Midday with J&W: Will lowering nicotine help stop smokers from smoking?

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Friday, March 16th

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Although late in the day with Jamie went on eight for Friday that wickets off Gallup dancing and Napa is that we have Jason Evans from Iraq on all afternoon hey there walking down this under the bill. Yeah sure far from the bathroom yeah. Is that you know like. An adult. And you also have them you swipe card to get I'm now you know like I come I'm kind of shut out that there is no old restroom undecided until I got even like a single like users install you know and I unisex bathroom changing station but you know it was. Isolated and Janice has a hard. Your cast was our enhanced care C a RD care text the word and a 72881. For your chance to. 1000 dollars you cannot text that word and frankly until we than we were at 1 o'clock and an annual. Audit so. Isn't that. Five weeks I'm wait a little boy am and short stories. And to maybe make him feel a little better organs and advice about Sony's going through where relatives that. Relatives lose your he is Esther ranged from. Literally. Took a picture of his son that was posted on FaceBook but just. Not provide pay took the phone and take a picture of the screen on FaceBook and you're doing whatever you can to get them to take it I just. I just feel it's a little. It's a little it. Again and she's the right words because that's easy he's tired yeah yeah I just. They have nothing to do with our lives right we're talking about my biological father. Mailer in mail us at my biological father and his looney bad as crazy fourth wife Dina and Christina have the feel compelled to dead. To take credit. For grandchild that one they'll never meet. Two. Oh up from from a woman I guess who and classify her as your daughter in law you never met. And and basically it's not for the glory of look there's a new family member it's for look at us we're cool grandparents we have cool new kids and who knew being kids. And I just think it's cool insulting and this and a note that. Don't don't trample the prayed this office like it's a love thing because it is absolutely. So we're taking your stories. In 22290. Or 5767798. What's what's the advice what can be done Sam's Medina for awhile at the same in Kansas City Sam any ideas. I played Dylan great at. Bat before our beat me or access the director Jason you guys are Jed York. I hit this situation would. Stalker. And that was going on it's still my photos. All my page a personal photos and I found that all the way to get it. FaceBook to make a move that I had to file a copyright violation. Against the person hoosiers in my quote listeners. I'd I can't figure that I'm in my car right now that are there is a tab. Tried tried. Tried it dried them gone that route come down to it just like I've its fall on deaf because they visited sponsors and I know that I went back and forth in the emails with FaceBook. And then if it was like OK night you this other group of Michael did this I'd say Italy accessing the pages in this and everything like he's basically is let's Conseco's put up whatever they want I haven't heard anything back. So high output when it didn't look like it may be an email a couple of years now. It may change in an email. And I had to respond Brett responds with my. My physical address. Well number what kind of re meeting began what's. My lawyers address on the court and the response at. Yeah yeah eventually it gets taken down and guys actually sort of website. Look like the main person is going after. In this web site went down my. Later on when I wanna get back in Kansas City Monday I give information I have been sort of over achieve is to help you a question. I mean I like expert is somebody Texan and like you know I just Politico ignore them be happy in them you're right idea and I and I am I'm you know it makes me via an honest and makes for good radio program. Its first world from first half right. But I wonder. If I shouldn't just find a picture from their page. Put that out there with their contact information and in their phone number in their email on the business they were floor. And how how proud I am of them for being deadbeats in Florida. I mean what do you think is seen as a good idea. Turn that congress see what ideas just in Kansas they might have I just happy Friday. I think he took. Well. So basically like the other day that goes for me you know you know like. The only way you are real the theory they're batters hired attorney says the if you go in Q FaceBook dot com slash legal terms is will tell you. That basically you know you do have the right broke up but you can't hold FaceBook accountable. You you have to understand that. They both run on algorithm then you can contact expert country. But. It's largely out of it and so when you or something and intellectual property. Like your photo so it it is you're photo and it's taken it has been GPS netted data inside. And edited and that vote. But they took a picture of the photo on the computer screen that's that's what they did. Yet but technically that is hurt. Actual property that that's why you would happen in them getting an attorney involved because they have so many loopholes. And that. Ultimately way 88. A trip for one