Midday with J&W: Would you turn your kid in to the cops?

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Wednesday, June 20th

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5767798. Is the phone number of what anybody has ever done this. And what is it gotten. What got you to the point of that this story comes to us. Out of Independence, Missouri. Where a man who allegedly exposed himself. To a ten year old is now behind bars no one's saying he shouldn't be behind bars but it's who turned him in. It is getting people's attention. His mother her demand to the police Jackson County prosecutors charged 28 year old Joshua A Williams. With the attempted enticement of a child. And one count of attempted statutory sodomy with a person less than twelve years old. According to documents Williams was not wearing a shirt when he pulled up. Answered asking to be ten year old inappropriate questions and touching himself when the little girl ran away. Williams took off a neighbor's surveillance camera captured the entire incident the this helped out with police. As he put out a photo of 822 or blacks and the next day and immediately received a tip thanks to that tipped a detective tracked the car seen in the video. To a Lee's summit home where they came in contact with Williams. While there Williams was told the detective that the car in the surveillance video belonged to his mother but he added that he had not left the driveway. Dub mother of the ten year old says it only took moments for the man to victimize his daughter as the detective bless left the home. William's mother called the detective and said that her son lied and he was acting guilty charging documents have sadness. She also said he handed over the only city keys to the car which had been missing. His mother turned him in to the detective. Can you imagine having to make that phone call and and telling the police yeah my son. Tried to entice a ten year old. As to. Not to downplay that by it. And we make assumptions what would it take for you to turn your child in the police what they have to adopt or have you or have you anything. I mean absolutely anything. Or is there a point where you're gonna protect your cat and where does that point and come back to the slot there's a case out of Seattle where. The grandmother found her grandsons know. And just happen to be going through and he was staying with whatever is happening on through his room and found a notebook of plans to shoot a school I think that's an obvious thing yeah yeah. But in the area where it's not you know what if they stole something. On. Give me other examples what's the line that you draw determined Freddie. Have you ever called the police on your son or on your daughter 5767798. 5767798. I mean I'm sure there are stories I have one for my family my mother and my sister. During my sister's teenage years did not get a long. Every now she's there for my mother's in her seventies my sister's in her forties and everything's well all well and good but my mother my sister did not get along to the point where. Did it we can't physical and the police were called. I've never been that kind of person with with anybody to get physical or the police need to be called. But I'm sure there are a lot of especially if let's say it's a mother and a sign of the sun is teenage boy and a teenage boy gets stronger. You know and and something comes to that I bet we have a lot of people that can make that call have you 5767798. I think the physical stuff is easier you know if you feel physically like you are in danger I think that call might be easier but what is they stole from. What if they stole George diamond rain. And ponder off for the money some of them like that and determine for that and an age probably makes a difference but. And what that what if you just have a violent kid you know just angry teen angry teenage boy. And you start to fear that he's lashing out a little more and he hits you and grabs or not chew on the floor do you call police that or you wait until next in which you make. Call for this. Like for this this particular story at a excuse me out of independents where York's twenty year old son who obviously is troubled. Is exposing himself and trying to entice a ten year old girl at the Ted Ullman. The victim marked off I think don't you have to in the victims a cat 576779. It was go to the phones Greg you're an 81 KM BZ thanks for calling Greg. Eight. Other. A bump it. All occult among. Both want and want. Intoxicated or. Picking them up when he. Oh. Hey and holding is great but how is your relationship with your son these days. Ul. Oh no. Gave up all. If that's how I thought oh. An adult adult life out or get out form. Wow did you get any legal front end and five prying you can tell me to shut up but ideally in these problems when he was 1213 Brigham young and young teenager. Yeah. The rate then you'll. The guy born out of wedlock and down you know topic a public should look at it. And but it was thought the deal would come came over what change do whatever it. So a little bit or go at that Hollywood would early aren't. You know if it's a battle lines but it couldn't look at that Eric you know really think he called it. Not applicable