Midday with J&W: Why were boats on the water during that weather?

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Friday, July 20th

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Jamie is taking away the key word cash because like edit right twice enemy screw it up the rest show yankees you can. I'm about a better check and make sure it's the right time it's better to to give me the fewest amount of responsibilities. Face is the word FA CE face text the word of the 72881. For your chance 1000 dollars. We are obviously talking about the big story getting your reaction bracket has spent the entire show talking about it but there's so much to unpack. On a table rock lake the duck boat that was carrying 31 people around 7 o'clock last night sank. The update now seventeen people dead thirteen as of last night there were four bodies they could not recover app I'm going into the evening. The dive teams went back in and found four more so seventeen people lost their lives including children. The ride the ducks are the ride the ducks Branson duck boat capsized sank. The storm apparently came out of nowhere but there was a severe thunderstorm warning. Issued at 632. For table rock lake the first call came in around 710 to 911. I'll we're getting your reaction to this at 5767798. This what it sounded like as part of the I radioed dispatch went out. Seeking assistance. You don't want to welcome the three need your help throughout the water rescues moving north look this show because I have been held for that Bennett has tried to calculate certain individuals in the water. Having both the location on it does totally. It's the end of our camera like I'm not sure exactly where they were are like this test. Did he did have a go murdered thirty people Clark. More than dispatch yesterday on table rock. I'm Borough water you. And every you know Brandon belt you possible water you. Let's let them I don't think it's so photos and Boeing hadn't. Prepared statement apparently had visitors don't vote. Our brands have to navigate it. Is obvious that they. Tehran commands. It's tougher for them Netscape still able to pick up already was without having it. I of this wanna warn you has a siren in the background that is not a siren. On the street where you're driving or near your home I don't believe but there is a siren in the background. Therefore it's a pleasure played I don't know gave cost everybody dressed again to show closed. It's coupled popular vote gets people out both wanted all the they. And they all go to the show vote. Game day there's some people already outlived our ability they are game lead to a deadly envelopes there could make sure he's vetoed them. As the show goes bad little. Where they come amid talk more about that is currently is bad if you are progress. Arnold is a big problem voter. And the final radio dispatch before we get to the phone calls this is the scariest one this one after they realized. That people had lost their lives. Just assisting with personnel treated patients. Vividly because fatalities were trying to deal where it would try to diet or some more mixing peoples. It has to award an artist. And we're treating them out to the interval. Taking your phone calls your reaction to this 5767798. Elizabeth has been hanging on and we appreciate that so much Elizabeth you're on the air. All I have to say as me think less. Dark. Is a death trap. Mean they've packed all many accidents. In the past list. You know on land would be people. I'm in motorcycle pedestrians. Other vehicle. And then out burning burning accident where there are dat I. Whenever I into Brandt then they have the picket officers and a little yeah we can get it. Picnic at the Manhattan be worker. We're bear. Dot call. He try to entice children. And I have Ali there's no. He might children because I've Ollie stop that things are incredibly. Dangerous. And they're good driving in the branch and traffic. It is dangerous. Look on those vehicles so. Iron out it is such a tragedy. But I think so many of the population today just blocks around. You know if you mean. That things are spayed and we're happy at the thing everybody does their. I think people that he could be more informed so many people have. Internet access. I mean anybody that has been ordered to worry. And you say you should do their research on it just available in the mystery at Alder. Got hurt or accident there you know one Google. Elizabeth think over the phone call go to John and KM BZ I John. Yes we divert. Tragic situation there when the waters a bad combination. Those were made back I think post world war Chu and let them work on its. And then we got to think back about the tragedy data Pomona of the walker will. Kind of similar circumstances you know it shouldn't. The weather prediction target do that. People need to techie that the more. Readily. And try to protect themselves. Our school here in the loss and the members to compare. For sure John thank you so much for the phone comment. Good Erin and can't be easy error thanks for Colin. Thank you terrible tragedy by. Is also something and I think probably could've been a minute I lived separately. I get them warrior. All the time for Platte county here these guys are cool you know and that's you know thirty miles away. They're thirteen somewhere thirty or forty people voted me at least. 313. 