Midday with J&W: Would you take a trip in a self driving car?

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Tuesday, March 20th

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Are you this soured to the text in this word to when a thousand bucks your chance for this one is rated. 72881. If you are driving you get into all our and then giving Evelyn just before Dana parks. Our 7677985767798. We're talking about driver those cars self driving cars and what your feelings are. On these because we a lot of distracted drivers out there. We'll get some of the benefits because it sounds like you and I are down on them I'm very skeptical of them personally especially after. We're talking about a woman in Tempe who was walking a biker cross not the crosswalk but stepped out in the street driver was car dean reacting time. Hit her and she is now deceased. Rights and so we have learned is that it was not the fault of the vehicle the police chief came mountainside. Anybody would have had her because she wasn't across lock and she came out of the dark but it does have people talking now. A bouts on the pros and cons are real scars by 767798. Right to the bones David Kansas City thanks for calling what you think the driver those cars. I think they're gonna have to be dedicated to a secure girl. You know kind of like street cart would be. And they would have to be you know closed in environment. I mean you know it. You mentioned what you mentioned that. You know the senators as far as an L something coming from all relate it to grow up and I would be concerned about. You know. And I might be a situation like interstate. I make tablet on borrowed at least they all line for a review. Court won't bet are screeching to a spot. Just because a implies into the peripheral vision of sensors. That in of itself could cause an accident and killed people so mean have to be dedicated Jews are an environment it would. Apple and not be an interstate. Ari he hired. A 35 miles per hour. I think the thing is though Dave is there are people who would argue the exact opposite of that and say. You know and again these things have cameras on top they've got cameras all around in the dash the bumper that whatever. There are people that would say it would benefit. Say the drive from here to Denver. Sure I mean any time you were due in a long drive. You're taking your kids to college halfway across the country and it's the middle of the night and you gotta get there or. Or you're a lot to one that is ill and you need to go reach and it's the middle of the night and you're too tired to do that great you put in the GPS. You fall asleep in the back and it and it gets you there. On. Me. But it's pierce you buck you're driving a car that already has some of that technology in terms of knowing you're too close to the vehicle behind you we've got the backup cameras we've got it'll keep you from drifting at the very least it will alarm you can spending so it's our got some of those sensors in place EMI and does do some you know to to warn you some of those things coming battle with the trucking industry think about how. Any of our rules about drivers now can only work somebody hours and a day and having to sleep doesn't all we would transport and some of your on the country. And I can into Dave's point about hawk flying in I can I can guarantee you they've factored that I'm still not confident but I can guarantee you they have factored in up. You know they they have those cameras have to look up and around it you know out of the environment I think they. They know what they're doing on that for a but the it to say it's a great concern and the mayor in Kansas City earned KM BZ Mary would eat because self driving cars. They. Might call. I am really all about the art. It blew me shallow actually. About a lot of and I working here and I see. Well many drivers. I mean he's your answer or whatever it. It shouldn't be driving. Burglary. Many out there are hearing there. People. You know like our right is our current leader of broken ankles. There's only driver there. They. What. Are they. A lot of people that are hundreds of people who aren't everyday. At all. Or hearing impairment and though you know what they called earlier. About C cameras everywhere it read it sure. In he probably. Better Asians are out there are. A lot of people. I don't really see other people. As usual. Problem. Are contracted. Wear glasses or that it anyway. And you know is rampant about there and then all you know now that there. Aren't. We see it yet journey. Seizure. Are you have a seizure that was an example early exit somebody's got elected it would worry about driving. Yeah exactly exactly so you know the more I think about it. Probably not any worse than what we have out younger every daily anyway so. I mean it's it's a great clash here drive I mean. It it happens is a heart attack somebody has like he said a seizures is something along those lines. What do you are are are hurt at home here's another benefit. And I might be stealing somebody's under here might be stealing Amy senators who wanna get her appear but. What if you get hurt at home and don't wanna pay for an ambulance and give a self driving car. Mean I know Amy I just stole your thunder but that's a great a good thought to put on the table. And edit and it might ever get back and forth to work or a bar or wherever you are a services they eat eat and be working on the patient. So what do I go out to people now. I mean at the Papa. It's eight it's a fair I mean yeah one more person helping out someone who needs it. And if you can't afford to pay that thousand dollar ambulance fee law don't assume that the driver was