amount. Greg thanks for cholera and appreciate the phone call well hopefully your son can turn his life ground wears your son now I he's in jail poll. I've suckered me. Let's put a price on KM BZ with the price. I'm I'd I'd remind me of stories that I actually did termites and and he would they're ripe old age are probably about six. Are you turning your six year old son. I do speak well and all that aren't they used to be armed gang we went door and we want. Al and I know that its board did not purchase. Sound like yeah yeah now we can I same. I need a little wink that they went there and others inside and understood exactly what to do because delete. Serious about it and by men now that I didn't. Had to deal with issues that are older partner and I can say I don't I never did activities now. In the service and perhaps say then and now I'm. He grew up to be agreement and Bart you know it takes a village back immediately to areas that that's serious. And elegant we'd nip it right now February about it later. Does he still bring that story I pay my memory heavier rested when I was in the first grade. Well here now I am what I want is what its load our you know if you don't take care of it when they're young. They can be knocking you out. Hero video are the problems but he was growing up the middle school or high school. Well and. I think teacher yeah. I'd wind issues that did little temper and he went well well a little only child and just letting you advocates crowding around and act and the staff. Glad to observe what was going on and Clarence around. Can understand it was that the banking what used to be crowded and the children all the time and we'll get our uncomfortable sport and so. But I haven't met you really as a model citizens. The United States. Com and I'm pretty proud of. Good for audio and let you got him take it straightened out when he was six or seven and we thank you for the phone call we thank him for service. It's important phone calls ever arrested your son or your daughter. 5767798. What they do and did it work. Owls sticks and texts at 229 easier on her FaceBook page letter read about what this mother did add independents. Her 28 year old son exposed himself and tried to entice a ten year old girl. Which you've done the same thing or your calls gonna talk about a Missouri man who allegedly exposed himself to a ten year old girl who is behind bars mom turned him in about a twenty year old guy by the name of Josh Williams. He allegedly is being charged I guess he is being charged with attempted enticement of a child and one count of attempted statutory sodomy with a person less than twelve years old. Will investigators came to his house he said he had no idea but mom called the detectives back arresting you viewed on the statement what are called. The police about. To turn your kids it have you ever had your son or your daughter arrested 5767798. Jeff you're a 91 KM BZ what's up Jeff. Round out. And how are packed and call in the end it got no forward a couple of but he Intel and Hewlett amounted cultural. And it mom album. And let me walk toward that out we saw a golf course chic all the men. And that really hurt him at it live right across street an element school. All that's double jeopardy right there. Yet Sony yeah we've got an epic its cat well the biggest on probation directly graduate school and have a freshman year and it happened. Now he's the head of the western region the United States for his company networks were the only interest of one person that they compensate turned out pretty yet. I guess it worked pretty well for him but yeah. A Jeff thinks the call might your next up and on 91 KM BZ what's up. Mike going once Mike going twice. 5767798. Go to Bob on KM BZ. Gary has done to Lennar. Yeah I had to call waistline so much are at physically attracted me. And I'm pretty sad matter are easy you know I'm it's obvious what to do rivers. Very hard breaking the whole situation. To you used. Well yeah he recover from problems. Turned out he was diagnosed by colder it gets so we're console. Affective disorder. And yeah he just misinterpret. The only guy I was fighting Iowa. And school. Going to differ is how these issues. And counseling and chien-ming wreck other trade step during commencement Communist area. And a medical news don't give. You know asking you to not diagnosis. Accounting lies. This informant he is now known hospital. You want but he's young gray and it's really tying him watching him every week. I'd love to have outlived their gambit after twice and I'll what that they're you know culture. Yeah it was pretty even in Chantilly. I thought I killed Richard restrain them now almost of the choke and stop her. An Arab name Morgan and head of the it is so sad that you know there we had a morning. If and when I'm mostly not. Beat myself up over and has been dramatic used much at the auction. I do that if I. And Bob thank you very much merrier and came BZ what's your story Mary. So my main story I'm picking your belt now when I was thirteen there were I was blocked it in the mean people and they made that. Cop came by and it. Believe it at the black men had the heat copter whatever. And you are backing for Iraq. I left hand