of the many reasons why successful heroes are Annette and have a good read and just things for the Jack it's a couple more your calls coming next suggested restraining bars. That's not really sure but that the the bush mind. Of I wanna have fun lamb basting them I don't wanna communicate. I don't wanna deal with it in in my or I could cost money at lower leg whatever leg your mutant like. This thing was is that is that I guess at that they this is this is my biological father dumbed down to 27 I'm forty now and I met this. He tried to tell me I was barking up the wrong tree goes into his understanding or somebody else block one you saw a picture like Kanye. I really. And then had time pass and he got you know kind of understood that I'm on the radio and kind of a cool kid in and then I was like I'll I love your son buddy Avis that and then he married this crazy beast and that's brain damage and now she's just a black widow and his wife and her hostess. So we've got a couple of all the have been through something like this to those calls as we need to take breaks while fifteen earned in the court asked this hour is care CAA RE cared text the word in seven to anyone for your chance 1000 dollars where our conversation Julius. Has been kind enough to hang on he's in Kansas City were taken stories. Of people still your pictures are faced by Alan Evans and for wicket and it. For those two I think some people think. You have an estranged relative who downloaded a picture you put on FaceBook and stole somebody actually took their phone hit ants like but he. Just an ad and I hate not from my page here is because they blocked it right there are cowards and weak earnings and. Yes so physically took a picture of picture basically and Julius and Kansas City has another story for a hi Julie is controlled non. Yeah no problem I gave me I love you would give me Geithner on it and I went when you're on schools. But anyways I'm fifteen. I've known for a while I was adopted. I was adopted twice actually once when I was in and since then won the fourth grade. And my biological parents are the ones you. You back here. And like people like you located pictures out of my social media not necessarily FaceBook. But. Eight I think that competitor I'm. A dead anyways. Maybe these life for me when I was the past that. Person or it in the Kansas City area in front of 100 meter. My biological mom but all the dimensions and so proud yeah like I haven't talked EU. Ever. Paper urgently. In my entire life and everything and try to get in contact with them. But like no we don't want anything to do with you shortly what I need. All each had been and they were light on him to get him you can do great being there epic figure that one out there like oh there's still work. Why. That's not. It's sound it sounds like though for a sounds like you're you're doing. Great things regardless of of from whence he came and keep that he batted. The you know I heard the expression we don't we don't get to choose our family. You know but I don't know I always agree with that I think sometimes. Here you get stuck with people that your biologically related to but there's no connection there and you meet people that become your family my my wife and I and now it's considered failing lately. Related by the absence because we have to I mean but yeah. You know just he's he got a good head on your shoulders keep that up man and and yeah I keep them things that Lexington. One would think yeah. A candidate and just sort of like any other kids out there are due going to thinking about it that might not know if I'd you've but it might. Father and debt are two different things yeah there and mom are two different things though. Father is somebody who helped spur you dad is someone who believe there. Yeah I I always run so I've always referred to is like my mother and my father is like biologically. From whence I came you know where is like you know my mom that race. Me Cindy is fantastic she was she came in for two weeks when the baby was born and and she yeah. She's GG answered ads are named for grandma uncle GG so I kind. But he had that you're you're absolutely right so. Yeah thanks a lot for the called Julius called back anytime we like antlers yeah yeah hang America. One more here Canas in Kansas City has been hanging on she also went through the same thing accurately thomas' so what is your deal lasts. It caught you guys. I don't he might panic about it right in the red I thinking at all and an early each. Having trouble and we actually reached match. And try to be part of I. That was right. Yeah and I've been an act as a hybrid hype about the chaplain. And she shut up and Obama rocking out that needed and I am a man who. At all who we. Are currently not act like we're public and anything you put on a public. And why the public viewed by the public but basically yeah I think at the end that we got. The in and and I like I get it at leg so couple text message or just move on from that you know and again and and it's like I. I for I. I. You. Each of the eleven regular regular IP packet like and then she. A Democrat and look at and grandma. Great yeah. And she didn't have anything to do I in the past where. Now thanks slot for the call Adam have a great weekend. Here here here to have answers now. I guess it's dog like black