ambulances going to be cheaper than regular Graham writes I'm I'm I'm so what if I use myself driving car. You know. Great call Amy thank you for your phone call let's go to evident Kansas City Evan what do you think is self driving cars. And not evidence they have not opposed to them I can definitely. I. But like Dave was talking about he would rather than it was speed. I believe that he decked out in had been in a few in the only conduct it and are on the highway and actually at high speed just that you recruit control your car work at 2535. Miles an hour. Actually think it it's tapered for them working at a high speed it would be like you guys are saying you know and it. In that community where it might be playing basketball or or something like that would allow more. Obstacles and objects that could be affected. Yeah the it on the freeway there's more. A wide open space in my legacy and if your you know I've never made the drive to Denver I have how fun is that multiple times. How fun is that ours well of nothing. Fishy Colorado and you think. Right now anything west of debt or is pretty. But at least are getting cholera and it's just like Kansas. There it is literally non. UST get in the self driving car you get on the freeway you get on seventieth road crews on it and take it 85. He laid back and you do you know who looked at that point to. Because you're gonna deal to do during an. You can save yourself why you business meeting at 7 o'clock the next morning get your driver was cart 10 PM it's got to time. This sounds frightening and let's go to David in Kansas City David you're a fan of self driving cars. I am a believer in transport and transportation. And if you think about it bribe journalists are. Doing super. And then try to being able to transfer to express buses on the highway. They did make a big impact on global warming and they could make it huge impact on. The rush hour traffic if you get an up peep. Go right to do and it being cheaper than grabbing your own car. Because of how much more efficient it is and multiple passengers in and Clark. And that transferred to a busts would make it should cheat. And it can get enough people taking their former transportation. All the Russia attractive would just go away. And you didn't and actually work work in the morning and night faster and cheaper. And with. What impact on the entire. Good point nobody's brought that up yet. More call goes to Mike in Kansas City Mike what do to sneak in here before the break to get the final word go ahead. Yeah I don't I don't like. An alternate computer hacking and honor the world today. Semi automatic semi accurate attack on the imaging. Company. Seeing. That I hear you and I are the same page they've got to worry about what could go wrong and you're looking at today's glass half empty but I'm looking at the same way you are. You know it would be wonderful but there's no. Everybody went about things happened and now. There's only so much and it happened. Blame the Russians I got to do is blame the Russians. Out of FaceBook page you go ahead and check it out. You know there are benefits to the lake what how much more efficient could. Overnight truckers be if we could have a driver's taken now for two hours gap while driving those long haul sir we would not have that have to get off the road for many hours now because they can just keep going. Odds and a FaceBook page check it out straight ahead aim Missouri boy is not. Allowed to continue to play soccer with his group that he's played with for a while we'll tell you why. Next this song plays. It's key recast what would a thousand bucks you can. Ritz RB asked rims text the word in seven to eight it got about forty minutes to do so this next story comes to us out of Missouri. Lathrop Missouri as a matter of fact. Yeah there's a look youth soccer club there this is that sat over the treatment of an eleven year old with a disability and I cook Walters is the kid's name he is eleven years old. And the league tri county soccer told him that he could not play this weekend because he was too old. On his parents say he was allowed to play he has autism. He wasn't allowed to play in the eight to ten age bracket last fall because they got a doctor's note an approval from the leak. They assumed that approval would last through the school year of a local board said the league told them didn't they waited until the morning of the first game to tell him that. And the parents say he can't play with top Ott told worlds in Walters who has Cooper's dad says anybody's ever seen him play understands. He needs to be playing with the younger age he didn't score a goal last year or the year before that he can golf the bombing 85 times. It's more a social thing forehand. But when asked for a response these soccer association for Youth League. Told KC TV five we are a soccer association viewed affiliate of leak and will allow the child to play down an age division. Once the rules are status mountain. So should he be allowed to continue to play with the eight to ten year olds or should he have to play with the age group in which people. 