and he's in the car and activating. All the come back out. You'd grind man I thirteen. Don't you act mean like I interpret now. If you're you ask me I return in my country that behavior when he yours all your camera at. You would call on your kid. Now amid having having experienced something like that. Well might I add the matter. Is to protect the trial. You know somebody who play your dog is not. He's an adult so I got to protect anyone else out that. Being harmed or could be harmed her you know that the mother got it yet because it's not your child eat they'll have to protect the child. Now eight wells said Mary. Thank you so much. Let's talk to Cali on KM BZ Kelly Verity called the police on your children. Yes there were two different. Time. Won the first time wired I am my gun was about sixteen and I woke up the middle and high it was about. I know about like well for 5 o'clock in the morning and he was gone and the car was gone he was gone and I freaked out and I called the cops. And and he had taken the computer and my phone and felt I'll act on another found out trying to column I can get ahold of them. Thought I was scared that he was you know I did in the ditch somewhere you know. So finally he did come home I think he knew I was. On the hunt for him and he came home and the cops came about the same time. But they rarely do any thing they did that well he's home now they're not that we can do and we're really not that happened there. And and then my other land you have these. You know all melt down he had a lot of anger issues. And one time I was just I was exhausted that I had been you know trying to contain him per I don't know how long and I wish I would exhausted so I called the cops that. They came and then make you would about third grade. And they came men and they tried to say you know. Control him and settle down and they they did it but you know they so there was really anything other than that that they could do. And so I I hated it and both times but I just felt like I didn't have any other truly. So. I understandable. I would have that there are a lot of moms out there. And especially the other son who's a bigger can't hear or you know linked to guide the city some came son came home drunk. You know at 22 that's a grown man. You would never call the police Americans carry your FaceBook post on that we got a text like that also. So word talking about the storm of the respective phones if you wanna jump in 5767798. At the stories out of independence. Odd twenty year old guy. Got turned in by his mom for making inappropriate comments and gestures to a ten year old. William writes. We are asking would you do the same thing would you turn your son and know if I was in a situation like this or any other for that matter my parent or parents turn me and they'd better hope to have a better helped to held at their never to situation. Where they never desperately need my help. Because I just sit and watch them fall you don't turn your kids it is anybody agree with that you don't turn your kids in Denver anything. That's who writes for. And any thing I mean are you. I'm not a parent so what's your job as a parent. In that situation. And if you know that your kid and and maybe it's a difference. Not if your kids a minor or adults but if you know your kid. Molested another kid or you know that you worked and killed somebody re did something serious. What's your job as a parent and as a as a person you know to. Protect your kid or two. Help them in and make them learn left and right. Let's talk to Jerry and KM BZ thanks Carl Jeremy. It up 20 how I'm don't I'm Doug had a heart pain that Herat in order I'll wait. And my one day you let me appropriately deja definitely they McCullough. Emmy and one. And they called parent out there by speaker on and all that well locker say come pick him up and and all the dirty you deal with them. That the real a year ago. But. And Al arc jet turned it seemed like a week before. And it would the normal two years. 214 or eight he'd finally got out port that. And Bob Hartley Altman. I'll at all not. Daughter thank you and I don't let that it took out. It honestly and in about one year old mystery a lot of it. Gotta go buddy. To let a 28 to do if you or your phone calls is there ever a point where you would just say I've I've I can't do it can't turn my kids in like William on FaceBook said you don't turn your kids and. So as a question and they but he knows the legalities of us I wondered this too in the text line if your kid poses a threat to someone else and you don't take action you could be culpable. Mr. ever time not to send your kids. Or turn your kids. Indy if they've committed a crime. I'm on independence. Called detectives back after it left his house he allegedly. I'll was trying to entice a ten year old girl pulling up next to her in his car not wearing shirts asking or inappropriate questions and touching himself. I'd be ever arrested that your kids arrested your son or your daughter 5767798. Or. A we're also asking kinda go to different direction is it ever OK to just knock. Turn your kids it like is there's a reason you don't turn your kids eat it. Isn't about doing the right thing. I mean you know that your child