and it's it's it's one of those things where it's like. Again you can't choose who your family is you know I mean I like there's certain people that are just gonna. That it's. I understand they have they have a pathetic existence items and their pathetic people and they need to empower themselves somewhat somewhere for and especially for dean for all the shortcomings he's had. Not as a quote unquote father which is. Obviously not it out so and so it's fine that's great enjoy your life. CEO you know. Now so. Right of any of the stories Alfred text that's obsolete in my speech right there yeah and personal Riley deliberately so. We now is thrown at habitat as as while I'm. There's a story totally changing gears here and there is no easy way to do it sells as busy doing dramatic rip up their mandate to act exactly on. As somebody who travels quite a bit this has always gets my attention but there's still people thought of this and I'd never. I'd never heard this out of China never heard this being a thing. A Reuters should I as sad it will begin applying its so called social credit system. So flights and trains and stop people who have committed misdeeds. From taking such transport for up to a year. So they have this social credit system in other words you do things wrong in society can and we are going to say that because of you doing those things wrong. You can't travel anywhere or year. Elvis' China and what are but again we're update you now get pretty pushy about a lot of things and so here's here's people who would be put on the restricted list. Including those found to have committed acts like spreading false information about terrorism and causing trouble on flights as well as those who used expired tickets. Or you didn't just smoked on trains. Those who have founder of connect financial wrongdoings light employers who failed to pay social insurance or people fail to pay fines. Would also face those restrictions. On the move is aligned with the president's plan to construct a social credit system based principal. Of once unworthy always restricted like that once unaware untrustworthy. You do one thing wrong were always gonna punish you for it. According to one and I was came out did you see the bottom of what this is this is a CNBC carrying over the agency would said the bottom though it looks like this may have started yours ago and early 2017 the country's. Supreme People's Court said during a press conference at six point one I know he checked his citizens have been banned from taking flights for social misdeeds so. And act we kind of did used to but I think what what one person might consider to be released here is somebody else would say well it's like he can't smoke on trains is that against the law engine. Don't you know I mean like like in Kansas City can't smoke more and more Kansas City and a certain. News city's south. Sellout by. I guess I give Mike and he had his and it's like how like spitting on the legs spitting on the sidewalk. You know like. That decry it seems like they're looking for reasons for you not to leave the country not be able to travel. I know it's it's in India will put them on the counter shouted I'm glad we're not in China has. Play out what is this what is this country. It's 1233 midday with Jamie and like it sounds with Jason Evans from the rocks and it just doesn't was adamant country wrong. Not. And I'll go Hank original. I don't mind you media audio and outlawed doubles you know I am feeling you and Whalen you know like. Willie. Johnny Cash you on the you know. Yeah I've I've got to I've got that. One in my mind everything's I have a collection of some really good 78 this is like early on records that my my my most prized collections collection as a how almost debut seventy into a bidding war on eBay spent more than 12 I think care I get to have that I get to have. In my mind that he actually held it at one point before it got sold bread you have a handful of Hank Williams you know on Saturday aides note of on this when the fire him listen to news. Let let the country to country pop yeah like most rock pop. Alternative pop hip hop pop lot of it's is garbage is this is it because it's because there's no soul and you know I mean like when you. We you can sit down and produce everything and a keyboard. To me that's social nights eczema like Trent resignation Els he plays all the instruments that he that he samples from and he creates and down from record the song from it as a little morsel to it yes but. You know and ask them just talk. I thought I get into debt and think your presence here means I am asking him for getting is it and you don't ask well. He just let me know authors. There's gangs up right now takes an image and Providence or or not I'd province is up 3735. And healthful and and Purdue just went overtime no I don't scores. The score is but if you don't score is you need to now turn this is willing to give us you know over the phone today. Because someone called you very nice man. Called you and asked it doesn't. What the case you. In game ended with in the scores it was I think it was sent his success sixty that was yesterday. And had a lead on two more scores. Of the whole day yesterday so I look at everything you listen gore. From every path of and gave it to them have been even more so yeah apparently provides