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Thursday, April 12th

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Or we got a doozy for you today. We got a good one for you today. Out of the gate obviously the big story that broke yesterday. And we will do our best to keep some of the language. As clean as possible or we're talking about. Some sensitive contents that is out there concerning because Missouri governor air brightens. Andy report from the special investigative Missouri. Committee on oversight. Some things were just not going to be able to omit some some verbiage were just not going to be able to leave out. Jeff I know date and parks I was listening to them 5 o'clock yesterday when the report first came out on credit to them for successfully communicating. And the impact of the report without saying exactly what's and it. We are going to use some of the language that they chose not to yesterday where we're going to be FCC friendly and he might perhaps not appropriate you're children idealist. But joining us right now he has been covering this for the Kansas City Star since the night of the state of the state. When the word first broke of an affair and now some alleged blackmailing. Some alleged picture picture taking. Testified violence towards women we bring in nick Brian Lowry from the Kansas City Star Brian. Big day yesterday. What was your reaction when you read the but 25 page report concerning governor brightens. I think that the so called read for sharing Internet even here in the news business thing you're you're used to reading. Difficult things very difficult to get through that report. And a it pisses you. If you looked at the statements from a lot. You know a lot of lawmakers Brothers they were the worst thing outskirts of they were. By the alleged behavior. The that the bill that they're real revelation in the report is. That this initial sexual encounter. Senator. This scandal. From the very beginning. Would not conventional and according to the testimony. Delivered by the war and to the legislators which they found credible. Eat eat eat eat really key because it brings it all hinged on. Whatever he took a photograph but that goes. Beyond that suggests that some of the that you basically forced himself. On her. And so that is really significant and as far as that think he's been an intro. A multiple occasions where governor's alleged to have struck this well and so. It was difficult read the report and there's also. In addition to the report itself one thing that. Public and college start night I went through. Yesterday it was the hundreds of pages of witness testimony. That was used to pilot or. Hit ranking it second about on the statement that they made and and keeping keeping in mind this group is made up of five Republicans into Democrats. And the the statement they made about her being a credible witness on an end because I've mentioned because there are people that have made a lot of comments about. Whatever this thing was about saying it was a dream. That she sought in a dream. Can you talk about that the importance of her being a credible witness verses that revelation. So are eligible to kind of clarify what does two things are to the little filing didn't they blow it in the criminal case from a great team. That quoted him testimony from this a woman. In which she doesn't sitting total mystery. She says you know action Democrats used all the phones is that you know that she believes resolved but that she kind of admitted that she may not have had. The perfect memory on that at that point with a governor kind of fun to her photo. And that's what this streamline came and now her attorney put out statements. Saying that this is out of context and and we. Version of what her testimony wants the next call for the full release. Of her testimony. And so people were still waiting to see what she told. What what she had that in the criminal case then. The deposition that she had to be really what that means now that or it's not in the legislative report. It's not something that. It's not something that. Cooked up in this report for what the lawmakers that is they looked at her testimony that question Turk and and they talked to corroborating. Witnesses. Friend of hers. And that your credibility you had spoken thereafter that. And the lawmakers meet the conclusion that this was credible spokesman now the governor was invited to. They beat governor was invited to testify before this committee but he elected not to. With his upcoming criminal trial. And so you have got a quick he is criticized the reported that these are lies. But he did not he chose not cute to give his own side of events to the law. An important is it that there actually be a picture on there's a lot of talk about the picture but what we learned report is that there was a lot more to what happened allegedly. Then just the picture being taken there are a lot of other Jackson and non consensual. Thing is that maybe we didn't know about the first time I think we focus a lot on the possibility of a picture. How important is it that their BA picture. Well here there's two different things go bump for the criminal trial is charged with invasion of privacy and so. Proving the existence of that picture. It's pretty significant for the criminal trial. If you let a significant. For lawmakers because. It's lawmakers choose edit them what they brought it just that they're gonna continue to investigate it's the investigation also broadened into. Issues involving the governor's charity. And then they have put them the special session where it's that report. If that committee and to recommending any action we didn't