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Friday, February 9th

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EC remodel and Garden Show out here at the American royals that are Nivins and forward JB minus early today she's phone banking for Nancy Pelosi I believe I I am eyes medal as they come here. Yeah mr. snow went on buttons sewed and out go out later your play Metallica and and air building a new garden at the house exciting and art this summer I thought I was just the measly one we had last year we'll joining us out here my life. Was floored when I told her that our next guest was going to be here from TLC's trading spaces Paige Davis is with us. Thank you so much for coming out here. Actually my pledge we just blocking the remodel and guard. I didn't sorry. The man regular like I got to know experiencing uncovered intact. You don't have a home eat right and I are you alcohol while I have one card number to be building a third 12. When at the end of the season last year. I have don't we have we have feels like you're right. I disease well. A. Oh. We're off and run it we that we movement of cucumbers which yeah which is great because it. You won now you and I know I'd. The. Well you're right on the coupon thing it's Q number two wells Q8 Q and coop accident grew. It's it's. Past day. And Kirk. Cucumbers all came in and it was great because you have a cute coming him nickname Nichols and so we had all these pickles because of the cucumbers. Then I told him when I first got here as it is as a this is like my playground or not because I look around what ideas can steal. It I went to the river not to long ago and got a went to ease the script look and feel. Eight. What it's all. Quite a ripper I don't. By the river and I retire. I the walking distance from here. And we I am working on a new bench. With some of its test so I'm not mocking the remodeled our I believe I. Knew he had. I was out I was like we get here is how I. Plan in order to me. Quietly. The outset my life was the real guys that accident. She she said oh my gosh Paige Davis got me through college because he watch your show religiously. I like to know how does it a woman of the theater. A star of the theater make her way to TLC's. One of the most popular shows in this new generation of DIY home improvement. Is it kind of wheat among the biggest thing since this old house. Aka the it's bring about it as one reason that spaces with some success so much fun as we really the first. DIY show and home show that put the tools in the homeowners. As opposed to only the expert team we actually have the homeowners. On the how like on the show audition for me it's as simple as that getting the issue was it became more difficult than looking at itself as. Eight reflect any experience at all it was all the air says it's O. She is just. Out to be in the room which was the hardest part was different it just kept encouraging. House that you had an interest in TV but not so much that DIY. An interest in TV or the I needed a job I yeah. Yeah yeah I think it and a a in my of course ice I have set in other interviews. PG LTT happy about that actually my dirty little secret is I hate moment. I. I don't take home improvement. That isn't a distant a funny way of saying I'm just trying to be clever silly. I'm not I'm not an expert in common treatment I'm not an expert and why I feel like I've. It a lot over the years because it was surrounded by. My background is apparently tipsy and there singer actor. I'm a producer for release company. Okay and your higher yeah I'm not that I heard women say this that's what I don't cook covered in Cuba yeah. While I'm not I. But that at the end of the show would not to have tremendous success and that was the that was all due to meet I know. Again I'd be Phil at the Broadway attitude that not yeah added our newspaper close that we knew when you were going to be showed it was gaining popularity or you like this this this retreat gonna keep on. Well it's quite easy for each tank as we sorted that the little table so that could none. And we definitely noticed it was getting very popular and it was it was really exciting I mean. I hate I always feel like it doesn't suck to be mean because people love the show so much. And it had a real affect on people like almost like a cult type way like but a lovely people felt that they found it. It and they released it behind it and it's pretty amazing how people runner up tune in to say I love you like out an hour I don't you know. It's like being one right exactly get a real creepy video to you what you play for Iran is going to be that he can't relate to this. Well now. This creepy video I I no I can't relate whatsoever to that usually wouldn't would listeners come up it's a little bit different reaction for us but. That being said but now the show's coming back in your part of the reboot how exciting is that it's. Really exciting and they have brought me back that you read it it brought back all six legacy designers you know the ones who started the Shanley Paquin. So Doug Wilson