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Wednesday, February 14th

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I talked about Shaun white's. And what has transpired the last 24 hours or so he won the gold medal yesterday and the half pipe is third gold medal people went wild forest I know of FaceBook and on Twitter and I it was one of the big moments of the Olympic Games thus far in Kyung Chang and by the way Kansas City your ratings on Monday night third in the United States. In terms of all the big time cities sell only Denver and Salt Lake. At a higher rating. People who are watching the Olympic Games so after winning the Olympic gold medal yesterday Shaun White was on the podium. And if you don't know Shaun White is settled a sexual harassment suit from a drummer that was in his banned her name was Alina so weed out. And was asked about that particular. Incident because he some gross stuff and it's alleged his way. And let me point out they reached a settlement. The was not a case of the allegations were just made and there's no proof of it on he settled at there was evidence there were text messages that he had sent this woman. I'm just reading USA today. The allegations include. White center images of Iraq body parts forced her to watch sexually disturbing videos including videos sexual lies in human fecal matter. Made vulgar sexual remarks about her relationship and her boyfriend according to the complaints which continues. Stuck his hands down his pants and second hands her face trying to make personnel that. As a finance syrup the band white used his role to imposing strict regime over her going so far is to demand that she cut her hair were sexually revealing clothing underwear. And refrain from wearing lipstick she's five plus years ago in San Diego. And they reached a settlement he admitted to sending the text messages that she used as evidence. In the lawsuit he was asked about it yesterday by ABC's Matt Gutman John over the past couple of days the sexual harassment allegations against you by Lena. As a wide they have resurfaced Lehman. We know are you concerned. That they are going to tarnish your legacy. You know I see you here to talk about the Olympics not you know gossip so. But I don't think so I am going am am and I'm proud of that I am my friends. You know love me in doubt for me and I think that's stands stands on its own self and. Saloon let's see you're saying that the allegations cancerous gossip I think greeted talk about the gold medal in the maze and you had today. Thank you so if we don't have another question while ago and just past Mike. Thank you might like it to be addressed just a little bit I mean. I considering renewed talk multiple medal today in the amazing division I like I addressed it. Yes I think Luke thank you mentioned. That is his head coach or is it his coach by the late Thomas White sorry JJ Thomas White coach so now on the don't ask that question is Matt Gutman who is a reporter for ABC news where ABC unifil musically we are very Mac tuchman who is an incredibly. Has a great reputation. For being a reporter in the business. On. It is not gossip it is facts sell its it was a lawsuit that he settled. The question to me is ballot on because Shun White is at a height of his career he just won his third gold medal. I'm just reading a story about Shaun White being worth up to forty million dollars because of the endorsement deals. So it's a valid question because he has a lot of ways because the allegation it really is a mean Tom Izzo head coach at Michigan State was asked about Larry Nasser and there are sorted things because it becomes under the umbrella of you know albeit the athletic department. There are a lot of times when questions that have nothing to do with the product on the court or on the field get asked. And they're fair game I mean he is and you say this summit covered sport and talk radio for ten years so it's I mean you are fair they did they have to and strip. Now they can answer it the way he did. Using the word gossip. But you know he. It several people argue with me on text line that it wasn't about questioning the deal. Heady left the word gossip out of it we wouldn't be talking about it's he answered the question I needed initially said I'm not gonna answer. He just answer it and he did it. And the answer was satisfactory except that he blew off the allegations as gossip allegations that settled a lawsuit a smack up and followed. I'm Matt and asked more about it because he just pulled does work out acting like these allegations are not and if he just part out we would not have been we wouldn't be talking about it. So this morning or late last night or however you wanna work in the young change time change. The Today Show don't fill in what happened before what's your gas. I coached and PR person went to Shaun White and said wow did you blow that. We gotta get you on air somewhere to make an apology. Yeah I I don't think he he I don't think he said. Talking about everything with with with the today moved out when you really need to go talk about it some more here is on The Today Show. I don't have to tell you not all the headlines today have been positive is as you're aware I'm at at and lawsuit that was filed against you a couple of years ago by your former drummer yeah it's been resurfaced thing yeah him too many key wanna say about batting kind of clear the air yeah. Course you know I am truly sorry that I chose the word gossip isn't it portraits of words describes its. Sensitive subject