come out there correct so the dunes the real possibility. Up impeachment of the governor the threshold for impeachment. Is not an agreement with thresh hole in the any criminal trial it's people people different states people do. People that the lawmakers decide that they are messed up of their corporate theft. That's about works as close to kind of that issue of the beyond a reasonable about the and the criminal. That would Brian Lowry the Kansas City Star here and KM BZ Brian. Eat in the report. How damning is it that crichton's declined to participate in the fact finding process he declined to provide requested testimony documents and sworn answers I mean is that. And it it almost feels like that's an admission of idol wanna say anything is a minute we incriminate myself. Well I think you let me when that you need to be conscious that it they've got the criminal trial coming up so. I think people some people want further and obviously. It's from the it is attorneys advised to do. Out of the criminal trial that it would just it would help his case speak. Speaking before that the with a lot. But if that's if that's the case brining it almost sounds like well I'm damned here and I don't want to say anything is I this other criminal case coming up I mean that. You that the governor is more focused right now on at least. Or actually make that assumption but it teaches you that you'd hear hear about criminal trial. Com. And as far as. The analysts lawmakers ago. Either he's willing to restrict or were you think that he has ways of a point. Well actually that is character's situation where. You have the state Republican attorney Donald cocktails with the reference things at the behavior alleged in the report is certainly impeachable those were the words you certainly reachable so. Eat eat eat it very much reality. The governor is there and the possibility of impeachment when. Probably happen console. And because that. Happened during that. A special session. Happened after additional investigation. By the bipartisan. He talked about the future than what we where we go from here now with this committee looking at impeachment recommendation or not. Well that's a bit out of the committee can continue to investigate this and it also it's what. Am from again it'd take a lot of people missed that spot the submit the Barbara from the start Protestant left with just money is. They are actually they are widening their investigation of the governor they are looking into. This issue of its veterans charity. You see that possibly giving aid donors list to the governor's campaign. Yeah which is that he could be violation of campaign finance fault and also it's beat subjectivity. Attorney general addressed it turned out so you have. Basically the governor now obviously defense on multiple. Fronts he has. He has this criminal trial and it looked. He has this. Attorney general's investigation and now he has that. Bipartisan panel of lawmakers that are investigating. That they think that the other two investigations fuel so. Right it right now all he precinct three different entities that he needs to. Defend himself again and you know obviously he put out a statement before the report was released where he's that it was all beautiful lies and then. He put out C. Statement that was a little bit softer and told. But it still once again asserted that he was innocent and because sex was consensual. It Brian I know we got to get shot here real quick but but to real quick questions on the way out who wakes up this special investigative committee is there a partisan right or left is a bipartisan. By Republicans into Democrat isn't it's a very Republican committee affects. Like the bill make apocalypse which hole got and it is it is. Not most senators that we. Where an impeachment problems. And my last one for yet is there more we're gonna learn from her. You know can handle the woman herself she has not wanted to meet in many public statements. Did getting he heard testimony. In addition to what was the pilot report in others now. Well many created a protest mine that at least our neighbor backed debt. That was really the first time we've really get your her tell her own story really because it's always been filtered through. Other people it was filtered first speaker 'cause then then. And his attorney. And then her attorney has made it you refused statement as not. Has not revealed much because of hurt her. You know that she wants some privacy. I think the next time we will hear from her and it's significantly public way it will be in the criminal trial in May. Bryant thing is about and we appreciate it. YouTube follow on Twitter at Brian Lowry three in the Kansas City Star we think Brian for his time. We have a poll question for you right now should Eric brightens stepped down if you have read the testimony it is. The page I can. I sit there read that yesterday or Mike. Well who and let my at a couple thing yap on it and just because I'm I'm watching attacks on. An and some of us I expected but regardless of whether you believe the one end. I know a lot of you tell a lot of you were asking you now about her role and then some why did you go to his powers and I you know I I get that you're asking questions a lot of you are are saying there's no proof there's there it's her word against his. There's no proof of anything that that she says happened we don't even know if there's a picture now. The thing I would askew is regardless of how you feel about her remember it is about him he is the one that is governor he is the one that had more to lose in this process. Keep in mind on. The question of whether he's remains governor is a