29 passengers or or paid customers and then the two crew members are believed. So you're telling me that nobody's phone going. What I know where it's thirty minutes prior you know to do that accident happening or really doubted. Are just an honest question having never spent time in Branson. What cell service likens it or Blake. They've got self service at new dollar compound a billion there and the leader like they've got. In school. The other thing being here is that that boat captain is responsible. For everywhere and it's only vote here Tuesday. Most likely realize functional because Nicole and a bouquet. Responsible for tracking in the end. I know that they're going to be there aren't it was going to be bad weather here trailer at the store you know that sort of comment. It was well known and it was when he's stored in that it was going to create severe. Yeah there's a severe thunderstorm watch that was issued for the area that included table rock lake and Clinton Branson an 11:20 in the morning it was issued that was the watch that was issued the warning came out and on about 630. All right I'll play devil's advocate a plea with Aron. Let's say you're on that boat Erin. Let's say you're on that boat Europe in the hills do with a to worry tourist east after coming down the hill get rating on the water. You get that alert as your on the way down are used are you telling the driver hate there's a storm coming or you playing the let's wait it out it's not that bad kind of card. Are most definitely would would have said something I mean it it. They're definitely. You know to be on water like that I recently looked old in a storm damage in that Warner. We were coming back on the water you're out there apple model is your monologue. And the captain freaking out like I would I'm I'm very leery dull. Hit auto on tour boat. Say I I don't think most people first of all. You're shot you're gonna get wet lot of people or bring in their what their phone with them. Lot of people are gonna leave their phone in their in their car their locker what have several people texted and saying on the water. I did not have cell service a guy that maybe you've got an onshore but outward the boat is they did not have cells are some water. And I'll I'll all of us some do's and don't tell a go with that out to captain your right is an captives arrived keep in mind the driver died in two crewmembers on board the driver that captain survived. I don't know what condition he's and. I'm a week is are people that were injured so we don't know if he was hurt but we'll find out. What he knew going. Yeah and and night. I still don't believe that people take severe weather serious enough. And this is case in point they had to move get gotten alerted the the the person at the dispatch. Had to have been able to say aid. This nasty storm is rolling in. Glut how much did they way the storm verses the amount of refunds they would have had the idea of for 29 people times X amount of dollars if they don't finish the duct focus that's the thing attempts every. Us and so the on the cut. Ride the ducks is on by Ripley Entertainment and they were that company acquired it recently. And the CEO of that company is a guy named Jim patents and junior anniversary NC in and a little bit ago that had some quotes from hand. And he send he believes it was calm when the duck boat went into the water. He said part ways through coming back is when the waves picked up and then obviously swamped the boat. He said the captain and a driver had a commercial license Annie said obviously we shouldn't be out there and severe weather. But that's why I asked how how fast and how long it would take for that boat to comment I mean it is conceivable. That it was calm when the boat went out in that there simply was not enough time that it is weeks happen here look at how fast conditions can change. It is possible they couldn't get it back and fast enough. Lead to more your phone calls you'll hear more from of the governor the sheriff's we'll hear from you as well 5767798. Text in it 2298. Hero at this time we have thirteen. Confirmed fatalities. Or have told dive team recovered two more bodies last night. There have told my team is well back in the water this morning. There are very cover them for that we still have missed it. And I says they'll all night and very trying I can please keep all of our families involved and over first responder personnel and your thoughts and prayers. Stone county sheriff Doug rader earlier this morning since that press conference around 9 o'clock they have recovered the other for the death told now up to seventeen out of table rock. Near Branson yesterday a storm hit capsize in one of the duck boats. They went in found thirteen bodies yesterday 4 more this morning. Regaining your reaction of 576779. Eighths we do the keyword cash this hour went remind you if you wanna take a chance of thousand dollars. Ace at a CD like face the music every CD texted and a 72881. What questions you have what experience you have beyond these boats. And what would you have done. If you knew me you know severe thunderstorm warning you know there was a possibility of severe weather we know that there were two boats out. We know that one of them made it back and and the other one different I didn't excuse me. Yeah you and asked a few things that are worth put on the table on I don't know exactly where on the water this boat was but keep mine it it has wheels so it can go on land. Besides just being in the water. Did it have to come back to where it came back two or was there any other land that