in the world today and you know I'm just truly sorry. And I was so overwhelmed was just wanted to talk about how amazing today was and share mine if my experience that I have seen. Talk about the news conference earlier we asked you referred to is gossip media. It's difficult and then to lose that's it the night I take no pleasure in asking Edmonton is there anything you wanna say I mean do you feel that. You learn something from that you acknowledging yeah. Yet you know I've I've grown as a person over the years and it's amazing damning ads he's known me to a good time now let's. It's amazing how life works and twists and turns and and lessons learned self. You know every experience in my life I feel like it's its Hotmail lesson and I definitely feel like I'm a much. More change person that I was I was younger and and you know I'm just I'm I'm I'm I'm proud of who I am today and and I am yeah. And yeah. I've I don't know Dillard and the statement it wasn't the most sincere thing I've ever heard he hit some of the keynote you're supposed to say in an apology. Write it I'm. I haven't changed person I've grown publicist wrote it I mean Putin said. Went asked the question regardless of how it's worded here's what you say. Do you think tarnished legacy an answer to that question. It'll be there will I cost and endorsements. Because it hasn't as far as I'm probably not because we don't care as much. About snowboarding as on the Jen did it start in the Olympic he's really am I an ambulance and we don't care about snowboarding until it's every four years and there are the. X games fans that love watching him in at a biggest ski boarding as well. It cost him potentially. Of the thing is you know the new cycle works. This Shaun White story will be gone by the time something else happens if Adam rip pond says something if Khloe Kim does something again. The US hockey team blew a two goal lead and lost yesterday if anybody wants to follow that it's usually a big time player. If there's a crash if we win an event we never win medals in. That the news cycle will take Shaun White out of the spotlight. But let's ask you 5767798. You know you probably rooted for Shaun White the past is this change anything part of the meet you movement get to your phone calls by 76. 7798 or Tutu nannies Euronext obviously there hasn't even sunk AM on trip announced though. I had it. Say that in the back in my last interview that felt really did. Three time Olympic gold medalist man you know this obviously he I'm sure you can tell by my reactions at the bottom of the pipe that this meant the world to me and in my family in my. Mean that was Shaun White yesterday won gold also brought up in the conversational lawsuit was settled. That were asking you about sexual harassment didn't coupled gross things. But it was settled does that do anything to Shaun White image in your mind 576779. Nader texted at 22980. And again the question was asked by Mac gotten from ABC news is do you think the allegations and again they were settled he admitted that when he did wrong here. Will tarnish your legacy and to meet the reason the question is valid is because he does a legacy is tarnished. I mean he's got he's worth of orders upwards of forty million dollars he's got multiple endorsement deals he's gonna get more now because it was our gold medal. He's a lot to look so to me the question. On matters. Travis also wanted to and they are. The reason they answer question I don't think it will targets his legacy I think you'll at some point but not until. Organization step up to other athletes to bicker sports and till it comes down to football took comes down to basketball. Until players are held accountable for what they have done. Nothing for him that that Sean White as a will become part what is that gonna take. I mean I think the move is our starting. You know I think they need to movement has kind of stepped up Muller and the Harvey Weinstein and more people coming out. Now when you see you know sexual assault or any type of domestic violence in football. Or basketball I think that's gonna start the movement or in any other sports for their legacies good. To be tarnished because you already have guys from in a phone network were big name to the sports but now that are completely gone off those shows. Yet again to me he is different and then some of the other are. Cases were talking about. Because I know some of you automatically get upset if you hear its allegations. And then you don't know whether to believe it or not and that's valid but in this particular case. He settled he admitted to sending the text messages that were used as evidence in the lawsuit that's 767798. Let's go to bill Lee's summit billed as this do anything in your mind to tarnish your image Shaun White. Heard yeah. I live com. It's and it'll fit the bill. That's what I told screener I meant that there is no reason or this guy you'd say you guys are ABC affiliate you know there are asking that question. Sure he's been on this radio station before he's very well respected reporter. Well I don't respect them because. Either at about an ex girl he should be paired like there's just by the figures. Sang it at an inch on short flights the winner's third gold medal. And just chill out there and or question just totally off. Just out there. I guarantee you that Mecca and had not ousted somebody else and we're sharing and yes we did a big story. Aired it out why. We. Bill. Let me ask you a questioner bill bill bill YouTube's bill what do you do for a