question of whether he can be effective in the job Newton. And so keep in mind between the veteran's charity thing that Brian Manson mentioned this the trial that's coming up in May. And fact that he didn't have a great relationship with Republicans before we got into all this can he be effective in the job. 5767798. When you think the report yesterday they came out with a mile Brian Lowry had to say where do you stand now with governor brightens. Do you think he should step down 5767798. It's our Twitter poll question always invoke at came BZ radio or three years ago. I made eight personal mistake. I engage in a consensual relationship. Where they woman who is not my wife. It was a private mistake. And I regret every day. We fully expect. That the report being released tonight. We'll include lies. And falsehoods. In just 33 days. A court of law. And a jury of my peers will let every person in Missouri no the truth and prove my innocence. This is a political witch hunt that is the governor of the state of Missouri Eric brightens yesterday after the full testimony came out in the report of the Missouri house special investigative committee on oversight into. Alleged blackmailing alleged. If you read it. It's violence towards a woman it is section it is alleged by its debt this close to sexual assault and it's it's this it's right. There. Would an affair with a hairdresser three years ago. On and this was while he was. In the process Etsy and he started running for governor because that's why he's. That that's why the picture was so important that's why it was important that she not tell anybody about it because he was running for governor. How your calls her a second 22980. Or 5767798. Whatever your thoughts are it's at work on to the place of should you resign on. I can I keep coming back to I get I get brand lotteries explanation but I'm hung up on a little bit the fact that he had the opportunity to testify. Before this committee and answer questions and chose not to and I I get what Brian sad about it was probably advice from his lawyer. About his criminal trial coming up and and didn't want to incriminate himself. And because then he might be forced to lie under oath and them with a criminal trial coming up later and I do think it speaks to the idea that he is more concerned about. Being found guilty criminally vent about whatever may be in his future as governor or not which is probably Smart. But I look at that go well you don't have anything to hide and if you didn't do anything wrong that what difference is right you know yeah if if it's all lies anyway. Tell your side of the story and so record straight. 5767798. Let's start with Richard in Kansas City Richard you're a 91 KM BZ. Well first the ball would like to submit for your consideration unless you've been involved with the legal system. To make a statement that you don't have anything to hide in what you have to be afraid out. Is ignore. Okay now the line. I am telling you. Know. Give me if you don't know something. You know about it that don't don't be defensive about that that mean you're you're just speaking from a point it you don't know about I'm bite your you know going. It is that true or not true. How how how can I say. Instead of using a word ignorance which it seemed to be accepting you could I say get a lack of not it doesn't matter to your point that's fine. OK let's look at the beginning were if not number one police are involved and this as a prosecutor. Go we know. And from the first since stopped has played propensity to. Take their side without any. So now there's no picture. Now there's now that before the crime wise but he transmitted something on its own to a computer. So that was decrying the sport now we don't have any Abbott said that so what do we do now. We bring out these it basically rape allegation. That's what they say. Now let me ask you something as a woman just consideration. If this happened to you. How many time how many days. Would you go back or second session of that how many weeks how many mock. I don't let this one on for much ma'am. I'm not going to respond to a question that goes to victims shaming. Now I'm not gonna respond to OK that lets not responded lest you think about it and OK so let's go to the second point here. On this prosecutor. They hired a private investigator from out of state who has say checkered past let's say. It is unknown life basically. Richard. Jump in here real quick basically what you're saying is all of this is a bald face live from this investigative committee and brightens is innocent is that your point. I don't I don't know I really don't. It set it's it on. I'm just by listening to you and hearing everything you're saying in calling out Jamie and and everything. It sounds to me that you are discrediting everything in this 25 page testimony from the report the Missouri house special investigative committee on oversight. Say that. God these ingrained politicians. Democrats especially can't figure out you're out trial by media works. Do you know the investigative committee is made up of five Republicans into Democrats. In grain publication. People coming out from an entity a little bit. I honestly believe that and I think thing going on trot out. A rocket. The one. In her issued a Russia I believe what you that in her deposition or should I believe that what she told the committee. I would say I would believe the 25 pages of testimony that she and the other witnesses gave. Now okay are so it wishy under out there and yes yes she wasn't. So if it what's bad is not true dat perjury correct. Right secured your your call with Richard you I'm Rick Horrow I gotta get to new cheer