5767798. You can also text and it 22980. Would love to note from you because there's so many. Angles to this. The kid's not in the age group. I understand though if you are tired of an autistic child by the way we lose especially love to hear from you and your perspective on this many you called earlier. When we did. It's it to go on the other side of the sympathetic. Gut wrenching. Initial reaction and and because I was thinking exactly. What's the harm. What what's the harm let me eleven year old who has autism who you know every I'm guessing every autistic child has their thing we have one woman who called up earlier and said her son. Growing up had it his thing was yet of photographic memory incredible memory you met him you know. Remember a whole bunch of verses of the Bible or the book of king James and it was like now. Everybody has their one thing may be to figure it's better maybe they're good at building model trucks. But. I would like to know and may be apparent that has an autistic child will be able to. To do to help me out this. Would playing with a twelve girls help him mature little playing with a 20 with the the twelve girls help him advance. As a as a person or mentally or something along or emotionally. If he played with the older kids in the division. The question I have is who is hurt by him playing with the eight tenure olds and that's a genuine question. Ike is contributing to the team but is he taking a spot for someone else who is coming up who should get to play with each tenure olds. On it should he have to play with the other kids his age I mean just because. As used as you said earlier you know what then do you make exceptions for everybody on but is there or else something to be gained for him and for those older kids and having him there. What. Point. Does it stop becoming just the game. And just fun for the kids because of the twelve year olds. Are very competitive. You don't like it all of a sudden now you're looking ahead towards high school soccer or travels soccer. At what point is that stop becoming a fun for the kids AKA let this young boys being is that lets him relax. That lets him be who he is he may be the last player ever picked. But if it's what lets him have fun and be loose and be a boy. At what point do we stop saying after the game is about as opposed to you we want to win games but. There are other things that he can do yet to let him be a boy and so let him relax and to let him learn the social skills. That would be with his appropriate acre. You now on me he. See he's not claimed they girls you know and again it socially emotionally he's not your normal eleven year old. These kids are quite a bit younger than him and so is not a benefit to getting around small markets. I've 767798. Go right to the phones Mike in Kansas City thinks are calling on KMB easy Mike Dee of autistic children. I hop it mildly optimistic. When Earl now I have a seventeen year old grandson. Superior. Did they struggle with you know trying to figure out what their thing their niche was growing up. Well after much struggle iTunes yeah. My wife and I put my son. Amos twelve years old can get it in schools. And and and school them it and I'm not in this Special Olympics open especially if his horse in there and you know. Swimming he didn't and he got into that ultimately on the air and Internet. The and assisting coach and in and why Arlen and to get there at all like OP. And we coat or work in it he years. It's a good program. Here that are challenged. In I think the Internet. Seething instead of changing the rules the parents should change maybe the path for their son. Yeah because. This past week though on the rest of his life. There they'll spool instructed that he'd change in just it. Especially engine and not mean. This would continue to. Currently at 68 here early this. By. Special. And keep an. Sure absolutely I think for the phone call. Let's go to Ron in Kansas City and KM BZ Ron what do you think this young boy and the the situation he's in. Well Calgary agreement super power. Although although the ball leaked. And warm springs that we've all servers there's people agree cute amateur world was cute. Know that and develop alternate playground smoke clears and I mean they're the difference between footballer soccer. In some places where. In all the want to know all social people that you know what this just isn't the best script or Q. There are strangers there's there's there's an injury are risk involved know Richard are certain not to him attention and or kinky vote. Stashed. Say maybe even with eight and your. And what the previous tallest you know. And sure trying to make it released it in all different circumstances. Don't come their way with different types of children. You know you need to chart probably strips were you a mall or elaborate some mature which you are integrated. And normal society but sometimes you know you can. Air. With a child that isn't as well as others you are director and accession as world. Fair enough thank you very much for the phone call around we appreciate it. Anybody who's seen Cooper play them understands he is in the correct age category and he didn't score a goal last year or the year before that. He kicked the ball maybe five times that's. Ian Walters the father of Cooper Walters an eleven year old boy in lathrop Missouri. I'm who has autism he was allowed to play with a doctor's note in his soccer league in the fall but he just turned eleven. And on the day at the first game of this spring's season recession. They said to him that morning. You can't play because you are in fact eleven and they have filed for another appeal to another doctor's note all those kinds of things but. Their argument is exactly what your heard dad saying right there he's playing at the appropriate level he is not ready. As a person. To play it at with the tribunals. Writes so I don't know do you. Is it gonna hurt each ten year old to have him on the team and think you can make a decision about what affects him the most. By you gotta think they'll get their kids to them you can't make exceptions for everybody sound and what about this and this aspect. The idea of bullying. When your nine. Or eight or ten. The odds of a boy eat bullying or