living. Or. You're you're telling us that we don't. We do this is so he. Else would've asked about it now you can say you don't think they shot and that your opinion build but to say that no one else. For almost twenty years I have been in awkward press conference is for athletes for coaches. I bet there we your questions get asked about things that are a bit off the wall. And ABC is not some small town newspaper. That is just you know. Asking the the the flow of questions ABC is asking stories that are of the entire store and shot whites and tiger story. Is not just what he does from the start line to the finish line in the half pipe. It's a big part of it and they asked about also asked about as again the reason that's relevant is is that word legacy. They were asking a bigger picture question what do you think this will do your career and if he just said a word gossip. Is he doesn't take it serious it's blowing yeah why did you so let's go to chuck Italy third shot on KM BZ chuck good afternoon. Yeah I don't. Yelp and you can read more Marc Kern. Mirroring and there are literally like publicly in the cut from the guardian. They are helping it they're doing and where they're they're in here and beat ya know it. Our furniture yet you're you're saying you know he was either on what you know and be there aren't out aren't. Live in the during. Totally in the moment so we can't doubtless feel the god of rock and roll sheet barks in her armor in the Albanian. You know I hate your committee are they in LA in agreement and bigger scheme that. You know it cheese. I'll pick you signed up or I have no idea I don't think about it until. Brinkley because most appropriately article about western news that you know I bet. That's totally left field in in my opinion. What in the press conference in that regard. Is you know that was that was I was throwing their own tax on are all honored on their quarterly. Something why upsetting meant so much that this question was asked at this news conference because it doesn't wicket that was done this for a living room says I would amassed. Why isn't upsetting people are so mad that it was asked. Well. Yeah you know I'll be at what it is because we're not there is you know that they gang is a report. Newt. Is a skull. Media. Well first let's be clear media is a business absolutely and as we all I did this for ratings. That's not you know. And leaning into me you know I I got an off switch. Go to moderate regulatory probably going to get bigger but it you know he's a leader in there. He. He's I think report you know are carving. Skate border you know and apple now culture knowledge and you know that stepped in in their counselor at upper and. Idle at terms signed up for if maybe you're not aware some of the things that he admitted to doing but I again that's the problem that. That still exists right now it's part of I hate having this conversation because I feel like I've I repeat myself a lot with us and I know a lot of women feel this way. Her being a member of the band does not mean she signs up for him sending her sexually explicit videos and making sexual references and sending her. Making him smelled his hand after he sticks it down his pants I mean that's. She just wanted to be a member of the pain and that doesn't mean that she has to tolerate whatever he has to dish out and that's part of the problem is that people in power. Feel like and they can do whatever they want. Thanks for your phone call chuck appreciated and let's go to. A little late on KM BZ hype and what did you make of the question. Com you know at at 65 year old woman I'm tired. Of everybody bringing up. All the sexual harassment not get me don't be rock against sexual harassment and jets are back but you don't lack. He admitted what a lot of guys don't do. And he is also paid for it. Now let's go on just like at criminals is out of has done his time in jail all. And he comes out and we pulled out all the rest that I even though he's that kind I need it he would and you know I don't like what he did and all that but I think we need to go on. And I think we have. It was just a question. I mean before everybody overreact about the question. Mean Sean might I don't know if he's going to be in the games four years from now I believe ski boarding will be in the next summer games not sure. But. We're talking like it if it was Kristi Yamaguchi Mary Lou rent it at any great. US Olympian Apollo Anton Ohno picked. You you'd you'd tried to it we do in sports we do in pop culture we do as humans. We try to say. What is that person's legacy what was Michael Jordan's legacy when he lead Laurence what is bills sell its legacy going to be. And you have to weigh everything and you think about what they did on the field the idea off the field. I mean there's some really like Ty Cobb one of the great baseball players of all time was a racist SOB. Who intentionally tried our people and people say kill people. And all of it because he was a gambler. Had he given. An answer that did not include the word gossip none of you would you be upset about it but because he kind of blew off the allegations. These off okay. You know he said something like I like glamour he he said what I thought was a satisfactory answer except for those words and I'm not going to be trouble with the gossip. And the the the reporter we got to get to news here but the reporter did his job because you are reports job. Personally wanna write stories people are gonna click on or or open up in their newspaper or whatever. But he heard