Midday with J&W: Would you let your kids school paddle them as a punishment?

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Wednesday, September 12th

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Very dangerous storm. It's getting impact many of our citizens in multiple states not just on the coast but definitely in England. Today is the day get out of Carolina that is Jeff by iron from FEMA. As hurricane Florence approaches the coast and they think it's gonna hit like late Thursday into Friday is that the of the impact they think. I believe that's correct Friday morning I don't think we're looking at third Sammy Morris and now that slowdown that's going to be France and what does that mean you just heard him and to give you the weather here in Kansas City locally meteorologist Steve Hamilton and Steve we appreciate you sticking around. And letting us know now this thing has stalled out. Jamie and I don't know really if that's good or bad for the Carolinas but it sounds like it's bad long term for the Caroline's. It is bad news for the Carolinas long term happens to hold out yet. So it's still moving northwest about fifteen miles per hour. But it's forecast that fell out there so we're talking about making landfall sometime Friday evening. Tropical storm force winds as early as tomorrow morning. As destructive. Impacts of this war then it moves inland maybe make landfall. That Friday evening. It for a local police forecast models are all kind of Reading what you can be news. And national hunger gifted average of basically what. We think is going up and it should make landfall somewhere on the suburb new you know North Carolina. So north of the South Carolina border. Japan confusing north South Carolina. The southern North Carolina area. The light hoped if you were oh that is where the big punch in order occur. Will be most of the North Carolina coast. And it it. There's high pressure to the north we've got leadership there's going to keep this storm and we think from moving further north. You do it in could get the votes they do a lot of damage and then they take off and yet. Not that 10. No it's not good news for the Carolinas and even further inland. Most of South Carolina you know hurry get higher as you that would. Herself in North Carolina and so you don't want to read fall. And down and what form of flash flooding. Did that we're talking about twenty inches of rain storm possibly more that. The National Weather Service is calling this these storm of a lifetime. Can you put that in perspective. In terms of what they've seen before. We'll leave what that means if something different to everybody because some people have been through some pretty wicked storms we're talking about Harvey. That that protective. Hugo 1989. The last category four ish sort of it this area. Look what it means is if you are living in that area yet if there are definitely considered useful for lifetime. If you are not there it kind of have different perspective for us what to do work you know we really don't have an impact from merchants. It's so it will definitely be life altering. That that would be my work life altering what he wanted. Loose along the coastal areas north and South Carolina it will be that. And it. You have friends or relatives. Of people you'd hear about the war saying. Under the stick around that it is useful for. It might wanna call today and talks since the he is not going to be here. Right now it's category four Steve. Is there a chance this thing gets even stronger becomes a category five. It is doubtful at the moment and the reflected that. Got a lot of warm water now you look at temperatures that are we hang around thirty degrees Celsius more than enough to keep the strong going. First stolen that he used when these stones is closer to the pros the water it's a little bit shallow. Not that much energy hold up. In the store to Alec conductor type process. What happens is you you tended that we do so well all right Katrina as an example. Category by category five then drop through through you right forty if I was fortunately. Category five have hit you're toast the pork we're expecting it to. Are you did you wrong category or the women make landfall. He's the speed of the storm eight caught my attention this morning when I cited slow down to seventeen miles an hour and I thought man it's barely moving. And then can pick up a lot more water to drop. We are really. And that's sort of hurt me that's one economists slow mover. He's gonna outgrow it kind of an average you know and what we didn't via my attitude they kind of look a little bit. The clubhouse with a little with a beat I think yesterday we're talking twelve or thirteen miles per hour. We've not that significant and it it is pretty typical. The story of the storm has to light now you've. What political entity would it's the post so. Thirteen 101 heard here he took it back. But the ones that you know I didn't vote you mile per hour weekends so those would be the end. Where. Around the better it is well 130 miles all crimes. Oh yeah a bit higher maybe a 250. Something like that. And it has changed direction will visit the west northwest and