is back he'll be sentenced hamas' back frank violet. Genevieve corner burned yet. Who my leading house was at X I think so I can't count that I don't know Lamar Smith Boca areas our southern bell I read head earlier that about it. And Ty Pennington is back in everything else from extreme make over competition he was arc carpenter first like that's where he started on television on trading space. You're talking it showed that ran its course and now is being re booted and you look at all these other shows out there you feel like. You're welcome you guys picked up. I actually have that. A tight shot I would anticipate. I just. Have fried eggs there six it's more like a little bit of like a hell. Like outlook we started do you or do you not use interest. Interests really. I have I. Yeah my husband has interest actors well he. He will often. Do you like whole line of Reese there yes his character yes you put it on ice I eat digital box again. It's the heat just fine and great great tool. A contentious. I mean. It's crazy how it's affected as the regular person you know doing interior design. And that's another thing that was so great trees. It. People like interior design isn't just for her you know the leak yeah with the people who is really rich you can afford an interior designer you can do this on eight great. Well it. Shows they are. So educated so on top of that. And it's going to be really interesting to see how they responded really on the box ideas that we. Are those that are not aware of what trading spaces was the phenomenon that it wise explained because. That some people that you would trade houses are what are treaty trade you know the projects with and we're certainly happy sometimes. It's not well okay so in case I don't know if that you're they are apartment to come back I'll got a horrible. Right surprise guests everybody that I love it hate it but I will tell you the reason people love it when they ate up. Look from but also because it's very fair yeah. Very rare and people remember those episodes because they were few and far between. Hundreds of episodes of trading spaces were talking over 500 rooms and so are what it means more. So. Like I don't even mean and he tells me times they hated you work so this is why. Resonates with people that if you'd never did watch it stays eat don't now what the show. Passing out it it it was rare. It reality show at first Thomas. It's where two cents neighbor's. Tree houses it spent in each other's house would be Q1. In each other's plates at UT is time. Spent thousand dollars each. Not including Billy neighbors at the labor did you ever knew penny when your neighbors I never did it's I don't know might want. House. One of over. It's really up to the neighbors to plan that I regret it. That kind of has to come designer has tapped IKEA my measurements have to eat it two days and has already shopped but it is up to do. The neighbors XQ. I haven't. Win the reboot they really do the work is real or every real for the it's not Michael ever not to leave it there. Reality man out at the hype. Mean there's not passive people behind the scenes work how owners and they are really. It is hands on it happens in two days time we spent a lot I I love. Of this. When does the reboot the year at April 7 at my mom's birth oh man sparking it looks at home like and but I don't like it would be art pop twins are much yeah exactly it could be that that. Re special. Special a whole whole cast is there an air act as well Robert there there's the wind are better on the corners and in the beer gardens that way I wine and beer just ten minutes. Page that is our working out here. And at the at the moment urged the art and model so she's. Remodeling art look back at. Is that it's not I'm. Paints its top so I'm not there. See some that the ark copied and a 6 o'clock this evening and tomorrow. At 2 o'clock. Thank you so much for stopping by about Canadians are absolutely. And by the League City and your you're from Philadelphia right I was born Eagles fan items. They've made public by. Nate Davis DLC is trading spaces the reboot hits the air. April the seventh to be here today tomorrow at Casey model and Garden Show which tickets on line and save two bucks he supermodel and garden. Dot com Nivins at Virginia lot of Celek coming up. The next reason why the world is losing its mind that it next is for stopping by. Great it's fun fantastic. She will be here speaking on needs an eight stage today. And tomorrow. Here's Casey remodeling guarded show I think you get tickets on line Casey remodel and guarded dot com Davidson pretty much Sally today we've received an. Out hey it's great to be here it's it's and as I was like ability and and and ample appearance at every time I would have known going in the wake. Up would you feel if you keep it up I never know they're gonna say it in my I think that's what they like because it's like. It is long's doesn't violate the FCC's. Language policy we let slip and slide it just me or is there's always the conversation with the boss now. We have fill it well