has committed a crime especially if it's something major or involves another child and if you know that your kid molested another kid. And you'll say something about it. That's happening get anybody agree that you don't turn kids you know your your your kid that is gonna go find more victims and that's you. You know you knew that your son or daughter. Commit a crime and you didn't do you think about it so they can go commit more chronic. It's what about that dude in Kansas City yesterday that police are looking for. That kicked the cat like a field goal if your parent. The moms out there dads out there. In theory that Yahoo! was at a high school if you think does he play football does he go to high school did he go to that high school. His mom or dad know that the police are looking for that guy whose name is Kuwait on stepped odds snapped chat. Would you turn your son or daughter and if you if your son or daughter on detects cat. Would you turn them in I would assume yes but I don't know. Trying to Korea back to the phones at 5767798. Sega boarding two rows on KM BZ thanks for call a rose. Good morning I lay out that I was. I bought. My school. Mom. Ultimately means different here. And it was perfectly. Less than ever. That. You know I think a court. Go. Out there comes as. Problem and there. Aren't. There like I like. It's up one can. Yunel or even the. Rose rose what would you Sunday of. Gonna check if each. So within school. Teacher obviously hate you can have markers I think they're my ankle. You know let her. More than I didn't we hear it now and we won't have to worry about this how about a court content and be Icrc. We have to navigate this at your technical or to read her out let it out like. I try out. Can be hard you know are not. Sure whether there are circuit. There aren't currently out there. Could harm somebody. End. Up. I don't think you're low rounds and thank you for your phone call. Yeah act if if you know that your child has committed a crime and there is a victim in that crime and you don't say something about it. Then it's on you if they can get more let's talk to Katrina on KM BZ Katrina would you have your kids arrested if they committed a crime. I have let you know as quickly as. Yeah every. Year. Responsible for your and that it's like well. So yeah absolutely it would be hard. At it right parts and hope they advocate in deployment I. I expect there. We came down to it I muddle my job to teach about. It that's part of. You know anybody who. Would ever not turn their kids in your anybody would cover up for their son their daughter regardless of what ever they did. I actually don't well I don't know her personally that I know of someone. I think that there are a lot of Greeks. It that person can. Very well I profile in the city. And when the the last people TV or nipple or. Appleton mother is covering for them. Katrina this seems very serious have you. Beyond the per well okay that I was like is this the first tiger speaking of this on KM BE a. Absolutely. No it is it really heartbreaking situation and act and I hope at that Arthur. I reckon aren't what they are written about where it all look. At how all the. Now I'll have I'm glad that you that at that at least the people. The authorities know about as likely have to start connecting you over to our legal department request tickets. The information out there that thinks your phone call we appreciate it Shelby you're I'd KM BZ I Shelby. Hanging onto the right. Thelma. Oh. My older brother molested my child that there at the Hewitt stay. My mom and my brother and everything like. He actually couple we had done that yet they're turning a brother. I mean way. How to Butte appropriate topic it is either by. You don't they get here. She regrets sushi. Because she has a troubled past she regrets it. I'm. Ed I believe I'm Indian and incomplete ballot. Yet he pumped about it my. Him trouble. And when people go to jail and they find out that you are a child way it might take action. And he let it can actually if you will. The younger she regret every. Because of what happened. And. I checked out main. She's right on the night I've never been to jail but everything I've heard you. Do some do a kid. The rest theory meets gonna find out about it and EU are going to pay in the worst ways spot. It's I mean it's not designed to be a cakewalk Knowles designed to be punishment for some things that you don't do it again soon. And now. Is that a deterrent as intentionally set up a last word goes to Jim on 91 KM BZ go ahead Jim. And left it about 1617. Do not smoke pot. Told that to happen by house Dan wipe out I'd turn it. And it Easter anyway that smuggle pot more out check her back. What I thought. I showed just what about pot I'm find out if the police. And confirmed what pot it was 82 which is now know he will they told me it wasn't illegal at the time. You know maturing in order I would not backed down. After packet out and I know people oracle just pop well. He's it was it was more than. Height requirement and that is great. I think you know it it's just pot is is kind of relative to a sixteen year old. It's more than just gotten to it Travis or producer it's just you know tobacco eat you know and it