could have been closer. The navy did have a dog but that it kind of rolled up on. Somebody else asked was it not possible to send you know other smaller boats out that way. You know once once the weather got bad did you have to get a while back on the duck boat or could you sent smaller speedboats out. To bring people back. I'm watching and. And I've seen the video that there I mean there's some cellphone videos and I I think Tina is gonna rail on people for sitting and eating dinner and watching these boats just come in the water was when Jack was choppy is an understatement it was wavy pattern on a boat guy Alec going on vote to someone else has one. Op so I'd probably will describe this really portly. But I don't know if it would have been Smart for anyone. To head out there in a boat to try to rescue anyone because then maybe your boat full asks lasso that else happens. Com you know unless you have some giant he's got both it's gonna struggled but I I don't know I did it looked like that would have been a bad idea. 576779. Eights. Let's go to Steve on KM BZ hi Steve. Yeah nordic and it didn't. Get from this point to work towards. Part time they'll let her a new political arch. Fruits and you know we're year I don't know and the captain in his opening the Arctic. I don't hear charge in responsible for all people it's really. China Japan and major responsibility. What you want or if you're a hundred people are spot O and. I don't know what that. You know in the water not comfortable. Not storm. People on board and what he thought bull they hand it to papers and very stressful. Built under that kind of secure ought to let alone. Step up there be responsible for all the people you're where it. Yeah. I got it on art. They practical it. Situation like that I would probably grow my little girl by. The correct in my. Cinder block my article and control a bit. No it. Mark on pop out the back at it how is it. They're. Steve thanks ma'am let's son. Show moment of compassion if we can we don't know what condition that captains and knowing him we know that there were multiple injuries we don't know if he was one of them we also don't know all. Cool on. I don't I don't wanna attack the Camden the captain and say he should go out and it's. You now and is like aside as a result it's possible he didn't. Say we should go back it's possible that yeah governor who was communicating whether or what information. Let's go to Charles nine KM BZ had Charles. And yeah I doubt or all. Our radio outlet radio or all liked it. Trigger would be at all you must at all I would not vote Tuesday. Internet radio all 25 time all warning people. That they would as storms. So there are consult. And you know our cap probably cop Ron. Patient and shut them votes down. I based them like down there a vicious storms brought that water. And they should date they had to go to weather got. I mean anybody that. I'm a bit like should be Ian drew with I mean I was out in mortal who yet. So I can't understand it and did it works well they're not. I can understand why they let him people were out on the water. It it is the biggest question that I've got an all of this and there's thirty questions but that's the how do you. In the middle this thing eat you you don't have any regard for a severe thunderstorms said he was it like it it happened so quick no I don't believe that. But it might mean just because you don't believe it doesn't mean that it it it might have happened very quickly on just because there was a warning at 630. Doesn't mean that at that moment there where the sixty to eighty mile an hour winds out on that part of the lake and frankly even if there was. People are on the tax line is they only goes five or six miles an hour. That's a takes some time to get that thing back and so it's we don't know what time it went out and so it's possible that went out. You know before the warning was issued and at that point for the warnings issued. You just have the possibility of severe weather so do you canceled boats for the entire day. On on the possibility that you have severe weather it it is possible that it just got out there and could not get back fast and Alex are on KM BZ. I got its love this show and it's certainly certainly that the tragic forever but even I think I'm I'm with a few other callers. As. Why all this is very tragic it seemed like it's very credible. My wife is refereed soccer for a long time well high school and college level. And most athletic. Complexes have the ability to detect light. In the cloud before it ever starts raining. PP sixty miles away in radius or format that there are so. A lot of the storm that popped up that know anything about whether a lot of these are that up that beer popped up very quickly. I think that's where a lot of people in a romp but. There's the ability inaccurate to order like that there's the ability to have. That green notion that the storm coming developing. Many many miles out so I'd I just I don't see why the tour accompanying. Couldn't have known that these storms were we're developing. Even before the warning issued. Sell it there. And that's to me that that sit and you hit it on the head for me. And Alex thinks that we got to get to the news Jake into and hang on we'll get TU beat everybody 576. 