I've gotten even today in the Indian ably from the buzz Monday. Who. Was Brady out of but boy. I'd I'd doesn't it Friday's data I'm put him in oh yeah we don't have you on Monday and I don't know Friday as the blood. Were these shows where we generally have a cocktail buried within a few extra innings lie. And jump off the rails it's from the text line it was cool page and so humble all of the tax line. It was kind of mean to him it's. I am the face that welcomes it you know like it's it's evident I can handle it in and I'm not a freak nation back. Yeah. Very very cold doctor hurt and for those that it should be acted out each tree's base is coming back. Eight set the new premiere for the Rio Group full disclosure I don't know there's. I'm glad you didn't say that seven minutes I was gonna I'm glad you. I don't watch a lot of TV every outing I'll watch more outs these clips are there's like. It might view it's been watching like you know keep blinders lord monsters and like that like I mean I don't like that but that little. Videos about this patent so I yeah I. Being an apartment rancher war pretty much all of my life right I don't to a lot of DIY but I I have. Because my wife loves it and watched a couple of shows I've seen trading spaces and I I really learn more about. The TLC shows in the HDTV shows real learn more about that. After every one of these events we do share reachable a lot of remodeling guarded shows our sales that mixture and get out all of them. And I learn a little more county town Oberlin park oh yeah others like four integral role in Korea and were every single one of them. And they're fun. And I alert about more and more stuff if he's looking at the cells and it. Us. The latest edition of stop the planet I want to get off as her prince got parks would say comes to a out of Boston. Via Wayland high school it's suburb in Boston are a lot in Wayland Massachusetts. Students at the high school. Who were scheduled to watch the movie writings during the middle of the air you'll host meet terms winter wheat. Cool right that you my wife and that daughter watched as the exe the Jamaican bobsled team and they're for whatever reason they thought it will be a good idea senators. Ought to compete in the Winter Olympics. The they're not get a lot school writings at this middle school. Controversy erupted at a Massachusetts high school this week what its principal iced plans to screen cool front row seat to sue edit it there pun intended. Citing the film's potentially. Culturally and racially insensitive. Contents. I think the it realized that fact they've got American actors play Jamaican Bob's. And Jamaican actors you know of there's a lot of mountain art market Portman and watch him like that you'd withstand. You know cage I was in such that whatever. And I and I you and I talked about this where we went on there and we we aren't doing a good the correcting some of the I mean you know. The weight of that women and minorities been treated over the years in this country I think it's it's when that pendulum you know I it and write some of those. Wrongs are some things that should get changed but I mean Redskins cheap lot. Of those are around on it yet I got that they can movies were Jesus Christ is the answer for California Heidi you know I'm I I didn't necessarily watch a movie were Jesus Christ was server from cal you know out. But but like I mean this this seems like it's sportsman in the paint a little too far back in the direct. I'm all about some things that need to be changed and lot of people. Claim political correctness is too far look some things are offensive especially if you are of that. Skin tone or sex or religious beliefs are right. Following this is from the principle this middle school by Allison and visit Gucci. Following the recent announcement announcement equal ratings would be the movie shown this year I receive concerns from members are community. Raised my awareness about elements of the movie that could be viewed as culturally. And racially insensitive. After researching the concerns further I've felt the cool running no longer fit the purpose values and scheduling format. For all school event. Should Disney flick that is the most it's still a thing out there like it it's the right. I don't I like. I. There is an email that was sent out to parents all our students to not have a chance to experience. Ninety minutes of comedic relief in the form of middle school will be better than ever engage in valuable discussions. And have thought critically about the information they consume whether they agreed with the decision or not. I haven't I have seen I don't know I've watched cool running is it. Twenty years. Gaudin Gaudin in the bottom of it yet it is the movie is not really oh or races this man's Oguchi explain to us the news out. Continuing on her quote it is the subtlety of stereotypes in the movie. Blair. Everything in Hollywood as he implements and in an hike at its listeners that when you're from the suburbs. You add to what my kids. Whether Europe and dribble at you boy when you