would average should be legalized. Put to a sixteen year old Liu who. Is supposed to listen to you. Kids are supposed to do any of that stuff the brains are developed and read the male brains don't develop to their 25. You know it's for their own good. I understand that. People set and a tax line you can get the help with in the family and not involve the law. I don't know exactly what you mean does grounding. Let's take Jim's example let's say it was week. What is grounding that kid. Get the point across. Instead of bring in a bag of weed the police to test finding out that he has we he's spoken we'd be lied to you about it and then bringing the police. I don't now I'd. Maybe for something like that bike is a grounding gonna teach the kid not to do it again. I don't think so. You know did it depends how strict you grounding is like when you work when you got did you ever get grounded. I really SI personally child with not a lot of rules so. How I get in trouble you know because there wasn't a lot of wasn't allowed to do it. I was responsible I didn't have a curfew because I didn't stout until 2 o'clock in the morning I'm sure if I had my parents of a sudden now you have a curfew. So now I just never did anything. That weren't a match. Travis you ever get grounded. No never worked two jobs of the grounding us in really do anything. Can you thank you just go do it and it isn't bright it is I mean if you ground does that what unity cause you have to go to work so aren't what's neat. Saying hey you stay home or listened to you when you have another eight hours of work did she ever ground you you just said okay and and when she was at work he does when did whenever. Yeah they're seated lesson that you were crying but technically we were getting ground because it lasted. You know maybe a week and should thank you can't really control it though. The only what are you that route that listened to being grounded even if my mom wasn't home. Didn't go outside and the video games. The deal with the parents told them to do regular one it did things you were supposed to do. Product for Trevor Graham didn't blow it feels little like you don't rob good taste buds that's that is wrong but haven't. Because my grounding was. Go to your room some people's grading is going to ruled no video games no TV no nothing you know is and it last a month. Ever league hitting all that bad but when I did it was you know a day or a week at the most. Our FaceBook page checking out is look dot com slash any one KM BZ. Up next something that might come into the next hotel room that you book we'll tell you what is next but it would Jamie what kids. Nick's story comes to us about your hotel room the next time you check it. Comes to us out of techcrunch dot com Alexa is coming to your hopes all round Amazon has announced. A new program called Alexa for hospitality designed to bring the voice assistant technology to everything from chain hotels and vacation rentals. And it can do a lot once ads and I your tolerant systems can be customized to include key guest information might check out timer pool hours. Allows guest request services like housekeeping or room service can be configured to control Smart hotel room functions. Like adjusting the thermostat or raising blinds you can also I used to do things like order room service or educate you about the area or. Get your tickets for two hours you wanna do that today. So really right now it's Mary got hotels that is going to be the first a doctor of the new platform. Lodging services on its merry out Weston. Saint Regis a lot an autograph collection hotels this summer. So guests can issues whether they wanna share a room with Alexa or disable it by hitting the mute button I guess also can request the echoes speaker to be taken out of the room. Amazon's at hotels cannot access voice recordings that's important and no personal information needs to be shared with the echo. In order to use its but you couldn't run it through you could connected to your Amazon account. And you could run like I use Amazon music so you can connected to your Amazon music and then play your music in your hotel room with the Amazon -- Bill. It could just get a flat out but at any point now right no I do not count it's I don't I don't know the glory of using it but I've been afraid of it I. Using it like I could. Just 'cause I'm not accepting I don't I don't know what else I can do with it it's pretty handy to have and and for music it's good but I would worry about it. Just the stories we've heard about it recording your conversations and in setting not to keep on your contact list and and that scene. They're being something in the room that can record everything that's going on route I'm a little sketchy to me. Usually like conspiracy theory the government is out to get me in knowing other Lotta people to believe the government is out to you know I'm not that guy. But on the off chance like I don't understand the need for one of these things get I don't have one perk. But I don't understand. We were pretty lazy society when everything I need is run through my iPhone already. You know I need to look up the capital of Montana I just typing and capital of Montana and it takes three