7798 we don't this what you wanna talk about so we're doing it you what did you pin. Please do 57677. Edit the phone number don't forget about your keyword cash this hour one more time the word is. States FA CE faced export and 72881. For your chance to 1000 dollars. Sort recap some of you I have not Imus in the morning and have not heard all the details which are changing a bit odd duck role in the table rock lake incident is up to seventy. Fourteen. Other survived seventeen people died thirteen that we have this morning and found the other four odd that instill band missing they found those this morning. Sort of recap freeze on what's happened we're taking your calls we know a lot of you are in a prince is not that far money were very moderate these boats we have a lot of questions about the weather. About the warnings that were employees about who might be held responsible. 767798. Right to the phones and Jake and KM BZ I Jake. Well armed. Group you'd you'd like your. I've boat but now I've got the water. I might get the and I know eight different but I had normal and out of nowhere. Obviously. I'd get the I would got a warning. Went out there so I really don't know. We'll take Jake let me just this YouTube the boat urges to jet ski I'm sorry. OK so years at nine your vote in value your friends and and and you're hanging out or whatever. Do you get alerts while you're on that boat. About bad weather coming in or do you have to go search for it. I I'd be checkbook org or how well Obama where are you need plateaus. In the I'm against Yucca. I KN yeah and I have been bought the storm is not fun. Yeah I its exhibit I've I've been on a jet ski to like you you're just all of a sudden you're in the middle that that the lake like oh god I got it. Art yeah but but if what you're talked about earlier where they were from my understanding they were here at the stroke. It's a battle correct. Where are they what is that is why I remember I've been out here on them. And I remember right it's right. Supported your right it's right where's that written ballot that they are far from there rail. Now it and eight it almost looks like they tried to get it in and beat the storm. And then another one was following it and try to do the same thing and that's the one that caps the first one was able to. Somehow get through that awful water and then the next one. Should nick on it. Makes the phone calls today we appreciate it. Let's talk to Lindsay and KM BZ hi Lindsay. I'm doing all right my screen says I'm going to bet you're not doing so well today. Well I'll say arms armament at their at different points or about fifty year they're involved in the each learned earlier that they talk about it and it is. Now on I don't think it's been confirmed. But the chatter and a bit scary edge at. A great let me add a second. Because the share of the Smart and correct me if I'm wrong wicket the share of this morning in a news conference said the driver died right and a captain survive. You know what I probably. I forget I'd rather cute. They're there yet there are 31 people on board to works for the duck boat company and 29 were were paid passengers. It's quite all right just want to make sure. ZVue news and we didn't mania that maybe that have been updated south. I don't know I'm right and you look at where I arch are. Out. There. Well. Campbell I pictured it but here at. Op. I'm. And kids and all I can match and I hit the ball on Friday. Are. All of my actually are coming that I'll try it. Can you tell. You know it. I watched the lap I regretfully I'm right in the heart clutch. Guy I can imagine especially being so close to that community Lindsay thank you so much and and an all best to you. Through this disrupt time let's go to Tim I'm KM BZ what's up Tim. Well not much urge you talk about this on the radio. We just got back three weeks ago being down there in Branson and we wrote it. In my life then I six grand jewel it's been in the moment. So let Tim Tim that go through this force 'cause I've never been on it I don't think Jamie's been on any either. Take us through the tour what what is a ride on the duck boat in Branson like. OK quick vote but we loaded and we all law strip. And of course I thought they were very courteous to everybody else on earth couple calls at. Forward dangers that that the other Nobel it went down about apple blocked and all the main street out of the traffic. And they've all. A rove on down fortunately area. Anyway. No we want to cease cites a member born up the top this one great big deal and got a bunch of World War II. Vehicles set up there and it took its lowest common laden and went out on a peak. That old looked awful late and it was a beautiful sight you cutesy way down there. It would go back there. And the captain which it was the narrator on the boat. In the driver. It was. And it we gotta watch out for that. Showboat. He said there yet ready to take all out there. And we got to wait to see a big and they're gonna go shall we can get out. And that last call was like it's just his a bleached out. Where that thing is to. And it's facing straight it anyway. He went over all we ever got the water yet my grandson Quetta and little blackjack. Demonstrated everything Hillary. A polish bout blow out constructed what do if a water emergency call this others. I thought they cover all the bases or because you're here in this step back I wrote what would keep it. Of 63 year old. That. I thought they did everything right they lost from the ramp which straight towards this small island itself that are. In there were made a group around yet and it came back. So you're supposed to be on the water for what twenty minutes. Yeah