come from the rough side attracts what you what you come from the get old doesn't matter. Hollywood is not real life. So everything you see. It's all in the UK that star worth eight. What if there's a bit reports there's an element of it that mimics real life. But I've not critical that her sentencing like like like a Hollywood. On every single thing has been. Outlets that Casablanca. Yeah out. We're trail. That but the Nazis but they were not leave him like that Hollywood does that it adds up everything because that's it that's it's you go to see a movie. To disappear for a while real life in laws in fictional world. Even the movies are these. Let's watch the movie the imitation game the other day it was about breaking the big German code machine yet but it's drastic move. Now coming up the always important question. You always important question how many hits. Were offended by this move. Because we never seem to ask the sweltering week prior lack of progress sentence that we will tell you how many out of the 115. Students. Supported that decision to not show cool writings. Any kind. If cool writings is racially insensitive. I got some racially insensitive Disney movies free. Some people stay another obviously. I think I'll have a bounce back yeah. Yeah I don't want I think when ya gotta tell you have a son got the hot as a pistol Jamaican sprint doesn't look too violent. They got. I did not act like you're backup and back fast well done way to your radio address those movie chatting about he. As Scott park called the stop the planet want it a lot story. I just think this is another case of on the world losing its mind hey boss in a high school. Lately the high school in Wayland the suburb of Boston Oscar watch cool front thanks. But it's been canceled because it's racially insensitive. Hey Travis here are stationed black guy are you offended by a high school screenings tonight. He's not Jamaican. Travis obviously he responds now. Travis can repeat that please by computer. Now that's what I write up. As as a black guy would you be offended a pretty high school showed cool running. Know all the love and the free period. One thing we never you win administrators. And parents at school officials make massive decisions on the back half of the students. Is we don't ask the students why we don't mean we don't because you've got. 90%. Or higher generally aren't offended by whatever it is the social justice or your parents are standing up for. There are 115. Students there was. There was quite a few of them that did not like the idea of cool running I don't know there isn't a considerable amount of them and if it were offended they rallied they got together and let your voice heard on cable on the teacher they went to the at principled on they got that the parent teacher conference together but the pair. Parents and I had to stop beating in the cafeteria may be in their general assembly now and all of them got together and said. How many wasn't uttered it it's funny student with a in two then. Of the to the Mac on that that is two out of a 115 students support the principle this decision to cancel the cool running screening. That according to the student newspaper that all boxed off. Out of 100 and it. Keen so if you set it was not a good idea to show that movie so majority of people want something but minority people don't want something and squeaky wheel gets the great and agrees that is point. 017. Pro and look. Point point 02 what do you do now it has to at a top fifty guests and zero like what drunk limit point oh wait. Yeah right around that yeah. Yeah yeah. Pat I'm not wanna watch cool running I wanna watch any movie that teacher ever suggest they're they're like hey we're gonna watch old yellow regulate cool movie there's the yeah. Two movies used to watch and school if you want not be racially divided anymore cooler running and remember the titans. Yes. That she. Yeah. My goodness so if that's the case. That's about Disney movies okay that you probably. That should show because I racially insensitive. How about fantasia. Yeah at least in 1940. In your daughter watched fantasia. She owned it on VHS the original release include the now controversial characters sunflower small dark skin send bar with Reagan or. Who played servant to the larger light skinned blonde in any decent bars I can't show that you more now gone to uh oh bullets can't show Jumbo anymore do you know why eight years the cartoon crows bee kitty at least southern African American GI oh okay. Let before you cry coincidence the leader of those crows. Name is Jim Crow courts are right yet show that on any more now Peter Pan gone. The story of the boy who never grows up prices the problem you are. I like you or your your tights today I'd go that well that's there's a song as they portrayed native Americans with what makes the Redman rent. Can't let opium. War would meet that it. Years. 