seconds as opposed to saying. Alexa. What's the capital of Montana. Like to me or in the case of this what is the pool open I can usually. But it's faster just ask for is. But I don't. It might be faster but as it. I feel like these things are oftentimes. Not able to understand. Very clearly set I've seen like at the ruins it was like Alexa played. For example Alexa play Metallica. And it'll start playing like jingle bells in elected and you know what I mean like they don't it doesn't get rights that you ask it again in the you have to yellen and it's weird and it's like. Acts. Like I just look it up on your phone it's in your hand 99%. Of the time anyway eight. As but it's easier just Ascot and I have to take hacker found a look at or maybe your phone's being used for something else maybe you're using your phone YouTube for your kids are playing with that or something like that. But for you that user Alexa more than I do. Talk benefits I mean tell me why you have it tell me why you like cabinet teaching nicer organized a call because I think what Amazon is trying to do and what Mary that is trying to do. Is to mirror the experience that you're having home if there are conveniences that you have a home. Then they're trying to give you those inconveniences at least you know it's like there's a reason why a lot of hotels have tourists now. Because you have accurate home and so it's handy rather than to make a pot of coffee you won. You don't want your tolerance be less convenient than your house and a lot of people now have those boys assistants at home and make it really is. 5767798. Would you use your elects afford it it it it is so convenient. That you are sold on I for the speaker I mean I don't use for a lot but it plays. Music in my own eyes and so if I'm home. I kicked it it has incredible sound coming out of it and I keep on my desk at home and so I'll come home and saying. LX I'm sorry senator Lexus LX the I'm sorry I did think about that Alexa played collegial. And shall just randomly mixed collegial and I can hear all over the place wears on my phone to carry my phone all around with me is Cheney for stuff like that. 5767798. You can also text in and at 22980. Let's go to Dakota on KM BZ Dakota. Tell me a benefit. Give us a luxury that you'd love about your Alexa. Well like your pain music is blocked it it legged we have got to buy premium and it looked up through our the dot. And we can play like any like it it's really cool. I'd my favorite thing for it I laid down in the bracket and I have my guy that would be indeed and there are. They'd go with the indeed for your elect that. Where you can Eleanor delightfully tavern down there like played fighting music. Where you know like make make your Cuellar Medicaid. That barbaric thing I worked at that not everybody else. And thirty year than nerdy and when they're Dakota. Iowa. I. Appreciate the phone call me and think you know I don't I examine their rank and the tax line. Your biggest thing is that a lot of people are saying is I control my thermostat when I'm away from home. Or I control line at home on witches and several people of sub that works with a nest thermostat hiking yelled to change the temperature in my house one and that. And some of having to get up to do it. Timer is what several of you have said. So hail likes to tell me. Time for five minutes and it would let you know I guess when the five minutes is up instead of you haven't set your timer. Which wouldn't have even occurred to me I'm still not sold it because I control my guest from my phone and I have a timer on my phone not shoot these down eggs have nothing to me is jumping out that I can't do for my phone so far. But the but it's easier just to yell it out and have to get your phone out on I use of his that I use elects a lot when I'm cooking regarding substitutions and measurement conversions. Kayla so many teaspoons that I and a cup effort and it just Alia. Save time especially if at a kitchen if you're wonderful after his early you can just yell it out as I cooked chicken yesterday at a wash my hands three times I I are only I'll go with that. Time for someone spends a lot of time in the kitchen Alexa is very convenient Aggies for my shopping list reminders timers. It's also can be for tracking your ams on packages it's just a tool but he very convenient one. I solid on TV yesterday that actually got me kind of intrigued about getting. And in home when of these things. I think it actually is for Ford Expedition commercial. Where in the car it can next year Alexa or whatever. To said feed spot. And then it showed the dog's food thing opening up and dropping out the pre measured amount to feed the dog. That would come in really handy for. Her couple others people are saying that their whole houses there whites are wired. While I Alexa is useful to turn the lights on and off when my kids can't reach the lights in their room or the hallway or the bathroom. I submit my master bedroom is totally wired lights and fans like you lay in bed and read an end to tell exit of turn off the light turn on the fan. How did we ever survive and how that I didn't like I did that how did we ever survive without having to turn our own and ceiling fans on.