so if you would like to. And as Friday if you what do I know I have out are stationed about basketball I may not answer now a the a banana yeah. And an hour if you mean Travis is. The last that you went to do is do you mean to outline this gets a bracket are is this car. Either you're. Bottom bracket I know why that's fine print it's it's not a guy that's a tough so if they leave your home. On every. There is aren't. Art we will in the next hour if you missed our conversation with Kansas City, Missouri school superintendent. Doctor mark Patel he joins us in studio right out of the gate at 10 o'clock was very kind to come here he was or 45 minutes actually great and had just. Went whenever you talk to somebody who has runs schools in Baltimore and Houston and Kansas City since 2016. He has a lot of insight into some of the safety issues that we have we're gonna replay for use some of that coming up at 1 o'clock hour he knows that outlaws do first of Friday just before one just for and show 2 o'clock. Former smoker yes OK yeah yeah I quit so this is interesting to me and I know that I'm not trying to add. Dot nonsmokers and I'm not trained out you but I can for some insights into a move that the Food and Drug Administration. Is about to move forward line. I music today with the Food and Drug Administration chief called a pivotal step. Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced yesterday a plan to explore lower nicotine levels in cigarettes to make them less addictive or not addictive at all. He claims the move would make five million people quit smoking and that's why they're going to defense. So. They say the CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about 15%. Of US adults so elk. And so. Now the FDA is looking at a lot of different ways to get people to quit smoking and it kicks off a long process that'll require public review and action thing but. There are questions about whether. Lowering nicotine levels would get people to quit smoking and they said five million people would quit smoking within a year. If they lower nicotine levels so that was less addictive. C. In my my thing about that is that you have to want to quit. And and and believe me I've I went through. I've gone through numerous phases of quitting as cigarette smoke smoking cigarettes okay. In the I explain the last one I was I was on hairstyle and parts about it. And but you have to want to the first and I wanted to really quick that you begun right in and I made and I did it in I was on the gum it was great I was off for about to have fears. And then last year my brother came back from Mexico things are getting really stressful and you've got somebody that's. Battling depression and suicidal gets pretty stressful yeah smoking started up again. And then I did ads in Iowa Oscar journey. And you have to kind of claims yourself so it's like you know you know no alcohol on the road knows our content no narcotics and swords you know meet meet things like that insight kicked in again I've been off since and now obviously having pickles my kid my son and have instant argument. And and you have to want to do it. We've if you reduce it and there's you know there's others you'd like American spirits for example I think the only tout themselves like having lower tar or nicotine. But there's still twenty cigarettes to a fact and I don't have to you set to go by the MC you're still wanting to do what you it's it's it's like. You can give you think of all the alcoholics. Nonalcoholic beer all day long right. But it meant but of their Dugard Jones if her drink they're gonna find a bottle somewhere and you've got to want to quit so I understand. That that the the the notion is great on paper written. Might might Mike cherry my Q is this lies in what's the kickback for this doctor what does he get out of this what does he gain from this right. And and I smokers or those of you that have quit in the pass it and 980 or 576779. And I'll be full disclosure. I love smoking I people I think who have done it. I enjoy it think I should add a nice big meal. After a nice around him that he did but he you know after an act some night I used to work out at least living in Atlanta. I hit the gym every morning Rego Park cars get done with the gym and have a cigarette out back of my neighbor. I exam so strange but I I I. Enjoy and arguments like god I hate smoking I enjoyed agree but I know like one. This is my weapon right here this idea yet if if I lose this I'm going back to mowing yards and two in line landscape in which is fine. Because I there's a whole business around and I just I just don't wanna do you know I mean I don't wanna work wearhouse anymore I don't wanna park cars and more I don't want. Manager breeders I don't deliver newspapers and wanted a sack groceries I wanna do all the things I've ever done in the past to make money I wanna continue to do radio so. Maybe I take care of this little thing called my voice. So confusing to me so again the FDA is going to start evaluating. The value of lower nicotine levels forcing nicotine levels to be lower and cigarettes. Scott Gottlieb who was head of the FDA also sat on that although the FDA sees benefits and lessening nicotine levels it does not want to make cigarettes harder to get it. Well because the tobacco lobby spree I mean that's