northwest. So it's expected. Track and stay at opposite. As far. You stronger yeah it it probably will back off as acute so little bit what bull when he gets. Well the landfall on which would be Friday evening but lamb Paul. He's a candidate on the on autopilot or I guess we're. Who 300 miles outside of the you'll have nature in action. Hey Steve. It is somebody asked on FaceBook what are the chances this thing will turn left and and head south or turn right and head north and won't hit Wilmington what. Cause that. There're couple things that that we're looking at right now force that is the overall motion wanted to. It high pressure area to a report. Hurricane of course low pressure. They tend to alcohol higher pressures it didn't. If you will look like. I'd perjury it's pretty strong it would have to deflect the storm a little bit further south. And that's what the forecast model correction shall flow. Learn more is not willing likely at this point turning it and that I was yesterday in his war on the European models. Like strong following out of it you kind of edgy little bit further crippled last statement movie itself into the the South Carolina. Polls the lakers will be on at bats more likely at this point. Rather than turning north of the city you know Virginia. That Delmarva peninsula. Much more likely that a state south and they. Ultimate achievement but in the same area with how to put it all the codes. You still have that and is that fabled Poland from Guam water. Transferred it wouldn't and then all of a huge amount according. Over pretty much all of the Carolina. They appreciate the information meant so much we will hear from you again I'm sure throughout the rest of the show have a great one. All right yeah. Meteorologist Steve Hamilton joining us here on KM BZ as. Hurricane Florence continues to I mean I just I saw well we're talk with him. It's slow down to thirteen miles an hour even get slower. He has somebody said it was. But I say seventeen that it was fifteen yesterday and it actually sped up a little that hears things and talk about how the EPA monitoring nine toxic sites in the past. We can't even grasp yet the effect this is gonna have on things like power on things like crops on the economy on just. Various safety issues and how long the cleanup could be. We talk about storm surge and we talk about that walker just common in from the ocean and the cities that could be. Just by something like this week we can't even get our heads are yet. To see these pictures in the graphics and all that I mean it is amazing when do you see him from space how big this thing is. And he's right we talk about the idea eyes still 600 miles away from for from the mainland right. But this thing is the size of Missouri is the size of Michigan now it's bigger than the state of Missouri and that's when it begins to hit and then it's. We think about how fast fifty miles an hour is that's the top speed of a bird scooter. Yeah that's the top speed of birth scooter and that's how fast this massive storm is or guest house slow this thing is is moving. We'll have North Korea as we get closer and closer to a Florence hitting landfall are hitting land I should say straight ahead. Question for mom question for dad would you want east school. To be able to do this when it comes to disciplining your kids would you want them to be able discipline your kids. This way what Georgia school is doing it will tell you what they're doing next. Reminder. Put it on Friday Esteban out and say hello if you're looking for a place to grab some and eat may be a beverage we will be out and about city spotlight hits the road again. This time Lou bumblebee in Lee's summit. At bespoke brewing company 209 SE main street easy to get to. OnStar but outs and I will be life will be there in more more about Lee's summit will hopefully. Have you learned a little more about Lee's summit as well also Dana and parks will be out there. Op from two until 60 spotlight on Lee's summit this Friday smoke brewing company we are alive and data and parks. In Lisa. Good for the year list honors let's see unique an inspirational craft Beers brewed on site in downtown Lee's summit. Are the hallmark of smoke and company all they have a whole big list here a good. Mosaic pale ale all the flight students I was on. And I don't know some of the Germans. I'm not an insider. Goes angry. And I gave better that you can act yeah okay now. I am not an IPA guy not my tongue is too delicate. I ate bites me too much I don't like I PA's and anyway Travis Travis the united Diego you pull that right tightly delicate. Yes I. And I don't want to contact them on people I obvious dia. Not that I'd I'd do it bites too much about an idea again I would do this caddies wagons out an Irish stressed out that's totally tuchman language there's time on so trail. Celtic cross. There is no beer with more calories and in an Irish you know I did not know that is there are yes and my only like this or that bad. While I became a street light beer the best stuff is bad. Dressed up as bad. If they can brew up sour for that's I lives. There and I didn't see is sour it's but they might have some deals as maybe