1953. Adults. And peppers. Aside from the offensive and the Americans actually speak to Peter in the game against the chief. Speaks in broken jargon as an a hole like man yeah. Laid the trap enjoyed the trip why we offended by late in the trailer. To heeding. Yeah I mean cats. No doubt trips siamese cats or we are siamese if you please write and they are drawn with slanted eyes the jungle book. Jungle book and members locally. May have red fire red flower but it say our hero meets apes in the wild in the wilderness. It might seem innocuous enough however that would strike you that everyone in the films speaks in the British English. The monkeys speaking jive Lou king of the apes is were treated lazy fat and a little dumb and also by the way played by Christopher Walken in the new orders of the Little Mermaid has problems. Or it has problems at east out there not a whole lot Sebastian the crab. Sebastian the crab as a Jamaican accent and advocated staying under the seat because you don't have to get a job there. I think all of us were delivered to deceive witness to get shot op yeah kind of guy back. The ocean and get back and there yet Aladdin. The original version of the openings the Arabian nights includes the lyrics where they cut off your ear they don't let your face it's barbaric but hey it's home. And show a Latin anymore. You done. Honest pocket don't advocates are out at. Me I'm the noble savage in the violence damage with which is damaging. And at the offensive categories they should look. I'm as liberal as they come in this crap infuriates me all right and we we note that is exactly portrayed. People that would give the Walt. I think properly over the years and that. Cool but call routing is offensive that you cannot show in school anymore to each of the true story. Of the Jamaican bobsled team might actually happen is a it's like you hitting. I don't know it's driving me insane eight makes funny mean that you beat me up yeah I'm so glad I'm filling in the eighth game enjoy Colin and it blows my hair good lord. So there you go. Can't show anything everything's offensive now every Disney movie ever easy Toy Story I'm sure it's offensive somehow. And consumerism right or you're eating here on the air have lost her out of here all right and beat up. This. It's Hollywood. That's like. It's real light and instead of like watching the movie in May be discussing it won the historical aspect of Jamaica bobsleigh team which is equal. Property without candy. Next the last movie like having actual conversation about Q what what is it about the characters in yet and like you know like yours yours and document it documentary. Maybe he'll be. Watch movies and so document absurd ideas in the thirty for thirty for a biopsy showed there's something out there armed services documentaries app you Q. Side by side compared. There so can't show anything anymore ever wanted it. Here's something funny that you mentioned Mike or did mention but about Disney Disney got a lot of like black thwart because they always at one theory. Inside most of their movies. So Toy Story was your two ways parents or your kids alone play with toys. Right if you think about lots on the yeah movies. Got a lot under article about this about how people complained. How Disney never had one pair or had both parents either one the mom dies so the dad is gone. So what you're telling me now is we ended the parent that divorced parents and their children. By showing Disney movies. Without Mary mom and dad got him from action reports total it is. It is 1141. Point. We finally got the yes vote moving forward the memorandum of understanding for the single terminal TCI plan. All what the councilman who voted no originally but voted yes so I guess I yesterday. Quit Lucas he's going to join us and we'll find out what changed his mind. And how many of the 45 issues they had originally at more. Are now result that's coming up quick Lucas and ultimately to this next AC remodeling guard and show your tickets on line and open all weekend and denying that night and ninth tomorrow and it's six on Sunday. Sixty box that Casey remodeling garden dot com Jamie is off today Nivins from the rock filling it with me. To stop on by out here please say hello let them see you. Big news story yesterday it's been one at that a lot of people have been waiting on and they revoke the Kansas City Council. With the uncertainty yesterday. Voting and the key measure for the MO EU wit that it's more infrastructure and real estate voted. Yesterday eight supply to accept the memory of understating wit it more than provides framework for the negotiations going forward. Joining us right now from the Kansas City Council we say hello to our good friend quit Lucas mr. Lucas is so much for audience. Though I agree reputed. All right so the reason why happy law and obviously the big news as many of us who voted for the new airport. Are thrilled to see this get passed and at that next steps can be taken or will definitely help out the city of Kansas City. You boring no votes when this was shot down before and this time we are a yes vote. What what are some of the things that you wanted to see it changed in the negotiation. When you did vote. Well. You know I think