the key word which was gossip and it's gossip it's stuff that people spread that is not true and this was true. And this was true and that's why he asked the question the dude did his job. He is a respected reporter in the news. Any Asta story that was telling in the was pressing and Shaun White didn't answer it. The way he was supposed to coming up at 1 o'clock to be joined we were earlier talking about the government plan. To reduce food stamps snap EDT card for. Equalize I government run blue apron but he would ship food aid box of food to people that are in need of government assistance when it comes to food. Out one aspect we did not touch on that would be directly affected by this is the military. To talk with military dot com's spouse and and we editor Amy boob shots she's going to join us coming up right edit it 105. To give the military aspect because while you may think that only people who are milking the system and sucking off the government T take food stamps. A lot of military members and their families depend on this food stamps were gonna get that perspective coming up after one. This on next half hour ago were asking Q2 2980 or 57677. Signing what stories do you have a workplace. Bull a bullying at your job either by your boss. Or by a co worker the reason we're asking is because there's a new lobbying proposed in Missouri. Does the senate bill 791. That would create eight H charge for someone who is accused of inciting. Someone else to commit suicide on it would be secondary. Is in second degree in voluntary manslaughter. Is what that person would be charged with. The bill came out it's called Kenny is why it is named for Kenneth sought better. Who lived for seventeen years and through a lot of that time have been bullied at school. For being overweight and free speech impediment but it continued when he went on to work at dairy queen. Where his boss there 28 year old woman was accused of bullying him accused of throwing hamburgers at hand. Accused of making him only on the floor and and clean the floor with a stomach on the front of a short. On the prosecutor in the case wanted to charge her with a lot won and won it one charge of something pretty serious. But thought she couldn't get a conviction on a tougher charts I believe she was charged with assault. Now we have senate bill 791 that would charge a person like that with second degree involuntary manslaughter. And it got us talking about we talked a lot about bullying at school. To me this is an interesting case because this existed in the workplace like many of you have dealt with as well and it says if you insight that person to commit suicide. You can be held accountable for that and they did a coroner's inquest which is basically. A big hearing that looks into the very reasons that led to a person's death and they took six and a half hours of testimony. About the bullying at the seventeen year old went. To shell that yes it was it was a real factor in him decide and that's. 767798. And we were talking about these legal ramifications and do you agree. That potentially you would be able to. File a lawsuit on behalf of the bullied victim. That would lead to a manslaughter change or voluntary manslaughter changed you as Maine and also if you like to die dial this up. What you learned in this story and take you some phone calls earlier in the Chicago. Is is exactly what you're saying is it's not just we talk bullying we toppling frequently because we have a rise in bullying we have Verizon suicide to rising teams taking their own lives. But it's not just at school or on social media for kids. Oftentimes. And feel free to have your story heard 5767798. It's a work place bully whether it's coworker group of co workers boss. Have you ever been bullied at the workplace I mean. Sadly we took a story from a guy earlier. Who said that his wife was bullied to the point she took her own life she couldn't take anymore Yao and that was last August. And I know that that some people are gonna say in response to that what a lot of sentiment text on one as well gosh you're adult it's it's one thing we're talking about kids but a lot of people said. And you know from a mental health standpoint you should have the strength to either quit the job or go to the boss or or. Takes some kind of step that is not the final stat but I think with that shows us is that it you know. Were expecting kids to have that mental toughness but that's typical for adults and so how can we expect kids to fight. On yeah you know we can talk about the merits of the bill I think it's it's something were to see more states. Starting to propose because we have more and more cases. Like the one Massachusetts or somewhere yeah east where the woman was accused of inciting her boyfriend. To suicide but Clinton that was more clear cut case. Because she literally egged him on and said things like why haven't you done yeah go ahead you're doing go ahead and do what you're taking too long way things along. That just wasn't that you know this was bullying that led to skewed to commit suicide but this wasn't the person saying go kill yourself so to me this is this is tougher case. But I'm glad that they're looking at a loss for. 576779. Native you have a workplace bullying story that give us a call and also answer the question if the victim of bullying commits suicide. Should the bully be prosecuted. 