perhaps. Whose smoke growing get on get a sour ready speaking it is already had two days so I can have a the last habits I. At night. During the sour beer I want about three sets it off and then I'm kind of dominant I can have like five now they're so they're really good I loved kids out here I've been received they have trouble for re. These are shuffle Fries oh truck oil. Asked who. They never had trouble for Travis Travis Gregg terrible trouble Fries I've had a beer kitchen open a crack yeah. I was looking for fried pickles but that now. Constructive team can do that fix your menu we need. Fried pickles on year I don't have an hour ago. I've never had routine which used mentioned uh oh that's pretty divine rather deal it is. Ideas I think it's gravy like some time she scourge and yes I heard on Friday gas Kurds on Fries gravy it's amazing. It's a basic Canadian gas it's awesome gonna have to get that for sure. We're eating our there definitely end stop outs and other menu was crazy. I'd get this is Friday will be at smoke curling I'm Ian Lee summit. Will be there than in and parks or whoever parks this is still in the light. We strike in the Lee's summit to fill in for Dana don't Els who's Friday Friday Friday Jackie my younger on a bar I'm gone I can't keep my days straight as the opening with. Labor Day in every bit which was the lack. It can't. To make some of my life. Who's gonna join him out there we'll see but albums you out there for sure will be there on price smoke really. At least. Other USA today students attending an east Georgia public charter school could be spank what they wouldn't cattle. If they misbehaved. The George school for innovation in the classics which houses kindergarten through ninth grade. Introduced new paddling policy this school year some parents have already agreed to allow school staff to strike their child as a form of discipline. If parents do not allow the school to paddle their child that child could face up to five days of suspension. According to a parental consent form obtained by WR GW detailing new policy. A school administrator will take students behind closed doors requiring them to place hands on their knees of or furniture. And will be struck on the bucks with a paddle measuring a maximum 244 inches long. An adult witness will be presents other school told the station to use 83 strikes system before implementing the corporal punishment. Paddling is still legal in schools in at least nineteen states including Georgia that specifically allow corporal punishment. Or have no laws against it so that would be okay that will be OK now I in this Turner's well I would. Love to know from parents. Or your school would you want next 5767798. Would you want. A school to be able to paddle your child to a New York it with a panel in the behind. If they misbehave I'm I have no idea what the response will be from our listening audience. I don't know but I'm going to listen with bated. It's and it is with your permission. Date you know that's why they have the promotions so they're not gonna do it without you saying at a time yes that you can do those who sign in the permissions look yes the superintendent said 13. Of 100 forms returned before Thursday gave consent. The strike the students with a win when you board a third so a third of kids forget that is it punishment what I know is why crime. Gets this punishment. You know what's what's the infraction that warrants paddling. Or the equivalent of five days suspension strikes three is what it is sounds like to me but of one and now you know what's done. Sick you know what would qualify for us it and what you think you know what do you think is bad enough that would warrant. Paddling at school. And I know a lot of people are gonna say I was panel that school right I was paddled at home and that makes it act I'm OK with it. My only issue where now my only issue is that the first issue that comes to mind is on. The embarrassment factor. For it particularly for boy. Of being handled at school. By an adult with another adult present to her there's a story out of Florida. This might in overtime but there's stripped Florida about a guy that wanted to on spank a kid. And called police to come witness it so that he wouldn't be arrested for child allow and they did. They went and they witnessed it says that he was doing it under the supervision of police so that nobody can accuse the child abuse who signing up. For yes for this who would allow the school to paddle their kids and and if you would not give us a call as well 5767798. It's gotta be with your permissions they can't just doing it. But if the kid does something bad enough to get paddled if they if you say no it's a five day suspension. Who siding up three yes for this and who's siding up for now 5767798. It's 1128. Jim coming in are you setting up does it to have your kids battled absolutely I was battled. I'm perfectly okay what you get into exact Jim thought it exactly. Every Wednesday halfway to the weekend 5767798. Is the phone number text line 22980. And we're asking you would you allow your kids to be paddled. In school it's happening at a school in Georgia at the charter school the