you are that's about all your on the law. And the rest of the rightly should write Guerrero. I eat what overall safety regulations. Which they went in the water which struck me as. Pulled up portion ramp. And he changed the channel captain did it and talk to a leg and rain or something. Yeah I don't know whether it was via post Carter it like navigation or whatever official. And told they were getting ready to turn the water. In remember. The driver switch to. Edit on that is listening to. A certain about like conditions just. Anyway. But the captain got back on the radio. Two and he didn't flip the switch and he was talk that they is that talk to people on both on the boat. Upturn yet. So they went back on the air now. Don't know they get contact. With like conditions what life. So in your mind to date. Can they disregard it I mean Jamie obviously you weren't there were not gonna know that yet. No but the patriot who. I guess that regulation before they enter that water epic contact. Find out conditions. He let me ask you this as somebody who's been on the boat not during a a nasty storm like last night how rocky is that boat how much does it you know bounced back and forth on a normal. Tour de. It's just a very slow walk very slow locked and we actually pretty your wage that that's table rock lake and your wide open are probably. Old couple miles three miles maybe to the shell out it's important. We are right action. So it's not that bad and the best but it went out in the water you're you look at all the side that boat being inducted to Reno can't beat. Okay time. But I'd I don't these new votes compared to what I wrote what I would give. These are not the truth. Amphibious landing craft they had the true and they obviously handicapped or. Refitted. And stop. These these may be replicas. I don't believe there regional. What oracle questions reads into government squeeze a few more in before the break here what does it cost to ride the thing. I only get worse. Point 888 dollar apiece. Twenty bucks appease or a Tim thanks into the focal for for the yet for the perspective. So I ask about the dollars because 29 people. Times 28 bucks. How much money out that your. Operating a business that happens outside. And sell you know the weather's always going to be an issue for. You know whether it's too cold cocker to when he got a whenever 812 bucks if you could do the math at home which I could. Let's go to Shelley young and 91 KM BZ has Shelley. I heard you right. You know I liked that video to an and I written reports in the 91 called it coming into the boat was not I don't understand why nobody on the granted belt they were filming at Bayside why nobody called 911 or cap and as it was happening. We don't audience and I don't know the answer shelling I I've. I I think what it is people just don't have a lot of work they think will get through it it's just from waves to some water everybody hang on and it'll pass. Well I've been on a two way back my daughter's 25 out of which it is under in those windows are open and just plastic that they pulled down you know over and get protected from the rain. I would have my kid out of there because. I am my neck deep into its duke rape be wary young I'd rather like the way that cabinet steel boat. You know with with my ticket there's no way to get out and into the water. Yeah eight you're right about that thank you so much of the phone call Shelley. So a lot of you are asking questions like life jackets and some of the rules are involved at that and the crew of the boat on these CEO the president of Ripley Entertainment which recently acquired this. These boats talked to CBS's morning we'll play that Fareed it's it's a couple of minutes and he's a pretty good interview actually and get some insight. Into what he thinks what his understanding of of what happened as. We'll do like a bit of Dexter and anyone came BC May Day with Jamie and wicket here and 81 KM BZ. We have been spending in the majority the shows so far talking about the accident the incident the tragedy on table rock lake. Seventeen people now confirmed dead. And earlier today. BC EO. Of Ripley Entertainment which the duck boat touring company the duck boat that capsized yesterday was on CBS. So you're gonna hear about two minutes of an interview that starts with Gayle King a CBS this morning and he answered some questions a lot of you have had again this is Jim patents in junior. Jim Patterson juniors the president of Ripley Entertainment the owner of ride the ducks he joins us on the phone from Branson this morning good morning Jeanne mr. Paterson. Good morning hello I know that this is a very typical terrible painful day for you and your company in devastating to the lives that relies. So we really appreciate you taking the time right now can you tell us what are you hearing from your team about what went wrong. Well we don't we don't know first of all there's absolutely devastating it. Our hearts and prayers go to everyone's affected hand. Businesses operating 47 years that we've ever had. An answer like this or anything close to. Best of our knowledge we don't have a lot of information right now but. There was a it was a fast moving storm Tara came out of basically. Nowhere is this is sort of the purple. Color analysis that's got both. China should have voted in on the water mr. Madison weren't aware of the reports calling for bad weather. Well not yet it didn't show that it was apparently it was moving at