularly. We're back got up I would not. I I know some people were upset but I said this earlier but if the guy in general we chose to be homeless or. But to me I don't wanna promote homelessness. I don't want some kid to say look. If I don't get a job or I don't work to have a home. I'm I'm I can be mayor I don't think I want that I think my I don't. Believe. That the mayor. Can be a homeless person because they can't hold down a simple job that requires. You know. Very little pressure. As opposed to a person's going to be running a city like would you want to replace like James would be homeless person. Or one of the names we know would you know that could be running quick Lucas Jermaine regionally justice whatever. I just do nothing that person has the knowledge of running. Something like Kansas City or in this case Washington DC. But we don't know that he doesn't. And just be what if he and I and play and someone last year began just just played us out as we don't know some of the answers to arrest but we had a caller earlier who said. That she was homeless for a period of four years two years I believe she lived out of a car that is correct on and had gotten there because she had given she donated too much I simmer she'd taken care of other people too much. And that resulted in her living our car. What if this person. Is working full time on our art and does not making enough to afford rent what he's only been homeless for a year or what if he has paid taxes in the past. What is he has lived in DC his entire life and is fully aware of the issues there. On I. To meet the qualifications. As far as what. Qualifies you to run a city go beyond just having Johnson you know it's it's maybe he knows the city really while made some really great ideas. We have elected people in this country on. Under circumstances where other people might not consider them to be qualified for the job and we've elected them anyway in fact we've elected people in the country who had no experience in. Any form of that job whatsoever. 576779. Did you consider voting for a homeless person for mayor 5767798. Here's a man in DC. Was trying to get on the ballot to challenge the democratic mayor in one of the most expensive cities to live in but also because of that. Has some of the highest homelessness rates in America. Including. He's Jeremiah Steinbach he's 32 years old and he. Had enough supporters to get about 17100 valid signatures for nominating petitions but that wasn't enough he needed 2000 some of those or. Ruled out that happens a lot by the way when you get signatures on petitions to run for things may go through they'd double checked to make sure. Everybody lives where they say they live and and that's why you get more than you need. And so what he's decided to do is run as an independent he was gonna run as a Democrat he's gonna run as an independent which means. He needs to get 3000 valid signatures on petitions by August so we got several months to do that still. And and as he meant as like it mentioned he is kind of running on a platform that homelessness is one of the biggest issues in the city and he understands it better than anybody. House by 767798. Right to the bones airing your first up on KM BZ airing would you consider voting for this guy. Absolutely I would liked it you're just a little bit about history if you don't mind. My mother or slippery when I was three all but gone no longer picture my mother died when it. About barely remember it remember until finally it wouldn't air it I don't know which injure ward of the state they're political party. I'm. By the time I score years might bolster their experience was not a good one. I kept wearing a white altar. Overstated or anticipate it at seventeen people they just figure. We're done what you may now I have no waste ago. I would almost a year and I was in Louisiana that are straight Mort about saint Lou on the other side of the state. And both small town there was no all of what shoppers what it bounced around so much I had no childhood friend. Nobody there to help. And I can tell you from personal experience. When you're homeless not just go out get a job you're good ago it's not a matter waiting there are so many issues that in the oh what course and maintain even giving a jock. There are stronger and orders that will not consider EU. Because your home. And I think this is a prime example of that everybody. Got to get a job and technically. He's trying to of one right now. And everybody's telling him he's not gonna not even my minister. Should absolutely be able well what we're not you elect fashion via of the citizens. Should be. She had a right to run no matter what his situation as in you should be. Kurt. And up and I just think that those who have not make mistakes. Finished the first one that judging others. Let them speak. Would you vote forum I mean obviously don't know any his policy on taxes we don't know about schoolers but we Jew you would consider voting for a. I would absolutely consider voting for. He's probably get more re key and you probably have had more life experience by 32 tonight. For. I I tell you what I am I am forty years old now and when I was on my I had everything I owned an adult and I still had a dot back to this day I will never get rid of it it's a constant reminder of where I am. And I liked that thing. Bit forty I have been through more and stronger than a lot of people that have been what I've been through. I I just don't think you should count out people because they've had a hard time a lot of times that's the strongest people you'll ever. They were the focal manly appreciated arrogant really inspiring for people who called to say they were homeless and in your gut examining is you're breaking my heart when you talk about the Foster care system somebody that's that's a special place for me grow up and Allen line that's. You're you're killing me with that but it's. It's really cool to now that you your story and exactly the way that we want to tell other people think over the phone call right complete. We agree with I don't I would still would not. Unless I ever really learned a lot about this guy. But I 1000% agree that he should be able and he should be able