Georgia school of an invasion of classics it's a kindergarten through ninth grade school. That sent home permission slips announcing any discipline policy at the campus the superintendent said. About 13 of the 100 forms are returned before Thursday gave consent. To strike the students with a wooden board according to the policy students would be taken to an office behind closed doors. They'll plays their hands on their knees or piece of furniture and be struck with a wooden paddle. School officials and students will not be punished with more than three strikes. The superintendent said in school we take disciplined very seriously there was a time where corporal punishment was kind of the Norman school. And you didn't have the problems you have now. What do you think. I have no dog in this fight right now 5767798. Jamie would you give a thumbs up or thumbs down you sign it now. Now on call me you know liberal whatever I just bank on. If you wanna punish your kids that way home fine. By it. I wanna be able to have seen what they did wrong I want to be able to judge whether it's worth that and the school telling me what they did I just don't. I just don't like it it and it. It has nothing to do with you know your feelings on spanking or not but there's something about. That being really personal. And that happening in an office behind closed door with two adults. Patent act does jasmine Fiore by 767798. Leslie your first up Leslie would you sign the permission slip. Now I would not. Number one at all out there had that goal. Now I had none you let it play a lot yet. And that day I'd remember it. Bring a lot of issues. Let at all too when I am edgy I went art educator. At Kyle I am all Eric anagram. I'll go why again be rightfully. Accurately it concern you at eight teacher. And they get delicately to handle it on our end. Currently. What are we and it went the week I'll go. Out our right and I beat it or trial. Any lump Judy child. Me I. Eat yet. I meet at the Kong issue. You're out that way we'll handle it went opera and the question. Are anchoring. And how. It. Leslie thank you very much for your phone call we appreciate it. Led stock to Jesse on KM BZ would you sign the permission slip just a. Well I. Can't old. I. It in. Like you. Are. And a home. Often give wider being disciplined their parents mean if they don't directly to them how does that mean. It. They're planning to all women training an animal. Down where like certain and her two hours after it on the war. It or why. But the difference between a dog and our child it's that your child has the hot and understanding. So that we can say to Jhonny. I'm about an issue and here's why because you did this thing at school and so I'm about to punish you here. A child can understand that in a way to the dark yet. Persia the phone comment there's one vote for yes one vote for now what about Caroline KM BZ Carol would you sign the other permission slip. It's about something totally different. You know and the special about local punishment. I think you have to do with the fact that. If you choose not to find that suddenly. They're children are treated by that whatever disciplinary. Situation. You you think this has. I think I did. You think. So using people are signing because they can't get off work for five days. Okay Carol it's an interesting perspective we appreciate it and you're you're in. 5767798. Tony you're on KM BZ what do you think Tony. I have always thought I was corps corporal punishment. And a lot that the teacher at small school district in Oklahoma battle out it. And one day Abbott called into the office to witness. Man of principle it being beaten lot. As the adult. I think for me to feed their child being wanted I don't remember why. The punishment or but I'd be in that every iMac and apple say afterward in the hall way he could look at and say. You get a lot saying ball. And I had never consider Howell. That would affect. The trial iPod a bit. The physical act or not. Being emotional. There am I try. So would you sign the permission slip I'd. There at thank you very much Tony we appreciate it when she got tackled him there and she'd pat alleged time. Network changes is. Really good and I think that's a better word than humiliation what does the word had. That if you if you spank the kid in the privacy of your home your apparent and that's that's your right. Bite that's a that's a private thing. At school in a public place. Yeah and you don't care kit did the crime so shame as a. Stock idiot can't be easy Anthony sent that permission slip. Also unknown the low ball. Oh Iowa I got prevalence. And it didn't probably in the area of Brentwood the correct humor. Timeouts they will correct what you want to get you continue dialogue there aren't enough maybe soon. If they'd be able to Wear correction in their vehicle order. In the classroom when you when you get a wider society you can judge appears in court. Big generally reputed can be can declare these are grown ups. Think they're cute. And they're happy we're prepared well well well without their particular labor soul. Big in the world. And it would be critical of no consequence to what they had done overall