we got to get to news but basically what I take got a Richards call is. Everything that was said in this 25 page story. Is just that it is a story this under oath testimony. Is nothing but bull crap. I understand you have party loyalties are right and I understand that. What you're telling me that five Republicans and two Democrats in this committee. At the grand jury had enough to indict the that that the governor but it's all garbage. That's what I take out of Richards called that I admit I is that too much of a blanket. And I don't I think that's fair. I. Fine and I hit any line. So I mean I I I understand your loyalty the governor as your tried and true Republican and and I'm anti governor because I haven't tried and true Democrat. And somebody on the left is is have it is pulling up this political witch hunt against Eric brightens. That's fine X except that Missouri is largely ruled by Republicans and they're the ones that went forward with this 576779. Eight talking about the testimony out from the woman that Eric Wright and had an affair west. And if you read it it reads like age fifty shades of gray novel. I think we should call it fifty shades of brightens as a matter of fact it is very detailed. It is creepy it is weird it. Borders on sexual assault it borders on rape of her testimony. And if you're like our previous caller Richard and thanks to Richard for calling in because he made the tax line go insane. And you don't believe it. Why don't you believe any of it. What what does it matter if she going to lie and let me point out again you can think whatever you want of herb and and say it takes to you and your right. But this about hand on keep in mind she didn't make this public. If she wanted to hurt him she could've brought it up while he was running for governor and she didn't. For those are calling her a liar including governor brightens if she did a lie about it. Why did she make got a bigger story I mean really she was gonna lie why be so incredibly specific in details why not come out in accuse him of rape. Why not make up a story that. That would be more believable or at least more dramatic or more interesting instead. She told what happens if if she was gonna lie why did she lie like that S 576779. It lets your from Roseanne KMB easy eagle had rose thanks for calling. That's right. And do it right. I didn't printers are they. Wanted to. You know I'll probably. The worst. Outbreak. That. Beg. And analyze it. Why didn't turn it. They did then you. I've done. Letter. They did impeach him. Like get you don't Italy. They did impeach him. They didn't come back. Be nice I mean Travis and I can I can I he's Travis I'm collars but I don't think he gets paid enough for that. No I don't and we don't either but I don't think you. You got old or sixteen minutes to bring up Clinton and say why didn't they impeach him they did for lying. Under oath and not already victims come out and have many never come out because they're afraid. And what ever heard. About this she can't win right she didn't want because if if because she is being criticized for if it really was not consensual she gets the criticism for not coming out initially and accusing him anything. And she's getting criticism because India and she wanted she can not at all it was her husband came forward with it so. For whatever her reason she doesn't comport about it at all she absolutely cannot win and it's not about her it is about the governor. And 36. And April the twelfth the first let about Clinton referenced. Okay EU let's go to Lisa I'm KM BZ hi Lisa. I hear you we can hear you very very clearly. It. I'm. Out the alt. Well why. Are all. And you know your. I mean it's it's it's an idea. I I get it and that's one of the things I think that. Really clouds this is you know people who are defending brightens as opposed to those that are condemning brightens will say. Whose business is it that he cheated on his wife it's not about that and as you read more of the testimony. It's not about that because when he of politicians have cheated before they were politicians and win their politicians and after the apology and. That's not against the law there and he is on to that part he has said. I have an affair yeah oh absolutely he did on you should get impeached for having an affair rights. I think for everybody to keep saying takes two and why did she go back to his house multiple times everything it it takes to which means. If she has guilt in this so does he. If you want running for governor why did he put himself in that position in the first place in order for all of this to happen. You know at any point she could stop what was happening but so that he and he was running for governor. And leasing your right why not just better hope your running and apparently the the party of family values. And your view preach that your family man. Y a in the world would you you know. Cheat on your life. Let's start did Johnny Kansas City on KM BZ I John. Hey good morning great show guys thank you. Think everybody that the load the most important question right now that's sad and in. Cutting the governors here right now into your life. Wait we can't. I I'm going to bed he's not allowed to go to the salon any time on his own anymore. Well I know he's he's he's always campaign. I mean to me and you know in the you know all of and what does you don't need to do that currency right now yes environment you know it's amazing that people in the dollar dispute. You know if you don't anybody else right now I think PP PP resigned and grace. And this was Jay Nixon our audience would be completely flipped if this was governor Nixon and this happened and he was in