to meet if you get the signatures and goes along everything it. All that heck yeah and not round that he does better in this race than you think. Simply just. From a logistical standpoint. Now they elected this Democrat before so maybe she'll get reelected but if there are people who don't like which she has done lean and the story points out that amongst the Republicans who have filed to Ryan they all had there are all little now knows others know big Republican name in the race. On so I'm I'm the I'm just thinking in the most recent presidential elections sometimes people vote against someone not force someone. And he's a novelty. And is probably like a lot of people in the city and the city has a big homelessness problem. And if he can reach the people that used to be homeless or that are having a difficult time or are struggling with rents. There be a lot of support for hand. I I question whether he can raise money. But it. I think his story will make him stand out and unfortunately sometimes that's politics and politics you just need to be unique and he's pretty unique. He's gonna have a tough time win by the way just look it up about 65%. Are registered voters in in DC. Actually 75 excuse me 75%. Are Democrats. Who will probably state party loyal. But I don't know doesn't mean highlight you know doesn't mean I love everything she's done OSHA I mean possible. And he's going to be an independent which is probably good way for him to go yet. You mean you can just say in this is how you could run against mayor James I mean this is not pulling out any brand new. Campaign tricks. You can say look at the crime in DC what which look at the crime and what she's done look at the homelessness problem I have in in DC you could do that for Kansas City to. I don't know of Jermaine wreak when Lucas Jolie Justus whoever's going to play to that because they're all councilman in the city but you know what I mean. Things like James is term limited yes I think he doesn't you know he wouldn't be able to run again but yeah you could say that. If this were if if Kansas City worry partisan right yes yes yes and I don't think it is for yeah you could you could point out. On because she's sad. When she ran for years ago she pledged to address homelessness is one of her signature issues. He can call that out and say what did she do about it I'm still homeless she said she was gonna do something about it and people like me your still suffering. It's going to come up in an interview if he gets on the ballot. With the Washington Post of the times or whatever it's gonna come up how did you get here. And if his story is I was a crackhead or I was a drunk. You know I'm a felon if he has a bad news story. Then that's gonna really tarnish him. Or he can turn it the other way a couple of view on the tax liner saying why are we looking at this negatively why are we looking at the benefits of having an office. It's possible he can say I used to be an alcoholic or drug addict which by the way a lot of people again now that's not an uncommon story for people have those kinds of issues. And he can say here's my path to turning around I'm working I'm homeless but I'm working this is a tough city to be. You don't try to find rent in I think he can turn it as a positive. By the way if you on the ballot that's national mayors and he's watching shows and I sought is that the site we check a lot. But he'll get interviewed on the national news networks if he gets on the ballot because we don't we never hear about that happening. About someone who was homeless and a lot of people I think that will connect him and relate to hand anybody who has struggled. Well we'll sort of give us Yeltsin's or stories we've heard today I've struggled to it doesn't mean he can't be mayor. It is. I think this is also one of the the outlying. Branches of the trump affect. This is not a normal usual candidate they came from money and as a is Kyle uttered these college educated or not but doesn't have you know the degree from Georgetown or another school in DC George Washington. He's something different I mean trump is not your normal candidate. You know Eric Wright is not your normal candidate he was. You know a navy seal trump was a reality star and billionaire this guy's a homeless guy there's not a lot of difference there in terms of their lack of experience. Yeah and we. And for better or is that something that we now are allowing four yeah you know we no longer say experience and that position or experience of politics is necessary to do the. Drop down I mean you've Barack Obama didn't have a lot of experience sound not at all I mean if you've some of these the previous presidents it kinda new. He starts off our gas exactly known cameo in that it would be. I think to be a great story if he fell on hard times redeemed himself and got on the ballot. I will pay attention to a mayoral race in DC Lou like I never have before. I wonder if DC has a residency requirement that's a request that while it must be okay because they told and you can run yet you can still worked it on the ballot so they must. May they may be to have some loose standards for hype for residency 18 am maybe he just needs to have a place to get mail. Potential and maybe act to be homeless shelter in a lot of places bullet aegis you can use your where you. Re sleep most nights like a shelter whenever anyone asked that other people homeless what do other homeless people do when they are putting down job applications and you put a place to live where you know what are they putting that question. Read about it on her FaceBook page it's their from the Washington Post coming up next. I give you a million dollars Jamie amiga a million bucks all right forget a million dollars alone you think it would last. And also we have time really get to a story about a grocery store Dudek coming up next. What the stock market is. At right now spread to do well right. There is now commercial an idea. That got to seven under point that I have no idea or talked 300 today and it's back opened and get ready to cross 25000 again in 244 nannies actually hit refresh point 44 and ninety saying twice 5000. We're doing for the second literally book and let our. I'm