public airport. The consequences could didn't take the court at all protocol. Pluto video game in a while and it worked because bagel neutral media all the way. Are really important it is to compete duke. The political and bill. Because Nebraska got into danger is that strictly elk because they could jump into that hole. And does it matter if it's. And Anthony thanks man appreciate your and about Randy had KM BZ Randy would you lesser of the persons. Yet. A dollar wholeheartedly you know without inspecting great I bot battle in. It'd traumatize me. You know and and even and seven per day. You know I got in trouble in August 7 grade bank you're some big man gunmen come out of that operate with you but statement you know and. Did. It. Again which I like about. And I would sign. There's another vote for yes but about Sheryl you're on KM BZ thinks college Cheryl would you sign it. I would not sign it. I would not buy it and I think they eat. Into the fact that it is well there. Are earning call. It's a problem. School app or I don't think it's appropriate I violent. Anyway little any form is a solution and problem I think he can get that eating them. And an end here at the very get a lot that he might yet how I would bet that who. Good question and thank you for your your phone call Cheryl that a bit of a line for you were kind of split here 5767798. Would you allow. A school to paddle your child if you could you it's determined used to divert the permission slip to allow them to do it all of our. Whatever the egregious offense is the it would be a five day suspension. How Nazi on detect signs bracelet sealed on some recent what I learned from being spanked as a kid. If someone does something I don't like I can Specter but a few times to get them to understand. The time. That's really insightful. About what that teaches you now on. I again pardon me the former teacher is speaking about what I looked at you know your goal ultimately is to correct the behavior. And is this the way that the kid is going to understand what they did wrong. I don't think so I think they're gonna know that it was wrong don't think they're going to understand why on. I just announced this doesn't and I think it could do more harm and. The FaceBook page split as well where you can read the story will go back your phone calls coming up here just a pair back to back holly says no educators should think hitting a child is appropriate or helpful in any situation. On and on the other side mark writes yes it's a definite deterrent it worked on me where would you stand expect your phone calls take a few more your texts as well into 290s or of the day with Jamie wicket era 91 Camby is a 5767798. Talk about a school. That is giving you the opportunity to allow them to paddle your children. You'd have to sign a permission slip which about a third of parents have at the Georgia school of innovation and the classics which is a kindergarten through ninth grade charter school. But they would not it's three strikes you're out so they wouldn't do it more than three times they wouldn't hurt him more than three times. But it would allow them with your permission to paddled them they were basically put our hands out on a piece of furniture. One adult would you be hitting and there are being other adult there to witness what happened and again it would be with your permission. But if you didn't agree the alternative would be a five day suspension. Would you sign the permission slip 5767798. In what it's excellent point out during the break interesting that several of you is we caucus. That largely it's banned almost entirely men in favor. Of that option and women against. Let's see if that trend continues it's about to Angela on KM BZ Angela would you sign the permission slip. Good morning guys I absolutely would my my voice vote ground on I would sign it. Well not happening now would be dependent boy behavior they understood Google called. And that they excited like I mean a little water park in human behavior trap you laugh. If you have a job and you go to work. Ian you don't perform your job properly there are consequences. Went to school board probably the most important play. Can't get equipment control. I want locked in for the great. He Allard my choice but to Turkey and art take the slot or I don't want my. All about that sometimes but it can't you can't do it and absolutely I think they aren't we might see a different way to beat. Thank you for your phone call we approach on. You to you know thank you so much. Let's go to Susan what do you think Suzie. Well I definitely would sign the permission slip. And I would want to. The punishment to take place in the classroom where my child would it be okay to. As being able to be out there in the classroom like this and the consequent Brooke they case here. So that there would be no doubt as to. How the punishment was administered. And what the consequences for that kind of behavior otter. So not just the physical beating but the public embarrassment and shame you think will benefit that kid. There it will not there is great lack of machinery. Or will that victory here for change its behavior. In our society today and