576779. Meter text into two nannies are my biggest reason I would say no. On this. Is because it's to me especially in this case in this blog are talking about the seventeen year old kids get bullied at school. He was get bullied on cyber. And any would go to work any would get bullied there you picked on there. It is too hard to determine. In Leicester going to sue everybody in this sue happy world war it's too hard to determine in my opinion. Who's that that the the main reason what is the catalyst who was the straw that broke the ban the camel's back that. Cause this kid Kenneth. Or anybody to blow their brains. You know and and it's hard to pin that on just one person. If it's happening. At school at home from his friends on FaceBook on snap chat audience to Graham he goes to work for four hours today dairy queen to try to escape it. Alcoholism. As a prosecutor can you say you're the one that caused it or your the one that caused it when it seems like there's seven different outlets here. And all the person to say that is because it. Somebody needs to stand tall guy hat on because I said this in a case at a Massachusetts where the woman and cited her boyfriend commit suicide. On. Again having hot high school and and tutored in serving school board and I'm I'm. Very familiar way it on you know that the troubles facing teenagers and a lot of sympathy for the suicide problem. And I think ultimately. The decision to take that final act lies with the person. And just like you now you can encourage someone to kill someone else I want but it's the person that pulls the trigger. That we hold most accountable and so. Maybe that gets to us needing to reach our kids that are in Allen and communicate better in and create an environment where there are more comparable. Coming to us adults to help fix it. And for whatever reason that's not what happened in Islam or excuse me in this case. Of the seventeen world but. I have some trouble. On. And maybe I have an easier time. Charging an adult. For inciting suicide that I do another teenager because I don't assume that teenagers always understand the weights of what they say out. Anderson is 22 that person was 28 years in that case I can understand it more by if you're gonna charge a teenager with inciting the suicide of another teenager. Do all teenagers understand the impact of their words and couldn't they say I didn't know he was really gonna do it. What Shelley in Kansas City Shelly thinks for Colin do you think that. If you. Bully someone they commit suicide she charges brought against him. And went right in the workplace. And are at. Art. What are the mark. Or else it. Would be. Hurt. The each of the ball. Or not Matt. Come back here and it'll change yeah. It that you need it should only be. At that point I don't wanna play catch it. And get her help mentally healthy and keeping a job. That. Sounds disturbing shelling. I never really done. It into. The morning and being. Well. You don't execute the way it more. I. I. Got. It. Might eat it. All triggered. More and it actually. No doubt a Shelly thanks for your phone call that it was a beeline for you 5767798. He could texted at 22980. Do you think you should be able prosecute if a a bullying victim commit suicide should heavily be prosecuted and the urban bullied at work. By 767798. Your calls coming up next 67798. There is a bill that may be calling for prosecution. Coming true to a Billy a Billy a bully. If the victim of bullying commit suicide you in favor that 5767798. From Twitter real quick this is from two Ryan says bullying is a I'm sorry bully is a horrible human being the not a criminal. People still have free will. And should take responsibility for their own choices you're kind of echoing that. I know sounds harsh scalable I know dies I I knew it when I said last hour also and I know it sounds even worse when we're talking about a minor in mountain isn't. President life experience that some of us have on bites. Still. And that's where I again maybe that's where we need to encourage the culture to change a little bit some of that. Kids like that seventy year old kids were being bullied. Tell someone else before they take the final act so that someone can get in the way. One more tweak. And I'm just reading the tweet. I agree with this bill with all the racial bodies socio economic shaming going on since trump has been in office I've seen a raise in bullying. They should add a clause or civil suits against parents for raising kids that bully hate or commit mass shootings. That is from. NYC frat row on Twitter and came BC radio. Text for an they're asking it workplace bullies or is it your calls or plant are read this one online. Can read it online can err on the air yeah but I got to added that. It's free just your boss is an a hole doesn't mean you got bullies it just wasn't able back but it. Fair enough for some people agree that. It is a valid point that not everything is bleeding right. That's where the the question is because you say if your if your boss I kind of agree with that because and the difference is is we have to wait how important that job is. If your age 52 year old man raising two kids married or woman whatever raising kids. And EU. Half to have that job do you put up with a crappy boss. That you can't just quit or in this case of this young man who took his own life and fortunately he seventeen. That to me when you're sixteen or seventeen when I didn't work with people IE I went to school with until later it was like okay cool I can get away from that world. And I feel like I don't have to worry about getting crap from kids on the deal with school life for whole life I didn't have the cyber life like kids