just hitting refresh and keeping you updated on the Dow. And if if you have money in the stock market for your 401K. Or whatever you do Jamie right you have 401K and abroad. Or on chain and there are IRA opposed up about the area. So I mean we all have that number we wanna get too by the time we get done working you and I'll probably be working on two or not nice I 95 that's what I told a 170. Bad time to answer our. Does a security. No now gone back and working eleven so we're gonna act thanks Obama. But then it'll vice president million bucks could you retire with a million dollars and beaten pretty good in your mind I don't know I am. My financial advisor. If you're in Jamie's financial advisor you're right now I know god and every so often. You know we'll would meet twice a year whatever else I might mice not for retirement and is like we have a plan. And guess I just do what and then he reminds me that I'm far away from retirement OK go and there's plenty of time to save money. It will give you a million dollars right now. Right now it at 39. You think that would last you until. You're taken from us to live gaffe by a million bucks right now we put your bank account of one million dollars. Com. Would you adapt point invest it probably move and now and invest it well so that you can I got the Matt did get out a calculator forming if you make. I'm not saying we make those obviously but let's make it easy 100000 dollars a year that's going to nice parks filling it in ten years you may I ask that it's only get its ears right energies on and also that money besides just. Live there is a star a story. I love this it's from cnbc.com. And considering the many families spend more than 100% of their income after taxes on monthly expenses alone. Personal finance site go banking rates measured how long a million dollars in savings would last. In cities across the country including this for people who are 65 and up. Groceries housing utilities transportation and healthcare let's say you are to you had a million bucks on that your 65 birthday here like I've done. How much would last year the cities were it would last the longest. Kansas city's on them but they're also not the one in that category were blasted the shortest. As like New York Boston San Francisco no surprise. New York is the worst city to make a million dollars stretch. A million dollars last you seventeen years in six months. If you read talk about utilities and groceries your. And living moon now won them what kind you know whether your hand 2000 dollars a month for your your rent or you're in New York City you're orally are under it and it out here you can spend Boston San Francisco Philly and San Jose the five worst cities. To make a million dollars. Last the top five cities in America number five is meant this were a million bucks lasted 24 years and three months. A month longer in Tulsa. Two months longer in Austin. Oklahoma City lasted 24 years in seven months. The number one city were a million dollars by the time you're 65 last the longest Houston Texas. 25 years and eleven months the the experts say. You're probably wondering what is Kansas City ranked. Right smack dab. At 2727. Everyone is texting and math. Don't extend an odd note body don't your Jamaican I had span we're not ending the show and picking it up go back to reading the Dow were. Does that they they're right there. 22 years in fourteen months and. Twenty as the cubs are 22 years and one month and no I. Kansas City residents enjoy below average transportation and health care costs but the big savings comes in terms of housing. I just on average 9162. Dollars a year Kansas City housing costs are just 59%. Above the national average. So this is assuming you're not making any other in content brightness assuming you have a million dollars but you're not gonna work anymore that time he lands him that you are. Questions come up you know what point would winning the lottery you know how much did you after winning a lottery quicker job and how much would it take to make a real difference in ice million dollars. You're probably keeping your you're probably not quit your job and make them and yeah not Wiki you have college funds time at some point. Yet I view. I heard David Wright out that. Along those higher that number's gonna get to you for sure quit your job and a million dollars what is the your paper Los school but that's about it what's the powerball. NC a mildly an imminent powerball jackpot is go you know nobody who has I don't notice until it gets to big money okay. 106 million. Is powerball right now. But 106 million on Saturday I'm coming into work Monday Lee at least text mean yes that something. Like don't just not show up Monday hey Jamie what Lotto about Monday. You and just say hey Jamie paying dues bingo you're on your if I get it up forever. Have fun. It is now lottery yeah I'm go yeah I can I got too long text to be like five days. I I'll just a dollar sign a the deal and I knew exactly what I mean a million bucks would last year in Kansas City a little bit a longer than it would in New Orleans and slightly less than it would in Phoenix so was asking does this counting interest that's earned a million unlike I don't thanks now. But again your ass and ask questions play the game. Insists he. You know cocoa. Our let me check the Dallas and Gloria currency just take 4% of any amounts at one million dollars you can plot for a thousand dollars a year to Amelie about a hundred. Our safety went out Iraq. And thumbnails as you using a rose 72 year money should double about every six years of age 39 cents or from now and by the time you reach age 65. This is why I have people. Get a person you must be get a person you must be a financial planner I person is awesome whoever you are and the person. The F financial planner have a person and go in and tell him. I I want to understand but don't make my head span. And then you'll learn information but then they make really good decisions were down to 24 or five minutes after it in 22 and I asked I read it wrong early as that was over the reserves dumb game and back to talk about. Five that's like yet. We were talking about on LG BT curriculum and I'll bring about.