making fun of autistic child for their behavior whatever. Is probably a lot lower than those that are twelve and and that's why I bring. I have a big question about that is if you would if you put an autistic kid with a bunch of eleven and twelve year olds. Are you just going to. Open the floodgates up for more bull. So a caller on the line who has I'm pretty close connection of the story spring and Darrell in Kansas City on KM BZ Daryl what's your your connection to the story of a friend. I actually on the sparkle war last year and now work to it. See our carry up or you. I'll get it shouldn't groups. And it was well understood but there. They're all gonna like that one time exception. For Latvia earned and that the currency and it was burba and outlook are there. So and so what you're saying is they knew that this was gonna happen and and and and now as they talked it to our frenzy KC TV five it sounds as if they're making up the story that they are blind sided by this. But little thing that let people in the so got beat by beat out because that is. In addition. He would accept it and haven't spoken way. Many MB people now than soccer immediate liking. It's absolutely appropriate this year although that. Kinda. Contrary to what we'll let. To beat Enrique. Ever. Book or let the. To me questions still the same. It out a question that we put on a table as the same he'd been allowed to stay with the younger kids or should be forced to be in the older kids what do you think. Well having. A personal interaction with that one Kmart and later. I don't think it would hurt to put it in a larger regulatory standards are right that little bit instead of saying in the upper down a little bit. And now maybe let you know I feel how light is going to be. On all. Do you think the board will ban. There are out they are. Out there at eight bang. Occur that I Stanford playing any under generally get their feet. While we are in the story hasn't been updated on not on their website so that we have date date you can verify that this kid has been allowed to stay in the younger group. Better what I would get sold as a partner and. Five people that this breaking. It up. Do you know what the justification was was it a day believe that he's not ready to it to grow into that league yet. That would the argument between right and start early last year. That you were. Because that is education level is actually do. Great work you aren't there normal girl he felt more comp for what Tikrit if you're inquire where. There in an incredible hit that it down so. Mean look it it. It's where my gut goes first and think of the phone calling clarifying that there'll. It's where my debt goes first is what's the harm of letting him play. With the younger kids because that's who he grew up playing with or spent the last however long playing with. My big question is. Where Edwards and his pandora's box get opened up. You know now can anybody who doesn't the other kid is. Ready. Maybe they don't think they're kids good enough to play and that next level or will suffer because there. OK in the eight to ten group but they all can anybody else try to file with the league and say look we have a problem we water can to stay with the younger kids like there is a reason they cut it off at ten. And I'll let my answer to that is now because all those other kids to boxes. Or all those other kids did not doctors' notes I mean you you can use a common sense approach to things like that to avoid opening pandora's box you can set up guidelines that say. You know our rules say the ages are going to be does the sadness but we will give consideration for these circumstances. A doctor's note in diagnose the medical conditions so that you can't just say my kids not ready. You can say walls of that why these guidelines here's where we make exceptions. It's it it just makes me warrior of people going to and this is the skeptic in me again. That's the skeptical Tuesday. Will parents make up. Stuff Wilder's some like it as anxiety can handle it even though it's on the same level as autism or something. Well they make something up to keep their you know I really just do that it's out there they think their kid is going to be your customer now there is going to be the brunch. And require doctors know that and a doctor goes so far is to say your cat has anxiety and should stay with the eight tenure olds may be there's validity to sure you know maybe the rules should be loosened up. Who knows we will find an eight thanks Daryl for calling in as that kid I guess gets to stay. Probably mean do you agree with his right decision I don't now I am because I see it all plays I I see the reason to keep them with the eight tenure olds and I see the reason to suggest. Because he can't play with its tenure olds forever. At some point this kid's going to be fifteen or sixteen at at some point he's got to play with older kids so if you're not doing that this year they'll have to do it eventually. Yeah so OK you know you buy familiar to you but at some point am Vermont and. And may be rec league soccer. Is in his is not his future like maybe what you do next is look at is someone suggested a lot earlier is the Special Olympics are you look at some other group. Where he might. Normal is a terrible word to use here but might be more normal might might might fit in better with with others. That conversation is up on her FaceBook page you can check it out FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ that FaceBook dot com. Slash 91. KM BC I sub for yap and say something and. Course. Remember the turtles an eight the puppy. You know there was a reason I took two days off and land tomorrow and well