I think that it could. Should he. Shame on you know nobody even sure you Andy are you you don't hear that you got a lot. And let me tell you. You don't want to bring shame on yourself or you. When I was a kid. Okay thanks Suzy you're thank you so much Osgood Jackie and CNBC it's a Jackie. All right would you send the thank you very much would you say the permissions. Out immediately. He not. Are there on many different perspective and the way he may think that you're acting out. And it may think it's okay and I. Don't mean there in Oakland. That and making. I don't know and they're already. Eight million. Well that I don't know where their mind is at that moment and sometime. In. Definitely it. Meet. In the back. Oh. Yeah Mac and I don't believe children are. Create bitterness and anger and panic on outline. And batted back and that. Glad you got in Jacqui thank you so much for your phone call 57677. Edited it would squeeze what I call and we can get you in also on the tax line at 22980. There's interest in quite some is that I've always than a bigger guy not fat that I was 62 in the sixth grade while if a teacher tried to hit me I'd beat the blank out of them. With the increases school shootings is this a good idea. I don't understand the core leaders where I think this is going all right on a. What whatever you have to do to get hit with a paddle at school that you've got a kid who's mad about it. And looking for payback from and given our increased concerns. About. Shootings and school in general security and school. Do you wanna do something to a kid that's going to inspire. Anger and and a desire for retaliation a good question. I don't know if I'd rather or elation but you can't rule anything out now it's it's it's one that that we hadn't heard yet. 5767798. On the FaceBook page Candice writes kids need paddling quite badly these days. From what I've observed parents to for the matter. Not Michelle says I think I would but I would want to be there to get the facts into observe the punishment to make sure it fit the crime. That's a good point you're putting. And if you're in favor of it then you're thinking the kids got to do some real bad and your cool with the real bad punishment. Out who is to determine having your putting day the judge jury and executioner power in the in the squirrels and is saying. Kick that he wouldn't stop talking. There's a third time not stopping talking really justified being hit with a wooden paddle. OK I don't agree with him with a wouldn't have but here's what somebody can say it. I'm in the other ways that schools choose to punish your kids the other ways were you don't give expressed permission. They don't call you first. They don't call you and say your kids of this thing so we're gonna suspended for five days okay. There's no other punishment they give you and they give your kid in which. You give permission first or or get your explanation first now I think paddling is different because. You know who's doing the paneling is it me at at five feet tall. Or is it Travis who goes and works out every day. Mike it's going to be a little different than Travis is it is do you get to pick the person. That's doing the paddling and do you get to account for the level of force is there a standardized paddle all right Uga to bring the like the one in dazed and confused that has an accident for you can get stronger. I mean it's it's. Debt debt genuinely would be a concern of mine look at who who's doing the paneling and and are they. Big and strong are they five feet tall like me reindeer next up on KM BZ thanks for all of Randy. Yes you know. I was the panel and courage courage. Two point. One apparent PG you're all. I'll cool. Note from the current champ car I'll bet. He could trust factor. Number. But he can't be. Done I've not done. Earl yet and or. Their art I hope my dad oh the current all we need to do a large. Yeah but but but but David Eddy said it would twice. Each did it get caught you know. And. I'll Randy you're a man appreciated the final word goes to flurry on earlier on Camby is a go ahead. Yes I was just curious as to what would happen if a teacher. Would refused to participate. In this type of an action. Good question my gases it would not be a teacher doing a paddling my guesses that this will be a principal. Who who gets the final sack on the paneling on. Maybe it was a teacher is a witness you have an adult as a witness on and my guess is if that teacher wouldn't be the witness you find somebody else who would buy it. If I'm this school it's the person at the very top that's that's doing that because you want the person with the ultimate authority. To defend detail. The CBS version of this by the way passel a few more things on the the paddle 24 inches in length. Six inches in width. Three quarters of an inch in thickness. And child will be paddled by in administrator. So it's not that if if the art teachers like now on the anti paddling and which he did that it doesn't matter yeah you need someone with some authority and that school in case they get called before the school board or whatever to the fan. I'd restore a FaceBook page the conversation is continuing to bear.