office. Richard who called in earlier and rose who called in earlier would both be on me he's a scum back he's like Clinton he's got to go. You know what I mean but because we're shell. Party G written in. You know like Al Franken lord knows I've tried and true Democrat and I loved Al Franken. But during the meat to movement and what came to light he had to resign and I supported that 88 it's part of our two party loyal. Far too party loyal when it comes to. This being here. If your oil let me point name out to my person. Is the lieutenant governor of Missouri and he is a Republican it's I think if Greg is is out you still get a Republican or not they don't bring costs are in bridal bring in the runner up they don't bring it to Jason came under an expert castles not your Governor Huckabee a Republican so concerned party then get to my heart disease it. If if this does happen and by the way. He probably won't get impeached because of this report this one right here he probably will get impeached for the dark money and the stealing from his charity. Allegedly yeah the next criminal trial. That faces the governor of Missouri sync again by the way the next trial that aids is the governor. I mean cut and a you love your Republican roots. Respect a lot of Republicans. But the guys all. Allegedly. Go to Don in Kansas City and king MB easy I had done. And I morning sir what did you make of the other testimony you read yesterday. Well. I think there's a lot of the you. Now one does not belt black white lot of great our first call it at eat they are law. We don't know I don't think we've heard of any kind of payment whatsoever. That make that may come out but as of right now the answer is I don't believe so. Our. He has there are bringing out as navy seal and bay view bought all of all of and now come orbit early but you went out as way. Well odd side so. Somebody. May be or maybe ill luck but they view as she but. Then again they'll work right maybe you wanted to wait until dark and all of them make more drop off. Also I think she told them. As going back I mean it's like well I. Want to go you'll. Batteries during mortar and it should go back or that or a restraining order so. What should think about bat. Utley. Don't know if there was a restraining order dot I mean that the ear I don't under a point I got to there's a lot of there's a lot we don't know. So I think that the between hurt her. And I'm sure there ought that we don't know about her right. Well now it might be maybe as I've gotten involved as to. I I I really think there's blame on both sides. And I'd and I am Republican but I don't care about that. The person that. Do you think that world clicked on before we go to a break here do you think that Eric brightness should still be the governor of the state of Missouri. Now. They're not it dot I appreciate the caller we got to get to a break its 1044 gets more your phone calls by 767798. In text then. And 22980. Also be disabled shared that to everybody your thoughts on what you read. From the testimony of the woman of the but the affair. That was had with the Missouri governor Eric writes murder calls next. What Debra had a daily Jamie what can and can't be easy. I affecting guy to throw. Well when the and called up and said why in the impeach Clinton I just I'm losing it like I and urged air in the party loyalties but when Britain's in this story. The dark money that confide app. The money stealing allegedly from a charity that he's gonna go to trial for later and then the fifty shades of brightens and I'm not around I know your payloads now. Sammy can't. Can't we admit it like I play. I know I know where we are islanders and the party loyalty. Put all of this does not make the right things look like a guy who should be leading this state in which I'll. Be let me step out of prospers. And you and in this state out to ease your problem now like before when you have brown back but I. I didn't live there away and all of you had to decide whether to vote for I had Brownback and my hands profits at it at. And to be have to be objective about it for a second which I know is tough for people and I get it and there's a lot to this. Let's say that she'd. Lied about the whole thing totally made just 25 page story are at the very least. For sure we can't prove any. For sure. We have it's it's her word against his especially if there is no picture. Now it doesn't mean there wasn't a picture it meet you know because at one point he you know he acknowledges deleting it so. By his own admission if you believe what she said it was a picture. At the very least. Regardless of what happened there is no way to prevent so. What we have or allegations. Of multiple incidents. Between one person who says it was not consensual and another person who says it wise. That aside. On it and I get those of you and and I pianist group to you and you you don't want someone to fall for something they did not do. I'm with one. Put that aside for second and put that together with or are people decide if you want and look at the other stuff look at the stuff that we were talking about outside of best. The veterans charity now that investigation and Andy possible violation of campaign finance laws the confide app on what other things on your list. I don't know about too long it was worth all the money coming from for his campaign. Darken our money no I don't edit it might be tied to these stealing from his own charity but I don't know allegedly but I don't know it was. You know that the rocky relationship with Republicans that he you know frankly used to get elected you criticize other Republicans in order to get in order to get the election