tomorrow tomorrow I'm off as well as the Big Three day work. Remember that little area. Mean this one day so far has been disproved so if you remember the story last week the worst during the week a doubts on the teacher. Our wise. Has impressed how the teacher that. After school. But there were students presidents that the. Poppy so that sent in to write the dog lies. Deformed or is not well the puppy was not going to last very long but it's higher. I'll live poppy and they fed this little turtle to turtle as a way to shows cycle why. And how it works. I cannot maybe it is a report anyway at the teacher because I think there as a result teacher but I do the result on the turtle. Snapping turtles then punished. They punish the tour it's being euthanized. On here's why. So visitors during. I WT an agent Preston Idaho sat Idaho officials of euthanized snapping turtle east of the investigation of whether a college teacher data basic poppy eaten for students. State Department of Agriculture said snapping turtles are invasive species in Idaho requiring a waste seized Tuesday euthanized it Wednesday. Gone. So I'll just go Lauren was officials say they stepped up secure for three schools and Preston school district this week following. The rats connection to the allegations connected to the allegation. But the puppy was that the turtle to school. A. So the turtle. Endangered species well invasive species that required permits or did not permit and is that why today. I. Is it. Why you put it where it's supposed to be corrupt house put it in zoo possible should meeting poppies should be. Possible that's not a good diet for snapping her it's not a good guy for me to list the populist hadn't made the turtle it'll biologically is that guy. Does that make you sick or something NC captain I've had several jobs in my life any rent title master is not one of I don't I don't. If that is true or on but the fact that the rats were made in the school. Because people were so upset about this is amazing. Gone and it it but it does require apartment and that's what he sees the turtle come forward so now. I don't understand. Why you would. Sees it doesn't make sense of why you would seize the turtle and euthanize I get seizing it if it's that if I mean it's an invasive species usually liking about bugs the out bases species. What that means for turtle but not say I guess not safe to be where wise Ivan update on the teacher. Because so I. So the disciplined so the puppy has been fed to the to the turtles turtles and you that I turtle been seized and euthanized eaters don't adopt a give me an update next house that I give you an update on the teacher in Idaho next and a. The story about the deformed puppy being fed to. This is not a story generally have to recall would you Jamie the deformed poppy being fed to the snapping turtle who has now been seized by officials euthanized. Not a normal story I understand. You're asking about the teacher's name is Robert cross land. I don't think he's been suspended heat is potentially. Could face. Animal abuse charges and the board is meeting. They are going to be meeting this week public input is listed after the prayer pledge of allegiance and consent agenda. But. It's not on the meeting agenda for this week's when they have their school board meeting whenever that is this week one of the items not listed is this teacher. It's personnel action my guess is that yeah actually they were taken public session anyway it's generally not if you're gonna fire teacher you do that behind closed doors not in public sessions out. And so I'm not surprised that we don't know about at a time. I don't know if he did anything wrong. You know I don't know if he. Did anything against school rules I assume he's never done this before. I don't know how long he's been there on if he liked it they might be waiting to see if he faces criminal charges or not. Frankly he could be cited if he was closed up apartment to have them snapping turtle that the problem. So I don't know. Can he effectively still do his job. Probably you pay what he did wasn't cool and it probably freaks and kids out by. It's a biology class you know we can't dissect and a school and I we dissected frogs and we you know so. Maybe it was traumatize in for the kids but I don't know if that wives. Now that's a fireball and. I'm sure it's but they could do it like behind closed Lincoln had a discussion behind closed doors that all is. You know any personnel action and quite frankly NA public body of any kind generally. Is that cause for an executive session could they go in their executive session and come out and take action as a general I don't know what the rule is for teacher sent. I am not sure yet David buys the discussion will not be public for sure couldn't let's lighten this up with something else. And the the latest list is out from candy store dot com and every State's favorite jelly bean you jelly bean fan. Gas X and Travis would be you know ten. No I ate the weird ones whenever Harry Potter came out but Joseph Libyans were my first candy if you ever done the bamboozled that is awful yeah that is certainly bearable or Sox were that are kind of fun thing to do is to go to the jelly bellies or when you're like eight. And get the bag full the different ones is if you can hear what flavors why. She's as an agency I say 36 she say eat whatever dad athletic and hang up. Down. They have thousands and thousands of people who have voted for this. Taking a wild guess at the number one jelly bean flavor in America. What's really popular rep year. Routier's fifteenth on the stove top 21 let's banana. I'm not pour. Is scary or orange or pineapple cheering. Yeah orange