a at a higher rate of speed it's like hype I don't I don't know I don't have all the details. But to answer your question no we should have been in the water hit. If. Mr. Paterson is it John Dickerson here are the does that bode happy life jackets on it. Yeah. And northern passengers required to Wear them. No under laws they thought. I'm required to Wear them and usually a lake is very plastic hand and it's not a lot to where they go in and kind of around and I love the fact. Can't we had other boats in the water earlier that it did a great strip club experience up until just to intercept. Even if the boat isn't wasn't should've been on the water is this the kind of thing for which pilots are captains of the votes train and are prepared for this kind of an immense. Well absolutely and I cannot regain his. 47 years nothing's happened they know. The waters in the area are our captain of has eighteen years of experience whether or sixty years of experience whether so. You know they had her they have a very good record so I again this seems to be up. Sort of almost a micro storm affect something that no one is expected to happen the way that it. It's mr. parable that we thank you very much mr. Paterson for joining us this. That was on CBS and again that is. The president Ripley Entertainment Jim Patterson junior which owns. The duck boat company. So if you're confused by two things that he's sad are you should be one of the things he said was that in 47 years we've never had an incident may be he's talking about Ripley Entertainment which recently acquired. These boats on and so because you've been hearing already. That the NTSB put out a report 1999. With concerns about a canopy used on a duck boat that sank near Hot Springs, Arkansas on and in that case. Thirteen people were killed. On this is not like Hamilton their Hot Springs on that was the duck boat the miss majestic. So there is a history. And it's not just that when there's a history of troubles with these boat so perhaps he was talking that Ripley Entertainment. Scott Macaulay joined us earlier today. From KR is CK your radio who was covering this down there and that we S bunch of stuff and well we have this Fareed it's entirety a little bit later on but one of the big questions is how quickly did this weather moving in. Well what happened is around there just after 7 o'clock central time last night that we work. We were we had some major thunderstorms moved through the air in what was interest in game is that these storms. And heavy wind in front of the rain so even though our radar weakest link and analyzing it this morning you know radar and storm cells that were maybe not quite. On the location yet there will win guesstimate the answer as 67 mile an hour with these storms that were moving pretty quick through the area. So what was what was happening is that hard it's we have heavy air and ironically radio station was just your policy on growth that broadcasting quietly. A candidate forum for the upcoming primary election. And so we have we saw those winds first can't come through the area and never very. Quick but what it. You know but why is it really got bit choppy water conditions in desperate major waves going through the lake and you've probably seen how a lot of videos have been have gone viral. What people saw last. Let's start with the lakes were born here they were very choppy that the conditions develop they're very quick. And many people are wondering whether or not this boat had a chance to get off whether or not this vote was just out there and I think I said of lack of a better term is. Was it a sitting duck. You know it's kind of hard to tell that because and I think that's what I think that they're going to. Investigate and we talked about it are on our show our station this morning. Right that's a lot what a lot of other. Organizations in the area very sophisticated. Weather radar they have information. They know the weather alerts can. It was a thing I think that they are people Pastrana Bartlett earlier is that even though the storm cells themselves would still be miles out. They'd that we hands came ahead of a white candidate in fact. Before the ring even started falling and that is making one of the things that get they'd be called that time lag. Yet there are bad and that again that well for example the Schobel bring the bill is right next to it. Is right next to where the ducks go into the lake here on table rock lake. And saying what they it was a choppy water conditions or face Salt Lake did not fail let start they had an 8 o'clock or is scheduled we have people on the boat. But fail without the option not to go out of the weather conditions. I'll warn you and they did and everything we don't know we don't know. It looked in the video that the buses and that's it just got in the water and actually try to get back hit that's one of the things on the video and it cannot it was actually ducks on the water but the second one. What was it would get back on short the other was not. So we'll tell you they've report leaking and they're trying to get out or they get out and inside internally on the get back sure. That's what they're voting investigate but certainly that's one of the questions we're gonna ask because apparently there is what they had storm warning that they have at least once coming so. In this storm hitting it that was serving bombs car. Scott Macaulay TR a CK radio down there near the border route covering. This forest.