it's the fact that he ran on family values. And admitted to having an affair it's not against the law to have an affair. But you ran on family values. And then showed that you're whacking them in some way that that shows. A lot of people do it but not those people run for governor. So let's acknowledge that he is not everybody else so I just think when you add all that up I don't know how effective he can be especially when you have. A lot of other Republicans saying he needs to go well because some adjustments and cam on Twitter just sad. You got up before an and you're never gonna move forward as a state with this guy in that office part of. Testimony before you're back to the phones that are really wanna get more answers on an innocent in the state misses on page seventeen. He looked at me and asked if you've been intimate with anybody I said what do you mean and he said well since you and I started because he knew that I'd been separated from my husband and I said. Well I slept with my husband because I know at some point I had. Annie slaps me across my face. Why. Like that right there limp. And again that's one question I want it and I'd like to know governor brightens did you hit this woman in the face when she said she had sex with her husband. Go to cherry on KM BZ Sherri thanks called the trainer on the air. I am at the moment you're alone on the delicate have a great survivor. My. He didn't immediately go to police. And it's actually it's more than them. At least. I'm. Prosecuted are. In weakened depiction. And in talking to secure. They told us that he had people mr. On the person who equate it hit it. Changed you'll never change because we're going. It still couldn't complete because the equipment true. Restorative if if you don't you read the whole thing cherry but her story was repeated nearly verbatim by three other witnesses. It I mean if if people and I agree with you your story stays consistent. The chances of you lying go down to date if you're story changes if let's say witness number two in this story witness number three said something different. And you wonder okay how valid is the initial testimony. Now Jerry think over the phone call we appreciate it let's go to sitting Kansas City here on 91 KM BZ said what's up. Said. Wants to going price said is gone. Did Abram. From ABC was speaking earlier today and you know as as bad as this case it's where it looks or peers or smells. The other one. Is the one that brightens as focusing on. The bigger question about these much more serious allegations. Here will likely not be addressed in this criminal case to be put always had charges later but for now it seems those are gonna remain in the political world like he's eight you know you you brought up as soon as we sat down so you put this I think on Twitter or on a thread yesterday Jamie. The second. So that the other second page of the committee about testimony here the limitations of the committee crichton says declined to participate in this fact finding process at this time it goes on. It shows like you said maybe he doesn't care as much about this one he's trying to get his focus and attention off of this one but. On the criminal case coming his way for allegedly. Stealing money from his own charity. Gap gap that's entirely possible I'm gap stores that all over the place it's been interesting some the language that's being used to use to describe the case. Out real quick just so we kind of know where we're going from here and on and keep in mind this committee now five Republicans into Democrats as widened their investigation. To include the veteran's charity to look at possible violation of campaign finance laws. And they now are going to look at what they already know and make a recommendation. About impeachment or not about whether that should go forward or not. If that is to be the case of Missouri is kind of unique in how we approach stuff like this on and I'll tweet is out of you wanna see it but article as a seven. Of the Missouri constitution says quote all elected executive officials of the state judges of the Supreme Court courts of appeals and circuit courts. Shall be liable to impeachment for crimes misconduct habitual drunkenness. Willful neglect of duty corruption office incompetency or any offense involving moral turpitude or oppression in office. The Missouri house has the sole power impeachment. On but in this particular case. Because the person being impeached potentially is the governor and that instance they will be tried by a special commission of seven eminent jurist. To be elected by the sent. So the sent it will choose seven people to service the panel and for the impeachment proceedings if that were to continue on. They have said that that would not be Gergen there's going to be special session later. That would work that recommendation will not come before the end of legislative session by the way Hadley crichton's stills are on trial may fourteenth. I a couple of tweets to get to real quick cure Tyler writes a KM BZ radio he's a creepy dirt bag who says and does the things alleged in this report I feel sorry for his wife. Pam writes I mean Missouri constituent cannot trust his ability to make responsible decisions for the benefit of all of us within the state of Missouri this mess would be a cloud. That we'll cover his governor ship he needs to go. And Casey writes if there's not sure there's thirteen fourteen pieces of evidence like your station mentioned a couple of weeks ago and only one of these is extreme importance to the case it's either true or not the public needs to know. What the prosecution and the attorneys have presented as damning evidence.