that's money talking points for the oldest businesses in the metric that he said quote we must make it possible for current adult smokers who will seek nicotine to get it from alternative and Los harmful sources AK day. We want to keep the tobacco industry business we just don't want you to be smoking. Because that is harmful to your health. But some chilly so if you can sure what I guess I don't consider that to be back. I mean how many of Roger Ebert losses whole entire lower Joseph because right issued for years right. So think about this idea it just doesn't make sense it's it's somebody's benefiting from somebody financially is gonna benefit from the idea that we're putting out singer. Again you can eat you you can go by you can go by this certain Beers and only have a two point level of a percentage of alcohol to lower level standards five sometimes a higher Wednesday the higher ABV's you get 678. But it's. If you're that person it's like I'm just trying to watch my drinking point 2% he might end up having to pull back as opposed to a six. Gap was to make you quit. You have to want to quit right right now we want to let's talk to Deanna is in Kansas City and. You like your. Aperture and I think it's ridiculous. I like that it would get like you'd pick it up where. While marketing needs and he's got a lot of quit smoking. Put on the button start earning. And it well I hope. You got a lot of quit in particular how. Would apply a lot in dire yes he really mine it would real. What good for you out and it's not easy video she talked about Gentex you know I chewed gum before I mean there is that the others view they're like why they and what part. I've always loved that because the people but I admit that they penned. That we're we're pretty slick sick Twitter ads they're pretty cigarettes a decade ago are still work on the bait and and we don't really know what the outcome of bay pretty. We have no idea and that around long enough to know what the long term effects of that are but I do know people that. Just don't need to nicotine but need to happen it's just pure physical half of it and that's where debate and helps is that they don't need to next team they just need the thing in their hands. And so that's that's a Sumner at the end to have it. I asked out. Let's regulatory your calls coming up next to get where we're talking about the FDA's plan. They think that lower nicotine levels in cigarettes would get five million people a year to quit smoking. But it that you teach united zero. Or 5767798. Jason Evans and from my quick hits while 43 and can be easy to Jamie without a Friday it wickets back Tuesday Jason Evans is in studio today a couple of hours breaks so I'm. On Monday Brady good. And all that amber don't and I'm Monday's argument. Not yet he remembers coming up. Yeah Brady coming in this field is the last the last time I did it it was they had Ike a filled in for you at the home and Garden Show in the bottom. Dallas that was the Friday there is and now I made a joke is because we goes like well. We made you know we we had to get him and we weren't survey is gonna have his kids get and that's as you have you have them in a Mondays is the borders you know we've figured the baby would beards on men and I was on Friday and then that sedated and in the senate. Remember telling him ask them yeah yeah yeah. Well. There. On Friday as a lot. X. And for the weekend. Happy absolutely and everybody at. So you're tall. From smokers or those views that have quit and you quit because the FDA's announced that they are looking at plans. To regulate and dramatically reduce the amount of nicotine in cigarettes and they think by doing that that would reduce the number of smokers. By up to five million a year and quite frankly I don't get that doesn't make sense to me that reducing nicotine is gonna get people to click. I an excellent to give some insight so while we're taking your calls your first up is Nancy in Kansas City and everything plan. It is an eclipse. It apparently is the more you'll let Arctic air thicker Hitler while like I hit to get that. I am upload their. Does with Clint. You know I just send them out in art try to go there and do my daughter called me model bigger upon I get there yet no not quite what is what I did it. Perhaps a senior you are why I don't edit things a lot for the inside their next up is Robin Kansas City hi rob happy Friday. Are you doing during the break it to talk to you what do you think the FDA is on. Oh world yet to be true of the Saint Bernard will want to he would not going to be it. Most people where are no it was Myanmar sugar at what nicotine ended sectional and local. Are worth the benefit is that nobody was talking about earlier arguments by the way. Very. Tobacco companies are gonna benefit from this air greatly critical less money to produce the cigarettes and people are gonna buy more so that's where the financial that. Yeah let's make sense to me and there's there's taller guards you can put on to try and help you know some of the intake from smoking I used to put those on my cigarettes. And he would do like a hundred Thompson. But I mean. You know it's like. And isn't there something else that because they're saying we don't want to make nicotine unavailable we just don't want people this market because tobacco industry