savvy and the number one jelly flew a jelly bean flavor in America. Buttered popcorn and I now. I why I don't understand it number two. Black licorice she wore tight. But Flickr's down nodes grind you're right you're you're right about that that is gross number three. Cinnamon. Number four's watermelon number five is cherry and they have them by states in case you're wondering. Missouri's favorite flavor of jelly bean. Buttered popcorn I don't know anyone who likes like you opened the need jelly bellies and you look at the the back in the box or whatever the back of the bag. And you have the when you're me like this is buttered popcorn or he gets surprised. Because you just reach in and go. It's it's buttered popcorn for misery for Kansas it is cinnamon. I hate but I because that's the worst thing you see it and it's red elect I your cup strawberry watermelon chair he. And I don't have those kinds of feelings about it and you wind up with cinnamon is not that vial dramatic experience it is disgusting. Travis. Just times about Toys 'R' Us. An active efforts and a a support as we announced last week is closing all of their stores. And just wipe them out pages blamed oh what do you know millennial you know and swords or not to rule about having you here. That's why they went bankrupt because we don't have it we try. Wouldn't get their fast enough to fasten it to say toys are you mentioned I've not going to be here tomorrow the reason. I'm not going to be here tomorrow I have the fertility class to go to all right we are going to the doctor Pratt. Amber at babies. Bad idea and I don't. Because a pre show we did a story about kids are costing 237000. Dollars yeah targeted Al lifetime zealots at toys that I'm due with dog my cat. It's got to answer to why don't I do not what you buy toys for your dog. Yeah but they're not that expensive. On us or us and also blamed the media does interpretation. Of their sales numbers or something at some point so it's. For people saying it was the experience in the toy store. Toys 'R' Us could also blamed their ideally. Expensive toys that you get the same toy at target or Wal-Mart for cheaper that is true. That is really true they just grew a bunch of debt is what they accrued pension debt I should say that's the real reason and they mean. There's a story out of a monster. S radio company that just filed for bankruptcy. Was yesterday or two days ago I heard filed for bankruptcy. Because the massive amount of debt may Croat mini puts so much on their lenders that they there was no way. But it's it's more fun to blame people for its mostly fund to blame weak Milan kneels. That's what it is we enjoyed blaming Al Davies week millennial I don't sites guess what Toys 'R' Us. Suck because. Those hours are better than a decade Amazon you can go on eBay and find Wal-Mart target better toys there in your place ever so I mean. The last time I actually shop anywhere. At a Toys 'R' Us I remember going to the boy everything is expensive here. Multiple legal just Obey and attacks on the CEO Toys 'R' Us has got to fourteen million dollar bonus. Two people are sold is that right is not a lot for CEO of the company like that it doesn't sound like a lot to me. For being a major company. At that doesn't sound like a huge number but it sounds like a lot is their proposals stores I mean good nests for it out bonus for doing what. I'll tell you bonus when your profitable and not just for existing. But when you're thinking of closing stores you players about the bonus and when you actually close the stores do you pay yourself another bonus. Is that the plan on. Knots. That is to have babies he'll say to a source now let's go to Amazon. Spam attacks like uncle is skipping a generation an animal meals not procreate. Listen so. I don't know that the gen X or aura baby boomer that is texting that in right now. I may not be on the Smart side of the millennia cells but illegals are a lot smarter than you give them credit for techsters. Spencer they are now we've cleared her millennial iron on defense and probably always said that there are smarter than we are worried about or whiny it. Dollars one as the addition reprieve. I'd hate I just I'm telling you that very Smart we Ari Smart generation I'm not one of those people not one of those deals. That's Smart but. Well people like Travis are just just don't forget the vs tech again and we should procreate your don't want brought us into this row and is thought everything that is true that is a good chance you raise the millennia exactly. I'm sad and not part of the story now that is a great point must not part your generation. You know opt for the women knew the reason why hide pie eyed. The reason why we did it looked average ninety kids any type of our ninety S seventy million or whatever I didn't really. Last week that generation was telling us to eat I'd gods now they're telling us about gun control. No 90888. Tide pods are eight when sales Toys 'R' Us I guess and that's probably going 01 you've got about thirty days to liquidate if you about 25 days left. I'd get there yeah a good check out also some good news mean it was gonna come but the governor of the state of Kansas governor collier. Has signed into law the grocery stores can sell strong beer. When she L laws do change next year April 1 when he nineteen you can buy up to 6% alcohol in your grocery stores. In Kansas I care when Kansas will sell tequila and vodka an anniversary stores. It's got a strong beer is I'll have some real sales just not three to. And their my first time I got duped by three to beer. Why it's so cheap here all the good stuff man Alexis look at the box that well is that what you mean.