the world of who switched votes from December the I think the issue and so we're all. First we want more financial terms of the deal was so we want to see a little bit tighter language in connection with our iron local workforce when an own businesses minority owned businesses and I think we got our. We also have a timeline now let him know when we're getting reports back next project. So I think all mobile what we're looking at. Is he is stronger and better document a better deal for Kansas City. And we have a chance to I think the more carbon in its you know it more difficult with their all of with some of the projects or about Brinkley. Come to a better term but the blind public can be proud of such as today but for the next generation. Councilman quit Lucas joining us here in 91 KM BZ I know there were about 45 issues and and a lot of them had to get resolved. Did you see enough of those 45 points. That we were able to eat for you to say OK in good faith we go forward now to work on some of the others that may not have met your expectations. You know I think what we saw was substantial movement from the document. Early December which in my opinion probably should have been present it to counsel court. And yeah I want all of those issues. We've seen real. All strong improvement real work by more to try to I think it's where we love the council saying we need more details. On the and so I'm I'm proud of that now answer later on issues organizing paper and the world you know this project itself that people continue to discuss them and it will be looking closely. I think we'll continue wanna make sure that we're using local is a bit. Greater Kansas City region so we'll keep working on the I think we now have an agreement and waited nobody can happen. Mr. Lucas dissidents here I'm curious I know that they're reading some of the articles and being at Jackson County resident living downtown. You know the taxpayer for KC MO. Aren't the other. Projects and things that we need to be paying attention due to go bonds you know the infrastructure concerns Broadway Bridge. You know when when the roads freeze over and and pipes burst everywhere. The important things that we needed him in and I don't disagree that the airport needs a lot of help my butt to the tour with just admire out there and I solid underneath in the underbelly of at all. But some of the other things that we need to pay attention to you that we have voted online and our team paying that electrical lines and whatnot. Is this airport as we saw like it was voted on that it was turned down members back on it again I mean are we forgetting. We have it's not just hear what we need to make sure that we're continued we can't the city's Renaissance that they were taking care. All of our needs that we able to balance all that. So. For civil and prettier place to walk you go out. We've been doing it we're entering have more and we'll keep but I accept this yesterday with a City Council. We have a lot of things going on the city a lot of things beyond the airport. And I think you order for Kansas City resident Roosevelt within campus wouldn't come through all the time can be confident that would bring attention to things like a colonial reentry and its long term Arctic replacement. Basic infrastructure also quality of life issues that we talked about this or might. But violent crimes against the city's several drugs so. I know that the airport has taken a lot of oxygen and it's taken a lot of our attention and our energy for the same job. You know I still have the opportunity to meet with police chief twice last week we still have the opportunity to I think do a lot of work its port city. One other point and make yesterday part of the reason that people I think were so kind of acrimonious sobered as the result of the interest groups. Is that a lot of people opposite the last big thing we. At a point you just make one group which is there. We hope that we expect there are more projects there's more economic development. They're more there's more building being on an outreach to make sure that we keep doing that not just in the next two years hopefully the next decade in Kansas City. Which are right at the department Renaissance we need to get over this hurdle with the airport which I think we did yesterday. Councilman quit Lucas joining us or 91 KM BZ how tense was the floor because I know each and every member of the City Council including mayor James got the speech yesterday was that a that a tense situation. You know he it. Opera created. You know I know that Italy in Q yesterday morning and a lot of people know what would. And so I think he saw a lot of that conversation. Being folks trying to persuade some of their golf. So you work and make it different political points and others were trying to kind of summarize what happened yesterday that. EU has been sense I think there'd been more personal attacks. Between those those those elect officials but sometimes involving some of the different interest groups. They're a bit more of those attacks I think we need. And