has a lot of money the. It would the great. Murray are our tried those recordings smoke and then like you can adjust the apartment or Katrina and a lot of them home and what that it would make national forces march on the very and then when that didn't work out like a cigarette in. So well so. Yeah. Honestly I don't know all of quit a couple of arms but like Margaret ball which is Sherri where forgetful quit when they bury these so yeah I'd love to clear but it. What are our culture is verbal argument it couldn't immediately I do hard beat each smoker but it. But lately the you have to want to write you know operate in you've got to want to quit that's the thing is that you have it's it's you have to want to quit it's that it takes that thing global power which is rough. Our thanks a lot from us for the Colorado and have a great weekend minutes on. Yeah I get to do for yourself you have to want to my dad quit cold Turkey and my Dow was. A horrible smoker and that one day just decided to quit and he didn't use a passing it used on he just quit on bag yet. And then stress made and start and yeah white knuckle sir yeah ounces that's just an hour works. Next up is Bryant and ray town I'm Brian. Rates happy Friday what do you think about the FDA's plan. Well my grandfather I've never spoke but they would have been a little Al and I developed Allman. They had a tobacco farm and she's well Chelsea Clinton ID seven cheated ayalon an actor but she rolled her own Margaret. And and and we're what you're getting a pure smoke LA riots its lessons not included in theory it's less chemicals then you know the mass produced ones and it's a clear smoke and and you know and and and I I I understand you know the these sort of like. We. Don't have and what the word I'm looking for years but I understand like be like. Then this elevated consciousness concept you know like you know the kind of a buzz factor when it does humid and yeah I mean ultimately. That there's a lot of mind me in Philip Moore has sand all the other companies out there so. They'll always find something to the tobacco as tobacco and. I might add. I can't quit smokers like in sixty or 61. And then you know apart on him to get along or whatever but and yet our attack probably in the late nineties. And I asked the doctor was there any sign that he'd ever been a smoker but now. Yet out if there's there is it your dirtier and your lungs your internal Bible rejuvenated cells exhibited it does take time and the longer you've been smoking all right obviously but it does it you can dean get back to think lawns and you know if you quit. Thanks a lot for the call Bryant a chicken with Bob in Kansas City who quit quite a while ago but had to quit. Well I well our missions trip with some trends that didn't smoke and my daughter was years trying to get me to quit. This guy came home my secrets sit on the refrigerator I would expect because the law my daughter currently it was a bad. A trial walk over to attract Compaq could drop and then they have such nonsense. Nice one got out again the well yeah well you our team so I didn't wanna quit. Ams are I don't wanna quit yet yeah so what the FDA saying if we lower the amount of nicotine people more people quit. Well back when I was smoking I would spoken Winston and then I went to those. Why. Yeah I guess smoke more. Yeah stats I get it as simple simple logic says you equipment you would smoke more. They slot for the call Bob and have a fantastic weekend Scott in Kansas City halls with people who quit which is really cool but the reason you quit is unfortunate hi Scott. Oh. Yeah are there who are not allowed mark cigarettes that's smoked or are there are other river or stroke care Richard over radiation NATO would clear. Shall I do Eric Jeremy teacher. They act. Other war what are you think about the FDA lowering nicotine models. I don't buy it they'll arms like empirical standard of smoke question Grammy. It is there adequate edu gov or quit. It although it's it's Everett or a myriad carrier directly senator George has known entity in them. So what's happened is that all you need is is kind of the physical act. And that's why we are. Are you are sort of dirt Russian groups it is I am I impressed you know we just utter shock of the news yeah. Adult site gentlemen victory. There and help everybody. There in the there's no apparent reasoned amendment afterward Murray who. On the up at least there's a reason and that's what I have. And right determined that there are good that'll pilgrimage better. International good players are. Curb orders. Thanks a lot for the call Scott classic era that your healthy now now I was on a happier I mean I will smoke and occasional cigar. I was more a pipe smoker but cigars are easier. They're just keep light on shares you know that and work me every two weeks at a little bit more when it's nicer out on the patio chair you know it pairs well with the with the airline yeah but it. Well Mike Lowell born for two days yeah I could never smoker that spills my throat aft. With just one of those that usually can't throw it so. My feeling smokes like chimney had several people on my family and before I home for more than two days and I combatant and I'd answer. So and they knew it makes it difficult to do this job you set it on incidents really tops out. They exact.