have now. When you're sixteen or seventeen I think that job is the most important thing in the world like you to wait for you to make money had your own cash you don't just. It cannot just put adopt. We say that you know about women have been sexually harassed what does Clinton go work somewhere else it's just click -- it's easier the older he can't remember the first time I quit the job I like I wrote a letter was 58 know what I was doing to quit or heart of the over you got because now you're making more money and it's harder to get tomorrow yes I think it it varies to the right to the phones at 5767798. Others bring in Randy Kansas City everybody thinks Colin. Yeah I got. They pulled ours out and it's carpet chipper about forty odd years. About got it of course but that's all. Full court. Mostly by guy at least back but they act. And there are. Other. Note that actually felt that night. You know it got all of these guys go. I felt that that it felt really bad. They do it the sort that out with it out but it. Don't talk about. Look at that at all it open. Up body. I've got that kept up well. I don't know which ultimately what he did it. But everybody in jail bird charger body that degree. It didn't bother or hurt the guys but he worked with you know what that Joseph felt. I bet it. All out but I don't speak like death. Tragic. Don't give Al. But a lot of the older crowd I doubt I'll it's. Like the I haven't thought were you don't get embarrassed about it. Ready think with a vocal appreciate it and I think that goes down a different road but if you are being bullied or you need help and I mean definitely should he should absolutely. Honestly some Stephen Kansas City and Camby C a Steve. Yeah I live down around. Fayette where that happened. And you know there's a lot of low income people there connect kid I bet that person that bully him I'd been doing that. A lot of people for a long time. And probably get that job. You know because that maybe you buying shoes clothes. And little Missouri it low income everywhere. Older. He cannot see. You all this out right in the what about the people on the Perry. Yeah. In Beirut. Just may be responsible for. That person that would managing. Well IIE. It's hard it's an interesting question because does the owner or the boss like this is the assistant manager does the manager at the dairy queen bear responsibility because. The person directly underneath them this 22 year old girl. Was a jerk and a bully to decay that took his own life I mean Steve do you think that person takes any responsibility. And I'm sorry you. Does the manager. Have to assume responsibility because the assistant manager directly under them bullied kid to take is on life. I say get Beckett. When you know did the problem Campbell yeah I think so I could it be manager aware of it yeah. Steve thinks the phone call I appreciate it let's go to riding Kansas City on KM BZ. Ryan you think you should be able to prosecute a bully of the victim takes their own life. Well I think that that in my problem there there are some very agreed with criminal law though. You know that it agrees with civil law you might have an ugly year unfortunately criminally or that so that intent like burglary. And make in year out that if Abby intent to commit felonies that the label that a burglary. In different varying degrees of murder you know the thing on what the situation what. But what is it you really actually proved in the vigil was. Intending to cause get a burst and commit itself armory and of course there's that side though I of the Al criminal law complain that it you have heard that in by. You know boy in the person person now more than ever actually and a more important to the point where they echo my. Good point. Iran thinks the phone call me it's great Paul Allen legal class and go to Jim in Overland Park and KM BZ hey Jim. You know this step when they go to law about apple. Ernie thank. It it's a slippery slope these kids. Commit going to school and kill people and it stayed in the people who boy this is what drove me it is. Are they are the kids that drove him to do that clip there where the crime. I am not the legal expert I would like to be Jamie should've gone to lawyer and a law school and I but it's it's a valid question Jim. I I don't know I mean. And sometimes I mean not every school shooting is a student at that school you know are they bullied at that school and they come back and do it some people dislike those. It is walk on the campus so I mean I I don't know the answer to. He not on behalf did you talk to the principal the teachers for not enforcing non bullying from kids that led to somebody picking up an AK 47 and wiping out. A classroom I don't know. Yeah act to me this is not no one's argue about the school have a responsibility here. Tom and in fact it's seems like in this case it's really being pinned on and the workplace bullies on the twenty year old and not on the kids at the school like like that was kind of the last straw down was the workplace pulling Nolan smashing it considers the only by the school. Mean the girl between two girls one it's and legal troubles yeah absolutely it is up on her FaceBook page like this don't you would support that bill it's there it's being discussed in the state. In Missouri. Coming up we are going to be joined by Amy who shots from a military dot com. They of course cover everything to do with our veterans and our troops. And this new ball up in this new. Government run blue apron should be an interesting conversation.