you know I hope everybody does take the opportunity where this year. Your biggest issue was organized labor whether your biggest issues. Minority business enterprise as you start out with the biggest issues slot. You know people have the chance now is sit back and they are. We're getting new terminal we have a plan we do it worked the other girls are in Kansas City that are. Electronic Harvard upn and the problem we can do for our own group. I don't wanna call of threats but I'm not sure the better word out. How serious to the council take the threat. Of going with eighty come burns and Mac after that story popped up following the previous vote. You know we had a good good faith beauty an obligation to negotiate as more I think we we discharge. And progressing even when Rupert rejected the first W. I would want and I know most of us I think almost unanimously. We want to continue to negotiations with that more so I don't be silly let's you don't notice what's going on outside has got a few world. We weren't sequestered jury or example but. I think you know we've we kept our focus on probably make it's that's he'll look at city and or is that still the large public I think district we got sick. The other we got a good deal if it is perfect happiness and life whether at a time when you realize that's about it look at real art to do so up at city. And I think that more city stance. The orders we have the experts and others we're trying to come to that's council recognized but it it has been tense it has been stressful. And I am delighted that we can talk about any number of other thing. What's that. Forward with the airport you know will report to the airport. You know I think it would Shakespeare's six orders we still have more. I'm a war. We. Are transactional documents to go through that court financing its feet on. And so many words right we have the sauber is way and I think we're gonna finish up all that work. We're opening up ground broken I think in all 2018. And that night we're still looking for delivery would be in the Corning Corning law. So our hope would folks driver betrays you are like a bit this morning. They're looking at a new facility. Or the bunt toward one of holiday season. Greg here. Counselor Lucas when did you know. You were going to flip your vote. You know under the big battle blah over the last week and our witnesses. Up to Atlanta dale looking over final language. And a contractor but I think we're protected local businesses. That was delivered to me at 11 AM yesterday and final term strategists look at it. Well golly so it's sadly it was probably one of those new. That afternoon. I think uncomfortable with this. We have our questions answered in the and that's not what I'm fully decided all the while knowing that I I don't think it you know we were going to be a Serb radical. And destroy the project but I did what they actually are good final term to most comfortable with. I yesterday afternoon. I've built and with with Mike here many times and we've gone. Up as an end and let people concerns that taxes how much might you're not. Paying for that stuff like airport to airport. And out of the ground gets broken I don't know all the lawyers how much of my taxes so Deluca it's gonna go towards this airports how old is it 1% dissident 10% much in my taxes it's gonna go to. Who you are not out here you know on track is pretty near the here are not being this year so that's that's. That is at a 2% to god and at this. Point 1%. 08% how much of my taxes is gonna go our great effort stopped there are no. Now you know airport you know straightforward and there are so we're proud of you. What lasting for usable want to know is there anything in this next in the next few weeks or next few months of negotiation about. Local companies helping to build how much of an emphasis. Will the council an edge Moore put on. Kansas City based companies need to do to some of the bill. Absolutely. I think they're violent regret that now we're talking about what we talk about women owned and minority owned businesses and most of the director local brick even beyond those groups are we absolutely. A focus on a local business enterprises. We also have a focused on small local business enterprises that's what the counsels you to continue to fight a war so this is not just in the project where we're. And indeed all the money out of our goal is between a local workers local businesses and hopefully local flyers are going to be happy with the result comes when we want. Ultimately this enjoy your week at the top with the against him thank you so much for take your time taking time out of your data joyous things they're always good brought it here. Counseling quit Lucas vote yesterday goes 85 in favor of the emote you'd be able start to break ground hopefully. In the fall and their shoot for 20/20 one and how much my tax none of your money. Going towards that they earlier in the show you missed the fact our FaceBook page and watch the video Brian Maier from the veterans committee project here in Kansas City to tiny homes.